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Logistics website design and development

Logistics Website Design Development Company India

Big Logistics is one of the most difficult and challenging undertakings known to man today. Only those companies with the best and most effective systems can compete in the commercial logistics industry. The customers and suppliers in the world of manufacturing are more demanding than ever before coupled with intense pressure from competitors which force them to do things better than ever with fewer resources. The markets are expanding beyond expected and known boundaries which demands manufacturer companies to have a well managed and sound logistic system that can react effectively and efficiently. The success of the distribution and transportation companies will completely depend on their agility and ability to innovate. In order to fulfill the requirements of logistics companies in an effective way, it’s the best way to choose the specialized logistic website design that must reflect the extreme demands for accuracy and timeliness that drive the business requirements of the company, and do so with the superb design and maximally interfaces.

Service provided by Krify for Logistics Website design and development

Krify is the one that can help you remain one step ahead in the field of innovation to meet your logistics needs. We are the perfect solution- the combination of smart design, easy accessibility and web usability for all. We provide the following services:
  • Business Analysis
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo, Business Card & Letterhead Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management Training
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Account Creation
The logistics website design begins by meeting to determine your unique needs and vision for the Logistics website design for your company. Our team of Logistic Website Designers in India will make sure that they have a complete understanding of your requirements for the logistic website design and also the development team will also get to know the requirements from the logistics company needs and deserves. We ’ll define the purpose of your Logistics web design and development and also it’s size. On your need, we will help you create the content for Logistics websites. We’ll recommend content management solutions that will allow you to acclimate the content of your Logistics website design without having to be an expert in the programming language.

Benefits of choosing Krify for Logistic website design and development company in India

  • Reduction in inventory and increased reliability
  • Reducing running cost, with better ROI
  • Space saving as well as lowering building costs
  • Improve productivity with the more efficient material flow and optimum number of people involved

A Website Users Will Love

At Krify Solutions, we will develop a logistics website for you that will be easy for users to navigate. Many sites drive potential traffic away with a confusing or unattractive layout. We will create a website design for your logistics company that will have current and potential customers coming back again and again. We have worked with a wide variety of logistics companies, so we understand the clients’ needs. We advise, design, develop and market your website the professional way to the audience you want to reach. Our team will work you -one-on-one to build our company’s international brand awareness and your brand’s reliability and trustworthy images.
Our experts can help you with the following advantages of choosing Krify as your partner
  • Out-and-out research into your competitors' online presence and customer request.
  • Analysis of your current website's review through Google Analytics.
  • Total branding services including logo design, business cards, letterheads, social media branding, and branding implementation guidelines.
  • Expert photography to showcase your staff, facilities, and vehicles to prospective new clients.
  • Mobile responsive website design and development.
  • Built-in administration systems to maintain and track orders and logistics.
  • Creative mobile apps for an industry on the move
  • Widespread online marketing strategies including PPC adverts, lead magnets, email marketing campaigns, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and retargeting adverts.
  • Impeccable one-on-one training to help your in-house staff update and maintain your website
Krify Solutions employs designers, programmers, and coders who are highly experienced with the most complex languages and cutting-edge programming techniques. We are able to integrate all aspects of the latest web marketing techniques into a website design for logistics companies that is second to none. With krify Solutions, you’ll have a choice to Hire Logistics website developer or dedicated team for a logistic website developer who will work with your team to develop a logistics website design that tells your story powerfully and effectively.
We treat every project like its a personal venture. Contact us today to see how a great logistic web design for your logistics company can move you to the next level. Get quotation now.
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HEalth and fitness website company in india

 Fitness Website Design company in India

Health is the one active processes as it needs to change consistently. Health and fitness is the basic and major problem at this time, with the rise in the pollution along with the food habitual, inactive lifestyle and with many more reasons, there is a huge decline across the world in health. All these factors boosted the growth of health and fitness awareness among the people. Even the government was taking steps to bring awareness among the people with the proper support of the doctors. There are a bulk of health industries has opened up with new opportunities for health and fitness experts. Based on this major factors, a lot of health tips website and apps along with all related services for health and fitness raised over the globe. These health and fitness applications provide online services to the society. There comes the rise of health and fitness design company is all set to grow at a phenomenal rate worldwide. Everybody know today we are willing to participate in the regular activity and give them for the health and fitness to the core so they are ready to do essentially anything to sojourn healthy, looking at the alarming trends in the discovery of new diseases every year. So, we need to always prepare yourself and ignore all the bad conditions on the daily routine and start the physical work in favor of own health. It is commendable development in the psychology of the people because it is believed that “health is wealth”. You have unique health and fitness apps which takes the role of your fitness trainers, health experts, and apps which monitor your daily workouts, jogging, exercise, yoga, and the likes.
Krify is the one best leading web and mobile development company based on UK, US and India design the best health and fitness apps or medical e-commerce website with a clear business objective in mind. Either you search for clients, patients or to construct your online presence, we modify your site to achieve this goal. We offer a quantifier of packages plus custom solutions for enterprise-level companies from crossways the health and fitness business.
It not just looking around. However, your health and fitness application design must be beautiful, it must also be instinctive and clean, not clear and cluttered. Fitness Website development company India uses the correct palate, photos, and graphics to seizure who you are as a brand. Placement of exclusive design basic like revolving header graphics plus eye-catching buttons would speak straight with your audience. We have a professional team of developers for health and fitness website development who offers you the best development solution for health and fitness. Speed up revenue growth with our high impact, high quality, high responsive website design that gain excellent competitive benefits with a world-class group of website designers, programmers, developers, and marketing specialists. While you go for ranking in the search engine we have highly experienced and qualified marketing team who can place the website in the top rank with all the traditional online presence by following the various marketing strategies

Advantages and Features of developing Health and Fitness website at Krify

  • Search Engine friendly: Today, Most of the searches are classified into categories where the search engine like Google even dividing the Health and Fitness search results more based on the strength of inbound marketing levels in the website.
  • Mobile Friendly: Today people are adopted to mobiles than a computer or hand-held based work style.
  • Personalized URL: Rather choosing the business domain itself, The brand is playing a vital role. Krify team can be able to provide you a great branding that suits your business profile.
  • Social Media Integration: Having an account on social media does not grab a business. Integrating and interlinking the profiles with qualified staff will help to get the best branding and business over time.
  • If you want to go for the next level, a custom software and mobile apps are the choose to touch the clouds in your business and Many more.
We increase your website's visibility on the goods with our best social media promotions and user-friendly applications. With our most talented application designer, we developed the best applicate and attractive websites. Now, everything searches online for educational information, health tips and guidelines, online business and many more. We developed various website and business application according to customers need and user-friendly. There is dedicated and extremely talented content developers team who provide unique websites contents and based on keywords as per websites features, to make it popular in Google Search and visible in various search engines
Krify is your partner towards guarantee achievement in health and fitness website development in order to help you achieve your business objectives. We develop the best websites for all types of domains like travel, feedback, food, medical, education and many more.
Fast track your norm online application development schemes with our group of business web solutions specialists. Bring your idea to market rapidly and competently while confirming security, scalability plus compliance. Health and fitness app or website design company in India brings experience as well as the history of achievement of constructing high performance, a mission-critical norm web application for health and fitness. Our custom SEO promotions to online repute rescue projects, our group has done all it plus we are ready to aid you next. Capture high capacities of online traffic plus convert website visitors into new customers, growing your returns and profits. Also, read our blog Next Level Healthcare Advances With Mobile Apps
Get your website ready at Krify with the best quality have ever seen before. Contact us today for business need.
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beginner guide for delivery app

Beginners Guide for developing an On-demand Delivery App for 2019

Many businesses irrespective of their product and services are evaluating the need to develop on-demand delivery apps. The on-demand economy has transcended the traditional business models; allowing people to get instant access to what they want and where they want. The rise of on-demand apps is the very reason that every sort of business regardless of products or services it’s offering a develop an app. Though relatively new business form, on-demand delivery applications are quick gaining fame among its users' world over. On-demand delivery apps are meddling one industry after another. What was created by uber as a taxi-hailing app is now everywhere from grocery to health care? Call it the scare of missing out, the demand of on-demand app developers is at an all-time high. The major goal of on-demand apps are aimed at resolving the daily problems of average people with real-world solutions. These apps combine seekers with providers for the swift delivery of goods and services. On-demand app services make our lives more comfortable by offering conveniences from chauffeur-driven vehicles and meal deliveries to repair and car wash services.

Major Service Categories of On-demand Delivery Apps

There are countless types of products and services that use on-demand delivery apps, but the majority of them fall into the following subcategories:
Package Delivery Apps
This types of apps are popularly termed as “Uber for Couriers” and primarily allow delivery of any type of stuff. These package delivery apps connect people with items to send to drivers/delivery agents/couriers services around them.
Food and Grocery Delivery Apps
  Perhaps the most popular sector for On-demand apps is food and grocery. Just a matter of few taps on the mobile phone, sitting in the comfort of home, people are getting their food and groceries delivered to their doorsteps. No need to step out on a sunny day or struck in the traffic to get your groceries or have your favorite meals.   This sector is booming with much On-demand food and grocery delivery apps and you can be a part of it too. With unique customization and robust business model, can be the next Zomato and Instacart.
Delivery App Types – Who Is the Sender? Receiver?
  on-demand-delivery-app-types On-demand delivery apps have emerged to become an industry of its own with its circle of app creators, service/product and end-users. Depending on the services requester and the service seeker, on-demand delivery apps can be divided into 3 major categories:
  • Person to Person(P2P):
These are the type of delivery apps that empowers a person to request an item from another person. Eg: Courier app.
  • Business to Person(B2P):
Many companies have developed on-demand apps to offer their products and services to their customers. Eg: Domino’s Pizza which is a food order and delivery app that offers features like built-in pizza tracker, allowing the buyers to keep a focus on what’s happening from pizza preparation to pizza delivery process.
  • Business to Business(B2B):
This type is usually found in b2b communications related to deliveries. Eg: These apps are used to raise and track new orders from vendor partners.

Ways a Business can pertain to the on-demand delivery Model

Colluding with third-party delivery provider: If you don’t want to invest in developing your own app, you can simply club with some existing on-demand delivery app service provider to sell your products in the market. Note that the app will on the other user company base that the people will know. Despite you will save on developing your own delivery program, the cost of collaboration will depend upon the company to company. Developing a dedicated app: if you are very much worried about collaborating with third-party companies, then you can get your own business app. It will increase your sales and also gives you the whole control over all the operations involved. These will be the best businesses ideas which will be in continual demand.

How a Typical On-Demand Delivery App Works?

how-on-demand-delivery-app-works Irrespective of, the kind of on-demand app or it’s vertical all such apps have the same set of basic traits. The platform is built with both the delivery requesters and delivery provider in mind.
  • Delivery Request
An app is used to place an order like ordering for food and delivered to the optimal service provider.
  • Pickup
The specified delivery agent picks up the package/order from the source location (person/shop/warehouse).
  • Tracking
With on demand-app services, you can track the order status in real time. The tracking of the package starts when the order is sent from the source until it’s delivered at its final destination. Push notifications are usually given for regular shipping updates.
  • Payments & Proof of Delivery (POD)
The customer pays for the delivery and provides his approval (via signatures, OTP, etc.) on successful delivery of the package.
  • Ratings & Feedback
High ratings and good feedback are essential for the success of an app. After using the app, customers can leave positive or negative feedback based on their delivery activity. Don’t forget to offer tempting discounts and offers. It will make the customer use more time on your services.

