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Online Shopping Mobile App Development Process.

With the rise in the number of mobile users, online shopping mobile apps have become more prevalent than ever before. The demand for online shopping has given birth to many online shopping mobile app development companies. These apps have significantly influenced the shopping habits of modern users as they provide great comfort for the users to browse from any place and offer a variety of payment options. Almost everyone in the present world relies on online shopping mobile apps to make shopping more easy and quick. Unfortunately not every online shopping app achieves the required goals and reaches the expectations of customers. Hence it is crucial to choose the best online shopping app development company for your online shopping app development. If you are planning to develop an online shopping app for your business like Groceries, Clothes, Food&Beverages, Gadgets etc., there are some critical things you need to take into consideration. First among them is you need to be clear about what are the required features for developing online shopping mobile app

Features of Online Shopping App

Here are six essential features you need to include while developing your online shopping app User Account

User Account

User Account is the first feature any online shopping app should have so that the user can check his history of orders, items saved to cart and wishlist. User account makes it easy for the user to have a log all his purchases, cancellations etc.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the easiest ways to attract your users back to the app. You can notify the user about the offers, new arrivals and various other news about the products.  The users can get the information through the notifications, and if he likes, he can browse through them instead of having to open the app by himself and search for the discounts or new products available.


Tracking the product delivery status is essential and should be enabled in your online shopping app as it helps in engaging the customers and building trust between the organisation and the customer. Search Options

Search Options

An  Online shopping app will have thousands of products in hundreds of categories. If there is no search option, it would be tough for users to discover their favourite item. By implementing advanced search options, users can easily find the desired products by using the precise filters.


Feedback plays a vital role in the development of business developments. While purchasing from an online shopping app, people generally check the other user's experience with the products and depends on the ratings, reviews and suggestions through the feedbacks.

Payment Options

The user should have an option to pay online through debit cards more comfortable and safer or other payment option that would make the payment. These are the essential features to include in your online shopping app development process.  Now let us have a look at the tips to develop an online shopping mobile app.

Online Shopping App Development Process

An online shopping mobile app development majorly includes five steps to consider. Let us discuss the Development process of an online shopping mobile app in more detail. The first two steps play a vital role in deciding the future of your app. Choosing the Product

Choosing the product

You need to know and be clear about the product you are going to sell online. You need to do proper research about the product and its market place. There is no use in developing an online shopping app and selling the products which do not have demand in the market.

Target Audience

You need to know your target audience and design the online shopping app in a way that it attracts that particular group of people. The process of adoption in the market becomes easy if you understand your target audience. Once you are clear about the target audience and the product you are going to sell, then you can proceed with the actual development process of the online shopping app. Remember that unless the users feel comfortable and safe, they will not choose your app. So make sure you are developing and user-friendly app. Professional Design

Professional Design

The Design includes colours, logo, theme, template etc. a user gets the first impression about the app through its design. So it is imperative to choose the best online shopping app development company for your app design. You need to have a professionally designed logo and attractive colours and a simple theme. Users are never attracted to the gaudy colours and sophisticated design that confuses them. The design should be in a way that navigates the user to the next action so that the user will not feel lost.

Choosing the Platform

The next thing you need to decide is the platform for your online shopping app. Again it depends on your targetted audience People in some parts of the world use iOS devices, and if you are aiming that audience you need an experienced online shopping iOS app development company and in case your target audience is likely to use android devices you need to go for an excellent online shopping android app development company.

Product Growth and Support

You need to take care of your product, promote your app will help marketing. Consider the feedback and improve your product accordingly, Speed up your app as the user will not like to wait till your app loads, and there are high chances that the user will leave the online shopping mobile app if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


Online Shopping mobile app development requires proper planning and work to build an that will succeed in the market. Once you are clear about what you are developing, why you are developing and to whom you are targetting, then you can follow the above steps to design an online shopping app.
Krify is a leading website and mobile app development company based in India and UK.with a huge experience in developing more than 500 apps which also include many online shopping mobile apps. Our team is highly skilled in understanding the market and developing the apps accordingly in order to meet both the user and the market requirements making us one of the top online shopping app development company in India. Are you planning to develop an online shopping app? Reach us here.
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on-demand pizza delivery app development

On-Demand Pizza Delivery App Development – Features and Solutions

Today’s young entrepreneurs are joining up the technology with the on-demand service to build numerous business opportunities that promising the customer a more excellent service as compared to traditional on-demand businesses such as offering Food Delivery, Laundry Services, Taxi, Truck and workman keep gaining popularity in the metropolitan and smart cities by assessing the need for on-demand delivery app development. Though a Pizza delivery is a new business model, on-demand pizza delivery app development is fast gaining popularity among its users’ world over.  Pizzerias have been equated to encountering a taste of old Italy. Starting a pizza delivery business is not only a profitable choice of food deliveries but also can be a highly demanded service that yields a high-profit margin. It’s a well-known fact that pizza is world famous, ever thought of starting a Uber-like Pizza delivery service for your pizza restaurant outlets? Check the Content Index:
    1. Current on-demand Pizza Business Applications Trends
      1. AI Enhanced Technologies in Food Industry
    2. Top 5 Pizza Delivery convincing models
      1. Essential components of a pizza preparation
    3. Types_of_Pizza_Delivery_app_development
    4. Typical Features of on-demand pizza delivery apps
      1. User Mobile application
      2. Pizza Business Owner App
      3. Admin Panel
      4. Advanced Features of Pizza delivery app development
    5. Technology Stack for On-demand Pizza Delivery app development
    6. Top 7 Ways How Pizza Delivery App can Help Grow your Business
    7. Development Process of On-demand Pizza delivery app
      1. Steps for development of On-demand pizza delivery app
      2. Cost and Time Estimation for the Development of On-demand Pizza Delivery App
    8. Conclusion
According to the report from Statista, “It is expected that the U.S. market will grow to nearly $40 billion in annual revenue by 2021, up from $13 billion in the year 2016.” Statistic for Pizza delivery app Home delivery services are rising from a few years, from booking taxis to ordering pizza delivery services, basing on this we have streamlined our necessities to suit our modern lifestyles. Due to increased traffic and a steady increase in disposable income, the present period is turning to on-demand app development to improve their buying activity. Diversification of business has allowed companies to furnish to an ample of customers and various market parts, providing a hopeful future for these home delivery apps. Global on-demand statista   The current market has a massive influx of on-demand apps which are gradually triggering a change in a way the service industry operates. That serves as an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup experts to capitalise on this influencing market as on-demand applications appear to be driving the way in extending your range, heightening your sales and transforming your raw product into a well-renowned brand. Trends for pizza delivery apps  

AI Enhanced Technologies in Food Industry

Let’s think what if Artificial Intelligence(AI) based technology is integrated with these apps to run pizza delivery smoothly. Technology and AI have become important in passing days for better customer experience with the core fundamentals of the food industry. Let’s check out innovations in food tech using AI technology
      • AI robots for cooking and service
      • Chatbots and pizza delivery mobile app
      • AI-based engines
      • AI-driven Kiosks

2. Top 5 Pizza Delivery convincing models

On-demand pizza delivery app development has a simple, effective appeal -  they promise to buy us time and save us effort, and they deliver convenience as a simple service attribute, and also deliver convenience across every customer touch point. Researches have identified five opportunities by this convenience tech to buy people time and save them the effort.
      • Access Convenience - Easily Acquiring. For instance, hot pizza is delivered to you at your location within 15 minutes which can be served hotly and can be consumed whenever and wherever you are and are hungry.
      • Post-Benefit Convenience - Through which the re-purchase will be made accessible. For example, in which you can save your address and payment details. Even you can bookmark your favourites to re-order in seconds.
      • Transaction Convenience - Makes the payment quickly. Now every app let you pay with cards, e-wallets.
      • Decision Convenience - Make easy to choose the restaurant to order the pizza. For example in GrubHub, Doordash, you can view the ratings and reviews of the restaurants and decide where to order from accordingly.
      • Benefits Convenience - Enjoy the benefits that the app provides. For example, on Postmates, you can order pizza from more than one restaurant and delivery straight to the place you choose.

Essential components of a pizza preparation

The on-demand Pizza industry has disturbed regular markets by choosing a full-cycle way to the three crucial elements of a pizza activity at a restaurant: Ordering, Cooking and Delivering.
      • Ordering: In general orders are customer requests to prepare and deliver pizza. Every pizza on-demand businesses receive orders via apps, websites or phone. The order can be from their kitchen or the partnered restaurant.
      • Cooking: Cooking is the process of preparing pizza for the customers. Pizza could be pre-cooked or cooked after an order is received.
      • Delivering: Delivery is wholly based on logistics. It is the backbone of any on-demand business, that can have different delivery models depends on various factors:
Here we will show you the image for multiple on-demand pizza delivery apps. best delivery services for pizza

3. Types of Pizza Delivery app development: Who will be the Sender? And Receiver?

on-demand types   On-demand Pizza delivery apps have emerged to become an industry of its own with its circle of on-demand app developers, service/ product providers and end-users. Depending on the service requesters and the service seeker, on-demand delivery apps can be divided into three major categories:
      • Business to Person (B2P): Companies developed on-demand apps to offer their products and services to their customers. For example, Pizza delivery app similar to PizzaHut has food order and Delivery app that offers features such as built-in pizza tracking, allowing the customers to keep an eye on preparation to delivery process.
      • Person to Person(P2P): The delivery apps similar to Zomato which enables the person to request an item from another person.
      • Business to Business(B2B): This type of apps are used to communicate between business to business regarding deliveries. For example, if a company wants to maintain vendor to vendor relationship these type of apps are used to track their on-demand shipments regarding their partnerships.
Now let’s get into the topic: On-demand pizza delivery apps serve the businesses not only to allow the users with their favourite pizzas but enables them to make their pizza by selecting the proper ingredients. Most of the people are preferring to choose this type as no one was interested in cooking on their own as they can order one from any existing pizza delivery outlet. Even we can add specific categories to Pizza Delivery on-demand app development like:
      1. Pizza Types
      2. Starters Types
      3. Deserts Types
      4. Drink Types
      5. Special Offers
If you are aiming to build the next disruptive on -demand Pizza delivery startup, get in touch with us! We can help you with our formidable expertise in the area. we are the leading pizza delivery app development company India.

Best 5  Models of on-demand Pizza Delivery Business

Due to the current scenario pizza businesses are enjoying seamless advantages on the areas of the user base. So here we find specific business models for pizza delivery app development which enables you to earn more revenue if you are get set go with the pizza business or are ready to embark into the one. There are five types of On-demand Pizza delivery business models in the present market.
      • Aggregator Model: In this model, they act as the mediator between the pizza hut and the delivery service provider in which the orders are collected from all the pizza houses and the aggregators will serve themselves. In this, the businesses will receive a fixed commission from the attuned pizza shops and restaurants. They make plans for deliveries on their meeting the client needs.
Aggregate Model
      • Focused on Transportation: In this, they mainly concentrate on the delivery of the order at the customer door. They never bother about the request received. Pizza outlets and restaurants hire these services. Once the hiring was done, they assign the tasks for delivering the pizza at the users’ location. They are provided with the users' address and the invoice associated with the order for a productive meeting of their consignments accepted.
      • Individual Business: In which they have their chefs available for preparing their pizza as per the user requirements. Though they will not deliver the order to the customer, instead they serve when the visitor visits their place.
Individual Business model
      • Focusing on Order Only: In which the main focus is on order. They take the request for the pizza delivery services and will not concern about making deliveries.
Order only model
      • Fully Integrated Services: In Fully integrated service businesses have their chefs and delivery services similar to Dominos and Pizza Hut. They receive the order on their prepare the orders and deliver them to their customers in a stipulated time. This a mix of both order only model and Aggregators model which helps to increase the number of the requests and at the same time can increase their visibility over multiple social channels.
Fully Integrated model

4. Typical Features of on-demand pizza delivery apps

Nevertheless of the type of on-demand app or it’s vertical, all such apps have the same set of basic features. There are three panels for the On-demand pizza delivery app development: Modules of Pizza delivery development

For User Panel

      • Sign up/Login
      • Profile Settings
      • My Orders
      • Discount Codes
      • Search By Name or Category
      • Details Page of Pizza
      • Checkout Process
      • Payment Gateway Integration
      • Add to Cart Option
      • Schedule Delivery
      • Order Tracking

For Pizza Business

      • Login
      • Edit Profile
      • Add & Manage Menu Items
      • Manage Customers Orders
      • Manage Customers Reviews
      • Update The Status - Preparing/Parcel Ready/Delivered
      • Reports - Based On Orders, Menus, Customers
      • Dashboard and analytics
      • Customer Reviews

Admin Panel

      • Sign up/Login
      • Accept or Decline Booking Requests
      • Customer Reviews
      • View User Details & Requests
      • Catalogue Management
      • Application Management
      • Offer Management
      • Payment Management
      • Technical Support
      • RAT Settings
      • Order Management
      • Check Daily & Weekly Earning

 Advanced Features of Pizza delivery app development

Functionality of pizza app development  
      • In-App Chat
      • Voice Calls
      • Wallet
      • Help & Support
      • Checkout Process
      • Easy Registration
      • In-App Payments
      • Geo Location
      • Push Notifications

5. Technology Stack for On-demand Pizza Delivery app development

For developing a premium quality on-demand pizza delivery mobile app, it is must choose the best and appropriate technology stack. Considering the latest and emerging technical standards will maintain a position for your app ahead of the competitors in this hyper-competitive market place.
      • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
      • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
      • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, e-Wallets
      • Database – MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration
      • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
      • Real-time Analytics – Firebase

6. Top 7 Ways How Pizza Delivery App can Help Grow your Business

7 ways how pizza delivery app can help grow your business  

7. Development Process of On-demand Pizza delivery app

It is essential to plan the entire process before beginning the development procedures. Devise the methods and all relevant tactics from the very commencement to make your app succeed in the current fierce competition existing out there. The relevant market and the user needs should be planned and analysed for the on-demand pizza delivery mobile app development. All this will determine the proper route for programming any further processes. Choose the appropriate platform whether on-demand pizza delivery iOS app development and on-demand pizza delivery Android app development to run. Consider all the associated risks and the cost that will be incited. The size and complexities of the on-demand pizza delivery app development also the significant factors that determine the value of the on-demand pizza delivery app development. It will be advisable to hire the skilled Android developers an iOS developers that are proficient of developing excellent mobile apps. Once the underlying architecture of the on-demand pizza delivery mobile app development was done, you can go further with the app prototype development. Make sure that all the possible features of the pizza delivery app have been satisfied to start with further development. Always choose the app design in a smart way so that will bolster the reputation of your app. Build an interactive and intuitive app interface for delivering smooth user experience. If your app was ready, then go for various testing tools and strategies.

Steps for development of on-demand pizza delivery app

Development process for on-demand pizza delivery app development Step 1: You can start with MVP for knowing the weakness and strength of your app. Step 2: Test the app multiple times Step 3: Deploy the app on App Stores. The steps mentioned above will surely take your app towards the successful development of on-demand pizza delivery app. And at the same time, it ensures that your app will be managed with the best development and testing practices and will be embedded with the sound infrastructure based on the performance and the quality.

Cost and Time Estimation for the Development of On-demand Pizza Delivery App

For developing strong and well-bred on-demand pizza delivery mobile app, for sure you must need the skilled and well-experienced project managers, best UX/UI designers, Android developers and iOS developers, and Testing team. Due to the different zones and the physical architecture of the app development, there will be extreme variation in the time and cost estimated for on-demand pizza delivery app.  The time estimation for developing an MVP of pizza delivery app for Android or iPhone with User mobile app, Pizza Business mobile app and Admin panel will take nearly about 50 to 60 working days when you go for the scratch level development concerning the experience of the resource. If the Pizza business owner chooses any of the models like Aggregator, Transportation focused model or fully integrated model, and then the business owner has to go for the driver mobile app that takes extra time and cost nearly about 20 to 25 days. The following are the features of the driver mobile app.

Driver Panel

      • Login/sign up
      • Edit Profile
      • Manage Customers Orders
      • Customer Reviews
      • Geolocation
On top of that, with the on-demand pizza delivery app, you can make most out of your pizza delivery business.
8. Knocking on your Doorsteps!!
On-Demand pizza delivery Apps are the future apps, and soon most of the services will have their On-Demand pizza delivery App solutions. If you are seeing forward to On-Demand pizza delivery App development, then there can’t be a whole time than this. If you have not yet planned to develop an on-demand pizza delivery app for your pizza startup, consider the factors that can help you to boom in this industry. Once you fixed in your mind and want to share your app idea, then you can cross check it with us as we are a leading on-demand app development company in India and the UK.
Hire on-demand app developers from Krify and to get cost-effective solutions. Contact us; we are capable of serving you with outstanding on-demand pizza delivery app development solutions as per your custom requirement.
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Types of On-demand apps

Types of On-demand App of 2019- #Weekly RoundUp

We came with trending business for this week. On-demand economy and on-demand apps development are two buzzwords in the corporate sector. Who knew that ordering could be such a hassle? It could be such a tedious thing to ring a restaurant and order a meal. Sometimes you may put on hold, and even frequently you have to talk over the background noise of a busy restaurant. Moreover, reading off your credit card number in this 21st century feel incredibly old-school. Who knows who might hear your conversation? And why do we need to interact with people? We should be thankful for the pool of apps where one can order anything for delivery with just some taps on the phone. Whether the goal is to be anti-social, get any things to get done only by a few taps on the phone. These are the picks for the best On-demand delivery apps of 2019. Let us check out….

Types of On-demand delivery Applications of 2019

  • Transportation and Logistics Services
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Medical and Healthcare Services
  • Flower Services
  • Taxi Booking Services
Let's talk about each one:

Transportation and Logistics

The demand for on-demand logistics app development is greatly intensified. These apps have made transportation easy and quick. The on-demand transportation app development can show real-time status along with various services such as real-time tracking, in-app chatting, easy payment mode etc. Logistics and transportation app development The best example of this Logistic and transportation app development is Uber Freight and UberDeliver. This two will allow the customers to book and delivery their freight or parcels anywhere anytime.

