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Beer,Biryani-The Story of Krify’s On Demand Apps

What a great combination! right?  What if you cannot go and get them? No worry as there are on demand apps serving our needs. Humans are in a mechanical civilization spending a busy life and cannot manage to buy necessary groceries, cook food, etc. On demand apps became magic wands by delivering everything at our doorstep. On-demand app development company Krify  is one of the successful on-demand app development companies, specialized in crafting latest mobile apps, software applications, web applications, etc. We have a crew of on-demand app developers continuously working on various platforms to deliver high quality products. Are you planning a startup, know how to start with on-demand mobile app development On-demand app development solutions at Krify Applications like wag and uber have elevated the real definition of on-demand apps. At Krify we built many world class mobile applications and presently evolving in on-demand app platform. We also developed various on-demand apps. Beer App The main concept of this app is to deliver Beer to the users at their doorstep within minutes of placing an order. The User can place an order by using the app. Upon ordering Retailer and Admin will get the notification and·admin will assign a Driver to deliver the product to the particular User. Biryani app There will be many people craving for Biryani but cannot go and get it to fulfill their crave, right? Here is the solution, just pick-up your phone and order your favourite. Biryani. App also provides to track your order on live tracking. This is the story about Beer and Biryani. To know more about these applications contact us Best examples of On-Demand Applications On-demand economy consumers by age group According to the Source National Technology Readiness Survey below is the pie-chart describing the on-demand app economy consumers by age group. By the survey we can draw a conclusion that people are becoming more dependent on on-demand service mobile apps and there is going to be a lot of future for such apps. “You think we execute” If you have any idea about the on-demand service mobile applications, our crew is here to execute them. We have passionate developers to work on different platforms and promise to deliver a quality service. Krify is the right stop to execute your on-demand application.  
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Node.JS For Backend Developers

What is NODE.JS

Javascript which is often abbreviated as JS, is a dynamic programming language. It is used as both client and server side to develop web applications. Node.JS is one of the powerful frameworks in javascript developed by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009 and latest version is v10.3.0 built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. Node.JS is an open source, dynamic, server side framework which is used to develop interactive web applications. This framework is helpful for building fast and scalable web applications which aim to optimize the throughput.


Node.JS has a rich library which contains various javascript modules and this is the reason why it makes simple to develop the web applications. It is used to develop interactive and single page applications. It makes applications which are lightweight and efficient as it uses event- driven and  non-blocking I/O model. Node.JS is best for building real time web API’s.

Features of Node.JS
  • Single Threaded and Highly Scalable
  • Fast and Scalable
  • Asynchronous and event-driven
  • No Buffering
Where to use Node.JS
  • Single Page Applications
  • I/O Applications
  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Application Program Interface(API) Applications
Components of Node.JS
  • Importing required modules :Node.Js modules are imported using “Require” directive.
  • Create Server : A server which listens to client’s requests is created
  • Read request : The server created will read the HTTP request.
  • Return response : Response is returned on a browser or console.
Read Eval Print Loop (REPL)

Node is bundled with REPL environment. REPL is an environment like console where a system responds in an interactive mode for the commands given. This feature is very helpful in experimenting with node and it is also used to debug the JavaScript code. Let’s have a glance how it works,

  • READ : Reads the input given by the user, phrases the input into javascript data structure and store it.
  • Eval : Evaluate the data structure.
  • Print : Print the result.
  • Loop: Until the ctrl+c is pressed twice by the user, loop the above command.

Sounds different? But a big NO for backend developers. NPM is a package manager for Node.JS which allows users to consume and distribute the javascript modules which are available in the registry. NPM is used to manage packages both locally and globally.

The two main functionalities of NPM are:

  • Online repositories are searchable on search.nodejs.org for node js packages/modules.
  • Command line utility do version management and dependency management to install packages of Node.JS.

The truth is that Node.JS has become popular worldwide and according to the Stack Overflow’s Developer survey it is the most used technologies by developers. It is also the fastest growing popular framework over the past five years.

At Krify, we are working on various Node.JS applications like SURF, SOURCEGY, JUMP, HURDLE,etc. We put our continuous efforts on the projects and get the best quality output satisfying our customers to the core. To check our projects visit krify.co and if you have a project idea contact us.

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Huzzin app

Are you looking for a new social app?

Getting bored using routine social apps. Want to try something new and fun ???? Here comes Huuzzin Mobile App,  Social App with difference, it is a social networking app which causes users to interface with the people having same interests. Users can post and join the occasions whenever in the app. They can even share their experiences to others and furthermore can rate others with whom they went for the occasion.   Concept of HUÜZZIN went to the client, when he turned into a single parent and found himself needing to share things in life with others, but without the desires and pressures of dating. Can't he just enjoy time with someone, or many, that share the same interests as he without having to date others? Which platforms are compatible? Users can install this app in any platform, either Android or iOS and with latest version. Features of the app: By after signing up or Login -User can pick their favorite category like Outdoors, Indoors, Foodie, Entertainment, Groups and Family. -User can invite their contacts, what are already stored in mobile, it will sync automatically. -User can create a venture, and can share that to all, who’re in app, or favorite’s contacts, and friends also. As well as, interested one’s can join in that venture also. -User can give reviews and rating after completion of venture. -Usually, user can chat by sharing images and location with their friends, favorites and as well as with their venture partners also, whether it is not in their friends list. -User can upload their profile picture and also update profile with set of preferences like categories, venture proximity. -User can also share the app with other by using other social apps, which like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram etc. Apps Screens: Having more features and interesting things inside the app.Try this Huuzzin app to get more fun with your new friends. This advanced social networking app was developed by Krify. We are very happy to part of this success, by giving our best technology and designing. We realize that our customer's time is valuable thus we strive the progress toward them to make use of their time in the most effective way. So do you have idea to create a social app similar Huuzzin. Get in touch with us on krify.co

Taking the imaginative strategy to change your thoughts into reality, you simply need to relax and let our Professionals clear the way towards the realization of your thoughts into reality!

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Are you awful at remembering birthdays of friends, family and colleagues. Here is the solution!

Birthdays are occasions that deserve love and are always special no matter how old you grow up the only day every person feel like wishing for good happening is a birthday. Birthday’s helps you build stronger relationships with the people who are closest to you - simply by remembering and celebrating their birthday! The traditional way to deliver birthday greetings is through physical birthday cards. Friends, Family usually make birthdays a very memorable day in order to make someone feel that you really value him and wish them on their special day. How to remember birthdays? There are so many apps available in App store and Play store which reminds birthdays of your close ones. But the performance of apps was very poor. Krify have good experience in developing interactive Birthday apps with following features
  1. Upcoming birthdays’ notifications
  2. Manually select whether you need to be reminded in advance, or on the birthday itself
  3. Send happy birthday messages
  4. Synchronizes all birthdays with your contacts list
  5. Directly import and export birthdays from your FB account
  6. Birthday Songs
  7. Birthday cakes
  8. Birthday Frames
  9. Birthday Songs
  10. Birthday Stickers
  11. Birthday quotes
Create your own Simple, Affordable and Powerful Birthday App with your branding. Contact us to build  your idea to app.
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Business Entrepreneurs – 8 Things to know about LOCO Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show

Would like to ask your friend about the recent mobile launch - Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S specifications ? Would like to have a chit chat with with your buddy about these topics like Movies, Pop Music, Geography,  Computers, Science, Literature, Politics and more? May be this used to happen in middle era, As the Advanced Tech era changed the real world with the puzzles and compositions to win a contest followed by the gift price through trial game concepts, Would you aware of such? Let me introduce you the modern trivial game trending in INDIA named LOCO - Also called as SHOW TIME, where FIVE MILLION people spending their time on this. Still the user base is growing a day to day just similar to the Pokemon game. The App named as LOGO, which is the only app offering the real money on playing the Trivial Game. Not only to earn money, Local helps you to gain knowledge with respect to the sports, pop culture, fun facts, and more and more with fun quizzes. Loco sign-up is full free and lets you play the game on time and bombard the brain to find the answers with a KNOW-OUT rule.

Loco Game Show Timings : 1.30 PM and 10.00 PM to win the real money!

Loco Game Show Hosted by Mr. Gaurav Kapur - famous INDIAN anchor

Have a look on a Promotional Video by Loco Team to understand much better.   Krify would like to answer a few of common FAQ's from the business entrepreneur:  1. Who developed the Loco App? Loco have an expert internal team, who coordinated with expert mobile, web app developers team and hired them with a in-house to maintain everything. 2. Who are the Loco app developers - team? Loco was developed by 3 former employees of learning platform Unacademy (names are fortunately hidden) . 3. Who acquired the Loco? Very Recently, Loco has acquired by the Sequoia Capital-backed digital media company Pocket Aces. 4. How Loco is Making Money? A through process, Through the user data base, and of course their might be a feature plans as follows.
  1. Third Party Adds
  2. Personal Adds
  3. Third Party App Installs
  4. Notification Adds
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Paid Quiz
  7. and more.
4. Who will develop Loco Similar Apps from INDIA? Obviously, A company who have an 10+ year domain expert with a great competency in serving LIVE STREAMING APPS DEVELOPMENT and TRIVIAL APPS DEVELOPMENT followed by the continuous support team to maintain in future. 5. What Server Infrastructure Required for Loco similar trivial app development? It depends on the targeted region, the number of device data base in the region - Android, iOS and other followed by the Best in class and Cloud Server infrastructure using trending live streaming technologies a like Red 5 Pro. 6. What is the price estimated for Loco Similar App Development? Straight forward answer is, for the Loco App clone development it will decently required an effort estimation of 18,000 USD - In Indian currency Rs. 1,200,000. which covers a iPhone App, Android App followed by the Back-end Admin Panel design, develop and deployment included with full testing. Note: We must capable to invest more to choose the better server according the user base count. 7. What is the estimated time for Loco Similar App Development? For Loco Similar, Android App Design & Development, iPhone App Design & Development, HD Live Stream compatible back-end panel Design & Development, API's development and Server Integrations will take 2-3 calendar months with respect to the recourse count involved and resource expertise in developing the Trivial and Live Streaming Apps Design and Development.

Inquire with us for a live streaming app consultation , Our senior technology & software development consultants can better guide you about the app development strategies as per the current market.

Krify has a great competency in providing Mobile App Design Development, Website Design Development and Digital Marketing Services sice 2005 to the Global Clients. Krify team is highly capable to work on the Live Streaming Apps Development and Trivial Apps Development with latest UI/UX designs and technologies. Reach us for more details @ info@krify.com or fill this contact form so that our business analyst will get in touch with you very soon to help you developing your future business. You can even request a Call back (From right side top corner box).
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Revolution in Fitness Industry with Mobile apps!!

