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google i/o 2017 announcements and highlights

Key takeaways from Google I/O 2017

Google’s annual conference Google I/O 2017 was held at the outdoor Shoreline Amphitheatre, California during May 17-19, 2017. The conference started with Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s keynote, which did not come with too many new announcements but Google brought too many new updates regarding announcements that were made in last year’s Google I/O 2016. Sundar Pichai started the keynote with the achievement of having over one billion active users for Google products. He also mentioned that Google has scaled up their 7 of the most important products and platforms, to a billion of monthly active users each. Sundar Pichai attributed the success of reaching this milestone to the growth of mobile and smartphones. But off-course it also requires the computing which is evolving heavily with each passing day. Last year Google mentioned about the important shift in computing from mobile first to AI first approach. The mobile first era made Google reimagine every product they are working on. This led to the change in user-interaction model like multi-touch, location, identity, payments, etc. Similarly, today’s world is AI first world, Google is rethinking all products and applying machine learning and AI to solve user’s problems at scale. Today every product act differently and perform differently using machine learning. For example, he said that today Google search ranks differently using machine learning while using Google map, the street view automatically recognizes restaurant signs, street signs, etc. using machine learning. The introduction of Smart Reply and Allo got great reception last year and this year Google started rolling out Smart Reply for over 1 billion Gmail users. Thus machine learning systems have learned to be conversational, which is really nice and amazing. There is a huge shift in the way how users interact with computing. Mobile brought multi-touch and Google evolved in interaction without using mouse and keyboards. Now the new things are voice and vision, these two new modalities are there for interaction with computing in more natural and engaging way. In the case of voice, people are already using voice as an input across many of the Google products. Because computers are getting much better in understanding speech. There has been a significant improvement in the speech recognition since last year, which can be proved from the improved word error rate from last year even in very noisy environment. Google i/o 2017 announcements highlights With respect to Google Home, Sundar Pichai mentioned that recently deep learning allowed to support multiple users in Google Home, so that it can recognize up to 6 people in the house and personalize the experience for each and every one. Thus voice is becoming an important modality in Google products. So is with vision. Some great improvements have been seen in computer vision. Google can now understand all attributes of images much better. Image recognition is much better and is being used in across its products. Pixel, the world class smartphone launched by Google, has the best-in-class camera. Even if you get the low light noisy pictures, those can also be converted into a normal picture with Google. The new thing, which is coming next is that if something is obstructing in the way of clicking anything you want to click, Google can now remove the obstruction and have the clear picture without obstruction in front of you. With this clear inflection point with vision, Sundar Pichai announced Google’s new initiative, Google Lens. Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at. This will first get rolled out in Google Assistant and Google Photos and later to other products. For example, if you want to understand the flower you have seen, you can invoke Google Lens from the Assistant, point your phone on that flower and Google Lens will tell you what flower it is. When you are at your friend’s place, now you won’t need the username and password. You just have to point your Google Lens on the barcode and your phone will get connected with the network. Now you can point your phone to any restaurant on the street and Google will bring the exact information of that restaurant on the screen. So now, Google has started understanding images and videos. Google was built with their ability of understanding text and web pages. Which is now shifting to understanding images and videos. Google is now evolving for machine learning and AI world, and are rethinking the computational architecture. Now Google is into the building of AI first data centers. With this vision, Google launched last year the tensor processing units. These are custom hardware for machine learning, which is 15-30 times faster and 30-80 times more power efficient than CPUs. TPUs last year were optimized for inference purpose. This year Google announced the new generation of TPUs that are optimized for both training and inference, called as cloud TPUs. Sundar Pichai also spoke about many important advances in Google’s technical infrastructure for AI era. He informed that cloud TPUs are now coming to Google Compute Engine. Google also wants to provide a wide range of hardware, which lays the foundation for significant progress. Google is focused on working towards applying AI to solve problems at scale. Google is bringing their AI efforts together at Google.ai, which will focus on state of the art research, tools and infrastructure such as TensorFlow and Cloud TPUs and applied AI. So Google is taking all such AI advances and applying them to harder and newer problems rising in a wide range of disciplines. Google is using Machine learning providing tools to people to do what they do better. Apart from this major problem-solving approach, Google is also working and doing some simple and fun things. For example, Auto Draw, using which one can draw. When you use auto draw for drawing, Google will give you suggestions same like we get while typing the text. Google is applying machine learning approach to all across its products, but the most important are the Google Search and Google Assistant. Let’s check out some highlights from the announcements made by Google in I/O 2017. Google Lens Google Lens is the new initiative from Google, which can help you recognize things that you don’t know. For example any bird, any flower or even a new café. All you have to do is point your camera at that thing and Google Lens will do the work and bring all details you want. For now, Google Lens will be integrated with Google Assistant and Google Home. Google.ai Google.ai, as its tagline correctly says – ‘Bringing the benefits of AI to everyone’, is an initiative to democratize the benefits of the latest machine learning research. It is a kind of centralized resource, which will provide news and documentation about its latest projects and research and opportunities to experience some of their experimental technology. It provides open access to the documentation that will help professionals from the variety of industries like education, medicine, etc. Google for JobsJob seekers have always asked for a single central place where all of the job requirements will be available. Google has initiated to produce job listings from various other posting sites and will display it within search results. Google for Jobs is going to help in overcoming the challenge of connecting job seekers to get all the information regarding job availability at one place. Google Assistant for iPhone Google Assistant has got some heavy enhancements and the good part is that it is available for download in iTunes store. Users are even comparing the iOS version of Google Assistant to Siri saying it as a better version but slightly underwhelming than Siri. The advantage of Google Assistant on iPhone is its third-party integrations and connected device control capabilities. Android O Android O has not brought anything fancy but it does bring the nuts and bolts for making Android O as a faster and better version, which also saves battery. The highlight of this OS version is picture-in-picture. With Android O, you don’t have to exit out of the app. If you press the home button, the video will collapse into a smaller and movable window and continues playing while you perform other actions and tasks. Standalone VR Headsets Google has already expanded into more advanced and expensive headsets. So Google is developing its first standalone VR headset in association with Lenovo and HTC. Previously, computer or smartphone power was required to experience VR. Now, using WorldSense technology, new standalone headsets can help you track precise movements in space. Krify is a multinational IT service provider with core competency in iOS and Android mobile apps using advanced development technologies. Contact us to convert your great app idea into a successful mobile app.
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iOS app development with Swift

Why Swift is becoming a preferred programming language for iPhone and iOS app development?

From the time programming language Swift has been launched, it has always caught the attention of developers and has been a topic of discussion for entrepreneurs. For iOS app development, Swift is fast, modern, safe and it enables a level of interactivity in development. Swift is a general purpose, compiled, a multi-paradigm programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, Linux, tvOS, developed by Apple. It has some interesting features like generics, closures and type inference that will make it easier to use, simplifying common patterns which are used in Objective-C. Recent updates from business giants like Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, IBM, etc. confirms that they have already made their way towards Swift. This has also influenced startups and now startups are also looking for Swift based iOS app development. Let's check out some of the benefits of using Swift for iOS app development. Fast and powerful Swift is fast and provides high performance. It proves to be a true successor of both C and Objective C, as it contains low-level primitives like flow-control, types, object-oriented features, operators. Open Source Swift is a very cost-effective technology for businesses and startups as it is an open source technology. The support of open source community to the Swift is its important and dynamic aspect. This is one of the big reason that Swift has been able to break the monopoly created by Objective C for native iOS app development. Easy Maintenance Swift’s benefit is that it is easy to maintain and secure. As Swift does not have any legacy code, it is easy to maintain. Swift helps in producing secure and safe apps, which is of much importance in terms of mobile app development. The one thing that no developer or entrepreneur would agree to compromise is the security of the app. Dynamic Libraries Dynamic libraries enabled with Swift is one of the biggest advantage for iOS app developers. These libraries facilitate app updates coming in future. With the use of NSA certificate and electronic signature, dynamic libraries help developers to connect apps written in the older versions and compile them with updated ones. American Airlines have incorporated Swift code into their apps. People from American Airlines app quoted, “progressive in the mobile space, looking for ways to improve our development cycle and for development cycle and for improvements to the platform, what Apple is doing with Swift is a great addition.” LinkedIn also developed SlideShare iOS app entirely in Swift. Looking for iOS app development using Swift? Our experienced and skilled team of iOS and iPhone app developers have readily solved the challenges of rapidly changing language and have competency in developing iOS and iPhone apps using Swift. Mobile app development with Swift decreases the possibility of bugs and ensures richer app experience. Contact us today for a bug-free and secure iPhone app development.  
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Mobile Application Development Outsourcing to Indian Companies

India is now becoming the technology HUB and also mobile phone has become an integral part of our lifestyle…..a basic amenity. As a result of the exponential growth in the smartphone usage, businesses across the world are bound to explore this technology for customer engagement and enhancement of business performance. There is a huge demand for mobile app developers in India currently as most of the businesses are facing difficulty in building quality apps at an affordable cost in America and UK. So, they are looking towards Indian companies to outsource mobile app development projects, but they are not randomly choosing Indian mobile app development firms, rather they prefer companies that can develop quality apps like American companies at affordable cost. This, in turn, has led to huge technological advancements in India on the Mobile app development. According to a recent study by a global research firm, the  Indian companies are hot cake for availing Quality Business services at reasonable cost, while software and mobile App development are leading the list. Your personal guide on outsourcing a project to an India Company
  • Research on Potential App Development Team:
    • look at their previous work online
    • Check their app store reviews
    • Ask their client list and speak to them
  • One on One discussion: Face to face discussions are always the best. It helps in better understanding of the requirement.
  • Affordability is important but quality does matter: Although the cost is the major reason for outsourcing project to India, your focus shouldn’t only be on that, rather you should prefer company that can deliver top quality
  • Connected Communication: Ask for regular reports
To conclude while evaluating your preferred mobile app development company in India, you should allow them to understand you and your requirements well in every step to get the desired output in the mist efficient manner.
Krify is a leading multinational company with expertise in developing the mobile app, web app and cloud-based solutions. Contact us today for free consultation from our Business Analysts, over automating and streamlining your business processes through enterprise app development.
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GPS VS BEACONS VS WIFI – Which technology is best for your mobile app idea?

A rapid advancement in the location based technology is increasingly helping the businesses in inflating their profits and rendering efficient, satisfactory and cost-effective services to their potential stream of customers. The mobile app developed using the location-based technology offers numerous benefits from simplified navigation and locating personnel, to tracking objects. GPS GPS is a Global Positioning System that uses a network of orbiting satellites. It uses real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide information such as location, date, time etc. Using the coordinates from a user’s device, messages and actions can be pushed to users devices when they enter a predetermined area. Geofencing concept use GPS technology to pinpoint a user’s location in proximity to a given area. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) technology that helps to link the electronic devices together using the ISM radio band. This method has been used for sending push notifications and other relevant information to customers based on their location for a while now, in industries ranging from retail to hospitality. To access the location data, these Wi-Fi devices attempt to triangulate the location of a customer by evaluating parameters such as SSID and MAC addresses. Wifi Krify Beacon Technology Beacon is an indoor positioned transmitter, which useshttps://krify.co/ibeacons-rise-of-indoor-navigation-technology-2/to sense proximity of a customer and broadcast one-way information to his smartphone or tablet. A Bluetooth beacon device transmits a unique ID number that can be read by any Bluetooth receiver. The signal is received by a mobile app, which activates the location specific information on the smartphone. Beacons can work under difficult radio frequency conditions too and can therefore establish a customer’s location within four feet of accuracy. For a Beacon to work, the Bluetooth signal on a consumer’s mobile phone must be turned on. Beacon Technology was developed to overcome the inherent limitations of satellite-based location information where smartphones are primarily used indoors. Verticals Where Location Based Services are useful Location based services find many applications in today’s world. Some of the following industries include: Healthcare – Used to assist navigation within the hospital premises and help visitors and patients easily locate different departments Delivery Services (Food, Courier, School bus, Laundry etc) - To track delivery vehicles in real time. Retail -To tackle the threat of online marketplaces by detecting the location of customers. Navigation – To track the exact geographical position of a mobile device using one of available positioning systems and get direction and/or navigate the user to required location including vehicles, crafts, and pedestrians. You can Travel World Conclusion Based on the requirement, choosing a right location based technology depends. If you are looking for developing a highly reliable, Seamless and innovative location-based mobile app, Krify is the right team which have extensive expertise in location based applications namely Parking Doctor, Offerdose, Porter, Relish, Links of green, Toyota Australia, Park shark, Zed etc. Inquire with us by mail: sales@krify.net or fill our form !!
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Google announces First developer preview OS “Android O”

