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Vardhaman College – Website Design Case Study

Our Overview:

Our Client is a diverse and dynamic education institute situated in Hyderabad, offering a vibrant learning environment where innovation, creative and dedicated students can gain the skills and experience they need to succeed in professional life. Since its launch, the college has led the way in many areas of education and research and continues to do so today. The college values its cutting-edge, ground-breaking and creative research culture, and a major part of their strategy lies in ensuring dedicated technological support in order to maintain and expand on this.

The Challenge:

The Vardhaman college was facing a severe challenge with the modern era, where the college has a slag website which is limited with the information and not up to the mark in terms of user look and feel even the comfort was not good.

companies are on the internet for information. the digital transformation of trends. The Vardhaman college was seeking an innovative solution to replace its first-generation Joomla website; an out-of-date solution which the college had been using for the past eight years. A more advanced system was required to enable more effective and efficient management of the college’s complex information requirements.

The project also planned to cost-effectively replace network drive content with Content Management System(CMS) which would go beyond the current use of email and shared network drives. This would provide a common platform for content, enabling powerful internal and external collaboration which enhance the college’s ability to knowledge-share, build repositories of information and take an institute-wide view of all ongoing research.

The Approach:

After investigating available CMS products on the market, the college decided on using the latest WordPress as the foundation of its new website. WordPress was the clear choice for its product features and cost-effective subscription model, and its open CDN(Content Delivery Network) provided the potential for further integration with core systems such as student records, Examination updates, project details, placement updates, Individual Lecturer profiles, and learning. This gave the college a powerful content management technology which offered impressive flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Krify was selected as the Vardhaman college’s CMS partner following an initial scoping study and a competitive tendering process. Krify was the ideal choice to be involved in the very beginning and to strategically deliver the full development project.

The Solution:

Krify solution utilises the WordPress interface as the core collaborative platform, allowing users to communicate and share data and documentation. To ensure a full understanding of the range of authors and users of the current system, and their specific needs and requirements, full information architecture review were carried out, in a study spilt by schools and Academies, and corporate services. This guaranteed a final solution that would cater differently to different users, providing them with highly personalised services.

The Impact:

The biggest impact of the partnership with Krify has been an increased sense of security and consistency around IT support. A crash of any scale means daily functions cease for those using the affected technology: the outdated website doesn’t work properly and the teachers can’t access their individual profiles and there are no student records. The regular maintenance services Krify now provides and ensures their daily operations run smoothly without interruption, and should the worst occur, a solid plan in place for a fast recovery.

Website Screenshots

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