On-demand Food Delivery App

The most disrupting sector in On-demand economy category is food. The one market that was getting more flow of startups every year. These apps make people feel convenient just by tapping a few steps in their phone. Most of the people are looking for new innovative features to integrate into their app to make the app unique. On-demand Food Develivery app development The best example of this on-demand food delivery apps development is UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, GrubHub and many more.

Medical and Healthcare

         On-demand medical applications are one of the most significant advantages of the on-demand app development domain. Here in this on-demand healthcare app development, the user can get a doctor to their home on demand.  Besides, the user can use this on-demand medical app development services to book medical tests from home and also get medicines by just a few taps which serve as medicine delivery app. The thriving healthcare domain receives a boost from on-demand healthcare application. Medical and healthcare app development The best examples of this medical and healthcare app services of an on-demand mHealth app are Medspace, Epocrates etc.

Flowers Service

The future on-demand trending business is the on-demand flower delivery app development. There are some cases we may forget our besties birthday or function. It happens. But there is a solution for this, i.e. the flower delivery app is on the way to enter the on-demand market. These type of on-demand app development may be of Gift or flower. Here the user can choose the gift of his preference. Even the user can schedule the preferred delivery time. Flower and gift app development The best example of this On-demand flower delivery app development or on-demand gift delivery app development is UrbanStems, Gyft and Giftgram in which various gifts can be delivered to the recipient's doorstep.

Taxi Booking Service

Everyone prefers convenience while travelling and the on-demand car booking app came into the scene. These apps made travel so relaxed and comfortable. People can easily find and book the cab from their nearby areas to reach the right spot. These taxi booking app development come up with the concept to make people life more convenient and comfortable. Taxi booking app development Best examples of on-demand cab service app development are Uber, Ola, Lyft and many more. These apps used to book the cabs that make the booking more convenient.

Bottom Line

Tailored on-demand applications can unquestionably benefit you boost your business while granting you a competitive edge over peers. You can hire mobile app developers to gain the most efficient solutions cost-effectively. Just make a list of the features you want to propose to your customers and contact a strong on-demand app development company. The kind of on-demand delivery apps enables you to give a solution for any practical requirements. With an on-demand application, you can influence a wider audience an make your brand known.
If you are enthusiastic in developing any sort of on-demand app, our team would be more than happy to serve you to make your idea a reality. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
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Why is it necessary to Redesign your Mobile App by following the Top UI Trends in 2019?

When we talk about a mobile app, the first things we consider are development, coding, features and functionalities but the thing noticed by the users is the design. Designing a mobile app is not an easy task. It is the key factors that can attract users in using your app.  If your mobile app has a bad design or an unattractive design, then there are more chances that the user will not prefer to use your app anymore. The App logo indicates everything. The logo should be in a way that it should describe the app and its usage and more efforts should be given while designing a logo as it provides the first impression to the users when search or sees your app in the play store or apple store. Being beautiful will help your app to stand out of the race of thousands of competitors.

What is User Interface?

User Interface is all about how you are presenting your application to your audience. No matter how amazing your app functionalities or features are, if your UI is not up to the mark, then there is no chance your app stands in the top. User Interface includes various factors like colour, brightness, Lable icons, alignment etc. 

Top UI trends for mobile app in 2019

colour gradient

Colour Gradient

Users generally see the brightest colours first and then go to the other shades. Gradients are the new colours and to combine the geographical gradients with engaging graphics is a trend to give your app a new look. These colour gradients are useful  User interface tool to fascinate the users, and they use these tricks while announcing the offer.


Adding animation makes your app more appealing.  An app can do well even without animations but definitely, an app with animation has additional advantages. Animations make the application more interactive my improving the user experience. There are different types of animations like Orientation space animation which is used to simplify navigation and function type animation that changes the element whenever a user interacts with it. custom illustration

Custom Illustration

The designer will not get any individuality and uniqueness in the stock illustration.  Custom Illustration popularity is increasing day by day, and it has different types like the paper cut style, hand drawing style, painting style, etc. Its all depends on the kind of mobile app development company you choose.

Overlapping effect

Overlapping is an existing trend in UI designs. The overlapping of the contents like font, graphics, logos, etc. is making the users feel more attracted to the applications. Overlapping also helps in making the limited space available to add, more images or contents on the screen. Designers can create shadows to allow the focus on some crucial elements.

Focus on Readability

Many apps in the market do not reach up to the mark in spite of having advanced functionalities and adding new features to the app, because of ignoring readability. In some informative apps where the user can only get the information about the product and services, Content plays a major role. GIn general also content has great importance, and in case you want your user to focus more on the material the information the provided should be readable. You can be used various colour on the text and different font in a way that it attracts the user's attention while browsing through your app as the performance of the app also depends on the content readability.

Why is app redesigning important?

If you want your mobile app to last longer, then it is not possible without redesigning. Here are some of the reasons why you need to go for redesigning of your mobile app.


While rebranding it is necessary to makeover your mobile app to get new recognition. The main thing designers should keep in mind while redesigning the app to keep it simple without confusing the users with intricate designs. Know that the users prefer the apps that provide personalization. Make the call to action more attractive, and you integrate social media while designing.


It is always essential to know the competitor's strategies. If you do not go for redesigning, then your app might look old, and competitors will not prefer to use your mobile app.if your competitors are offering fresh designed it is vital for you to do that to sustain in the competitive world.

The decrease in ratings

Unfortunately, poor ratings and reviews can subsequently get you a bad reputation in the market. Offering a new app can save you from such situations and redesigning can be the best option.
These are some points to consider before redesigning app,In case you want to make your mobile app the best and profitable it is a must to redesign it time to time, With the increasing competition, it is hard for any application to stay long in the market if it is not updated according to the user's changing interests and demands.
Krify is one of the leading web and mobile app development company in the UK and India. Our team has huge experience in developing trending mobile apps and is renowed as to app designing company. we are expertize in android app development and iOS app development and also  have a special team for designing applications which is trained and updated about the latest trends in the market.  If you are looking for Mobile app redesigning company, Krify is the best option. To know more information reach us here.
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trends in 2019

5 Emerging Technologies you need to know # Weekly-Roundup

The weekend is back, and we are here with an interesting topic about the hottest technologies in the present market. With rapidly increasing technology, the IT industry never stands still. It is full of new software frameworks and innovative ideas. The breakthrough in a single area stimulates the reformations in other. Here is the list of top trending technologies that will shape the world in the upcoming year.

Upcoming Technologies in the IT industry

Quantum computing

Quantum Computing

It is good news that the next generation of computers will be quantum computers. Surpassing the old traditional these quantum computers are revolutionizing the current world with a new way of transmitting and processing the information based on quantum mechanics. The traditional computers use a binary bit for handling the data. A bit code has two states 0 and 1 and only of them can be active at a time. Quantum computer uses qubits based on the superposition principle. Qubit also has two states, but unlike a traditional processor, it combines values by using the principle of superposition which helps in finding the solution easily without having to check the different variants of the system states. Quantum computing devices only require 100 qubits to calculate 100 particle system.


The blockchain is the best and safe way to pass data from one place to another. The transmission is in the form of blocks which are verified by millions of computers. The verified blocks are added to the chain and stored across the net. The blockchain is one of the quickly expanding technologies in the present world. This technology can not only associate with cryptocurrencies but also can we can incorporate it into many other crypto-unrelated fields. Blockchain might also combine with other technologies like machine learning and IOT by which new use cases are likely to be represented that will increase the demand for blockchain experts.

Drones are flying Higher

The invention and usage of drones grew into an industry so-called UAS.  The autonomous aircraft are used in almost all companies like farming, military and other areas. More drone delivery system is likely to grow into commercial projects. Also, NASA is planning to finish the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management to manage the traffic of drone in the sky.

5G Proliferation

5G  is the long-awaited IT trend to be launched. The new generation networks are already testing, and in the upcoming year, they will release the 5G-ready smartphones. It brings the better speed of internet and provides10 times faster internet services than 4G. The 5G network seems to provide better facilities in future for the development of the Internet of things, Robotic Surgery and other technologies. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML are the first things to strike our mind when discussing emerging technologies. Even though every company is aware of the benefits of implementing them in their business yet not everyone is taking a step forward in bringing the initiation. The AI is expanding their presence in various sectors as already many organizations are planning to develop the Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning strategy in their business.
  • Manufacturing and engineering, Machine learning will be monitoring the parts for repair and maintenance.
  • In the food Industry, Algorithms predict certain commodities that run out of stock. It helps in supporting and balancing between supply and reducing costs.


These are some of the top emerging technologies you need to know before stepping into mid-2019. It is highly beneficial for any business to implement these and start working on
Krify is a leading website and mobile app development company. We are expertise in iOS and Android app development, and we have a team on emerging technologies that work on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. For more information reach us here.
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X code All you need to know

X Code 10 – All You Need To Know

Apple made an official release on the launch of series hitech gadgets that comprises of new iPhone models. Besides, the tech monster also conducted to define which indeed focus on essence that reveals in Apple platforms. Apple also announced the Xcode 10 as this is a complete toolset for iOS app developers that enable them to develop different iOS apps for iPhone, Mac, Ipad, Tv and Apple watch. The primary function of Xcode is bundling the simulator. The OS frameworks functionality is to design software Development kits for macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Let dive deeply about Xcode 10 and its new features

Overview of Xcode 10

Xcode 10 is the IDE that holds everything that you need to create astonishing apps for all Apple platforms, now Xcode 10 and devices look formidable in new Dark mode on Mac OS. The source code editor lets you refactor or convert code easily and quickly get details on upstream code difference. You can develop your app with data analysis and custom visualisation. Swift complies software faster, supports you deliver faster apps, and generates in smaller binaries.  Xcode 10 looks excellent in combination with Dark mode in MacOS Mojave, making it simple for you to adopt the new fresh look in your macOS apps too. Xcode 10 includes Swift 4.2 and beta SDK for iOS 12, Mac OS Mojave, TvOS 12 and watchOS 5.

Xcode 10 - What's new

Shines in Dark

Xcode gives you powerful tools for crafting your dark apps for macOS. Interface builder lets quickly change your design and preview from light to dark. Asset catalogue describes named colours and assets. And while debugging, you can turn your app in and out of Dark Mode. It is all done by using controls within the Xcode that only apply to the app. There is no need for changing system settings. In markdown files, heading, bold and italic text links and other formatting executed in the editor as you type. The jump bar understands markdown structure that you can quickly navigate documentation and README.md files.
Quick points
Asset catalogue adds light and dark variants for custom images and colour assets.
  • Debug your Mac apps in light or dark variants without changing operating system settings.
  • All new dark appearance throughout Xcode.
  • Interface Builder switches between light and dark preview of your interface.

Work as a team

Source control is the place where your whole team works on code together. It supports working directly with several collaboration platforms.
  1. GitLAb.com and Gitlab self-hosted
  2. GitHub and GitHub Enterprise
  3. Bitbucket cloud and Bitbucket server
Its never easy for your team to work together in the cloud and self-hosted servers within your organisations. To make workflows more comfortable and more secure, Xcode can generate ssh key for you and upload it to a server. The Xcode clone window shows all your saved and personal repositories. From this, you can search for additional repositories on your connected servers and also check quickly any of them in one click. You can even rebase your changes when pulling the latest versions. This source control navigator in Xcode 10 makes easy to view each of your tags, branches, remotes with a timeline of commits and also common operations such as merging branches, creating are quickly accessible in the navigator.
Quick points
  • Changes in a local repository or upstream on a shared server that is highlighted directly within the editor.
           At a glimpse, you will observe
    • Changes made in your code.
    • Upstream changes others have made.
    • Conflicts you should address before committing.
  • It gives support for self-hosted and cloud-hosted Git server offerings from Atlassian Bitbucket, and also Gitlab to go along with existing GitHub support.
  • Xcode provides to rebase your changes when pulling the latest version of the code from your repository.
  • If needed SSh keys are generated and uploaded to service providers for you.

Editor augmentations

   X code includes lighting fast source code editor. Text scrolls smoothly even editing large source files.
Quick points
  • Code folding ribbon can now cover any code block enclosed by braces.
  • Over-Scroll performs it easy to centre the last lines of code in mid of your screen.
  • You can place multiple cursors in your code editor to make many changes at once.

Train your model in the playground

Swift is build to be fun to use and easy to experiment with API while using a playground file. In Xcode 10, playgrounds are dramatically increased to work more like traditional REPL.  New lines of code recompiles, when you add new code. This new model is fit for working with new Creat ML framework. You can train your models directly in the playground. Train, experiment and refine your machine learning code in the faster workflow.
Quick points
  • Run your code to any specific line or type shift-return to run the system you just added.
  • Import Create Ml frameworks to interactively instruct new models. And write code to test the model in the playground. When completed, grab that model into your app.
  • New REPL-like model reruns or repeat your existing playground code instantly.

Testing and Debugging

It includes robust testing and debugging. It dramatically speeds up testing by simulated devices running in parallel.
Quick points
  • Debugging symbol is downloaded from a new device five times faster than before.
  • X code will spawn a collection of the same simulator to take advantage of your multi-core mac, fan tests out to run in parallel, completing your test suite even faster.
  • Run test in linear or random order.
  • Develop and share your custom instruments package to give data visualisation and analysis for your code.
  • Metal dependency viewer ensures a detailed graph of how resources utilise in your metal based app.
  • Instruments automatically show OS Log signposts that you add in your code.
  • Memory debugger uses a compact layout to make it easier to investigate your memory graph.
  • Metal shader debugger lets you inspect the execution of your fragment; vertex makes easier, Compute & title shader code.

Build performance

Xcode 10 includes swift 4.2; it compiles your software more quickly that helps you to deliver faster apps. Compare to Swift 4.0 the latest swift compiler can build quicker apps more than twice as fast. When combined with the Xcode 10 new build system, your everyday edit, create makes much faster. Swift and Xcode make for alighting rapid development platform.
Quick points
  • Swift compiler builds each file significantly faster.
  • Large swift projects build for debugging dramatically faster when using the incremental build setting.
  • A new build system enabled by default with improved performance throughout.
Apple is always innovative in its thoughts and also flourishes hard to upgrade the technology programming language and even in gadgets. The update from Xcode 9 to 10 is the step to ensure developers with more tools and make convenient in Developing the iOS apps. The Xcode comes with many improved features that make your work simple and more comfortable, that you can certainly enjoy it. Contact us if you have any Queries.
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top security issues

Top 10 Security Issues App Developers Facing While App Development

We are in the world of technology and online platforms, the role of mobile application has increased in converting more difficult tasks to simple ones. Many of the companies like Yahoo, Snapchat, Starbucks, Target, and many more have been through a big PR disaster. Do you know why and how? Because of this some attackers out there found a flaw and could exploit it. There is a crowd of apps that get published every single day, and among them, most of the apps carry essential user information. These apps are exposed to hacker attacks that look for weaknesses in apps, tap into them and phish user information or implant a malware. Today’s people love to get advanced features in their mobile apps, and that’s why an app developer, you do not develop a mobile app. The mobile app developer should try to develop a mobile app that is useful and trustworthy. But the fact is that nobody thinks about mobile security or data privacy. While developing the mobile app developers have to keep the security concept in mind, if they want to build a better mobile app. App security is not a feature or a benefit. It is a bare necessity. If your app developed is not perfect when it comes to safety then users can refuse to download or use those apps. Nowadays the hackers are the main threat to your developed mobile apps. They can access personal and vital information of the mobile app users and spitefully use it. While you are busy in developing the most intuitive, innovative and exciting apps, security violations staggered up the cyber world and made off with millions of dollars. Therefore the mobile app developers should concern this main thing while they are developing professional mobile applications. As a developer, you can use advanced security options in your developed mobile app to overcome security concerns. “ One breach could take your company not just millions of dollars but a lifetime of faith. That’s why security should be a priority from the moment you start writing the first line of code. Here in this article, I mentioned the ten ways developers can build security in their apps.

Top 10 ways developers can build security into their apps

Use high-level authentication

If you want your app to be free from hackers, then it is just to use the standard authentication. A known fact is that significant security breaches happen due to weak authentication. So maintaining a stronger authentication is a must for any app developer during app development.  A developer must design your app having hard security codes written in a hard alphanumerical format that should renew every three or six months is one way to stay away from hackers. The developer can design the apps that can only accept strong alphanumeric passwords, even implementing the multi-factor authentication is gaining prominence that involves a combination of static password and dynamic OTP. You can take the chance of using the biometric authentication like retina scan and fingerprints.

Data Encryption

Mobile app developers love to prevent unauthorised access of their mobile apps by offering encryption concept while developing the mobile app. Before that, we look What is data encryption? Data Encryption is the method of transforming the data or private data of the users into code format that it cannot be read by anyone else without decryption. Every single unit of data exchanged can be encrypted will be the effective way and every developer while development of app must implement the data encryption process which controls the misuse of your app developed. data encryption If a hacker tries to hack the mobile applications, then by the implementation of this feature the data can’t get decrypted. Thus, it is an accurate idea to secure your mobile apps from hackers.

Use best and accurate methods of solving/writing codes.

authorized API To get rid of hackers, the developers need to use the trusted methods of writing that east high-security codes. All this need to ensure; because the hackers got prepared for the hard security codes. Try to compare the benefits of several cryptography protocols to avoid the security issues in your app development path. Present most of the companies are serving advanced feature cryptography protocols, so it entirely depends on you to pick the best protocols out of them. Likewise, you can stick to the trustable API for getting the perfect methods of writing/ solving codes of your developed mobile apps is the best way to beware of the hackers.

Try to write in highly secured code

If a hacker wants to break into an application, the starting points are bugs and vulnerabilities. The hackers will try to reserve engineer your system and temper with it; for this, they need a public copy of the app. So try to implement hard code that is not easy to break and follow the agile method of app development by that you can patch up and update your code on time. You can build some security codes which are updatable after its use. The developers thoroughly get updated with the best quality code for helping their users to avoid security issues in their apps.

Temper - Detection Technologies of mobile app development

Deploy temper detection While developing the app, the developer should use the perfect and professional or well-known techniques for creating codes and better security in your created mobile application is the best method to use for getting the alert when the code is being changed or modified. It is a must thing to have a log of code changes to your mobile apps so that the malicious programmers cannot inject lousy code in your application. Tiggers designing is the best way to keep logs of activities or you can active tamper-detection can be deployed is to confirm that the code will no more function at all if modified.