On 21/03/2017 there is a new release by Google for developers which is the first preview of its new mobile operating system called Android O. This is a great opportunity for Android App development companies and developers which help them to build future apps more compatible using design guidelines and new APIs. One of the major differences between Android N and O preview version is that Google made immediate updates for Android N to anybody who was willing to give it a try. But with Android O, Google is not releasing the Beta version right away. The first Android O Developer Preview is available for • Pixel • Pixel XL • Pixel C • Nexus 5X • Nexus 6P • Nexus Player. The new version of Android will run through four preview versions • Preview 2 hitting in mid-May • Preview 3 in mid-June • Preview 4 in August • Final release will be available in the market around the third quarter of 2017.
Here are exciting features of Android O
Google has mentioned a gamut of new features as well as APIs in this new OS version as below Battery life Improving the battery life is one of the biggest and most welcomed features of Android O. Similar to iOS, Android O will limit and manage what apps do in the background while multiple apps are open. Background limits One of the biggest changes in Android O is background limits, which will helps in boost battery life and increase device performance. It will automatically limit some areas such as background services, implicit broadcasts and location updates. It makes possible for developers to build apps having less impact on battery and device with an increase in its performance results in developing efficient android apps Picture-in-Picture Mode Android O brings Picture-in-picture functionality which is already available in Android TV over to phones and tablets. With PIP, users will be able to continue watching a video while navigating around through other applications. This is a super handy feature, and one that should be welcomed by most Android users out there. Connectivity Now Android O now supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec. Plus, there’s a new native AAudio API that’s designed specifically for apps that require high-performance, low-latency audio. New Wi-Fi features Android O leverages the power of Wi-Fi to offer a host of new connectivity features. The updated OS will support features such as Neighbourhood Aware Networking (NAN). NAN allow apps and nearby devices communicate over Wi-Fi without an internet access point. Notifications Channel Android O also introduces notification channels, which are new app-defined categories for notification content. Channels let developers give users fine-grained control over different kinds of notifications — users can block or change the behavior of each channel individually, rather than managing all of the app's notifications together. Keyboard Navigation Android O also adds better support for keyboard navigation, particularly when it comes to apps on Chrome OS. Google focused on building a more reliable model for “arrow” and “tab” navigation that aids both developers and users. This feature will allow developers to provide strong support to arrow and tab navigation in apps. WebView enhancements: In Android O, Google enabled multiprocess mode by default and adding an API to let app handle errors and crashes, for enhanced security and improved app stability. As a further security measure, you can now opt in your app's WebView objects to verify URLs through Google Safe Browsing. Autofill APIs This made auto filling of login details easy and fast. With support of this API, it allows autofill apps to work in a similar manner that a keyboard app performs. The autofill app stores and secures user data, such as addresses, user names, and even passwords. Developers can use this API, if they require autofill in their app. Adaptive Icons This new feature of Android O enables to display adaptive icons in a variety of shapes in different models across different devices. It also animates interactions using the icons and allows making use of the icons in setting, shortcut, sharing dialogs, overview screen, etc.   Android O proffers several other significant features that comprise Font resources in XML, Java 8 Language APIs & runtime optimizations, WebView enhancements, Audio API for Pro Audio and several others. This new Google's next software facilitates developers to build android apps with more powerful features and functionalities that give the user best experience of its usage. With this next generation OS, Android App Development companies can develop highly advanced apps help their customers in gaining productivity and profitability using technology advantage. The Tech Advisor team could come up with Oreo, Orange, Oatcake and Oh!
Krify is a multinational IT service provider with the core competency in Android and iOS app development. Check out our previous innovative works in Android app development. Contact us today to get your idea converted into reality.
Have an awesome idea for a mobile app? We are here to help you make an error-free app for your app idea. We are a team of trusted iOS and Android mobile app developers. Connect with us today for a cost-effective and bug-free mobile app development.
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matrix voice platform for raspberry pi app developers

MATRIX Voice – User-friendly and affordable platform for Raspberry Pi developers

Matrix Labs is working simply to offer touchless technology solutions and empowering the world and people with versatile and scalable technologies and products. They build Artificial Intelligence Things. Their recent success is the production of MATRIX Voice, which is an open-source Voice Recognition platform that measures 3.14 inches in diameter dev board. Matrix Voice was created with the ambition of providing a complete, user-friendly and affordable tool to all developers and tinkerers so that they can create innovative and required Internet of Things (IoT) voice apps. Developers were eagerly wanting the FPGA-driven (field-programmable gate array, which is an integrated circuit i.e. IC) development board for developing apps for Raspberry Pi. MATRIX Voice has MATRIX OS, which enables developers to build hardware applications in just a few lines of code using the programming language JavaScript. Hardware Components of MATRIX Voice harware components of matrix voice MATRIX Voice has 7 MEMs microphone array that allows developers to leverage voice recognition in their app solutions by using latest online cognitive services that include Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Microsoft Cognitive Service, Wit.ai, Google Speech API and Houndify. The big advantage is that you can trigger the event based on sound detections like getting a notification in the form of a message when the dog is barking back at home. An overview of MATRIX Voice overview of matrix voice   An interesting example: The following demo video reveals that you can build your own Amazon’s Alexa using Raspberry Pi and MATRIX Voice. They have used the Alexa Voice Services (AVS), which is used by Amazon Echo. MATRIX Voice team has revealed that it allowed them to accomplish lots of challenging tasks in this project. Another interesting example: The following demo video shows that how a Raspberry Pi and MATRIX Voice can run the PocketSphinx voice recognition service by connecting with a MATRIX Creator, which can use its ZigBee radio to control a Philips Hue lightbulb. Thus the MATRIX Voice can be used with Raspberry Pi that could be used for voice recognition throughout your house and this just needs one MATRIX Creator that should interface with your smart devices. Why should developers choose MATRIX Voice? • MATRIX Voice caters the needs of all levels of developers i.e. from hobbyist developer to advanced and enterprise developer. • It works with the widely used programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Python, Verilog & VHDL. • The accuracy of microphones and their algorithms allow developers to builds faster. • It is an user-friendly as well as an affordable solution that saves your money and empowers you to think and build creative Internet of Things (IoT) apps. Krify has started scratching the area of Raspberry Pi apps. Our core competencies include mobile app development, website design and development and digital marketing. Contact us today to hire our expert team of developers to convert your ideas into reality.  
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Mobile Wallet - Mobile Payment Solution - Fintech Apps

Mobile Wallets | Fintech Apps | Present and Future for Payment Processing Solutions

The popularity of mobile wallets is growing phenomenally. Mobile wallets – cousin of digital payment methods like credit card, is becoming the preference among shoppers, who always go for convenient, easy and autonomous way of shopping and paying. Such Fintech app solutions are becoming popular among shoppers as well as merchants. The research says that the one fourth of U.S and European mobile users will pay in-store using NFC (near-field communications that powers Google Wallet and Apple Pay) by 2017. This will result in expansion of the global NFC payments market to over $180 billion. CEO and President of Urban Airship, Brett Caine, quoted, “Businesses are looking for new lightweight, service-oriented ways to communicate with customers on mobile, and our findings make it clear that mobile wallets will lead the next wave of mobile engagement.” What are mobile wallets? There is no such standard definition for Mobile Wallets. It has become an umbrella term for making payments using mobile. Mobile wallets allow shoppers to pay using their mobile devices. For mobile payments, payment information like online account details, credit cards, etc. are stored in your mobile device through a mobile app. Such mobile apps for payment are allowing shoppers to shop and make a purchase cashless or without carrying any cards. How it helps small businesses? This increasing preference of consumers and shoppers towards mobile wallets represents the change in the way consumers wants to spend their money only because of the convenience it brings with it. But is mobile wallet right and efficient for your business? Let us brainstorm a bit. Benefits of mobile wallets: Shoppers and consumers look for going cashless and using mobile devices for all types of financial transactions. The Mobile Wallet is one such option. It fulfills the changing needs of merchants and consumers. Consumers want a seamless, easy and fast experience and merchants want control over providing delightful consumer experience through their payment system. Innovation: Using mobile wallets for businesses provides an opportunity to merchants to stay on the line of innovation, which will allow them to be a part of future innovations in mobile technology. Adopting such advanced technologies also helps businesses to expand their consumer base. Serving the customers with complete benefit and convenience to them increases the brand value of the business. Enhanced Customer experience: An excellent customer experience is one of the most important keys in establishing the successful business. Merchants can deliver their best by making purchases easy and convenient for customers. For merchant’s benefit, when mobile wallet service is included in the merchant’s existing mobile application (as feature enhancement) or developed as a part of new mobile app development, it will improve the operational efficiencies of the business. It enables self-service for check-out and transaction-related customer queries. It also eliminates the old paper versions of acknowledgment/receipts by enabling digital receipts for customers. Customer Data: By enabling your customers to pay using mobile wallets, you are able to get the treasure troves of data, which can be used to serve your customers with enhanced services and increases sales. Thus the customer data can be leveraged to incorporate loyalty and offer products and services based on customer’s preferences gleaned from mobile wallet payment data. Some statistics on Mobile Payment: A recent report says that 39% of mobile users in US have used mobile wallets or mobile payment methods to pay in 2015, which has raised from 14% in 2014 and it is estimated to reach mark of 70% by 2017. It is estimated that by 2017, $60 billion of sales will happen through mobile payment. mobile payment prediction statistics What are Fintech Apps? What is the Buzz? Fintech app is an abbreviation for financial technology app. It is a term which has been coined recently. Such apps serve for mobile payments, money transfer, fundraising for causes and asset management. Fintech startups are coming up with great ideas to serve small and medium businesses with innovative and convenient finance related solutions like business accounting, payroll, invoicing, investing and other finance related needs. For this, fintech mobile apps i.e. a combination of mobile app technology and payments solution, are being used to develop a mobile payment solution. Such apps are referred as Fintech apps. A report from Accenture, on the investment in Fintech domain, shows that how fintech has grown from $1 Billion in 2008 to $3 Billion in 2013. Experts are predicting that Fintech organizations will reach the mark of $8 Billion by 2018.
Choose Krify for Fintech App Development: Krify is an IT service provider serving various businesses to grow using advanced technology. Our services include web app development, mobile app development, wearable app development and digital marketing. Reach us today to discuss your Fintech App Development idea. We encourage a consultative approach for the app development.
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App is the Next entity – Mobile Phone is everything, 2017 to 2050!

Mobile App is the next entity – Smartphone is everything, 2017 to 2050!

It is Globally said regarding the use of mobiles/smartphones that you may get installed many apps in your mobile phone but how many of them are worthy for you? You may use many technologies but have you ever connected with or experienced the technological advancements with IoT or VR? You might be using 3G or 4G, but have you ever experienced 5G? You may know WiFi but do you know what is LiFi? As the world of technology is evolving every day with the lightening speed, you have to be aware how you are spending your today!

How smartphone apps can help you to study even you are not intend to

Now the technology can help you learn anything on mobile phone. There are many exciting handy apps which can help you learn and explore things, which can help you reach to the next level. User-friendly mobile apps help and encourage everyone to learn with ease. If you have a smartphone with you, it’s just like you can do a variety of things like from cooking to coding, from drawing to playing piano, and tasks like play to gain, think to get, fun to serious, and what not! Today one can't do with a smartphone on the go. As we all know that Big B – Nokia, one big player from the past of mobile phones, is coming back to rise up with the new mobile trends. as per the recent updates, Nokia is getting ready to give the feel to the user like touching the cloud with faster than faster with advanced technologies. If you possess your phone (or a tablet), just set it up correctly so that you can start mounting your skill set to improve, impress, and to make an impact in your own life, it can help you achieve your dreams. Let me tell you how.

 You can plan your day yourself, but how smartphone apps, smart devices can.

A smartphone can help a user to plan his day from the time he wakes up till he gets back to bed to sleep. Using smartphones, you can even track your actual sleep time and for how much time you are awake.all are doing that – We start our day with alarm on the mobile phone and Most of us are already doing that – we start our day with alarm on the mobile phone and we also set up an alarm time to wake up, before we fall asleep. As the technology getting advanced, there is an app for everything like when to have food, when to drink water, what is good for health, how much distance we walked, and much more…

You may shop locally but have you tried using smartphone apps.

Yes, you can shop everything online from the comfort of your sofa. Lots of e-commerce applications are available for free to surf with trending fashions, new gadgets, day-to-day utility items and choose the best fit for you. Whatever you need, you just have to choose and buy from billions of items not around only one single city or region but from around the world.

          You can do planning or do your business offline too, but do you have an idea how an app or web technology can empower you.

Yes, there are a lot of apps that can analyze daily analytics around the stock market and the daily hot deals from different and multiple online business champions, from which you can learn and plan to do on any new idea, which can bring you success. Do you know how to do the business online with a mobile app and how mobile app technology can help you grow your business? If your answer is no, then get in touch with us – we will guide you to plan your next business steps.

You may not connect directly with everything but your smartphone can.

Yes, The IoT (Internet of Things) can wire your network for everything, using your smartphone. You can easily get reminders, write notes, get alerts, and operate everything remotely that is IoT technology enabled, with your mobile. Check out this video to know more how you can connect with your things… Start surfing on stores to feed your passion for technology and find what you need. The way you use technology is the way you build your future. Plan your future with technology to get the success.

Write us your requirement to know how to increase your business with mobile apps. - Apps Development Company UK | INDIA - Krify.

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Top mobile UI design trends 2017

Top Mobile UI Design Trends to Expect in 2017

Design industry evolves with the lightning speed and to stay in the race it is important to follow the recent industry standards. As a designer or as a leading technology firm into designing, it is important to be aware of the shifts going in the industry, irrespective of whether you want to follow the trend. check out some of the hot and important trends that we should follow in 2017 and implement them.

Check out some of the hot and important Mobile UI Design to follow in 2017

  • Motion Design
Motion design has already started appearing everywhere, in which just tapping on app button has been converted into something more meaning by giving it a motion. This motion design gives user a focal point and gives an immersive experience to users. Motion design has begun to become a whole new standard for representation of keynote elements. motion design in mobile UI

Upgradations of UI for gestures

New interesting gestures have been added to mobile apps with respect to user experience, usability and retention. It would not be wrong to say that implementation of gestures in the user experience of any mobile app is crucial for its success. To make the app more content-focused and improve speed and user interaction of the app and for better UI, we need to understand gestures in a better way. Gestures include touch mechanics and touch activities. Touch mechanics is something which your fingers do on the screen, it include: touch (tap), double touch, force touch, long press, long-press drag, drag, swipe or fling, pinch open, pinch closed, two-finger touch, two-finger long press, Two-finger long-press drag, two-finger drag, swipe or fling, two-finger double touch, rotate. Touch activities is the result of what is produced by touch mechanics. With the constant visible rise in number of smartphone users, designers need to go design better range of mobile gestures. material design for mobile app designs in 2017

Material Design again

Material Design has proven itself as the best design trend in 2016 and it is going to continue its ever popular trend in 2017 too. Material design allows in creating designs that simplifies user engagement on various mobile platforms. Some of the amazing examples are Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. which are available for both Android and iOS platforms. Material design uses techniques like shadows, gradients and other subtle 3D effects, rather than being completely flat. This will improve the UX on mobiles considerably well. The adoption of material design was slow in case of various Android apps, we expect to see more popular apps adopting material designs. multi-app split screen for Android and iOS

Multi-app Split Screen

The multi-app, split-screen work flow allows you to do multiple things on your screen. This means one can check tweets, do emails and access an app at the time. It saves time and helps in avoiding the trouble of constantly switching between two or more app windows. This feature is already been integrated in iPad Pro. Now it’s the time to introduce mobile split-screen on Android devices. Designers and Developers need to focus on producing such multitasking feature for Android.