Key Features of an On-Demand Delivery App Platform

  key-players-on-demand-delivery-app-platform All kind of on-demand apps has the same set of basic features even though they may have unique customizations and workflows that set them apart from the rest. Customer’s Perspective: The essential features include placing the order and getting it accepted, tracking, scheduling a delivery, making the payment and giving feedback. Delivery Agent Perspective: The delivery Agent should be able to get east registration on the mobile app and get approval from the admin without any hassles. The pickups and delivery points and the distance between them need to be very clear. If the order is accepted or rejected the status must be updated to reflect the same. So that it will be easy for the delivery agent to pick up the order and deliver to the desired person. They should also have the access to track the booking histories as well as the status of all orders including the canceled history. Platform Admin’s Perspective: They require an online portal to monitor incoming order and the details of the corresponding delivery agent. Notifications need to be sent to the customer and delivery agents to keep them in the loop for the entire delivery process. The delivery agent needs to confirm the package delivery with customer signature and location tagging. Real-time tracking is another much-required feature from the admin’s point of view for keeping a tab on the delivery formation movement with an interactive map view helps them stay aware of the situation. Reporting and analytics can render useful acumens for making data-driven decisions and optimizations.

How To Grow The User Base?

  how to grow your business Once you initiated about trading your services through an app, you need to grow your presence in the marketplace. Here are some techniques that help you to gather enough user base for your business model. Start smartly: Every start-up doesn’t have huge funds to give a drive to their campaigns and marketing strategies. So, it makes sense if the company begins from the ground level and infuse a good enough amount initially. If the business type gets going, more funds can be elevated later. Also, the local market will give an idea of how the services are going to perform in the longer run. Advertise and advertise: The basic thing to do before launching any product, the company needs to promote their services or product on the market. So that, people should already have a Clear idea what is coming in the market, and it will also reduce the time of BEP or break-even point. Find Local Partners: without the help of local partners, it will become really onerous for a new company to make it presence. It will further help the company to grow fleet and increase their reach to the untapped markets. Then the company can move on to collide with retailers working at the national or international levels
Retaining customers
  retain customers Wait!! The story doesn’t end here. Here comes to the most challenging task, that is of holding on to the customers with whom the company is engaged directly or indirectly. Reliability plays a crucial role in retaining customers, and it comes from sincere efforts. Initially, it’s hard to make your appearance in the market. So, if the company do well and collect some customer, hold on with them. The reports suggest that customers are very company loyal; once they make their belief in a company, they are going to follow it for long. Thus the should look to take advantage of this fact and bind the customer by offering impeccable services, coupled with discounts and deals.
Factors for retaining the customers
  • Customer Support
  • Customer rating
  • Enticing Discounts

Benefits of on-demand delivery apps

  benefits of delivery app The on-demand app is in great demand because of its advantages over the other services. The first thing to consider is that bring with them is the speed and convenience. There are other advantages like: Swift: Being a customer, you just have to pick up your device and choose your product. After setting an order, it takes maximum a day to get on to it. Low cost: The best part of the on-demand apps are their low price services due to the engagement of their own armada of transport and the workforce. Convenient: Nowadays, everyone is quite friendly with mobile devices. So, to place an order from the app is not complex at all. Moreover, it saves the consumer time and efforts by placing an order like this. Transparency: The apps offers glassiness from the time of placing the order to the delivery. The push warning is another tool which helps the customer to stay aware of their order from time to time.

The cost to develop an On-Demand Delivery App?

  Now that you understood the essentials of developing an on-demand delivery app and the features that required to be consolidated, it’s time you consider how much will it cost to develop an on-demand delivery app. The cost estimate for developing the entire app platform is complicated and involves multiple factors. Call us for a free quotation today.
The Closing Thoughts
So, it was all around the on-demand delivery app. Due to its comforts of use and ease, the business houses are going for it. Ultimately, it will hold the true potential to reshape the marketing tacts of any company in the future. If we talk about the cost of developing an on-demand delivery app, it goes the same as that of a normal app. The final cost of the app will somewhat depend upon the features and functionality which you will add in that app.
Krify is the one top mobile and web application development company based in UK, US and India having high competency in developing on-demand apps all types as per the business requirement. Have a glance at our portfolio. Contact us today for your requirement.
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Ultimate Guide for Group Chat Experience in Mobile App

A long while ago at the time of Orkut, We used to chat on long forums on a website like a roleplaying game. And of course, these large forums facilitate accreditations to access to individual chat as well on request confirmation. Now, This time we are in an instant messaging apps clique. We are using messaging apps all the time, every day, with everyone. Through the Apple messages, Facebook Messenger… like apps are mostly one-on-one chats. The vexatious and yet supportive group messages. As we are moving more and more into instant messages vs topic forums, there are a few best practices that will need to be set in order to get the best of this medium. Group messages can posthaste become a mess as everyone is talking at the same time, some topics are lost because of the number of messages. Here in this, I would like to share a few tips for designing a better group chat experience.

How to Design an ultimate Group Chat Experience?

  • Displaying someone is typing

On a group chat, the responsiveness is hazardous. You want the users to know that other people are either reading them or typing a new message. You require to display the activity.  The best mode is to show where are the new unread messages, usually with a thin line on the chat. You can also bring the user back to the first unread message instead of the latest posted messages if you want them to heed for what they missed while being away.
  • Reply to a message

reply to message Even Facebook sought a few ways before implementing recently the “reply” feature on posts where you can directly reply to someone and create a 2 levels thread. Into a group chat, that’s even a trickier. Every conversation is happening at the same time and it is hard who is replying to whom. Telegram did a fine job by including the REPLY feature where you can tap on a message and reply to it. It’s using the metaphor previously used in the forum where you first show the original message and then the second user’s answer. It’s clearly a step in the right direction, and I think we can continue to work on that.
  • Mention to grab the attention of a specific Person

When you are associating with so many people, you need a way to direct your message specifically to someone or to a bunch of persons. Here again, we have a good decade of experience with the @ symbol that is used in a lot of digital products now. So it appears pretty natural to incorporate the mentions into group chats. grab attention of specific person Telegram again thinks so too. And it’s interesting how they incorporated the mentions @ symbols that go beyond the notifications settings: if someone sends a message you won’t get an alert but if this message adds your name with the @, you will get a notification. A great rule to make sure important message is not missed.
  • Smart Mute System

One big hook point in group chats is the notifications. You should always give an option to mute conversations. It could be a specific conversation group or person or for the whole app. More precisely you can get the better notifications rate you will get. Dream feature? Link the calendar so everytime you have a meeting, the app is going to mute automatically.
  • Stickers

Now, most of the people are communicating through Emojis and Stickers a definite way of communication that was almost replacing the actual words. If you want a group chat that sticks to people you need to give them fun stuff to share stickers, emojis, viral videos, GIFs, etc… They will stay where they can share those stuff very fastly and if they are the most accurate to what they wanted to share. The reason someone would share on a chat to make some friends laugh, that is people want some fun.
  • Like a message Feature

like feature for message app It’s better if you let the other users that someone liked their message or picture they posted. This is not new as we like more stuff on Facebook for many years. I strongly consider that we are saying a lot by just tapping the like buttons or just adding an emoji instead of a full reply with words. We said to the other person that we care, that we are here and like their stuff. That’s already far more than most communications we can get usually in real life. Be proud of your features and display them when you know they will be useful to your users!
  • Smart emoji Suggestions

Let's talk about Emoji, we are totally learning a new language. Cavemen were doodling stick figures to share their experiences or their feelings. We too do the same, except our cave designs are on a smartphone screen. smart emojisShowing the feelings is still as tough as it was 30,000 years. And emoji is one best way to express them more easily. Even more easily, is the Emoji type and Minuum keyboards that suggest Emoji according to what you want to write.
  • Quick Access to share the pictures, videos or screenshots

We always love to share a bulk of stuff on chats. This includes viral videos, GIFs and also screenshots. We share screenshots a lot. More often than actual URL. How the screenshots are shared on an Instagram picture instead of sharing the link to this Instagram picture. quick access to share pictures Take a screenshot, as fast as you would blink, and share it with your crowd. iOS 9 release has got this feature inbuilt right by ordering the photo folders by Selfies and Screenshots. It makes the sharing way faster. Dream feature? Take and share a screenshot directly from the app itself.
  • GIF Library

GIF library GIF had become the new kid from past years. A lot of messaging apps introduced  GIF library but very few of them did a very good work. It’s usually untidy and very slow. The best prof a GIF gallery was by Kik. searching for a GIF can be painful. You would know which feeling or expression you want to convey but it’s often hard to describe it with words.  So Kik did an excellent job with their “Tap en Emoji to find GIFs”. Because we are so familiar with Emoji right now that w know which Emoji will describe our feeling, so why not using them to search GIFs? It works Perfectly!
  • Share Location

Share Location Apple added this feature a while ago. But it’s a kind of hidden on the details of the chat itself and it’s super slow to be triggered. Other apps seem to do a better job, which is critical on this situation because you want to share your location right now and if it takes longer than actually typing the address, you missed the point. Lots of new features enclosed inside chats will come on our hands, that’s for sure. Facebook Messenger is already on its way with their dedicated app store inside the chat menu. Everyone wants to be part of it to leverage the incredible numbers of users that are on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.
For product designers, our goal will be to find the right balance between matching the user's actual behaviour and need with business models that want to get their money out of this expanding market that messaging apps are. Contact us today for developing the messaging app at krify.
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Tips To Hire a Best Mobile App Developer In 2019

Business is like pedalling a bicycle, either you keep riding or you stop down. Now, to keep moving forward, you need to do much more, know more and act more with energy and smartness. Having an app idea in mind? Yes, who wouldn’t want to monetize an app idea considering its immense demand and scope in the digital market? But still not developed a mobile app solution. Certainly, the competition on the app development market is high and the choice isn’t easy if you want to develop a perfect mobile app, Obviously, not many app ideas are successful when given the app form. To avoid any pitfalls in the app, the best solution is to hire a good mobile app developer. you need to choose the perfect app developer with good experience, talent and proficient in the development field and who will achieve all your ideas better than the others.

