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top 10 android p pie features

Top 10 features of Android 9 Pie

The power of Artificial Intelligence demonstrated by Android 9 Pie Google announced the release of Android P, officially called as Android Pie for users of its Pixel phones. Coming to other devices it may be released this year or the next. You get more from your phone as Android 9 Pie harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. The beauty of it is smarter, faster and adaptable. There are plenty of new features and know the reasons what we get from the piece of pie.

Here are top 10 Features of Android 9 Pie:

  1. Fresh New Look and Notifications
  2. Dark Mode On
  3. No Stopping The Notch
  4. Edit the Captured Screenshot
  5. Artificial Intelligence to get the right way you want it
  6. Adaptive Battery
  7. Intuitive Navigation
  8. Dashboard providing where you spend more time
  9. Adaptive Brightness
  10. Extra Security with Lockdown Mode

1. Fresh new look and notifications

Android Pie enables you to swipe down to view the notifications and quick settings. Google is using rounded corners with Android Pie. The Settings menu is lot more colorful. Android has its own trend in handling the notifications compared to iOS, with Android Pie, it widens the gap adding more features. Smart replies for the messaging apps is more suggestible as it shows more information in each notification. You cannot expand the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings as like in Oreo.

2. Dark Mode On

Google added official dark mode option in the Settings. Generally, we rely on the wallpaper to trigger the dark mode, now with the help of Android Pie users can decide whether to use light mode, dark mode or automatic (based on wallpaper). Thanks to Google as this option is being asked by users from years.

3. No stopping the notch

Android phones are adopting a notch at the top of the screen to accommodate sensors as bezels get smaller. As this is a new change, Android Pie gives you a preview of this might look like once you enable the Developer Mode. Scroll down to the Drawing section under developer options, tap "Simulate a display with a cutout," and then choose a size. Voila -- you're living the notched life.

4. Edit the Captured screenshot

Capturing screenshot is made very simple. Wondering how? Just by long pressing the power button, you can take the screenshot. The previous method of holding the power and volume button still exists, in addition, Android Pie provides a new edit feature to the captured screenshot. Once the screenshot is saved, an edit button is displayed in the preview notification. Click on the edit button and that will open a markup tool which enables you to crop, draw or highlight the screenshot before sharing.

5. Artificial intelligence to get the right way you want it

This is an interesting feature of Android Pie. App actions predict what you are going to do, by this, you get to know your next task quickly. For example, if you connect your earphones, the playlist you were listening previously is front on the screen.

6. Adaptive battery

Android Pie uses machine learning to predict which apps you will use in the next few hours and which you likely won't, so your phone only spends battery power on the apps you care about.

7. Intuitive Navigation

Switching between the apps got easier. This is done more naturally by using gestures instead of buttons.

8. Dashboard providing where you spend more time

Do you think that you are addicted to the phone? We generally argue No right? Google’s Pie is providing you the data of time you spend on the apps and how often you check the phone. You can also see the statistics of the notifications you get. Know where you are spending time with the new feature of Android Pie.

9. Adaptive Brightness

Android Pie with Adaptive Brightness learns how you set your screen's brightness in different lighting environments and automatically does it for you over time.

10. Extra security with lockdown mode

Google is always a step forward in terms of security and privacy. There is a new feature, though, that locks down your device with the push of a button. When this is enabled, you need to ensure a fingerprint sensor or a voice unlock (reverting to your backup unlock methods like PIN or pattern)
Go to Settings > Security and Location > Lock Screen Preferences and toggle the Show lockdown option. After you toggle that on, you can now just press the power button, then tap Lockdown.
Let us wait for the new Pie! to experience these awesome features
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Phalcon the fastest PHP framework.

Do you want a fastest open source PHP framework to develop, here comes the solution in the evolution of Phalcon? It is having an innovative architecture. Phalcon is a full stack PHP framework built as C-extension. It is loosely coupled, feature rich and optimized which results in high performance.

What do Phalcon offers?

Phalcon offer developers to build very powerful applications with high performance and low server consumption by providing advanced and feature-rich tools.

Why prefer Phalcon?

It is an open source full-stack framework for PHP. Its unique and strong architecture makes it well optimized and performs high. The boon of Phalcon is being memory resident, high offering of functionalities. There is no need of prerequisite knowledge on C language for the developers to work with Phalcon. Its loosely couples feature helps developers to only use the objects fulfilling the needs of the application. Its interface is exposed as PHP classes under the Phalcon namespace, ready to be used.
Develop real-world applications with Phalcon as it is a highly potential framework of PHP. Challenge a requirement and Krify’s team of fascinating developers work to fulfill your requirement. We will develop most viable applications, only thing you must do is to just fill the form or request a call back.

How Phalcon works?

Phalcon framework implements its functionality by using the low-level C language. C extensions are compiled with PHP code on load. Phalcon achieves increasing the speed of application and lowering overhead by
  • Producing a binary executable representation of the code by taking advantage of native compilation. The processor can easily understand and execute the code without any overhead while running bytecode in the Virtual Machine(VM).
  • Phalcon uses optimized structures of C reducing the memory footprint. It also uses static types of C compilers like CLANG/VCC/GCC. These help to perform several optimizations over the code and therefore improving the performance.
  • It has the ability to place variables and data in the stack. These would have a high locality to access.
  • Phalcon operates directly over the user code and this is the reason why branch prediction is made easy. 
  • Performance on existing execution profiles is improved as Phalcon uses Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)
  • Phalcon reduces the computation overhead as it has direct access to the internal structures and functions.
  • Phalcon relies on several internal design aspects of PHP such as memory management, garbage collection and its internal structures. The improvement of any of these aspects has a positive impact on Phalcon's performance as well in PHP.
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angular vs react

Difference in the features of Angular and React frameworks

Angular vs React is a trending topic, and the interesting thing is that both are popular, advanced and best choice for front-end development. They are one of the best javascript frameworks which are used to create interactive single page applications (SPA). You might wonder which framework to choose as both are having their own advantages! Look at the evolution of these front-end frameworks Chill out folks, I will explain you the differences between their features, which would make your work easy.  

Top 5 differences between the features of Angular and React frameworks of javascript

  • Dynamic UI binding
  • Reusable components
  • Routing
  • Opinionation
  • Data binding

Advantages of Angular.js

  • It helps you to create responsive, seamlessly navigating and quick loading of apps and websites.
  • Allows Rapid prototyping
  • It has simple architecture and makes easy for developers to develop advanced features.
  • Easily manages heavy and huge web applications which contain complex components.
  • Lesser code and increased development efficiency
  • Save time for development by helping the developers to use the same chunk of code.
  • It supports the Model-View-View-Model software design pattern.
  • It supports both end-to-end and unit testing.

Disadvantages of Angular.js

  • Debugging the code is difficult.
  • The framework of Angular.js is complicated

Advantages of React.js

  • Easy to learn and use for the developers
  • Components are reusable, which allows the applications to easy to develop and maintain, therefore saves time.
  • An open source library
  • Easier to write with JSX
  • Great development tools which make design and debugging easier.
  • Virtual DOM in react.js makes developer work faster and user experience better.

Disadvantages of React.js

  • The high pace of development where the developers should constantly update their skills and develop a new way of doing things.
  • Poor documentation due to which developers update their own documentation with the evolving of new releases and tools
Hope this article will help you to understand and choose which language to prefer for the development of your application. Krify is having experts in the mentioned domains. Discuss your business requirement and we will provide you the best optimised solution. Passionate to work with you!
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Best-programming-languages-for-mobile-app-development featured

Top 8 Languages for Mobile App Development #Weekly Round Up

Today, We are coming a day early to the weekend with a Weekly roundup on the best Mobile App Development Languages to choose for the mobile app development in mid 2018 with future focus on App and PlayStore updates followed by User-Centric-Design trends. No doubt, mobile app development is one of the most successful, emerging area in the software development arena. Even though this mobile app development industry started in 2008, it has survived a long ten years journey and has a bright future head - in spite of wearables and other apps.

The Best Mobile App Development Languages Available to learn and Develop your skills

Developers should be up-to-date with new skills and new programming languages (supporting both front-end and back-end) which are on high demand. Here is the list of programming languages of 2018 which are carefully composed. This would help you to select which programming language is best to choose for the application you are going to develop.
  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. C / C++
  6. Swift
  7. HTML5
  8. C#
This would help you to select which programming language is best to choose for the application you are going to develop.

1. Java Programming Language

Java stands first in the most used mobile app development languages. It is very popular among developers as it runs on all platforms including Android. It is an open source language having several real-time users.