Passive Color Contrast

 It has been always suggested in past years to keep contrast loud so that it will facilitate the reading on screen. But in 2016, this trend started shifting towards more toned contrasts. In 2017, contrast will get even lesser loud and bit passive and more subtle, which is going to facilitate better reading experience and will be easier on user’s eyes.

Rise of Flat Design 2.0

As designers started to recognize flaws in flat design, flat design 2.0 emerged with the addition of subtle three dimensional design using delicate highlights, faint shadows and layer separation. Flat design 2.0 is now like material design in terms of gradients and 3D effects. With the arrival of 2017, more mobile sites and apps will have flat design too but with noticeable gradients indicating subtle 3D elements. This will improve the UI in terms of figuring out for users on where to slide and where to tap.

Personalisation in UI design

We are already aware of the ‘responsive design’, which is all about adapting a layout for various devices of different screen sizes. Now the personalisation of UI is the new concept, which is being looked at in 2017. It is based on the idea of apps can also behave differently towards different users with respect to the font size, eliminating flashing images, decreasing brightness of the screen and reducing the harsh sounds. This personalisation of UI can be achieved through the available metadata. This can be gained from the information provided by the user already i.e. on app, on device or on different platforms. Thus 2017, we can expect mobile app UI design to upgrade towards being more personalised and user-oriented than just being device-oriented.

Have a look at some more promising trends of mobile UI designing in 2017!

Card Design

card design in mobile UI designing

Complementary Gradients in Colors

complimentary color gradients in mobile UI designs

Typography – Font families

Typography - Font Families These UI design trends are definitely going to shape the future of mobile app designs in 2017 and coming years. Such designs which are more focused on better interface, good and enhanced user experience. Designers need to adopt these trends to sustain in the fast growing market for mobile apps.
Krify is a leading IT solution and services provider with a team of ace designers who stay updated with the designing trends within the industry. We offer web and mobile app design and development services at reasonable costs. Contact us today for free quotation.
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Technology Trends to Dominate in 2017

The year 2016 has come to an end, but in 2017 we will continue to see innovative updates to already existing technology rather any new, big and splashy device wave. In 2016 we saw important technological breakthroughs, which has changed the way we live, play and work. In the coming time, technologies are going to continue in a same way that will automate every other task involved in our life. So what to expect in this New Year, here are some tech trends for 2017, which you should keep an eye on. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Rise and Shine of Human Capabilities by Machines In 2016, we saw huge advancements in artificial intelligence, but 2017 may deliver even more as we can see that AI has gone mainstream. Industry research firm Gartner has predicted AI as the number one strategic technology in 2017 too. In 2017, AI will bring the focus on how we will communicate with computers and other devices, how AI systems will interact with each other and how we, humans are going to interact with each other regarding AI systems. We can already see the impact of AI reaching to groups outside the tech industries. Artificial intelligence which includes machine learning, advanced analytics and cognitive interfaces will lead to making more intelligent enterprises and their departments. Right from marketing, IT, procurement, customer service, supply chain to finance to legal – all departments will be operating with more efficiencies. The processes can be faster along with greater precision and will help in preventing errors proactively. So, AI is going to change the way businesses interact with their customers as well as employees. AI will play an important role in gathering individual information, which can be used to improve products and start new services to create values for customers and employees at highly personal level. Intelligent apps going to dominate everywhere Technologies like virtual personal assistants (VPAs) are intelligent apps and have the potential to transform the working style and make tasks easier. But intelligent apps are not limited to only digital assistants and every software category will be integrated with AI enabled systems, from security tools to enterprise apps like ERP or marketing or customer management. Industry Research Firm Gartner states that “most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps and utilize the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools to refine their offers and improve customer experience.” Home Automation Marketers will be pleased to learn that automation will become a bigger mainstay in and throughout 2017, with advanced technology enabling the automation of previously human-exclusive tasks. It is expected that this automation will improve the productivity with skyrocket speed in white collar jobs. Automation will make the systems at home easy to operate and can be controlled remotely. 2017 is going to be a landmark year in terms of home automation. [caption id="attachment_11548" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Internet of Things apps Internet of Things for Connecting and Interacting with Everything![/caption]   Internet of Things Like 2016, Internet of Things is going to be huge in this year too. Internet of Things will continue to enhance the way to interact with things and connect with objects. Low-power and wide-area networks are expected to go live in 2017, which will extend the reach of IoT devices. These networks will be an alternative to short-range wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thus, even hard to reach devices would also be able to be connected to the internet. This will lead telecom operators to support low-bit-rate apps. This will make a way for enabling more objects to be embedded with chips and to be connected. This will help to run devices even in remote rural natural habitats. Digital world invading the physical world Mobile devices have added technology in the life of every common man, and it has become a part of everybody’s daily life. It’s rare to see anyone without a smartphone at any given time, giving us access to practically infinite information in the real-world. Online purchasing from websites already exists today, which helps online customers to buy and pick up products from a physical retail location, but in the next level, there will be further integrations between digital and physical world. Online brands like Amazon will own more physical products, like Dash Buttons, and physical brands like Walmart will start having more digital features, like store maps and product trials. Virtual and Augmented Reality The World has witnessed thousands of VR apps and games in 2016. Oculus Rift, a VR headset, received a positive response; Pokemon Go, an AR game, received an exploding number of downloads (over 100 million). Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has really transformed the way humans are interacting with each other, devices and the environment we experience through such interactions. AR and VR technology are giving immersing experiences and is expanding beyond visual immersion. The market for AR and VR is ready and we can expect to see VR and AR devices and apps taking off really well in 2017. Enterprises will be having ample opportunities to follow for targeted applications in 2017. Everything on Demand Thanks to brands like Uber and the resulting madness of startups that are being built on the basis of Uberification of everything. On-demand apps connect consumers with service providers. Today there is Uber kind of model for every other service. In 2017, we expect this to see this develop even further. We have thousands of apps available to us to get rides, food deliveries, and even a place to stay for the night, but soon we’ll see this evolve into even stranger territory. Krify is a multinational mobile, wearable and web app development company based in India and UK. We provide IT solutions and services to help business automate their processes and upgrade to achieve bigger business growth. Our core competency include mobile apps, wearable apps, web apps and enterprise apps. Contact today for all your IT needs.
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protect from ransomware cyber attack

How to protect your online business from the ransomware attacks?

What is ransomware attack? Ransomware is a type of malicious software which hacks the computer system and refrains you from accessing your own computer. It asks to pay money and until you pay the money it does not allow you to access your data. This is termed as ransomware attack. In a ransomware attack, victims may receive an unsuspicious email with some link or attachment, which is attached with the malware. Upon opening such emails, their systems and devices get infected with such malicious software. You will come to know that your system is infected only after losing the access. All your data gets encrypted and messages displayed on systems asks to pay money to get the decryption key including instructions on how to pay ransom money. It usually asks to pay in bitcoins, which is a virtual money. About the latest Ransomware attack On May 12th, 2017, the world witnessed a massive cyber attack which is being claimed as the biggest ever cyber attack in the history of the internet. It was bigger than Dyn DDos. A powerful ransomware, named as WannaCry, was storming throughout the web. The epicenter of the damage was Europe. The malware WannaCry identified the vulnerability in Windows OS, which was discovered by NSA (National Security Agency). It was later publicly revealed by the infamous hacking group, Shadow Brokers. It infected 200,000 systems within few hours. Big organizations like Renault and NHS were also affected with it. Ransomware targeting and attacking online businesses Even if a single person clicks on a link attached to malware, the entire system gets collapsed. Usually small or medium sized businesses do not tend to backup their data and do not pay much attention to cyber security for online businesses. Lack of dedicated IT support leads to compromise on cyber hygiene. Investing in cyber security for online businesses, irrespective of its size is crucial and affordable too. This investment is very small rather than losing the valuable and huge database and information built by an organization over the years. Often it takes a huge amount of time to recover or recreate the lost resources. So small businesses tend to pay the money for ransomware and solve the problem. But such businesses then encourages more of such cyber attacks, which makes such businesses fall prey to attackers again and again. How to protect your online businesses from ransomware attacks? Any online business has a business plan and also a data strategy. A good strategy includes a thorough understanding of all information they have, the location to store it, how to access it and who can access it. Being an IT service provider for 12+ years, we recommend adopting a software system that is safe and secure to prevent threat detection, intrusion, and prevention. Backing up the software and the data is also very crucial, which helps to preserve your valuable data even if your system could not prevent cyber-attack. In the case of cyber attacks like ransomware attacks, businesses must first contact their IT vendors to handle such situations. The role of an IT vendor is to isolate systems, bring them offline, wipe the systems and execute the process of restoration. Krify is a multinational IT service provider and we understand that online businesses are the nerve-endings of the economy which explains the necessity of making such businesses cyber-empowered. It is important to understand the solutions available to protect the businesses from cyber attack. Online businesses can choose cloud-based or physical data backups which depends on how much data is important and of use for the organization and what is the frequency required to back up the data of the business. We recommend keeping the multiple copies of the data on multiple sites.
Contact us today for all your IT related needs. Our core competencies include website development, mobile app development, SEO and digital marketing.
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Offshore MObile APp Development

Offshore Mobile App Development – USA & UK Vs INDIA

If you are looking to hire a mobile app developer or looking to develop a mobile application on an offshore basis, you must read this… Let me take you to the article with an introduction of why the mobile apps are important? Mobile apps are well suited for the businesses, which are beholding for help to reach into the customer’s pockets. As we know day to day technology is evolving smartphones in an advanced way turning it into just like a remote to control anything to everything through a medium of applications around the cutting edges. When you are stuck at one of the crucial phases of mobile apps development, where each of the move and strategies decides yours and your business future, it becomes important to take care of what to learn and what not to know. You must have to be on your toes, not with prospects but clarifications and answers to the grimaces and question marks on the faces. Few of the important scenarios to understand before mobile app development outsourcing:
  • Pricing
Pricing should not be a barrier in outsourcing the mobile app development! Because compared to the app development rate in the USA in terms of US dollar, Indian app developers will definitely give the lesser estimations of cost for their effort. Don't be under the impression that lesser the cost implies to low quality. There are ethical Indian app developers who does not compromise on quality and deliver the best even at lesser costs.
  • Communication Barrier
No, there will not be any communication barrier between the client and the app development team! As we all know that the technology has brought a big advantage of making the communication easier and smarter as on to move.
  • Talent
There is no scarcity of talent among Indian app development company. It should not be the reason, India is the best fit to hire the top most talented people who can a make marvelous innovations to happen and can turn from anything to everything with knowledge by digging the deep seas if needed.
  • Skills
Indian Developers' skills are always up to the mark, do you know there are a lot many people who can work for you with the best problem-solving skills dedicatedly on the work as per the need.
  • Professionalism
Of course, professionalism is one major feature that can be seen in Indian app developers. Employers have confirmed that the 72% of employees will work professionally in India, whereas 28% will work as the work is everything for them.
  • Expertise
As day by day, the number of companies is growing towards the Indian app development business markets, clients who want to outsource the mobile app development are facing the difficulties to recognize the best suitable company for their app development. There are lots of companies in India, with the expertise in mobile app development.

If someone of your - US client said, "Indian Developers were Not Good." What would be your answer?

Just assume how could you answer for this? We all were born with nothing, but when we start growing we start creating something new. Similarly, when we will work in a company, it’s not about the personality or our attire that makes people count of, it is our values, ethics, professionalism and awareness that our clients carry with them. If it comes to Krify, we can answer like this because the mobile app development is our bread and butter and our team lives mobile app development.

We should say “Indian developers are not only good in India, but when they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO's.”

[caption id="attachment_11988" align="aligncenter" width="651"]Indian Developers who becomes the Google & the Microsoft CEO's. Indian Developers who become the Google & the Microsoft CEO's.[/caption] You maintain the ethics and moral values of your business and nothing can go wrong. When you are in the game, it’s either win or lose but never about giving up. There is a loser in the game not because he gave up, it’s because there could have been something better. You’ll certainly not learn these things unless you physically go through this journey. Which are the best and rich source and the only source with the help of which you can push off your business on the track of development and the profits.
"Down at the line, your attitude turns as a key to keep winning your customers."
If you are a mobile app development company with the presence of world-class assets then you must share this article…
At Krify, We work for our clients by putting our 100% zeal and mind and holds the passion to create value for the clients and their businesses. Our skilled team with experience in crafting the interesting products offers a customised mobile app solution for you and your business operations. We are constantly following the updates in mobile app development trends and create robust applications to compete and deliver the best to survive and excel in the competition of the market. Contact us today with your requirements and have a one-to-one chat with our experts.
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VOIP Solution - App Development