Certain things to think about taking the best decision

Things to think over hiring a developer In order to make such a huge decision, you need some help, so we decide to make a prospect with the most useful hacks that will help you find the best app developers to hire for your project. But before the search, you must list down the requirements of your app. Below here are the things you need to think through about your app:

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

how to find the best developer Once you have collected all the stuff about your app, the next phase is to hire a mobile app developer or a team of pros. Let’s consider the below points to find your MASTER for the project.
  • Experience of App developer with appropriate skills
Experience is what means the most to undertake any task. As the development of an app is a bit complicated procedure and specialist without the required level of knowledge may not fit the criteria. To develop a faultless and convenient mobile application you should hire mobile application developers. Because an experienced developer would be more confident in his/her development skills with a healthy body of development languages, as they can able to adapt to the dynamic needs of your business. There are lots of multiple instruments, technologies and open source platforms for a mobile app development, that can be found easily. Ask whether the app developers for hire know about them and which libraries they prefer.
  • Past Work
Ask the developer for his past projects list before assigning the project. Have a glance on his projects and understand his proficiency in developing an app. From this, you can know how much extend he can fulfil your requirement.
  • Quality vs Cost
Every project has a fixed budget still, the low-cost option can become even more expensive over some time. Yes, of course, you can find a really a cheap app developer for hire, but will it bring you the desired results? I really doubt it. Never compromise quality to save a few bucks! Check if the development company you want to hire just test the apps on various devices, on different screen sizes and versions of the OS, and also confirm the compatibility with all devices. This reflects the actual attitude of a company to the quality of a product. Also, ask them to explain how they perform beta testing and how fast they can fix the bugs.
  • Check Previous Project Portfolio
The developers' skills will be demonstrated by the project portfolio and also the work history will tell you the truth. For instance, check the portfolio what types of apps they created what mobile platforms they actually covered along with check the client’s feedback and the technologies they used. Pay attention to check not only the design and but also the value of the app so that you can figure out whether the company can fulfil your requirements or not.
  • Pay for Developers
Do the rates charged by the developer fit your budget? Though it is necessary to keep a check on your budget to hire a developer but do not let the price part urge you at this stage. Hiring the best mobile app developer will come at a cost, but it must worth it. Consider it as an investment money which will fetch you good returns in your future.
  • Suggestions for Monetizing your App
Ask the developer for suggestions to monetize the app before submitting the app to app store. Depending on the purpose of your app creation, the developer should be able to suggest you active ways for making money through your mobile app project. Though you have an idea in mind and a set of requirements for the app, an expert help guides you to analyze whether this idea will be successful. The developer should be in a state to show interest in your project by giving useful inputs from his side. The must thing to remember, business strategy should include such things as marketing purpose, niche of the app, target audience and the functionality to attract this audience.
  • Ability to develop apps to run on multiple Platforms
To focus a large group of audience, you wish to release the app on all major platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. Check the developer you hired can develop the apps for multiple platforms which mean to Hire Cross-Platform app Developer or Hire Dedicated Hybrid App Developer for your project.
  • Support and Maintenance to Post-deployment
The developer work will not end just by developing the app, the developer should be in a stage to support and maintain the app even after the app is deployed. Cross check with the developer whether he is ready to work on releasing updates and fixing the bugs after the launch of the app. From the above topic Tips to Hire the Perfect Mobile App Developer will help you to get the best mobile app developer for your project here are something more know before hiring the developer i.e, the mobile app development company must ask some questions to the developer.

What questions to Ask?

Ask the potential developer Surely there will be a bulk of queries to ask your potential developer from that we have collected the most important question to ask and the image below will convey the information you need to hire a potential developer. To conclude, Mobile App developers for hire are available with leading app development companies. We’d like to say that the team of professionals always knows about the latest trends and technologies and would be very glad to apply this knowledge in your project. Never be hurry. Focus on your business requirements and don’t compromise on the quality of your product.
Hope this article will help you find and hire mobile application developers. If you think that is us, contact us and let’s start our fruitful work!
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School management System

Disquiets and Advantages of School Management System to a Parent and School

At the End of the day, the goals are to make the process simple: safe and secured.

The Online School Management software supports everyone who involved in the academic process: the administrators, teachers, students, staff, parents and the drivers who actively participate in the completed project. Online School Management software affords a set of tools that enables school administrators to run the institutions smoothly and in a way that signifies efficiency, cost-saving and ingenuity. Every school management has some fear to invest money and get develop their own applications. Here in this article, we will give you all the information from all aspects to get an application for your school or to choose a ready-made school solution. In general, School Administration will definitely get these questions like, Why to get my school information offline to online using an Online School Management software? How Online School Management System will pass the Concerns Of Parents? And few more. Let’s dive deep into every question that we mentioned above. Here we start with the first question.

Why to invest in an Online School Management Software?

Having an Online School Management Software will provide many advantages as follows:
Technology at every Place:
Students are frequently using tablets, desktops, mobile phones to access the digital classroom. The school administrations are changing and the technology solution is doing miracles to handle the hurdles and increase the way to manage the schools.
Productivity Increase:
Using Online School Management Software the school administrators can increase productivity and also reduces the time and efforts required to manage the school activities
Collaboration and Connects Multiple Departments:
Using this Software the workload will be reduced efficiently and also connects the school administration, students, parents and staff ideally to manage the school process accurately. It connects all the departments in a single integrated platform. This online system lets all parent, teacher, and administrator can stay connected in real-time. So the school can easily notify parents about their child’s activities and most importantly about the results and performance in exams. It is well-known fact that for a school to be successful there is a need to be proper communication among the concerned parties.
Paperless and Automated work Process:
All the school administration functions like examination, fees, reporting, admissions, timetable, staff, student and many other will be done fully automatically and thus reaches the goal of the paperless administration. The software helps administrators to access, manage, and analyze data for quick decision-making.
Child Safety:
Child Safety is a major concept and this online solution have an important advantage that lets the parent get a push notification on absent to school. The parent can monitor his child status like the child’s attendance, exams schedule, marks, complaints from teachers and even track the school bus on his finger-tips.
Data Security:
Every school has a volume of data which needs to be accessed manually here and of course, this needs to be further protected. Online school management software will provide you with greater data security to store and easy management. Even in the case of a system crash, you can retrieve the data from the cloud database.
Personalized Learning:
Using this software the teachers can upload the notes and study material any time. They can even check the performance reports of students, their homework and do a performance analysis. Likewise, the student can get the study material, homework and project reports anytime.
Variant Facilities:
Online School Management Software affords the facility by which the parents can pay the fees anytime and from any place. And also the school administration can pay directly to their staff just by a click.

How Online School Management System can pass the Concerns Of Parents?

Remembering the concerns of parents about their child, Online School Management solution has bought you so many features which will reduce your tension to a great extent. Let’s have a glance over the major concerns of the parents and school concerns about Online school management solution.
Child Safety: Concern of Parents
One of the major concerns of parents in their child’s safety. Every parent is most concerned about their child travelling to and from the school. Solution: This Software will help the parents by sending the push notification if the child was not at the school and also gives them the access to transportation tracking of their child at what time the transportation left the school, from which route the bus actually going, what all the stops the transportation has in a particular route, estimated time to reach home, and soon. It enables the continuous eye on the track of their child. What else a parent expects if his/her child is safe. tracking child bus
Real-Time Activities Report: Concern of Parents
The horrific day for the students was when they get the scorecard. They are feared to show it to their parents and so hide it. Due to this facts, the parents aren’t aware of their child performance throughout the year. Child routine activities tracking Solution: The Online School Management system will help to solve this problem, where Parent and Teacher can have access to the scorecard every time. Where parents can monitor the child performance. Also, the parent gets notified about the Parent Teacher Meeting, the Sudden announcement of the holiday or any important notice to the parent directly with live mobile app communication among them. daily activities notify From the above all, School Management Software is a complete solution that helps in the school administration to run in a smooth and pleasant manner by providing a wide range of features. Know more about our Schooling App Here: https://krify.co/readymade-school-management-solutions-mobile-and-web-applications-to-purchase/ If you're interested in meeting with the member of krify to discuss your school requirement and to see a live school management software demo then please fill out the form here. Our sales team will come back to you.
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health and fit app

Go healthy and be Fit – is the buzzword for the year 2018

As everyone became health conscious and he or she finally came to know about the importance of his or her health and fitness. And all the credence goes to these health and fitness related apps who are making a preponderance of the population aware about their consequence. All these recognitions had lead to a huge demand for app development industry, especially for the health and fitness apps. This is the reason why in this article today, we will be covering the topic of health and fitness app development and also we will be covering some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic. Let’s get started with the different types of fitness and health apps that are ready in the market.

Types of Health and Fitness Applications

Types of Health and fit Let’s get into the topic,

Diet and Nutrition

In the diet and nutrition types of fitness and health apps, mainly the nutrition as well as the calorie amount of each food item is defined. Simultaneously, we can also get other information related to the daily diet chart. The diet and nutrition-related mobile apps are the best for those who are in must need of balancing their diet in order to maintain the healthy body state.

Personal Trainer

The next best app type is the personal trainer apps which is one of the most popular ones which has the pre-arranged workout and exercise routines, one best thing about this is that the user can choose the format of his/her routine exercise. For example, the workout can be in video format, illustrations format, three dimensional or even just in the form of text. These apps have the option to choose the level of difficulty based on their body and fitness goals. These apps make people feel more comfort compare to the gym.

Yoga and Meditation

The best way to be healthy is to maintain both psychological and physical, which further ended to yoga and meditation. These yoga and meditation related apps are now started rising as people are showing awareness of spiritual cleansing as well. The yoga and meditation apps are for the users who want to keep their mind and body in a healthy mood without the following the heavy workout routine.

Activity Trainer

These are the most widely used apps, which actively tracks and monitors the user’s activities. These include the jogging, running, swimming, cycling, hiking and many more. The activity tracking app uses various kinds of sensors to monitor and record the user’s activity information. Today, the maximum of these sensors requirement is fulfilled by our smartphones. So, these are the four main types of health and fitness apps that are trending right now and hold a vital share in the fitness and health sector. Another thing is that making these fitness apps so docile is the fact that they are available for a number of devices. Let’s see some examples like smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and many more.

Must and Best Features of Health and Fitness Apps

Below is the list of some of the most prominent features that are crucial for a great fitness and health application:
  • Simple Registration Process - There is a famous saying, “ The first impression is the last impression”. Well, that’s true in this case because users are always looking for hassle-free signs and if the sign-up process is much complicated the user won’t even proceed with these apps anymore. For a simple registration process, you can add the login through the social media option for the end-users. It's better to make the app more secure by adding the facility of OTP or verification code with the user’s contact number.   
  • Interactive User Profile -  This is the other important feature to consider with extra attention. After the registration process, the user will fill up his/her details and other personal information such as name, date of birth, contact number and many more. Every user pleads to have a creative profile that’s highly interactive, to make the app more fun for them to use. Added functionalities will be implemented to keep up with the trend.
  • Social Media Integration - Social Media integration has now become a most wanted feature for not only the health and fitness applications but for all types of apps. All this is because the users like to update their whereabouts on their various social media platforms to maintain a constant number of followers. Integrating various social media platforms to your application will also provide an increase in the online search for your brand.   
  • Wearable Device Support - Since a year, the wearable is desperately trying to be a part of. Majorly the smartwatches are the ones that most of the people are opting for. The community of wearable devices is growing at a significant rate so it won’t be a smart move to left out such a big part of the population. Even you can make your application more user-friendly by giving support for the wearable devices.
  • An option of Tracking -  The field of fitness and health is the one where user likes to see the graph of progress, which is intended to check the previous state with the present state. So provide your users with the option of tracking the data as well as the recording of their activity information. For example, provide the real-time data as per the activity or notify the users the number of calories they have burned in their recent activity. 
  • GPS Support - The Geolocation feature or GPS support is the most essential to add to the app if there are physical activities like jogging, cycling, hiking, trekking running etc while performing any physical activities the user can share the location with their friends or family. This feature can be added to other functionalities of the app.
  • Push Notifications -  Push Notifications is vital and if you are a regular reader of Mobile App Daily you may come to know the importance of push notifications especially in driving retention on your app. In a similar manner, the push notifications will remind you of the daily health and fitness activities that we perform.
  • Video Format Tutorials - The fact that the user prefers the video format when they want to learn new things. A video will convey the exact way to do the activity. A workout session cannot be explained entirely on the pictorial representation of the exercises included. So, to make exact use of the health and fitness apps the users do need the video tutorials for various fitness and health routines.
  • IAP Services - The IAP services also known as in-app purchases is one of the most known methods to earn revenue through your mobile or web application. Even with these apps, you can offer the option of buying the special workout courses, specialized fitness gear and apparel with your brand logo over it. This is an excellent feature from a revenue perspective for your application.
  • Various Payment Options - In general many people may think that payment feature is an optional thing, but if we look at the current state of mobile commerce, adding this features is now equally important. Because if your app consists of the IAP feature, then you need to have the payment gateway feature to integrate with it. To make this feature more adaptable, instead of adding just a payment option include various payment options to provide the user with a better experience.
There are many other additional features like in-built chatting option or any other functionality can be added in the updated versions of your health and fitness apps. Now, it’s time to talk about the cost involved in developing a fitness and health-related apps.

