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Offshore MObile APp Development

Offshore Mobile App Development – USA & UK Vs INDIA

If you are looking to hire a mobile app developer or looking to develop a mobile application on an offshore basis, you must read this…

Let me take you to the article with an introduction of why the mobile apps are important?

Mobile apps are well suited for the businesses, which are beholding for help to reach into the customer’s pockets. As we know day to day technology is evolving smartphones in an advanced way turning it into just like a remote to control anything to everything through a medium of applications around the cutting edges.

When you are stuck at one of the crucial phases of mobile apps development, where each of the move and strategies decides yours and your business future, it becomes important to take care of what to learn and what not to know. You must have to be on your toes, not with prospects but clarifications and answers to the grimaces and question marks on the faces.

Few of the important scenarios to understand before mobile app development outsourcing:

  • Pricing

Pricing should not be a barrier in outsourcing the mobile app development! Because compared to the app development rate in the USA in terms of US dollar, Indian app developers will definitely give the lesser estimations of cost for their effort. Don’t be under the impression that lesser the cost implies to low quality. There are ethical Indian app developers who does not compromise on quality and deliver the best even at lesser costs.

  • Communication Barrier

No, there will not be any communication barrier between the client and the app development team! As we all know that the technology has brought a big advantage of making the communication easier and smarter as on to move.

  • Talent

There is no scarcity of talent among Indian app development company. It should not be the reason, India is the best fit to hire the top most talented people who can a make marvelous innovations to happen and can turn from anything to everything with knowledge by digging the deep seas if needed.

  • Skills

Indian Developers’ skills are always up to the mark, do you know there are a lot many people who can work for you with the best problem-solving skills dedicatedly on the work as per the need.

  • Professionalism

Of course, professionalism is one major feature that can be seen in Indian app developers. Employers have confirmed that the 72% of employees will work professionally in India, whereas 28% will work as the work is everything for them.

  • Expertise

As day by day, the number of companies is growing towards the Indian app development business markets, clients who want to outsource the mobile app development are facing the difficulties to recognize the best suitable company for their app development. There are lots of companies in India, with the expertise in mobile app development.

If someone of your – US client said, “Indian Developers were Not Good.” What would be your answer?

Just assume how could you answer for this?

We all were born with nothing, but when we start growing we start creating something new. Similarly, when we will work in a company, it’s not about the personality or our attire that makes people count of, it is our values, ethics, professionalism and awareness that our clients carry with them.

If it comes to Krify, we can answer like this because the mobile app development is our bread and butter and our team lives mobile app development.

We should say “Indian developers are not only good in India, but when they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO’s.”

Indian Developers who becomes the Google & the Microsoft CEO's.

Indian Developers who become the Google & the Microsoft CEO’s.

You maintain the ethics and moral values of your business and nothing can go wrong. When you are in the game, it’s either win or lose but never about giving up. There is a loser in the game not because he gave up, it’s because there could have been something better. You’ll certainly not learn these things unless you physically go through this journey. Which are the best and rich source and the only source with the help of which you can push off your business on the track of development and the profits.

“Down at the line, your attitude turns as a key to keep winning your customers.”

If you are a mobile app development company with the presence of world-class assets then you must share this article…

At Krify, We work for our clients by putting our 100% zeal and mind and holds the passion to create value for the clients and their businesses. Our skilled team with experience in crafting the interesting products offers a customised mobile app solution for you and your business operations.

We are constantly following the updates in mobile app development trends and create robust applications to compete and deliver the best to survive and excel in the competition of the market.

Contact us today with your requirements and have a one-to-one chat with our experts.

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Criteria to Follow for Developing an Error-free and Bug-Free Mobile App

It happens before the launch of every single mobile app. We are worried about the performance of the app, what if anything goes wrong at the time of launching the app? What if the mobile application is not bug-free or even if a single bug is ruining the performance of your super smart mobile app? You will be surrounded by all such worries if you are not sure about the quality of the app and not ensured that the mobile app is running error-free. Therefore it is important to go for error-free and bug-free mobile app development, which will ensure that your mobile app is absolutely bug-free and secure.

Let’s check out what are the important criteria to adopt to develop a bug-free mobile app.

Give importance to User Experience

Using applications on mobiles is different from using applications on laptops and desktops. That’s why it is important to design the mobile app and user experience first. Porting an existing desktop application will not help, as mobile has different screen size and different form factor. Avoid copying the interface design and functionalities from existing desktop applications, it will be more difficult to operate them on mobile.

Avoid incorporating excessive and complex features all at a time!

When you are planning mobile app development with the unique idea for the first time, it is advised to keep it simple and avoid complex functionalities. Go for essential features only otherwise, the targeted users may also get confused whether they are getting the desired solution for their problem. Experienced mobile app developers will never do that and will first prefer to focus on core functionalities that the app should be able to solve the problem, which is the target.