Careful use of Libraries

Choosing the third party libraries are also very much necessary for the app developers for code building. When selecting the third-party libraries test the code thoroughly before using it to the app as they are not secure. The flaws in the libraries can allow hackers to use a malicious code and crash the system. Developers should use regulated internal repositories and discipline policy controls during procurement to protect their apps from vulnerabilities in libraries.

Perfect Session Management

Sessions on mobile applications last longer than on desktops. Session handling is an essential feature while app development that needs extra precautions to make session handling harder for the server. Developers while developing the app use tokens rather than device identifiers to identify a session. Tokens can be dismissed at any time, making them more secure in case of lost and stolen devices.  The app should also feature with remote log and wipe off options to protect the data of lost devices.

Perfect Cryptography tools and techniques

Key management is the must if your encryption efforts have to pay off. Need to ensure that your critical cryptographic protocols like MD5 and SHA1 have proven insufficient by the modern security standards. Try to use encrypted protocols like SHA256 and AES for the best protocols out.  Always use the latest and trusted encryption methods.

The code should be allowed to least privileges

Least privilege principle tells that the code should run with only the permissions, i.e. the code should be given only to the limited number of people who are intended to receive it. The app should not request for any more privilege than the minimum required for it to function. If the developer wants to access the user’s gallery, then ask for that. Don’t make unnecessary network connections. Try to run the network as simple as possible will enhance security.

Repeated Test

Security for the app will never end. Day by day security phases are changing and so as the upgradations are coming with the security trends to protect your app. Using security patches in your mobile app with each new version and update released will serve useful. Always you should choose for the penetration testing and emulators to get a clear view about the vulnerabilities in your mobile application so that they can reduce further.
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Sum Up

Therefore the mobile app developers can follow the above ideas for making the mobile apps free of security or hackers issues. The above guidelines will help you to hold your app security tight as an oyster and keep your clients and users happy. In these modern days, there is an ultimate need for cybersecurity and hence the need and importance for the various standards for mobile app security. Soon security will act as one of the differentiating and competing in the app world with customers preferring secure apps to have the privacy of their data over other mobile applications.
Krify is one of the top leading Web and Mobile app development company in the UK and India; we have hands in developing the websites with all the trending technologies that rule the world today. We establish the apps with all the security measures that protect from the hackers. For more reach us now.
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top 5 mobile apps

Top 5 Mobile Apps That Impact the Mobile App Development Company in 2019 – Weekly Roundup

Weekend is back, and we are here with our weekly roundup topic on major mobile apps that influencing the world today. Smartphone has become part and parcel of everyone life. They don’t act only for communication; today smartphones work for multiple needs and help us to solve a variety of our day to day issues. Also, smartphones have become an integral part of every business. Well, mobile apps are little, self-contained programs, used to enhance existing functionality, hopefully in a simple, more user-friendly way. There are many apps ready in the market that fall into many different categories. The industry has passed a long way since then, and now the mobile users can perform complex tasks such as invoices raising, flight check-in, tracking daily workouts, news updates, chat with friends via social networking or even booking hotels in the last minute for holidays there is an app out there to help you. For instance, the website may have a variety of apps for mobile devices, allowing communication between the phone and the site itself, allowing the user to sync data using the internet. Some apps can be used to control digital video recorders to set shows to record or play, while still other links to cable or satellite systems and allow premium television content to play in mobile phones. In general, these apps classifies into three different categories like Native, hybrid and web. All the apps generally run on Android, iOS and Windows 10. These are known as operating systems or platforms. Native apps are developed to target one specific platform like Android, iOS or Windows. Hybrid apps are designed to target multiple platforms whereas web apps are mobile-optimized web pages that look like an app. Go through our article and here we will outline the five types of mobile apps to help you define to which category your mobile app belongs. Let us start with content.

Top 5 Types of Mobile Applications

  1. Lifestyle Apps
  2. Utility Apps
  3. Navigation Apps
  4. News Apps
  5. Business Apps

1. Lifestyle Apps

In recent years, lifestyle apps have come on strong as it covers plenty of everyday human activities and interests.  Lifestyle app is the one that stimulates or supports the individual facets that define your lifestyle. From shopping, Fitness, dating, food, music, travel tracker to fashion, virtual fitting room and even weight loss. The beauty of this apps is that once they’re a part of a user’s lifestyle repertoire, they’re likely there for a useful purpose. Most of the lifestyle apps are unique and gives the customer something they can’t find anywhere else.

2. Utility Apps

Utility app These apps are perhaps the most widely used type of Utility mobile applications which are used daily by literally every one of us, but we don’t even realize it. We never think that these all as an app. These apps came pre-installed in the devices, and that serves the single function. These apps let’s user to solve a particular problem or accomplish a task, usually the one we face day in and out. It’s all about fundamental issues which can be resolved easily and quickly. Using these app ones can save time and effort. The apps that fall under this category are a calculator, clock, alarm, flashlights, barcode scanners, tools for conversion and password management, screen locks, etc. Do your best to raise the frequency of your utility app to monetize it successfully. Shorter visits are not profitable, but many of them can add up to a significant revenue stream.
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Navigation app Navigation Apps are the best apps that help the user to find their way and plan their routes.  Navigation apps’ purpose is 100% crisp and clear, as the title suggests - to make our travel more relaxed, more comfortable with the navigation app. They help in driving and walking assistants, map applications, and many more.

4. News Apps

News App News apps provide content that typically finds in newspapers, magazines or other periodicals. These apps will be very straightforward as they offer their users with the news that they are looking for in an accessible and understandable manner with efficiently navigating them to the things they care. The main agenda of the app is to offer users the information that is rotating in the current situation in various areas of interest from politics and entertainment to technology, business, science, and others. So these apps provide content in a way that the newsreader or digest format. It will be the first media outlet with continuous updates. The apps that fall in this category are TV, radio news, RSS readers, news programs and many more.

5. Business Apps

Business apps These apps are also named as Productivity apps and are the most significant & most demanded apps. These apps support people who closely work with business activities. They help from tracking, selling, buying, to sending emails, provide functionality for collaboration, resource management, and planning.  These Business apps are mainly designed for B2B and B2C only. The primary goal of these business apps is to provide enhancement and increase in productivity and reduce the expenses for the business. It is intended to offer maximum convenience and widen audience pool in the market.

Summing Up

Now you got all about the major categories of mobile apps on the market. It was clear from this blog that can determine to which group your app fits and the way to support your app will make your application stand out from the crowd. Being a developer, you can decide for any type of app to build, but your aim must offer usability and engagement to the end users. The choice of an app you develop is dedicated purely from the type and requirements of your business. Krify has been stepped in business mobile app development for about 10+ years now. We have a highly equipped and experienced team of mobile app developers, who provides the best-customized business apps on various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.
If you are seeking for business application development company, talk to one of our delegates or fill up the contact form with your needs and we will get back to you with 24 hours.
Happy Weekend!!!
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Enhance your Business with ON-Demand Economy

Well, as we are already aware of how on-demand economy has revolutionised the working of many businesses which includes taxi booking, food-delivery and many more. There are many companies which took a step in implementing the On-demand economy in their business, and it has shown the expected results.

Raise in On-Demand Economy

With the success of Uber, an on-demand transportation system, business have understood that the on-demand economy is here to grow. Almost all the industries have started to implement the on-demand economy by irrespective of their services and products. This sudden change in the business models has lead to the development of thousands of on-demand apps. An on-demand app is which lets you order anything instantly with few clicks in your mobile. Where ever you are you can order any anything from the nearby service providers, and it will be delivered within minutes. May it be food delivery, a quick ride to a different place or booking spontaneous gateway etc. You need not to worry about wasting time in search of services. As Humans, we have always loved convenience. We invented things and started implementing new technologies that made our lives easier and this is what precisely the economy provides convenience. With the increase in the ease of ordering items online people started using the apps more with time and also the increase in the food ordering apps increased drastically from the past half decade. Research has found out the following types of convenience that people find with on-demand food delivery apps.

Types of convenience On-demand economy provide


Decision Convenience

We can quickly decide what to order from the ratings other users give. We can get to know about the product through the experience and comments of the previous users of the product and can decide if we still like to go with it or look for another product.

Repeat user's convenience

As the details of the user are saved, it becomes easy for them to order from the second time. There is no need to waste time give the same details, again and again, every time we make an order.

Payment convenience

They provide many payment options according to the user's comfort, and the payment details are mentioned in history to reduce trust issues. In case of any payment issues, it also shares the problem in particular via a mail or text message. We can be able to make the payments safely online.

Location convenience

The on-demand economy provides the service to any location in a fraction of time. As you never know in what circumstances you need to get your requirements done, on-demand economy helps you to be comfortable by delivering the service at your door-step. There are also additional advantages of the on-demand economy, let’s have a look at some of them.

Benefits of on-demand economy


Sharing economy

People nowadays are more concerned about flexibility rather than product ownership. People tend to purchase only the items they need to reduce the burden of ownership. This way provides the consumers best comfort to do business. By 2010 it is approximately estimated that more than ¾ of the industries will start to offer prices to the consumer.


On-demand services include this feature where they analyse your interests by the details and the history and display your or preferred products. Customers like feeling valued and understood that makes them feel loyal and secure which has made personalisation s powerful tool. Personalisation has influenced the shopping decisions of many customers.

Saves time

On-demand services save tons of your time. You even got an option where you can order and the time when you want it to get delivered so that you need to complete your prior tasks in a hurry burry to receive the product. You need not spend your valuable time in long lines waiting to shop. These are some of the unique benefits and comforts on-demand services provide in our day to day lives. And deciding to start providing on-demand services of your products to the customers would be the best decision you can ever make to increase your business.
Krify is a leading website and mobileapp development company.Our team is always about learning the new technologies and implementing them which has made us one of the leading IT services providing company. We have massive experience in developing various on-demand applications. We come up with the best solution possible considering the pros and cons and to fulfil all the requirement of the client. We are well known for delivering the best quality products to our clients. If you are looking for an on-demand app or website, you are the right place. You can also hire us for developing your project. Reach out to us today.
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How softphone has changed the world of communication.

In case you have heard about a Softphone but aren’t sure about what it means, here is an article that can provide the details you need to know about the softphone.  Let us start from scratch.

What is Softphone?

It is a software program which is installed on any internet connected device and used for making calls and messaging. It can access and improve the VoIP features that a regular traditional phone cannot. Many business providers have their customized softphone interface to enhance their VoIP service options. The working process of the Softphone is pretty simple. Let us have a brief discussion on the working.

Softphone working process

You need two vital equipment to use the softphone. First is a desktop computer or other internet connected devices that can access a softphone and the second one is a headset or a speaker for ensuring the best sound. Without a proper headset, there are chances for noise to disrupt the sound quality. These two come under the hardware. Coming to the software, we need to install the VoIP service providers on your device. If you have internet, the app is ready for the first call once you are done with the setup process and the setting in your phone. Few more technical requirements are also considered. A softphone can only communicate when both the endpoints support the same VoIP and also the parameters should have at least one codec in common.

Softphone Vs Traditional Phones

Here are the primary ways in  which Softphones Varies from Traditional phones:
  • Remote Abilities
If you need to work with people based in different locations, Softphones are the best choice you can make as the app can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Also, users can initiate the call forwarding to their mobile by changing the settings.
  • Consolidated Communications
By having a single common platform, you make your employees comfortable to communicate with each other by simplifying how they connect with your clients. In sending instant messages to each other during the essential calls, Scheduling conference calls and voicemail-to-email options the softphone has bought a new world of communication.
  • Upfront Prices
Unlike traditional phones, you need not purchase or lease the telephone which can be a huge upfront cost for your business. The upfront costs don't consider how much you spend to maintain them or even replace them. There is no costly hardware with a softphone, and you can easily take it anywhere you go as it is portable.

Benefits of a softphone

You will be surprised to know the kind of comforts and benefits a softphone provides to its users.
  • No Dedicated Line
The lack of a dedicated line helps you in saving the business expenditure by allowing you to use the internet bandwidth, negotiating the requirement for a dedicated connection for voice communications.
  • Additional Lines
You can log into the dashboard and make the required changes and adjustments where you no need to hardwire the lines into a new space.
  • Less Equipment
Compared to traditional phones, Softphones require much less equipment. Unlike the older voice solutions Softphones do not need any copper wiring and costly PBX  server installation.
  • 24/7 Connectivity
A softphone is portable. You can carry it anywhere with you. You can also reinstall your program on any other device. It is a simple program you need to download without worrying about the cost.
  • Video Conferencing
A softphone can handle multi-party conferencing and video calling without additional costs. You no longer need to depend on the costly conferencing system for the business.
  • Cost-Efficient
Having a softphone helps you save a lot of money. They are available in various types that range in the different price where all of them keep your money. And the cheapest is the paid softphone through your VoIP provider.

Features of a Standard Softphone

Here is the list of some of the favourite features
  • Call transfer, pause and resume
  • HD Audio and video calls
  • Pictures and file sharing
  • Multiple call management
  • Push notification
  • Group chat
  • Audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Audio Codecs
  • Call history
  • Echo cancellation
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Quality of service
  • IPv6Address book
  • ICE support

Softphone Vs Hardphone

Hardphone is a physical phone that provides you with the same access that a softphone does.  These two are not competitors; they work in conjunction with one another by highlighting the fantastic features of VoIP and to provide an exceptional communication solution. Softphones are an incredible addition to any VoIP solution as it has many benefits and cost-saving features that everyone requires.
Krify is one of the top leading website and mobile app development company. We have hands-on Linphone open source VoIP SIP softphone with a VoIP SIP softphone dialer provider making us one of the best VoIP Softphone service provider India. We also develop Web Phones & VoIP Software for Windows providing customers with the best user experience using our products. For more information reach us here.
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Step by step guide to develop a Technical Website

Step by Step Guide to Develop a Technical Website

The 2020 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) era is charging the way internet surfing works with golden rules for creation and guidelines established in the network world. However, W3C’s maximised Web standards are demanding today's new technical website development. Thus a Technical Website Development has to have undergone a comprehensive approach that can optimize the performance of the website on the internet. Here we would like to post a step by step process guide to acknowledge the success rate. Getting online is easier than ever. Developing your technical website may seem like a daunting task, mainly until you go for the technical web design development company.

Step by step guide while Developing your website

These seven steps will support and lead you to get a professional technical website.
Step 1: Planning your Website Step 2: Registering Domain Name Step 3: Allocating Website Hosting Step 4: Designing and Building your Website Step 5: Promoting Your Website Step 6: Publishing your Website Step 7: Maintaining your Website

Step 1: Website Planning

Planning your technical website While planning a technical website, you need to make several important decisions:
  • Site type that you need: whether the website is news, informative, e-commerce, company or service site, non-profit or cause-driven site, Technical etc. Each of these websites has a slightly different focus that will influence its design.
  • Navigation Design: Here the navigation will tell about how the user is navigating throughout your technical website that affects the architecture and also the whole usability of the technical website. The technical website will be more effective if you create the sitemap and develop a navigational structure from there.
  • Website type: The website can be an informative website or web application. Before starting designing a technical website, you should choose the languages that you use for the development of a technical website. The front-end programming languages that are used for developing the technical website are PHP, HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery, React.js, and Zepto.js) and frameworks (such as Angular, Vue, Backbone, and Ember).

Step 2: Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain name Everyone wants to make your technical website live on the world wide web (www), then you need to purchase the domain. A domain is the address of your website on the internet. It is what people touch-type on their browser to get directions to your website. If possible, pick a domain that holds your business name. It is the best way to go with a domain that is easy to spell and easy to identify. Tips for choosing a domain name:
  • Make it short - Select short and straightforward URLs are the best way
  • Make it Memorable - URL with a short domain name is most memorable.

  • Use Keywords - Keywords are valuable search terms that describe your business and make you discoverable online.

  • Use appropriate Extensions - Use recognised standard extensions as it is challenging to get the one you want and also as it is around so long.

  • Quick, valuable URLs get snatched up quickly.

Step 3: Website Hosting

Web hosting Web hosting is like spending rent for your website’s implicit storefront, that includes all types of resources like images, documents, sitemaps etc. and is a spot where all the data about your website is being, based on where you develop your technical website. You can pick from a diversity of services that might cost anywhere from a few dollars a month to a few dollars a year.

Step 4: Designing and developing your Technical Website

This is the most complicated section of the web application development process, and there are several points to consider at this stage that includes:
  • Prototype design: Initially you need to create a design prototype for the web application focusing on the targeted audience. It is advisable to prevent the use of great animations and transition effects. Though it looks modern, they are not highly available designs.
  • Choose Framework: Once the development of the prototype was done, then you should focus on the serverside framework selection. Choosing the most effective and best MVC framework would be a good thought. The server-side programming frameworks like Ruby on Rails(Ruby), Python(Django, flask, pylons), PHP(Laravel), Java(Spring), Scala(Play), etc.
  • Choose Database: A most vital part of a web application is the Database selection and creation as it stores all the data. Some of the best databases to select are MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. And the server to choose is Apache.

Step 5: Promoting the Website

On before publishing the technical website. In the promotion, activity can be done in two ways - either after publishing the technical website or before publishing the technical website. Let us check the promotions if once the domain was selected and we can go for the promotion of the technical website through search engine optimisation. Because it will allow your brand to know to the users who are looking for the services or products that your site is going to provide. Another way that it allows your technical website to be found by the users who are looking for the services that you provide. Even you go for other promoting ways like email marketing, social media channels, paid campaigns etc.

Step 6: Publishing your technical website

Publishing your website Publishing your technical website means getting your webpages created in step 4 to step 1 in the browser when the user searches with the domain name.

Step 7: Maintaining the Technical website

Maintaining a technical website Maintenance can be the most active part of the technical website design. To keep your site doing well and looking good, it is essential to get regular updates and maintenance. Even after the website is live, it is also crucial to test your technical as you are developing the website. As there are regular updates on the devices, make sure to have regular testing of your website and make sure your website is working well. It is a good idea if you have a regular backup of your website.