Cost of Health & Fitness Application Development

cost of health and fit app The cost to develop a health and fitness app majorly depends on three factors which are:
Hourly Rate
The cost of development is less in India in comparison to the hourly rate of app development in the USA and Europe. The hourly rate majorly tends to vary from one location to another. The cost of mobile app development in the US ranges from $50 to $150 whereas in India the hourly rate ranges from $25 to $50. While choosing the mobile app development company you need to see the previous experience.
Project Duration
This tells the total amount of the time taken for developing the application. The duration depends on the number of the features, as well as, the complexity of the features that the client requires in the app. And also different platforms may require different time durations as in Android platform the testing phase is longer than the iOS platform which indicates a longer time duration.
Feature Integration
The complexity and feature integration go hand-in-hand while determining the cost of application development. If the application consists of high- level and very complex features then the cost tends to be more as the duration for the development will also increase while building them. For adding the complex features in your app, usually requires more experienced app developers at your services which will surely cost more. Here are the three models usually the development companies would  follow:
It enables us to implement streamline procedures and quality frameworks. We have extended our services of our dedicated team to serve the client needs.
In this model, the customer has predefined goals which have pre-negotiations for the complete project with clear-cut deliverables.
Let we advise you a great strategy that works in the market. Also, we assist you with a technical consultation in terms of choosing the best technology stack for your product. So, finally to end up the key factors will contribute to the total cost of developing a fitness and health application.
We krify had developed the health and fitness apps with all the above-mentioned features following the models that are in. If you are planning for any such related app development get the free consultation with a quotation.  Get in touch with us
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how to choose the web development company

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company for your Business

Web Development becomes the first priority for any online business. With the rise of the digital economy all over the world. The digital era also bought a plenty of developers to support the businesses around. If you observe the challenge here is, the global growth of web business services has lowered the quality of service. All the web project will be successful, only by selecting an experienced web development company. A full-fledged website overhaul is a big task for any organisation. You need to make sure that you have chosen the best web development company that can boost the value, reach and effectiveness of your organisation’s web presence. "For instance, I’ll tell you something about me, it’s maybe an addiction or habit. I’m very passionate to have an old historic home. If I could purchase a very doomed home and restore that home back to its former grandeur. Yet, I don’t just buy any and all historically condemned homes. Initially, I do some specific research process that would take myself down before ever purchasing the historic home. Likewise, the buyer despite the product or service will have a specific research process before making the purchase opinion. One must know that 90% of the buyers actually do online research before making the purchase decision. Here is some process to be followed before making the purchase decision when it comes to buying a historic home.  as per my perspective, I will research on the properties history such as tax, past owner, any tax liens, pros & cons, discuss with friends and loved ones, inquire with the previous owner, current market cost & compare with another home in that area, collecting further information that is not listed, price and also make the list of updates that to be made to the home etc. when taking a decision about a home." When it comes to web development, what all the researches we have to do for choosing the best web development company? No matter where you are, the market is steemed with web design and development agencies for you or your company. So how do you go about choosing the best development company? Here are few tips for when you are ready to board down that path:
Before Reaching Out, Do Research on the Web Development Company
Many agencies are really polished these days. As per the prospects that a web development company will be only reaching out based on the search engine rankings - i.e an individual/firm will type the specific keyword into the search network and pick the top 5-10 companies that rank for that particular keyword. Now that firm/individual will start the research on that web development company’s website. Initially, they look at the site design, how the overall website appearance and if they can find exactly what they are looking for -- quickly. Based on the content that is provided that individual/firm will choose to either call the company or skip to the next company on their list. Now,

what type of information should we research when it comes to selecting a web development company?

Company History -  How many years has this company/firm been in this business? Company Team - Know how large or small is their team? Do the team can give an idea of their, oneself traits. Check can you coordinate well with them? Inquire with those parties who have worked with these firm previously. Ask their experience and working process with them. List the pros and cons of the firm. Special Team - Know whether the firm has the specialized and expertise team for individual efforts. Company PortFolio - Well experienced firm will have the list of the portfolio that they have worked previously. Go through the portfolio and look at the recent design and development work that the firm showcased. List the likes and dislikes about their works. Feedback is a great thing that a web development company will consider. Responsive Website - Another key factor to consider is to check whether they have the mobile-friendly website and can be a specialize in responsive design. Search Rankings - This is another important factor to consider that the firms that are looking to increase their search rankings. Is the company is come up with location-based web development keyword? Local search engine ranking is “HUGE”!

How Responsive is the Web Development Company?  

Once the research was done on that particular web development company, now it’s time to connect the firm via email or phone. By this, we can know how responsive the company is too. Look for that company that is genuinely interested in studying more about your project and/or internet marketing needs. It’s very challenging for a web development company to give the exact estimate without understanding your goals and needs. Responsiveness is the major factor to consider for any company.
  1. Do they respond to the phone and/or call within 24 hours?
  2. Do they respond to your first inquiry within 24/48 hours?

How to consider which company is going to be a good fit?

This is very important to share your web development company how much you can set your budget for your particular project. In order to justify or qualify a web development company is best fits. You can ask the questions as follows:
  1. What is your hourly rate?
  2. Do you have a fixed price point for web design and development?
  3. If my budget is X, can you work with that budget?
  4. What is a consistent timeline for a website to develop?
  5. Do you have a demo web design/development process? What does that look like?
But…. it’s just not always the cost that fits or unfits a web development company, in some cases you just don’t coincide well with the person on the other side. A web development company is more than just a vendor, they are actually a business partner that truly cares about the success of your business. Be ready to be in this business connection for the long trip. In reality, by performing a few things diligently, you can be confident that your next choice on picking a web development company is a solid option.
If you are interested in acquiring more about how we can help your organisation unlock your digital problems and reach your full online potential, or would like a free consultation for your project, get in touch today.
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Budget Friendly Mobile Apps

What are the key factors that influence to develop a budget friendly Mobile application?

How much money do we need to spend? How much time the project takes to finish? What’s next? These are the common questions that invariably come to our mind when we start thinking about developing a Mobile application for business. The key factors that influence Time and cost are
  • The Complexity of the functionalities -Initially we certainly think about dozens of features that our application should have. First, we need to list down the functionalities and start with a MVP (Minimum Viable application) with minimum set of features.
  • The choice of technology stack – The more technical the app, the more will be its development cost and time. Technologies such as Mongo DB, AI integration, Data analytics etc would automatically increase the development cost and time.
  • UX /UI designs and animations - The first look of any application can either be a maker or a deal-breaker. The style of design you choose such as Simple, Polished, Aesthetically brilliant, Innovative etc also plays an important role in cost and time estimations.
  • The type of application – Choosing the type of application such as Native or Hybrid or Web also plays an important role in time and cost estimations.
  • External APIS and Integrations – Third party integrations which will take data from other Websites and mobile apps is another point that affects the time and cost.
  • The Choice of Platform – Mobile platform such as Android, IOS, Windows etc and devices supported such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone X, iPad etc will directly affects the cost and time of building an application.
  • The testing environment - Thorough testing is critical to the quality of a product. An in-depth testing stage ensures app users face minimal issues such as glitches, bugs or lags. In-depth testing such as Cloud testing, Penetration, Security etc will affect the time and cost.
Do you know, your choice of development partner will also impact your mobile application development costs? Outsourcing your app development is a very important decision to get customized, Quality and Polished application that reach your end customers expectations and competitive in the market. Not all the Mobile app development companies are adequately equipped in planning Mobile app budgeting. As a result of the knowledge gap they underestimate/overestimate the time, resources, and Budget required to develop the  mobile application. Apart from time and cost, it is also important that the mobile app is professional as well as functional effectively. So, it is also very crucial to partner with right mobile app development company to transform your vision into reality. In Krify, we have been building Mobile applications for 15 years and our extensive experience equips us to calculate the costs/budgets accurately before starting the project. If you have a clear idea on the type of the app you wish to develop then we will provide you with accurate estimations. Incase if you are not sure of what you want, we are very much interested to brainstorm together to find suitable option that fit your budget.
Contact us today to put your app idea in motion.
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Estimated cost of social news app development

Estimated cost of social news app development

The Internet has the way that we read and view the news. As we have tons of social news websites/apps out there that deliver the news and keep track of them all can be hard to do. So, are you looking to build a social news App? Of course, such a stunning success and ever-growing demand for interesting products have made entrepreneurs think of how to develop a social news app of their own. As things have gone easier today than what it had been at the time of the legendary entrepreneur. Here is the cost analysis based on the features to help you understand how much you need to invest in your news business venture. Fact that an average weekday newspaper print is on steady decline day by day or to be more precise. People no longer purchase a newspaper or magazine to get the news. They merely go online. Social news websites/apps have procured much higher ranking in search engines. Social news apps are like the windows into the statistics behind a story. It is the strength to searches, smooth picturing or something else completely. But no matter what method they take into consideration, it should be in a state to prompt the readers to interrelate with information in a context that is useful to the readers or users. According to the Knight Foundation survey, about 9000 iPhone users mostly use mobile news apps here are some curious stats. Most of the people spend two hours of their time reading the news via apps. Here is a graph that shows us how much time one user spends within a dedicated social Magazine App  per session vs mobile social news website:

With an eye towards the future

New aggressive startups spring up like mushrooms overnight and work hard to get their place in the sun and elbow out the current leaders. Who knows, maybe you will be the one person to change the whole concept of social news networking and its perception. One thing is sure: your idea should be unique and offer potential users value which they have never received before via usual social news channels. In case you were just thinking about creating a revolutionary social news app or a web portal development with full stack developers team, Let’s discuss what it requires to develop social Magazine App, both from financial and effortful perspective. When you hear the word “social news app”, Google News probably comes to your mind first. In fact, all of the applications that enable social news belong to this category. Such services let users create their profile, share the news and express their preferences by liking, disliking, commenting. Whatever you would like to concentrate on and aim for with your social news application, it needs to have some core features that will remain the same in any case.