List of mobile apps developed in Java

  • Wordpress
  • Telecine
  • 2048 (I think all have played it)
  • VLC media player
  • Bitcoin Wallet

Advantages of Java

  • Stable and enterprise computing
  • Code reusability and availability of third-party libraries
  • Automatic memory management implemented by Garbage Collection
  • Simple, fast and multi-threaded

Disadvantages of Java

  • Occupies more memory compared to C and C++
  • Compiler is not well optimized
  • Basic classes in the class library are lacking important features
  • Poor features in GUI

2. Python Programming Language

Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages used in app and web development. It is easy to learn and have great readability also helps in creating android apps from scratch.

List of apps and websites developed in Python

  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Food Plus
  • Quora
  • World of Tanks

Advantages of Python

  • Object-oriented programming is driven
  • Supports multiple systems and platforms
  • Provide large and extensive support libraries
  • Improved programmers productivity

Disadvantages of Python

  • Has limitations with database access
  • Slower in speed
  • Not good for multi-processor / multi-core work
  • Run time errors

3. PHP Programming Language

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to create android and ios apps. Apart from server-side scripting, it is also used for command line scripting and coding applications. The WYSIWYG interface offered by PHP gives developers a robust platform to create, test and deploy mobile applications.

List of mobile apps developed in PHP

  • E-commerce applications like Ubercart and Opencart
  • Facebook
  • School feed
  • Family Tree
  • Diamond dash

Advantages of PHP

  • It has a centralized database
  • Open source and powerful library support
  • Cross-platform and easy to use
  • Use wire-frame before coding

Disadvantages of PHP

  • Tough to use to program large applications
  • It is not extremely modular
  • Large applications are tough to keep up
  • Lack of options to modify core behavior

4. JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is used to develop hybrid mobile apps with the help of several libraries and frameworks like Node, Angular, jQuery and React. Due to its flexibility and easy to grasp syntax creating apps in JS is easy. Once coded it can be released in all platforms.

List of mobile apps developed in JavaScript

  • Facebook Ads
  • Bloomberg
  • Air Asia app
  • Soundcloud Pulse
  • Townske

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Fast and efficient
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Highly interactive and dynamic
  • Single code base

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • May not have access to the latest APIs
  • Slow app performance compared to native
  • Client-side security
  • Browser support is not always the same for client-side scripts

5. C / C++ Programming Language

C is an old programming language which works well with modern developers. C++ comes from the family of C and it is an object-oriented programming language. These have tons of features.

List of applications developed in C / C++

  • Adobe
  • MySql
  • Winamp media player

Advantages of C / C++

  • High function libraries
  • Fast and efficient
  • Portable
  • Object oriented

Disadvantages of C / C++

  • Code redundancy
  • Size of the program is incremental
  • Less efficiency
  • Lack of garbage collection

6. Swift Programming Language

Swift has the potential to reshape the future. It is used for building high-performance, powerful and interactive apps for IOS and Mac OS. There is an increasing usage across different platforms.

List of applications developed in Swift

  • Flappy IOS
  • Wire iPhone
  • Yep
  • WeChat
  • 2048

Advantages of Swift

  • Extremely easy to learn if you know objective C
  • Improved safety and performance
  • Open source and easy to learn
  • Need less coding to develop an app

Disadvantages of Swift

  • The language is still young
  • Limited talent pool
  • Lack of support for earlier IOS versions
  • Poor interoperability with third-party tools and IDEs

7. HTML5 Programming Language

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML which is used to build web-based mobile apps. It alone cannot develop the app, instead, it should be used with other languages like JavaScript. It supports multi-platform functionality.

List of applications developed in HTML5

  • Zoho books
  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn app
  • Zoho docs

Advantages of HTML5

  • Cross-browser support
  • Develop games using canvas tags
  • Easy and clean coding
  • Supports videos and audios

Disadvantages of HTML5

  • Takes more time to build mobile applications
  • Doesn’t have adaptation control
  • Have media licensing issues
  • Security elements offered are restricted

8. C# Programming Language

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language, which is component and object-oriented. It is designed by Microsoft as a part of the .NET framework. It is used to build native mobile apps on Xamarin for both Android and IOS instead of writing separate apps in Java and Swift.

List of applications developed in C#

  • OLO Food App
  • Foundbite
  • Storyo
  • Captio
  • Vanderlande

Advantages of C#

  • Object oriented language
  • Safer to run
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • More legible coding

Disadvantages of C#

  • Slower to run and compile
  • Less flexible
  • Doesn’t support multiple inheritance
  • No templates and therefore type-safe collections are not easy
Weekly Top Mobile App Development Language Take-Aways: Although you may get the idea about the programming languages for building the mobile apps in 2018, it is not easy to pick a specific language for your app. Hire a professional mobile app developer who will understand your real requirements and design an application which communicates clearly with your target audience. Krify is one of the leading mobile development companies having a professional and well-established team. Get mobile application as per your business requirements at most affordable prices. High quality is our assurance and customer satisfaction is our priority. Happy and looking forward to serving you.

Do you know how we work?

Contact us today on a click away.!
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Benefits of Geofencing in Location based Marketing

Location based marketing is a growing trend which is a direct marketing strategy taking personalized marketing to next level. Geofencing in location based marketing provides the ability to personalize content based on the context of the individual user. Geo-fencing uses mobile device location to alert the user about the offerings of a nearby business. How Geofencing works in location based marketing? Geofencing in location based marketing will deliver a personalized message to customers near your retail store. The message may consists of offers to those people who just visited your competitors, services provided and many more. Location based marketing has an extraordinary capability to engage potential customers for a targeted campaign.  
According to a survey by Skyhook, Brands can expect as much as 20% increase in conversion by adding location data to their ad data.
Geofencing technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) have a tremendous benefit of targeting minute locations like a building or a street. They even set up a location like, ‘within 2 miles of Central Park’ to identify and define radius in which a targeted marketing message is displayed.
Want to develop a mobile app that can use geofencing? Get in touch. Krify has developed the custom geofencing apps as desired by our clients. We have developed some apps based on geofencing that can constantly monitor the location of User, Children, Employee or Students. Thus helps in tracking and monitoring the entry and exit of people and assets from the designated region.
Some of our work are as follows: Toyota Landcruiser is the app we have developed for Toyota Australia. Its key features are: Reward points mechanism; Geofence technology Scoring system; 3G or Wifi technology auto-detection. 5 benefits of geofencing in marketing
  1. Better Targeting
You can increase the possibility of attracting more number of people to your outlets by targeting people in the nearby location of your store personalizing your marketing messages. This improves your business as you focused on targeting and personalization of marketing messages.
  1. Engagement
People are more likely to engage with your brand on smartphones incase your app provides them with relevant offers at the right time and right place. This increases your brand loyalty and advocacy by ensuring better engagement with the the customers.
  1. Return On Investment (ROI)
Geofencing allows you to send offers to people who are in the nearby area of your store. This enables you to analyze the response and effectiveness of your campaign more easily and quickly. This is the reason why a better Return On Investment (ROI) is achieved.
  1. Efficiency
You can improve the impact of your collaboration and communication on the buyers by delivering specific offers to people based their location. By doing so you can improve the efficiency of the Location-based marketing.
  1. Better Data
You can get access to plenty of data once you start implementing location-based marketing. This data helps you to generate insights like
  • Which locations are more suitable for expanding your business
  • Which target segment is more approachable
  • Which stores are performing better and what is the point to be considered from the competitors.
How industries use location based marketing Location is the key component of of mobile context whether determined through GPS or through proximity to a beacon. Mobile marketers are using location more often to engage with the users who are in a particular location. In retail industry, it is intuitive to think of how marketing can able to send actionable information to mobile users those who are looking to do product research in-store. Sports and Hospitality venues are recognizing and utilizing the power of location based marketing. Below are the list of the applications that rely on location data to optimize mobile engagement strategy.    
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Role of SMO to improve your Business Growth

Do you like to improve your social media marketing? Do you have marketers who focus on the updated tips and tricks of Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
Looking Further Krify builds the engagement between you and your customer by creating a emotional connection. We have expertise marketers to increase your brand  awareness by influencing marketing strategies and executing social media to promote your online presence to the world. Do throw your challenge to our marketing experts to increase your business by SMO.

What is the importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO) for your business?

Most of the marketers are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to some extent. The search engines like Google and Bing are providing a supporting hand for marketing campaign which is one of the successful strategies. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a growing buzzword and considered as the top most strategy by the business to reach maximum number of potential customers. SMO focuses on optimizing your social media presence for optimal traffic. social media optimization importance Getting an Aww feel after knowing the benefits of Social Media Optimisation in taking our business to the next milestone! Right? Let’s not forget to be aware of the tips and tricks of SMO

8 Killer tips of Social Media Optimization

social media optimization techniques 2018  

Integrate Social Channels Into Your Website

You need to blend the social media and the website in order to boost your brand and increase your online presence. The easy way of blending social media and website is to integrate social sharing buttons on your website. This can be done even for your individual blog posts to improve the ranking. Linking and back-linking also plays an important role to increase the overall quality.