Do you agree that mobile apps are transforming the fitness industry ? Let’s start this with by discussing what are the common challenges faced by Fitness centers. Users Engagement Engaging users is an ongoing challenge for any fitness center. This is possible with personalization not with mass messages. Communication Maintaining good communication with the users in the form of discussion to motivate users in efficient way is one the challenge for fitness centers. Regular Updates Updating users with new information, updates, comments etc through email is an issue for fitness centers because users get frustrated by receiving more emails. If you are a Personal Trainer or a Fitness center or Gym, get your own fitness mobile app development as users are increasingly turning to mobile app. Nowadays living a healthy lifestyle has become trend. Being healthy means being beautiful, successful and Fit. Reasons why Fitness centers require a mobile app Direct connection Mobile app will increase the chances of a direct communication with users. It helps to create more user engagement as well as increase brand awareness. Push notifications With this feature, Fitness centers can take advantage of sending text messages in the form of greetings, wishes, promotions, and offers etc to the users who downloaded the app. This will be a great way to approach users. Membership Plans From the app itself, users can be able to view membership plans and can easily book the appointment with few steps. Also even users can make the payment online through the app with just a single click. Online Reputation: Online reputation is very important if any business want to maintain long term success. For this, fitness centers can ask users to provide their feedback and valuable comments which will enhance their online reputation. Calendar This feature allows users to see when there are any new classes happening and any special events coming up. Navigation Google Map navigation feature in the app allow users to easily navigate from their current location to the Fitness center location. Training Videos Showing Training videos in the app created by your trainers is a good opportunity to let users know about different trainers that you have and their expertise. This will create interest in users to visit your fitness centers and try your classes. New Equipment updates You can be easily able to show case your new equipment images and their advantages.   Nutrition and recipes’ This is an innovative way to show your users that you care about them and their needs, by providing them with healthy recipes and insights on nutrition that they can use outside of the gym/Fitness center. Do you want to miss all the above advantages by not having a mobile for your fitness center? Book Clients. Boost Profit. Drive Traffic by having personalized mobile app for your fitness center. We provide excellent quality at a reasonable price.   How much does it cost to build Fitness App? It is hard to provide the estimation right now to develop a Fitness mobile app because it depends upon set of features, technology stack etc. There are numerous phases involved in developing a successful mobile app such as Ideation and Documentation, UI/UX Design, Programming, and QA testing. From our point of view, developing a mobile app is an ongoing project with new versions updates, new features development, new UI integration according to trend. Below is a pie-chart where you can see percentage of each phase involved in mobile app development

In conclusion we can say that there is a very much importance of fitness apps in this smart era and there are many proven reasons. So strengthen your fitness business with Mobile app solution. Don’t think about the development , just share us your vision , how you want your mobile app and what features you want to incorporate, Our team of proficient and skilled developers who masters the art of developing mobile apps for fitness industry will create customize mobile app as per your goals.

Contact us today and share us your ideas with us NOW?

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Do you agree Android P is out to steal the iPhone’s high-end crown?

Only 1.1 percent of Android users are using Oreo  but the company is already working on Android P, which is a new report from Bloomberg. Google’s next major version of Android could be called Pi (or perhaps Pie). According to Bloomberg, Android p is 'Pistachio Ice Cream', but this is unlikely to be the official name. Google has named every version of its mobile operating system after candies or desserts. Improving the UX/UI (look) of the software” to better appeal to existing iPhone users is the one of the key goals of Android P. Google has also updated the updated operating system to better integrate camera notches, such as the ones found on the Essential Phone and iPhone X, as more and more hardware manufacturers embrace redu-bezel designs. Some other rumored features of Android P
  • Material Design to completely revamp the look and feel.
  • More powerful Google assistant
  • Multiple Screens and Foldable Displays
  • Features such as native call recording support
  • Enhancements on battery life and performance
It's evident that Google wants Android and Chrome OS to better communicate with one another. We really hope Google will overcome all the issues with Android P. We are creative & visionary native Android mobile app Development Company with proven track record of developing more than 150+ Android apps. With our expertise in Android App Development, we craft innovative and secure Android App solutions that drives growth to your business. We have developed Android apps from simple to complex level in various domains like Consumer apps, Business apps, Ecommerce, Food ordering, Taxi Booking , Insurance, Pharma, Event Planning , Scheduling, Travel, Education, Social networking, Utilities, Gamification, etc. You can hire our skilled & experienced Android resources to create your custom business apps for Android (Android Phone and android tablet) suiting your industry vertical. Please contact us today to scale up your business ideas!!
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Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps

Are you a Die Hard Fan of Sport? Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps

Sports and Games have grabbed a special place in the present era. We have a lot of best fantasy websites, best fantasy mobile apps available on the net which creating unique value to the sport fans every time. Deep About Fantasy Gaming: Fantasy itself define an un-real world, imagination or in a simple term description an activity of imagining impossible. When this fantasy applies to the sports and gaming, the merged result are virtually defined by the real instance. We usually have 2 different types of fantasy gaming are as follows!
  1.  Fantasy Sports Gaming
  2.  Virtual Fantasy Gaming
Both are 2 different worlds in real-time but follow the same strategy, the fantasy web applications development and fantasy mobile applications development for sports offer a real time challenges and brings real-time gifts or benifits or virtual points to the players. Realtime fantasy sports apps can also be a business generation option for various businesses like NISSAN. The Fantasy of Sports fan is upto a mark that no other market can event touch.Know more about Virtual Fantasy Gaming in next article.   What is Fantasy Sport? Fantasy Sports, the name itself abbreviates a sport developed to get the best feel of sports. Fantasy Sport is a virtual game played with more of guessing style. Fantasy sports websites are pretty famous in the current days, where fantasy sports app development is a successive stage of fantasy sports trade association with players. These sports are also called as Fantasy league. Fantasy Sports league, usually offers a wide real gifts, redeem points, money and more with scenarios as follows will be offered by the Fantasy Sport Android Apps / Fantasy Sport iOS Apps  / Fantasy Sport Website - admins. For example, In the next NBA Finals, Say famous basketball player “ Michael Jordan “ will convert a 10 sorts or tap other than a free throw, worth three points out of 12 attempts into basket scored. Jordon Dunk FreeStyle Dunk Apps   Where any of the participant or a Fantasy Sport Player can bid on this say with following options.

A. YES! Michael Jordan can convert 10 three pointers sorts out of 12 attempts.

B. NO! Michael cannot convert 10 three pointer sorts out of 12 attempts.

C. Other (Michael can convert only 8 three pointers out of 12 attempts.

Participants of this Fantasy Sport will be having some statistics like previous goals history of Michael Jordan though which they will choose the bid option with an open price (Legal Prices). A participant in they will have time frame to edit and update their bids until real match time or close early 2 hours. Once after the game begins things counted according to the scoreboards (no cheating no hidden rules). As per result the points and reward prices will be offered to the bid winners.   In reality, How a Fantasy Sport Apps Works? Let me take you though the most lovable and famous fantasy sport cricket. Where every sport lover especially from India, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan and other country cricket want to play and want to get a chance to win cash prize by participating games like this skills. Fantasy Cricket Apps Development   The fantasy cricket market has grown drastically and it is still growing. The best part about the fantasy sport is users get entertained as well as get chances to win real cash prize. Being a technology provider, we have explored for top Indian fantasy sport websites and Indian fantasy sport mobile apps and we found that the Fantasy cricket is becoming a trend now in India. In a different and beneficial concept. We came to know, Dream11 is one of the best Fantasy Cricket Sport application with ability where a participant can win cash price legally! Also participants can withdrawals money over transfer from your Dream11 account linked with PAN card mandatory as a id proof and to the get money into the bank account. Go through this Quora Question for find more answers about Dream11 working. Have you ever heard about dearm11 cricket? Have grabbed a distinct place in the sport market and have provided numerous platforms to play several fantasy games. There are plenty of fantasy sports facilitating features similar to Dream11 website and apps. You can pick these from Google with a keyword “ Best Fantasy football apps “, “ Best fantasy baseball apps “from where you can download for free signup and get a chance to grab points and win prices from the play store and app store or even can play through the website. Fantacy App Screens   How to flip your fate with Fantasy Apps? It’s so easy, if you are a sports lover – A diehard fan to any sport, you have a chance to flip the fate overnight. Let think about a small strategy. I won’t tell you anything new, Do what you usually do with your passion about the lovable sport in strategic way.

1. Think why do you watch that game?

Exactly think why this sport have to watch and what you are benefiting with the same sport. In conclusion you will get to know the speciality of the game and why you wait to see it again between the competitive screens.

2. Think about, what is your favourite team and why?

This may give you an answer like, you belongs to the same region or location or there are some player who can take the lead at any point to turn the fate of entire team.

3. How about the favourite player?

This may tell you, about how the player faced his challenges and learn to play in a sportive manner as a sports man. Right? So, go a bit deeper and start compare between individuals and of course scoreboard always matters.

4. Now, do a small research about history.

As electronic media given a chance to look back on our memories and see and feel the presence, look on few matches how teams played and what are the statistics about each player and of Couse you will get to know many things now.

5. Finally, If you tied up check on top level about various matches

This will help you to grab the new opportunities, this will make you know about various players and team capabilities.

I agree it was a bit deeper and harder then I said. In fact, this is nothing when we want to turn the fate over the night. Once you are well primed in this field, now it’ your turn to flip the coin at right time by choosing the best league, match or event with respect to the top Fantasy Mobile App or a top Fantasy Website which help you to become a star over the night.
Don’t forget “Belief + Sports Ethic = Results!”
Fantasy Apps for Business Development: A new idea can boost your business with 10X Speed. Do you think one of the idea for sports will work out for you @ideas: How to grab the Sports fans attention? Now, let’s think in the direction to grab the attention of fans in a simple form like just to look at you and then plan for a sign-of new deal. Don’t you believe? Diehard Fan Mobile App  

#Checkout How Nissan is working in this way with a Diehard Fan Mobile App…


Moto to Proudly Support College Athletics

How to engage the Sports fans? A trick, This Fan App helps to make face virtually painted in your favourite team’s colour! Get a Snap, Pic, Choose your team’s, and then share the game face like a video or pic. Anytime & Anywhere.

Download From here!

How will be the publicity / market reach from Sports fans? The app it-self offering a video pics sharing option, and of course humans love to share each all of these with loved and dear once. Which will further promotes our brand value to increase reputation. Do you have a  fantasy web app development or fantasy android app development idea or fantasy iPhone app development idea in mind and confused where to start? Krify, Can you help you with a consultation service & more of knowledge and experience in the fantasy apps development for various sports. We will help you in strategizing your idea towards building a goal oriented approach through various key techniques as a digital consultancy. Our individual teams consists of well motivated, inter personal skilled app and web developers who have hands on coding with large scale fantasy website and large scale fantasy mobile applications. We have our presence over INDIA, UK, USA, Middle East and All over the world.
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The fundamentals of Low Latency real time streaming

Anyone would like to watch any videos or live streaming without any kind of buffering or loading time. So lets have a look at as in why it takes time for loading and if not, Why does not it take time for loading. Have you ever heard of Latency and it should be low for video streaming? So lets get started with what latency is .. Latency is the time taken for the data to be transferred from one browser to another. Low latency clearly states that less time taken for the data transfer. The lesser time ideally should be few seconds or mille seconds. The data can be either videos or photos or it could be live streaming as well. Lesser the time, higher would be network speed and transformation of data and number of viewers for particular website or mobile application. For example, if you are watching a football match on your television as well as on a second screen app, if would be easy to identify the latency taken for the app to play the live streaming when compared to television and if the time taken is high for the second screen app, you will be dissatisfied watching it because the live scores will be updated on your second screen app with a minimal gap of 1 minute. This is also called as real time latency. For television, there will be a maximum latency of 6 seconds and your second screen app should match that level of latency to deliver fantastic experience that’s in sync with the TV.   Real time streaming:  In the television interviews, where reporter is conversing from the  remote location to the reporter in head office, the latency here results in long pauses which will result in disappointing conversation and will reduce the number of viewers of that specific channel.  That's because the latency goes both ways—maybe it takes a full second for the reporter's question to make it to the interview, but then it takes another second for the interviewee's reply to get back to the reporter. That conversation can quickly turn painful. In this scenario, low latency can make this conversation smoother. Betting and bidding—Auctions and sports-track betting are usually exciting because of their fast pace. And that speed calls for real-time streaming. The low-latency streaming eliminates pall the problematic delays and increases no of viewers and there by promoting the mobile app or website. As we all know, online auctions are big business, and any delay can result in bad bidding. Fractions of a seconds may lead to major difference in betting and bidding. Video gaming—Timing is very critical for gamers. If the latency is not low, it might results in uninstalling the gaming apps on mobiles. These examples, clearly state the latency plays a major role and it should be low for data transfer related websites or mobile applications. How Does Low-Latency Streaming Work? Now that you know what low latency is and when it's important, you're probably wondering, how can you deliver low latency streaming? For example, if you watch videos in youtube, the videos in the youtube will be played without buffering if the connectivity is good. The reason behind is the ultra low latency. We at Krify work on the top servers which reduce the latency for all data transfer or video playing or for the live streaming. There are couple of apps designed by us for live streaming and they are running successfully with low latency. Please visit our website and write back to us for more details and we are happy to share the knowledge and help you in designing low latency mobile applications for android and IOS.  
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DevOps 2018 - Key Aspects & Notes

Software Development and Operations Automation – DevOps Tools & Key Notes 2018 ,

In Information Technology (IT) the most recent and emerging term DEV-OPS is a practice to emphasize the teamwork and communication among software developers and IT professionals. DEV-OPS focuses on supplying software product quicker by lowering the failure rate of builds (releases). DevOps is, the “integration of development team, Information Technology operations, security, and QA (quality assurance) under one automated umbrella”. In short, is a cross-business effort to turn software developments on its head with a shorter cycle time, lower testing time, more automation – and better (and more secure) code. Why do we call Dev-Ops? For strongly sponsoring the software development with automation & monitoring through at all phases, from integration, testing, releasing to the deployment and infrastructure managing. Software Development – Software Operations, in short Dev-Ops came into the picture. What is the Aim of Dev-Ops? Simply, to provide a smart and short development life cycle with increased frequency in development and more dependable releases for close alignment with the business objectives. What are few Key Aspects in DevOps?