The Main features to include in your Newspaper/Magazine App

Mobile apps typically provide a more interactive experience compared to websites. You can create a magazine app to engage your audience and boost the engagement stats. Let’s have a closer look at the must-have functionality you need to implement when building a social news application. Here are some features that must be included in the development of social news app for web/mobile.
  • Registration
  • User Profile
  • News Post
  • Like, dislike
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Search
  • Notifications
These are the features the first version of your product should have. Let’s discuss How to make the social Magazine App  with MVP functionality For the MVP social news apps product, the social network is the least time-consuming option. Another question is whether you would like to include the third party social network??? Perhaps it’s a good idea to develop a Facebook login for a niche application. Get start with registration. A user should be able to create a new account or sign in into the existing one via email, phone number or social networks. The most basic things of the profile for social news MVP product app consist add, edit and remove personal data like profile image, manage personal information and preferences. Posting media content is one of the main features of an MVP social news app product. Feed is that what the user can see when they open the app or in simple words, it’s the news that appears when the user opens the app. Here in this, the user can comment and like/dislike the news of others. Social Newspaper app Developers and social news app designers have to make sure the news feed looks good and well-aligned on every device no matter what news is uploaded. In social Newspaper app, you can upload anything related to the interesting news that happened around you. The main idea here is to set a look that will differentiate your app among the competitors and will be well received by the customers. Craft your own Feed - Now everything is getting personalized. People have no time to read all the news out there and want to have instant access to the most subjects for them. You can offer your users to create the custom article collections, follow individual writers/topics, save content for later to read offline or even can go as far as offering users to collect their own dedicated story feed based on a number of criteria. For example, The New York Times, for instance, offers users to receive today’s paper - same layout, same stories, delivered straight to their gadgets - mobile-optimized version of the news. Search section should give the users a chance to look up other people by name, location. Here the app builder for social news will need to work on numerous filters. In the first version of the MVP app of a social news product, the search mechanics can be simple, but you can facilitate it later to be able to satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated customers. Efficient Navigation Experience: Users want immediate value when consuming content from mobile. As the people are in a hurry and want to look at the hook point. Hence, consider re-organization your content into new categories. For instance,
  • Live/Breaking News
  • Most Popular Today
  • Saved Topics
  • Favorite Categories
  • All News Feed Categories
  • Quick search by keyword, author, headline.
Audio Stories/Podcats: Sometimes you just want to listen to the story instead of reading. You can even set up a custom database software for audio stories. Go Graphics! It will be more impact if you use the graphics, interactive elements, animations, audio clips and attractive illustrations. These are only a few ideas of how to make a magazine app that pays out from the crowd.

What to choose Native or Hybrid App?

You’ve heard that hybrid app development for social news can be rather affordable and allows you to develop cross-platform social Newspaper app simultaneously. While there are a few other important things to know about hybrid apps.
    1. In a general scenario, Hybrid apps look bit different. The design doesn’t get adapted specifically for all mobile gadgets. Why this matters? Slugging, wired-looking apps make the people to get diverted to other. Whether you run the paid subscription or sell the digital advertising, that stands for fewer revenues.
    2. Hybrid apps are more apt to online security hazards, which actually hands up for SQL injections, personal account hacks and other troubles, which make your publishing brand look less dependable.
Learn more about the pros and cons of hiring a dedicated vs fixed cost project model from our previous post.

Which platform to choose for Social news Channel apps: Android vs iOS app

You can absolutely develop both, which means that you’ll immediately provide to a larger audience segment. Yet that also attains for doubled app development costs. If you are not ready for that, then you can choose the most popular platform in your region. Priority platform by country Hello business people, to be frank, either the Android app development or iOS app development usually turns out to be bit costly and time-consuming here’s why:
  1. Large device variety. Today there are over 12,000 Android devices with huge variations in screen resolutions and tech specs.
  2. Because of these bulk varieties of devices, we required more testing and QA required for news apps.
Pursue the platform, which is more popular among your city or region. You can develop a newspaper app  for the iOS platform that cost less and then port the app to the Android platform and vice versa

What’s the cost of developing a social news mobile app in India /Uk

It’s very critical for anyone to give the exact cost of developing the mobile application as each of the clients has different requirement and the cost varies according to their needs. Usually, the price is determined on the basis of per hour development cost or App development company offers the total cost of creating your newspaper app. However, the hourly price gets changed depending on the country. For suppose, in the UK the price is around $28, while in India it stands at $20. On an average, if you go with Indian developers the cost of developing a newspaper app would range from $5000 - $ 6000
It is very important that this era belongs to the age of social news apps. Having a social news platform would offer all-around advantages to stimulate your business prospects. Never forget people like to use social news platforms and if you afford them with that extra benefits, you can become the leader of the race. For the starters, you can begin with a simple and refined approach, as time progresses you can boost more into your app.
If you are looking forward to developing a social news app, feel free to get in touch with us!
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Real Estate Website Design Development Company India

The commercial panorama has changed with the evolution of e-commerce and m-commerce. The real estate sector is not gone out of this category. Real estate market exposing signs of a renaissance, this is the right time for you to capture the attention of your customers through a well-planned, interactive web presence. Most real estate and property businesses have shifted their process to advertise and reach and reach millions of potential clients who are in search of their dream home, a nice office, and ideal business space. We have affirmed the next big tech trends in real estate and offered the most solicited solutions to all property owners and real estate builders. Consumers way of thinking is changing when it comes to searching for a home. The digital landscape is becoming the most important in the property-hunting process. We Krify play a notable role in dealing with all commercial real estate challenges across the globe. Krify can be your right partner for development of real estate website or real estate web portal that is creative, feature-rich and scalable.we help you to reach out new customers, that reach more geographical locations, employ time -saving tools for buyers and sellers. Your possibilities are limitless.

Krify Soft tech Real Estate solutions include

  1. Real Estate Application development
  2. Customized Application Development
  3. Design for Real Estate Partners

Top key features of Real Estate development Solutions are as follows:

If you are planning to develop a real estate website that will come as a common platform for both buyers and sellers, then you need the following features:
  • Real Estate Web Application Development With Full Admin power Of User Account & Profile Management
  • Brokers / Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Lenders Customized Real Estate Web module development company
  • Real Estate Website Solutions For Property Management
  • Real Estate Application Development With Property Listing utilizing Multiple Listing Services
  • Real Estate website Solutions With category control, Postings, And Listings
  • Real Estate Leads Generation System solution online
  • Search & high-level Searches In Real Estate Website Development
  • Integration Of Google Maps In Real Estate Applications
  • Bulletins And New Letters For Real Estate Customers
  • Real Estate Mailing List Management development
  • Banner /Ad Management For Real Estate Web Portals
  • Auto Generated Reports For Real Estate Applications
  • Shopping Cart Integration With Real Estate Websites
  • Status Monitoring And Broker Statistics Real Estate Application development
  • Automated Feedback Real Estate Application development

Benefits of Real Estate website development at Krify

The process for locating the buyer and seller in the real estate market which was considered as a major hassle has now been simplified Real Estate website development. Krify is offering any services related to this sector. It is utmost importance to mark your presence in the online. So that you reach out to the clients in huge and with more efficiency. Here are the benefits of developing the real estate website:
  • Ease of search
  • Helps in solidifying your own brand
  • Seo Friendly
  • Proper Listing helps in an easy purchase
  • Stay Updating
Infographics for Real estate
Basic Modules of Real Estate Website Design Development
Krify is involved in real estate website development, we pay attention to detail and make all the details available. These details are manifested in a custom design format as per your liking. User Frontend Functionality
  • Custom Design Homepage Layout as per needs
  • Static informative pages like, “Why Rent with us?”, “Why Sell with Us?”, Contact Us - Contents to change from the admin.
User View of Sale and Rental Properties section
  • The listing pages of both above will display the title, small description, thumbnail image of the property, showing price and the map.
  • The user can hit on view details button to know more details about the property On Property details page the user will get more information like
  • Multiple Pictures of the Property
  • A detailed description of the property
  • Inquiry form to probe about this Property which on filling up stored to the admin as well as email to admin
  • Google Map View
Admin Section
  • Admin will have access to add properties
  • Admin would have to add all the report in user frontend
  • Admin can add pictures and other data as specified in above user frontend for Sale Properties and Rental Properties section
  • Admin can able to add/modify/delete the contents area of informational pages
Krify provides high quality, user interactive real estate websites and mobile applications for offshore global partners. Krify Software solutions provide real estate website development, real estate mobile application development and real estate software development using .NET, ASP, PHP, Joomla.
Discuss your Real Estate Web design Development requirements with Krify experts. Contact us today.
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Healthcare Apps Development

Next Level Healthcare Advances With Mobile Apps

As continuously technology is moving with fast forward upgrades, We are becoming more and knowing about what affects our health and how it can stay on top of the own well-being. Medical advances allow us to revert back from serious illnesses, and the knowledge of the human body helping us stay strong and fit as we age. Technology always improved our physical and mental health, and the latest advances in the medical and other consumer technologies to make a life better for millions of lives. Whether just wanted to become healthier or you’re facing challenges with the chronic medical disorder. HealthCare Technology Profiles

Let's see what the 3 Key Healthcare Technological Advances:

  1. Android and iOS Mobile App
  2. Telemedicine: Virtual Consultation
  3. Wearable Trackers: Body
All of the places that have ultimately improved with technology advancements, healthcare seems to have to be benefitted the at most. Here are the Key technologies in deep.

1. Android and iOS Mobile App

As we came a long way since old saying “there’s an app for that,”. Today we are at a phrase which never been more accurate. Mostly in the Medical terminology the fitness mobile apps and medical mobile apps are today constantly popping up for both Android users and iPhone users, and which have been tailored for meeting almost every need of the user by the app developer. Their few apps you can't imagine how they will going to monitor your inside out.
  1. Diet tracking mobile apps
  2. Fitness mobile apps
  3. Workout mobile apps,
  4. Apps what to eat and cook
  5. Apps to track Women menstrual cycle.
  6. And more.
As technology becomes even more sophisticated, health apps and of course one day we will be able to track the health stats like the cholesterol levels and heart rating. Healthcare App development company Mobile app development specifically has had a significant impact on how the progress of the healthcare industry is been generalized. The top-performing functions like medical record management for streamlining the treatment of the patient as a whole, encouraging doctor-patient interactions, and where the healthcare mobile apps are leading us to lead longer and healthier lives. " The Truth is, Recent study held at the University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health council on 10,000 un-insured patients has showed that the hospitalizations were down 92%, cost of a healthcare was reduced by 80%, and emergency rooms visits were down to 87% just by filling the gaps in the communication with the major role of health apps." The majority of the app users are agreeing that all the mobile devices helping them to stay healthier—I.e., where 96% said the apps help to improve their life's

2. Telemedicine: Virtual Consultation

The telemedicine is nothing but a conceptual elevation of Live Video Streaming based call. Simple, A Video Consultation of Doctor on the live call. Both the doctor and patients are very comfortable to have this consultation services. Assume that you are single and very sick living in a rural area, or having an on-going health issue which can be difficult. The Telehealth strives for solving many of such problems with an offer of patients services over the live video, phone, email, and wireless tools available today. Doctor Consultation Apps These are making the people life simple without having to go to the doctor’s office for a consultation, a few some services can be provided remotely, which are reducing travel time and healthcare costings as well. In both healthcare professionals and patients alike are benefited by this. 75.2% of nurses have agreed that telemedicine making their jobs easier, and only 16% of the patients could go to the ER for the minor issues when they could use telemedicine instead. Of course, some will diagnostics the in-person examination required, In fact, most of the issues can be resolved with a simple consultation process. Telemedicine makes the check-in appointments with much simpler.