Optimize your profiles

Creating your social profile seems like a simple task, but optimizing it is something which we     should focus on. Your profile is the first area where the metrics of your business are measured. Do not leave any of the fields while filling the profile because search engines favor profiles which provide 100% information. Optimize your profile in such a way that it creates more professional experience for the people in your network and therefore all the information on your website and the social profile should be same. In order to optimize your social media profiles you need to have a clearly defined goals and objectives.

Focus on keywords

Keywords are the tools for the marketers which bring maximum exposure of your profiles and reaching the targeted audience. We know the advantages of keywords in website, blogs and social content, in the similar way the trendy and catchy keywords will add value to your social media profile. Remember that if you are not optimizing your social media profiles, you will be definitely leaving your business to drop. Keywords_importance So take care of structuring the keywords and target key phrases into your social media profiles. In order to gain visibility in keyword searches on search engines like Google add foundation-level keywords into your page.

Make your website brand central

Your website should be the index for every information related to your brand on the net. When a user visits your website he / she will first see the cover image. First impression is the best impression so utilize cover image opportunity to show your brand. Always use the professional images which are relevant.

Create engaging content

The best way to grow in social media is to create an engaging content by posting various forms of content like tips and tricks, fun facts, informative articles, videos, and more. This strategy will help you to grow your network of followers. Update your users regularly with your unique brand which gives more visibility on the search engines.

Deliver quality content

Quality is important to boost your website rankings. Your users cannot spend ample amount of time to read what you posted unless it is worth reading. So while posting content make sure that it is targeting the audience and deliver what they exactly expecting for.

Focus on trending hashtags that add value

When sharing content on social platforms focus on the hashtags. Use selected keywords to increase the ranking in social search results. Believe the fact that a carefully selected hashtags acts like a magic in making your post more searchable. Using trending hashtags will increase the visibility of your brand to a great extent and help a follower to find your profile. So do not ignore the hashtags when creating a social content.

Encourage external inbound links

Use your social media to gain increased ranking by Google by encouraging external inbound links. To make it happen you need to post quality content engage it among vast number of audience by promoting rigorously in discussion forms or any network.


Finally, there is no doubt that SMO helps in increasing the rankings of your website. Arise Awake and Stop not till your business reaches new heights. Contact us now to make your social media channels SMO specific.   Read Trending Article: Top Mobile App Development Languages of 2018!
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WhatsApp Launches New Feature To tackle Fake News

New WhatsApp feature to let users identify forwarded messages.
Update your WhatsApp for the new feature of labeling forward message to go live. Last week Indian Government sent a notice to take measures to prevent misuse of the platform. Therefore WhatsApp replied that they are working and testing on a new label which highlights when a message has been forwarded. Last night, Whatsapp announced the launch of new feature globally, that will highlight the forwarded message. Users can differentiate whether the messages have been forwarded or composed by the sender. This feature would help in making one-on-one and group chats easier. This would make recipients to think twice or thrice before sending a message as it lets user to know if content they received has be texted by the person they are aware and known on their own or if it is just forwarded as a potential rumour by someone else.
User security is Whatsapps priority
Whatsapp cares deeply about the privacy and security of its users. That is why this feature is launched as it encourages the users to rethink before sharing the forwarded messages. It also states that user can report spam or block the contact in one tap if they identify and unnecessary junk and spam messages. The company is always in reach of the users for any help. Last month Whatsapp announced “unrestricted monetary awards” for research on the spread of misinformation to address the problem on its platform.
Unlike Whatsapp there are many messaging apps being developed to connect people all over the world. People cannot imagine life without such apps. Krify being a mobile app development company is actively involved in addressing the information from the trade shows, launch meets, etc. We do develop apps based on your requirement. Contact our team and get your idea be executed.
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Kotlin Vs Java which the best option for your next Android App.

Are you developing an Android App?
For developing an android app, most of the developers first choice is Java. There is no benchmark for technology. There is a new language called Kotlin, addressing and challenging some of the backdrops of Java. Some believe that this popping language is going to replace Java in near future in the era of mobile development.
Krify builds quality services which is letting them stand unique. Share your challenge with our team, who are fascinating developers working on the challenging platforms. Contact our team for developing the Kotlin application.
Let us observe the differences of Java and Kotlin.
Java is the goldmine language which released its first version 20 years ago. This can be called as a legacy language as each new version must be compatible with the old one. Kotlin has the added advantage which is able to leverage all the language design expertise which is gained in the past 20 years and it focuses on the state-of-the-art features which are proven to work well.
Kotlin is more concise 
Kotlin solves the problem with few lines of code than Java. This increases code readability and maintainability which would help engineers to read and write code more efficiently and effectively.
Kotlin code is safer 
Kotlin prevents common programming mistakes by design compared to Java. This results in lowering the system failures and application crashes. Kotlin helps developers to write more robust code.
Kotlin strongly supports functional programming
Functional programming is a boon for developers as it allows them to solve the tasks more easily and consistently. Performance is improved by inlining using Kotlin and which is not possible by Java.
Kotlin speeds up everyday development tasks
Kotlin provides features which facilitates daily development tasks that Java cannot. The myriad of handy features include object declarations, default parameter values, extension functions, etc. These features would help to speed up the development time keeping the code base more maintainable.
Kotlin helps reduce bugs and errors in the code 
Kotlin has a strong compiler compared to Java which fail-fast whenever possible. Having this compiler facilitates searching for errors and bugs and helps to prevent them in first place itself. The compiler performs many checks reducing the cost and cost and effort of error fixes
Developers will be more satisfied with their work  
 According to research developers are really excited to work with Kotlin as it is the potential programming language. Due to increasing demand and preference of Kotlin by the developers because of its easy usability, helps them to focus and more engaged in their job.
Engineers can take their skills to the next level
Developers expertise will improve learning the Kotlin. Java developers will learn and adopt Kotlin more quickly. They must familiarize themselves with the advances concepts of Kotlin and learn to write beautiful lines of code.
Introducing Kotlin at company level is not a easy task. It should be implemented step by step with proper planning. Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java whereas it offers many advantages that java doesn't offer. Developers will feel excited with this natural language because the test cases are greatly simplified. Completely migrating the large projects which are in Java is not so easy, but for the beginners it is.  
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Online dating apps laying a path for branding and networking

Online dating apps are the trending On-Demand-Apps which would help you to find your dating partner within the location you are in. Download the app to make your communication more easier for people whom you are wishing to meet, date, chat and involve romantically. It is a kind of mobile dating. To our surprise the online dating apps are also being used to develop your business and acting as best tools for marketing. The inventors just had a thought that everything is available as applications in our smart phone right from booking a cab, food ordering apps, etc why not a dating app?Then came out Tinder being the first mobile dating app launched in 2012. After the evolution of the dating apps, people thought outside the box and using these apps for their business purpose. Aren’t we lucky to be in this generation as we can easily find our dating mate just through our mobile!? The killing advantages of the dating apps
  • Networking: Do you know the power of networking? It helps you to connect to any person in the world with the contacts you have. For example consider Facebook, which strikes our mind first to search for any people. We will just dig the contacts, search for mutual friends, search in groups, etc to find the person. In the same way the online dating apps are becoming the best way to help networking. These being the on-demand apps, becoming easy to find a person in that particular location.
  • Marketing and Branding : Now a days many brands are slowly recognizing the importance of online dating apps to improve their brand mark and become popular. They are releasing exciting offer in these apps which would attract the users. These apps have become the important strategy in marketing.
  • Meet like minded people : This is one of the added advantages of the online dating apps. In the millions of population it’s difficult for us to find the best partner matching our likes, interests, etc. These apps will help to overcome that problem and help you to find your best mate.
  • Form interest based groups : Not everyone in these app will be serious about finding a relationship, nevertheless if you are new to the city and willing to start a new hobby group like book club, these dating apps acts as an excellent medium to reach out people in the particular location.
  • Find travel buddies : Dating is not a wrong word to consider. If you have the zeal to travel across the world and you need a gang to do so, these apps would be helping you to form a travelling group. Go conquer the world!
  • Getting over fear and move with confidence : First meet is something which makes one feel nervous. Meeting a stranger to share your thoughts is not so easy. The online dating apps will help one to beat the fear and helps to develop confidence before meeting that person.
Why not you own a dating app? After the clear success of the Tinder app, there are many dating apps and websites came into existence. We have seen many killing advantages of the dating apps, think outside the box and let your business reach the correct people and increase your brand with these apps. Krify developed and developing the following dating apps Functionalities provided by Krify for the dating apps
  • Matched users
  • Profile Visitors
  • Who liked your profile
  • Favourites
  • Ratings
We are here at the blink of your eye, come up with your own customized requirements. Krify have a passionate developers working on different platforms like Android development, IOS development and  Web development. Requirement is yours, implementation us ours.
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Why Employee Engagement Is Important For The Organisation