Final Thoughts

From the above all steps, you are clear that what steps are required to follow while developing a sound and well-planned technical website. It is a distillation of some necessary steps acquired to start with your site.
Krify is the leading Technical website development company in India as well as UK have hands-on mobile app development for both Android and iOS platform. We have well-experienced web developers and also Android developers & iOS Developers. Want to get your own technical website development for your business. Reach us today or Get a free quote.
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Doctors app

Mobile Apps for Doctors has changed the working of Medical Industry

Today Doctor apps have enhanced the way people are seeking medical consultancy. With the growing population, the number of patients is rapidly increasing and it has become tough to manage the schedules of the patients and treat them without a mobile app for doctors. It is a real mess dealing with patient’s data and updating it from time to time and that is when people started to think about developing a mobile app for doctors.  Just like other apps even the development of doctor apps requires prior planning about the functionality, design and features etc. There are some particular features in the development of a mobile app for doctors.  Let us understand some important features to be considered while developing a doctors mobile app.

Features of Mobile App for Doctors

Before jumping into the development it is necessary to know what kind of features a doctor app should have that can help you become successful in the market. Here are some features of the mobile app for doctors. Doctor profile

Doctor Profile

The first major thing to consider is to allow doctors to create their own profiles. The doctor mobile app should allow the doctors to add their details and make sure that no fake accounts included that can confuse the users.

About Doctor and the services

The mobile app is the best platform to increase your branding. Through the “About” page in your app, you can display all your services and the patient’s testimonials that other users can see and reach you for your service

Strong database for patient’s details

There are hundreds of patients visiting the hospital and it is necessary to have a mobile app for doctors that can hold the information about the patient and update it from time to time. This could be beneficial for both the doctor and the patient in saving their time. patient tracking

Patient tracking

The main benefit of having a mobile app for doctors is that they can have a log of patients visits and treatment updates etc. The app should be able to predict the next level of treatment with the details of ongoing treatment.

Payment log

Avoid trust issues with online payment records. The app needs to have a feature where it can track all the payment cycles of the staff.  It would be great to pay the staff through mobile which is convenient than giving cash. remote treatments

Remote treatments

This feature offers the best result allowing the user to download the app but not as a doctor. Using this feature the doctor can get the details of the user and can provide the necessary treatment without the user having to visit the doctor every now and then. This is mainly useful for patients who cannot travel. In case due to any reason, the patient might not be able to get the hospital in such a situation having a doctor mobile app will help doctors in offering remote treatments.


Having a Doctor mobile app allows doctors and patients to interact among themselves. It saves tons of time for both doctors and patients as all the queries can be solved in messages. Offering a real-time messaging feature can help in providing more convenience to the patients. The above are some of the features you need to consider while planning to develop a mobile app for doctors. Also, the on-demand doctor services are getting popular and doctor mobile apps are the top reason for the increase in demand for such services.
Krify is a leading website and mobile app development company in the UK and India. Our team has skilled and experienced developers trained in developing mobies apps for various domains including doctors app development. In case you searching for a mobile app development company in India for development of doctors mobile app, reach us here.
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Business meet at Israel

Krify Software Technologies Will be on a Business Trip to Israel

Happy to announce that Krify Software Technologies is ready to fly Israel from April 05th to 13th April 2019 on a business trip. The main motto of this is to strengthen the business relations with existing clients, and also to meet the new clients as well as clients perspective in person to know the specific business requirements. The team scheduled the face to face interaction with entrepreneurs looking forward to exploring how emerging technologies can help to boost their business. In addition to this, the team will be offering the web and mobile app development services along with the enterprise services that are proven quite effective. Krify Team will showcase the Software product development, business mobility solutions, digital marketing services, app support and maintenance, content management system, product prototyping and many other services. In this trip, our team will meet new as well as existing clients as per their availability in Tel Aviv and Haifa.  We understand the prospect of the entrepreneurs and serve them with our innovation and unique solutions. So to plan the array of meetings, entrepreneurs can schedule the meeting by filling the form. Explore all the service that we offer for you and also know about our feat in emerging technologies by meeting us in face to face. We can assist your business to get a competitive advantage over others by utilising the power of all the emerging technologies. Reach our team at Israel to know more how we can help you in getting a leap in this technologically advanced world. Either the business may be small, big or even a startup we support you in the best way to improve your online business in Israel, Tel Aviv and Haifa.
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Importance of content development

Importance and Greatest Of Content Development To Your Business

Creating standard and insightful content is healthy and necessary practice for business in any sector. Many companies choose not to designate resource and time towards content creation. But doing so they often fall shorten their marketing goals. For companies that do content development market, benefits are enormous. External and internal content can provide a wealth of new value to your business. While content writing may be considered traditional but it affirmed well it ties up very smoothly.

Is content is that important?

Yeah, of course, it's essential. Let's see a few steps to understand it
  • You as a company able to connect and engage your target audience in the right way that you wanted.
  • Well, content development efforts lead to the development of your company totally and even your executive members of your company.
  • Crafting and publishing content to the internet, you are on the way to improve your SEO ranking since your target audience will better have a chance to find you on search engines.
  • The creation of content helps your company sales more effectively.
So, that is why you should understand the importance of content for your business.

Reasons why content development is important for your business

Here are the ten reasons why content development is a fundamental part of every business model.
1. Makes you look like a pro
Being a pro is not something that you can merely title yourself. If you require customers to brand you as an expert in your category, then you have to earn it. Creating content that reflects your field of work can define you as a pro in that domain.
2. Build a library of content
The great thing about content is it stays with you. When you post an article or blog, it will add you to the existing library of content. It can help and add a brand to your company.
3. Attracts new users
Users like helpful information and more likely to follow you and visit your web page if they see the data seems interesting to them.
4. Establish your brand
The brand name takes much time. To highlight your brand, content posts can help you out, and your organization recognized in the industry.
5. Helps inbound lead sourcing
Leads are a vital part of any growth of the company. While outbound techniques are not that much effective. Inbound lead sourcing relies on new outlet, i.e. content creation. Leads who comes to you from content are going to be warmer.
6. Drives web views
If users can find their desired information, if they see it, they never get out of it if they like it. By posting and creating content, you can build intrigue and interest in customers which initiates them to pay attention to your brand.
7. Enhance market share
More content can generate more market share. Customers are attracted, and content can help you increase revenue and sales. So, great content is a way to spread your brand and grab the interest of prospective customers that you would not able to reach.
8. Helps SEO
Content creation is a vital role in SEO. Using content with appropriate keywords is an excellent way to promote web optimization for your website.
9. Supplement to inbound marketing
Along with other inbound marketing strategies, the content is critical. Content is the core part of your marketing campaign.

10. Customers trust you more

When you create content on the topic, then you are focusing, and you are projecting yourself as an expert in the area. Especially if the content is helpful, the customer will trust you based.
Krify content professionals help you with quality content writing services and even SEO services for your websites that designed with a well-defined business. Our professionals content writing team can help you to create the best content for social media and websites. Contact us for more information.
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Cost of logistics mobile app development

Cost of Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Development

Technology is becoming part and parcel in every business sector ever since its boom! Every single industry has harnessed the power of technology to provide quality services, and the case with logistics and transportation are no exception to this. Who would take the risk of monitoring all the logistics and transportation operations for 24 hours? It’s obvious right! The way logistics and transportation used to be in the past is no way comparable to the latest methods. To revolutionize the transportation business is coming up with logistics and transportation mobile app development that can help logistics companies to maximize delivery volumes in minimum time. Through this mobile logistics app, an automated promise management system will make it simpler to track fleet, routes shipments, drives, and everything was done in a standardized and organized manner. Be it an Android or iOS, and the logistics apps have transformed the transportation industry. Now, you must be wondering what will be the costs involved in developing logistics apps? What are the technology stacks needed for transportation and logistics app development? Well, keep reading to know about the details… According to Statista, the gross revenue generated by the US. The third-party logistics industry from 2000 to 2018 has been increasing at a constant rate. In 2017, one of the logistics providers has generated gross revenue of 184.3 billion. Statistics for logistics and transportation The future of logistics and transportation mobile app development is promising. So, why not take the benefits of these facts? Let us see more…

Types of Logistics Mobile Application

The first and foremost factors that decide the cost of logistics mobile app development. The ideas to develop logistics apps range from fleet management to warehouse handling.
  • Fleet Management Apps

With this app, we can get real-time updates about many things. It helps to organise, manage and coordinate vehicles from the central information system to keep the overall fleet operation running smoothly. Fleet management apps help in improving performance, reduce costs and provide compliance with government regulations.
  • Forwarding and tracking apps

Helps to get real-time updates about the routes taken by them and goods deliveries.
  • Logistics On-demand apps

This app is all about good delivery when the user needs that helps the customers to avail the services and helps in maintaining the connections.
  • Warehouse mobile apps

This app is the best solution for vast amounts of data to store in a simplified way. The app helps to maintain and get the data in their convenient manner and also helps to stay connected.

Basic and Core Features of On-demand Logistics Mobile App

In general, the Logistic and transportation mobile app development has three modules:
  1. Customer Panel
  2. Admin Panel
  3. Admin Panel
Each of these apps has its features. Let us check for each one.
  • Customer Panel

    • User Authentication
    • Profile Creation and management
    • Select Vehicle
    • Schedule booking
    • Track Shipment
    • Driver Contact
    • Cancel reservation
    • Get fare estimation
    • Bill payment
    • Push Notification
    • Rate Driver
  • Driver Panel

    • Driver Authentication
    • Check shippers details
    • Check freight details
    • Manage requests
    • GPS tracking
    • Payments
  • Admin Panel

    • Login
    • Dashboard
    • Shipper management
    • Driver management
    • Manage fleet and vehicles
    • Dispatchers management
    • Payment and invoice
    • Trip Evaluate reports
    • Referral Rewards

Advanced Features for Logistics mobile App development to stand-out

  • In-app Chat
  • Live stats of delivery form your merchant
  • Multilingual for driver support
  • GPS
  • Real-time analytics
  • Driver safety
  • Referral Rewards
  • Cloud Operations

Benefits of Logistics Mobile App Development

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Facilitating online booking
  • No paperwork
  • Real-time information updates
  • No chance of errors
  • Empowering services
It is more evidence that the mobile app development for logistics and transportation can make your business more customer-friendly and result-oriented.

Technology Stack behind on-demand logistics and Transportation App

The next challenging thing for the development of Logistics mobile app is choosing the best technology stacks for integrating various features. Some of them are:
  • Twilio - for authentication of credentials
  • Braintree & PayPal, Stripe - for payment gateways
  • APNS for iOS, Firebase for Android and one single SDK for both- notification triggering
  • MongoDB, Postgresql - database requirement
  • Firebase - real-time analytics
  • AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean - cloud platforms.

Cost for development of on-demand Logistics and Transportation Mobile App

It’s time to go through the cost of logistics app development. Although different logistics and transportation Mobile app development companies may vary in charging for developing the customised logistics mobile app, here we will check out the cost estimation for logistics app development. You need to consider the following services when going for the app development for the logistics industry.
  • Design
  • Android and iOS native app development
  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance
Apart from app development cost, it is better to keep the provision for miscellaneous expenses like app marketing, Maintenance, and other charges. At the initial stage, your app needs to go digital marketing techniques. Therefore, you need to spend some money on app promotion. It can give your app boost for first downloads that are necessary to grab people’s attention. Also, it is essential for you to come up with the updated version of your app with some new features and improved functionality regularly. Therefore, a mobile app development service provider can play a significant role by providing app maintenance and support services. The costs depend on the technology stack used for the apps too. But the usage of the various technologies and time for the development also determine the price of the app. Other factors include the amount of testing needed and technical considerations. Thus, many aspects contribute to the total costs for developing the mobile app for logistics companies.


To sum up, if you want to develop a logistics app with a seamless knowledge for your customers, integrate various technologies. But, one must remember that a logistics app is a lot different from any other apps. It would be the best idea to have an early plan for the technologies. In future, if you try to include advanced features that will lead to a lot of efforts in testing. Apart from this, the cost of building app depends a lot on the development place. But you should never compromise with the quality of a good development team. Skilled developers, designers, and testers will develop your app within less time.
As a leading mobile app development company, Krify build on-demand apps for various industry sectors. You can also hire Logistics App developers from our team of expert professionals to accomplish your project cost-effectively. Contact us today.
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mobileapp success

5 Unbelievable Factors, when not taken into consideration can be the reason for poor app performance

You spend a lot of time and money on developing an app. You take responsibility for every single feature and the functionality while developing it and commit lots of time planning for it and invest in design, development testing and various things. What if it does not perform well or fails after you upload it on app play store? All your time and money goes in vain just because of the small success factors for mobile apps that you don't give importance while developing an app. Every company wishes to have its app performing excellently on the app stores as they invest massive amount on developing the apps which can meet the user's requirement, demands to achieve desired revenue. At present designing and developing mobile apps is so trending in the IT market, and such industries are having a great time. The number of mobile apps is increasing rapidly day by day.  As many apps are uploaded every month the success rate is less. We cannot say that is the only reason for many enterprise mobile apps failing to deliver the desired outcomes. Let us understand Important Factors to Consider for the Success of Mobile Apps, and Factors Mobile App Developers need to Prioritize For Creating an app

Key Factors Impacting the Success of your Mobile App Development

app logo

App Icon

App Icon is the first thing that will be used to grab the user’s impression. Every app icon should in a way that it tells the user about the app. Many excellent apps did not perform up to the mark due to the poor design of the app icons. Apps having a well-designed logo created history in term of more downloads and ROI. Generally, companies focus more on the app functionality and ignore the importance of app icon which ultimately leads to the failure of the app. It is evident that every app should have a sensible and attractive app icon to run successfully on the app stores.

App Marketing

Understand how to market a mobile app successfully. Developing a mobile app for business is not enough to get more sales and revenue. It is equally essential for the companies to invest in the marketing of the app so that it gets more visibility among the users.  The destiny of the app depends on the techniques of marketing and the way it gets the initial marketing boost. It is required to have a separate budget for marketing like investing in paid banners and ads apart from the design and development cost of the app. In case you are planning to Develop an app make sure you invest in marketing too as it plays a vital role in the future of your app.

App Size

It does not matter how attractive your app design is unless there are no interrupted navigations. Users hate interruptions as it affects the user experience. Many business apps fail miserably because of their size even though they have useful features and functionality. To get a million downloads of your app, it is equally important to focus on your app size and make sure that it can perform complex tasks without interruptions.

App Description

App Description is another main reason behind the poor performance of many business apps. The poorly written app description can lead to the failure of the app.  Companies do not pay much attention to the quality of their content in the app description. By copying other apps which are relevant to your app only results in getting fewer downloads as the users will be confused with the same content in both the apps. It is essential to have original material written that explains all the functionalities and features in detail that helps the user understand about the app is the best way possible to boost the number of downloads. User-centric content is what makes a mobile app successful feedback

Reviews and feedbacks

Ignoring the reviews can sometimes lead to an adverse effect on your app. Companies need to keep a check on the reviews because most of the people first go to reviews and according they choose whether to download your app or not. Regular follow-ups on feedbacks, reviews and making sure you have the best reviews will automatically lead to good sales. You also need to improve the functionality and UX considering the user feedback.


These are some of the little Things to Consider while Developing Mobile Apps for your Business which you might take for granted while developing an app. As you have understood the Key Ingredients for a Successful Mobile App Make sure you focus on such factors while designing an app.  
Krify is a leading website and mobile app development company. We have a vast experience in designing mobile apps making us one among the top mobile app development company. Our team is well trained in new trends in designing and development. We take into consideration every single aspect of the development process. You can also Hire mobile app developer. If you are planning to develop a successful mobile app, krify is the right choice. Reach us here.
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Digital Marketing

The Fate of Startups Depends on their Digital Marketing Activities

Are you excited to start a business? You should be already aware of the different challenges you will face during the initial stages of the startup. But the primary problem you will be facing is poor marketing techniques. To have good marketing for your business first, you need to have an online presence. Online presence plays a vital role in marketing your business as 90 per cent of the customers search for services online and prefer surfing various shops available. Placing a mark online will help you in attracting more audience and visitors.

Challenges Faced by Startups

Many startups are born every month. In case you need to stand out of the competition you need to show that you are different from others which is not an easy task. Here are some common challenges you will need to overcome for making your business successful.


The brand is the first essential factor customers are looking to build . Every startup should have its own brand in order to develop fast in the market. Increase in brand includes Logo creation, brand name and tagline and many more.  Even though the process consumes time and requires patience at the end of the day everything will be worth it.

Poor Marketing

In the initial stages, companies spend mostly on product development and the next thing they pay is on marketing. It is a fact the startups should be active in marketing campaigns to get more popularity in less time. The way they market their product or services at the starting pays them off during the development of the company.


 The biggest challenge any startup will ever face is Competition. It has to compete with different kinds of competitors in the market and prove that it is unique. The competitors can be ahead of you concerning the technology they use, capital, leads, brand etc. It is hard to gain the trust of customers as they prefer to go for the experienced business services.


There are significant ways in which startups can earn initial capital through banks, loan, etc. But there can occur many circumstances where startups will have to handle extra expenditure than expected. Startups generally grow at a slow pace and it takes a long time to settle. These are the common challenges faced by many startups. Now let us look at how digital marketing can help meet these challenges

Benefits of Digital Marketing For Startups


Pay Per Click

PPC is the technique used in digital marketing to show the ads of their services in a completely different way, by displaying them of various browsers and social platforms. If an individual click on the ad then the merchandiser will have to pay money per click. Google always follow particular rules concerning their PPC campaigns. Any time a user clicks on the ads, the merchandise should per according to the bidding set to the ads.  The paid ads are promoted on various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc. These ads require keywords The ads are displayed with the description, link and a headline include a lot of keywords in it.  Google or publicist do not set any price of a click. It completely depends on the usage of keywords. You would generally bid higher as there is huge competition.