One Stop VoIP Solution for Audio & Video calls #Linphone 2017

What is Linphone? Linphone, also known as Linux phone, is a softphone or internet phone used for making free calls using the internet. It allows us to communicate freely with voice, video, and text messaging over the internet. Who Developed the Linphone? Linphone is officially developed by the European Company called Belledonne Communications based in France. What are the Platforms Supported by Linphone? Originally the intention of the Linphone development was for the Linux operating system, but as technology is emerging and Linphone started getting popularity day to day, Linphone development expanded its radar and has become compatible with big operating systems like Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Don’t you think I missed something? Yes! Of course, the Linphone itself emerged with an intention of growing mobile connectivity and free and easy to use technology for making calls. With time people's interests shifted from the computer to the mobile environment, the top computer operating system solution providers started developing the mobile operating systems. In the same way, the real-time voice and video tech providers are started concentrating on developing a transporter to fulfill the need of smart computers to the smart mobiles phones. The Linphone mobile app development came behind the show with Network address translator (NAT) to give a presence, support to the telephony i.e., the Internet telephony service provider (ITSP), which provides the capability to run the mobile video and audio transport as a console-mode application in between. Is Linphone licensed? Yes, Linphone comes as a widely used free software license named as the GNU - General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL), which guarantee the end users the freedom to study, run, share, and customize the software as per the requirement. What are the best suits available for Linphone? As we all aware of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which deals with long-anticipated crisis of IPv4 address exhaustion, Linphone rolled out with an updated support by IPV6 Protocol (Internet Protocol version 6) provided with hierarchical address allocation methods, brilliant multicast  addressing up to 4.3 billion, device mobility, security, configuration optimization for the delivery of services and more. On the other hand, several IPv6 evolution mechanisms have been devised to allow communication among IPv4 and IPv6 hosts. You must also need to notice the following!!
  • Linphone capable of writing programs without the GUI can be developed, using such command-line tools and the consoles for servers.
  • An object-oriented widget toolkit is written in C programming language, officially this is a library that contains a set of graphical control elements (widgets) named as GTK (GIMP Toolkit) which is a cross-platform widget toolkit to create the graphical user interface. The stunning key point is here, where we can work through HTML5 at back-end called as Broadway.
  • GtkBuilder - interface allow us to load at runtime and the object created automatically where the code is described in Extensible Markup Language (XML) file.
  • Wayland protocol for a computer – it specifies a communication among the display server (called as Wayland compositor). The aspiration of replacing X- Window System with simpler, modern, windowing scheme in the Linux and further Unix-like OS.
  • The x11 - X Window System core protocol, is a networked windowing scheme/system for the bitmap displays, used to build the graphical user interfaces on a Unix, Unix-like, and other Operating Systems. It has four kinds of packets to send asynchronously, over the network.
  1. Requests,
  2. Replies,
  3. Events, and
  4. Errors.
  • The most important part of any windowing system is the display server, which is used to communicate with clients so that communications can take place over a communication protocol. Usually, call as the display server protocol.
  • The Linphone accomplished to provide cross-platform application framework, i.e, for developing application software that can be able to run on different software and hardware platforms with small or no alternation in the original codebase. The beauty will be a native application with native capabilities including the speed.
Linphone SIP - VOIP call apps We all are aware of the real-time transportation of audio and video over the IP network is an elite property to entertain the linphone. Under the RTP “Real-time Transport Protocol” Linphone deliver extensive communication that involves in the streaming media, such as telephony, teleconference video applications, television service and the features such as web-based push-to-talk. RTP used at the time of conjunction well with the RTP Control Protocol (RTCP). RTP media streams technically overturned as foundations of Voice over IP – idea often to use in conjunction with a signaling protocol such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which establishes a connection across the network. RTP allow data to transport to multiple destinations through IP multicast. It is regarded as the primary standard for audio/video transports in the IP networks. As on move, a cryptographic key agreement protocol made-up to confer the keys for encryption among two end points. It is called as ZRTP: composed of Z - Real-time Transport Protocol, which also provides the next layer of authentications against the MitM attack based form of a key continuity. All through the ZRTP intention is to configure the key for encryption between two endpoints, to provide a Real-time Transport to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone call based telephony services. i.e, by using Diffie–Hellman key exchange & the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for the encryption, where the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) communication protocol runs the communications security for the datagram protocols. DTLS lets datagram-based applications to connect in a way that it is designed to prevent interfering, snooping, or message phony. What are the Contents Used by the Linphone? In the Linphone medium, the major vogue is to carry the digital data stream of encoded audio and video to provide the below functional abilities to the users.
  • Make audio & video calls in High Definition
  • Send prompt messages
  • Share pictures and files
  • Record and Save Record of calls
  • Do audio conferences
  • View real-time existence status
  • Manage your address book
  • Communicate securely
On the check, we can observe that Audio and Video will be the most powerful feature of Linphone. In the development of Linphone application, we use the following technologies to give 100% effectiveness to the Linphone customization services. What is Audio Codec? The audio codec is a computer program of application to implement an algorithm that encodes and decode digital audio data with respect to the given streaming media/audio file in audio coding format. This audio codec can efficiently reduce the storage space and bandwidth essential for transmission of stored audio file. Mostly the codecs are executed as per the libraries and server configuration of supportive players. Setup SIP Companies What are the best Audio Codec available for Linphone? Lihphone basically super support 4 type of audio codecs as per the Linphone customization point of view. The major key point in the codec execution and codec selection involves in the algorithm, bandwidth, Scalable nature, bit-rate compressions and the quality over the VOIP. Check out few audio codec here!! G.729: G.729 is audio data compression algorithm for the voice that compresses digital voice in packets of 10 milliseconds extent. It is formally termed as Coding of Speech at 8 kbit/s using code-excited linear prediction speech coding (CS-ACELP). G.729 provides support to the VoIP (IP telephony) including the IP phones, softphones, other VoIP handsets, IP PBXs, call center equipment, media servers/gateways, test equipment, voice recording equipment, and audio/video conferencing for enterprise business networks or for the corpus market (like PSTN emulation above xDSL or wireless access) and the voice messaging servers. Note: G.729 is a purchasable Audio codec. G722: G.722 is 7 kHz Wideband audio codec with ITU-T standard operating at 48, 56 & 64 kbit/s. The next version of G.722 is G.722.1 called SIREN 7 defines a digital wideband coder algorithm which provides an audio bandwidth 50 Hz to 7 kHz, operating at the bit rate 24 kbps or 32 kbps. The most recent codec of G722 version is G.722.2, also called as Adaptive Multirate Wideband ("AMR-WB") is created on Algebraic code-excited linear prediction - ACELP offers even lower bit-rate compressions (6.6 kbit/s to 23.85 kbit/s)with an ability to quickly adapt to changing compressions as the network topography alters. In the case, bandwidth is automatically preserved when the network congestion is in height. When the congestion returns to normal level, a lower compression, higher-quality bit rate is restored. G.711 PCMU G.711 is also called as PCMU audio codec.The formal name is Pulse code modulation (PCM) of voice frequencies. Which is a very commonly used waveform of the codec, the primarily us of this codec is in the telephony. G.711 is the narrowband audio codec that offers toll-quality audio at 64 kbit/s. G.711 passes the audio signals in the range of 300–3400 Hz and trials them at the rate of 8,000 samples/sec, with the tolerance on the rate of Fifty parts per million (ppm). Non-uniform (logarithmic) quantization with 8 bits is used to represent each of the samples, the result is 64 kbit/s bit rate. G.711 PCMA This is an extension of PCM using G.711 with an algorithm is a normal companding algorithm, used in European 8-bit PCM digital infrastructures systems to optimize, i.e., adjust, the dynamic range of the analog signal for digitizing. It is one of two dissimilar versions of the G.711 - standard from ITU-T, the other version actuality the similar µ-law, used in North America and Japan. What are the best Video Codec available for Linphone? Video codec is a software or electronic circuit that compresses/ decompresses digital video. Codec converts uncompressed (raw) digital video to the compressed format or vice versa. In the context of the video compression, "codec" is the concatenation of "encoder" and "decoder" device that only compresses is classically called as an encoder, and the one only decompresses is called as a decoder. Check out few video codec here!! H.264: MPEG-4 Part 10 or H.264 or Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC) is the block oriented motion-compensation-based video compression standard. As of 2014 update, this is one of the most frequently used arrangements for the compression, recording, and distribution of the video content. H.264 was established by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) composed with the ISO/IEC JTC1 Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) with partnership effort is called as Joint Video Team (JVT). The best one of this video encoding standards are for Blu-ray Discs; all Blu-ray Disc players need be able to decode H.264. This is also widely used by the streaming internet sources, such as videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and the iTunes Store. Even the web software like the Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player and also numerous HDTV broadcasts over the globe (Advanced Television Systems Committee standards, DVB-T or DVB-T2, ISDB-T), cable (DVB-C), and satellite (DVB-S and DVB-S2). Note: G.729 is a purchasable Video codec. VP8: VP8 is the open and free video compression format owned by the Google and created by the On2 Technologies as successor to VP7. The most interesting support from the Google over the VP8 is the following browsers Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Chromium supports playing VP8 videos in HTML5 video tags. Internet Explorer also officially supports VP8 with the separate codec. According to the Google VP8 is mainly used in link with WebRTC and as formats for short looped animations, which is a replacement for the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). What is the Best Audio and Video Codec for Linhpone – VoIP? As per our experience over the Linphone, this would be given as per the clients need. According to the proven results, most of the clients are interested in going with the purchasable audio and video codecs like G.729 for the audio and H.264 for the video by expecting the good technical support on the go. What is Tunneling Concept in Linphone? The Tunneling is nothing but transferring the digital data from one particular network to the addressed destination over the internet. i.e., tunneling includes permitting private network communications to be engaged across the public network, such as the Internet, over a process named encapsulation. The encapsulation process permits for data packets to seem as from public network to a public network when they are on private data packets, which permits them with the unnoticed way to public on the network. What are the Android - Google Operating Systems that support Linphone apps development? As of now the Linphone teams working with a core heart and support to run the Linphone Android app environment. Up to now, the Google releases various of an Android operating system where as Linphone team did customization to the code to support all the operating system versions like Lollipop, Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Honeycomb. i.e., 3.2.5 to 6.0 Currently, the Linphone team is working for the Nougat update of the Android newer version to support multi-windowing features. What are the iOS – Apple Operating Systems that support Linphone apps development? Linphone supports continues with all the possible apples operating system version for the Linphone iOS applications from 8.0 to 10.2.1 currently with a clear documentary to help developers while customizing the Linphone applications. Who will Develop – Customize the Linphone Applications? At Krify, our Linphone app development team built the great competency to design, develop and deploy to the servers and the app store- play store according to the Android and iOS applications. What you to have to develop – get customize the Linphone app? For getting a Linphone application with the own branding which will enhance your business with flexible communication and the faster connections on the go within network. What you (Linphone Client) require for app development? You should have the following details with your to get your app developed very soon very fast within less that 10 working days depends on the feature you need.
  1. Sip identity:
  2. Username:
  3. Domain / Proxy:
  4. Password of Domain Proxy:
  5. Port Number:
  6. Proxy:
We just need these 6 things followed by the server configured as per Linphone Audio and Video Codecs.
Write us your requirement now…. @ sales@krify.net / vcteam@krify.net for the Linphone mobile app developments.
Also, have a look on our Linphone app portfolio – Start joining in our happiest client list!! Thank you.
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Why is Design the face of your Mobile app & Website ?

Developing a mobile App is not a braintwister these days, but however making a successful Mobile App is a process which involves quite an extensive planning. For the success of a Mobile application, it is of utmost importance that the users have an engaging experience while interacting with the mobile app while they are captivated by the visual appeal of the same. A picture can speak a thousand words and that is why design is the most crucial factor in a mobile app development life cycle. One of the most effective ways of getting an app to stand out is a creative design. Great experience is what will keep users coming back to use your app over and over again, which will likely determine the ultimate success of an app. Designing a mobile app requires careful considerations and understanding of aesthetics. Your app should be designed by someone who understands the psychology of user behaviour. Every design decision that’s made should focus on delivering a slick and seamless user experience in order to increase conversion performance What is good design? Good design defines a product’s identity through creativity and functionality. Creating amazing brand experiences will help create customer loyalty. The design should be
  • Innovative & Intuitive
  • Emphasize the usefulness of a product
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • User-friendly (consideration of its lifecycle)
  • Simple and Elegant
  • Unobtrusive
When designing a mobile app several aspects and elements need to be considered. The most important thing to consider is to provide a clear and crisp appearance. If you want to design a great, functional mobile app interface, design principles are hugely important. Design principles (commonly called heuristics) are guidelines that designers can stick to in order to improve the quality of a user interface design. The most common user interface design principles:
  • The Structure Principle : Design should organize the user interface .This principle is concerned with overall user interface architecture.
  • The Simplicity Principle: The design should make simple, common tasks easy, communicating clearly and simply in the user’s own language, and providing good shortcuts that are meaningfully related to longer procedures.
  • The Visibility Principle The design should make all needed options and materials for a given task visible without distracting the user with extraneous or redundant information.
  • The Feedback Principle The design should keep users informed of actions or interpretations, changes of state or condition.
  • The Tolerance Principle The design should be flexible and tolerant, reducing the cost of mistakes and misuse by allowing undoing and redoing.
  • The Reuse Principle The design should reuse internal and external components and behaviors, maintaining consistency with purpose rather than merely arbitrary consistency, thus reducing the need for users to rethink and remember.
The design stage in software development usually comprises 3 main parts: sketching, wireframing, and prototyping
Sketching Phase : A perfect start for designing mobile apps is sketching phase. In this phase, iterative exchange of ideas helps to reasearch on the target audience .Concept of software product's development is mainly carried out at this stage. Wireframing Phase: This is the main stage of user interface design for mobile applications. It also includes a major part of UX design. At this stage corrections are introduced, and it's important to determine how the product logic will be implemented, how the solution for users' tasks will be implemented. Prototyping Phase In this phase working prototype is developed using tools such as Invisionapp.com, Marvelapp.com , Flinto.com etc that validates functionality, assumptions, and helps to give an understanding of the scope of the work. This is the final stage of designs phase. The UI and UX of a mobile application can act as a differentiator and help to establish a unique value proposition for the mobile application. From a business perspective, it is very important to have synchronized the UI & UX of the mobile application for customer satisfaction as it will help to generate the revenue and build the reputation of your brand The design is the key point for your website or mobile app. Just developing the application is not enough to attract people . The  design of your app or website created in an appealing manner is what makes a user stay on your website or use the app. Krify has an extensive experience in app design. We have worked on a wide range of projects from fashion, Entrepreneur, GPS and Geofencing, Messaging, Social, Dating, Food, medical, to education. Krify can help you plan and prepare every aspect of the app design process. We will help you create a mobile app that has a unique design with the potential to instantly catch the users fancy!
If you are looking for an elegant design for your awesome idea then contact us today and let’s create together a great application that Springs up your business .Make the perfect first impression!
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Android Instant apps- experience apps before installing