Take the advantages of Google Analytics

Google Analytics are majorly used after the launch of the app to measure its success in terms of views, downloads, etc. But we suggest incorporating the Google Analytics even before the release of the app. One of the prominent benefits of using Google Analytics tool is that it will make suggestions and will take decisions too. Analytics tool will analyze the user experience, contents, patterns and overall design and interface of the app and will make the suggestions. Off course, after the launch, Google Analytics will also help in identifying useful elements like daily active users, app engagement, retention rate, app crashes, etc.

Quality Analysis: Ensure proper and complete testing

Quality Analysis is the important aspect of the building of mobile app, as important as the design and development of the mobile app. It is better to get the quality analyst engineer to work and test your app as early as possible.

QA and testing do not mean only the testing of code or the code should look ok. It includes other aspects like performance, access, security, etc.

Alpha Testing:

Alpha testing is performed by internal software testing or QA team, which is done after the acceptance testing. It is usually done in the lab environment to ensure the smooth performance of the app and is done before releasing it for Beta testing.

Beta Testing:

Beta testing is one of the most important stages of the mobile application testing, which is done as a final testing where the app is released for outside user groups or outside testing team. This version which is released for beta testing is called as the beta version and companies gather the user feedback to analyze the application’s performance.

Even after the rigorous alpha testing, there is a chance of minor issues, which can be captured during beta testing. Thus beta testing helps in fixing all sorts of issues and thus significantly reduces the cost of development, because all or maximum issues will get fixed before the final release of the app.

Go for Code Revision Before Releasing App

Code revision is an effective way to ensure quality and efficiency of the code. In this process, all the elements of the code are studied, inspected and revised precisely. Code revision saves a lot of time of developers when they don’t have to re-familiarize themselves with the code element at the time of working on the additional updates.


Have an awesome idea for a mobile app?

We are here to help you make an error-free app for your app idea. We are a team of trusted iOS and Android mobile app developers. Connect with us today for a cost-effective and bug-free mobile app development.

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MWC 2017 key takeaways

Takeaways from GSMA MWC 2017 – 5G and IoT were the Eyecatchers

The Mobile World Congress is the biggest assembly for the mobile industry. The GSMA Mobile World Congress event of 2017 has been organized in Barcelona, Spain. The event is scheduled from 27th of February to 03rd of March.

The mobile has become a very fundamental and elemental thing in our lives. Also, it is not the same since the time it was launched for the first time. The world has witnessed the evolution of the mobile, it is dynamic and it is ever adapting. Today, behind all emerging innovations, the driving force is mobile or mobility. Mobile has redefined the domain of digital platform.

This year the GSMA MWC 2017 theme was developed into 7 core themes to make it more relevant to different industries and their visions. These themes were:

  • Content and Media
  • Consumer IoT
  • The Fourth industrial revolution
  • Government and public policy
  • Networks
  • Platforms
  • Sustainable Development
Domination of evolution and improvements of technology – how mobiles are rooted everywhere in our lives.

Yes, the event showcased iterative improvements in the mobile hardware and the performances of mobile, but the highlights of theme was how important role today mobile plays in our lives in various aspects whether at our home, in our vehicles, at work in any industry!

Here are highlights of this theme of #MWC2017 which would be key takeaways for those who are looking for updates on modern mobile technologies like Internet of Things or 5G or Virtual Reality and so on…..

Arrival of 5G

When all corners of the world are still not able to use the capacity of 4G completely, the speed or connectivity that it provides, network and connectivity innovators are set to bring 5G to us. As per the presenters of 5G technology, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Hoettges said, “5G is not only a technology, it is a completely new infrastructure of the network with 1000% more capacity, 10 times better ping rates and 100 times faster internet speed.” With this it is expected that more businesses are going to switch to cloud-based business applications.

IoT devices will be strengthened for Interoperability

One of the most used and the buzzword in #MWC2017 was ‘Interoperability’. MWC2017 showcased various interconnected technological developments which are expected to bring the interoperability across different technologies. For IoT technology to work we need to ensure that technology and things must work together, which implies that the IoT mobile applications, networks like 3G, 4G, 5G and devices should have ‘interoperability’ between them, to be able to exchange information, data and work in coordination.

VR is still to bring its cut through

MWC2017 brought many headsets and demonstrations for display, but could not bring any breakthrough application. There was showcase of VR headsets demos being used for some interesting applications like training medics.

Adapting IoT requires such business models!

There is a continuous spread of IoT devices and businesses must adopt them in their own service and product offerings. Businesses need to transform their business models into a system that can adapt internet-enabled devices from Cloud-based ERPs, which can be accessed by using mobile devices. This will enable businesses to gather Big Data from the internet connected sensors.