Social media marketing

Startups mainly use social media for marketing their services or products. They create their company pages in various platform s like facebook Instagram, LinkedIn etc. There are billions of business pages on Facebook. Social media is no longer for only making friends and posting images. It has become a platform for businesses too.  Social media allows startups to gain more visibility and get come clients in the initial stages. Social media provides comforts to users where they can see reviews of the services and products given by the other users.  The best of Social media marketing is that they are less costly and it can customise the reach of the ad targetting to a particular audience.


Content is the king, Content is the main source for expansion of the business. It acts as the main pillar for search engine optimization, without content, there is no possibility that Google crawls your page. Your content should be in a way that offers excellent information to the visitors by mainly focusing on the keywords and the value content. Every startup should have a transparent content strategy in order to be top on the web. Content should be targetting all kinds of the audience instead of targetting only the potential customers. It should catch the user's attention and consumers should be able to understand as much information as possible from your content.

Display Ads

With the help of Artificial intelligence and big data, companies can display videos and images ad of their business for people who are searching for similar kind of services or products. For example, if someone types web development company keyword you can show your companies ad, this is also known as personalization.

How Startups Can Benefit from Digital Marketing


Customer Engagement

Digital marketing enhances customer engagement through email marketing and social media marketing. By increasing customer engagement, there are chances that you can increase the performance of the startups.

Cost Effective

By conducting a digital marketing campaign, you can reach as many people possible. It allows you to interact with the customers and target the audience in the cheapest way possible and bring you higher results.

Brand Awareness

Building Brand is the first important thing any startup should concentrate and it is possible through digital marketing. You may not generate leads or revenue form the campaign but you can surely increase the awareness among people about your services and products.

Online Visibility

What are you planning to do without online visibility? It is the foremost thing you can do in order to improve branding. Through traditional marketing, you can get local leads, in case you want to target different countries and make your business more popular it is compulsory to have digital marketing for your company.
These are some of the ways how digital marketing helps startups. As per the business requirement, startups can choose the platform rather than trying all kinds of marketing. It is a fact the Best Digital Marketing Brings better sales and startups should keep this in mind and plan their Digital Marketing activities accordingly.
Krify is a lead web and mobile app development company. We have also extended our hands-on Digital marketing. Our team which is specialized in Digital Marketing activities helps to Improve Business with Digital Marketing strategies. If you are looking for Digital Marketing company the UK, you are in the right place. We are one of the best Digital Marketing Agency, willing to help you increase your Branding, Visibility and Sales. As we have Best Digital Marketing strategies for startups we can guide you with the Digital Marketing tips for businesses for more information reach us here
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Logo Android Q

Android Q Beta App Development Guide

Official Android Q beta is now on the Google Pixel devices. Android Q is ready for the next smart devices to adopt. For developers who are waiting to build the new SDK for coming app generation. In fact, we are still looking to know the name of Android 'Q'. The features of Android Q extend transparency and control with updated privacy features. Now Android Q users have a command on their own data and the capabilities to grant the app. In this article, I am sharing you the Top 5 features of Android Q available today for beta users to try for next Android Q Targeted Level 28 App Development.
  1. Android Q Key behaviour Changes
  2. Android Q Privacy changes 
  3. Android Q features and APIs
  4. Android Q Telephony features 
  5. Android Q Media and graphics features 
1. Android Q Key behaviour Changes Quick Notes
  • Updates to non-SDK interface restrictions to ensure app compatibility and stability.
  • Shared memory increases security and robustness when serving with shared memory, improving the performance and safety of Android overall.
  • Android runtime solely admits system-generated OAT files which mean ART (Android runtime) no longer invokes dex2oat from the application process.
  • Permissions changes for fullscreen notifications with fullscreen intents.
  • Driving AOT correctness in ART where Android Q requires 3 environment contexts resulting following behaviour changes.
    • Custom class loaders, Means class loaders can be written by apps, unlike class loaders from dalvik.system package--are not AOT-compiled.
    • Secondary dex files, the dex files allow to load manually by the apps, not primarily APK--are now AOT-compiled in the background, as first-use compilation could be too expensive, commencing to unwanted latency before the execution.
    • Shared libraries in Android, now executed with the new class loader hierarchy.
2. Android Q Privacy changes Key Notes
  • Leeway on Storage - Extra Permissions, APIs for retrieving download collections and media in the external storage.
  • Enhanced user control on location access permissions to the app running in foreground and background.
  • Updated constraints on launching activities from the background that improve user control on apps.
  • New restrictions on accessing device serial and IMEI possible with Non-resettable hardware identifiers.
  • Access to some Wi-Fi Aware and Bluetooth scanning methods demands fine location Permission for wireless scanning.
  • The permission on CAMERA access is now only on likely device-specific metadata like Pose Rotation, pose Intrinsic Reference Calibration, Pose Translation, Radial Distortion and more.
3. Android Q features and APIs
  • Enlarged biometric authentication dialogs and Security enhancements.
  • Specified user confirmation to claim an implicit biometric modality. in biometric authentication.
  • Advanced fallback support for device credentials to authenticate utilizing their device pattern, PIN, or password in case of trouble.
  • Run embedded DEX code directly from the APK to aid from attacker managed to tamper with local compiled source code on the device. (Follow this link).
  • Public Conscrypt security API is introduced for TLS functionality. Due to constraints on calling non-public APIs affixed in P, this has been greylisted in the Android Q and will be further modified in future Android releases.
  • Connectivity features, This category has several enhancements related to data connectivity and networking of Android Q.
    • Android Q appends support for peer-to-peer connections for non-network-providing purposes like Chromecast and Google Home hardware.
    • Wi-Fi network suggestion API, the first time the Android Q platform finds a network matching through scan results suggested through the app.
    • Android Q enlarges the Wi-Fi lock API to efficiently support high-performance mode and low-latency mode.
    • Particular lookups in DNS resolver, Android Q appends native support for the DNS over TLS for specialized DNS lookups. This extension gives developers both the standard cleartext lookups and DNS over TLS mode.
    • Wi-Fi Easy Connect, to a peer device, as the replacement of WPS.
    • Android Q enables your app to use Bluetooth LE Connection Oriented Channels (CoC) to transfer massive data streams among two BLE devices.
4. Android Q Telephony features
  • Call quality improvements for ongoing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) calls to and flow in the network.
  • Android Q let your app to identify calls that are not in the user's address book as likely spam calls and to facilitate a way silently rejected on behalf of the user.
  • Android Q going to change how the call intents are handled. The NEW_OUTGOING_CALL broadcast is deprecated and is replaced with the CallRedirectionService API.
5. Android Q Media and graphics features
  • Native MIDI API, The ultra-modern Android Native MIDI API (AMidi) provides application developers an ability to send MIDI and receive MIDI data with C/C++codes, integrating with more close C/C++ audio and control logic by minimizing the need for JNI.
  • MediaCodecInfo improvements
  • Performance point describes a codec's worth to render video at a particular height, width and frame rate.
  • API level 28 is the first one to introduce monochrome camera ability for Android 9 with several enhancements for raw DNG Capture and NIR CFA enumerations a side of near-infrared cameras.
  • The Advanced Dynamic Depth Format options for post-processing with blur effects inside of pictures.
  • Android Q adds new support for in JVMTI implementation for the can_pop_frames that capable to provide advanced UI and system controls.
  • Surface control API to run up upon the limitations of BufferQueue.
  • Simplified setting panels to drive for NFC or Mobile data in the context of the same app.
Download The Android Q Beta for your mobile now in 5 Steps !! 1. Enrol your Pixel device or set-up an emulator to Get Android Q here. 2. Check the Android Q Setup Guide for your environment. 3. Get forward with the behaviour changes and privacy features that may affect your app. 4. Run into the look and flows for issues 5. Targeting API Level 28 - Android Q, test with the beta user channels or common groups.
This checklist of information is an overview of the key features launched recently for the Android Q pixel and other devices. The other Android One device users need to wait for 2 more months to get the Android Q for play. However,  Android app developers and owners need to update their app codes to the next level as the day to day user new technology migration is running 2x times faster than what we think. We have seen the Android O and P recently that targeted to API level 26 27 targeted version. You can read this info at our previous article. What could be the name of Android Q? Android Q interjects standard roles, facility, that allows OS to grant the apps elevated way to system functions and the user data based on the well-understood use cases. Krify is one such topmost Web app and Mobile app development company. For more information, you can reach us here. We can assist you in all aspects.
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WordPress website for your business

Top 20 Reasons Why a Startup Should Choose WordPress Website?

Wordpress celebrates its sixteenth birthday this May 27th, it as other reasons to celebrate as well.  With over 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments, each month is created by using WordPress this is the other reason for celebrating WordPress birthday. It is not that a big surprise for the marketers and developers alike and recommends WordPress to their colleagues and clients. One of the questions that we usually get is: Why should I use WordPress? Is not my old site good enough? Why do I need to switch to Wordpress from another platform? Some other questions are: Why WordPress is so famous? Why people choose it so much? Though people have so many options, why every fifth website created is on WordPress? Does it have any limitations that you may not be aware? Is it good enough to be your final choice? Is WordPress is just a blogging tool? If you’re asking these questions, then you are in the right place.  Here in this blog, we will go through the principal reasons for choosing WordPress for your business. Wordpress platform is well known to have a myriad of advantages: Open Source, secure and flexible enough to make different types of websites, holds a passionate community behind it, and WordPress developers are quickly spreading its collection of themes, layouts and plugins to allow it to accommodate any website need or purpose. Most of the WordPress plugins used as blogging platforms, it can fit an organization or business from an e-commerce shop to a social networking alliance. WordPress usage as per 2016 Wordpress stats WordPress Usage as per 2018 statistics: Pie Daigram for WordPress Due to its robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony Disney, Target, The New York Times and more.

Reasons for choosing WordPress as your Website CMS

Every website, even it is a big or small, needs a good Content Management System(CMS). While designing a website, you want the best digital publishing system available in the market as there are various platforms out there that you could use. However, WordPress still ranks as the best option for website design. So, why should everyone use WordPress for website design and development? Many expert studies indicated that over WordPress is powering 26% of the websites worldwide, with the numbers increasing daily. It has dramatically evolved from just being a blogging platform to an efficient content management system. If you are still sitting on the rail, consider the following reasons why WordPress is good switching over to if you have not already.   Today we have the answer for you. Here is a list of causes why to use WordPress now real data and user stats back everything:

WordPress is a free and open source

WordPress Free WordPress never consider whether the business is a commercial or personal blog; the fact is that WordPress doesn’t charge a penny is the primary reason to use it. Even they don’t charge any extra for your site if it gets more traffic than you anticipated. As WordPress is open source, you can customize your WordPress site either in your features or look.

Easy Customization

WordPress meets all the demands of the business owners with its flexible framework that allows the designers and developers to build and transform layouts and applications. As no business owner wants their site to get stuck with cookie-cutter sites and in such case, WordPress will help you in the best way. WordPress theme system applies to implement attractive designs quickly. It is flexible enough to accommodate all the needs through its extensions and plugins. Moreover, WordPress is at heart thriving freelance development community.
Check Out Our Recent Blog: Matrimony Wordpress Website development 

Search Engine Friendly

Ranking in the top level is the dream of every business owner, and this came true with the use of WordPress site for your business as the major search engines attract it. The primary cause behind this is that it is written using simple compliance and high standard clean codes.  The WordPress sites are highly responsive and highly logical design make search engines have a particular consideration for choosing WordPress. The platform provides each page and posts individual Meta tag keywords, enabling for more precise search optimisation.

Ready To Use

Once installed start using WordPress no need of any configuration. The customisation can be done to the theme and also the plugins that you are interested, as WordPress had a wide range of functionality -augmenting plugins that are available for both paid and free. Each theme usually has a layout or design for the frontend of the website and the plugin showed in the WordPress gallery is accompanied by the individual user reviews.

Simple to use

WordPress is one of the simple and very useful that it mostly used by big and small companies. The CMS is as user-friendly as it grows and very easy for new babies to learn, not only that the platform is unique and responsive. WordPress is filtered, tested and improved. In the process, it has unfolded into a world-class web publishing system.

Secure and Safe

Since WordPress is currently the most substantial blogging and website-developing platform in the world, it is vital for you to your content from spam attacks. WordPress sites are secure one of the most targeted because there are so many of them available. Due to its popularity, WordPress became an interesting one to get hacked. There are many other reasons why WordPress is beloved is the security measures the developers take to preserve the trust of its users. The WordPress team continuously will update the CMS and also the plug-ins that integrate with it. However, the users should use caution and only download plugins from trusted sources, preferably while directly logged in WordPress site itself.

Mobile Friendly

Anyway, Google is now penalising the sites that are not mobile friendly by just ranking them at lowest position on their result pages. With WordPress, you need not to have overhaul your entire site to make it accessible on tablets and smartphones. Many Wordpress themes are designed and developed to be responsive meaning your customers won’t be challenged to use your website on their smartphones. WordPress also has an option for the sites to view in the mobile view for the themes that are not responsive.


WordPress is most granted for flexibility as it meets the demand of many users with its flexible framework that allows the designers and developers to create, modify layouts & applications. WordPress combined with user-generated extensions, websites are not restricted by enterprise extensions. WordPress has most flexible enough o accommodate all the needs through its extensions and plugins; you can use the CMS for a small business website, personal blog or e-commerce website.

Social Media Integration

stats as per 2018 Having WordPress site people can post comments with their social media accounts. It is most helpful for the people on social media to find and interact with you using accounts they already have established.

Keeps your site looking Fresh

Maintaining the blissful Content Management System on a whim via any of the free or premium themes available, either through WordPress or on third-party sites gives your website a refreshing look and keeps your company unique in the eyes and minds of your consumers.

High Support and Maintenance by Community Support

While the customization options and plugins available can be overwhelming, there are many places to reach out to for the help - one of them is that a large group of people utilizes it. WordPress is a host to a good community panel that is managed by employees and the community. There are loads of help to be found online. Even better, the conferences they provide allow users to help each other out, creating a very interactive community.

Manage Simply

As alluded to earlier, WordPress integrated with an automatic updater for security purposes. Even the CMS will get notifications if there are any new updates are available for the plug-ins.

Multimedia Support

Some websites get the lowest bounce rate as they integrate with plenty of multimedia. WordPress allows you to upload your videos or by adding embeddable code through the HTML areas. Even you can add audio files, imagery and other forms of media to keep people interested and browsing your site.

Saves you money

WordPress is free CMS as it is the user-friendly that can operate as an open source software; you bypass the requirements to hire web technician and designers.

Schedule Posts

WordPress makes it easy for you to schedule the things you publish that helps you to write all the content at the single time and have it posted at particular times of the day, throughout many days, this is most comfortable if the majority of your traffic tends to consult during a specific block of time.

Universal Dashboard

WordPress dashboard looks the same to everyone and every platform and eliminates the confusion which can support you to add daily stats, list of new posts, recent comments, news updates and what not.

Immediate publishing of content

No patience till you reach the laptop or desktop to post any material,  then no need to expect if you have the WordPress app in your smartphone. You can add the content from anywhere and anytime!


If you are not the one to maintain the WordPress site. WordPress makes it easy to assign different access roles for different people. Some of the part plugins WordPress Codex Provides to the WordPress website owner. Super Admin - Who has the total access to website features. Admin - Who has access to the admin features. Editor - who can publish their posts and approve or remove the posts of other users. Author - can control and publish their posts Contributors - can manage and write their posts but need to rely on the administrator to approve them. Subscriber - can see and edit their profile

Add Testimonials

Adding testimonials on your website about the services you provide is a good tactic. Several plugins available that make the testimonial to publish easily. Some of them offer widgets that show reviews about your business on a scroll.

WordPress keeps improving

We must say thanks to this WordPress open source coding and innovative developers. Wordpress is kept growing as the years go. The CMS is keeping evolving for the better, as WordPress team is adding new features, developers are creating new plugins, or coders have programmed new features to customise the site.

Bottom line

With the right type of website host, you will be able to post your content that will garner more attention correctly. As everyone wants to spend all their working time on structuring online domain, take all these taken for consideration during website development; this is the reason that WordPress is an excellent tool for beginners. WordPress is the free, responsive, secure and highly customizable. In case if you are looking for a digital publishing platform with the ease of use, try WordPress as it will be a quick win for cultivating better consumer experience.
Krify have high compentency in developing the WordPress Websites with the best WordPress themes. We are recognised as the Top WordPress Website Development Company in India and UK have well expirenced WordPress Developers. Contact us for more details.
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Top Best Free open sources PBX Software

A weekly roundup: Top and Best Free Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Software

It's Friday and we are back with a weekly roundup with an interesting technical topic on Top free Open Sources Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Software. Utilising an existing hosted Private Branch Exchange service from top hosted Private Branch  Exchange providers will surely help the majority of businesses i.e from small business to enterprise level providers. Private Branch Exchange providers do their best to fit packages and services to meet the need of each business. With the difference in industries and required features, the security that is necessary for an open source. For such case, businesses can turn to open source platform and yes there are available with excellent IT and team of developers any business can develop and fit their own in house Private Branch Exchange software, even communication suite. These platforms are open source and all source coding OS available for free online and can be crafted to each specific scenario.

Top Free Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Software

So, let what are the top free open source private branch Exchange (PBX) software for every business need.


sipfoundry SipFoundry was established in 2004 and offers the same solution that asterisk engine provides. It supports interoperability of SIP products, standardisation of SIP and solutions across the industry through SIP forum test framework. It makes possible to build your video and voice communications, unified messaging, IM and chat with live indications, conferencing and even a mobile client. SIPFoundry has a different spin and sells professional support to the user based on various rates.

2. Asterisk

Asterisk Asterisk is an open source framework for communication applications. It turns an ordinary computer into a communication server. It powers VoIP gateways, conference servers IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, conference servers and other custom solutions. VoIP solutions used for small businesses, call centres, large businesses and government agencies worldwide. As the leading open source telephony platform, it packed with standard Private Branch Exchange (PBX) features includes automatic call distribution, usual voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response menu. Asterisk can be considered the go-to platform when it comes to developing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or UC system, VoIP.
Go through our blog: VoIP Work Model-App Development Experts


FreeSWITCH The FreeSWITCH is designed to interconnect and route popular communication protocols using text, video, audio or any other forms of media. FreeSWITCH has grown to become a world premier open source soft switch platform. This versatile platform is used to power video, chat, voice communications on devices ranging from single calls; this easily interfaces and integrate with other popular open sources Private Branch Exchange (PBX) platforms available. To minimise the complexity of a system, FreeSwitch utilises freely available software libraries that will make the essential functions for your System to work. FreeSWITCH offers the usual calling and even adds some extras like speech recognition and integration and even Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) interfaces for Digital and Analog Circuits.