Using Android Instant Apps – An Evolution In App Discovery

At Google I/O 2016, Google announced a new upcoming feature of Android called as Instant Apps. Android Instant apps will allow users to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone, without actually installing and downloading it from the Play Store. Imagine this that a user has learned about some mobile app but is unable to access the app because there is either not enough space in the mobile device or the internet speed is bad. This condition may lead to the potential loss of the customer for that mobile app. So to solve this problem Google came up with the solution called Android Instant Apps. This way, the enterprise will not lose out on any potential user due to reasons like memory space shortages or internet data problems. Android Instant Apps feature can be used by any Android app development company. Incorporating this feature within an Android app will allow that app to run instantly with a single tap without the need of downloading and installing the app. This could be a game-changing feature for your apps because apps will get the chance to showcase their potential and benefits to users without downloading it. Apps with this feature will be a preview version of the app for a quick insight of the app. Some advanced functionalities might not be accessible, but this feature will give an overall idea of the app. It will help attracting potential users. This feature will completely transform the way people access the mobile apps. Just users browse websites and then visit the websites of their choice similarly, now Android apps will be able to do same for the users. Highlights of the Android Instant Apps It lets you experience the beautiful designs and animations of the app without installing the app. Everyone will be able to access the app from anywhere. You can now bring people to your flagship Android experience from links, which would previously take them to your mobile web page. Android Instant apps will run on a majority of Android devices that uses Google Play services. Android Instant Apps functionality can be added as an upgrade in your existing app. Once you modularize your app, Google Play will download the parts that are required in the cloud version. How to Enable Android Instant Apps? Google has started rolling out this feature but only for selected users. This feature works on Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.1 and some reports say that Pixel and Pixel XL with Android 7.1.2 also supports Instant Apps feature. But reports say that this feature has started rolling out for additional users too. To find out whether your Android device has access to Instant Apps, proceed with the following steps:
  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Google’ under the category ‘Personal’.
  3. In ‘Services’ category, tap ‘Instant Apps’.
  4. On the top right of the screen, tap the toggle.
  5. Tap ‘Yes, I am in’ on ‘Terms of Service’.
After completing all these steps, you are now ready to use Instant apps. More and more applications will be added to this list, but as of now, the lists is short. It includes Buzzfeed, Viki, Periscope and Wish. For developers, they still have to apply to access the SDKs. Google has notified that full SDK will be available in coming months.
Krify is a multinational IT service provider with the core competency in Android and iOS app development. Check out our previous innovative works in Android app development. Contact us today to get your idea converted into reality.
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gtalk coming to an end - Google's instant messaging app

Google’s Instant Messaging App – Gtalk – Coming To An End

Google announced on 24th March 2017 that there is going to be a big transition with Google Talk or Gtalk, which is still popular among many users. Google has decided to stop the Gtalk application completely and move Gtalk users to Hangouts. The old interface of Gtalk will still be available for its hardcore users, but not past June 26. After June 26 users will have to move to hangouts compulsorily. So now Google will be shifting their complete focus towards the evolution of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Google now will be coming up with several improvements in Gmail and Hangouts for businesses. Google will suppress the negativity that might have been entered due to the closure of Gtalk, by driving the focus towards improvement in messaging experience in other applications. Following are the updates from the Google regarding its messaging applications: Reforming the messaging experience for Android devices: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat are the applications which bring the team together and keep them moving forward. So they have streamlined the Hangouts products for businesses and for this they will be removing carrier SMS functionality from the classic Hangouts app for Android. The Google team is also working on improving SMS experience for Android users and hence will soon be upgrading with Android messages, which would be the primary place to access SMS. The effort will also be taken to include Android Messages in Android devices. Google team have already started replacing Google Talk with Hangouts. Hangouts have got advanced features like group video calling and integration with other Google products. Google is encouraging complete goodbye to Gtalk as it has brought many improvements with Hangouts. After June 26 Gtalk users will get an update and automatically will be moved to Hangouts. For 1-on-1 chats, Hangouts will continue to work with third-party XMPP client. For G Suite administrators, if the domain is getting affected by this transition, they will receive an email saying about this change and details. Retiring some Gmail Labs and Google+ functionality in Gmail: Google will be retiring some of the Gmail Labs. Low usage labs will get retired and some functionalities of labs will be upgraded as improved version. Following Labs will be retiring soon (not earlier than April 24, 2017): Google Voice Player, Authentication Icon, Quick Links, Smartlabels, Picasa previews, Quote Selected Text, Pictures in chat and Yelp previews. Two inherited features of Google+ in Gmail will be retired: use of Google+ circles and the ability to email Google+ profiles. While this overall strategy of Google is pretty much clear but the execution of this transition may ask for more desired transformations. Adopting Hangouts completely as an instant messaging app on desktops still needs a lot of transformations, which may take some time. So for chatting and instant messaging Gtalk users will be found looking for reliable, fast and intuitive messaging apps that could offer an interactive and nice interface and provides various options for customizing user experience.
Krify is one of the leading IT service provider and holds the passion to create value for the clients and their businesses. Our team of skilled and experienced instant messaging app developers will craft an interesting product that will offer a customised messaging and chat app solution for you and your business operations. Contact us today with your requirements and have a one-to-one chat with our experts.
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Criteria to Follow for Developing an Error-free and Bug-Free Mobile App

It happens before the launch of every single mobile app. We are worried about the performance of the app, what if anything goes wrong at the time of launching the app? What if the mobile application is not bug-free or even if a single bug is ruining the performance of your super smart mobile app? You will be surrounded by all such worries if you are not sure about the quality of the app and not ensured that the mobile app is running error-free. Therefore it is important to go for error-free and bug-free mobile app development, which will ensure that your mobile app is absolutely bug-free and secure. Let's check out what are the important criteria to adopt to develop a bug-free mobile app. Give importance to User Experience Using applications on mobiles is different from using applications on laptops and desktops. That’s why it is important to design the mobile app and user experience first. Porting an existing desktop application will not help, as mobile has different screen size and different form factor. Avoid copying the interface design and functionalities from existing desktop applications, it will be more difficult to operate them on mobile. Avoid incorporating excessive and complex features all at a time! When you are planning mobile app development with the unique idea for the first time, it is advised to keep it simple and avoid complex functionalities. Go for essential features only otherwise, the targeted users may also get confused whether they are getting the desired solution for their problem. Experienced mobile app developers will never do that and will first prefer to focus on core functionalities that the app should be able to solve the problem, which is the target. Take the advantages of Google Analytics Google Analytics are majorly used after the launch of the app to measure its success in terms of views, downloads, etc. But we suggest incorporating the Google Analytics even before the release of the app. One of the prominent benefits of using Google Analytics tool is that it will make suggestions and will take decisions too. Analytics tool will analyze the user experience, contents, patterns and overall design and interface of the app and will make the suggestions. Off course, after the launch, Google Analytics will also help in identifying useful elements like daily active users, app engagement, retention rate, app crashes, etc. Quality Analysis: Ensure proper and complete testing Quality Analysis is the important aspect of the building of mobile app, as important as the design and development of the mobile app. It is better to get the quality analyst engineer to work and test your app as early as possible. QA and testing do not mean only the testing of code or the code should look ok. It includes other aspects like performance, access, security, etc. Alpha Testing: Alpha testing is performed by internal software testing or QA team, which is done after the acceptance testing. It is usually done in the lab environment to ensure the smooth performance of the app and is done before releasing it for Beta testing. Beta Testing: Beta testing is one of the most important stages of the mobile application testing, which is done as a final testing where the app is released for outside user groups or outside testing team. This version which is released for beta testing is called as the beta version and companies gather the user feedback to analyze the application’s performance. Even after the rigorous alpha testing, there is a chance of minor issues, which can be captured during beta testing. Thus beta testing helps in fixing all sorts of issues and thus significantly reduces the cost of development, because all or maximum issues will get fixed before the final release of the app. Go for Code Revision Before Releasing App Code revision is an effective way to ensure quality and efficiency of the code. In this process, all the elements of the code are studied, inspected and revised precisely. Code revision saves a lot of time of developers when they don’t have to re-familiarize themselves with the code element at the time of working on the additional updates.   Have an awesome idea for a mobile app? We are here to help you make an error-free app for your app idea. We are a team of trusted iOS and Android mobile app developers. Connect with us today for a cost-effective and bug-free mobile app development.
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Mobile App integration – An Important Step Towards Digitisation

In the past year, many corporations developed and evolved themselves with digital transformation and have raised themselves to a mark of standardization that has definitely brought them the improved agility and streamlined processes. But today, even in the era of entrepreneurship in 2017, many of the enterprise employees still embrace the old trend of business management systems and some even follow the paper-based processes.
Benefits of integrating mobile apps with your enterprise back-end system:
Due to the benefits associated with using mobile apps for sharing data and communicate and collaborate with business units, many organizations are planning to invest in digital transformation initiatives. A reputed research and analytics firm has predicted that a major portion of the budget is going to in enterprise mobile app market. • Mobile app integration keeps the data in sync across two or more business applications of the system. • Having an integrated enterprise mobile app helps in achieving the coherent, consistent and effective business operations.
Mobile App integrations or enterprise app integration within your existing system
One of the best parts about integrating mobile apps or enterprise apps is that it does not disturb your existing back-end system. It can be easily integrated within your existing internal system or with any third party system if you are using any. How is mobile app integration getting integrated in various systems? They are not being integrated as a standalone app, rather they are being upgraded with advanced features that can be used using existing native mobile device features. For example, employees working in the field like maintenance technicians, field workers, sales team, etc. can use the features like location-based and geo-location services that can be used to tag items with metadata of location. This allows to use location coordinates as tools to search within the databases. Other features of devices like cameras can be used to scan barcodes in retail centers, in public places or in manufacturing plants to collect the data. Push notifications can be used to send alerts to users regarding any time-sensitive or emergency information. Thus the combination of functionalities of the enterprise mobile apps and the features of common mobile devices can benefit the businesses win regard to many operations related as well as data sharing related difficulties. [caption id="attachment_11649" align="aligncenter" width="553"]mobile app integration Various domains in which the enterprise app integration can help to improve efficiency[/caption]  
How enterprise application integration benefits businesses?
Improved Efficiency:
Enterprise app integration allows organizations to locate assets, resources and respond to actions quickly. Thus using a single interface, companies can manage issues involved in supply chain management, reputation management and more.
Lesser Complexities:
Many a time, organizations don’t want to adopt the new technology due to difficulties associated with learning it and integrating it with their current systems. But enterprise mobile app integration does not involve such complexities. With a single user-friendly interface, organization and users can use the functionalities in combination with their various existing applications. This results in effective and smooth business operations.
Process Automation:
One of the most valuable features of mobile app integration is that it helps in streamlining and automating the business processes. It facilitates the building and evaluation of reports and enhances other processes which lead to transparency in financial processes.
Sharing data and information:
Enterprise app integration enables data sharing between different software applications which are being used in the organization as well as connected to outside systems. App integration gives a single point of access of data, as and when required. This saves time and helps employees to collaborate with each other and different departments in a better way.
How integration of smarter mobile apps can help better?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots integrated systems can improve the user experience. Chatbots can assist users as a personal assistant which can make day-to-day tasks that usually eats most of the time and thus the user can focus on other necessities like completing time off approvals, expense sheets and time sheets. [caption id="attachment_11650" align="aligncenter" width="600"]back end integration challenges Backend integration of mobile application[/caption]  
Challenges involved in mobile app integration: Security and Back-end Integration
Back-end integration and security are two crucial components of mobile app or enterprise app integration. Addressing following issues can make back-end integration of app simpler and more secure.
Limited control for integration developers:
Developing integration solution is not simple as integration developers have limited control over participating mobile application. Most of the time, these applications are packaged applications that cannot be changed for the sake of integration. So integration developers have to find the solution to make up with this deficiency present in the mobile application. To make the back-end integration simpler, it is required to implement the part of solution within the application end points.
Challenges associated with required combination of skill sets:
For development, operation and maintenance of any enterprise app integration solution, requires not a single technical skill but a combination of skill sets. Also, the existing XML Web Services offers the integration solution but still some integration challenges remain unresolved. The common presentation like XML does not imply with common semantics. Thus it is important to resolve semantic differences between systems which definitely requires significant business decisions and set of technical skills.
Superior server-side controls for higher security
: All servers do not have widespread controls. The back-end servers should be protected against outside malware attacks. Superior server control helps to implement upgrades and can through some features it blocks data breaching which saves from further data loss.
Data Leakage:
Data leak is never good and it is as big a problem as leaking of a dam. It needs to be addressed immediately and is a challenge for mobile app developers. For prevention of data leaks, it requires constant monitoring of application performance for possible loopholes, so that leaks can be identified at an early stage and can limit and reverse the data loss. As per the Red Hat survey, “Mobile plays a role for 73 percent of organizations, nearly half of the respondents identify security (45%) and back-end integration (43%) as the top challenges for mobile app development.” A small percent of companies use Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) or even mobile app platforms for back-end integration of enterprise app with the system. A small portion of companies also uses an API or middleware technology provided by back-end software vendor for integrating mobile apps with back-end systems. A major portion of companies is able to handle it on themselves by using external sources like marketplace, libraries and vendor services to develop their custom back-end integrations. Thus enterprise solutions built with the legacy and cutting edge cloud solutions helps an organization and its system to have complete control over business processes and increased efficiency of working.
Krify is a leading multinational company with expertise in developing the mobile app, web app and cloud-based solutions. Contact us today for free consultation from our Business Analysts, over automating and streamlining your business processes through enterprise app development.
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Find your Valentine 2017

Find your Valentine 2017 on Mobile – Dating Apps for Singles

Each one of us are waiting to wish our valentine with a special plan, to make the moment of 2017 Valentine day as one of precious memory in for long lasting relationships. History say’s us to celebrate with Valentine day each year on 14th February, in a way by exchanging cards, candies, gifts. Especially with red rose or flowers with their special “valentine.”

"The day of the romance is call as Valentine's Day. Named for a Christian victim as the beginning of his character for believing in the significance of love."

