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Materialize CSS, SASS Framework: Material Design Developers#2016

Material Design: Materialize CSS Framework

Who Invented Materialize CSS?

Materialize CSS was invented and designed by students named Kevin Louie, Alan Chang, Alex Mark and Alvin Wang of Carnegie Mellon University. Materialize CSS is an Open source Framework which is distributed under the MIT Open License.

Materialize Developers students Team

Materialize Developers Team

What exactly Materialize CSS is?

Materialize CSS is a fresh responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. It simplifies life for developers and the users they serve.

What Materialize CSS Offers and Does?

Materialize CSS is a broad bundle for small developments used for design and development of websites and HTML5 hybrid mobile apps.

Materialize CSS is developed using CSS in HTML5 with specific properties like color, grids, layout, tables and also assistant (helper) classes… and more over it also originated through embed design of responsive images and responsive videos.

Materialize CSS includes the best property for web pages vertical-align exhaustive framework for best responsiveness.  One of the major goal of Materialize framework is to be as adaptable as possible which include cross browser compatibility.

Important key points in Materialize is:

  1. Materialize CSS
  2. Materialize Components
  3. Materialize JavaScript
  4. Materialize Mobile

What is Materialize SASS?

Sass is a scripting language that is interpreted into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). SassScript is the scripting language itself. Sass consists of two syntaxes. The original syntax, called “the indented syntax”, uses a syntax similar to Haml.

“Materialize offers 2- different forms of selection that depends on requirement components and expertise”

Materialize CSS (Materialize)

Formally known as Materialize. It is a standard version minified and un-minified CSS and JavaScript files. This selection needs slightly to absolutely no setup.

Download Materialize CSS here!

Materialize Sass (SASS)

Formerly known as SASS. This Sass has source SCSS files and Sass compiler for more control above components.

Download Materialize Sass here!

Advantages with Materialize:

  • Speeds up Development
  • User Experience focused
  • Amusing User Experience and Interactions
  • Easy to Code and Develop
  • Efficient color code with Material Design
  • Easy to work
  • Any many more…

About Materialize CSS and SASS

  1. Materialize CSS and SASS:

Materialize CSS offers the awesome and cool future for web and mobile interface developers for design and development

Color: Usually colors are used to code a back ground with share of color of a text as everyone know here color deals with Background Color, Text Color and Color Palette used.

Grid: In materialize, the grid works for adding glow and styles to your designs to be used for development.

Color palette is a collection of different colors in one box to choose from, with different shades. Each shade is having a color code that is used to identify and use it exactly with in desired place.


Container class is not harshly part of the grid but is significant for placing ready content to center the page content.

The features like container has Columns. Columns live inside Rows, Offsets, Push and Pull, also creating Layouts that deals with section and divider in tags.

Creating Responsive Layouts are the major part in design and development process, which includes things like screen sizes, adding Responsiveness and Responsive Side Navigation Layouts

Observe how container works hear…

container work off

Container Off

Container On

Container On

Helpers (assistant) Classes:

Helpers always deals with content related things like the alignments of your content. Some are Vertical Align, Text Align, Quick Floats, similarly Hiding Content and Formatting fonts. The Hover class helps in adding an animation for box shadow.

Media: Generally, media is a collection of Images and Videos. Where Images deals with Responsive Images, and Circular images and Videos deals with Responsive Embeds and Responsive Videos

Sass: Materialize embeds some Sass files. When spending Sass, we can change the color scheme of site awfully quicker. Also, we can always work on Variables as a part. We have three media queries for the three typical screen sizes for custom Sass files with object of Prefixer, to support all browser properties.

Shadow: Shadows are something that always abbreviates a screen like how it was raised up from the background page just like a 3-D view.

Materialize shadows look

Shadows look for Materialize backgrounds

Table: Tables are the best organizers for valuable content to be presented in ordered and structured way but as we know these tables kill the responsiveness of a website. We have just neglected it till now and used tables in most of the websites. Materialize offer Service class to help integrate the table as easily as possible. In addition, to expand mobile experience, all tables on mobile-screen widths are positioned in center automatically.

Here are few class functions supported for table responsiveness: Centered table, Highlight Table, Striped Table, Bordered Table and Borderless Table.

Typography: Material Design use a static font Roboto for all its needs, as Roboto 2.0 by including the font files with framework.

We can also custom those fonts for our Topography by removing Roboto by simply changing the font stack by modifying the code below as per our liking and add it to our custom css.

html {

    font-family: GillSans, Calibri, Trebuchet, sans-serif;


Topography deals with Headers, Blockquotes and Flow Text


Components are very important in every design as those attract the users more with simple interactions and messages. Materialize powered components we use here are Badges, Buttons, Breadcrumbs, Cards, Chips, Collections, Footer, Forms, Icons, Navbar, Pagination and Preloader.

Observe how Components work hear as text appears…

Flow test missed

When Flow test OFF

Flow text ON

Flow text on


JavaScript’s bit of code is used for Styleup with animations and transactions very easily. Here we use java scripts with few things like Collapsible, Dialogs, Dropdown, Media, Modals, Parallax, Pushpin, Scrollspy, SideNav, ScrollFire, Tabs, Transitions, Waves.


The Navbar is completely delimited by an HTML5 Nav tag. Inside container div. has two main parts to align following links to the left or right.

  1. Logo or brand link
  2. Navigation links.

Drag out Menu with a plugin comprises of some options for modifying the menu details.

Toast is the Swipe, to dismiss all in one package for devices that offer swipe to dismiss toasts.

Here is a show case of the on-going projects with Materialize CSS design templates Checkout how it looks!

Show case of Materialize design works

Show case of Materialize CSS works

Checkout Show case portfolio !

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“Materialize CSS, SASS Framework Development Company”

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