Infrastructure as code: (IAC)

Infrastructure as Code is nothing but programming scripts, which used to automate vital IT processes. However, Scripts - principally used to automate a few series of static step’s which must be recurring numerous times across multiple servers. I

Other than scripts, Infrastructure as code uses descriptive or higher-level language to code more flexible & adaptive provisions and deployment procedures.

For Instance, IAC is coded with Ansible an IT management & configuration tool, could install MySQL server, verify that MySQL is running correctly, make a user account and password, set-up a new DB (database) and remove unnecessary databases – all through code.

Amsible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment Configuration Management Continuous Delivery

Continuous deployment

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development methodology in which CI - continuous integration, automated testing, & automated deployment competences that let high-quality software to be developed & deployed rapidly, consistently and frequently with minimal manual overhead.

With the Continuous Deployment, any of the efficient working version of the application is robotically pushed to a production line. Continuous Deployment commands, Continuous Delivery, but the opposite is not required.


DevOps automation is not something that set-up once and forgotten. It is like a security with respect to the performance, which is somewhat you need to concentrate on and monitor continuously to improve as long as DevOps pipeline is active.

Initial step to the DevOps automation is Agile. “Agile infrastructure” or “Agile operations”; it leaped from applying Agile and Lean approaches to operations work.

Automation comes in a picture, when you know, what you need to do to resolve bottlenecks. If we can continuously prioritize & re-evaluate different backlogs. We can able to introduce the automation effectively and gradually.

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Identify your bottlenecks
  • Consider the return on investment
  • Continuously assess and reevaluate

Automation is the lifeline, by integration of technologies, we can truly bring the tools composed as used by dissimilar stakeholders. With a exclusive integration platform, DevOps Cycle facilitates integration of tools through various phases of the DevOps cycle alike BMC Remedy used by the operations team, build tools like Jenkins, Rally used by the engineering team, Hudson used by the development team and also few of testing tool’s used by the Quality Analyst team.

Once, we can integrate / we will have a super power to describe a peer-to-peer automated DevOps process that extent across numerous disparate tools. This adds to better sync between the team’s & ultimately faster and more exact deployment and releases.

Continuous Monitoring:

In DevOps life cycle at any stage of Managing, Continuous Monitor of applications in a production environment’s are classically implement with respect to the AMP (application performance management) solutions that which is intelligent enough to monitor, analyze and manage the cloud, on-premise & hybrid applications and IT infrastructures.

This APM solutions enables you to monitor your user’ experiences and increase stability of your application infrastructures. It helps in identify the root cause of issues quickly to proactively - prevent outages to keep the users satisfied.

As we know, applications are extra business critical than ever. They must be always up front, fast and keep on improving. By Implementation of DevOps approaches allow us to reduce the cycle times to the hours instead of months.

But we have to keep certifying a great user experience!! Continuous Monitoring of the entire life cycle in DevOps will be ensures the development and operations teams collaborate to optimize, the user experience in every step of the way.


With DevOps, Aim is to carry the operations team into development teams so that it was not just something which has to be additional on to the end of project. Sending release “over the fence” to Ops is now no longer something any sensible company does.

Same applies with DevSecOps – DevOps ensure that security is not a thought for any remote department for having a look in, but rather it’s an integration of all stages for the development project and also beyond it.

Modern DevOps has much closer relationship among the development people and people who operate through the infrastructure systems where any application relies on. Which lets improved understanding of what the application is, actually does and where the weaknesses is lies among, for making it easier to a secure. And with explosion of the security bugs like Shell-shock and Heart-bleed, a good understanding of development ultimately allows operations personnel to make more informed decisions.

“Google & Facebook are perhaps the primary pioneers of DevOps, Using DevOps to revolutionize with their existing and new cloud product’s, and same is true with cloud platform AWS by Amazon.”

Read More about DevOps from our previous article!!

At Krify, We have a expert team who have hands on working with latest technologies with respect to the IT operation practices as well as analyzing each. For the best analysis, our team take the positives and nagitives about technologies to work with and plan for upcoming projects by making sure that development would go smoother and faster. Krify adopted the DevOps strategy in the same way for flexible working with Operations and Developers team and also, various platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any other cloud platforms. Reach us today for more details, Krify can help you in building the next big things in a win-win model. Here is a trending video from Youtube, about DevOps. Have a look.
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Design Importance for success of Mobile apps

Importance of Design in Application Development

HOW IS DESIGN IMPORTANT FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR APP? As per the studies, Global design agency defines Design Thinking as “a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success”. What did you understand by this? We generally think design as visual view such as pixels, color, font, alignment, image, etc. All these belong to just appearance, as said above design thinking is more than appearance. It mainly focuses on the insight of end user. It is an established fact that 77% of the app to be successful is based on the design element considering all other functions are working properly. Are you developing a mobile app? UI/UX are kept at forefront by many IT companies while developing an application. Developing a mobile app has become quite simple but making it successful needs communication and planning. There is lot of elevation in the app market and usage of mobile phones became part and parcel of everyone’s life. In such a heavy competition think how strong you should be in developing a web application! 8 Phases of APP Development
  • Pre-Planning and Research
  • Wireframing
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Prototype
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Testing
  • Deployment
Each phase has its own importance for a successful app, but let us not deviate about our main goal “DESIGN”We are living in a world which demands innovation, design is termed as great tool for innovation. What if there is no market for your APP? One of the common concerns in developing an application is “Will there be a market?”. The ultimate goal of any developer is to target the market by understanding the requirements and goals of the end user. Design Thinking involves the market from the origin. While thinking about the design one should think out of the box how it makes the best market and thus leading to the success of the app. Starting from the root aim of the design and thus it will target the market. 4 key points to follow in Design Thinking for a better approach:
  • Ask queries and relate to them.
  • Understand, define and plan.
  • Evaluate the idea
  • Iterate
Top 10 Graphic design trends of 2018 What are the design strategies of Whatsapp? Whatsapp is the most successful app used by billions of people all over the world. It just hit the market at a rocket speed and here are some examples of Whatsapp strong principles and strategies on design:
  • The interface should be native to the user’s device.
  • The interface should be simple and interactive.
  • Animations and user actions must respond quickly.
  We can gain a lot of experience from a success story. Thoughts on Whatsapp design process. How will design thinking help the organizations? After gathering the requirements from client there should be no obligations between clients and their goals. The app being developed is going to be customer-centric and their experience is the measure which either makes or breaks the company. So there should be a clever design thinking throughout the lifecycle. At Krify we mainly focus on our customer’s experience, we put our time and effort into designing the applications. Krify Technical Solutions Checkout our earlier Article: Why is Design the face of your Mobile app & Website ?
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The technology is evolving at a faster rate adding a great boon to the users. Wearable technology is the present trend, where smart electronic devices are worn on a body as accessories. One of the most popularized wearable devices is the Smart Watch. This technology is being evolved and incorporated into health care, navigation systems apart from commercial uses. Smart watch is a wearable device that puts smart phone on your wrist syncing phone over Bluetooth. Smart Watches can be used to
    • Display the notifications and text messages sent to your phone.
    • Remind your appointments and events.
    • Track your health and fitness
    • Track the location using GPS
    • Get the news update
"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement", so measurement is very important to live a planned and wealthy life. The below mentioned functions are paired up together and displayed on a single unit. They can only collect data and hence can be used for collecting only the general information about one’s well-being. Wearable devices collect data of users health which include
    • Heartbeat
    • Calories burned
    • Steps walked
    • Time spent exercising
  • Some of the Healthcare wearable devices available in the market and the purpose they are used:
[section_dd][column_dd span='12'][table_dd]
Device Name Purpose
Pebble time Android sleep app Sleep Tracker
Fitbit surge Staying fit and energetic
PIP Getting rid of stress
Withings Blood Pressure To keep blood pressure optimal
Fitbit Aria Weight and body fat tracker
AliveCor Heart Monitor Keeping the heart healthy
Viatom Checkme Measure body temperature
[/table_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd][column_dd span='12'][text_dd]Future work There is no threshold for the evolving technology, to our surprise, there are many astonishing inventions going every day. The wearable technologies is being developed rapidly raising an “awe” factor and in future there would be finding devices that add real value to our daily lives.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]
Here at Krify we are extending our services into wearable apps. We have passionate developers to work on wearable technologies for different industries.Contact us if you have an amazing Wearable app development idea!
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LOCO #Live Stream Trivial Gaming Applications Technology Stack