All engaged employees are happy, but not all employees are engaged.
At Krify, a fast growing and bespoke software services company, always concerned about their employees and employee engagement. It takes a step forward to encourage and bring out the real talent of the employees. Make a note that employee engagement is a mind set. While you plan the events or activities just start with “What” are the engagement activities and “Why” factor, to achieve good results in the engagement strategy.
Why is employee engagement important for your organisation ?
  • Employee engagement is the biggest challenge faced by the organisation. Look at your employees as real people, with accomplishments and aspirations. Before you start spinning of activities, realize that your employees are not just the means of generating business, but they are resources who deliver what is expected by customers.
  • An opportunity to achieve long-term commitment with employees, which leads to higher sales.
  • Accelerates company performance in various areas like customer satisfaction, health and safety, productivity, profitability, etc.
  • Engagement efforts should be aligned with overall business strategy, rather unplanned activities will impact the organisation and its  a waste of time and of course resources.
10 Engagement Activities For a Good Commitment
Ideas of employee engagement activity and works at Krify
  • Involve employees in business planning process
  • Create a knowledge sharing system
  • Provide the learning activities
  • Create excitement about upcoming activities
  • Show them the profits
  • Encourage knowledge sharing in a creative way
  • Fun and cultural activities on floor
  • Self guiding on-boarding activities
  • Engagement of managers with team
  • Co-curricular activities like sports.
Employee engagement activities at Krify 
Appreciation day to motivate the employees
Commitment Team building activity
Indoor team building activity
Music Day to boost employee engagement
Yoga Day helps in employee engagement
Workshop Engagement
Employee engagement is the measure of great place to work. Understanding the importance, plan such activities in your organisation. Krify is always having the highest measures in encouraging and motivating its employees.       
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Matrimonial website

Matrimonial website development company India

Are you looking for matrimonial website development? You clicked the right place! Not sure where to start? Krify is here to develop and deliver ready-made solutions for Matrimonial website meeting your business requirements and targeting the audience for matrimonial service through online. Our primary goal is to make sure the business owner achieve the final output with updated and comprehensive features and provide user-friendly and viable solutions for the audience. Krify has a great competency in matrimonial website development for a long time. Check our portfolio. We analyze the customer requirements, highlight the features and selecting the best technology stack to develop the layout of the site as per the requirements. The matrimonial website has become the profitable online business as people are more engaged on the internet to find their partner! Everyone is using the internet at an unexpected rate and this made people connect from one end of the world to another. The matrimonial websites and applications will audience to search and select a suitable person.

Features and benefits of Matrimonial web design

  Krify considers the needs and preferences of the users including registered members, visitors, administrators and other staff while developing a Matrimonial website. We use advanced and innovative technologies to deliver an excellent experience for those who are seeking to develop matchmaking services online.
  • Engaging interface
  • Advanced search options
  • Simple Navigation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Completely secured
Matrimony website

Why you choose Krify for developing your Matrimonial website?

  • We are known as premier Matrimonial website development, delivering services for the development of full-fledged portals with a unique identity.
  • We are a step forward in incorporating innovative technical and creative inputs in designing Matrimonial website and applications.
  • We assure our customers in providing the best results in terms of scalability, convenience and budget as the operations can be managed seamlessly.
  • Krify includes many aspects right from matchmaking to management of database to security and payment management.
  • We have a team of experts well organized with the intricacies of Matrimonial Website design with unique solutions.
  • We ensure that your portals get the maximum web traffic with the integration of the above-mentioned functionalities along with other marketing tactics.
  • Contact our experts to get your own matrimonial website as per your business requirements.
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liblinephone SDK

Advantage of open source Liblinephone SDK over paid SDKs

Krify developed an application using Opentalk SDK which is not an open source. The main objective of this application is connecting patients and doctors in one platform and avail a video calling option. Once the users register in the app as either doctor or patient they will see the following features: Doctor module:
  • Doctor will register in the app and login with his credentials.
  • Doctor selects his/ her specialization
  • Doctor will set the available days & hours, intimating patients that they can book the appointment.
  • Doctor can able to look at the appointments booked by patients and their previous medical records if any.
  • Doctor can set an immediate call with the patient.
  • Doctor can see income, consultations and also the feedback from the patients.
Patient module:
  • Patient will register in the app and login with the credentials.
  • He/ she can see the available list of doctors based on their specialization.
  • Patient can see the availability of the selected doctor and book an appointment
  • Patient can set a call with the doctor.

How does the calling functionality work in open talk?

When the patient or Doctor initiates the call in the same channel, either of one will get connected and waits for other to connect, only then the video call starts. Limitations
  •  Until and Unless both the parties connect, the call will not be initiated.
  •  Opentalk is not an open source technology and the price is charged.

Advantages of using Liblinphone to overcome the limitations of opentalk

  • Liblinphone is an open source library providing various features for video calling options.
  • Over here like the normal calling options, either doctor or patient can call during the time of appointment scheduled and the other can answer.
  • This would make an easy process and there is no chance of missing the appointment.
  • Safe, secure and easy implementations of video calls.
You can develop such applications based on your business requirement to enable a secured and quality video calling feature. This helps to grow your business more effectively. You can also integrate this calling option to your existing application. Remember that if you are using LibLinphone SDK to call then you need to use VOIP server.
Are you looking for VoIP app development? or do you want to integrate the video calling functionality to your existing application? We provide all Linphone and Liblinphone app development solutions for your business process. Reach us today for true solutions.
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VOIP Client Application using LibLinphone SDK

About Liblinphone

Liblinphone is an open source, high-level library integrating SIP voice/video calls and instant messaging features into the application by single easy to use API.  Generally, telecommunications is made up of two things namely media and signaling. Media includes transport of voice or video, encoding and decoding whereas signaling includes routing calls, ringing, accepting a call and many more. Liblinphone is a cross-platform SDK which aims at bringing the mentioned two things together and doing most of the things automatically. It uses Mediastreamer2 for voice/video streaming and uses belle-sip for SIP signaling. All variants of linphone are directly based on it:
  • linphone (gtk interface)
  • linphonec (console interface)
  • linphone for iOS
  • linphone for Android
Belle-sip is a modern library implementing SIP. It comprises a simple HTTP/HTTPS client implementation. It is written in C language, with an object-oriented API. Mediastreamer2 is a lightweight, open source and powerful streaming engine specialized in telephony applications especially for voice and video.

Functions of Liblinphone

  • Multitasking: Liblinphone in IOS supports multitasking for the applications which it is integrated with. For example, it notifies the user about the incoming call when in background mode.
  • Networking: SIP/ RTP networking
  • WWAN connection: Liblinphone relies on BSD socket layer for networking which is of iOS standard. WWAN connection automatically brings up the networking request made by an application.
  • Managing IP connection state: The network state changes when the IP connection moves from WIFI to WWAN, or DOWN to UP.

Uses of Liblinphone

  • Place and receive calls
  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Manage proxies and presence
  • Configure codecs
Are you looking for VoIP app development?Krify provide all Linphone and Liblinphone app development solutions for your business process. Reach us today for VOIP client side telephony solutions. We offer true solutions
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“Red5 Pro” Top use cases for real time video streaming

The explosive growth of this interactive, live-action trivia app has given rise to a new game show where participants will directly become involved from their devices. For example the popular HQ Trivia app. You do not ought to fly all the way to a studio, instead you just log in.

Red5 Pro - Live Streaming For Any Screen:

Interactive Game Shows

For an excellent higher expertise, you'll be able to play along with your friends random than web strangers. With apps just like the Red5 Pro primarily based Joyride, you'll be able to play live games directly along with your friends. Of course, with all those contestants your app must scale and maintain low latency. Nothing is worse than knowing the correct answer solely to be disqualified thanks to lag. 


There is an enormous marketplace for watching sports, and (now within the U.S.) depending on them additionally. This can be a use case where quantifiable, scalability and delivery are very vital. Simply consider the millions of countries and billions of individuals that watch the Cricket World Cup. There square measure even the "smaller" events just like the Super Bowl wherever, unhappy for United States Americans, our soccer fans square measure greatly dwarfed by your football fans. (we'll offer you the ratings, however we're keeping the name)

Live Auction

Cars, collectibles, even Bos taurus, all have auction sites wherever you'll be able to bid on-line. There are even some for things that do not begin with 'c'. Anyone that is detected associate degree auctioneer and also the torrent of words they turn out is aware of that latency is vital. The interval between inserting a bid and missing a chance is extremely short indeed so,  hesitation would possibly cause you some regret, however a lagging video is inexcusable.

Training apps

Online mentorship or tutoring is a valuable experience. The most effective instructors might not live by you, however a live stream will connect you from any distance. They will show correct finger placement on the associate degree instrument, or critique your drawing technique. There are other uses beyond arts. Classroom instruction, e-sport coaching, Language instruction, fitness coaching and wherever else there is a marketplace for learning.