3. Wearable Trackers: Body

The Wearable trackers are the only device keeps monitoring your heart too closely even when the brain, eyes and everything is off. With the power of the advanced sensory network and extended mobile apps, mobile apps users can track their own activity levels, lifestyle, is made easy with detailed report data to take the necessary action themselves as a doctor or by consulting a doctor with the report. Wearables Healthcare Apps Wearables can allow users to customize the goals and see the historical data about their own lifestyle. Most wearables are offer sleep tracking. Few most popular wearables brands are like:
  • Garmin— offers different devices to suit individual needs, from basic activity trackers to high-tech smart watches.
  • Fitbit— most well-known fitness wearable; different versions track steps, allow competition with friends, and keep users in sync with step goals.
  • Runtastic— Health and fitness partner, some fitness watch options can even be worn in the water while tracking activity!
There is some more mobile application helping a different kind of medication purpose to provide relief of solving the mental illness, stress anxiety and more. To conclude, One of the best advantages of current technology is people can access anything to everything on fingertips. As human life have no trust and countable in Mille seconds, The technology access on the fingertips helping each one to save one's life. We respect the technology advantages and proud to provide such technologies to people can affordably invest and serve the people.
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Must Know things about Story Points Behind the Agile Project Estimations in 2019

There are various ways to manage an app development project. Whereas the Story Points is one model to go. The Storypoints model is the simplest one and offering benefits to app developers and clients You are someone who doesn’t know what a Story point is or some who wants to pass common mistakes when it comes to Story point Estimation or someone who cannot make a successful story point Estimation. Then there is the guide on story points and Agile estimation is all you need to know everything regarding the Agile Estimation and Story Points. Initially, we will start by knowing what exactly are Story Points and what is their function?

What is a Story Point?

The word Story Point can be defined as a metric that is used in the Agile Development and Management field for the purpose of determining the difficulty level of implementing a particular storySo, for a given business the story requires to be initially assigned to the team of software development. With the estimations of story points, the development team doesn’t have to be too accurate with their schedule. Sometimes it may be a little complex, let’s say, in case of how long a particular feature will take to be completely developed, the development team will be assigning more story points to it. These extra story points will help in making the situation easy to understand. The Story Points procedure uses historical data to compare the features of one project to features of a previous similar project to produce an exact estimate. Agile Model The gears in the image above are of various sizes and have unique traits — just like features in a software development project. Imagine there was no way to measure the size of a circle. How could we define the exact size of each gear? We could use Story Points! Let’s walk through each step of the reckoning process with Story Points.

Steps to follow the Estimation process with Story Points

  • Step 1 — Identify a Base Story
story points
  • Step 2 — Create a Matrix for Estimation
story cards
  • Step 3 — Planning Poker
poker cards
  • Step 4 — Planning the Sprint
Planning the Sprint

Elements to consider before assigning the story points to a situation

  • The complexity level of a particular story
  • The latent amount of effort that is required to implement
  • The overall number of the unknown affecting and non-affecting factors
elements to consider for agile

How story Points will be Exposed?

The story points will be expressed in two different ways:
  • Numerical Range in terms of Fibonacci Sequence
  • Size Range in terms of X-S i.e. Extra Small or medium or  X-L.
It’s clear that the story point is a summarized symbolic measure that is required to estimate the time needed to implement a user story. In other words, it is a number that briefly acquaints the development team about the complexity level of a particular story. The level of hardness is in respect to the complexities as well as risks and efforts involved in the user story. The scaling to determine story point can be described as - 1,2,3,5,8,13 (Fibonacci Series) and Extra small, small, medium, large. Sometimes it can be difficult to estimate especially for the team of developers. For software developers, Agile Estimation can be a difficult task to a project exactly. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that can help in making this agile estimation as perfect as possible.

Ways for perfect Agile Estimation

Involvement of the team in Agile Estimation - Every single one of the team should be included when it comes to agile estimation. Every team member like the designer, tester, developer etc. has a different perspective of the product and required a different amount of duration to deliver his/her part of a user story. Product Manager Coordination - In this process of Agile development, the product manager is the one to maintain the complete list of the user story and its feature needs with short descriptions attached to it. Whenever an agile development process is started, the issues that the development team usually encounters are related to the requirements of the user stories. The product manager can guide them through each requirement of the user story.
Method of choosing story points over Hours
Previously the project development teams would opt for the traditional methods of providing their project estimation in the format of hours, days, weeks, or even months. But now, the team of developers uses the Fibonacci sequence like 1,2, 3,5, and so on for representing their agile estimation of the project.
Top reasons why to use story points
reasons for agile
  • The initial steps may need some effort but once the team is easy with the flow and each story point value. Then the process of story point assigning will become faster.
  • With the method of relative estimation, the emotional attachments from dates are removed.
  • Each and every member of the team measures work on a slightly varying level this further means that their velocities will also be different.
  • The arrangement of dates does not note the account of the non-project related work including discussion meetings, emails and much more.
  • With story points, the team members concentrate on the challenging level of the problem and not on the time spent making it a more efficient option.
Even though it looks complex but using these story points can make it very handy in some difficult stages during the process of software development.
Mistakes to Avoid with Story Points 
 While dealing with story points there are a number of things that you must know. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made when using these story points: Translating the story point to hours - Translating the story points to hours is a bad idea that spoils the whole point behind the speed of relative estimation by which there exists the false sense of accuracy and then it becomes more and more difficult to reach the previously calculated agreement. Average out the story points - For instance if the development team divides the whole project into two parts and one part of the team wants to set the PBI at 3 points and other part wants to set 5 points, which easily resolved by setting the PBI at 4 points. But the team should not again attempt to provide a false sense of accuracy with the difference between points.
The notion of story Points in Alige Estimation is easy to apply but it requires an appropriate amount of practice to master this technique. Krify the expert team recommends implementing this method to the development teams to help them speed up their relative estimation for stories we’ve never faced before. Story Points helps us provide our clients with more accurate estimates. Experience and reference points speak better than abstract man-hours. Get to us today for an Enquiry or for Quotation.
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Asterisk Linphone App Development Company

Multi-Party Video, Audio Collaboration with Enhanced Asterisk Services #Linphone

Before start describing Linphone Multi-Party, Let's have a look at the Asterisk services and how Asterisk is helpful to host a client like Linphone for providing enhanced Video and Audio Collaboration offerings. What is Asterisk in 5 Simple Points:
  • Asterisk is sponsored by Digium. is the free and open source. Asterisk
  • Asterisk is an open source framework to establish great communication by jolting the client application features.
  • Asterisk is an ordinary computer which can turn into a communication server in order to provide communication services.
  • Asterisk named to power up IP PBX systems, conference servers, VoIP gateways, and other custom-made solutions.
  • Asterisk is one of the best server used by small to large-scale businesses, carriers and government agencies, and call centers worldwide.
Asterisk is a real-time voice and video application with Apache to the web application on different underlying platforms. Asterisk helps to solve the complexities of technologies, and communication protocols that allowing us to concentrate on building innovative products and solutions.
Looking for Custom Branding of Linphone App? We are Linphone Experts, Let's get In-touch with us to get your solution.
Why to go with Asterisk? Asterisk is a rich server helps to route the calls among different phones or apps using VOIP. For instance, If telephone A' would like to call telephone B' then the Asterisk server can be able to route/bridge the telephone calls initially and assist for a clear and quality call features. The major advantage of Asterisk are routing, voice mailbox, call waiting, and rich future-set. Features of Asterisk that supports the Linphone / Softphone Apps? As we know, Linphone is an open source SIP Softphone, with the support of different codecs to go. Of course, Beside the graphical interface alone, Linphone has command line interfaces are available officially called linphonecsh and linphonec, and it being easier to use with scripts. SIP server is one main component of the IP PBX, and it majorly deals with the management of all the SIP calls in the network. The combination of Linphone and Asterisk can provide a muti-features which are listed as follows…
  • Alarm Receiver
  • ADSI On-Screen Menu System
  • Authentication
  • Append Message
  • Automated Attendant
  • Blind Transfer
  • Blacklists
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Forward on No Answer
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Call Parking
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Retrieval
  • Call Recording
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  • Call Routing (DID & ANI)
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Snooping
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Calling Cards
  • Conference Bridging
  • Database Integration
  • Database Store / Retrieve
  • Dial by Name
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Direct Inward System Access
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi™)
  • E911
  • ENUM
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  • Flexible Extension Logic
  • Fax Transmit and Receive
  • Interactive Directory Listing
  • Local and Remote Call Agents
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Music On Hold
  • Macros
  • Music On Transfer:
  • Random or Linear Play
  • Flexible Mp3-based System
  • Volume Control
All the Asterisk features help to power up  VoIP gateways, IP PBX systems, conference servers and is used by SMBs, call centers, enterprises, carriers, and governments worldwide. Krify is a bespoke VoIP mobile app development company very popularly known for its contribution to the Linphone development environment and customization solutions from India and UK. Linphone brings us a competency to develop a Simple Android VoIP Calling App and made us as a #VoIP App Development Company.
Write us your requirement now…. @ info@krify.net for the Linphone mobile app developments.
  Read More about Linphone at our Old Blog. https://krify.co/voip-powered-softphone-dialer-app-development-best-suits-of-linphone
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weekly roundup mobile app development trends

Top 8 Mobile Apps Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019 #Weekly RoundUp

Welcome to this week’s edition for Friday, our weekly round-up on best mobile app development trends of 2019. With no shortage of mobile app development trends news to filter, below you’ll find a handful of the best headlines we read this week, covering the topics like Machine Learning and AR, Motion and Location sensing, smart Things, Innovative Mobile user experience, Wearable, AMP & EMM, Instant Apps, In-app search Feature, Cloud Apps, Block Chain, Beacons Technology (Yes, they’re back). As stated by many experts, mobile app development is a field that is known to be one of the flying industries and it is also determined that there are no signs to show it will slow down. There are some categories that mainly used for branding purposes of a business. Now let’s have a look at the Best Mobile App Development Trends that are directly influencing the app development company.