Information Technology is swiftly shifting the way we think, the way we interact, the way we work and the way play. Today we want to talk about the emerging technology like live streaming followed by a generic ideas which made a revolution in the mobile apps market from the stage of television market. Do you know about the Live Stream Trivial Gaming Application? Namely we have Loco, Brain Baazi, Qureka and more… Hmmmm !  However, let’s go deep into the topic with how reformed trivial application are utilizing the current technologies as eye-turning to conceptual applications to gain more knowledge and stay connected with real-world updates. Live Streaming, Of course this is not a new world, We are hearing around the globe. In fact Youtube has started broad casting live events from 2008 worldwide, even though the Youtube stated it is properly immature due lack of future vision. However its not too late. What is the Loco App process? We will start with the How Loco Actually Works out, as we all are great players of Trivia gaming, you might know the process… Anyhow let me brief it.
Step 1: Sign-up with in the app Step 2: Setup profile with required details Step 3: Check the next game time & visit back soon to play Step 4: On time, Here starts the game with a real time video playing on sync with a textual representation of question on the screen and you can see a count of live players on the top Step 5: The players need to answer each question correctly to continue the game for a win-up. You can also able see the statistics of each answer that how many realtime users are given a correct answer and how many are wrong. Remember! the rule if you are wrong, You are out of the game. Step 6: User can also have an option to continue waking the game show after a wrong answer - when you are eliminated. Life? You will be saved once in a game from question 1 to 7. Step 7: At the end, the price money will be divided equally among the winners of the game and the winners list also be shown to app viewers. Step 8: Winners get credited with price amount into their accounts with in a day or so.
So far, we have seen one phase of the game, lets move on to the technical phase - technology stack for the loco similar trivial game application development. What are the technologies or infrastructure used for Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show Development?
  1. A live streaming server which is capable to handle a low latency and high traffic in few seconds. Such as Wowz, Red5 Pro, WireCast, WebRTC, EvoStream… and more.
  2. A strong coded API based environment to overlap the questions otherwise suggestively a real-time messaging servers like XAMP, MQTT is preferred or can also go with a complete socket based switching to deliver a great sync with live streams followed by Firebase similar models involved.
  3. A robust web-system coded using strongest framework like Php, Angular Js, Ember.Js, Cake Php, Symphony, Laravel can be more helpful to organize, generate reports and handle the game shows.
  4. And of-course you must have to well quality coded, integrated with high standard payment gateways, Sms gateway and to design the app which will not crash in the foreground.
What is the architecture of the Loco Trivia & Quiz Game Show Application? You might have used or have an experienced with the Live Streaming Trivia gaming applications. Which will hit a huge traffic in fraction of seconds. As you know for handling such huge traffic we do require a robust application with a lot of expertise to develop and maintain the whole application, also it requires a costly infrastructure engagement over it run the show. Simple Architecture of Loco Gaming Application Here we want to showcase a basic the level 3 architecture of the LOCO similar live video, audio and trivia game streaming application. The technology stack used will be varies according to the requirement specifications mentioned. However the Loco App Technology stack is still confidential and not revealed to the outside world.
Level 1: This layer is an User Interaction layer where all the user have an access to respective application, As per the loco application we have a web admin panel (User Number One), Android & iPhone App users (User Number Two), Web Application (User Number three, If required to be built) and a web admin panel. Level 2: This a Middle layer which usually connects the User Interaction layer and the Physical layer. In fact this layer is actually deals with all the middle interfaces which are actually provide a way to interact the clients to the server followed by the request response model. We do use a API’s / Web / SDK’s Sockets / Live Server Client Service which is software as a service model. Level 3: This is a Physical Layer primarily deals with the database operations and interaction server operations to provide a strong link-ups among. Outer sources: In this Level 3 figure we do have a filter connection coming into the Physical layer with a connection from a HDMI input from Camera / Network input from mobile camera as a feed to run the live show in sync with the trivial gaming.
Also, The this require an addition functionalities integration such like firebase analytics, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways, Social Media sign-up integrations with respect to the detailed requirement of the application. The dreamy world of techy kid is bringing a lots of new wishes to the common people with the advanced technologies. Of course live streaming technology is one among them to make job easy in connecting to people virtually. In face, mobile devices has made this job in the new and different way mainstream and bridged the gap between the business users to the market pleasure. It is must to realize the potentiality of live streaming technology at right time to capitalize and act quickly to utilize proven technology for fully leveraging the dreams over the mobile live video streaming. Know more about Loco Story Behind the screen, Who invented the loco, What should an entrepreneur must know about Loco on our previous blog article ! Inquire us with us now to build your dream application into reality. Krify has a great competency in providing Mobile App Design Development, Website Design Development and Digital Marketing Services sice 2005 to the Global Clients. Krify team is highly capable to work on the Live Streaming Apps Development and Trivial Apps Development with latest UI/UX designs and technologies.
Inquire with us for a live streaming app consultation , Our senior technology & software development consultants can better guide you about the app development strategies as per the current market.
Reach us for more details @ info@krify.com or fill this contact form so that our business analyst will get in touch with you very soon to help you developing your future business. You can even request a Call back (From right side top corner box).
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NHS is going to be VIRTUAL in CRISIS? #ITfication

National Health Service – NHS is going to be VIRTUAL in CRISIS? #ITfication

In the United Kingdom, The NHS - National Health Service is the crowd funded national healthcare system for the National Health Service in England, National Health Service in NHS Wales, National Health Service in Scotland, and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. As we know the UK's health service structures are independently operated, and is politically accountable to the government it related to. The major aim of the NHS is to provide a most comprehensive range of health service, free for ordinarily resident people in the United Kingdom However, coming back to the topic. Now a days w ith thriving health problems and pressures in the hospitals across the UK over the new and treatments, frequently ‘NHS in crisis’ is the new flash news hitting the news headlines. NHS GS What if, the healthcare services are transformed by the booming technology in 2018? As we are leaving in a technology life everyday. In most of the biggest business and health service industries in the UK; Are already joined their hands with fitness bands industry - fitness application development,  Organs on a chip, Universal translators, Sensors which teach us about our own body and health and more.. are getting popular day to day in 2018. Which are actually helping the advance healthcare to relieve pressure and elusive demand for such medical staff and consultants. Do you agree?   Have you heard about NHS general practitioners (GPs) services? which is fully going to be virtual ?? Yes, GP's are usually deal with the all type of health problems, and provide the health education like offering advice's about how to stop smoking, take a good diet, give vaccinations for mental fitness, run clinics,  and carry out few simple surgical operations. GS NHS Infographics However, GP surgeries are taking the new direction in Digi ear "over the phone appointments" to "Virtual Treatments" which relive the work-load, Helps in dealing with more serious cases in expert virtual presence, which create a new way to speak with doctor face-to-face.
Believe or not, Human are now a days sceptical and trusting a computerized system reports for any of the medical problem diagnosing in compared to accuracy.
  When Healthcare Digitization Started? Healthcare digitization is started from 2014 it-self. Today Healthcare reached to a potential stage where from admission of a patient to paying salaries to the staff of the hospital everything is going through IT services / software.
  • Have you happened to see a online for an appointment with doctor through a website or mobile app?
  • Have you happened to know, your Treatment Log is maintained in a hospital software system?
  • Have you worked received SMS/ Push Notifications for prescription written by the doctors?
35% people out of 95% people have already gone through this process in last few years. The reason is healthcare services - hospitals  are going Citified with latest information and the best security. On the name of ITfication, The web technologies and mobility applications are taking an active part to support health services in every possible direction in a level to connect hospitals on finger-tips for support, self-diagnosis and treatments. All the services comes in a picture to facilitate the best health-care services to the patients and helping health care services to grow further with reduced hesitations and conflicts over the treatments,  patient information management, doctor logs management about which from a small clinic to the biggest hospital are worried to handle manually. NHS Healthcare Digitization On other hand the growing technology is facilitating the next great thing to manage the crisis -- In-fact, to take up the global challenges  connected when Although we also agree this not such good idea for major problems, but still in crisis this helps more than nothing. With the technology expansion NHS is planning to to say NHS is not failing. And the solution for this is the next big IT technologies that going to rune the world of health services with following series.

Chat Bots: Now a days, When you visit a hospital website, with a small sound Chat Bots are pinging us for quick suggestions.

Virtual Consultations: In fact, People do not have time to visit a hospital / clinic for a specific treatment which doesn't a prior need to go and talk. Where they do need a quick suggestion for example what to eat and what not to eat.

In other way, When a major crisis happened at late hours where do a human needs a minimum of first aid to be given - the virtual consultation can be more helpful get treated at right time.

Automation: Medical Automation is all ready in process for such small things like... When we have a specific mobile app on phone related to a specific hospital we do receive a gentle reminders about the prescriptions to be taken,  next appointment dates... etc. have you ever think of such.

Technology Advances: In 2018, We are tied up with a hand bands, fit bands, sensory chips which effectively measure our work-outs, calorie burning second to second. Me my self using a Mi band for knowing my work-outs for diet control. And they will be soon comes with a lot with advanced cricks.

Artificial Intelligence: One way one things now a days happened to see in adversary operations to reduce the strain of both patient and the surgeon, which certainly reduces the burden of health care. Such systems will have the real ability to keep the patients out of the hospitals with no long miss handling..

Robotics: This is one another area, we can see half people communicating by using robotic items on the body like a normal human been communicating with his own part and doing things normally. This could be more often in feature days.

Mind Reading is another another avenue where neurology health care is looking for...

  How can Krify Helps you? Being an experienced mobile app developers, web application developers with global presence. Our team can help you both the new and running health care services and hospital teams for the ITfication / Digitization of services. We can help you from starting with an offline hospital management system for a very small hospital, with list of advances like basic hospital website development for general service information to reach digital people, getting appointments open from online,  advanced web application development for hospitals to manage from patient appointment, consultation request to a doctor appointment confirmation and treatment in hospital premises followed by the recorded medical prescription and next appointment schedules with SMS gateway integrated notifications. Krify can also offer an advance mobile applications to the health service organization and medical businesses with website and mobile applications to handle the things on finger tips. Also We do have an expertise in design development of Live Streaming Application for the Video Surveillance, Video and Audio Communication over the digital networks to help further more with technology advances. Krify had a work experience with global medical and health care organizations with a signed tech partnership and associations to name a few Ahoradoctor, Mygynae, Bluebell Dental Practices, My Period Tracker, Annapolis Dental Center, IDA, and more. One of the mobile app developed by Krify got recognized as the Most Innovative Mobile App - Invisable Braces Scan app in UK. Contact today for getting your health-care practice solution ready followed by the global standards in representation and to boom as a big brand of health care service provider.
We have noticed the change... Would you? The Medical, Health Care Services Change - Over the Globe
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Progressive Web Apps -The future of Web apps

It’s a new term google came up and which is actually trying to promote this new technology What is actually an app? what makes the difference between app and website right now we have web apps and native apps.  The special thing about native apps is it  
  • High performance
  • Engaging
  • Immersive
High performance Here terms to it loading capacity. It loads instantly you don't see any white splash screen or some animation before it loads. The Scrolling is nice right away do whatever you want. Engagement It means that you can download it on the home screen you no need to go to the browser and look the application. Immersive You can just tap open and play with the app the Now what is PWA (Progressive web apps) They are the solution for some problems faced by the native apps. In order to get an application, you need to go to app store download it installs it like a lot of steps, lot of memory space on the phone. Basically, PWA tries to solve it by being
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Engaging
  • It terms to be load fast  
  • Loads of uncertain network conditions like in 2G,etc..
  • No Downasaur
Means it works offline no need to be online, in the 1st load by using server workers they will establish the connection to cache and they will provide you information that you need in order to run it. Fast
  • Responds quickly
  • Smooth animation
  • No junky scroll
Engaging This includes 1) Adding the application to the home screen.where the browser will escalate whether you want to  add to home screen. 2) sending a push notification. 3)Immersive full screen ( when you open application it will be completely opened in a full screen like a  normal application.                      Right now there are few browsers which have implemented this technology they are Mozilla, Chrome, Edge  Why Do you want to use Progressive web apps 53% of users will abandon a site if it loads longer than 3 seconds using servers workers it allows you to do it really fast. You no need to have the app store just with one press you can add to home screen. Why is that important? Because right now average app downloads are 0 apps per month and it also visits around 100 websites per month. Below is the statistics what happens in every step from an install. From the statistics shown above every step nearly costs 20% of the users but if users can complete everything in one step then you could have more number of users. Now the question is how to implement? The idea of PWA is you want to break the application into shells and serve it to use when it is available and use the network only like feature and you can increase the experience of the application so, for example, you have opened the app and its getting loaded then instead of showing the white splash screen showing the shell you created like you can write in the manifest it will be something like logo with good UX. Service workers A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don't need a web page or user interaction. Today, they already include features like push notifications and background sync. All the interactions from the user will go through the service worker. Here the service workers determine where it needs to go whether it needs to go to the network or cache.            Service Worker strategies
  • Cache First
  • Network First
  • Fastest (race): Sometimes downloading from the network will be fast than cache in such case you can go to the network first and then ache depending on the application you cache  
  • Custom
What is progressive? Here progressive means that you use the network as some enhancement for the application to increase the capability but it's not required to have network... I think its feature of the web because it brings usability to communicate with users directly.
Krify had been one of the quick adopters of Progressive Web applications (Web apps) which allows customers to build reliable, fast and engaging web pages with the performance matching that of the mobile applications. Our team of Web developers ensure that the apps developed by them are adaptive and compatible with all varieties of mobiles and on multiple devices of different screen sizes seamlessly . We focus on developing superior quality progressive web app development services that allow end users to directly “install” the app from websites, and pin the app to their home screens. Contact us today or Call Back and work with one of the best Progressive Web app development company.
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Top 5 Virtual Fantasy Games to Play #HARD

Top 5 Virtual Fantasy Games & Entrepreneur Insights to plan the Marketing Strategy

