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Hire Swift App Developer

Hire Swift App Developer

Swift is one of the feature-rich programming languages that is developed and maintained extensively by Apple that is employed for creating iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. It is one of the best Native programming language for iOS App Development at present. If you are planning a new iOS Development Project or you already have existing iOS Apps developed using objective c. Now it’s time to look, Swift, one of the best programming language for iOS Apps Development.

Develop feature-filled, interactive and user-friendly iOS applications that ceaselessly create new waves in the mobile phone realm. Hire a swift developer to develop an app for iPhone, iPod, wearables, and iBeacons with less coding and no bugs. The language of next-generation iOS Apps, Swift provides the experience of smooth transition to your existing application that is totally compatible with newly launched iOS 11.

Krify Software Technologies has a pool of highly experienced Swift App developers who have been actively working on small medium and large projects using Swift and are adept at working with the most stunning, fast, secure programming language. Our team has always been working for customer satisfaction. We plan to achieve the same by offering groundbreaking solutions that are efficient, secure and seamless with the right use of technology.

Hire Swift Developer

 Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring

 Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email

 Direct Access of resource

 160 man hours guaranteed

 Flexible office hours depend on timezone

 Daily/weekly/monthly code delivery

How you would benefit by hiring ourSwift Developer

 Flexible hiring models

 Source Code Authorization

 NDA terms

 Transparent Process

 Ready-to-use IT Infrastructure

 Security and IP Protection

Hiring Models

Dedicated specialists to fill the gaps in your projects needs and serves as the basis for a strategic vision.

Extended Team

    • Ramp up teams with niche Technology and domain experts.
    • Adoption and implementation of industry best practices and technological innovations
    • Domain-specific experts to build niche apps.

Managed Dedicated Team

    • Experts to work on your specific project needs.
    • Complete visibility and control into the progress
    • Onsite visits/presence on demand
    • Profound understanding of your business.

Onsite Dedicated Team

    • Effectively fill the gaps in project needs at the client location.
    • Onsite visits/presence as required
    • Profound understanding of business
    • Continuous monitoring and adoption

Product Development Team

    • Extension of your team providing support for your product
    • Plan and release a successful product
    • Process improvement and coordination of technical activities within the team.
    • Provide technical domain expertise to stimulate a product’s time to market.

Incredibly High-performance and the fast perfect platform for developing mobile apps

Why Hire Swift App Developers from Krify Software Technologies?

 Has the ability to work on Multi-tasking on various assignments simultaneously.

 Has the ability to prioritize the work schedule.

 We maintain constant administration to monitor and justify the working hour of the developers.

 We always resolve the quires in short span of time and maintain flawless customer support.

 We always have data confidentiality.

 In order to keep the resource updated we provide periodic training on bleeding-edge technologies.

 Our developers have a minimum of 3 years to 8+ years of experience.

 We have complete control over the developers.

 We maintain a daily reporting system for the work accomplished for the day.

 We maintain project management tools along with Phone, Skype, Email Support.

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