Body Cameras

The military have been seeing the worth of having the ability to trace and monitor the placement of a unit and also the status of people. A central command station will watch the operation live while providing feedback and direction. Low-latency actually plays a vital role here, as each second (and partial second) counts. There's very little tolerance for lag and rift of synchronize once collaborating on rescue missions or conducting exercises.


We all love our pets. you do not have a pet? OK... we tend to love receiving packages. Regardless of wherever you stand on the pets vs. packages discussion, each will involve some live-streaming. Typically utilizing discipline cameras, apps that allow you monitor one thing from afar are getting additional common. While on vacation, or even simply too lazy to travel down the steps, you'll be able to arrival along with your beloved companion through a pet camera. you'll be able to even have a two-way speech with the Amazon driver standing on your front threshold and tell him to deliver your package to the rear door now, thus somebody does not start with it (again). Of course, this can be aloof from an exhaustive list. It is certain that there are lots of alternative ways in which wide climbable, low-latency, live streaming are used.
Allow us to apprehend what you would like to stream and that we will assist you build it. Give Krify a decision, or contact us on https://krify.co/contact/ .

We'd like to get you streaming.

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Use of Branding and Design Services To Grow Your Business

To promote your business more effectively, Branding and design services play an important role. The services include designing logos, websites, business cards, and many more. These services reach people by the means of visuals on advertisements, services, products, hoardings, leaflet etc. Challenge your competitors by promoting business which allows you to create a unique brand identity. This is achieved by implementing promotion strategies which play a crucial role in the success of your business. The reason behind implementing these strategies are, in today’s competitive world you are the one responsible to stand first by marketing your business aggressively and conveying your brand message to the targeted customers. Branding and design in now the integral part and best tool for marketing your business. It is an established fact that most of the marketing strategies will be aware and pay attention to create logos, business cards, etc.
A well-thought-of design concept can contribute a lot toward the success of a marketing campaign.
Top 4 tips to use Branding and  Design As A Tool To Promote Your Brand Create A Memorable Brand Identity Brand identity is the unique and memorable design concept which will emotionally connect with the customers leaving a long lasting impression. The brand identity is built upon the value of trust. Graphic designers in order to build a brand identity use several design elements to convey the brand message. A unique logo design will help to evoke the customers emotions and helps in targeting them. Strengthen Your Business Position Are you aware where your business stand in the market? This is answered by knowing the measure of the customers your business is reached or heard. If people are not aware of your business then generate it, in order to strengthen your business in the target market. For example, branding and design services help here by creating an impressive website design that has all the relevant and updated information about your company. The site will also convey the customers about
  • new developments happening in your companies
  • Salient features of your business
  • Instructions to use the products
Set your business apart from competitors Today’s businesses have a really tough competition and it is a hard note for them to compete. People will only notice your business if it is unique. Branding and design services will help you to stand unique by
  • Highlighting the key features of your products
  • Creating distinctive images
  • Designing variant brochure with unique concept to get the impression of the customers.
Promote your business to different audience In the previous days newspapers are the tools used by businesses to reach the audience. Now the days are changed and the tools too. Social channels have come into existence which are used to convey the messages to millions of people. The best ways to reach the customers by social channels is by
  • Creating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.
  • Designing social media pages
Each social channel will address the audience in its own way.
Looking further A memorable graphic design is a way to promote a business. A uniquely designed logo, brochure, business card, website, and host of other designs can even convert prospects into potential buyers. You can create a unique brand identity and reach to different audience with a design that stands out in the crowd. Well, you can crowdsource your design work to Krify, which is a leading online marketplace that helps business owners get designs. In a short period of say a couple of weeks, you get a memorable work of graphic design from our graphic designers.
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Chatbot Automation providing a big opportunity

There is a huge shift on usage of messaging apps than social media networks. What if there is an automated text message software? Sounds interesting!. There is a new evolution in how users engage in messaging platform through chatbots and voice assistants. Bots help users in their daily tasks like book a cab, buy pizza, navigate to destined location and also in other categories like education, health, travel, fashion, etc. The challenging task for bots is to provide the valuable content. Bots provide content distribution with personalized interactions. Messaging apps are surpassing social networking app in their growth.
What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a software powered by artificial intelligence that helps the end user to interact via a chat platform like Facebook, messenger, etc.
Why consider a chatbot?
Chat bot online
Usually, chatbot design consists of four different components, namely
  • Natural Language Processing: It does analyzing the user requests. This component will structure the given user data. Suppose if the user enters “I would like to have biryani tonight.” This phrase is converted into an object by the codebase of chatbot


 “Intent”: “delivery”,

 “Object”: “biryani”,

 “Time”: “12/08/2017 8:00pm”


Such component is built in-house and there are plenty of tools helpful to develop applications of chatbots.
  • Dialog manager: This component is to give reply to the user based on the past interactions. It simply runs on “IF” statements.
          Example: If the user asks “when”, based on the last interaction that is about a biryani delivery , dialog                           manager would reply when the biryani would be delivered.
  • Content: Content is basically the template of what the bot has decided to respond to the user. Based on the way the content is structured impact how the user will perceive the chatbot, from marketing and UX point of view.

           Example: Hi {name}, your biryani will be there at {delivery_time}

The variables will be changed by the dialog manager with appropriate values based on previous interactions.

  • Custom integrations: This component is for the more advanced bots. Its task is to retrieve  data from database or web service, run conditions and inform the dialog manager.
chatbot for apps   Examples of Chatbots:

Weather bots      : Provides the weather report to the user whenever asked.

Grocery bots      : Provides user to pic and order the groceries.

News bots           : Provides the interesting news to the users when asked.

Scheduling bots : Helps people in scheduling the meetings and also reminds them.

Finance bots       : Helps to manage the finance better.

There are lot more examples of Chatbots and no wonder how they will work as science and technology always make us feel surprised! Here is how Facebook demonstrates the examples of chatbots. Chatbots are a big opportunity We had a look of chatbot capabilities and realised that it is not just a text application or a chatting application but something above that. In order to maintain the pace and be a good competitor just  follow where people are. People are now in messaging apps. Chatbots are potentially a big business opportunity to build something the people want.
Krify has a special team researching on chatbot integrations. Apart form being a mobile app development company we are also coming forward to expand our services in the integration of chatbots. Do communicate with our team to verify further.
Read a Trending Article: Top Mobile App Development Languages of 2018!
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Augmented Reality Being The Powerful Tool For Business

Augmented reality : The future is here!
Augmented reality is defined as interactive experience of people on a personal level by awakening their emotions. It involves the audience by creating an interactive campaigns. Augmented reality is implemented by many of the companies to increase their customer engagement which helps to increase their brand.
Solutions of augmented reality
1. Brand promotions and advertising
Augmented Reality will help the businesses to generate exciting engagements to win the customers. It helps to build more interactive and fun-filled activities which therefore strengthen the customer relationship.
Benefits of Augmented reality in marketing sector
  • Convert sales and build the trust of the customers
  • Will help brands to connect emotionally with the customers
  • Customers will get clear idea about the nutritional value of a food product
  • Render some exciting solutions like object recognition, motion capture, facial construction, etc.
  • Provide thrilling experiences like taking a selfie with your favourite stars, playing your favourite sport and many more.
2.Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism industry identified the importance of Augmented reality which would help to provide contextual services  for the travelers who are their customers. AR defines the power to explore the destination in a vivid and portable way.
Benefits of Augmented reality in travel industry
  • Personalised tour guides with 3D experience
  • Interactive guides to help the travellers in famous places to navigate a complex intersection.
  • Natural interface
  • Augment a location
  • User will be able to interact with the historical buildings by knowing their previous glory.
3.Educational sector
Educational sector is one of the most important and engaged sectors which requires more fun filled and interactive interface. Augmented reality apps will function to embed the videos images and text for real world circulation.
Benefits of Augmented reality in Education sector
  • 3D models for interacting
  • Eye catchy colored pictures
  • Create interesting and engaging presentations
  • Portable classroom where students can access the models anywhere and anytime.
  • Delivers more advanced knowledge about the product
4.Healthcare sector
Augmented reality created a revolution in the healthcare field. It is developing a quick and extensive applications like fitness management, medical education, training the medicos and many more which drive the the growth of AR in this sector.
Benefits of Augmented reality in Healthcare sector
  • Helps in managing physical therapy more easily and conveniently.
  • Simulation of vision
  • Educate and create awareness to the patient better about the illness
  • Patients after care management is more easy
  • Interactive and immersive medical training
AR is changing life as we know it, where we can see and interact with physical things we find all around us- even in the enterprise.”- Charlie Ungashick, EVP, Chief Marketing Office, PTC.
Organisations are realising the power and potential of Augmented reality in advertising. According to a survey, there is double-digit increase in brand awareness. Lets adopt AR which is going to be the best marketing tool.      
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Classkit framework bringing classroom to Mac