4. OpenSIPS

Opensips OpenSIPS is an open Source SIP proxy/Server for video, Voice. It is a multifunctional and multi-purpose signalling SIP server used by telecoms, ITSPs and carriers. For a solution like residential platforms, enterprise/virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solutions, application servers, IMS platforms, trunking/ wholesale, Frontend load balancers, call centres, and many others openSIPs used. OpenSIP recommends providing recorded webinars and in-depth manuals for configuration and version of the openSIP's platform. A web configuration portal should make it simple to gather data statics of your service.
check out our blog: 4 Enhancing Features To Improve Staff Training With VoIP Solutions.

5. PBXInAFlash

PBXInAFlash With PBX in a flash, you will have a high-performance to turnkey Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that's easy to upgrade. Once you have installed a fully functional server with the latest Debian Linux operating system, plus 3CX Phone system V15.5 is a complete unified communications platform which includes desktop clients for Mac and Windows. And even smartphones clients for iOS and Android. It utilises the operating system, CentOS including Apache web server MySQL database server and SendMail as well as necessary protocols and firewalls. The system gives the users to choose Asterisk 1.8, 10, 11 or Free PBX 2.9, 2.10 or 2.11. The user also has an option to choose from many of add-ons to fit the system with features like automatic backups, caller ID lookup services, SSI Keys, Google Voice integration, text to speech functionality and fax support. Everything is designed to be simple. Add ons can be installed with one click in a minute. With the goal of no bugs and no bloat, PBXInAFlash seems to be the easiest and quickest solution to adopt. For any business VoIP solutions are essential. You can choose any of the above mentioned Free Open Source Private Branch  Exchange Software.
Krify is one of the leading Mobile App development company in India and Uk having high experienced developers will work for open source softwares to give the best output to the project. For any business, reach us for a free quote.
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Business trip of UK

Forthcoming Customer Loyalty Program of Krify at UK

The forthcoming customer loyalty program of Krify business team is creating a way to meet our clients and the thriving businesses those who marked to make something great. The primary objective of this trip is to strengthen business relations with existing clients and also build new ties and partnership with the upcoming clients to know the exact perspectives of the client's requirement.  We also showcase our updated tech skills in various areas of development expertise which has already helped clients in many aspects to add value. Krify Software Technologies is programming the face to face synergy with every entrepreneur belonging to small, medium and also for startups to seek how emerging technologies can boost their business. The team will expose the potential of the business, technologies consulting, digital design and marketing.  

Schedule: 15th April to 15th May 2019

The Development team will discuss various factors to overcome the hurdles in multiple areas like: During this trip, our team would meet existing clients and the businesses who are looking to have a consultation as per their availability. The main motto of this trip is to understand the fresh perspective of UK entrepreneurs and assist the UK entrepreneurs with our creative and unique solutions. Our Krify team is looking forward to offering clients competitive, industry-aligned solutions and service delivery. Talk to our team to accomplish our strategic business heads to put forward your business requirements and challenges. Make time to meet our team!!!!
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Informative Website Development

6 Steps for an Informative Website Development

These days Informative websites are executing a significant role in intensifying the business branding. The design of the informative websites is primarily focused on content as they are created in order to afford a branded resource for potential customers. A good website design can serve as an outstanding sales tool in generating leads to your business through the content it holds, by providing information about your business to multiple people across the globe. Having a great design for informative website matters,  as the information will be helpful to showcase your business services and products.  So are you looking for an informative website development company in India? Then it is crucial for you to be aware of the web development steps for informative website Here are the web development steps to design the perfect informative website.

Steps to design a beneficial Informative website for your business

There are several steps you need to follow while developing an informative website. Some of the important steps include
  1. Planning features and the purpose of your website
  2. Choosing the best platform that suits your website
  3. Considering the Layout and the Navigation from the HomePage
  4. Design that includes the theme, template, colours, images or videos etc
  5. Working on the content which displays the information to the targetted audience.
  6. Various testing methods and modifications before publishing your website.
By following the above steps you can develop a successful informative website for your business. Let know the steps for the development process in detail Website development planning

Step 1:  Planning

It would be helpful for you to spend as much time possible on planning as there is no point in starting the development process without a proper plan and then wondering what to do. Designing a website without a plan is like trying to construct a building without the planned architecture. Here are some aspects you need to look into while planning for the development of an informative website.
  • What are the required features of the website?
  • What is the purpose of building your website?
  • Who is your target audience?
Once you have answers for the above questions it means you are ready to step into the website development process. Website development Platform

Step 2:  Platform

Choosing the right platform brings a huge difference in the developing website for business. There are many platforms available to be considered. Here are some of them.
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • Joomla
Website layout

Step 3:  Layout and Navigation

Any web development services providing company should have a basic idea about the importance of Layout and navigation in website development. A decent and simple homepage allows the user to feel comfortable and easy. The layout of your website should be in a way to navigate people around your site.
  • It should be clear on where you want your users to visit next after visiting a particular page and the designing of the informative website should go accordingly.
  • You need to add only the necessary pages instead of inserting all the dummy and non-useful pages which may confuse the user.
  • Make sure that the navigation bar is visible on the website.
  • Last but not least,  You web pages should have the titles apt, short and clear.
Informative Website Design  

Step 4:  Design

Design includes various aspects like theme/template, colours and images. All these aspects play a vital role in the design part and if they are ignored it can bring a huge loss for your business growth.


There are many stylish templates available ready-made for the website development purpose and you can choose the best from them that matches your business industry.  There are free and paid templates you need to experiment with different templates before choosing and in paid templates you can not customize according to your interests so make sure to see the demos before approaching them. To make the safest choice, go for static header image with content where you get many elements.


Colour is the first thing the can impact the user's mood while using your website. The colours you choose should be of good combinations. Do not go for a gaudy colour that can bring a negative impact on your website. Bright colours can be used to highlight any important key points or logo etc. Understand the meaning of the colour before using them.


Images are the eye-catching sources of your website as visual content helps in more engagement. Obviously, there is a difference between hearing the information and seeing the information with added images. One thing to keep in mind is not to overload your site with images more than required as it can slow down your site. Informative Website Content

Step 5:  Content

Content plays 80% of the role in developing informative websites. With the quality of the content, alignment also should be taken care of. There is nothing so unattractive than a website with large blogs of text in a row. SEO should be considered as it helps your website to get more traffic and you and write to the targetted audience. Use more keywords in order to be ranked at the top in the google searches. Informative website testing

Step 6:  Test and update

Once you are done with the website development part there are still a lot of things to be done.  Before you publish the website test it. Test your website using various testing processes. Testing is the only way to make your website more efficient. Your website should work as it works on the desktop. It should not take hours to load, testing the user's patience. Check all the features if they are working and once you are satisfied with the way your informative website works you a make it live. Informative website development takes a long process as the content should be developed in a way to make it clear, the whole company’s services and the products in detail. No matter how best is your website, you still need to regularly update your website. Having good maintenance and updations will help your website to stay on the top.
Krify, a leading web and mobile app development company in the UK, and India. If you are planning to develop an informative website and looking for Informative website development company in India, you are at the right place. We at Krify has a huge experience in website development and our web developers are well expertise in developing various websites which include developing informative websites. For more information reach us here.
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Build a food delivery app like UberEats ot GrubHub

On Demand Food Delivery App Development Company

The on-demand food delivery app development market is steadily growing and innovating, much like its rideshare cousin.  Developing a successful on-demand app food delivery for restaurants can be quite a challenging method as they should perform in the best way for both consumers and cuisine owners and also somehow operate the delivery process. Indeed there are many other factors to keep in mind when developing the on-demand food delivery app. In this blog, we have discussed various concepts that are helpful for the user to have a quick glance of the blog: List of Concept
  1. Types of an on-demand Food ordering app
  2. The best on-demand food delivery apps of 2019
  3. How to make revenue in the food delivery business?
  4. Must have features for a Food ordering app
  5. Technology Stack for developing the food delivery mobile app
  6. Most common challenges and solutions
  7. Mobile App Development Company
  8. Cost of food ordering app development
     Food delivery on-demand apps alike UberEats, GrubHub, and Zomato combine both consumers and cuisine owners that the world loves on one platform - comfort and food.  In this, the whole process of food ordering is not just restricted to only one cuisine, on-demand food delivery mobile applications are headed to be an instant hit among an immense pool of mobile app users, no concern what demographic they belong. Check out some statistics to prove that. Statistics infographics The fact is that the on-demand food delivery apps have become such instant apps for the app store and play store pleaser have granted them as a business idea that is intended to succeed.  A fact that has left an open question in the app market - how much the cost to build an on-demand food delivery app like GrubHub or UberEATS. Before moving to the on-demand food delivery app development cost, let us look into the potential customers of the market who are going to enter into the On-demand food Delivery app development. The on-demand food delivery app continues to keep progressive growth, which you could have noticed during the last years. It is validating how the comfort of dinning is bringing a rise in the online food ordering system. Some of the researches have shown that there is a massive growth of 79% in the online food delivery market than its present state. It also indicates the rate at which the demand for online food delivery industry is rising is a sign of how fast the hiatus between online and offline is closing in a matter of few years, and online demand will excel the offline market. classic food delivery app The graph above tells how on-demand market will be growing in the next 4 to 5 years. As it is clear that the food delivery market is huge let us dive farther into the idea as a whole, starting with the on-demand food delivery app types.

1. Types of On-demand food delivery apps

There are two major food delivery startups models actively ruling the online food delivery market.
  1. The Aggregate Model
  2. Food Delivery app with logistics support
Let us explore which platforms are feasible to create a food ordering app. The Aggregate food Delivery app - This model is based on the traditional food delivery system. In this, the app serves as the purposes of connecting the restaurants and their customers. The app acts as a marketplace where the restaurant offers their services and customers choose and pay for them. Here the restaurant will select the most convenient way of service to deliver the order. food ordering app development Food Delivery app with logistics support - In this model, there is a third group of users of your app - the logistics services providers for delivering the order. When the application responsible for the delivery service, the restaurant no longer needs to maintain its delivery personnel. The deliveries will be arranged within the app using the on-demand service providers who have the same app. Now that we have seen the different types of on-demand food delivery apps let us now view into the brands that are driving the space.

2. The best players of on-demand food delivery apps of 2019

While there is a pool of businesses that have joined the food delivery industry over time, the ones that have been able to face the test time and still fit an eccentric leader are the following:
  • Grubhub
  • Zomato
  • UberEats
  • Swiggy
  • DoorDash
  • Just Eat
  • Food Panda
Though the market is divided among several huge brands, the market's valuation of all the brands are on a long tangent. valuation for new delivery companies As we know that it must be your dream to join the list of these top brands of the on-demand food delivery app industry and why not? After all, seeing the revenue that comes by being the top-notch is massive! But for someone who wants to start up the online delivery app and are aspiring to be like them, it is essential to know how they earn and grow, how to face the challenges and what are the monetisation plans they follow.

3. How to make revenue in the food delivery business?

There are infinite ways by which you can control your on-demand restaurant app monetisation. But the ones that are most commonly apply to the businesses are: Peak Pricing: Let us check with some example if you consider the most popular brand like UberEats set a wave pricing when the demand graph is too high. They limit the menu options and add surcharges at the time of order placement. Even if the rate of incoming demand might lower, but the per delivery amount increases to a great extent. Here is the city wise income chat look like for UberEats at time of peak pricing. income of uber eats Advertising: It is one way of generating a high amount of revenue. In the app home screen provide a place for the restaurants for running the video of theirs can be a good thought of generating profits. By running Google Adsense on the platform can also be a good idea of making profits. Delivery Charges: Some restaurants do not have the facility of home delivery services. If you tie up with such restaurants with your on-demand meal delivery app, they are most likely to pay you the delivery charges. delivery charges for various deliveryapps Commission Charges: Commission taking from partnered restaurants for every user order is one of the time tested modes of generating revenue on restaurant-centric on-demand food ordering apps. These may lead to causing high incomes; they also help in building a long-term partnership between the brand and the associated restaurants. ondemand food app We have looked into the on-demand restaurant ordering app on a holistic level, and now it is the time to look at the factors that will directly influence how your meal ordering app develop and how to make a food delivery app free to reap the benefits that the whole industry offers. Let us start with the basic features that should be included in your on-demand food delivery mobile app idea.

4. Must have features for a Food ordering app

When you plan to develop an on-demand food ordering platform, either it is in the model from restaurant to user business model or you are working for the way around how to make a food delivery app like GrubHub or Zomato, you are not just making a single application but four. All these four applications will be combined all together in one app. As you are working on an app that deals with three different stakeholders - Restaurants, customers, delivery person, and admin. The features for each will vary according to their working process.

Check out the functions of all the four stakeholders.

Various panels for food ordering app

Customer App

  • Login
  • Search Menu
  • Cart
  • Payment Integration
  • Order Tracking
  • Rating and Review
  • Customer Support
  • Order history
  • Social Sharing
  • Estimated delivery times

Delivery App

  • Registration
  • Order Management
  • Updating the Order Status
  • GPS Navigation
  • Customer rating
  • Approved/ Disapproved
  • Order picked
  • Order completed/ delivered

Restaurant App

  • Login
  • Menu Management
  • Push Notification
  • Checking rating and review
  • Payment Engine
  • Loyalty program

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Restaurant Management
  • Application Management
  • Payment Management
  • Discount Offers and Coupons
  • Technical Assistance
We have listed the basic features that are used to develop a food ordering mobile app. now let us check the technologies that are used to create an Android or iOS app for food ordering.

5.Technology Stack for developing the food delivery mobile app

  • For Payment - Braintree, Stripe, Paypal
  • User location Finding -  Google Places API
  • Direction Finding - MapKit, Google Maps
  • For Registrations - Facebook SDK, Gmail SDK
  • For Storage - AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean
  • For Analytics - FireBase, Google Analytics
Now that you got everything that is required to create the on-demand food delivery mobile apps. Let us go through the challenges that are faced while handling the on-demand food ordering mobile app development solutions.

6.Most Frequent Challenges and solutions when mobilizing your food delivery business model

ondemand meal app
  • Competition: This will be the biggest challenge that the entrepreneurs those who are starting with the food delivery on-demand app development. The market is fully crowded with the most prominent brands that are leading the world now.
    • Solution: To overcome this challenge you need to come up with the features that make you stand out of the competitors both in features and ap UI/UX. You along with your food delivery app developing the company will have to find out new ways to attract the restaurants already who are the partner with others in the market. At the same time, you have to focus on providing better offerings in terms of discounts and special offers to the customers' orders.
  • Recognising the restaurants to partner with: Since you are just food delivery app startup, this might come as a roadblock, anyhow there is nothing to do with the cost to make food delivery app.
    • Solution: It’s better if you focus on the low-level restaurants those need the promotion as opposed to going behind the big brands. It can also be beneficial if you focus on increasing the partner count instead of having names of restaurants.   
  • Standard UI/UX between all panels: The UI/UX design is a tough role for an on-demand food ordering app development company, this can come across problematic options as the intent of all the screens is different and specific to its users’ demand.
    • Solution: The on-demand development company will rescue from this situation. They will come with different screens while conveying completely different intents. Now, most of the people are looking for Android app development company specialist or for iOS app development company as they work mainly work for them will provide the app with the best-updated version for the app.
  • Deciding the MVP Features: Another big issue is this where the restaurant app development company will associate will be able to solve in determining the MVP features to add in the application and which to leave. MVP also impacts the cost of food delivery app development.
    • Solution: Your partnered company will assist you in developing an MVP for on-demand food ordering platform that would raise money for your business.

7.Mobile App Development Company that offers the On-demand Food Delivery app Development Services

Identifying the right mobile app development firm that will convert your idea into a fully functional business app is difficult. There may be many questions you need to ask before hiring the best food delivery app development company. Though it was a time taking one, recognise the best on-demand app development company along with the best on-demand developers to convert your dream to reality so that you can serve in this competitive world. delivery app After all, said and done, now the time has come to look into the costing. How much does it cost for the development of on-demand food delivery app? Here comes the actual concept to talk that you are waiting.

8. Cost estimation to develop an on-demand food delivery app?

Another question that is familiar for every startup owner: how much does it cost for development on-demand food delivery app? The cost of developing the food delivery app may vary depending on several factors. Extension Functionality: A basic app with standard features will be cheaper. However, if the app needs any other advanced features, then the price for building the app will increase. Mobile Platform: The app owner needs to choose whether he wants to develop either  Android food ordering app or iOS food ordering app for his business. Design: The design can also influence the cost of the app development. If the model is complex, then it will lead to a bit higher price. That’s the reason the cost of the app will be different in each particular case. Finally, pay attention when choosing the restaurants and delivery partners. They become the foundation for your success or lead to the ruin of your business. It is better to start with fewer committed partners to guarantee that you can afford your services at a high level.
Developing an on-demand food delivery apps for restaurants will be a tough task as the competition is fierce. At the same time, since you are going to provide additional business opportunities both to restaurants and delivery services, you may get their support.
Our mobile app developers team will be delighted to assist you with such a project. Come with your idea to our experts, and Krify will consult you on everything - market analysis, MVP creation, budget optimisation. You can even depend on our skilled developers to build a unique on-demand application that will bring you to recognise and get popularity. Krify is one of the leading On-demand food delivery app development company in India as well as UK.
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Why Should You Go For Mean Stack Development For Your Project

What are the Reasons To Go After Mean Stack Development For Your Project

Web development has become quite essential with changing period as many people are concentrating on the website for their business. It is one crucial reason why developers are to be unique and innovative while developing the website. Javascript based on web development, it is one such major web development platforms that use for website development. Recently many of them switched to mean stack development to make things more simple and more comfortable. There are different reasons for choosing mean stack development for their projects, but before going to, we should know what mean stack development is?

What is Mean stack?