All these are went off as a history. Now the new generation era changed all the things by replacing one by one starting from a gift we share with the partner – Valentine :P. Technology is playing the most important role all the way for every single valentine to find their partner valentine to celebrate the day. How Valentine 2017 goanna changed?
  • Yes, the same as you guess. Greeting cards are now changed to WhatsApp forward messages to forward to valentine.
  • Yes, the sketch of art – Photo greeting cards are changed to Hike Stickers for wishing the valentine.
  • Yes, the most delicious food Candies and Chocolates are now turning into the virtual and Google Android operating system versions, to knack the valentine with surprise.
  • Yes, the gifts to share are now out of box, because firstly prices went very high and secondly people are more inclined towards creativity.
  • Yes, the flower are also being replaced now with saplings or plants, as people are becoming more aware about global warming and environment conservation.
Of course all these are applicable to true valentines. So… how a single boy or a single girl will think to celebrate the 2017 valentine day.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................... !! Think… Think… Think… and continues hehe ;)”

Code For Finding Love

Well, as every single boy and girl look for a valentine to seed new relations, some are for a short while and some are long-lasting. With the passing days, technology brought a lot of great and innovative things, which will help people to find their valentine in 2017. Here I can list a few!!
  • Hike Matchup! Hikers know that Hike is providing a new option called HIKEUP to find the valentine on with matching interest of both.
  • Hub for Singles! Find through tech hubs where a bunch of singles used to find through chat, text, call, video calls, and many more.
  • Facebook! Finding new friends is now easier than roaming on roads, if you are aware of Facebook groups to get in touch with the people, someone around us as well as far from us. Join singles' groups and find who best suits you.
  • Instagram and Twitter! Oooo these are one of the top social media networks making us to follow-up someone to get in touch around.
mobile usage banner All of these are the top social media application creating a new path with to connect with people. But still the new generations needs a bit more interactive applications as day to day technology and the way we interact are changing and gaining new heights. All together the latest solution for searching Valentine on this Valentine day is dating apps which are very suitable for the current generation for welcoming new relationships with fresh energies. Here are few top dating application you need to install: Relish Dating Application: Relish is the best way to bond with interesting new persons around you! RELISH, helps you discover that special person using shortened search conditions and a chat system through photo sharing, RELISH will reveal that "Happiness is closer than you think." Get it here! JLike Dating Application: JLike is a Jewish dating app hosting users from all over the world! Connect with thousands of members in your area and around the world browse photos, email, chat, meet up and more. users from all over the world! Connect with thousands of members in your area and around the world browse photos, email, chat, meet up and more. Get it here! Mobile App Screens Why one should use a dating app to find their Valentine? Today people are having lack of time, so single youths don't want to go for lengthy arrangements to find their life partner. We all know that instant connect and instant results are now the new mantra which is possible through global connectivity and viral digital network connecting people nearby as well as across the globe. The concept of get-together with someone special in the real time is continuously desired by all. In 2017 folks having ultra-fast mobiles with double the connectivity speed i.e., 4G and 5G networks can enjoy the fabulous advantages through location-enabled services (GPS Networks). The process goes on through interests, hobbies...etc. Initially the user start surfing by selecting their tastes, interests, hobbies… etc. applying filter option match with nearby locations. Once you done with filtering options if different people’s profiles will be visible with a picture. Finally, now the dating apps are here to promote you. As soon as the app admin confirms about your profile, you will start getting notification, if someone likes your profile or text you. If both of them are interested and like each other, then its’ a time to start conversation and take the relationship to the next stage after meeting through the mobile phone dating applications.
Are you a tech savvy looking for mobile app development? Here is some stuff for you. The market for a mobile app, which is goanna be a very big thing, to grow. Already the figure of mobile apps is doubled in the markets of Android Play Store, iOS App Store and Windows stores, around 3 billion so far. “Well, Get in touch with us. We have a great team for you who are very professional and expert in the design and development of mobile apps and web application as well. We also offer digital marketing and SEO services to help you promote your business and app with the help of our digital marketing specialists.
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Building WhatsApp like Apps for Android and iOS for Instant Messaging

The explosion of mobile computing has led to the growth of chat and messaging apps with a faster pace than mobile. As investors are finding great potential for chat apps in dominating the new marketing landscape, the demand for WhatsApp clone app development is growing hugely. People are preferring WhatsApp like applications for private as well as social chat in forms of group chat.
Domination of WhatsApp like app for Instant Messaging
Statistics says that digital communication has become all about messaging apps. People are migrating from social media networks like Facebook to micro-networks like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber etc. for day-to-day communication. Lately, the messenger apps movement is growing in markets like Asia, Europe and India and it will continue to grow. Messaging apps are top global apps dominating the mobile usage session.
Messaging App Preferences in Different Regions:
[caption id="attachment_11517" align="aligncenter" width="680"]chatting app messaging app WhatsApp clone app Source: eMarketer.com[/caption]   Till date Whatsapp is the most pursued messaging application and has inspired for the creation of clones. But many of such cloning attempts fails as it don’t match with the standards of WhatsApp. To develop a Whatsapp like application, one needs to understand the technicalities and functioning mechanism of the app.
Technicalities of Whatsapp
Whatsapp is a real-time messaging application that uses Ejabberd (XMPP) server for transferring instant messages between two or more users. Whatsapp has been programmed by using programming language ERLANG and is powered by signaling technologies. This makes WhatsApp compatible for server-side chat history, group chats, user avatars and attachments. However, for building a WhatsApp like messaging app, a lot of efforts were taken which include modifications in Ejabberd for an in-house protocol from XMPP, code restructuring and incorporating some crucial changes in Erlang. All such important changes led to achieving optimized server performance. The plus point of using ERLANG is that it helps in pushing changes to live implementation. [caption id="attachment_11536" align="aligncenter" width="567"]WhatsApp clone app powered by XMPP server WhatsApp powered by XMPP server[/caption]   WhatsApp uses XMPP for protocol transfer and to ensure network security, it uses DSL for secure private data transfer. The mechanism is that when the message is sent, it is queued on the server and the message waits till recipient reconnects to the server to receive the message. Once the message is delivered, it gets deleted from server memory.
Develop WhatsApp like instant messaging application with Krify  
Plenty of messaging applications are available in an app store as an alternative to WhatsApp, But in reality, such applications are failing as they are not being built perfectly in all technical aspects. Krify’s in-house team of experienced and skilled software professionals is available and equipped to develop a WhatsApp clone app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. If you are looking for Whatsapp like native messaging apps, hire our technical experts for WhatsApp like native app having speedy and flawless performance. We offer WhatsApp clone app development solution and the app functionalities include:
  • One-to-one chatting and group chatting.
  • User can update their profile with status message, contact details, profile picture, avatar.
  • Media sharing in form of photos, voice recordings, videos, without any limits.
  • Easy to create group chat and so is to leave the chat.
  • Video calling with the simple interface which facilitates easy camera switching, muting, etc.
  • Cross-platform solution for video and audio calling
  • Easy notifications on receipt of chat messages, incoming calls and other custom alerts.
Whatsapp clone applications for Enterprises
Krify also offers WhatsApp like clone app for enterprises which will provide add-ons for compliance, data protection management, security and third party software integrations. Such instant messaging apps for enterprises will come with extra security having client and server side encryption, secret chat and device ID database lock. Contact us today for an intuitive and fast messaging app solution for your business or enterprise as well as for commercial chatting app solution.
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Indus-OS-3 regional language OS

Indus OS: World’s First Multilingual Operating System For Regional Languages

Indus OS is the new operating system launched by an Indian company in 2015. Within 18 months Indus has reached and empowering seven million users. Indus OS was launched with an intention to overcome one of the biggest challenge – language. The majority of technology products and tech services are available in English language, which acts as a kind of barrier to reach various economic and social strata of the India. Indus OS has overcome this challenge by bringing the first of its kind Regional Operating System, which meets the needs of regional language speaking people of India. Indus OS was supporting only Gujarati language in its pilot phase. Recently, Indus OS 2.0 was released that features English and 12 regional Indian languages that include Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Odia, Tamil and Urdu. This covers 90% Indian population. India-specific The product has been released keeping in mind the need of Indian population. This OS has not been built from scratch and they have squeezed the things from Android platform, to meet demands of Indian culture and population. As per the data from Counterpoint Research, Indus OS is holding 7.1% of market share in quarter of July-September, which has made Indus Os the no. 2 in terms of most used operating systems for smartphones, where as topmost position is being acquired by Android. Indus OS has also crossed the market shares of iOS in India. For Indian consumers, now language is not an inhibition. They can easily change from basic phones to smartphones. Let’s check out the introductory video for Indus OS. Some of the patented features of Indus OS latest version 2.0 are as follows: Text to Speech conversion: It has a unique feature of converting text into speech in 9 different regional languages. Hybrid keyboard: This hybrid keyboard lets you type in English and one can type in regional language using English keyboard. Word Prediction: While typing on keyboard, it definitely predicts the word and Matra as well, which helps in capturing sounds of vowels in regional languages. Indus Messaging: This unique messaging feature allows one Indus OS user to send free text message to another Indus OS user. Recharge 2.0: Indus OS has introduced Recharge 2.0 in partnership with FreeCharge. This allows users to track calling and data usage and recharge their prepaid connections easily with the help of FreeCharge Wallet. App Bazaar: AppStore for apps in regional languages Indus OS have their own app store hosting regional apps, App Bazaar. One can explore the apps and other digital content available in 12 regional languages. It is available on all IndusOS devices. Users can pay easily through their talk-time with integrated Carrier Billing Payment Gateway. App Bazaar holds a simple UI that helps “to understand the true potential of app distribution for next 1 billion smartphone users in South Asia.” Tie-ups with foreign companies CEO of the company, Mr. Rakesh Deshmukh, revealed in an interview that the company aims to build an office in China, with an intention to explore the possibilities of tie-ups with leading phone manufacturers in China like Xiaomi. Indus OS already has partnerships with companies like Intex, Micromax, Karbonn, and looking forward to deal with the Chinese companies who dominates the smartphone market in India. Indus OS is already working towards release of version 3.0 of the operating system. It is expected from the new version to have the sharper transliteration and translation ability, with only a swipe of the finger. Considering the expansion in international markets – company is planning to launch in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. where English is not the first language as in China. Krify is a multinational IT service provider with core competency in iOS and Android mobile apps using advanced development technologies. Contact us to convert your great app idea into a successful mobile app.
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Importance of Architecture planning in any software application development!

What is the most important part of Software Product Development? Every software development project goes through a number of phases from concept finalization, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. But there’s one crucial step in the process that can make or break the success of any application, it is architecture planning. What is Software Architecture? Software Architecture is the elaborate structure and architectural description of a specific solution. It lays down the specifications for which the solution is defined, delivered, managed and operated. It describes the structure, characteristics, and behavior of a solution to its stakeholders. Before any coding begins, it’s vital to thoroughly plan out software architecture in which both front-end and back-end developers will collaborate on during design, and prior to development, to ensure that the software/solution we are going to build is stable, flexible and scalable from the start. It is the first step to being taken during any application development that identifies applications, modules, components and processes required for developing the product. It is a document that sets the standards and makes the integration, implementation, communication and delivery easier. It also helps in drawing conclusions where it identifies problems, issues or hurdles in product development. Who is a Solution Architect? A Solution Architect provides the strategic direction for the project. He understands both business and technical requirements of the project, compares tools and techniques and suggests the ones that best serve the requirements of a project. Software Architecture is very important in every application or product development for following reasons
  • It  defines constraints on Implementation
  • It dictates organizational Structure.
  • It Inhibits or enables a System’s quality attributes
  • It allows predicting system quality attributes without waiting until the system is developed or deployed
  • It helps in evolutionary Prototyping
  • It enables more accurate cost and time estimates
  • It ensures Selection of Technology Stack
A Good Software Architecture has following characteristics
  • A good solution architecture will take care of meeting the non-technical and non-functional requirements.
  • It should be strong and easy to maintain when we find bugs.
  • It should be flexible, extensible, and usable on the long term.
  • It should make it possible to adapt to requirements.
  • It needs high-capacity scalability.
  • Refactoring should be easy.
  • It should respond positively to change; when adding features, performance should not decrease.
  • Maintainance should be made easy.
Different type of design patterns in  software Architecture MVC, MVP, and MVVM are three most popular Architecture design patterns. Where MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, MVP for Model-View-Presenter and MVVM means Model-View-ViewModel.   MVC design pattern is one of the oldest patterns available for achieving the separation of concerns. It impels a bifurcation of concerns, which means domain model and controller logic are separated from the user interface (view). As a result maintenance and testing of the application becomes simple and easy. MVC design pattern divides an application into three major aspects: Model, View, and Controller. An MVP system is an evolved version of MVC wherein the controller is replaced by the presenter. The presenter is also responsible for updating the view with the new data generated by the model. This pattern divides an application into three major aspects: Model, View, and Presenter. MVVM pattern supports two-way data binding between View and ViewModel. This allows automatic propagation of changes, inside the state of ViewModel to the View. Today, the MVC pattern is used by well-known frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Apple iOS Development, Android development, ASP.NET MVC, etc. While MVP is mostly used for ASP.NET Web Forms applications and MVVM is used by WPF, Caliburn, Silverlight, nRoute, The conclusion is Solution Architecture is very important in product /application /software development. Thus choosing the right company which will help you in planning the best architecture is very important. Software development experts at Krify validate the solution technology selection by testing and comparing the results with the various parameters and find the best possible solution for your product development After reading this article, if you looking for best Software Architect for your project then immediately contact us. We will respond to you within 24 hours.
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Consumer Apps Vs Enterprise Apps

Since the debut of smart mobile applications and devices, nearly everyone on the planet is well aware of what mobile apps are. A Clear understanding of enterprise mobile apps and consumer apps can help business owners to engage mobile applications for further improvement of their business. A consumer app focuses on serving users of a specific category that aim to accomplish some tasks. Consumer apps are accessed by consumers. Consumer apps are usually available in the app stores. iOS and Android mobile applications that are listed under numerous categories, like entertainment, health, games, finance,  music, travel and news, among others that serve the consumers for their day to day tasks. Typically, consumer applications are equipped with a more active and adapted interface,  helpful content, which helps to take hold of a diverse audience. Consumer mobile applications are very competitive, so there are many analogues of these or other programs. Enterprise mobile apps help businesses to meet their objectives in a more efficient manner.  Enterprise mobile apps are custom made for each organization. This type of mobile apps are aimed at improving the business processes.  This type of mobile apps optimize management processes and have a very positive effect on business conduct. Enterprise app is characterized by a brevity as well as a functionality in classic packaging. Such applications are much more expensive, because the target audience is smaller, but they bring much more benefit in terms of work Comparison Between Enterprise And Consumer Mobile App
  • Both consumer based apps and the enterprise apps can be developed to run on multiple mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows etc.
  • Consumer apps possess emotional design targeted to attract consumers while enterprise-based apps are more utilitarian and primarily focus on simplification of the business processes.
  • Consumer-specific apps can be either a standalone app or can have integrated backend support whereas entrepreneur apps only serve as a mobile interface for an existing system..
  • The development process of a consumer mobile app may cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars while Enterprise mobile-based apps are quite expensive as compared to the consumer-focused apps.
  • Consumer-centric apps are not very well protected however, enterprise level apps are safeguarded with utmost security features such as encryption and MDM software to prevent the confidential data of organisations.
  • Enterprenuer apps are not frequently found in the app store whereas consumer apps are available in app store and Play store.
In summary, consumer apps and enterprise apps are different beasts altogether.
At Krify, we have superior expertise in developing both Consumer Apps namely Doctor checker, Spinnder, Shared, Zaptel etc and Entrepreneur apps namely Crises control, Toyota Australia, offerdose, Redbridge Radio cars etc. Incase if you have any requirement then contact us immediately. We will help you provide the best of mobile app development services that suit your need. By carefully strategizing your app and using the right resources we will develop you polished application from scratch.
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An Insight to lower Risk’s and Winning Investors by developing a perfect MVP application!