Virtual reality gaming is someplace where a individual can play through being in a three-dimensional location and network with that environment during the game time. This is an important part of the game. Of course, the gamer’s developers are looking to provide the best comfort and a challenging concepts. By playing through which, the player mind can be able think twice faster than a normal brain think. Yes, The study & the research on various brains of human being about the human brain thinking abilities, human decision making power and real time feelings based games are now ready to play on a virtual gaming environment to the gaming next level with support of latest technology to make a gamer smarter than he was. Let’s have a look about the virtual gaming. Virtual Gaming is totally different compared to the real time sports and real time sports ideas, If you are a athlete or fan of any sport go through this article 'Are you a Die Hard Fan of Sport? Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps'   What is Fantasy Virtual Gaming? This is a place where a small kid to elder brother loves to play with. Of course, this is as same as a video gaming with a slight difference in the concept of playing. Fantasy gaming apps will let your imagination outing as wild as you challenge as you gamble into a rich fantasy game. This lets you explore new kingdoms / lands and more like of mystery and magic in a very immersive fantasy experience that curves the rules of what’s possible. In this Fantasy gaming, a player mostly focused to glide, jump, and climb over a dark Nordic forestry in Fear and create a habit you discover the world that you’ll never wanted to leave.   Do you know, what are a few fantasy game your childhood passed though? Perhaps unknowingly most of us ware played the fantasy games and we are also one among the fantasy game lovers. Let me list you Best 5 fantasy games that every online games knows and had a ride on.   1. Rise of Nations: Alike Age of Empires, Rise of Nations is strategy game that initiates with you & starting your game from the first inscribed sources of the early Stone Age, history, rolling from humble hoarders and hunters to reaching the recent age of the technology. Rise of Nation 2. Age Of Empires: This game is settled in Middle Ages, as you are playing with the numerous kingdoms and empires that are in the middle ages of era, the movements encompass a historic figure the likes of Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard Lion-heart etc. Age Of Empires 3. Assassins Creed: This is one among the top fantasy games, which you can control various ancestors recalls of Desmond Miles, as they are of the Instruction of Slayers throughout countless periods in antiquity battling out the Command of Templars struggling for power by supervisory ancient artifacts with spiritual backgrounds. Assassins Creed 4. Total War: In this Total War gaming, You leads your militaries as chess records around the time retro and abode they took in, with competence of directly governing and seeing the clash and bloodshed from a bird’s eye view, forceful them to a crushing success or upsetting defeat. Total War 5. Commandos: series monitor an elite command of commandos from several backgrounds carrying out the top secret of mission. Train tracks or Blowing up dams, performing stealth kills, and triggering all sorts of harm to the League on innumerable continents and through the whole war. It was a factual pleasure to complete each task, let alone an operation. Commandos   Strategies to sell out Virtual Games: Every entrepreneur think in the first step, the virtual game concept designing and virtual game development of a virtual game is a major, interesting task and which a lot of handwork to do. Where in reality then they need to think more about the promotion area to advertise the virtual games very easily for bring your investment back.
Krify believes in the “Pareto Principle” – 80/20 Rule of time and life management. Which can be implemented and needed to be apply here to get the success.
A study tells that every young entrepreneurship – mind think in a way to invest 76% time for the game development and 24% of time to market the game, which the reason entrepreneur is failing through the development and marketing of the game. Do you agree? Through our experience, being an entrepreneur we must spend 40% of our efforts in the development of the game and 60% of time in planning the marketing with more focused. Let me tell you how? As per the Pareto Principle, Out of 100 tasks you do and work in a day. 20 tasks will contribute yours 80% of results in a day and 80 tasks will contribute 20% of results. This describes how to prioritize each task and choose to complete each as per the plan.
Virtual Game Marketing Consult an expert to save your time and efforts. This is where the success mantra lies.
In the plan of action, being an entrepreneur you work on the only 20% but this could be the important aspect which helps to you to succeed. An entrepreneur must work smart and hart on the 20% of tasks which improves your ROI – involves in the strategy building and marketing plans (May, a half can be invested through a consultancy about the planning and strategy building) And 80% of tasks focussed to on the side of design and development which needs a long time to work and finalize (where being an entrepreneur, we play and think of the quality out come in terms of feedback) and Of course the concept of the game and the quality – user experience will defiantly define the success rate and a major role. We must keep our hands on the testing and bug fixing. Reach us for Professional Mobile app development, Digital Marketing and IT consultancy services to build your future. Read about our blog about – Are you a Die Hard Fan of Sport? Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps
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Website for disabled people

Steps to be followed to develop a website for disabled people

Browsing something on internet or operating a website is not always an easy task for everybody. Inaccessible design of web pages prevents millions of people with disability from an easy user experience. Accessibility Statics 3.3% terms to 8.1 million people have vision impairment these people mostly rely on screen reader or screen magnifier. 3.1% terms to 7.6 million people having hearing impairment these people mostly rely on audio and video media. Accessibility Statics For those people with visual impairments, hear loss, difficulties in learning and many more. Making website more accessible for disabled user building a disability friendly website is lot very easier than you might think. If you can follow few basic steps termed below.   (i) Usage of Alt tags ALT tag provides an alternative title for the image if a user with visual imparability who uses screen reader Alt tags are read aloud, the only way that provides alternative information for an image. Consider Alt tags seriously use them and describe an image succinctly. If it is a picture of a book, write out the book’s name. If it is an object describe what it is for eg, if it is a set of crayons, alt text used can be “crayons” as illustrated below in the image. Usage of Alt tags   (ii) Include transcriptions and subtitles If your website includes videos, providing subtitles if there are bulk uploads of videos of  Your own kind. Youtube the popular video hosting have tools which allows users to add Their subtitles to the clips. Transcription of videos is always helpful for the users. Providing a text transcript makes the audio information accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as to search engines and other technologies that can't hear. It's easy and relatively inexpensive for websites to provide transcripts. There are also transcription services that create text transcripts in HTML format.   (iii) Make your body text legible The 0.8 em default on some blog platforms is just too small for millions of readers out there. Usability should always be your paramount concern as not all the Readers are under 25.   (iv) Color control This main focus on people having color blindness choosing smart color combination is useful for any website with any kind of audience. Reducing the use of red, green or blue light (will especially help colorblind users). White background with black text is one good practice as it readable for all audience. (below is an illustration of color control).' Color control   (v) Use links  Make your links look like links. Use colors, underline to distinguish links from regular text. Describe the links that is given instead of writing click here use description for link eg. best software technology company Krify . So that is where the accessibility of the website gets increased for various kinds of people.   (vi) Variable font size Make sure of your font sizes. If the font size is fixed, older browsers do not allow user to adjust the size of the text. (Now IE, Firefox you can give command + or – to increase or decrease the size of the text on screen.)   (vii) Keep your website simple This is useful for any kind of audience, but this is mainly focused on elderly audience or those with learning disability. If there is some website which is highly filled with content you can simply break the content like “about us” or “home” etc..   (viii) Abbreviations and Document structure A very general rule is that more structured document is easier to understand. Using headlines, bulleted, number list and indented quotes will make the website more accessible Abbreviation: always expand the very first occurrence of all abbreviation and also use the period of abbreviation. (ix) Know your audience If you are passionate about highly accessible site. Knowing your audience and designing a website is truly required.
The above steps and tips will give out an idea of how to design an website for disabled people.
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Top 5 Fortune Sports Buzz words

Top 5 Fortune Sports Buzz words for Fans & Athletes to Think

Now, We – Human being are living in an advanced era of sports where things can be happen on finger tips. Do you agree? Today, I am going to convey everything about sports – How, Where, and what way that things will happen through finger tips. The world of folks are looking a comfort zone, where things can be automated or either each can be tied up one another. The goal behind the comfort zone is described in following quote.
“The procedure of scheduling and implementing the conception pricing preferment and spreading of sports idea, goods and services to generate interactions that fulfill individual and organizational objectives”
Let's specify the digital sport trends 2020 ear by considering the 2018, the buzz word sounds that are in the mouth of a small kid to an elder folk are.. Sports News: Sports news is everything for the one who missed a running commentary. How many of you tend to browse Sports News apps or newspapers everyday by opening a sports page first? Myself, I would give a second most preference to check the Sports page and feel great to read the news articles posted about the sports especially Cricket and Basketball. Not only, which I missed I have also read the news articles to know about the forecast report of a bowling and batting pitch, weather reports at the stadium or a place where the match going to be hosted. Being a fan of one team I would love to know, what could be in a favorable for my dear team to win the match and what not? Before I bet with my friend. top 10 best sports news apps In 2018, We have top 10 best sports news apps rather say to as a daily newspaper and the best short news Android, iPhone and iPad apps like Inshorts, Google App, Feedly, Flipboard, Inoreader, Pocket, News Republic, Podcast and Radio Addict, and few other. Of course, the social media pages and feeds are also one of the best medium to know the trending and latest news throughout any of the sport.   Schedules: This is the next thing which people love to know and inquire about next match on a great finish of the season or a match which brag a tough fight / never give up competition between two. Yes! we all plan in prior by booking flights or a buses or planning to reach on time. schedule apps Here are top 50+ games that every sport fan dream to see in live the best kick over, and check the fix the schedule to attend.  We defiantly have dream to watch at-least one of these top sports events through out the world. The Masters, FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics, Super Bowl, New York City Marathon, Army vs. Navy Football Game, Baseball World Series, Winter Olympics, Wimbledon, UNC vs. Duke Basketball Game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Stanley Cup, Cubs Game at Wrigley, Tour de France, Liverpool vs. Manchester United at Old Trafford, Liverpool vs. Manchester United at Old Trafford, BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, Michigan vs. Ohio State at The Big House, NFL Conference Championships, Final Four – NCAA Men’s Basketball, Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, Ryder Cup, UEFA Champions League, Harvard vs. Yale at Yale, British Open, Dubai World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Rose Bowl, Rugby World Cup, MLB All-Star Game, Horse Racing at Saratoga, Professional Bull Riders World Finals, Indy 500, Running of the Bulls, Special Olympics, U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, Iron Bowl at Alabama, Late Season Green Bay Packers Game at Lambeau Field, Epsom Derby, Ironman World Championship, Texas Football Friday Night Lights in Odessa, Koshien Baseball Tournament, Soccer Game at Macarana Stadium in Rio, Notre Dame Football Game, CS vs. UCLA Basketball Game at Pauley Pavilion, Red River Shootout, Calgary Stampede, U.S. Open Golf Tournament, NBA All-Star Game, Florida vs. Georgia Football Game, Hong Kong Sevens and more. top 50+ games that every sport fan dream Not only what I have listed above, there are a plenty of other game events hosted every day to encourage an athlete and sportsmanship spirit in each fans look for an opportunity with slot reserved to see these. A plenty of Android, iPhone iPad apps, websites and bloggers who always try to notify a sport fan about the various sport events / athlete track, training, workout, workout split, calendar, and apps scheduling over the globe. We also have top sports event schedule apps which can help in knowing the schedule of various events like MLB.com At Bat, MLS Soccer Scores & Highlights, Forza Football, and more.   Scoreboards: You will feel the real thrilling of the scoreboard when you present in the live stadium watching the game and learning the strategy to win. You get full of sweat while you see a competitive situation one to one or a team to team like a winning short that defines the game, the last second that brings the winner out, and of course the losing face always teaches you the best lesson about how to take a pride step to appreciate a winner. In all these situations a scoreboards plays a vital role to understand the every situation and feel the real game. live score app In the reality, may every one not able to see the real scoreboard with a live competition on the go. But we still feel each moment through the digital platforms offering a real time scoreboard over notification about the match even in the absence to watch in live or through the television. We have top live score app developed are available for free to utilize like Cricbuzz, Scoccer Scores, LiveScore, The ESPNcricinfo, Goal Live, 365 Scores, Sportacular, NBA App, AFL, Flash Scores, BBC Sport and more.   E-Ticketing: For any event / sports meet sport fans are used Rome around the stadium to buy tickets at counters. As technology grown up – now it’s so simple to buy a ticket through hassle free application for any sports event that is going to organise a pre-planned way. E-ticketing Apps Development The e-ticketing a latest trend to provide a comfort booking of any seat to see the sport through the mobile apps or a websites. In case of mobile apps for e-ticketing, the craze is increasing day to day as it provide a clear cut in way start from booking a ticket to stadium, the app itself going to guide you as a welcome guy taking you to your seat from the point of your home with specific alerts about the event that you are going to attend. These E-ticketing concept is everywhere starts from a movie to sport and what not. We have few to book the tickets from various sport events hosting nearby can be available through E-ticketing Android, iPhone and iPad apps like StubHub and few other apps.   Live Streaming: Out of 10 people in sport lovers 6 are watching the live stream of any match / event that are hosting in various other places. We are know the broadcasting network is exists since 1950 in visualizing a live event / match from one to many with a slight delay. But in case of live streaming according to the infrastructure that used to build the mobile app or web application with a very slight delay or exactly no delay. Live Stream of Sports Technology given a power to capture everything which happening in front of eye with mobile device, cameras, drones or any advanced glasses. Fan’s got a freedom to share a live sport through various channels, it may be a mobile / web or social media application. Here are a top 10 live streaming apps and social channels for fans to broadcast / live-cast of events and competition or any other sports stuff happening like, Livestream, WatchESPN, CBS Sports, 365Scores, NFL Mobile, NASCAR MOBILE, NCAA Sports, Sling, Mobdro, theScore and more which are used as the best sports streaming app for android devices. In the 2018 among top sports events today, sports organizers are looking to forward for the Sports Apps Development which compatible to Android and iOS devices. Krify has a great competency in developing Android and iOS sports applications like Sports Shot News Apps Development, Sports Schedule’s Apps Development, Scoreboard Apps Development, E-Ticketing Apps Development, Sports Live Streaming Apps Development with a latest technology used to provide a bug-free quality application delivering. Get in touch with our Business Analyst who can help in fulfilling dreams from a small idea. Inquire us on your queries about what technology suits you to go with next idea to app development.
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Inventory Management