Mean stack is a user-friendly full stack javascript framework which is highly preferable for creating dynamic websites and apps. It is free and open source stack developed to offer developers a fast and highly organized method for building a rapid prototype of mean stack development based web apps. The Mean stack is ideal for building all kinds of apps from dynamic single page apps to complex enterprise and social media apps. Mean stack is proposed to deliver a straightforward and initial point for cloud-native full-stack web apps. Mean stack development is a set of open source components that collectively offer a comprehensive framework for creating dynamic web apps. Also Read our Blog: What to consider for Web Development: Hire MEAN Stack or Full Stack Developer?

Reasons for Choosing Mean Stack Development

Let's see the reasons why you should run after Mean stack development for your business website.

1. Works on only one language in the whole project.

The favour thing is, you can go on entirely on javascript frameworks that is advantageous for both server and client side. It supports both Linux and Windows operating system. Because of javascript, it offers optimal UX and assists in managing data properly. If you are using mean, javascript plays an advantageous role in the recovery of data that speed up the process. It is a robust and reliable framework that helps developers to develop web apps. Both Angular.js and node.js provides a better scope to make dynamic and scalable web apps. So, there are chances of traffic increases more likely.

2. Known for its Efficiency and Flexibility.

Mean stack is an efficient and flexible javascript framework that can adequately handle the project of all types of companies and organizations. It may be a complex task to build single page apps and demanding apps. If you assist by experience team and better coordination, then it becomes easier to work on different projects. Even in this mean stack development, the sharing of data and information is simple.

3. An ideal choice for businesses.

If you look carefully at all four frameworks, then you will notice that all are free and open source and also scalable. Other than that they have a set of additional libraries and can reusable modules. All these play a significant role in accelerating the speed of development and saves time.

4. The benefit of having JSON

JSON is one such great asset to have on, as mean stack developers are concerned. It helps a seamless sharing of data between layers in case the developer choose either Angular js and Mongo DB. The developers can also access PHP. Data can be import by the help of codes from the MSQL server and even process it. So it is the advantage when you are reformatting similar formats every time.

5. High reusability and speed

Mean stack development is reusable and high in rate due to the non-blocking architecture of Node.js. Moreover, Angular js is an open source javascript framework, it offers reusability, testability and maintenance.

6. Cloud comparability

Mean stack development uses public repositories and libraries for the development process. And, the overall development cost is less. So easily can use this technology. Mongo DB uses cloud functionalities in-app reducing the disk space price.

7. Easy to learn

Mean stack development is more comfortable to determine whether they are front end developer or back end developer. It is easy to understand, grab and implement the mean stack development. 8. Quality user interfaces Mean stack development supports model view controller architecture because it provides a quality user interface.

9. The Mean stack is budget friendly.

One of the critical reason is that mean stack has a top list of clients and developer, it is due to budget-friendly in nature. The clients need not search for different developers because it is a full stack. Ever since when it gained prominence, many young aspirates are showing interest in stack development. It gives the opportunity to work for a capable team as they have coordination. Mean stack development ensures you a platform to build the most demanding apps and single page apps that stuns your business. It's true slowly mean stack is a more significant way overtaking.
You can hire a mean stack developer to cater your requirements, Get in touch with our experts.
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on-demand fuel delivery app

How to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App like Uber for Gas ?

The on-demand economy has changed the world and especially the landscape of the business world too. How water is the primary component for human survival, fuel is the dominant element for the survival of industry sectors like automobiles, food, healthcare, transportation and others. The consumption rate of fuel has been higher than the production rate by nature. With the world becoming busier by the second as there are lots of transportation happening in a millisecond. Due to this, there results in a massive queue in fuel stations. With the demand for fuel, the business owners are looking for the on-demand fuel delivery app development solutions.

What exactly are on-demand Fuel delivery apps?

   On-demand fuel delivery app is a simple concept that allows the app users to refuel their vehicles just by few clicks without visiting the fuel station. Well, the name is itself that if there’s no gas station nearby, then the app user can request for fuel delivery. One such latest on-demand fuel app is Cafu that is catering to the oil and gas industry which gaining momentum in the UAE.

Why on-demand fuel delivery app?

All of us wish to get everything right at the time when we need something the most. That is what on-demand is all about. The one-word description of on-demand is “now”. First of all, let us think, why would one want to develop on-demand apps? Is it an enjoyable and productive design for a startup business? Let’s see what the statistics have to state about this. According to the analysis, the total market income from all on-demand sectors was $14 billion in 2014. Soon it will reach a whopping $335 billion in 2025. statistics for ondemand fuel delivery apps Thus, it is no wonder that no-demand economy is going to flourish in the future. Startups and entrepreneurs will have a broader variety of opportunities now. So, what must be an excellent business model to build a fuel delivery app?

The business model for building a Fuel delivery app?

The main participants for a fuel delivery business are:
  • The Fuel Delivery Unit Owner
  • The Delivery Agents
  • Customers

How  Fuel Delivery App Work?

Most of the On-demand apps like Uber and Ola works for pick and drop service. Similarly, the fuel delivery apps work, the app enables a user to order the fuel; they reach at a location point to provide the required amount of fuel requested. On-demand fuel delivery app development works on a GPS locator for precision. With on-demand fuel delivery apps, you need not to go to fuel filling stations when our tank level is low. All you must do is follow a few easy steps:

Steps to use On-demand Fuel Delivery App

  • Register:
Just download the app and provide your details to register.
  • Share Location:
   Share the present vehicle location on the map
  • Request Fuel:
   Here you can select the fuel type; quantity required and price confirmation.
  • Fuel Delivered:
   The fuel truck driver will use his app to navigate to your location and refill your vehicle. The amount will get deducted from the payment method that prior selected. After you ended with the above procedure in a few minutes, a fuel delivery truck will be there is our location. With on-demand fuel delivery app, the customers can order their time more professionally and minimise the time spent waiting in long queues at the fuel station. The launch popularity of various on-demand services promises to bring transformation in the typical process of searching and driving to the fuel station. Before checking for what, why and how on-demand fuel delivery app works we need to look for the ways to bring fuel to doorstep with on-demand fuel delivery apps. Let’s check out:

Ways to deliver fuel to door with On-demand fuel apps

Need to build a secure network
The foremost step is to make sure all resources are available that are in need to deliver fuel to the customer at their location checked. Some of them are:
  • Fuel Trucks: There should be sufficient trucks available at all times to provide the fuel  in time when needed
  • Logistics Support: Make sure to have backup suppliers with the same quality and all the documentation & preparations are ready in case there is no waiting time when the orders are placed.
  • Employees: The team has to be experienced to meet the traffic crowd. The demand for fuel is enormous, and they must be able to control the load and skill make smarter decisions and must be able to use the resources without wasting them optimally.
  • Customer Support: The customer support is the backbone for any business. Having a quality team will be the best way for the success of the company. They must be capable of answering the queries to the customers. The customer support must be available around the clock as the demand for fuel is constant.

Basic Features of  Fuel Delivery On-demand App

There are original features that come with these apps, and it’s necessary to have a good knowledge of them before going into on-demand app development. While on-demand delivery app development, the developers create separate apps for the users, delivery agents and admin. Each one has its specific features like:

User App

  • Registration
  • Request Fuel
  • Share location
  • Real-time tracking
  • Payment Integration
  • Delivery Schedule

Delivery Agent app

  • Real-time Requests
  • Route Optimization System
  • Real-time Notifications

Admin App

  • Dashboard
  • Performance Analytics

Advanced Features that will present your app stand out

As we are already familiar with the onset of On-demand fuel delivery apps, you must ensure to provide something more than the existing app. Below are the features that you must add:
  • Users can pin the location where their vehicle is parked
  • Select time, quantity and type of fuel
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Real-time tracking of fuel delivery
  • Past order history and print order invoices
  • Compare the cost of fuel from different vendors

Challenges faced by on-demand fuel delivery app

On-demand fuel delivery is meeting a lot of challenges. It’s true that many financiers have arisen that are having old ideas, but it is also true that there has been a profusion of such companies. This abundance makes it hard to distinguish from the companies that are genuinely working towards their goals to those who just began the market only to gain the first mover benefit without any proper homework. Another challenge is related to the safety of which the officials always raise their concern. Safety concerns are typical for any on-demand fuel delivery app, and they have to address it honestly to run the services sustainably. The fuel delivery startups are taking all the necessary precautions and measures high-quality tanks, security systems to restrict unauthorised entry and safety systems to cut off main tanks during an external fire. One should make sure not to exceed the regulatory amount so that the fuel can carry for additional security.

Benefits of on-demand Fuel delivery App

While this concept of on-demand fuel delivery seems profitable from the point of easy access to fuel, and before hiring a mobile app development company to create your app. It’s imperative that you have logic for generating the app. It holds various advantages for both customers and fuel service providers including:
  1. Save time and efforts: Save user’s time as they no need to wait in the line for fuel
  2. High-quality: The fuel is filtered and delivered that ensures high-quality.
  3. Assistance in emergencies: Provides the users with emergency roadside assistance, even the areas where the fuel stations are far away.
  4. Lower maintenance charges: It helps to provide fuel service providers with an escape from considerable investment in starting, maintaining and running a fuel station and other associated legal and financial terms that contribute to earning more profits with, lower investment.
  5. Higher customer loyalty: Helps the Fuel service providers to keep their potential customers hooked to their brand by catering to their needs wherever and whenever they want.
  6. Convenient: Using this the user can book in advance for refuel their vehicle.

Most Influencing Cost Factors for development of on-demand Fuel Delivery App

The developing cost of a fuel delivery app differs on factors such as the platform types, involved features, components of the admin panel, etc. However, the cost of developing an on-demand fuel delivery app varies on an on-demand mobile app development company, and the testing team will also define the price.     The mobile app for fuel delivery services cost depends on various factors and functions involved in the app development process. To develop an on-demand fuel delivery app needs a lot of experience and expertise that everything will take care of the operations and attract customer’s attention. Determining the cost provides the whole company with a distinct impression. The proficient team controls, building a mobile app for fuel delivery services from finding the unique methods of expansion.
  • App platform: can be of Android or iOS or both
  • App design: The kind of plan you prefer to grasp users attention
  • App size: Overall range of a mobile app size and features involved
  • App designer: The Fuel delivery app development cost varies with the reliable and proficient developers, i.e. Android app developers and iOS app developers
  • Basic features: Common features that every app consists
  • Advanced features: Advanced features are those that differentiate your app form others.

Cost for development of on-demand Fuel Delivery App

The on-demand mobile app development company you hire to develop your on-demand fuel delivery app will let you know the cost of building one that entirely depends on the factors such as App design, App features, App size, platforms, front and backend development and many more. The cost of building an on-demand fuel delivery app also depends on some components like the mobile app development company, so choosing the best team of developers, designers and testers are the real game changer.
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Signing Off...
The on-demand economy has transformed everything by substituting old business models. By assisting with people what they need and where they require, on-demand apps have made our lives better than ever. When only a hit on your smartphone can serve you with fuel delivery, nobody can refuse such a service. Never focus on the short run but instead focus on the long term because fuel is a never-ending demand. So make your difference by providing the best on-demand fuel delivery app service at a customer’s doorstep. Good Luck.
On-demand fuel delivery mobile solution with Krify
Krify has developed thousands of on-demand solution for many industries including Fuel and gas industry. Our developers are well-versed with on-demand mobile Fuel app development and are responsible for the uberfication of many service industry.  We transfer your idea into a real mobile app that comes with a quality assurance process that assures seamless performance.
Want to develop your fuel delivery app like Uber for gas? Reach us now.
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How Mobile App Technologies Impact the Educational World

Blackboard, chalk and duster all this stuff were replaced by e-boards and projectors in this 21st century and is an unusual change in the field of education and vouchers for the remarkable effects of technology on learning. Technology has influenced every aspect of life today, and education is no exception. Mobile technology is booming the world, and it is playing a significant role in the education sector too. The mobile revolution is now changing the education dynamically like never before. Smart mobile technology is transforming the way kids are getting an education. A decade ago, Education websites sprouted all over the internet; today it is the time for mobile education apps for smartphones and tablets which are championing the cause of boredom-free education. Mobile services are helping institutions to break the boredom and reach out to students and developers are discovering ways of building apps that can function as a part of the classroom. The role of emerging technology in the education of the future has brought dramatical changes in the whole education system. Many education App development companies have produced a variety of educational apps. These apps are more successful at attracting any age group than books. When kids do their study work on mobile devices, they look at it as fun and playing. It doesn’t make them feel like they are studying; instead, they think that they are entertaining themselves. Technology has enriched a significant part of the education sector as kids feel like reading the books to be uninteresting or even they may feel sleepy and bored. So the mobile app developers are researching in many ways to develop the educational apps that make the kids spend most of the time in studying via mobile app with some gamification in between while they read. There are many educational apps benefits. Emerging technologies for teaching and learning are an effective way to grab the kids attention towards their studies. When education and technology come close with each other, these leads to another world. Let us take a glance at some advantages and  features of educational apps in this infographic below:

Benefits and Features of Educational App design

Benefits and features of basic educational app Emerging technologies in education can be much more and so much reliable than the stereotypical cell phone running off in the middle of the class.  Both in terms, of pedagogical resources and connecting with the younger generations, technology is a significant tool. But we need to know how does this work? Here are the top concepts to understand when examing the use of technology for educational or institutional purposes.

Top ways that mobile technology is impacting modern education

  • Active engagement with learning material: Technology is interactive, and students never learn just by blindly reading the documents. They do research and receive feedback. All these help students to be enthusiastic about what they are learning. For instance, if a student wants to study geography, then they use interactive software like Google maps or Google Earth rather than looking at an image.
  • Discussion, debate boards and Forums: Students create web pages, online groups, virtual communities by using the internet or educational software tools which connect them in real time with students and teachers anywhere around the world. Using this the students can get the feedback, share questions and concerns about their lessons from their teachers. They can listen or read other’s opinions and feedbacks so that the students can refine their thinking, can reach higher levels of comprehensions and deeper understanding. Even this will provide the opportunity to interact with others around the world.
  • Use real-world issues: This will help the student by comparing the real world issues that are related to the classroom curriculum. By this, the students can understand that lesson taught refers to real problems and real people.
  • Modelling and Simulation: Simulation and modelling software, brings real activities to the classroom that are impossible to see without technology. The evolution of technology in the classroom brought many changes in the whole scenario of the education system. By using precise simulation tools, students can see particular movements like How dinosaurs live or how tornados develop.  All this will help the students to understand the concept very clearly with dynamic characteristics of models.
  • Formative Assessment: Teachers can ensure that students are learning with full excitement not only the concept but also emerging educational technologies and how they are being used. Technology focused activities mostly need critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers work as facilitators by providing constant feedback encouraging the students to achieve deeper levels of understanding.
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Teaching is about introducing students to a whole world of concepts that they don’t know yet. Technology in the classroom is like a venture into a modern invention. Rather than observing digital devices and internet spaces as intimidation to your duties, mark them as unexplored areas of extension for both you and the young minds trusting you to show them what's out there
If you an edtech based app idea, share with Krify, and we will create the best product for you that would undoubtedly create new milestones in the app world. We have an established track record of accouching successful apps and are one the ace education app development companies. Our ambidextrous and ever-energetic team of developers and designers do their best to create an app that is unbeatable in every aspect and also works hard for digital transformation trends in the education system. Talk to us here.
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Smart Features of Medical and Healthcare Apps that reflects on

Smart Features of Medical and Healthcare Apps That Reflects On

People do not require to schedule an appointment through phone or walk to hospitals to schedule an appoint of the patient on a paper. As app came into existence all these paper stuff has gone. The continuous development in operating capabilities of the Medical and Healthcare app has brought advancement and improvement in the Healthcare industry. Today Medical and Healthcare mobile apps comprise different features that have speed up both healing and diagnosis process. When it comes to Medical and Healthcare apps customer demand is more accessible and transparency in the app that can simplify their health requirements and refines their medical health experience. So if you are developing a Medical and Healthcare app concentrate on to increase your Healthcare app's functionality to provide a good user experience for the customers. If you require to develop Healthcare app notable among the digital world, then don't forget to include these below latest features in your app. So, points to consider before acquiring a Health care app are :

Top Features For Healthcare Mobile Apps

Let's see some of the latest features included in your Medical and Healthcare apps.

Wearable devices

   With the demand of healthcare devices, smart watches, and different healthcare organizations are exerting the advantages of advanced technology like the internet of medical things to their Medical services. To secure your Medical and Healthcare app more helpful, you need to configure your Medical and Healthcare app with wearable devices. Your wearable devices should accumulate with features like heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, posture control, physical activity, daily activity, tremors.


The blockchain technology not only changed the Fintech industry but also reformed the Medical and Healthcare industry. Integrating blockchain into Medical and healthcare apps will give the patients with synchronized and proper healthcare ecosystem, privacy to patients data, provide high-end security. Blockchain operates on a successfully built cryptographic network that forms a secure supply chain against deception. The secure and robust network in the form of blockchain technology will take the security and safety of Healthcare apps to one step ahead. So this feature can be a better feature of your Healthcare app.
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Visiting hospitals and meeting doctors is the primary concern in the Medical and Healthcare industry. This need of Healthcare industry often a degeneration of health. Telemedicine has, fortunately, fulfills this concern. Telemedicine is a transformed feature that executes the functionality of an app to step further. This feature provides a platform for doctors and patients where they can efficiently manage their hospital appointments and visits through remote communication. With this prominent technology physicians, doctors can deeply look at their patients without any visit via mobile phones. The video calling process immediately diagnoses the illness. So, telemedicine helps patients to get medical care from the physicians without visiting a clinic or hospital.

Cloud-based  Data storage

The synchronization of patients record allows easy retrieval of data for all who have that authorization. Several healthcare organizations have endured many difficulties in maintaining the data in wireless and smartphones devices.   The initiation of cloud storage has improved both doctors and patients in multiple ways. Thus the patients and doctors can access their information anytime and anywhere. It is not possible to manage the variety of data in wireless and smartphones. So you require a cloud-based data storage in an app to give many advantages to your users.
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Data Security

The biggest concern usually after installing Healthcare app in mobile is security and safety of data. you need to assure the patients with complete security and safety of data including login credentials, personal information, financial credentials and data and more. The latest healthcare apps are obliged to be special regulations and rules that support companies to secure patient data. The high-end operating capabilities of Healthcare apps are targets at data risk mitigation and encryption. Thus a high secured Healthcare app will give accessibility to doctors in a secure way.