The Mobile World Congress 2017 brought the highlights regarding development and excitement in continued usage of mobile devices. Nevertheless, building 5G infrastructure is going to be an important focus in this year for telcos and government regulators.  It is evident that many more businesses are going to adopt this 5G technology, its services and incorporate IoT for mobile accessibility.

Krify is an multinational IT service provider with an extensive experience in mobile app development, web app design and development services design and development and cloud-based applications in alignment of the growing wave of mobile technologies.

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Google App Maker for building custom apps

Google’s App Maker – Now Building Customised Enterprise Apps is Easier, Faster and Secure

Google recently launched a low-code app development tool called App Maker i.e. on 30th November 2016. It is a new milestone in the path of empowering developers to build powerful apps for businesses. It allows building customized mobile apps for your business in an easy and secure way using the same platform that strengthens G Suite. Although Google already has a tool for building apps on its cloud computing service for advanced developers, the new App Maker tool is for low-level developers to build simple yet powerful secure app for any business. It is not for kind of advanced code developers for software like Netflix’s video service or Uber’s ride-hailing app.

App Maker has been launched with an intention to simplify the process of making a business app. This can be done using pre-built Google templates and it also synchronizes and work well with G-Suite apps like email, calendar, Google documents, etc. App Maker is another way to facilitate the transition to the next phase where there is the rise of mobile apps. Businesses are going mobile to engage and serve bigger consumer base. Internet Research suggests that 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps for services over websites or mobile sites.

What Google App Maker Offers?

Google App Maker provides an opportunity for enterprises to create internal apps. These internal apps will empower small and medium-sized enterprises to fulfill their tasks, maintain their internal records and offer better customer care services. The plus point is that App Maker allows development of an app at a really fast pace so that your journey from an idea to the app will be of just a few days.

Another highlight of App Maker is that its simple and easy to use tool which is nothing but a drag and drop mechanic that lets you design your app really fast. It comes with the power packed features like scripting editor, customized script support and a cloud platform. Thus it provides an overall coding support to developers and helps build an app with minimal coding efforts.

For whom App Maker is for?

App Maker is for mobile app development for entry-level businesses. It also helps in mobile app development for small or medium sized enterprises. No matter how small or big the business is, App Maker has it all to provide necessary tools for building mobile apps for all sizes of enterprises.

App Maker can be used by all those who uses G Suite, called as Google Apps for Work. These apps make it possible for its users to manage collaboration, productivity and cloud computing. App Maker is an easy to use platform that helps to create apps with a good user interface in alignment with G Suite. Apps built with App Maker will be compatible with all devices like phones, desktop and tablets. To build an app with App Maker, you need a browser and its easy drag-n-drop functionality facilitates to build a cloud-based app at a very fast pace. Also, it comes with the promise of performance, stable data integrity and scalability i.e. apps can scale easily from one to many users.

Google has also launched ‘Digital Unlocked’ for helping millions of small and medium businesses in India to go online and grow their business digitally.

Krify is a multinational IT solutions provider based in India and UK. Our core competency includes the mobile app, web app development and digital marketing. Contact us today to start the digital journey of your business. If you are a novice to Digital world and not sure how to make your business go online, we are here to provide you a free consultation to bring the power of the digital world to your business and expand your business’ visibility at the global level.

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mobile app analytics tool integration

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools and Its Usage To Optimize The Revenue

Once your mobile app is launched and you start looking for the data to measure the extent to which the app is successful, first and the only thing you get to know easily is how many people have downloaded your app. But definitely, it is not the only thing to track when it comes to mobile app analytics. It is also important to learn how, where, when and which type of audience is using your app. Mobile app analytics are there to help you get such insights on usage of your mobile app.

Even if the app download rate for your mobile app is very good in the beginning, it happens that people start uninstalling the app within few days, which can be explained by digging into the analytics of your mobile app.

Best and trustworthy mobile app analytics tools are available that will help you get the data, which can help you analyze how people are using the app, which are the pain points and more. Considering the analytics of your app, you can get the direction towards working and improving the performance of your app, which will take your app to next level.

For a good number of app downloads and revenue, there is much more behind these numbers that can be accessed using analytics tools.

How mobile app analytics tools can help?

Mobile app analytics tool helps us get insight about the performance of the app and let us plan and take action to rectify the flaws and improve the app performance. App analytics data gives insight on following aspects of an app.

How many people are using your app?

Mobile app analytics tool allows us to monitor how many users are being acquired, from where they are coming and how they are engaging with the content; all this report can be generated in real time. App analytics reports are generated in real-time using which we can see the number of users for each app version, geographical location of users, screens on which users are active, etc.