Why to Go for Inventory Management | Billing Software’s? – Overview of IMS 2018

What actually Inventory means? – Inventory could be a complete list of items such like goods in stock, properties or the contents of a building. In which a business user need to organize all such reports. Inventory turnover, a key metric for small business, is the cost of goods sold divided by average inventory on hand. Small Business Owners are found to be very hard workers, who work to build their business career break by break. Do you agree? A small scale business owner will be a main role, who knows the each information about any product which is selling his store. Do you know how?
When we track our products, we can predict how much we will sell in the future. Moreover we will find them faster for our customers, and a reorder before we run out of the product.
Let’s consider, a small scale plumbing shop – where you can found a business owner and a guy who is supporting him in supplying the products / items to the customers on a call by business owner. In this role the major portion towards billing will be played by the shop owner and managing the inventory items would be covered by a supportive co-worker. Now, in a real scenario let us assume – What are few disadvantages faced by a small business owner while he is settling or while taking the next steps towards expansion of a small business with the next level.
  • Increased Inventory: In a day to day business journey, every businessman try to find a way in business expansion. As such opportunities in small businesses will nominate multiple products to sell through the store. Which could be complicated to manage by an individual business owner without the help of next person or a software.
  • Product Pricing: Yes, No one can guarantee a product price. In the current India market, the changes in economy of business development and offers over the products will leads a confusion to a business over the product pricing and a bit tough to remember the same.
  • Product Quantity: In any business, who deals with a supplier as well as a consumer will lead a query of current available quantity until we manually go and check the stock availability to place the next order.
  • Supplier Details: Being a business owner, it is must to remember every supplier who will supply various products to us. So obviously these are very essential to remember.
  • Customer Details: If we are planning for returning business, then we must know who our existing customers. As we all know, the data analytics is playing a major role over the business needs.
  • Credit Transactions: Small scale business owners must know the transaction flow about to whom they need to pay (suppliers) and from whom they need to collect (customers). What if a small scale business owner miss a particular customer to collect a payments through manual operating?
  • Cash Transactions: Human have an usual habit to spend money on various things as per need without plan. This scenario mostly leads to a loss in a small scale businesses and which leads them to a business failure.
  • Expenditures Track: Do you know? When we spend on the reasonable needs we will earn more income. What if we do not have a track on our regular spending to manage the inventory and our store?
  • Trust on Co-workers: 60% business owners will builds with trust on their colleagues / partners, In fact the openness between the co-workers. Which helps a small business to move on with next steps in growth curve
  • Warehouse Managing: For everyone, who has a warehouse more than one or plenty of products in a warehouse, needs to act smartly in managing the inventory with a track on each item.
  • Sales Track: Accounting is an art to attract the customers with the special offering on a average sales price to a bestselling price. Which leads a drastic change small business towards huge earning. Knowing day to day year to year sales / purchase reports really helps to sort-out predict business loss.
If you searching for a solution to the above scenarios, here is a quick solution to help!!
Krify team spent a couple of days in working for Inventory Management Solution (IMS) with a passion to solve the real-time, small business challenges with an effective & simple solution. Let have a look on glimpse of inventory software, proudly developed to manage the Inventory and does the billing jobs easy. Introduction: A professional, well-structured and user friendly interface IMS comes with a handy keyboard moments. IMS going to help us in managing the life cycle of a product / item from the supplier stage of product purchase to the selling of product to the customer. Inventory Management Software IMS 2018 is also a one stop solution for all your billings with smart accounting system with GST based calculation. The billing system of IMS it-self include a GST calculations with user defined option to subtract from the product price or addition to the product price and as well.
  • Warehouse based Stock Management System / Application
  • GST enabled Inventory Application
  • Monthly GST calculator with GST reports
  • Offline stock and warehouse management system
  • Standalone stock sales system
  • Auto product pricing suggestions with pricing intelligence powered algorithm
  • Purchase and Invoice Reports
  • Know your Suppliers and Customers
  • Manage your Credit billings
  • Track your Expenditures
  • And many more.
IMS offer a wide range of Inventory Management and Billing sub features to makes a small business owner job easy. Request a free demo on the IMS software. Krify did a plenty of software applications in various domains as per the customer requirements, IMS is one among the successful market applications in INDIA which involves the GST rules for the billing purpose.
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Beginner Guide For React Native

Want to build a Native Mobile App? React native mobile app development is on the runway. React native is the next generation of React framework. It is a javascript code library developed by Instagram and Facebook. It is released in the year 2013. Native App means developing  applications for different operating systems. React.JS is the framework of javascript used for building the native mobile apps. It is the simplest way to start your application as there is no need of installing or configuring tools like Android Studio or Xcode, instead it uses the React framework including the inbuilt components and API’s. React Native is the future of Hybrid App Development. Prerequisites “React” in “React Native” indicates that one should have a clear understanding of React and what it offers before starting to build a native app using React Native. Perhaps, having a strong knowledge on the concepts of React and JavaScript would help the developers to work with React Native to build the mobile native apps. Better Understanding React Native uses the same design and React and built using only JavaScript.Same as Android and IOS apps, it uses the same UI building blocks and let the developer compose the rich mobile UI by bringing those building blocks together using React and JavaScript. React Native Features
  • React     : A Framework for building the mobile and web apps using JavaScript.
  • Native    : Use the native components controlled by JavaScript.
  • Platform: Supports both Android and IOS.
React Native Advantages
  • Code Sharing : Can share maximum amount of code on different platforms like Android and IOS.
  • JavaScript       : Existing JavaScript knowledge is the prerequisite for building the apps.
  • Community   : React Native has a large community which help developers to get solutions for their queries.
Examples:                     Now What? By the examples above one will clearly understand what the react native apps are used for. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is also applicable for the technology. Some of the technologies will evolve but take time to mature. Going through the blog one will get the basic idea on how react native is helpful in building the native mobile apps having a knowledge on React and JavaScript. Of course, there is still plenty to learn. Provided the idea, cheer up react native developers and take a step ahead to develop your native mobile app. Let’s bring your innovative idea to finger prints with our association. Have a look at our contributions and do contact us for your idea to come into existence.  
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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of online network marketing that indicates to the development of expanding traffic by sharing content on social media sites. Social media marketing contains activities like sharing updates, pictures, sending videos, & and in addition paid web-based social networking advertising. There are so many ways that can social media can be a beneficial marketing channel or platform. As opposed to suggesting it as a strategy of the day, the reason should manage technique and the strategies used for achieving desired targets.

Improving Brand Identity and awareness:

Yes! You can improve your brand identity by using social media marketing. People are spending time on different social channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. By posting your product name all over those systems can support let people notices that you’re all over. With use of consistent and experts in social media marketing services or in-house activities, your Brand will get the eyeballs of a large number of clients the whole way across the world. This won't just build the perceivability of your brand, yet it will likewise make your Brand as a famous brand.

Extending Website Traffic:

The primary reasons you should utilize social media marketing is to build your website traffic. This isn't something hypothetical however in the event that uses properly social media can turn into an extraordinary source of traffic that can enable you to set up an effective online business or blog. By sharing our posts on social media platforms, by giving referral sites called back lisnks, also gives more traffic to the website.

Targeting the Audience:

It is the right way to know your clients. Let your content connect with the correct group of right audience with the help of social media marketing business. Casual people group enable you to see what your potential customers are talking about while in the meantime ending up more familiar with them. Organizations ought to use these frameworks to collect client information to better oblige their requirements and give them the information they're hunting for.

Developing search engine rankings:

Social media marketing and how it identifies the search rank has long been a bit of a dull subject. While social media marketing may not straightforwardly affect search results, it's obvious that your social media subsistence can assists you rank higher in searches. By sharing valuable content on social media, optimizing most relevant keywords, giving more backlinks to the content, it will give you much better ranking position. Krify work with you to figure out which social media channels will associate your business with the ideal individuals. Krify team starts the procedure with a top to bottom research about the organisation and the segments that can possibly team up inside the strategy. Krify digital marketing specialists have the ability to make a one of a kind advanced procedure that will separate your business and develop your brand. Contact us today for digital marketing solutions concentrated on expanding your primary concern.  
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Top 5 reasons- Why you need mobile app for your startup Company

Building a mobile app is one such decision that in today's time a company has to take. No doubt it is a big decision being your appearance in the market because as they say the initial introduction is the best impression. The regular approach says to construct a website first and after that consider the mobile application yet how about we be doubtful for some time and reconsider. Is it the correct method to tap the market? To sort out the entire procedure we have thought of a fine-tuned checklist which will enable you to put a conclusion to steady meetings to generate new ideas about whether to go to develop a mobile app first.

1. Your business in everyone’s pocket:

Now-a-days average person spends more than two and half hours a day on their mobile device. So it is no doubt any longer that clients invest significantly more time using mobile media than they do utilize desktops. If your start-up is absent from the mobile screen, it is missing more chances to associate with the correct clients. Your business into everyone's pocket   Despite what business you have, a mobile app can help you to get and retain buyers and, accordingly, you will achieve your potential clients anytime and anyplac

2. You can access even though at poor connection:

In the event that your clients are visit guests and may visit your application more than 5 times each day and expect a lag free from you, it is insightful to go for a mobile app than a website. Websites are slow to load and afterward there is the login strategy, may be the browser connection is poor and on its highest point, the client won't get push notifications. The general purpose is to keep it faster, helpful and up to date. The mobile app will give all of you these highlights as it can have some offline features to give straight-forward entry to the client even with a poor web connection. It can be customized to give push warnings which keep the client connected with and will increase the client visits to the application.

3. Promoting new products & services:

With the use of a mobile app, you can undoubtedly provide users with some helpful data about your new item or service, rebate offers, or some other updates to bait them and increase your deals. On the other hand, the app can link to your inventory system sign up for your services or purchase your product online. Promoting your business and services Whatever the reason is, everything comes down to the useful idea of the mobile app which joins all the data you’d like to provide to your customer. For instance, through push notifications, you're getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can easily remind clients about your items and services at whenever it makes sense.