MVP acronym to mean “Minimum Valuable Product. It is a basic version of the product or a service that has core features released inorder to test a new business idea which matches the needs of the customers. It involves strategy, idea generation, measuring, learning, and analysis directed toward making and selling a product to customers. The purpose of MVP is to identify the market for that specific product or service and present the more accurate information about your customer’s specific needs. Prosperous companies like Dropbox, Facebook , Uber etc have started as MVPs. These examples prove that you should first care about your customer’s feedback initially before your final product is released into the market. With the right MVP application, you can test your concept with real customers and with their immediate feedback continue to build a product that they will simply love. Advantages of developing a Minimum Viable Product Development
  • This process allows you to release iterations (that is, versions) quickly and to learn from your mistakes.
  • This approach ensures that your concept is well accepted before you actually start spending more money.
  • You already have a group of early users when launching the final version of the product
  • This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations
Qualities of a Minimum Viable Product 
  • Offers most important features/functions for the target audience
  • Display sufficient future benefits and advantages to retain early adopters
  • Offer a feedback loop to guide future development
Building an MVP is not difficult but it requires experienced and proactive mobile & web app development company who will capture the primary goal of your product, who know your target audience and who are tech experts. Whether you are looking for Web App or Mobile app development MVP in any vertical, Krify is the right team and perfect fit. We have vast experience in helping startups and entrepreneurs in building MVP versions. Our expert team of solution consultants and architects provide all the consultation you need to roll-out your  from designing, writing, coding and managing your project in a rightful manner. So, you can build a better product that will resonate with future users.
Now are you ready to create your very first MVP? Then contact us ,we look forward to hearing from you and act as a valued partner rather than a mere vendor..
Discuss your idea with us,  We will take it up to the next level with a beauty of dream to the reality.
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Krify - Chris Testimonial

Businesses don’t grow with money, it grows with a loyal customer base, at Krify

Businesses don’t grow with money, it grows with a loyal customer base, at Krify we show you how. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is a key differentiator. A solid customer base is a springboard for fostering new customers and it is essentially the “voice” of our products or services. Customer satisfaction is one of a key metric for every company in managing and monitoring their businesses. Here is a glimpse to why our customers prefer Krify above everyone else in the whole world. We have an a premium client, Chris a Business Owner and entrepreneur from Los Angeles California. He narrates his journey experience with Krify. For the whole story watch the video below... Subscribe now on our Youtube channel to watch more. Our core competency includes mobile app, web, wearable app development and digital marketing services. Our mobility and software solutions empowers our clients to perform way ahead of competition by ideating, defining and implementing pivotal business solutions well in time. Contact us for fabulous solutions for your business.
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first passenger drone in Dubai - Ehang 184

Self-flying Passenger Drones: Will Be Hovering Soon In Dubai’s Skies

Many companies are looking for the viability of idea of ‘flying cars’ and technologists are trying to build viable and safe autonomous, flying taxis, in order to simplify the urban transportation hassles. The city of Dubai has taken a leap in this plan and has announced its plan of launching passenger drones by July 2017. Where Airbus, Uber and other companies are still in talks of creating vehicles for testing and start with transporting cargo using such flying taxis or drones, Matt al-Tayer, head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Department announced the beginning of passenger service using flying taxi. They announced this in a World Government Summit. They mentioned that it would be an advanced drone, which is Ehang 184 – an autonomous quad-opener electric drone – it will fly the passengers along pre-determined routes and will be monitored and controlled remotely from a centralized command center. The Chinese model, Ehang 184, has already taken a test flight in skies of Dubai. How it works? Mr. Al Tayer quoted that the introduction of AAV will be a big step towards innovative and smart mobility solutions. It will contribute in reducing city traffic in a major way. Etisalat is a prime network provider, who provided 4G data network. This network was used to communicate between the control center at ground and the AAV. It also provided the support for continued communication between control center and AAV using LTE and M2M technologies. Watch the video released by Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai:
What is EHANG 184?
EHANG 184 is an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) developed by Chinese entrepreneurs. It is claimed by the company as the safest, smartest, eco-friendly and low altitude  AAV, which is an aerial transportation solution for commuting between medium and short distances. Some of the interesting and important features of EHANG 184 are as follows: Safety: EHANG 184 has exceptional safety management system, in which flight can execute the normal operation plan, even if one set of power system are not operating well. It is powered by electricity and is made up with 100% green technology. Automation: The EHANG AAV is fully automated with smart automation. The take-off and landing points will be predefined and pre-set with the AAV and it will fly in an inverted U shape pathway. The landing of AAV will be managed with the landing camera, which will automatically position on the landing targets accurately. Fail Safe system: EHANG AAV has been built with Ehang fail-safe system which is embedded in it. In case of any defect or malfunctioning of any mechanisms or elements, the AAV will ensure the safety by landing immediately in the nearest possible area. Low Altitude Command Centre: The AAV will always be connected with the low-altitude command center, which why it can be available to fly for 24*7. If weather conditions are extreme, the command center will not enable AAV to fly to ensure safety. Unique application system: 184 AAV can be operated using a simple but unique application system, which is simple as well as advanced such that it takes only a single click to take-off and land. ehang 184 passenger drone Ehang 184 AAV has set the world record for being world’s first passenger drone that can transport a single human being from place X to place Y at an altitude of more than 11000 feet. It is being claimed that passengers will be able to select a preset destination, probably using a touch screen for a mobile app. AAV can travel up to 30 minutes with the maximum speed of about 100kph (60mph). Every command from passenger will go through an app to the control center and all commands will go to AAV from the control center based on the ground. The first passenger drone will fly in Dubai sky under the guidelines of the RTA with automated controls for flying and speed of the flight. How will flying taxis be booked in Dubai?  It is being estimated that the flying taxi booking in Dubai will be done by passengers using the mobile app, which seems to be the most convenient way. The application may have features similar to all other booking applications. The booking mobile app might be used to select the preset route map configuration. The automated algorithm of the drone will be defined by the programmers so that passengers can choose from the suitable travel points. This invention is definitely going to be helpful for managing the traffic congestion in the city.
Check out the following video to understand how Ehang 184 has been made.
Drone industry and Drone applications
Drone industry has brought various opportunities for drone operators and businesses. App developers carry the responsibility to turn the drone technology into something that will be beneficial to businesses or human safety. Drone applications need to have simple to use interfaces that would give astounding experiences to operators, who can manage rotors, plan the path of the drone, keep the drone in the air, collect useful data from onboard sensors, etc. Developing applications for drones can be compared with developing mobile applications. Drone apps need UI developed for controllers. Some of the UIs can even run on mobile devices. Krify has started to scratch the area of drones and app development. There are a lot of exciting and new challenges for developers. Krify is a multinational software development company with core competency in mobile app development, web design and development and digital marketing. Contact us to get the free quote for your project.  
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MWC 2017 key takeaways

Takeaways from GSMA MWC 2017 – 5G and IoT were the Eyecatchers

The Mobile World Congress is the biggest assembly for the mobile industry. The GSMA Mobile World Congress event of 2017 has been organized in Barcelona, Spain. The event is scheduled from 27th of February to 03rd of March. The mobile has become a very fundamental and elemental thing in our lives. Also, it is not the same since the time it was launched for the first time. The world has witnessed the evolution of the mobile, it is dynamic and it is ever adapting. Today, behind all emerging innovations, the driving force is mobile or mobility. Mobile has redefined the domain of digital platform. This year the GSMA MWC 2017 theme was developed into 7 core themes to make it more relevant to different industries and their visions. These themes were:
  • Content and Media
  • Consumer IoT
  • The Fourth industrial revolution
  • Government and public policy
  • Networks
  • Platforms
  • Sustainable Development
Domination of evolution and improvements of technology – how mobiles are rooted everywhere in our lives.
Yes, the event showcased iterative improvements in the mobile hardware and the performances of mobile, but the highlights of theme was how important role today mobile plays in our lives in various aspects whether at our home, in our vehicles, at work in any industry! Here are highlights of this theme of #MWC2017 which would be key takeaways for those who are looking for updates on modern mobile technologies like Internet of Things or 5G or Virtual Reality and so on.....
Arrival of 5G
When all corners of the world are still not able to use the capacity of 4G completely, the speed or connectivity that it provides, network and connectivity innovators are set to bring 5G to us. As per the presenters of 5G technology, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Hoettges said, “5G is not only a technology, it is a completely new infrastructure of the network with 1000% more capacity, 10 times better ping rates and 100 times faster internet speed.” With this it is expected that more businesses are going to switch to cloud-based business applications.
IoT devices will be strengthened for Interoperability
One of the most used and the buzzword in #MWC2017 was ‘Interoperability’. MWC2017 showcased various interconnected technological developments which are expected to bring the interoperability across different technologies. For IoT technology to work we need to ensure that technology and things must work together, which implies that the IoT mobile applications, networks like 3G, 4G, 5G and devices should have ‘interoperability’ between them, to be able to exchange information, data and work in coordination.
VR is still to bring its cut through
MWC2017 brought many headsets and demonstrations for display, but could not bring any breakthrough application. There was showcase of VR headsets demos being used for some interesting applications like training medics.
Adapting IoT requires such business models!
There is a continuous spread of IoT devices and businesses must adopt them in their own service and product offerings. Businesses need to transform their business models into a system that can adapt internet-enabled devices from Cloud-based ERPs, which can be accessed by using mobile devices. This will enable businesses to gather Big Data from the internet connected sensors. The Mobile World Congress 2017 brought the highlights regarding development and excitement in continued usage of mobile devices. Nevertheless, building 5G infrastructure is going to be an important focus in this year for telcos and government regulators.  It is evident that many more businesses are going to adopt this 5G technology, its services and incorporate IoT for mobile accessibility.
Krify is an multinational IT service provider with an extensive experience in mobile app development, web app design and development services design and development and cloud-based applications in alignment of the growing wave of mobile technologies.
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How to choose mobile app development company India