How to use analytics data to optimise User experience?

Analytics data report helps us understand how users are moving through the app and how they are interacting with the app. This can help us find answers to questions like:

  • At which point users are leaving the app?
  • Do we have any bottlenecks?
  • How is the user behavior different with respect to operating system, language, etc?
Which OS/Feature should we focus on?

As the app considered for further development, new challenges arise and we need to focus on things like what Operating System should we use? Which feature should be focused more? This type of data is important to decide the best for the business.

Top Mobile App Analytics tools

Flurry is one of the oldest and most respected app analytics platforms available in the market. In 2015, Yahoo acquired Flurry and it became the part of Yahoo Mobile Development Suite. Flurry focuses on user acquisition analytics and provides data about the number of sessions. Flurry also has an ad network, which gives you data regarding active users, frequency of users and metrics on your ad performance. It provides you the detailed user acquisition reports. The UI of Flurry is intuitive and easy to navigate, and used by big hits like Facebook to manage their apps.

Flurry offers lightweight and easy to install SDK and you can get the data as soon as you install it. Download the Flurry SDK and detailed documentation for knowing your app performance.

Flurry mobile app analytics

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web


Yes, Google has not stayed behind when it comes to analytics of mobile app. Along with Google analytics for website Google launched analytics for the mobile app too. The advantage of using Google analytics is that if you are using it for your website, you can also get your app analytics in the same dashboard. Google mobile app analytics is easy to use especially if you know how to use it for the web. The Google app analytics package includes Audience, Behaviour, Acquisition, and Conversions. Audience part tells you about new vs. returning users. Behaviour shows details regarding user action when they are using the app like number of screens viewed, the number of screens per session, average time on screen and number of crashes. The acquisition lets you know how users are accessing it for the first time.

The Mobile Analytics website also has a few success stories that illustrate the importance of using analytics to maximize the results you are getting from your app.

Another important feature is that it integrates with AdMob. It will let you know how your paid campaigns are doing.

google mobile app analytics

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android


Apple too jumped into analytics tools and launched their analytics platform in iTunes Connect. A few of the key features are:

A few of the key features are:

  • Filters – You can filter metrics by things like app version or iOS version. Makes it easier to drill down to see which segments you are doing well in.
  • Sources – Some basic tools for measuring the results from paid and organic traffic sources.
  • Retention – Since retention is a key signal of how good your app is, understanding how long people are sticking around is vital to your success.

This tool gives fewer details as compared to other tools but the important part is that you can view some key metrics without leaving the iTunes Dashboard.

Checkout the WWDC presentation to know how to get most out of the App Analytics.

Apple app analytics

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS


Countly is less famous than Flurry and Google but it has a cool design, unique positioning, and a great UI. It provides insights about how users are experiencing your app. It can give you deepest insights like button clicks, swipe screens, time spent on the app and each and every app movement is stored in the database.

It also has Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. This tool is also helpful in targeting related audience through push notification, segmentation or attribution tracking.

Cost: Free if self-hosted (open source)

Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.

Krify offers mobile app analytics integration along with mobile app development services. Through mobile app analytics get regular updates on various important analytics components that can help businesses with following things:

  • Understand the mobile metrics to know the ROI of investments done on marketing.
  • Knowing exactly how well the first version of your app is doing, you can plan the investment for next versions.
  • Understanding the mobile journey and pre-purchase research of your customers, you can optimize your next mobile campaigns.

Krify offers complete mobile solution for managing your business and maximize your sales. Mobile app development is the first step towards it. Once we have a mobile app for your business we can work together to ensure the consistent data collection, ongoing maintenance and usage of mobile app analytics. Contact us today for complete mobile solution for your business.

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Is It Really Important To Consider Usability Testing For Your Software?

Usability testing for software is done to determine whether the system is easy to use for end users or not. It is important for any software to undergo usability testing that verifies the practical use of the software. It is very important that end users should be capable of using the software in easy way.

Primary purpose of performing usability testing

Usability testing is primarily done to test the human made product and its capability to meet its intended purpose. In case of usability testing for software, testing is done on products like websites, web apps, mobile apps, computer interfaces, etc. In regard of usability testing for websites, web apps and mobile apps, it is performed to check whether the user interface is easy to understand and use, or not.

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a software testing certification organisation that operates on international level. As per ISTQB’s definition, usability testing is defined as follow:

“The usability testing is done to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions.”

What Usability Testing Is Not

Usability testing is not simply gathering information or opinion about the product. This can be called as market research but not usability testing. It is not performed by just showing the rough draft of product and asking to users, “Do you understand this?”

Rather usability testing usually involves systematic observation under controlled conditions to find out how well people can use and perceive the product.

