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Our USA based client wanted to develop a mobile solution that can be used to connect Business owners as well as job seekers/talents. The client’s vision was to simplify the job search as well as employee search process, by reducing the wait time required to fill tedious forms and then wait for approval from the system. They needed an application through which businesses and job seekers both can find each other as per their set preferences and contact each other directly.


The client wanted to create a common platform for cannabis based businesses and job seekers, where they can choose each other as per their preferences like location, working hours, education, etc. They wanted to use mobile app technology in a way so that business owners can find the perfect talent as per their need and the deserving talents can choose the employment as per their preferences.

So the client wanted Krify to deliver a mobile app that could benefit both businesses and expert professionals.


The challenge was to create an intuitive mobile app that is secure and that allows businesses and talents to seek talents and employers respectively, through their own set of preferences. Also users, either business or talent, should be able to connect and communicate with any other business as well as talent.

One of the key requirement of this project was to display relevant businesses or talents to the user based on following three criteria: (i) the location should be same as that of user (ii) at least one skill/interest should match with that of user and (iii) at least one other preference should match with that of user.

Another major challenge was the timeline as the app needed to go live as soon as possible.

Our Approach:

The Krify team conducted several interactive exercises and discussions and mapped the client’s needs into multiple phases. A well-defined roadmap was proposed by Krify to build an iPhone app that would display information of all job seekers within the system, when searched as business with specific preferences.

Using this app, job seekers should also be able to see all jobs from employers within the system, when searched with preferences setting.

The features of the app were selected as such to serve the requirements of client as well as should be power saving, fast operating, secure and within the budget of the client.

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1) An interactive iPhone App: to connect businesses and job seeker


2) Preference based connections: Both businesses and job seekers are able to make connections with businesses as well as job seekers


3) User preference categorisation: Businesses can categorize job seekers and vice versa, depending on their pre-set preferences.


4) Instant Chat: User can chat with active connections instantly.


Thus, Krify built an interactive app in minimum time frame, which helped client to reduce the communication gap and added value to both Businesses and talents.

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