Apple bringing classroom to Mac
Classkit is a framework like Sirikit and homekit where the IOS developers can use this to integrate to the existing learning apps. Adopting Classkit framework will work with Schoolwork which is a powerful iPad app for both students and teachers to help keep track on assignments and progress of the students. By integrating this framework the developers are allowed to add new education like features to their existing applications.There are many learning apps available in the Mac store. Some of them are an integral part of teaching and learning experience in school.  
Know all about Classkit framework
Apple released a classkit documentation for the registered developers. The documentation provides the developers Enabling classkit in your app  Prepare your app and development environment to adopt and integrate the classkit. This app will communicate to many devices using icloud and thus allows the app to participate in the virtual environment. This is the starting step. Testing your app during development  Use development mode to test your app without a managed apple ID. Test your Classkit adoption on real devices where the Schoolwork app is installed. About classkit and user rules  Classkit works with different kinds of users. Understand those users. Classkit is integrated in an educational ecosystem which involves teachers and students where teachers create assignments and students report those. Different rules are defined for the different users. Incorporating classkit into an educational app  Classkit is incorporated into the Schoolwork application which is easily given as a kit eliminating the situation of developing the functionalities manually.
Functionalities of Classkit framework
  • Teachers are allowed to track the progress of students and assign activities through the developers app.
  • Teachers will add courses and personalize their teaching instructions.
  • Students are taken to the right activity with a single tap in the Schoolwork app.
  • The app will report time spent on that activity by each student, percentage of completion of the activity, etc.
That’s pretty well! What about the privacy requirements for apps using Classkit?
Apple says that it gives utmost privacy for Schoolwork and Classkit. Developers should pay attention towards the following aspects
  • Do not include behavioral advertising : This app is mainly to provide quality education for the children at an ease of flexibility. There should not be and ads popping up in this app which may distract the involvement of the children.
  • Create a Privacy policy: There must be a privacy policy. Add the link to the privacy policy by entering the URL on your product page in App Store Connect. In order to ensure that your app agrees with the privacy requirements the schools will need to review it.
Works done by Krify
Krify developed extraordinary school apps namely
  • Cimplified
  • School Online
  • Efiko
To know the features of the apps mentioned and other details contact our developers. If you want to develop a school app or want to integrate Classkit with the school app, we are here to execute your idea and provide the best IOS application with an amazing user interface.
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Do you want your business website to be popular?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the widely adopted online marketing strategy. It is very effective and vast growing. Understand why SEO is important for your website.
  • Increase the traffic
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Increased site usability
  • Brand Awareness
Effective ways of Search Engine Optimization
At Krify, we have a specialized team of digital marketing, who focuses mainly on SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). If you want your website to be SEO friendly and desired to be top in search result ranking do meet our Digital Marketing Team.
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TOP 6 YOGA APPS TO CONSIDER in 2018 Health is Wealth, the so true proverb which made Krify to compare the top trending yoga apps, based on ratings and reviews of the users in order to support people who really want to explore and make yoga the part of their daily activities. The secret of successful weight loss is self-love which is gained by Yoga. Yoga is becoming popular day by day, it is an invaluable gift to the present generations from our ancestors. What if we do not utilize such valuable gift, it goes in vein right? Let’s not do that! This article is for those who want to try yoga for the first time, or take their practice to the next level. Yoga is a boon for people of all ages, one can practice it anywhere. Yoga is the best solution for many problems like reducing body mass, preventing risk of heart diseases, relieving stress and pressure and therefore contributing to overall well being. Here are some top trending apps of 2018 for the beginners or for people who want to enhance yoga to the next level. Start using them in your smartphones and live a healthy life. Daily Yoga - Workout & Fitness
A true yoga app for beginners to advanced. If you are willing to practice yoga every day, Daily Yoga provides great professional yoga class plans to practice yoga exercises. Pilates, Asanas, Meditation are the added advantages in this application which gives healthy benefits to body and mind. Pocket Yoga
Nowadays world is in our hands. Why not Yoga in our Pockets? You need not travel to any yoga centers near you, instead Pocket Yoga help individuals to practice at their own comfort ignoring the time and place. There are 27 different sessions varying in duration and difficulty provided to the users. You just need to roll out your yoga mat and start following the Pocket Yoga session. There is a pose dictionary feature which contains detailed explanations of poses, correct posture and their benefits. Simply Yoga
Simply Yoga is your own personal instructor. It contains yoga sessions demonstrated by a certified professional yoga trainer. The sessions are of different length in terms of time, so one can choose their routine based on their comfortable time say 20, 40 and 60 minutes. Asana Rebel Do you wish to have a healthy lifestyle? Get fit with Asana Rebel App which is on of the best yoga apps at home and have a record of giving extraordinary results for those people who are admired to lose weight, burn calories and get fit. This has brought a great change in the people lifestyle. Universal Breathing – Pranayama
Android IOS
Pranayama is an exercise which teach us how to breathe properly. There are loads of health benefits by breathing properly. We need to train our lungs to breath at their full capacity rather than taking shallow breaths. Practicing Pranayama 15 minutes a day can reduce stress-related issues. Universal Breathing- Pranayama is recommended by leading doctors which guides the users to focus on mindful breathing. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere
Down Dog is the great app for all levels. You will never get bored with this app as it gives a randomized session every time you use it. It is one of the top rated apps for practicing yoga poses at home. Yoga tools from Sadhguru
Do you believe that just five minutes a day can transform your life! Sounds surprising right ? You need to download the app to believe it. Once the videos are downloaded from the app they are available offline and no internet connection is required further. These five minutes practices are designed to explore the real happiness what you are striving for. Krify is a well reputed company, which is having an expertise in mobile app development. If your are thinking to develop any such apps as mentioned above to contact us and contribute towards the health of the society.
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ionic 3 framework

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Before diving into the main concept of Ionic framework let us understand what are hybrid apps! Hybrid apps are the one which allows you to build and develop on multiple platforms like android, ios, windows. Javascript, HTML and CSS languages can be used to create powerful hybrid apps. In order to get a path to develop quick and low budget applications, you need to opt for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic framework is developed by Drifty in the year 2013. It is an open source SDK used for developing web technologies and hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and javascript. This framework mainly focuses on user interface, look and feel of the application. Ionic is built on the combination of Angular and Apache Cardova.

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Ionic uses SemVer(Semantic Versioning)
The framework is updated in Ionic 3.0. Provided a version number Major, Minor, Patch increment the:
  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes
  • MINOR version when you add new functionality in a backward-compatible manner
  • Patch version when you fix bugs.
When we upgrade our internal version of Angular, we are bumping the Ionic version according to whether the Angular upgrade is major, minor or a patch. Since this release upgrades Ionic to be compatible with Angular 4.0  and it also has incompatible API changes, it had to be a major release.
Compatible with Angular 4
The upgraded Ionic framework is compatible with Angular 4. This introduces new updated features, support the new version of typescript, fast and small applications and many more.
Compatible with TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2
Typescript acquires all the classes of javascript and therefore known as the superset of javascript. Ionic works with the latest version of Typescript same like Angular framework. This upgrade will improve the type checking and build time in your application.
IonicPage Decorator
You can set up deep links into your application using  IonicPage Decorator. This allows an easy way to set up lazy loading in your application and customize the configuration of each and every individual page.
Lazy loading
Ionic 3 supports lazy loading. The changes will speed up your application although they affect the navigation and file structure of your application. Each time you load the application, the components are also loaded and lead to slow down of the app, but by the implementation of lazy loading, only the necessary components are loaded therefore increasing the speed of the application.

Advantages of the Ionic framework

  • Ultimate open source SDK
  • Good availability of Plugins
  • Helps in creating default mobile app UI functionalities efficiently and easily
  • More  pre-styled and predefined components
  • Any browser will support for testing
  • It is enveloped by PhoneGap and Cardova
  • Once the code is written it runs on all devices.
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Whatsapp group video-calling

Group Video and Voice Calling on Whatsapp

Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity, which can be done through various forms like audio calls, messages, video calls, etc. Whatsapp is one of the most used apps in the community today. It is providing the most advanced features in a user-friendly manner. It’s been 3 years where Whatsapp  introduced voice calls and a year later with video calls. Today, WhatsApp counts over 1.5 billion monthly users and it says they make over two billion minutes of calls via its service each day. It's exciting to know that group calling is enabled on Whatsapp from the starting of the month where a group of 4 people can connect through audio and video calls at a time. Whatsapp group video calling   Whatsapp stated that the group calls are end-to-end encrypted and calling is made reliable around any place of the world under any network conditions.

How to do Group voice or video call on Whatsapp?

