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Flashback of 2015: Best Mobile Technology Trends

In present scenario, most of the activities of routine life are now associated with our smartphones. How? Whether it be shopping, ordering food, paying your daily bills, hiring a cab, sending and receiving documents and many more. All such activities are done using our smartphones off course. With the mobile technology growing fast with the lightning speed, mobile apps have also become an integral part of the digital ecosystem.

While approaching towards the end of the year 2015, let’s have a look back at the mobile app trends that were witnessed in 2015.

The fastened mobile app development

All esteemed Mobile App Development Companies are facing the tough time to reach the huge demands of mobile apps from across the globe. With the increasing culture of start-ups the competition among businesses is huge. Every organization wants to reach the audience/customers globally. What other better platform than digital platform. So to reduce the gap between the idea of product and launching the products eventually, everybody wants the App development process to be fast.

This enthusiasm resulted in development of faster mobile app development tools and frameworks. So, the mobile or web app development process is  expected to give key results that leads to rapid launch of products and fast reach into the global market.

Cloud based mobile app development

Many are the mobile applications that have used the power of cloud technology, such as Gmail, Dropbox, etc. Mobile cloud computing has flourished to a greater level and is still expected to boom in coming years. Mobile app developers are still facing many challenges in cloud-based mobile apps development that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising with its functionality and features.

Mobile Apps with responsive designs

The transformations going on in the way smartphones are being used, the consumption of multimedia content, internet banking, online shopping and website browsing and other activities are also increasing. These multiple activities and increased apps usage has led to development of responsive websites in order to support multiple mobile devices. It requires developers to build responsive websites without compromising with its features and functionality.

Importance of app security

The mobile app security is as important as mobile app development. Mobile app developers have been seen to be paying more attention to mobile app security throughout the year 2015.

It is necessary to safeguard every bit of information that is passed through mobile devices. Data flow, functional and abuse cases are some of the typical mobile threats. So preventing the hacking and testing the vulnerability of mobile apps have become a major work area in mobile app development.

Growing popularity of cross-platform tools

Cross-platform mobile app development tool has become very crucial in 2015. The notable thing is that the use of cross-platform tools has grown from 23% to 30% during past six months. So it is very much important to select the right tool. More and more ventures are demanding cross-platform expansion and number of tools are available for mobile app developers who wants to use cross-platforms.

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Increasing demand in Enterprise Mobile App

Many companies have already opted for using their own enterprise mobile app and are experiencing the benefits of using it. Irrespective of the size or location of the organization, being able to stay connected with the rest of the organisation anytime, anywhere is the biggest advantage that enterprise mobile apps offer. It has made the tracking of critical metrics simpler around the world. Businesses are connecting more throughout the year and the need for enterprise mobile apps will continue to grow.

Mobile App Development for Wearable

Till the beginning of 2015, mobile app development for wearable was focusing more on health and fitness domain. But throughout 2015 we have seen the immense rise in development and usage of wearable. With the launch of Apple watch in April 2015, a huge push is being noticed in wearable scenario. A great potential has been discovered for IoT (Internet of Things) apps as well as for wearable apps. Thus mobile app developers are also focusing more towards app development for wearable platforms in 2015 and will continue to do so.

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Developing New Apps in New Year

While moving closer to the celebration of New Year 2016, preparing for upcoming challenges is also crucial in the mobile app development space. Thinking ahead and thinking out of the box, is the main focus for 2016.

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