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One of our esteemed German client asked for a knowledge-based Question & Answer gaming app for iPhone and iPad. The client had a requirement to collect and provide the result based on survey through various questions pre-defined under different topics.


The challenge associated with the development of this kind of app was to make sure that the final product is not a mere knowledge based gaming app but a complete entertaining app with excellent user engagement. The client wanted to take it to next level of knowledge gaining as well as gaming experience.

Our Solution

We helped our client by delivering an interactive gaming application, in English as well as German language, which gave users the option to play the game in one of the following three manners:

·         Play as a single player.
·         Challenge a friend.
·         Challenge a random opponent.

Once the user selects to play the game as single player or to challenge the opponent, the game starts with series of questions related to pre-selected topic. Each question has 4 options and user need to select the correct one to gain the points. The users would play the game to gain points and secure their rank among users based globally, locally, among friends and nearby (GPS based).

The users can choose the wide range of topics available to start with the game. Apart from playing the game, app allows you challenge your app or Facebook friends, access your ranking and view and participate in discussions on topics within the app.

The app also have an interesting feature ‘History’ that displays users’ winning and losing history along with points and bonus.  It also allow users to rematch with the same opponent under the same topic but with different questions. Users can also view and share the achievements through the Facebook.

The app was improvised to another level by including in-app purchase into it and developing second version that included flashcard feature. As learning with flashcards is a proven method to acquire theoretical knowledge and to anchor it permanently in the long-term memory, this feature was designed and incorporated very carefully. Some more new features added to second version was tag-based and profession-based advertisements.

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The Result

Despite the various challenges of starting from the scratch, this question and answer based gaming application was developed successfully for iPhones and iPads that allows engages users to gain knowledge on different topics with the gaming experience.

App Screens

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