Top 8 Mobile App development Trends to watch out for in 2019

Machine Learning & AI

The use of AI i.e Artificial Intelligence technology has skyrocketed one as the number of products and services are coming up with AI technology making it big along with machine learning as an objective. AI has provided the important acumens through the means of advanced analytics. Even though AI is not a new technology but there are many components of machine learning that are not completely covered yet. By the end of the year 2020, the AI industry will reach up to a total value of more than $40 billion.
List of Machine Learning and AI Technology Implemented Apps:
  • Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Google Duplex
  • SwiftKey AI
  • Hound
  • Microsoft Pix

Beacons Technology

The beacons technology and the location-based services are those applications which are spreading across various verticals among industry like restaurants/hotels, healthcare, retail, sports, etc. At present, the beacons technology is booming. The mobile apps developed by using beacons technology facilitates more useful functionalities which are later outsourced in the form of information such as virtual guides. Beacons technology is one of the upcoming technologies of 2019 which will be going to disrupts the entire mobile app industry.  
List of Beacons Technology Implemented Apps:
  • Beacon-enabled Airports
  • Responsive City Fixtures
  • Mobile payments beacons
  • Beacon Treasure Hunting
  • Automated Personal Beacons

AR and VR: That will meddle Health Sector

2019 will be the year of the “Beyond the Screen” apps this is not my word majority of the people are believing this. Because the Applications are integrating the AR and VR technology. AR and VR have now become something that combines a futuristic approach with the entertainment aspect. This technology is now on the social media platforms for the sake of branding campaigns and targeting audiences through mobile apps. For example, snapchat and Instagram have come up with many unique AR integrated filters that can easily turn a human face into different characters. VR is on its way to entertain with its awesome features.
List of AR and VR Technology Implemented Apps:
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Sketch AR
  • Mondly
  • GoPro VR
  • Wizard Academy

Instant Apps: Doesn’t require to download

This is first launched by Google, this is highly convenient, native and user-friendly. These apps are best in their performance as they are small in size which is similar to websites. A user can directly access an instant application without any requirement of downloading the app. Instant apps are getting a lot of attention in the coming years as they eliminate the whole purpose of an app installation but still allowing the users to share them. With the instant application, the users mobile experience will be as seamless as possible.
List of Apps with Instant Apps:
  • New York Times Crossword
  • Red Bull TV
  • Onefootball
  • Buzzfeed
  • Skyscanner

Wearables: Future Accessory

There is no doubt that the wearables are extending its operation in many factors. The wearable sectors mainly focused on providing apps that are cost-efficient and that can offer greater availability to the end-users. These wearables are very much used for healthcare purpose as the present people are very busy with their works thus had high risks of health. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, wearables like fitness trackers are used to observe factors like calories and heart rate of the users.
List of Wearable Technology:
  • Smart Golf Gloves
  • Smart Walk Analyzing Sneakers
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Healthcare bands

Motion and Location sensing: Tracking multiple positioning

One which is most trending one that will surely be seen in the upcoming year is motion and location sensing. Nowadays, mobile devices are come up with location sensing functionalities that use various other positioning methods to get accurate location information. Motion sensing applications can be used to undertake issues like anti-theft, power saving and security likewise location sensing apps are highly used for games, geo-tagging features, fitness apps, and vehicle navigation.
List of apps with location and motion sensing technology:
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)

IOT: Mobile connected with Smart Objects

The term IOT refers to “Internet of Things”, which is a network of physical objects that are embedded in software, sensors and electronics in the presence of network connectivity. Recent advancements in the IOT, we are now able to use mobile connected smart objects in our routine lifestyle. Cloud computing technology and low-power sensors have transformed these smart objects into a rapidly growing industry. With the help IOT, the objects are able to collect as well as exchange data without any requirement of human interaction. This IOT is considered to be a game changer technology in the world of app development.
List of IOT Objects :
  • Wezom
  • Nest Smart Home
  • Kisi Smart Lock
  • Canary Smart Security System
  • Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror

Cloud Apps: A Buzzword for today’s App

Cloud-based apps are buzzing since 2015 and we are expecting this continuously becoming a necessity rather than a splurging option for those who can spend extra money to have high security. Cloud technology has many benefits to it, such as reduced operational as well as hosting cost, expandable storage space, high-level productivity, and excellent uninterrupted performance. Cloud computing is very beneficial because many security-related issues are solved by which the reliability of the mobile app has increased.
List of Apps with Cloud Computing:
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Hubspot
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • SlideRocket
  • Ratatype
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Final Hook Point to Take Away

Below are some major take away points from this entire article on the mobile app development trends of 2019:
  • Instant apps there is no need to install as they are less in size and are highly shareable through mobile devices.
  • Wearable technology is being mingled by healthcare and many other industries
  • IOT technology for smart objects is now transforming the app user’s daily activities.
  • Machine learning is to be uncovered as AI technology is an essential element for future apps.
  • Beacons with location-based services is a field in which there is a lot of scope for improvement and growth.
  • With AMP there is a great chance for higher CTR, better ad visibility and improved page rankings.
  • Mobile apps will be faster, reliable and secure with cloud computing technology.
Even though you may get the idea about the top mobile app development trends for developing the apps in 2019. Get the best mobile app development company for your app development who can understand your exact requirements.
Krify being the leading mobile app development company having the professional and well-expertized team. Get the mobile app with your business requirements at the most affordable price with high-quality assurance and also with best customer satisfaction is our pre-eminence. Contact Us. Looking forward to serving you.
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cost to maintain the app

Cost to Maintain & Support an App and Types of Tasks to handle

An app owner doesn't become successful just by developing an app and making it live. The real success comes when the app is performing outstandingly in the store. Which is totally depends on who the app owner accepting the app real-time challenges and planning to resolve them. From the developer point of view, The job of App developer isn’t completed on publishing the app to live store. Here comes into the scene, i.e the maintenance and support of the app which obviously plays a vital role. And of course, this will be priced a little to go, yet it is so important that it can’t be ignored in this ambitious Apps ecosystem. Even though if you run the app on a low budget, you shouldn’t skip the app maintenance. It’s very important to maintain the app as it is helpful for your business growth and also it keeps your app running smoothly in the future even if there are some overnight changes in the technology. So, before outsourcing your mobile app maintenance, it’s a must thing to be aware of how much does it cost to maintain an app and also we suggest to know the free maintenance and support service period provided by app development company at the pre-stage of development. It’s a very crucial thing to know that mobile and web apps maintenance is an iterative process of updating the app version in order with its underlying operating system version, third-party libraries and also adds bug fixing, security flow hunting, and other tasks. Maintaining an app is equally important as it ensures that your app will extend top work fine even when you’re sleeping and not updating its code every day. When an app is a kernel of your business and you want to get more daily active users and retain the existing ones, it is must to hire an app development company to do regular maintenance of your app along with backend support and therefore you are in a state to ask them how much does it cost to maintain an app along with a question of how much does it cost to create an app. In general, the maintenance cost of an app varies between 15 to 20% of the total cost of an app development annually, though you can pay the same on monthly basis. There are more chances that you wouldn’t be doing the app maintenance yourself if you’re not a developer and even if you might not be knowing all the technologies that you needed to support and maintain the app regularly and therefore you’d end up hiring either an in-house team or a competent app development company doing the same. Most of such App development companies including Krify would provide some free support and maintenance period for the development of the app. A simple way to calculate the app maintenance cost is to estimate the number of hours needed per month for maintaining a task, and then multiply those by the hourly rate. Now to estimate the real cost of app maintenance and knowing how much does it cost to maintain  an app, let’s discuss quickly some major tasks that are usually covered in app maintenance deal as follows:

Type of  Tasks or Bugs


    • Version Upgrades as mobile OS upgrades:
Both Android and iOS usually get the regular updates, it is always recommended you to check the app compatibility with the latest version while securing the backward compatibility. Every new update will come with some backward version compatibility. The upgrading not only make the app compatible with the latest version, but it also allows you to offer the latest OS features in your app for the end users.
    • Code Optimization:
It is not that always need to consider, but should be a part of the maintenance and support of app. As there is always a space to improve and optimize the code of your app and the backend. You must ask the app developers to figure out the areas where the code need to be optimized and propose the right way to fix the same and then get the job done.
    • Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing:
No live app can allow having broken functionality, not at all your live users are reporting that and therefore you need a competent technical team on standby to handle all such user or tester stated issues on top priority and with quick turn around. No matter how good testing you do before going live, there are chances of something not working perfectly when it comes to reality with huge when huge people are using, It might the breaking of any third party services being used in the app. This is the most major factor in determining how much does it cost to maintain the app.
    • Data Backup:
Data Backup is another important thing to consider. No matter how you do the data backup it is actually costlier, you should be doing a regular data backup and restore your app, augmenting the security at AWS and app side so that such hackings never happens again. This data backup allows us a lot of advantages at the most crucial time.
    • Analytics:
Most of the app publishers aren’t aware of all the key metrics to track the performance of their app, nor all the app analytical tools offer everything in the right manner. In that case, an app development company will do the perform manual analytic actions on your behalf and share the report, which is less daunting and easy to understand.
    • Research on new technology alternatives:
It is important and beneficial to allow your app developers to on new technology and tools to replace some existing and under-performing tools and technologies with the latest ones. You may ask the app development company to include this research and consulting work as a part of the app maintenance deal.
    • Promotional Features:
There is some situation where you need to push your sales and promote your product, then you may need the maintenance of app who quickly write some magical lines of codes and push it to users without actually updating the app by rolling out a new version in the app store. Let’s go for some examples - keeping the sales on hold on an e-commerce app before the sales starts, or putting a banner of sales before the customer enters the app etc the main idea is to grab the user’s attention. All these are the major tasks that come under the app maintenance.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

We at krify, offer a month free support and maintenance service along with any new app development project and after that, we charge as per the dependence of the project or the maintenance requirement. Krify will provide maintenance and support in three different models:
  • Dedicated model - In which the developer completely works on the project to maintain. The cost for maintaining the app will be charged on an hourly basis where based on the seniority level of the developer working on the price will be varied from $5 to $50 USD.
  • Shared model - In the shared model, the developer will work for a fixed time in a month. Whereas the rest of the month they will be working on other projects. However, the cost is given for the time proposed with a turn around time of 12-24 hours to attend the job. For instance, it will cost around $3 to $25 based on the seniority level of the developer.
  • Type of bugs to fix - This could be a different scenario, the time and cost will not be estimated in prior as it completely depends on the type and the complexity of bugs to fix in the app.
You can contact us to do the estimation of hours needed to maintain your app on monthly basis. We would be doing it free for you even before you offer us any hiring confinement, we shall also calculate and let you know how much does it cost to maintain your app, so drop us a note at  vc-sales@krify.co.in whenever you need to.
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Top custom software development company

Good Firm Reveals that Krify is the Top Custom Software Development Company UK

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based renowned B2B research firm that helps in boosting various companies’ online reputation and reliability score through analytical research. It follows a thorough research and review process to analyze the company’s performance based on various parameters like Industry experience, Type of projects, Client satisfaction ratio, skilled workforce etc. As per the WASHINGTON, Oct, 10, 2018/PRNewswire -- GoodFirms latest Report has spotted the emerging Designing, Development and marketing companies in Uk. From that list of companies, KRIFY has earned a premium position in the listing for leveraging latest technologies, providing outstanding services and offering out-of-box solutions that enhanced client’s business. Here you can have the screenshot of Good Firms about Krify is the top Custom Software Development Company in the UK. Good firm Screenshot We really thank GoodFirm for certifying Krify as one of the top Custom Software Development Company in the UK. This recognition definitely works as the best reputation for us to strive for excellence and deliver superior custom Software applications in the coming years. Our ultimate goal is to help the businesses to overcome the present market trends in software applications. We at Krify are so proud to have a skilled team of tech experts. We offer a plethora of services like Mobile app development, Web development services, Designing Services, Quality testing, Maintenance & Support and other digital marketing solutions. Our strategies are highly focused, result-oriented and adaptive. This is why Krify has earned a global reputation as the Top Custom Software Development Company in the UK.
Have a Look at our previous blog What made GoodFirms Rank Krify as a TOP SEO Company in the UK? Every business application success depends on choosing the right development company.  So choosing the right development company will be done is the most important role for business people. Krify is one among them. Do contact us.
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winter seasons apps

5 Awesome Winter Season Apps for your devices

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is bearing down on us in full thrill.  Winter means and snow means Snow apps, winter fun apps, snow sports apps, weather report apps - which, for the most part, can be steamed down. There’s no doubt you get to rush for winter seasons gaming apps and there’s nothing that can really compare. Are you excited yet? If you’re planning on winter-related apps for this winter season, there’s more for you to do than simply reading about winter gaming websites and winter gaming apps. There are some great Android and iOS apps out on the market, both free and paid, that can improve the actual experience of having your own apps. Keep reading and don’t miss out!