Methodologies for Usability testing

Following are some of the methods that can be adopted to perform usability testing:

  • Hiring a set of real time users that can work on website or app and report the results.
  • Using a tool, which can provide statistics depending on the input of designs and wireframes.
  • Hiring a third-party testing team specialized in usability testing.
  • Submitting the designs and wirframes to external evaluator and getting the results, etc.

Who performs usability testing?

Usability test can be performed as an internal process in which developers and designers can sit down with user and analyse how user is interacting with the system. Thus, results can be obtained and the system can be modified based on results.

For advanced approach on usability testing, one can hire real time users and distribute particular tasks to them. The facilitator or observer can report these tasks performed and their results which can be used to improve systems.

What parameters are included in Usability Testing?

Usability testing is performed keeping following criteria in mind:


  • Testing the load time of website, realistic or not.
  • Testing for adequate Text-To-Background Contrast is present.
  • Testing the font size and spacing between texts, whether readable or not.
  • Testing whether website has any customised page designed for ‘Not Found’ page.
  • Testing whether proper ALT tags have been added to images or not.


  • Testing whether user can recognize the website navigation easily or not.
  • Testing for navigation options are short and understandable or not.
  • Testing for reasonable number of buttons and links.
  • Testing for company logo’s linkage to home –page.
  • Testing for consistency of style of links on all pages.
  • Testing for presence of site search option and easy accessibility of site.


  • Testing whether URLs are user-friendly and meaningful.
  • Testing for HTML page titles that should be explanatory.
  • Testing for above the fold presence of critical content.
  • Testing for sparing use of emphasis like bold, etc.
  • Testing for concise and explanatory nature of main copy.
  • Testing for more clear and descriptive major headings.
  • Testing for consistency in use of styles and colors.

Advantages of Usability Testing

  • Usability testing can find potential bugs and loopholes in the system that is generally not noticed by developers and can even escape other types of testing.
  • If it performed using proper resources, it can help to fix all issues that user may face while using the application, even before its release.
  • Usability testing can be modified to integrate with other types of testing like system integration testing, unit testing, functional testing, etc.
  • Well planned usability testing can be economical and thus can be beneficial and highly effective.

Using usability testing  is extremely beneficial before the product launch, as it leads to:

  • Easy to use and better quality software.
  • Product which is more readily accepted by users &
  • Product that shortens the learning curve for new users.

However there are some limitations associated with usability testing like for large data collection, the process can be time consuming. Long-term experiences cannot be tested and also users may react differently when they know that they are being observed.

Despite of few limitations, it is recommended to test your product through usability testing method. It is advisable to conduct it at various stages of iterative design process to ensure that all essential requirements have been met by the final product.

So go ahead.

Happy Testing!

Krify, a multinational company, provides its software services that includes website, web apps, mobile apps and wearable apps development. We also provide quality testing services to our esteemed clients to shape their product in a best possible way before its release.

Reach us today, to get the free quotation on our website and app development and testing services.

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Opinion Sharing Apps: Storming Social Media Apps Market

Sharing an opinion has become very common as everyone has opinion these days. Everyone has an opinion. Having an opinion means you are thinking, you have a perspective and you can share that perspective with others. As everyone is having opinion everyone also deserves of being heard, agreed with, applauded, admired, appreciated and liked. Sometimes we may feel inhibitions in sharing them, but social media and other internet platforms has made it easy.

Yes mobile apps are creating a special space for social recommendations. Mobile apps can lead to a better way for people to discover and share their opinions online, either with friends or strangers. One can look upon for opinion or share an opinion on any topic through networking by taking an insight into what friends, photo-takers, followers are thinking and doing.

Such opinion sharing apps are creating buzz in the mobile app markets as you don’t need to go places to look out for what public (either friends or strangers) are thinking about any person, place, clothes, idea or any topic. This info is used to build interest graph or opinion graph.

Why companies are running after data from sharing apps?

Smaller social networks like Pinterest serves niche audiences, which integrates interest graph and social graphs and allow us to follow our interests. Mobile apps for opinion sharing leads to mind-boggling amount of data through interactions, behaviour, preferences, relationships, etc. that is created every day. Many data curing companies are eager to mine all these activities and interactions to interpret how masses are feeling about a particular brand, idea, topic, etc.

Opinion sharing apps are aimed to replicate the way people emotionally react in real conditions of life and react to content. Data generated through such a way could be a potential data for companies to target demographics. Users of such apps are majorly from age group of 20s and 30s and demographics will convey the picture of opinion or reactions from young population. This could be a potential monetization strategy for companies.

Why opinions need to be shared?

Opinion sharing apps are not necessarily for making new friends, but for a lot of fun to join a group where like-minded people and those with similar opinion are participating and are willing to be vulnerable and genuine.