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Go to the calls tab
  • Select the dialer icon
  • Add the first participant and join a one-one voice or video call
  • Next, to allow the group calling tap add participant button
  • Repeat the above-mentioned step for adding two more participants.
That's it! Enjoy the new feature of Whatsapp. The feature is currently rolling on iPhone and Android versions.
Unlike Whatsapp, there are many messaging apps being developed to connect people all over the world. People cannot imagine life without such apps. If you want to integrate calling feature for your existing app contact our team  .  Krify being a mobile app development company is actively involved in addressing the information from the trade shows, launch meets, and many more.
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Customer review helps to grow business

We always state that quality is our assurance and customer satisfaction is our priority, this is proved again recently by delivering cookbook app for food allergy sufferers. Here is a glimpse of the app description,
  • You may set up custom profiles for yourself and your family members to generate recipes for allergy-friendly appetizers, soup/salad, main dishes, side dishes snacks and desserts.
  • Save your favorites.
  • Rate and review individual recipes.
  • Forward recipes via email. It’s very simple to use, and the recipes are great!
Here is a review provided by our happy customer on this application testmonials Clear feedback from the customers is our cornerstone of success and improvement. We read every single comment and never settle for satisfied customers, instead aim for loyal customers to grow our business and reach new heights.
Our core competency includes mobile app development, web development, wearable app development and digital marketing services. Our mobility and software solutions empower our clients to perform way ahead of the competition by ideating, defining and implementing pivotal business solutions well in time. Engage with us to get fabulous solutions for your business.
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How to turn your small business to smart using Geofencing

Want to develop a mobile app that can use geofencing? Get in touch. Krify has developed the custom geofencing apps as desired by our clients. We have developed some apps based on geofencing that can constantly monitor the location of User, Children, Employee or Students. Thus helps in tracking and monitoring the entry and exit of people and assets from the designated region. Read Our Another Article : Top Mobile App Development Languages of 2018!
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Most Compatible – The Machine Learning Way

For several long years, the online matchmaking or dating websites relied on traditional data collection such as a long list of personal, demographic information. They collect all the personal details including age, race, eye color, height, interest and then allows the website users to "search, match and contact" model.  This is a never-ending game of continuous search, contact and wait model. With ever-mounting number of profiles to look through and scrutinize for potential compatibility, one can start to feel stuck in a cycle of flirtation, failed first dates and constant repetition. This worked well for quite long but as the modern era requires quick, easy and convenient solutions for "Plenty of Fish". With the emergence of smartphones and widespread apps, a new wave of dating, matchmaking applications era got started. Apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, TrulyMadly, Badoo, POF for that matter started easy organization ... a swipe left or a swipe right concept that reduces the manual searches.  If both the parties like each other then it creates a match which allows the pair to start chatting and take the relationship to the next level. Even though this model worked so well, there is a continuous quest for making better matches for singles. The primary goals are more choices, more accurate match of tastes and frequency.  The goal is how to make this online dating and online matchmaking more effective. It's about a more thoughtful way to date.  That’s what dating apps such as Hinge are trying to accomplish with “Most Compatible,” a new, free feature that recommends one highly compatible match every day — a move that comes weeks after Match Group (MTCH) purchased a controlling stake in the app and two months after Facebook (FB) announced a dating feature of its own. Hinge employs a machine learning algorithm to find your ‘most compatible’ match for you.  Hinge founder Justin McLeod informs that this new feature mainly relies on the classic item matching algorithm Gale-Shapley, which was developed in 1962 and is nickname the stable marriage algorithm. It basically tries making successful matches by choosing the most seemingly compatible person.
How does Hinge Algorithm  work? Hinge’s new feature, Most Compatible, aims to break that cycle by utilizing a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm to identify the matches you’re most likely to hit it off with and put one at the top of your Discover each day. The feature was released today for iOS and scheduled to be released for Android on July 17th. Hinge pairs you with another user it thinks you’ll likely connect with, based on algorithms that suss out your previous actions on the app and your interests. So when you log onto Hinge each day, the first match that shows up in the app’s Discover section will be your so-called “Most Compatible” match.
Hinge AI matching To make these pairings, the app learns a user’s preferences through their passing activities and likings.  Then it uses that to pair them with a match whose preferences best align. This method, called the Gale-Shapley algorithm, was designed in 1962 by mathematician and economists David Gale and Lloyd Shapley to answer a theoretical problem plaguing their fields: the stable marriage problem. While it may sound like something more suited to relationship counselors than mathematicians, the issue here is not infidelity or divorce, but combinatorics. The ideal implementation of the Gale-Shapley algorithm works by optimally pairing people with partners they most prefer and ensuring that, in a large, even pool of single people, everyone can be matched. For example, in a group evenly divided into men and women, the algorithm traditionally has individuals rank potential partners by level of preference and cycle through proposals and rejections until each individual is with the partner they prefer most (who isn’t already engaged). There are some oversights in the original algorithm that Hinge worked through to make it applicable and useful for a modern love story. The original stable marriage problem focuses on binary, heterosexual couples, and neglects relationships that don’t fit those standards. For these couples, Hinge uses a variation of the problem called the “stable roommate problem,” which groups individuals into a common pool and does away with gender divisions. In early market tests of its Most Compatible feature, Hinge found that users were 8x more likely to go on dates (as signaled by an exchange of personal phone numbers) with matches found through Most Compatible than any other Hinge recommendations.
At Krify, we constantly work with emerging technologies, trends most particularly Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analysis, Deep learning and Machine Learning to innovate the way things work. It is a combination of mathematical mindset and modern innovation is what makes us a modern app and IT services company. Contact our team business analyst team if you have any ideas to make them into reality.
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5 best features to consider while developing a job search application

Want to develop Job search apps like Naukri and Glassdoor?

This blog mainly focuses on the people who are thinking to develop a Job search applications like Naukri, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.

There are many job hunters in today’s world and it has become the stressful barriers in everyone’s life. There is an explosion of job searching apps which is making people hunt for jobs rather than searching. The job search service is being provided 24/7 from any place. The applications are also providing many benefits to the user other than searching jobs like resume preparation, connect with recruiters, networking opportunities, connect with recruiters, review the employee feedback, able to view the pros and cons of the company and many more.

Categories of job search applications
  • Job discovery
  • Employer communication
  • Professional networking
  • Job applications

The giants of job search applications are Naukri, Glassdoor, LinkedIn which are booming the current generation. Interviews, preparation of resumes, salary negotiations, etc are made easy for the job seekers with such applications.

Contact Krify if you 
  1. have unique job search app idea
  2. want to know the cost estimations to develop the application
  3. want to know the significance to develop a minimum viable product
Krify is a leading mobile app development company which has worked over 450+ applications in various domains and categories. We have a team of fascinating developers to execute your ideas by considering the features mentioned below.  
5 features to consider while developing job search applications.
  • Allows job search by key skills, Companies, Destinations and Designations

The search option is the most important feature in any job seeking apps. So while developing a job search apps make sure that there is a search option provided for the users which allows them to find out the desired job by their key skills, destination, designation and the company. There is an additional feature which you can provide the users like filtering the search which helps them to get a more productive and relevant job. The more viable and transparent the app is, the more users will be inclined. One of the transparent feature is that showing the salary structure in the search results.

  • Get Relevant Job Alerts

One of the fundamental features of any applications is to get relevant job alerts. Though people are seeing and hunting for jobs doesn’t mean that they can spend time on some useless stuff or unnecessary information which does not match their profile. So it is a must have feature to send the relevant jobs for the users and help them to get their dream job as they desired.

  • In-app communication

Communication is the key factor in any domain and it is applicable even in job search applications. We know the fact that use of technology increases our comfort in fact the in-app communication make the communication more easier. Users always wanted to be heard, so while developing a job search application one should be aware that it is very important to include messaging platform to the users which helps you to increase the expansion of the product.

By conveying the communication as the key factor, we need to understand the ways of connecting to the job hunters which are

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Push notifications

These will make users updated regarding their desired jobs, new job postings, evolving trends, job openings, and many more. Once the application is submitted or in progress the job seeker is also allowed to contact the recruiters and admin with these in-app communication.

  • Premium Membership

The app users who are seeking for the jobs can avail the feature of premium membership and get the extra added benefits compared to regular members. Those having premium membership have the more scope for their resumes to be viewed by the recruiters. The users availing this will also be reminded about the best offers and deals being provided.

  • Privacy by Cloud management

While developing the job search applications, developers should keep in mind the most vital factor which is nothing but privacy of the users. The data is managed securely by implementing the cloud technology. The data which need to protected is as follows

  • Information of the job seekers
  • Resumes of the job seekers
  • Profiles of Recruiters

So by adopting cloud management the information is stored securely therefore protecting the entire business integrity.