API for Healthcare Apps

   There are tons of APIs that help mobile app developers to develop a feature-rich and engaging Healthcare mobile app. That is the reason Google and Apple have continuously engaged themselves in creating the latest Healthcare APIs. This APIs will help developers to integrate the latest features in the Healthcare app.

UX/UI Design

Doctors and patients require Healthcare apps that are easy to access. If your app has not featured with the eye-catching interface and a better design, then it fails to impress your users. So you must concentrate on the user interface. UX/UI designer mainly focuses on user appearance. So, 

Add Doctor, Patient and admin panel

Healthcare organizations are rapidly expanding to mobile apps that run on mobile devices to support physicians. Some apps are based on patient services, and some are on fitness professionals. So it is vital for you to develop for both doctor and patient panels that can exchange information. By doctors panel, doctors can manage and update their information like consultation fees, appointment time. And by the patient panel, the patient can access their information by login details; their reports directly consult doctors without visiting any hospital and clinics. The Medical and Healthcare industry is more advanced as the industry emerged with growing perception. It is easy to develop Healthcare apps but without helpful features are worthless. If you go for the Healthcare app solutions then above features should consider for better engagement with the users.
Krify is Healthcare app development company UK. It has hands-on latest Mobile app Development providing both iOS and Android app development services. It has developed more than 500 apps that include Healthcare apps too. Contact us for more information.
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Top 5 businesses in Israel

Top 6 Amazing Business Categories in Israel

The state of Israel is going to celebrate its 71st birthday this May. Israel is full of political controversy, due to the migration of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it has managed to become quite the hotspot for the technology startups. In its short period, Israel has evolved from a weak, insufficient resource and vulnerable country to a thriving, democratic and innovative state.  Isreal itself is known as “Startup Nation” is advancing the world with technological inventions, that are ranging from drip irrigation and water creation technology to autonomous driving and breakthrough medical advancements. Now the country has the highest amount of startups per capita in the world. It is the one to recognize as the boss for autonomous driving, cybersecurity, enterprise software, cleantech, and digital health. With the bulk of startups, thousands of investors, dozens of accelerators and many other resources, the Startup Nation like Israeli Technology ecosystem is drastically growing and producing the outsized success. With interests to ease of doing business, Israel is ranked as the 3rd in its region and 38th globally. So if you have a plan to establish your business, then it is time to look towards Israel especially if you want to start up a business from scratch as Israel has the policies in place that fully supports startup businesses. It could be little wonder that it can boast of having the 2nd largest number of start-up businesses in the world. Israel’s significant revenue rotates around both the agricultural and industrial sectors. Tourism is also another critical patron to the GDP of Israel. In terms of GDP, Israel rates as 43rd largest one in the world. In Israel, there are major manufacturer and exporter of software, computerized systems, related medical equipment, communication technology, diamonds cutting, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fruits, military technology, and electronics. It is most important to know that Israel is the leading nation when it comes to the development of solar energy. And Geothermal Energy. Let us go immediately through some of the top businesses opportunities that are available in Israel.

Top Start-Up Businesses Categories Looking for Digital Transformation in Israel

Here in this article, we got to see the top businesses that impact the revenue of Israel.  let us start:
  • Hotel and Accommodation Business

Hotel business Every year loads of people visit Israel for different reasons. One reason among them is that the people visit Israel is for religious pilgrimage. There are lots of hotels for these tourists place, and they are looking to get a digital presence. So the digital transformation for the hotel business is placing an important role in Israel. Krify has high competency in developing the mobile app or website for your hotel business. We are the leading Hotel Website and mobile app development company in Israel.
  • Travel business

Travel business No doubt if you establish your own travel business in Israel. You will get the benefits as their will to be loads of booking for vehicles per time; this is because people from all over the world will visit Israel for pilgrimage and most definitely look for cars during their visit to Israel. So if your travel business is well positioned, then you have more than enough clients per time. To grab more visitors to book from your agency, you need to be in the digital presence that brings the digital transformation in the travel business. And if you want to be the one in the top place in the travel business, then you need to get an online presence in this game-changing world. For all this to happen, then you need to look for the travel booking app development for your business. Don’t know how to get and what to do? Don’t worry we Krify is here to help you. We recognize as one of the best booking website and mobile app development company in Israel. Our web and mobile developers have high competency knowledge on all the digital technologies that lead the world now.
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing business

Solar business Israel appears to be the originator of solar energy, and also they are the highest exporters of standard solar panels, amongst others. If you have thought of starting your own business in Israel, then you should consider establishing a Solar panel Manufacturing Company, but tensed how to beat the competition. You can hit the immense competition with our digital marketing company in Israel by Krify Software technologies which are the leading website development company in Israel. We provide the best Seo tactics like Adword Campaign, CTC, Internet marketing services and many more. We do your business at the top with our professional Seo services. So, all you require to do is to develop your solar panel manufacturing website and think towards branching out to countries where demand for your products is very high.
  • Medical and Healthcare business

Healthcare business Medical and healthcare are the other most thriving industry where scientists and researchers from Israel. Planning to start a medical-related business in Israel, then it would be the right thought to begin. But just starting the company in Israel is not enough; it should be in the digital transformation world. For this, you need to go for the development of a website or mobile app. The digital transformation in the medical industry made Krify focus on the pharmaceutical sector and got the name as best Medical and mobile healthcare app and website development company in Israel. We never leave your business just by developing the website or app for your business. W go beyond that. We produce the best digital marketing strategies to grab the search engine eye on you. We fight for your business until we place you in the best place in the search engine.
  • FinTech business

FinTech business The requirement for people to get the right insurance covers cannot just overemphasize; This means that with the right and full brokerage firm one can maximize the profits of being under an insurance cover. If you have expertise in insurance or are ready to get trained in that line, then you may need to start an investment brokerage business in Israel. Just beginning a FinTech business is not the worth thing. It should get a global presence. So to get the digital presence, you need to go for the FinTech website or mobile app development. For this, you need to choose the best FinTech web and mobile app development company in Israel. Krify is one of the leading FinTech mobile app development company in Israel. You are choosing our FinTech developers for your FinTech mobile app or Website Development who has excellent knowledge of the trending digital technologies that meet your exact need.
  • Online Shop

online shopping The E-commerce trend of business is such that have continually gained grounds over the years. This business sure does yield dividends even in Israel as it is in other parts of the world. However, if you have got to determine your niche. There are lots of things that could be stable online, but you have got to decide which you want to deal in amongst the list of online products, you must want to consider is a food of all kinds, fruits, clothes, shoes, electronics, telecommunication accessories, and what not. Krify is the best E-commerce development company in Israel. We have a global presence in developing E-commerce website or mobile app development. Hiring our web or mobile app developers will be more benefits as they have excellent knowledge of trending technologies like IoT, AR, and many more.a

Bottom Line

These are some business opportunities you would find in Israel. Make sure to learn more about these businesses when it is time to start with them; this is because there is so much that can gain when one embarks on a business journey with the right information.
Krify is one of the top leading mobile application and website development company having the headquarter in the UK as well as India who also has a global presence. We have colossal competency in developing applications and website for various business sectors.  If you are planning for any business and waiting for the digital presence, then reach us for further assistance.
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Develop An App Like Instacart That Drives Your Business

Develop An App Like Instacart That Drives Your Business

It’s a bit difficult to maintain a long note for grocery list, sticky notes on refrigerators; If they missed somewhere and again going for another sticky note look for the list blah blah aaa, it could be tiresome to get the groceries list, shop for it right! Well, it would be great if we have an app or website that someone buys for you that adds to cart and deliver to you at your doorstep right. Instacart is a grocery shopping site. Unlike other grocery delivery services, Instacart lets you shop for main local stores nearby. On-demand grocery delivery service Instcart became popular in the modern market economy. The journey of Instcart inspires many business people. If you are one in among and want to know more about Instacart and trying to Build Grocery Delivery Apps Like InstaCart for Grocery Shopping, then you are in the correct path. In this, we will let you know about the whole scenario of Instacart.

About Instcart

   Instacart is an online grocery delivery company that works with local stores to deliver groceries to your doorstep, which we can place an order, and someone shops all the grocery items. And within a few hours, your groceries delivered at your doorstep. It is the best-adapted grocery solution for a busy lifestyle. The Instacart suffices the need for busy people who prefer more to be healthier and thinks that it saves lots of time.    Instacart enables us to shop the grocery store from your comfort zone, i.e., from the house using a tablet, system, smartphone or any other device. Choose the items you require and schedule a delivery. You can also request for delivery to provide for the next day and even schedule a delivery up to 6 days of extension. You can have an option of picking up groceries by yourself in store. It still saves you from the annoyance of walking in paths in search of desired items.


   Let's understand the following points on how Instacart works.
  • A buyer can place his order for groceries and pays online.
  • A shopper receives the order and starts to collect the items according to law.
  • The shopper pays the bill through Instacart’s prepaid debit card which accepts at the store.
  • Then shopper goes to deliver the groceries to the customer as per the address is given in order.
If any tip given during delivery goes directly to the shopper and that offered tip to a shopper during checkouts gets save in his Instacart account and can collect at the end of the week along with salary.

Who shops in place of you

   A personal shopper will choose all your groceries for you, selecting carefully fresh items on behalf of you. You can also give a list on note specifying the ripeness of veggies and fruits depending on when you use, i.e., the next day or week. Shoppers are more concerned about expiry dates, fragile items. So you need not to worry about expiry items. If any ordered items are out of stock, the shopper finds a close replacement.

Who involves in the Instacart Business Model

Instacart is the combination model of Uber and Airnub and can also Build Instacart Like App. It created its sharing revenue model to run the business. In this model, three-person involves one is users, shoppers and stores. So let's see each one in detail:
  1. User
Customers can place the order through a website or app. They can select their preferable stores to order grocery items, pay on online, write delivery instructions, mention tips for shoppers.
  1. Shoppers
Shoppers are part-time workers, and they are contract employees. They receive grocery order to their mobile and should shop all necessary items what user has opted. They collect the items list and deliver it to users at the doorstep in less period.
  1. Stores
Instacart provides a platform for local stores to enhance their revenue growth through a sale online. Many local stores be a partner to Instacart. So that user can quickly check out the list of store names who are partnered with Instacart to place an order.

What Activities Instacart do

      • It creates an adequate technological infrastructure. So, we can transform your grocery business by developing a website & app.
      • It deals with local market partners.
      • It manages the delivery partner workforce.
      • Customer service 24/7.

How the Instacart business model gets revenue

It gets on the following factors.
      • Delivery payment.
      • Membership fees.
      • Mark up prices.
      • Insta and customer relationship.

Pros and Cons

      • If you are sick, have kids, cannot go out. Cannot shop then Instacart is very convenient.
      • You can order at once from multiple local stores.
      • It is Comfortable ordering experience and friendly personal shoppers.
      • It is very close in finding in-store nearby and through online.
      • Without membership, you can even access Costco.
      • Instacart does not take coupons, store sales, reward into account.
      • It cannot be selective regarding the product.
      • The markup prices vary from store to store, and even sometimes it's not clear why some of the items are less and more expensive.
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Difficulties and solutions

Let us know about problems that come under and On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Solutions.
All shoppers work part-time; it is a tough task for retention for a more extended period. To increase the earnings of shoppers, Instacart joined an alternative to pay a tip to the shopper in the check-out section of a website.
Delivery time
Delivering in less time is an excellent challenge for Instacart. To minimise this issue, Instacart places shoppers outside the stores where it has tie-ups. When a shopper receives an order, he/she will be at the store already saving 50 % of the time.
Shortage of shopper
As shoppers work freelancers in Instacart with flexible schedules. It is hard to manage freelancers fleet and assigns instant tasks to them. To deal with the functions, it introduces a busy pricing policy which adds a few dollars as delivery chargers to customers bill depending on factor how busy they are. A part of addition price paid to shoppers to boost up to work as quickly as possible they can.
Wrong item delivery chances
Shopper sometimes picks up the wrong item and delivers it. To handle that cases Instacart has a support team it can reach over the phone or through email. if shopper missed an item in the list then automatically refund will process.
Out of stock items
Items can go out of sale in such cases shoppers replace the non-available items to available details. To deal with this Instacart allow customers to add notes and also click ‘often out of stock’ button on such things for reference of customers.
Final Thoughts
On-demand grocery business has a great future as many people want the easiest and convenient way to purchase grocery items. Instacart has become a better solution in the USA. So, Create On-Demand Grocery Delivery App may turn out to grow your business.  Now that you know how Instacart works and How to start up an app like Instacart. The amazing technology can be used to create a similar business model on-demand segment and Develop An Grocery App like Instacart.
Krify is a Grocery App Development Company India. It has well-experienced designers and developers of both Android and iOS app development services. It helps you in developing these on-demand grocery apps and develops a clone app like Instacart. It is well known for best on-demand apps like food ordering, delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, shopping apps etc. Contact us. 
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Reasons to renovate your Medical and Healthcare website

Reasons To Renovate Your Medical and Healthcare Website

Medical and Health care organisations are facing expanded challenges as digital presence is growing and it made a vital for the industry. Health care organisations, pharmaceutical companies and emergency care all are facing Biggest Challenges to Redesigning Health Care website. There is a situation we went through when visited hospitals for health checkup waiting for an appointment and doctors. It's been a long process to complete the consultation and prescription right. But nowadays the medical organisations transformed into digital, and everything was done in a minute making it very easy to manage. So, to change your hospitals, medical practices into digitally, you require a better website. It's remarkably vital for any business to have a nice look and secure medical websites to utilise. Your business website is the essential element that user’s first impression to move on your business further. A Medical website tends to a lot of work, but it does not matter when you select the best company to revamp your site. A redesigning Medical website involves time and budget. So let consider some of the reasons why it is important to redesign the Medical website.

Reasons to consider before redesigning Healthcare website

So the best part of it should know the ideas that help why you should redesign your medical website. So let us see the Reasons for Redesigning Healthcare Website in 2019.
  • Is your website stacks up against competitors?

Is your website is drawing more patients or not, compare with your competitors? Make a list of their sites and evaluate them critically in terms of design, functionality and looks. And work on that to achieve the same points your competitors doing. Look for competitors what they are missing. And find a solution to overcome that weakness of your competitors and implement it effectively. Pre-registration forms of patients can fill out before an appointment can save time. An online appointment system and screenshots of the design features that you think it will work well and how can you incorporate them in your site can help you out.
  • Are users quickly find what they are looking for?

When the users land on your medical website and they are looking for specific information. Easy navigation and navigation accessibility are more critical to the patient than reputability. Ask yourself how easy and how can I obtain essential data to implement on the site. How many clicks does guest have to make to get data they are looking. So think about the data someone is searching for when they visit your medical website and make it easy to find for them. If your site has tons of data, then create a separate landing page for particular conditions. Check out our blog: Types and Importance of Healthcare Facilities in Medical and Healthcare Services
  • Is your bounce rate is high or not?

A reasonable implication of your medical website effectiveness is your bounce rate. In which the percentage of clicks on where one page has visited before someone leaves the medical website. The page on which the customer lands, it depends on the content you provide. It based on also whether the site is attractive or unattractive and even if the content is lacking or unclear then bounce rate falls, and there are a variety of reasons people bounce.
  • Is your medical website communicate the value?

To pull patients to the site then you have to add more value in sort of information. Recognise more specific asked questions in your medical practice, design videos, images for your Medical websites can add more value to your site.
  • Is your website is performing well?

Many of the clients don't know the idea of their website is attracting their visitors or not. Unless you track your website performance, you have no idea that you are getting results or not. Using a tool Google analytics can track and monitor sites performance. It gives you update such as are people coming to your website or not if yes how the bounce rate is, the decline rate over time, site search rank, amount of time visitor and their stay. It gives you all the information. It also tells search engines that you do not have useful information on your site based on traffic.
  • Is your site is optimised for search engines?

If you want more traffic to the website, then you require to optimise your site. You can check your website using SEO tool to reveal on page issues and but depending on how significant the problem is to fix them. Various fractions changes during redesign including pages and code, In case, if you do not deal properly then the negative influence on site’s SEO resulting for long term growth to the site.
  • Is your website taking a lot of time to load images and content?

A good website loads in 2 seconds how fast the website loads is the point. A single second delay in loading the site can reduce traffic and conversation by 7%. If your website takes longer than actual time 3 seconds around 40 per cent of users leaves the website.
  • Is social media incorporated with your website?

Patients use social media channels to search for healthcare information. So it is better to include prominent social media icons and links that direct to. Your visitor will never share unless you make it easy for them.
  • Is your site is responsive?

As the user looks the site from tablets, pc, phone, desktop and laptop etc. the visitors expect a seamless experience from all the devices they are using. So while watching in a device, the screen of the mobile device and your Medical website should act according to it and should display in a better way and more conveniently. To make the user more engaged you should go for a responsive site.
Go through our recent blog : Healthcare mobile app solutions
  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing is highly intrinsic and measurable in the emerging market place. The organisation benefits a higher proportion of digital when compared to traditional methods. So, the primary point is a digital marketing tool that retains and attract patients. Your Medical website should be an initial lead source to your health organisations. If you are seeing no conversations going on then Redesign healthcare website. Most of the medical departments looking for digital transformation and are focused on emerging technologies for revamping their websites. Bottom Line By following these tips for redesigning Hospital websites can help to reduce the consequence. By keeping an old site you miss out organic SEO, leads, call to action conversions, Google Ad words, Google ranking. An outdated website can cost your business. Critical Steps for Preparing Healthcare Website Redesign can help you to some extent.
Krify is Hospital Website Redesigning services company India and UK. It has done many of the typical Medical websites which increased many of the client businesses and traffic. It utilises all the recent technologies during the Development of Redesign healthcare website. Even we work for the medical mobile apps. If you require any help with your revamp of your healthcare website, then contact us we will help you or get a free quote.
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