The opinion sharing apps connects people based on their opinions or votes they give for a particular action, topic, product or idea. This way you get to collect opinions of people on a particular thing. It can be about clothes, about financial system, favourite actors or any topic. Through number of votes you get for your opinion shared, or through reaction from the people you will come to a conclusion about what maximum number of people have to say about the thing that you have shared.

Opinion sharing apps are based on matching algorithm. Krify has competence to develop such mobile apps. Through cumulative selection and cumulative ranking people with similar opinions and answers can be identified. The algorithm for matching can be based on following criteria:

  • One to one cumulative selection based on single question asked or topic created.
  • Category based cumulative selection based on reactions or answers on particular category.
  • Keyword based cumulative selection based on people’s reaction and answers related to particular keyword.

Krify has developed some mobile apps that is based on this concept. We have developed an app “Ansabee”, that is based on sharing opinions by asking questions. Another app developed by Krify is “Votee” which is also an opinion sharing app that helps in making decisions, small or big.

Thus such apps can be a fun way to decide about anything after looking for opinions from friends and also from unknown people who are like-minded and do have their opinions.

Why Choose Krify for app development?

Krify, a multinational mobile app and web development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us.  Our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence – Making Smartphones Smarter

Microsoft has released its open source Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) on GitHub. Now the tools which are used by Microsoft researchers to accelerate approach and work in artificial intelligence, will be available for broad group developers through an open-source license.

Xuedong Huang, the chief speech scientist from Microsoft, mentioned that it could be useful to everyone right from deep learning startups to well established companies that are into processing of lot of data in real time.

Microsoft described CNTK as “a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph.” It has been claimed as an alternative for some of the established deep learning frameworks, toolkits and libraries like Theano, Torch, TensorFlow and many more.

Researchers said that this new toolkit is faster in image and speech recognition than four of the other computational toolkits. Microsoft had explored deep neural networks like systems that replicate the biological processing of human brain. Computers with Graphics processing units (GPU) can run CNTK because it has best tools for processing complicated algorithms that improves artificial intelligence. They have claimed that CNTK is an insanely more efficient toolkit that any other toolkits.

The size of the company does not matter for using CNTK. Any deep-learning startup, medium-sized or bigger company processing a lot of data can use CNTK.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Devices

Artificial intelligence is creating a big storm in the field of technology. As smartphone has become a part of daily routine, we need more and  more clever phone devices. Researchers are readily applying traditional Artificial Intelligence techniques in the mobile environment. Such techniques like machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and classification creates powerful applications like Kinect from Microsoft and SIRI from iOS.

The trend in technology is continuously making computer technology devices smaller and personal. The next hot trend is wearable computer technology that would be carried like clothes, head mounted display technologies. These creates novel ways of augmenting User’s reality.  The vision of this new computerized infrastructure will be having applications, for instance, people may get reminded to buy milk when they come in front of diary shelf in supermarket. It will happen due to receiving message from wearable computer of refrigerator that has got to monitor the content into the refrigerator.


AI methods seem to be very much promising tool for building situation and location aware mobile systems that will help users to work and behave in an unobtrusive manner. APIs for natural language understanding and machine learning are within closer reach than before. Consumers are looking forward for apps that can be used in an assisting and unobtrusive way. More and more killer apps will be seen at consumer as well as enterprise levels.

The main reason behind that we don’t see neural networks in mobiles is the power. MIT has come up with a solution on this by revealing Eyeriss, a chip that can have neural networks in low-power devices. If power usage can be reduced many folds, then deep learning tasks won’t kill the battery of your iPhone.

Although this kind of technology is not available in something that you can buy, but sooner you can have your smartphone that will handle AI-based processing locally. This technology can become a practical reality in near future.


Krify has been working on machine learning technology, as artificial intelligence is the future of technology. We specialize in enterprise solutions and mobile apps and websites development for start-ups as well as for established companies. Contact us today to get free consultation from our Technical Director.


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Steps to follow to avoid mistakes during Mobile App Development Process

Today’s world is always on the move. So the usage of mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices has become more important to stay connected, to stay ahead. So mobile apps are much important in today’s market. Mobile apps allows your customers to have all your information on their fingertips. It is beneficial to have mobile app for multiple mobile application platforms, but in the beginning one should start with a single platform.

Whatever may be your business, a mobile app can surely help you retain your customers. The very place where customers search for products and service is the internet. The online presence of your business and having a mobile app will create the best impression on customers. They will be able to utilize your services and do purchases easily. Other advantages are that having an mobile app increases your visibility, accessibility, exposure across mobile devices and connectivity with on-the-go consumers.

Mobile apps or Successful mobile apps?