How To Decide On Mobile App Development Company For Your Billion Dollar Idea

Times have changed and the ways to develop, market and grow the business have evolved in a huge manner. Mobile applications are taking the world by storm prominently iPhone apps and Android apps. Entrepreneurs with far-farsightedness have already envisioned the advantages that a mobile app can bring to the business, i.e. improved customer service and hence growth in returning customers, boosted brand building, powerful marketing tool, etc.
“Gartner principal research analyst Adrian Leow said enterprises find it a challenge to rapidly develop, deploy and maintain mobile apps to meet increasing demand, as it is exceedingly difficult and costly to hire developers with good mobile skills.”
This challenge can be overcome by taking a well-informed decision for choosing the best mobile app development company. Finding and hiring a correct mobile app development team can be an unnerving task. But with secure and value added mobile app development, comes the opportunity of maximizing the revenue for your app business. That why it is essential to take a little pain and find and hire a right mobile app development company to create your dream app. Sometimes it is necessary to make the choice depending on the services offered by the app development company. If you are looking for iPhone app developers, you should look for a leading iPhone app development company. If your idea needs Android app developer then you should scan among Android app development companies. There are some app development companies, which offers both iPhone development services and Android development services. Now how to do that? Where to start with? We will try to answer such questions when they peep in while choosing a right and efficient mobile app development partner. Checklist for hiring mobile app development company
Points to mark on your Checklist before Hiring any Mobile App Development Company
Start with Company's Portfolio.
You can start your background check by screening and studying the company’s portfolio. It should give you a clear idea about the work that they have done previously. The portfolio will showcase their UI/UX skills and will throw a light on which domains they have worked already. The portfolio will let you know whether the app development company has got the exposure of developing apps in your business domain or not. Even if the company has not developed any app in the domain, which you are looking for, the range of different mobile apps will give you an idea about their capability in doing app development projects in various domains, which makes them eligible to develop the mobile app in any business domain. open discussion and consultative approach to develop apps
How is Company’s Approach – Are They Open For New Ideas?
Having an app development partner who is flexible and has a positive approach in catering the needs of your vision, helps makes a collaborative effort. It is not bad to have developers who can give a different vision to see your app. It’s good to have a development team who can welcome new ideas too. Such a combination will make the development project very successful and will bring out the best possible output of your combined efforts.
Cheap Buys does not always mean to be good!
One always looks for the best price in the market when it comes to hiring somebody. But we also need to consider an important parameter – quality – which is associated with price. When you need a mobile app for your business growth, you have to remember that you want a quality app and not a cheap app. Don’t keep the price as the only deciding factor in choosing the mobile app development company. NDA, confidentiality and security
What are their Security and NDA practices?
For the security of your mobile app, it is important that the mobile app developer adopts the security policies and the end product is the secure mobile application. Even before the app development, the security is required in terms of confidentiality, at the level of disclosing idea and discussion. So it’s better to find the company who is ready to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at a very early stage when the app development project is at the requirement discussion stage.
How is their Project Life-Cycle and Management Process?
The very next question that you should ask is whether they will deliver in time? Yes before assigning the project to the mobile app development company, you need to ensure that they have the reputation of delivering apps on time. For this, you need to understand their project management process. It’s good if they offer you a full-time and dedicated Project Manager for your project. So that you can connect with the Project Manager and get the updates regarding the progress of the project. Also check what kind of project delivery process, they are going to follow? It’s always good to go with milestones based delivery so that you will have the track of regular development being done and the project has the further scope to add any additional functionality at the later level which is beneficial for the project. These points will help you analyze whether the working model of the company matches with your expectations. A good mobile app development company will always allow you to track the progress and results.
What is the Experience of the Company and the Developers?
The experience of designers and developers matters to the project. If the development charges offered by the company is too good to be believed then it is the indication that they are having inexperienced developers. Experienced designers and developers are required for a good level of craftsmanship, which is required to build a high-quality app with powerful functionalities and visual appeal. So check for how long the company is into the business and the experience of their developers. The time they have spent in the market and industry also speaks about their experience in handling complex projects and delivering quality products. professional customer bonding
Look for Relationship Builders!
It is always good to work with those who values relationship, this way both you and the mobile app developer will enjoy working with each other and take the project forward with mutual understanding. If both of you share a good professional bond, you can retain the same mobile app development company for all your technology needs. It will save your time to find the resources every time you need mobile app developers. Another advantage of having a strong and valuable bond between both of you is that the app development company can even refer your business to others.
App Support and Maintenance is important.
The support and maintenance from the mobile app development team are crucial because even after the mobile app is deployed on the app store successfully, there are chances of apps getting corrupt with bugs. To avoid this the app needs the support of the developers to make sure that the mobile app is well maintained. So always go with the development company that offers support and maintenance services even after the deployment of the app to the app store. Mobile app development company in India
Why Consider the Mobile App Development Company based in India?
Indian mobile app development market is addressing the huge demands of app development and is expected to cross the number of $100 billion in revenue by 2017. Indian mobile app development companies, guided and funded by powerful government bodies and best venture capitalists, boosted by a skilled workforce, has all the potential to cater the huge app development demands of global economies. It is already being proved with the amount of contribution done by the Mobile App Development companies based in India, in delivering the world-class mobile apps that had performed par excellence.
Krify Software Technologies is one such leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in India and UK, which fits best in all the above-mentioned points and delivers world class mobile apps and web apps. Our portfolio displays the range of domains, which we have served with our website development services and mobile app development services. We are pioneer in services like iPhone app development and Android app development. Contact us today for a consultative approach towards an innovative app idea that you might be thinking to change into reality. Leave your query here and one of our Business Analyst will get in touch with you.
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Google App Maker for building custom apps

Google’s App Maker – Now Building Customised Enterprise Apps is Easier, Faster and Secure

Google recently launched a low-code app development tool called App Maker i.e. on 30th November 2016. It is a new milestone in the path of empowering developers to build powerful apps for businesses. It allows building customized mobile apps for your business in an easy and secure way using the same platform that strengthens G Suite. Although Google already has a tool for building apps on its cloud computing service for advanced developers, the new App Maker tool is for low-level developers to build simple yet powerful secure app for any business. It is not for kind of advanced code developers for software like Netflix’s video service or Uber’s ride-hailing app. App Maker has been launched with an intention to simplify the process of making a business app. This can be done using pre-built Google templates and it also synchronizes and work well with G-Suite apps like email, calendar, Google documents, etc. App Maker is another way to facilitate the transition to the next phase where there is the rise of mobile apps. Businesses are going mobile to engage and serve bigger consumer base. Internet Research suggests that 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps for services over websites or mobile sites. What Google App Maker Offers? Google App Maker provides an opportunity for enterprises to create internal apps. These internal apps will empower small and medium-sized enterprises to fulfill their tasks, maintain their internal records and offer better customer care services. The plus point is that App Maker allows development of an app at a really fast pace so that your journey from an idea to the app will be of just a few days. Another highlight of App Maker is that its simple and easy to use tool which is nothing but a drag and drop mechanic that lets you design your app really fast. It comes with the power packed features like scripting editor, customized script support and a cloud platform. Thus it provides an overall coding support to developers and helps build an app with minimal coding efforts. For whom App Maker is for? App Maker is for mobile app development for entry-level businesses. It also helps in mobile app development for small or medium sized enterprises. No matter how small or big the business is, App Maker has it all to provide necessary tools for building mobile apps for all sizes of enterprises. App Maker can be used by all those who uses G Suite, called as Google Apps for Work. These apps make it possible for its users to manage collaboration, productivity and cloud computing. App Maker is an easy to use platform that helps to create apps with a good user interface in alignment with G Suite. Apps built with App Maker will be compatible with all devices like phones, desktop and tablets. To build an app with App Maker, you need a browser and its easy drag-n-drop functionality facilitates to build a cloud-based app at a very fast pace. Also, it comes with the promise of performance, stable data integrity and scalability i.e. apps can scale easily from one to many users. Google has also launched ‘Digital Unlocked’ for helping millions of small and medium businesses in India to go online and grow their business digitally. Krify is a multinational IT solutions provider based in India and UK. Our core competency includes the mobile app, web app development and digital marketing. Contact us today to start the digital journey of your business. If you are a novice to Digital world and not sure how to make your business go online, we are here to provide you a free consultation to bring the power of the digital world to your business and expand your business’ visibility at the global level.
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Raspberry Pi 3 model B features

Raspberry Pi 3 – Now More Powerful And Still Affordable

Raspberry Pi is a tiny and inexpensive computer that can perform many light and medium duty tasks. It was developed by the ‘Raspberry Pi Foundation’ in the United Kingdom as a series of single board computers. The first generation Raspberry Pi i.e Raspberry Pi 1 Model B was released in February 2012.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of the circuit board sized Pi computer. Experts are quoting this as the most powerful and at the same time most affordable version of the Pi. The new and improved version, Raspberry Pi 3, is more powerful now due to the added advantage of having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without any raise in the price. It can now be termed as a versatile and all-in-one board. It is now more useful as a retro games machine and also as a media streamer too.Before going into the details of Raspberry Pi 3,

Before going into the details of Raspberry Pi 3, lets check out what is Raspberry Pi and how it helps through the following video shared by Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Comparing Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2:

Physically, Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 both look very identical. Pi 3 has the same port selection, the same board layout, the same GPIO pin layout, etc. like that of a year old Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Raspberry Pi 3 is being claimed as having the potential to be used as a proper PC. Compared to Pi 2, the additional specifications it has:

  • 11n Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU
  • Bluetooth 4.1

The specifications common in both Pi 2 and Pi 3:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • 4 USB ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Full HDMI port
  • Camera interface (CSI)
  • 5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Display Interface (DSI)
  • Videocore IV 3D graphics core

Raspberry Pi 3 is completely compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi 2. The creators of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B claims it to be very useful in schools or any general usage of computing. If you would like to embed Pi in any of your project, then Pi zero or Model A+ are preferable for projects which needs low power and are embedded projects.

Features of Raspberry Pi 3

Although the upgradation to version Pi 3 may not look much significant on paper, but the additions have given a serious usability boost. The special mention can be given to its on-board wireless capabilities, which works awesome with the default Raspbian operating system. The Raspberry Pi specific OS, Raspbian, makes Pi 3 easy to use when compared to standard Linux installations.

Inclusion of Wi-Fi itself is another huge step that makes Pi 3 stand out from previous Raspberry Pi models. Because now you don’t have to buy a separate Wi-Fi adapter or hardwire the board through Ethernet connection.

Raspberry Pi 3 has moved a step further from its previous versions in terms of USB inputs, as Pi 3 now has native Bluetooth compatibility which allows connection of wireless peripherals or gadgets for advanced maker projects.

Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton said “This 50–60 percent [performance improvement] has moved us over some sort of line, where it becomes a much more credible PC replacement,” which does not seem false at any point. This statement makes it clearer that Raspberry Pi 3 can definitely manage basic web browsing and productivity tasks.

[caption id="attachment_11509" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Raspberry Pi programming with Raspbian Raspberry Pi Programming[/caption]
Raspberry Pi Programming

Programming for Raspberry Pi is possible with some free and easy software tools. Raspberry Pi projects are being developed for enterprise projects, IoT education or product prototyping. Raspberry Pi programming requires understanding the IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

To do Raspberry Pi application development, first you need to write, test and run the code. Pi offers wide choices of languages to write the code. Some of the IDE’s are as follows:


BlueJ is an IDE used for programming in Java. It runs with the help of the JDK (Java Development Kit version 3.14) and useful for small scale development. JDK allows development as well as the execution of programs on the Pi. BlueJ allows complete access to any hardware when attached through an open source Pi4J library from Java SE language.

Algo IDE

Algo IDE supports Syntax highlighting, execution modes, break points and debugger, auto completion, real-time explorer, syntax error management, optimization for small screens and with support for C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Smalltalk, Objective-C, Lua and Actionscript.

Ninja IDE

Ninja is a cross-platform IDE designed to build Python applications. It is a light-weight IDE and has common functions like file handling, go to line, find in files code locator, automatic indentation, tabs, editor zoom, etc. Ninja IDE also provides Syntax highlighting for different languages, static and PEP 8 error highlighting, code migration embedded console, project management modules, code auto-completion, code location, a plugin system and session handling. Previously, Ninja IDE was designed for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and now it has been documented to how to install Ninja IDE on Raspberry Pi.

Greenfoot IDE

It is an IDE designed primarily for Java programming and is used for educational purposes at schools and colleges. It is designed in a way to allow easy development so that beginners can also start programming. Greenfoot has auto-completion, project management, syntax highlighting and other tools in IDEs.

Raspberry Pi OS

Raspbian is a free Debian-based OS optimized for Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspbian has all basic programs and utilities like that of other general-purpose OS. It is officially supported by Raspbian foundation and its highlighting feature is its more than 35000 packages and fast performance. Its latest version Jessie can be installed on a 8 GB SD card.

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE is a stable and simple OS, which is good for devices with less hardware specs. This makes it perfect for Raspberry Pi devices. Ubuntu MATE is an original Ubuntu with an APT package manager and Ubuntu’s Software Center. For loading its latest version, Ubuntu MATE 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) for Raspberry Pi, 4GB or more high-speed SD card is required.


Linutop can be quickly set up on Raspberry Pi, which uses Raspbian base with lightweight and classic XFCE graphical environment. It boots as quickly as in 30 seconds and can be configured quickly for all purposes. Its security features include a ‘read-only mode’ to save from viruses and hack attempts. All the alterations will not be saved unless you input the password.

Programming tools bundled with Raspbian:
Node-RED for IoT applications

Node-RED is an open source and free tool for wiring hardware devices, online services, APIs together in an interesting manner. It is developed by IBM Emerging Technologies and runs on every major OS. It provides browser-based flow editor. It is built on Node.js which makes it ideal to run at the edge of the network on low-cost hardware like Raspberry Pi. Also, an online flow library allows you to share your best flows with others.

Python – a modern language for RPi

IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is an IDE for Python bundled with the default implementation of the language. Python for RPi is cross-platform, it avoids feature clutter. It's highlighting features are multi-window text editor with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, persistent breakpoints, Python shell with syntax highlighting and call stack visibility. Raspbian comes with both Python version 3 and 4 Installed.

Sonic Pi – a Domain Specific Tool

When compared to all the tools bundled with Raspbian, Sonic Pi is the most domain specific tool. It is an open source, free and live coding music synthesizer released under MIT license. As its name suggests, yes it runs on  Raspberry Pi and it also runs on Linux, Windows and OS X.

[caption id="attachment_11504" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Raspberry Pi in home automation and IoT Uses of Raspberry Pi[/caption]
Raspberry Pi as a Personal Web Server

The miniscule machine, Raspberry Pi has the capability to be used as web server that can host simple site or landing page and stores files in the cloud (without any hosting fees). In terms of server and hosting, Raspberry Pi can act as web server and responds to requests to serve up Web pages like sophisticated Web based apps or simple HTML apps.

Pi Web server hosts single Web page that connects to a MySQL database, which gets data from Python program, which is receiving data from a smart thermometer. Pi server cannot be used as a business solution because it is not as powerful as our desktop PCs but still can be used for personal resources like spaces designed for sites and storage. To make your Raspberry Pi into a web server you need a router, modem, an Ethernet cable, an operating system and a SSH (Secure Shell) access.

Use in Internet of Things based Home Automation

Home automation allows you to control your devices at home from your mobile device no matter wherever you are in the world.

“Home Automation contributes towards ‘Internet of Things’, which means that everything, every device can be assigned with an IP address and can be accessed, monitored and controlled remotely.”

Home automation using Raspberry Pi, allows you to access and control systems at your home like water leaks, garage door, watch for movement, sense for gas, check for lights, etc. Home automation system can be set to send alerts on your phone, if something happens. So now you can monitor everything from your phone.

For IoT applications based home automation, Raspberry Pi provides a suitable platform because of availability of many open source communities. For example, building a dashboard that can be accessed and managed to monitor Raspberry Pi. To the single dashboard, more and more sensors can be connected to Raspberry Pi and thus monitor all sensors remotely anytime from anywhere.

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