4. Increase your brand recognition:

Since a mobile app is downloaded onto a mobile device and thus lives on that device, it becomes easily-accessible and consistently reminds the user of the brand, since it can be seen on the mobile screen. One of the most important things a mobile app offers to consumers is awareness of and communication with your brand. And through that regular interaction with your target market. The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to later appearance.

5. Improve Customer Engagement:

The efforts of mobile engagement brings a new chapter to marketing strategies. Because mobile apps are structured differently than any other channel especially when compared to browsing web via mobile  retailers who have apps can invite customers to interact with products and with branding in ways that can’t be done otherwise, bringing more mobile customer engagement. good customer engagement Mobile devices help you bridge the gap that separates the physical and digital worlds, connecting with customers/prospects to enhance their loyalty. So, are you looking to design a mobile app for your startup? Just catch us on Krify.co Krify app developers have expertise in developing apps for iPhone & Android. We are dedicated to provide mobile app development services at its best and proud to have a huge base of offshore client along with some of the top multi-national brands. You can come to us at any stage of your project - from just an idea to architecture, from development to quality assurance and support.

All over, Yesterday website’s becomes Today’s mobile app.

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How Prototyping can take your Startup to the next level?

Are you are a startup company or entrepreneur with app development idea? Do you want to make your app stand out with the competitors? then you should first go with Prototype.  This is your best first step in mobile app development because prototype ads life to your idea and communicate your vision clearly and it makes the process move both faster and in more efficient way. Developing an app is a time consuming and costly process. There are many points to take into account in mobile app development, especially during the initial stages. Some of the major steps includes conception of the idea, target audience, investment etc. Prototyping bridges the gap between designers and developers, allowing you to move a substantial step ahead of your competitors. The initial stages of building a skyscraper are a lot like the beginning stages of building software. In the same way architects create illustrations and draw up blueprints to provide builders and developers with a vision of the end product, designers create sketches, wireframes, and mockups to demonstrate the look and structure of an application. What is prototype? Prototype is an act of creating a proof of concept of a product which can be used to validate an idea and tested by the users before creating the actual product.  It is essentially an early simulation of the final app product. A prototype is a collection of UX pieces, animations, interactions and other graphic elements meant to showcase the app’s purpose and functionality. Prototype communicates the design and navigation of the app to stakeholders in order to maximize the efficiency of the development process. Prototypes bring ideas to life and transform a creative vision into a reality to align the customers’ needs with the goals of an organization. How Does an App Prototype Look Like Below is an example of a Prototype we developed for Social Event booking application   Reasons to Start Prototyping Concept validation It is always good to test an idea before investing a lot of time and money. Prototyping allows you to experiment with the idea and reveals whether there is demand for your app idea. You can easily add, modify or remove features based on the feedback received from the users. Better stakeholder engagement Stakeholders involved in the development should have a better understanding about the purpose and functionality of the app. An early prototype is an opportunity to present the idea to partners, investors and other stake holders and further brainstorm together about possible improvements. Identify potential issues as early as possible Changes in the requirements and workflow in the later stages of the app development process will consume a lot of time and money as well because it requires complex modifications in the app code. Hence by designing a prototype, you can decide what features to include or skip etc? Can Streamline Your Onboarding Process Prototyping helps catch UI and UX problems early so that your customers can be able to readily use the application after launching which helps you in seamlessly onboarding the application to your customers. Speeds up (and Simplifies) the Mobile App Development Process Your developers will have many questions for you that a functional prototype could have answered quickly. Prototyping will eliminate a lot of the back and forth that slows down the process. That way developer can fully focus on coding part. Gives Tangible Product for Funding An app prototype is a functional idea of the end product. When presenting the app to prospective investors, a prototype works as a tangible product model that can speak about the product, its potential, and how it would be at the end. This will ensure investors about value of your product. Mobile App prototype comprises of following steps
  • Ideation and Brainstorming for the App concept and preparing requirement document.
  • Wireframes (Blue print) :A skeletal outline of the flow of the app following requirement document
  • Graphic design/Mock up’s: The Look and feel of the user interface with color combinations following Wireframes.
  • Prototype : A virtual app which will provide the visual rendition and logic flow of an active mobile app
What are different prototyping tools? There are plenty of great prototyping tools that we can use which can quickly turn sketches, images and mockups into fully interactive and high-fidelity prototypes that look and feel like the finished product. Also helps you to quickly share the prototype with teams and clients. Below are few examples
  • Marvel
  • Flinto
  • Justinmind
  • Invisionapp
  • Proto.io
  • Balsamiq
Here at Krify have good experience in creating mobile app prototypes that feel real. We understand that prototypes plays a critical role in the success of MVP so our designers will work with you to create polished, stylish design tailored to a smooth and well-chosen user experience Prototype. What are you waiting for? To get your prototype started, Contact us today!
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What is the importance of writing perfect RFP for your mobile application?

When you are looking for new mobile application development then you need to find the right company who can convert your idea to reality that can ensure its success. This is the one of the challenging task especially when so many vendors are trying to contact. So inorder to make sure that your mobile app development really went well, one should find best mobile app Development Company. The quality of your RFP helps you in finding the right mobile app development company by receiving responses from top development companies. What is RFP? A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation document developed by organizations or entrepreneurs with their business goals and submitted to mobile app development companies asking for competitive estimations to develop that certain application. What are the Key elements of RFP? Purpose of the project - The first step towards writing a proposal is to define the problem and the related KPIs. You need to write what business problem this application is to going to solve. This step is very important to articulate your problem and the easier it becomes for mobile app development companies to suggest you best tailored solution. Project Description - Need to explain the exact goal and what you want to achieve with this mobile application. Target Audience -A mobile app should always be developed keeping in mind the target users of an application. Having a clear vision regarding the target group, enhance the success ratio of an app. Mobile Platforms - Need to define whether you want to go with native or hybrid application? Also need to define in which platform you want the application such as
  • IOS App Development
  • Android App development
  • Windows app development
  • Progressive web apps
Timeline and budget -While writing a RFP, define the ball park budget that you have and decide when the project should be launched. This information helps mobile app development companies to planning the project, technology stack etc. Things to consider when selecting a best mobile app development company Finally, the quality of your mobile app RFP will affect the quality of the responses you receive. The detailed and better your RFP, you will receive proposals from best mobile app development company that provide accurate timeline and price estimations and help you to choose the company that matches your project.
As a full service mobile app development company with 12 + years experience, Krify handles the entire lifecycle of your project starting from Strategy, UX/UI Design, Architecture  planning, App Development, QA/UAT testing to deployment to respective stores. Design & Development of mobile apps is our bread and butter. Start a conversation today with our business analyst team for your next mobile app development project idea!
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How Leading Digital Era Helping Indian Politician

How Leading Digital Era Helping Indian Politician?

In the past, Year 2014 general elections is revolutionary aspect in India, Where we saw the emerging social media trends for the promotion activities of political parties. We all know, the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated by playing a mind game with a weapon called social media in the battleground emerged like India’s Obama. Similar to the traditional ways of recorded calls, sending messages and public gathering speeches, 2014 election saw a new leveraging social media trends to spread out to their voters like never before.
Social Media Leaders: Politician like Narendra Modi have pinned the talent of social media engagement, with a marvellous mix of personal feelings, smart positioning and nationalist pride. Minister Narendra Modi - Social Media
Todays, controversy looks to be an opposite synonym for the word politician. Several politicians have reserved social media as the virtual battlefield targeting hard to keep their followers updated on the recent happenings of the other parties. In the Year 2013 general elections In fact, as Digital Media providing a direct communication channel to tag and comment any politician on their service oriented activities. And of course every word posting on a digital media or through a public speech is goanna be a captured and answerable. On a part of this maintaining FAN base, Active Participation and Regular updates will defiantly going play a major role for the upcoming general elections of 2019 and of course this could be a biggest challenge to the positions to be a social mind spirited. In a part, there are most of the politicians who seems to be on a continuous look out for subjects which benefits them and in the method skip on forming their own opinions. In the next General elections, is going to be held in India in April or May 2019 to constitute the seventeenth Lok Sabha. As we are sat on 2018, Political parties are already in rush to reach the public about the future plan towards the digital India smart plan with brains maps. Let me tell you in detail about 2019 elections political candidates’ strategy in India. General Elections Investment Planning Any of the following continent of India, Traditional Indian society is now moving towards the Information Technology to frame a defined social hierarchy. So now every candidate heading the elections of 2019 is developing own strategies for their political parties to win the next elections. Skills to be acquire by an Indian politician: People habited to think, politician are whom just come to ask votes. But infect we have seen certain politicians who is so passionate to help people with following habits. [caption id="attachment_12935" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Skills to be acquire by an Indian politician It's you going to be define your self - Either Good Politician / Bad Politician[/caption] Traditional Concepts:
  1. Strategy to Interact with People
  2. Decision Making
  3. Knowledge - Past histories and the current happenings
  4. Skilful – to deal a set of people or individuals
  5. Proactive and Smart - in handling the situation
  6. Promising Nature - Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound
  7. Honesty - being honest and speaking the truth
  8. Identifying the problem & capable to solve
  9. Attire to Mingle with People
  10. Habited to take Visit to the Voter
  11. Aimed to help each individual
Digital Skills to be acquire by an Indian politician: Digital media is a tricky monster when it derives to finding the true firmness for your content. On other hand, When it comes to politics being reserved on social media is won’t get you very far. In terms of Politics, the Digital Marketing simply a set of activates planned to perform by a politician to get recognized by more voter in surroundings to a world-wide.
  1. Things to be consider to be a modern politician in digital media:

From the political history, the very greatest politicians have been clever to convey the message and can be able to prove / deliver it. Seamlessly this will helped them to get many followers.


Behind the prospects in reality the personal moment (they are well-planned enough to what to talk and prove it on right time) personal moments. The same story repeats in Digital Media, Where words are represented by content, Mike are represented as social channels and people can hear your words anytime anywhere about everything.

In a sense, with more of political knowledge and a well-planned digital media strategies can introduce you to thousands of people with a list of filters by using which you can hit the right target.

Domain Name as your Brand

A) Know what you need:

In the digital media it is essential to know what you need as time and frequency of your work always matters.

Think like Trump and Modi - Let take the first step to purchase a domain on your name, there are a few opponents who acquire your domain or related domain name before you and made it redirected to their own site. The best example is Donald Trump, who uses the jebbush.com domain users to redirect to his own donaldjtrump.com website.

Create a portfolio of future vision and todays achievements – 70% of humans are day dreamers and night thinkers. Each of us can be tied with a visionary models Just acknowledge Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandra Babu Naidu. He will used to deliver his words in any of the direct or stage meetings with a plan of representing  dream into reality with set of pictures and videos designed especially for each project he going to deal. In this case a well-planned and strategic website with effective content will get you more recognition.

In feature, Social Media is everything for your political career – If you are really a big player in politics then Yes, to reach the potential voters who aware of things. You must create a Twitter page, Facebook Page, Insta and more. With the Social Media Presence, The more fan base you have the more your words reach to the audience. Make sure you active and maintain your fan pages frequently.

Political content will spark voter reaction – We all aware this year’s political picture and videos are already full of the regular happenings with respect to a politician party and the personal through the like YouTube videos, animated GIFs, and content, So If politician target few of the viral topics into ads, It’s dam sure that they can reach the target medium and can be able to spread over the region.

Political Content Generation is more of framing the reality into a problem identification and problem solving model where a politician can grab a chance to raise his voice against the problem and solve it with people support.

Digital Skills to be acquire by an Indian politician:

B) Introduce yourself with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a kind of online tool which helps you to organize meeting in online and create a path way to reach your voters door steps.

Foot Printing – Analyse your opponent if you are stating fresh, If you are a on chair / sitting / person of ruling party in particular position track what your opponents doing parties because we should not lose our exiting audience and be prepared to defend others.