The mobile app market is growing by leaps and bounds. Thus mobile marketing has become more competitive. Apps are becoming the most dominant form of digital interaction. Are you ready for the app dominated future?

There is a vast difference between building a mobile application and building a successful mobile application.

Number of mobile apps hits the app market everyday. But the ultimate question is how many of them are getting noticed and eventually making money or boosting sales.

Only handful of apps are used by users on daily basis. So it is equally important to plan mobile app strategically. The success of mobile app also lies in the great execution. The idea, its execution and process of development determines the success of your app.

Lets checkout these ingredients required for building successful app, one by one:

Developing a mobile app does not mean only coding. First you have to identify what problem your app idea is going to solve and who could be the target audience for that. Your app need to be an accurate solution for the problem faced by consumers.



The app development process can be divided into following phases:

  • Pre-Development Phase
  • Design and Development phase
  • Testing phase
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and Marketing

Pre- Development/Strategy planning

In this initial phase first you need to define what success means for your app. What is the goal behind creating the mobile app? You need to plan a roadmap to achieve those goals.

Next important step in strategy planning is choosing the right platform. What is the purpose of your app development will help in deciding the platform. Whether the app is required to build revenue through mobile sales, to drive traffic to your website or physical store by increasing brand awareness, to provide services for existing customers, etc. Answering these questions will lay the foundation for the platform(s) for which the app need to be developed.

Designing the app

Design of the app is another crucial factor in deciding the success of the app. More focus should be given on UI design. App with great user experience and free of bug and crashes always increases the chances of making your app successful.

Development phase

Development is nothing but making your app designs functional. But it is easier said than done. At this phase, either you can go for native app development or cross-platform app development.

The two critical decisions to be made in development phase are: Are you developing for specific platform or for cross-platform? Which set of tools you want to use for mobile app development? Each of this choice will have its own advantages and challenges for the development team and product support team.

Testing phase

After the product is ready, testing is the important phase. After internal testing, beta testing is the important step to get the feedback from targeted customers. This reduces the product risk and also gives an initial push in the app store.


To make your app stand out of millions of apps in the market you have to work on your marketing strategy beforehand. You can bring the app to people’s notice through email outreach, blog outreach, social networks, etc.


Deploying an app requires plan, schedule and control of movement of releases to test and live environments. The most important part of deployment management is to ensure that the  integrity of the live environment is protected. It also includes monitoring whether the correct components are releasing or not.


Maintenance after the app goes live

After the app goes live, one should capture the metrics on regular basis. After that it is important to upgrade your app with improvements and innovative features. Upgrading your app with innovative features enhances its visibility along with downloads of an app.

These are the different phases of app development. Following standard protocol will result in formation of standard product. But all these processes needs a strict monitoring and timely standard execution of various processes.

Self-Building an App or Hiring professional App development Company?

Self-building an app is a good option if you are well aware of all the technical stuff. The process involves not only coding but various steps that need to be followed right from the time when the idea is conceived.

Any leading and professional mobile app development company will make the app development process seamless for you. Krify is one such professional mobile app development company with 6+ years of experience in the domain. Our team consists of professional and technically sound designers, developers, project coordinators and product managers who makes sure the smooth execution of processes at all levels and timely delivery of the product/app.

Apart from the standard execution procedures as discussed above, our organisation believes in complete satisfaction of the client. For this, we offer one month free maintenance support to all our clients. We also work on the feedback and response from the customers and improvise the features for better performance.

Krify’s marketing and promotions team works at its best to deliver the best services in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Contact us for all your mobile app development queries. You can also hire our developers who will work as per your requirements and time zone.

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Flashback of 2015: Best Mobile Technology Trends

In present scenario, most of the activities of routine life are now associated with our smartphones. How? Whether it be shopping, ordering food, paying your daily bills, hiring a cab, sending and receiving documents and many more. All such activities are done using our smartphones off course. With the mobile technology growing fast with the lightning speed, mobile apps have also become an integral part of the digital ecosystem.

While approaching towards the end of the year 2015, let’s have a look back at the mobile app trends that were witnessed in 2015.

The fastened mobile app development

All esteemed Mobile App Development Companies are facing the tough time to reach the huge demands of mobile apps from across the globe. With the increasing culture of start-ups the competition among businesses is huge. Every organization wants to reach the audience/customers globally. What other better platform than digital platform. So to reduce the gap between the idea of product and launching the products eventually, everybody wants the App development process to be fast.

This enthusiasm resulted in development of faster mobile app development tools and frameworks. So, the mobile or web app development process is  expected to give key results that leads to rapid launch of products and fast reach into the global market.