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Content writing services to enhance the value of your website

Why website need content writing services?
Most of the people think that writing is a simple activity. But it isn’t. If you ask professional writers , they say that is one of the difficult things in the world. You might question yourself “Is a content writer worth for developing content for my website?” or should I write it for myself instead of hiring. There are amazing benefits in taking the help and involvement of content services. Lets get some awareness!
Are you ready to reap the benefits of strong content? Krify has content writer experts to satisfy your audience and position your company as a thought leader. Do meet our content writers and challenge them in blog posts, SEO pages, enhance the content of website and more.
4 Business benefits of Website content writing services
Your content is the base for generating more leads and conversations for your business. Interesting, good quality content can improve the search engine rankings of your website. The content writing services are as follows
  • Gives old content new life:Analyse the content of the website before creating the new content. The existing information on the website can be refreshed and re framed to create new and relevant content that attracts and impress your audience and drives action. The information can be used to create and enhance other types of content which includes infographics, podcasts, webinars which reaches your viewers and increases your website ranking.
  • Increases Search Engine Rankings : Quality matters rather than Quantity. By creating huge quantity of content for your website, it is also vital to publish good and high quality content. Google unleashes web crawlers to analyze the web pages and back links and these are considered to rank your website. Search engine rankings are raised with the help of headlines, tags, meta descriptions, keywords.
  • Boosts Conversions: Your website is the best medium of conversation between the lead and you. A strong call will boost the conversations on your website. The action of conversation may be like directly contacting your firm, downloading case study, attending an event and many more. People don’t like spending their time on your website unless it is short, simple, eye catching, innovative and informative. So the content on your website must be easily accessed by the audience.
  • Creates a Voice for your company: A strong website content will increase your brand and establish a voice to maintain a consistent personal across various channels of your business. When some prospect visits your business website, it should provide them a scope of learning something new and what would be worthy to work with your company.
It is not easy to impress your audience with your content. Strong website content and quality content writing services are the solid foundation of your business marketing and sales. So do step forward to rebuild your website content and see the fruitful results.      
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Angular vs React which is best

Evolution of Frontend Frameworks Angular vs React

Angular and React are two widely popular JS frameworks used by Software Professionals across the globe for creating rich content and interactive web application development particularly the front end. The two frameworks are used in the context of developing what users actually see and visualize. For example, giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google have already widely using these frameworks to add their popularity. Angular was formally known as Angular.js dominated front-end development landscape as developers could now create single page applications which let developers create single-page applications using MVC design pattern.  Its inception is in the year 2010. As Angular is created by Google, It was well adapted by a large developer community. Angular was rated over 11% higher in relation to the Most Popular Technologies. 2013, Facebook released React which challenged the way that developers thought about how Front-End applications should be built. During this time, Angular used an MVC pattern and was a strongly opinionated framework, meaning that if the developer wanted to use Angular, they had to do things “the Angular way”. React, which gave developers the flexibility to build applications using a centralized immutable state approach (all of the data in the application is in one place, remaining unchanged as opposed to MVC) such as Redux, whilst having the freedom to use any other libraries alongside this lightweight, but the powerful centrepiece of the application. Facebook then became a major contributor to the Front-End Developer community.   According to Stack Overflow 2018 Developer survey, (containing data from over 100,000 respondents), Angular was rated over 11% higher in relation to the Most Popular Technologies. The previous year’s survey rated Angular.JS as over 20% more popular than React in this category, however much has changed since then with React gaining favor with the developer community at a rapid rate. The survey concluded “Node.js and AngularJS continue to be the most commonly used technologies in this category, with React and .Net Core also important to many developers”. As previously discussed, React coupled with Redux changed the way that developers built web applications. However, developers have now started to use Redux with Angular instead of MVC! This could further cement Angular as the preferred framework of choice; although, for many, it still remains far too opinionated which prevents many developers from upgrading their legacy Angular.JS applications to Angular. Will Angular overtake React this year? Looking at the numbers, it could be argued that Angular has indeed never been overtaken by React, however, it is a well-known fact in the developer community, that despite these numbers, the underlying perception of the React versus Angular debate remains fierce with React winning many of these recent battles. The truth of the matter will unfold as the year progresses and more developers upgrade their legacy applications to either React or Angular. It’s an exciting time for Software Engineers. At Krify,  we have experienced Web developers with Angular and React skill sets to work for your projects and to be an integral part of your projects.  
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Applications for employee engagement in organisations

When Employee Engagement meets Technology
Technology is everywhere now a days. Organisations with engaged workers outperform. The Era of email is over, creative companies are building new mobile apps to engage their employees in several activities and here are 4 apps to drive employee engagement suggested by Krify. Connecteam  With this app the organisation can provide the employees with the latest news of the company, give updates, offer courses, surveys, etc. This app acts as an “All-in-one” app for all the internal communications, which enhances employee engagement and improve their productivity. Connecteam allows organisations to create their own customized and branded smartphone app for free. This is mainly benefited for the companies with non-office employees who doesn’t have access to the office email.
Other functionalities of this application are
  • Employees can clock in and out.
  • Use online checklists
  • Receive compliance training
  • Learning professional courses
Functionalities Connecteam provides for managers
  • Offers a dashboard to create content
  • Upload content to dashboard
  • Monitor employee engagement
  • Check performance of the employee in real time
Connecteam allows companies to create their own organizational app, which makes it unique from any other employee engagement apps. There is no need of corporate email address to access the app. Slack app  Slack app was launched in 2013. It is a cloud platform and developed both desktop and mobile internal team engagement and communication tool. The main added advantage is it helps teams communicate at one platform. Features of this app :
  • Message privately to the people in the network
  • Tag people
  • Attaching file in a new drag and drop way
  • Search the sent messages
  • Utilize channels to share information and brainstorm
An organisation can have a channel for each project members or clients which allows them to communicate through this channel rather than email. Slack integrates with other platforms like Asana, Google Hangouts, Jira, Dropbox and Papertrail. 15Five app  This application is very interactive and it has the ability to recognize the works of coworkers to improve employee engagement. The app is similar to a social networking site “Facebook” providing the options “like” a post, “share” the post, upvote, tag. Features of this app :
  • Helps to provide feedback
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Weekly check-in for every employee
  • Question management feature to bring attention and engage the employees  
  • Recognising and appraising employees for their good work during the week
Tap My Back This is the best employee motivation and recognition tool. This app help team members to recognize each other in real time environment. It also allows team leaders to view the whole information of their team members. Engage the employees in recognising the peer actions who contribute positively to the team and therefore fetching the best results. Tap My Back app is also used as a feedback tool to see how engaged and satisfied the workers are.
Commit to take action, don’t wait for engagement to happen
All the 4 apps have their own unique advantages and contributes in employee engagement. We know that an open communication is an increasing non-traditional culture which is being inherited by many organisations.Whether your employees are in the office or driving around all day meeting clients, an app that drives engagement and opens communication channels has become necessary in the new workplace culture of today. So, start downloading and let employees be engaged.
Transforming from theory to practice is a big challenge, thus employee engagement is characterized as transformation. Krify measures employee engagement little beyond taking it as a big challenge. If you are looking to develop any such employee engagement applications for your organisation contact our team of fascinating developers.
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Beer,Biryani-The Story of Krify’s On Demand Apps

What a great combination! right?  What if you cannot go and get them? No worry as there are on demand apps serving our needs. Humans are in a mechanical civilization spending a busy life and cannot manage to buy necessary groceries, cook food, etc. On demand apps became magic wands by delivering everything at our doorstep. On-demand app development company Krify  is one of the successful on-demand app development companies, specialized in crafting latest mobile apps, software applications, web applications, etc. We have a crew of on-demand app developers continuously working on various platforms to deliver high quality products. Are you planning a startup, know how to start with on-demand mobile app development On-demand app development solutions at Krify Applications like wag and uber have elevated the real definition of on-demand apps. At Krify we built many world class mobile applications and presently evolving in on-demand app platform. We also developed various on-demand apps. Beer App The main concept of this app is to deliver Beer to the users at their doorstep within minutes of placing an order. The User can place an order by using the app. Upon ordering Retailer and Admin will get the notification and·admin will assign a Driver to deliver the product to the particular User. Biryani app There will be many people craving for Biryani but cannot go and get it to fulfill their crave, right? Here is the solution, just pick-up your phone and order your favourite. Biryani. App also provides to track your order on live tracking. This is the story about Beer and Biryani. To know more about these applications contact us Best examples of On-Demand Applications On-demand economy consumers by age group According to the Source National Technology Readiness Survey below is the pie-chart describing the on-demand app economy consumers by age group. By the survey we can draw a conclusion that people are becoming more dependent on on-demand service mobile apps and there is going to be a lot of future for such apps. “You think we execute” If you have any idea about the on-demand service mobile applications, our crew is here to execute them. We have passionate developers to work on different platforms and promise to deliver a quality service. Krify is the right stop to execute your on-demand application.  
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