Directions – Planning a pakka strategy will helps you to define a set of gaols. When a Politician have a clear vision of goal, Politician can be able to define a milestone based planning to reach the goal.

The same way, Make sure your plan is well defined and it must be in-front of your voters because your success rate defines your dedication and prodigality. This is what exactly young champs are looking for.

Presentations – A well written scripts always beneficiary and helps towards conveying the right message. Well-structured presentation with list of selected options will make you ready with a pre-plan before attending any meeting or a walk to the people.

Prioritising – When you really want something to achieve, you must be responsive and work towards to achieve the same. Prioritising comes into the picture when you are working with a well-planned approach with respect to organizing your story, plan, content, website, your portfolio, your Fan pages and what not.

Campaigning – The major motto behind every campaign is to get well reputation in terms of audience reach and result oriented.

The campaign evolvement is the beginning of the new beginning near to target voters. Be reliable with your memo, short and sweet. Mr. Obama conducted one of the most positive digital marketing in the political campaign history. He used this data in a smart way to answer voters’ questions. Have a look on the Obama campaign, published in Forbes recently.

The campaign evolvement Obama

Demographics – This would might sound humble, but in reality this is the biggest job to work on for collecting the data and converting towards our goal. If you are successful to grab this and convert to the best. You are kind enough to get success in your political career.

  Bottom-line: In today’s digital era most of the politicians are rising usage of digital media and social media to get hidden advantages and reach the general public through cumulative internet access owing to increased use of technology and smartphones. You must have a Digital Consultation or a IT technology partner for your political career, who can delivers the flawless platform to the existing and coming political parties to interconnect with their audience. In fact, the technology has improved the way political parties connect with their voter bank, which is associating the gap between each. Laterally with increasing interaction, digital and social media are also allowing to promote to reach the dreams of real politician.
In a sense, A well planned digital media strategies can introduce you to thousands of people with a list of filters by using which you can hit the right target at Lowest Investment.
At Krify, We are a professional IT company, who do provide the digital consultation and web development, mobile app development and digital marketing services with proven strategies. You can connect us on any of your IT idea with your mobile number on a call back option enabled above or you can also draft an inquiry to start helping to build your career.
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Mind Reading

Top 5 Technologies based on #Humanoid Brain – What is Mind Reading?

Mind Reading In reality 2018, the advance power among the individual minds makes the possible with a brief study of individual minds with the day to day growing technology. With this for the first time it is probable to decode the brain thoughts which holding several concepts. Technology is enabling us to map of all the kind of information in the brain about to what are the most human thoughts are poised of.   What is Mind reading? In terms of wiki, the Psychic power, Psionics, psychic skill – are alternative words used to label in the mind reading skill. “Mind reading is a superficially magical skill to map someone's psychological terrain from their words, emotions, and the body language.” The transformation of info between individuals by means of other than the general mind intelligence. One of the biggest improvements of the human brain’s ability is to chain individual perceptions into the complex thoughts, like just not to think of 'Apple' but 'I like to eat an Apple in morning with my breakfast’.   About Mind Reading: The Whole Brain Emulation (WBE), in terms of a computer. The mind upload or the brain upload is the imaginary futuristic process by skimming mental state of a specific brain substrate and copying it to the brain or a computer. The brain or a computer could then run the simulation model for the knowledge processing, such that it will responds in really the same way. Robotics enabled Human through brains Such is where Mind Reading comes into the picture by capturing the mind state / memory rolling over will provide a Super power to the Mind Reader to know his / her imaginary world and thoughts. The Scientific Knowledge of Mind Reading practically aims to help the build the futuristic & modern software's to built on agility, Artificial Intelligence automation, IoT, Boats, insights & security and more. 1. How Robotics enabled Human through brains? Based on the researches happened with human brains, robot that’s are empowering with the knowledge like a human about the recognition, grasping and how to see the real world to respond back with a very similar thought process up to how a real humanoid act. With the data gathered through the research on various minds, Knowledge providing to a Robot is very simple with a few installations and clicks away. Coming to advance Robo’s which have been developed are capable to learn the new things by interacting with the human minds. If you see consider a simple example, the way a personal assistant interacting with Robots the way they respond back is very similar based how they get trained to read the inflection.   2. How Artificial intelligence enabled through Human brains? We all know the Artificial Intelligence is the real capability of human mind and powering a super system. The most impressive pattern of artificial intelligence is a computer that was really, truly good at chess. Today’s Artificial intelligence with a pieces of software can do every-thing in form of interactions with humanoid. In real like we have already using such technology on finger tips. With the mood of feeling the music can be played up. A chat bot can help you typing instead of real text by hands and more. All the curiosity get enabled only while it’s by human engineers who catches the mind various minds about how to respond back and make the job happy.   3. How Automation enabled through Human brains? All the automated tasks will be grounded one to one with specific task completion as a goal. One among the most practical guide is to implement the mechanisation that each automation enabler will follow The Theory of Mind (ToM). May be the world of humble humans will be swapped by the taskforces of slick automatons in terms of Automation. But, In order to automate the task’s it’s very important to know what a human capable to and in what way they used to solve the problem. This is only understandable by observing the human being and individual minds to setup a process and develop the automation with a sensory networks from a brain to memory network.   4. How Bots enabled through Human brains? Human are fond of regular instants and feelings, which are the things continuously change according to the mind-set. The mind is an agreed of intellectual faculty with consciousness, thinking, perception, language, judgement and memory. It is always important of a bot to know each thing which have been interacted with a human activity right? It could be a chat bot, a functional bot or a Proactive bot. The job is to help the human mind by reducing the human efforts. The Goal of bot is simply they communication way with proper messaging style or infect to complete the specific job. And of course it must have the right to ask in case of miss understandings of human mind or words before execute. Let’s say It may be Alexa device or Google Assistant, both powered pre instructions according to the human needs and mind set based on which they perform the action.   5. How IOT enabled through Human brains? We all know the IoT is a two-way communication, Brains are now open to take electrical signals bearing the data of several likely sorts. Humanoid brains are now developed as the nodes that interoperated with the other nodes possibly each other. Neuroscience provoked the visualisation that any organization can be modelled equivalent to the intellectual capability of the human brain. Now with the Brain Reading and Researched done AI algorithms developed are now useful to simulate the brain processes support a vision - certain human brains tasks can be simulated by brain-inspired organisations to set the substance of an intelligent society. All though, we will going to see the nearby future with a different vision through Brain Powered Artificial Intelligence.    Robotics Human Interface IOT

Read Our Next Article About – Mind Reading Apps / Brain Tracing Apps.

  Krify has invested a special wing of super scientist minds into the growing mind reading apps field to work on the analytical and humanoid mind statistical data. Krify have a passion of Developing the Mind Reading Apps with various concepts that clients come-up with. Connect us for your next mind reading app development with advanced technology and advanced data base.
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How to choose best framework for your next project?

A web application framework is a collection of software libraries, Web APIS and Web Services. It enable to speed up the process of application development by making the developers work easier. There are several web frameworks available today and with the increasing popularity among web frameworks, it can get a bit difficult to decide which framework will be best suitable for your projects. Below are few popular Web frameworks
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
There are many pros and cons of using each framework but its utilization is completely dependent on the project requirement. As per the survey, PHP is one of the most popular and convenient scripting framework widely used for web programming .It makes development process much easier and helps to reduce development costs and time. PHP framework boosts the programming process. This framework uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern which separates the business logic from the (UI) user interface. In MVC, M - Model refers to the data, V - View refers to the user interface, C - Controller refers to the business logic which handles the exchange of information between the model and the user interface. MVC basically separates the development process. Therefore the developers can work on the business logic while the designers can work on the user interface separately without getting in each other's way. Hence PHP framework will be faster and less complicated compared to other frameworks. Here we are going to enlist few very popular and used PHP frameworks Laravel :

Laravel is the most popular web application framework among web developers. It is an open source framework introduced in 2011 by the developer Taylor Otwell. Within this short span, it gained huge popularity because of its features and powerful tools. The latest version of laravel is laravel5.5 and the key features of laravel include Databases migration system, Inbuilt templates, built-in command line tool Artisan, Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping), Unit testing and more.

Symfony : Symfony is a PHP framework developed by SensioLabs. It is also an open source framework and the latest version of Symfony is Symfony3.3. It comes with various powerful tools like code-generation tools for prototyping and it has a built-in unit and functional testing framework which allows test-driven development. The debugging is made easy with the debug panel. It also has a command-line interface, to automate the deployment. CakePHP : CakePHP can really make the web development a Cakewalk. It helps us to build the application faster and easier with less code. It offers a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system which makes the development process pretty easy. It also comes with wide range of built-in tools for securing the application. The list includes the tools for input validation, CSRF and XSS protection. Codeigniter :  This is a simple PHP framework which can be easily used by beginners tool .It is introduced in 2006 by EllisLab and widely popular for its simplicity and speed. Codeigniter is highly flexible, it even does not force on MVC. It also provides built-in CSRF and XSS protection.   Zend framework : Zend framework is also a popular framework among developers with over 158 million installations. It is object-oriented and best suits for building enterprise applications. This framework is basically a collection of professional PHP based packages. Krify PHP Team is equipped with Skilled and Proficient expertise PHP Developers and we have developed more than 200+ Web projects sucessfully. Depending on the complexity of the project, our team will choose the framework for execution and Implementation. If you need to hire expert PHP developers for your next project or for on going tasks , get in touch with Krify today
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Points to remember when porting Mobile App from One Platform to Another

The strategy used by some businesses is developing a platform first and the release it in store and based on the reviews and success rate, the app will hit the other platform. Porting an app from one platform to another is not much about the translation of the codes, it is more about the development of the app from the scratch which involves different hardware configurations, operating system support, and customization. Redesigning is one major pre requisite for porting and there is spark difference between the design philosophy of IOS and Android ecosystems. Things to consider while porting
  • Analyze the existing application – how does it work, scope for optimization, bugs, technology stack etc.
  • By checking whether all the features are supported by another platform if not check feasibility and find alternative solution.
  • Creating UI/UX and a navigational style as per design guidelines.
  • Architecture differences
  • Store submission
Android users have an option to come back to the home screen from the app by using back option, however for IOS that feature is not embedded. Thus, converting or porting from one platform to another platform requires significant planning and careful consideration. If you would like to know further information about porting between two OS then please contact our team at Krify. Our expert team can help you to convert your application to another platform seamlessly.
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What made GoodFirms Rank Krify as a TOP SEO Company in UK?

The final goal of any company is to get more qualified and potential leads for the business. Beginning from the Start-ups to the multi national companies, major investment is done on the digital marketing to gain brand recognition, attracting potential leads etc. The success of the business depends on choosing the right digital marketing strategy. Here comes the question, How do you choose the right digital marketing agency and strategy fulfilling all your business needs? To help and guide the businesses, GoodFirms has conducted an in-depth research on all the digital marketing companies to analyse the work force of the companies and featured the Best 10 SEO Companies in UK. We are very proud to share that KRIFY is one among the top 10 SEO companies in UK. GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based renowned B2B research firm that helps in boosting various companies’ online reputation and reliability score through analytical research.It follows a thorough research and review process to analyze the company's performance based on a various parameters like Industry experience, Type of projects , Client satisfaction ratio, skilled work force etc. We take the pleasure in thanking GoodFirm for certifying Krify as one of the Best SEO Companies in UK . This recognition definitely works as motivation tool for us to strive for excellence and deliver superior customer experience in the coming years. Our ultimate goal is to help the businesses to win in the battle of search engines and increase their clients base. We at Krify are so proud to have a skilled team of digital marketing & tech experts. We offer a plethora of services like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, ,Domain Registration, Business emails, Web Hosting, Content Management System and other IT related solutions. Our  strategies are highly focused, result-oriented and adaptive. This is why Krify has earned global reputation as the Top Digital Agency and Best SEO company. Digital Marketing Contact us today and enrich your digital presence. We are happy to be your technology and digital marketing partners.
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