Cloud based mobile app development

Many are the mobile applications that have used the power of cloud technology, such as Gmail, Dropbox, etc. Mobile cloud computing has flourished to a greater level and is still expected to boom in coming years. Mobile app developers are still facing many challenges in cloud-based mobile apps development that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising with its functionality and features.

Mobile Apps with responsive designs

The transformations going on in the way smartphones are being used, the consumption of multimedia content, internet banking, online shopping and website browsing and other activities are also increasing. These multiple activities and increased apps usage has led to development of responsive websites in order to support multiple mobile devices. It requires developers to build responsive websites without compromising with its features and functionality.

Importance of app security

The mobile app security is as important as mobile app development. Mobile app developers have been seen to be paying more attention to mobile app security throughout the year 2015.

It is necessary to safeguard every bit of information that is passed through mobile devices. Data flow, functional and abuse cases are some of the typical mobile threats. So preventing the hacking and testing the vulnerability of mobile apps have become a major work area in mobile app development.

Growing popularity of cross-platform tools

Cross-platform mobile app development tool has become very crucial in 2015. The notable thing is that the use of cross-platform tools has grown from 23% to 30% during past six months. So it is very much important to select the right tool. More and more ventures are demanding cross-platform expansion and number of tools are available for mobile app developers who wants to use cross-platforms.

mobile trends 4

Increasing demand in Enterprise Mobile App

Many companies have already opted for using their own enterprise mobile app and are experiencing the benefits of using it. Irrespective of the size or location of the organization, being able to stay connected with the rest of the organisation anytime, anywhere is the biggest advantage that enterprise mobile apps offer. It has made the tracking of critical metrics simpler around the world. Businesses are connecting more throughout the year and the need for enterprise mobile apps will continue to grow.

Mobile App Development for Wearable

Till the beginning of 2015, mobile app development for wearable was focusing more on health and fitness domain. But throughout 2015 we have seen the immense rise in development and usage of wearable. With the launch of Apple watch in April 2015, a huge push is being noticed in wearable scenario. A great potential has been discovered for IoT (Internet of Things) apps as well as for wearable apps. Thus mobile app developers are also focusing more towards app development for wearable platforms in 2015 and will continue to do so.

mobile trends 5

Developing New Apps in New Year

While moving closer to the celebration of New Year 2016, preparing for upcoming challenges is also crucial in the mobile app development space. Thinking ahead and thinking out of the box, is the main focus for 2016.

At Krify, our core competence is building mobile apps and providing solutions to IT related problems. Our expert team of mobile app developers, designers, testers and marketers work together to provide our services at every layer from conceiving the IT product idea to its launch. We thrive to meet the goals of all our clients who comes to us with varied interests of developing apps for individual, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

We are excited to take the ride of 2016 with focus on integration and ease of use.

Hire our mobile app developers at Krify now, to develop competitive and responsive mobile apps in a cost effective way.


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Great way to start App development..!

If you have innovative app idea or looking to build an amazing new mobile application, Krify is the right place to make it reality.

The best way to start off a mobile application is through Mockups. This is a design process where you layout each of the app’s views in detail.


Mockups refer to the fundamental illustrations of the components and the structure of a development; this basically defines the first stage in the design process.They are useful as a part of documentation.

Mockups are simply a representation of the skeletal structure of a mobile application. It provides an easy way to validate the usability of an application by allowing the user to visualize and navigate through its different sections.

They outline the basic structure and flow of an application from screen to screen as a user moves through the application, detailing what features exist on each screen.

Why Mockups?

  • Allows you to get a clear picture of the type of information
    that will be needed on page level, before Graphical design.
  • Allows you to spend time and focus on what each page’s purpose is.
  • Gives a clear view of the interface when implementing the GUI.
  • Gives the designer/developer a clear view of what needs to be designed.
  • Gives clarification of application features.
  • You can make changes early before development starts.
  • Less migration and less reimplementation.

For effective and easy Mockups building , we have tools like

Ninjamock.com is a Free tool which is helpful to design wireframes for mobile app. It is a simple and powerful prototype for designers to design wire-frames and share them with others.

Moqups.com is a free online wire-framing and prototyping tool to create wire-frames and share them with others.

Wireframes are usually more focused on functionality. A mockup is very close to the real visualization of an application, with static representation of its functionality.

It represents the potential look, feel and basic functionality of your application and also it contains colors, typography, pictures and other details.

There are number of tools for designers to make the process of creating wire-frames easy. Some of them are as follows:-

InVisionapp.com makes quick and impressive prototyping possible for a higher level of design. Using this tool, users can link their UX sketches, designs and even share them with others.

Flinto.com is a tool for prototyping IOS app designs. We can add screen images, and link one screen to other that creates the real app environment.

Hence, Mock Ups and wireframes have become an important stage in the development process. . It gives the understanding of the future layout of the app.




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