Awesome 5 Winter Season Apps for your devices

Let’s First go with gaming apps

Ketchapp Winter Sports

ketchapp winter sports apps Why not try out some winter themed mobile game apps to keep you hustling? Yes, exactly keeping yourself busy and entertained with gaming apps when it's cold outside is one best way to make it through the winter. So has to happen my first suggestion is Ketchapp winter Sports. This is a sidescrolling skiing and snowboarding game that lets you perform tricks and stunts. As you perform stunts, you’ll rack up a score. The points you earn can be spent on new things to improve your character’s stats. This is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Alto’s Adventure

alto's app It’s a stunning mobile game app with basic side-scrolling skiing gameplay. In this, you must control the skier as he travels over the ramp and slopes down from snowy hills. If you’re much-excited to have astonishing visuals and magical music, then it will be the perfect game that fits you. This is available in both Android and iOS platforms. Now we just look after the winter-festive themed apps

Christmas Countdown 2018 for Android and iOS

christmas countdown Winter is pretty intolerable, but when you throw in Christmas and new years Eve, things really start to get festive and exciting. This app will allow you to count down the days leading up to Christmas. You can see exactly how many days, hours and minutes are there till day. Are you starving let’s go for food ordering apps


cookpad There’s nothing that hits an afternoon of home cooking or baking on a cold winter’s day. Cooking heats up the kitchen and gives you something hot to eat in the evening. With Cookpad, you can actually find the user submitted for all different types of food. They can provide everything under the sun at this point, baking recipes, healthy meals or even sinful snacks for your cheat days. This is ready for both Android and iOS platforms.

Just Eat

justeat If you aren’t in a mood to cook, then why not order some food instead? You can find plenty of nearby takeaways, browse menus and order from within the Just Eat app. In this you can by card and the take away will then deliver the food to your doorstep. In this, you can receive the live updates on the progress of your order and there will be notifications if there is any delay. Krify has a great expertise team in developing Android and iOS sports, gaming, food ordering, festive applications like Sports Shot News Apps Development, Sports Schedule’s Apps Development, Scoreboard Apps Development, E-Ticketing Apps Development, Sports Live Streaming Apps Development, mobile gaming app development, Event live streaming app with the latest technology used to provide a bug-free quality application delivering.
Get in touch with our Business Analyst who can help in fulfilling dreams from a small idea. Inquire us on your queries about what technology suits you to go with the next idea to app development
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Cost to Develop an On-Demand Car Wash App

Smartphones are the things that made the individual’s life “Live Life King Size” which mean that they have changed the way people perform their day-to-day activities. Nevertheless, of your demand and services you are looking for are a few steps away and thanks to the development of an app for such everyday services. Installing an app is a very small thing for a car maintenance service. Being a car owner the customer only thinks to get a car wash when it gets dirty, for which they will find the nearest place to get it washed. As per the analysis, $8.1 billion in spending each year, however, on-demand activity was at $3.8 billion. Where a bunch of 20% people will think about to wait for their turn for getting a  car wash which is too hard, time-consuming process to do so. On another way from the same bunch 40%, people are becoming smart and ask some technician to come to their place to offer such a handful of car wash services. Which is also called the On-Demand economy of service. statistics for on demand apps The thought of On-demand car wash is being included by today’s users and they love the concept of such apps, as people find really a bit difficult to do such activities on their own. Since the idea of on-demand has opened the handful of opportunities for the people and business persons so the ample of the are jumping into the ideation of car wash mobile app development. These apps are very much preferred by the users as they save their time and provide the services at the moment they require. Here we find the essential design of an On-demand car detailing mobile app and the top attributes for making it clear winner across all the market standards and industrial niche On the other hand, The same on-demand services apply to home services, health and beauty services and most of all the freelancer services with an account on App. These trends of on-demand services have laid basic stone for the commencement of car washing mobile app development that would come to your doorstep, office, anywhere you demand and get the car washed on wheels.

Planning for Car Wash App Development?

In order to develop an app, you need to set the modules you want in an app. Consider from the utility perspective and then synchronize it with services and presentation. In case if you want to develop an MVP for a car wash app, then segregate different app resource and bundle similar together to complete a functional module.

What the preliminary car wash service app must have?

Here are the few factors that a basic car wash app development  must have on:
  • Allowing users to place wash time slots
  • Tracking facility of wash order
  • Browse various service packages and server options
  • Online payment is a must
  • Accept/decline the request
  • Ratings and Reviews
Once you define what you require in your app and what is the flow to go through the car wash app development. If everything was finalized you are free to connect best Mobile App Developer.

What are the Features of On-Demand Car Wash App Development?

User App:
  • Perform user signup and login
  • Confirmation from email
  • Car location selection
  • Select/Add multiple cars
  • Select multiple services for a car
  • Select car wash package
  • Check service/technician availability
  • Payment module
  • Push notification
  • Service ratings
  • View past order details
  • Order Tracking and updates
Detailer app:
  • login
  • Push notification
  • Update availability/service status
  • Bidding on users request
  • Upload pictures after completion of service
  • View jobs history
Admin panel:
  • Detailer Registration
  • Manage detailer, User Profile, and Credentials
  • Manage Services and Time zones
  • Manage User Jobs
  • Manage User Payment History
  • Manage Ratings and Feedback

Advanced Features:

  • Cloud management:
Cloud management implementation is a great deal in managing all the data in a much-secured way. All the data corresponding to the users, orders, detailers and payments are stored on the cloud for making the workflow of the business very seamless. An on-demand car cleaning mobile app that includes the cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable plus monitors and secures all the information and data stored on the secured server thus protecting the overall business integrity.
  • Heat Map View:
This is a new feature that will raise the standards of your on-demand car cleaning mobile app. The heat maps basically show the busiest time of one location. It also helps to track the location of the best service providers, detailers, thus provides the user to make the best choice. specifically, it allows the users to choose the quality services and also outlays the deals that are most loved. It allows keeping track of the surge pricing on the app itself.
  • Offer and Discounts
All the related offers and discounts are reported to the users for keeping them attuned with the upcoming deals. All the offers and discounts work as a great medium in keeping the users alert and encourage them to avail your services when required. Besides, promotions and offers help to increase the visibility of the business. Therefore, setting into a car detailing mobile app can make it a big hit across the entire industrial niche.
  • Subscription Package
This is the must-have feature in the On-demand car wash and detailing mobile app. The user can check and book the advanced services, premium memberships and can even set the features required.
  • In-App chat/voice call
Using this feature the detailer and the user will communicate with each other in a very transparent the user way. The user can inquire about the status of their orders or any queries. They can all also discuss some other services and can request them for the availing too.

Payment gateway providers for a car wash app:

As users hate to visit the physical locations of the service providers for making the payments, they're the concept of making the payments within an app is included, this adds to their comfort. Integrating the online payment models provides a convenient approach to the users for making the payments. Here are some of the payment gateway providers that to integrate into your mobile app.
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • 2checkout
  • PayPal
  • Sofortbanking,
  • Remita
  • PayU
  • CCAvenue
  • Instamojo

User Interface and Experience of Car Wash App

UI/UX proves to be a vital element for all types of apps. Despite the complex business logic, the app should have intuitive and easy to use, with minimum steps required to place an order. A smooth onboarding and straightforward user flow are required essentials to reduce churn, as the app will be used by users of different ages and backgrounds

Technology Stack for development of Car wash app

A sound technological infrastructure is a topmost priority that must be given a unusual attention before developing the app. Therefore, clearly analyze all the technical requirements for enforcing them into the basic building block of an On-demand car washing mobile app. technology stack for developing car wash app
For Android App development:
The technology used for car wash android app development is
  • Java using Android Studio
For iOS App development:
The technology used for car wash iOS app development is
  • Swift using  XCode
For Admin Panel:
The technology used for car wash app admin panel is
  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii - Framework
  • MySql - Database
  • API - JSON Format

How much cost to develop an On-Demand Car Wash App?

It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of developing an app. However, the cost of developing an on-demand car wash/ cleaning app depends upon 2 factors- the complexity & size of the app, the number of platforms you want your app to run on. This is because different countries have their different hourly charges, for example:
  • Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
  • U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • India based developers: – $10 to $70 per hour
Below is the overall basic app architecture. Let’s break down the costs for different activities for Android and iOS with Web Backed admin panel as follows:
  • For the Wireframes and Graphical designs for Customers Android, IOS App, Drivers Android App and Admin module it will cost about $700 USD - 12 working days
  • Customers Android Phone App +Tablet  designs integration & development in portrait mode it will cost about $3100 USD - 42 working days
  • Customers iPhone App, iPad App designs integration & development in portrait mode it will cost about $ 3100 USD - 42 working days
  • Drivers Android App designs integration & development in portrait mode it will cost about $2500 USD - 35 working days
  • Web APIS, Backend Admin module and Database it will cost about $1500 USD - 22 working days
  • In general, the QA and Testing will be charged about $2000 - $3000 USD, but in KRIFY we provide complimentary for QA and Testing which actually takes 15days.
  • Even the deployment to the play store will also be charged in other organizations but in KRIFY it was complimentary that runs for 1 working day.
So, if we add all the above overhead expenses, a reason will cost around $10,500 to $11,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). Choosing to add more features may raise the cost up to $15,000. However, spending around $15,000 guarantees your app to stand ahead in the competition.
There has been a rapid increase in the on-demand economy for the past few years. If you as a startup have an idea of developing an app for a car wash, then you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any mobile app development company or hire a professional full-stack developer, who has an experience in developing mobile apps for various categories.
Still, have some questions in mind? If it is so, you can feel free to get in touch with us. Our sales representative will return you within 48 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.
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MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack Development

What to consider for Web Development: Hire MEAN Stack or Full Stack Developer?

Nowadays, when it comes to web development. Most of the firms are too confused in deciding either to hire a MEAN stack developer or to hire a full stack developer due to the uncertainty of the technologies that developer are strangeness about hiring an individual web resource. MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack Developments In this article, we would like to elaborate in detail as a Full Stack and Mean Stack Web Developer. Let me begin with the major components of web development, web development structure and the mostly used Web Development Technologies in 2018. In the daily life, we are unknowingly interacting with 30 front-end components in a day, which are designed by using an HTML and CSS web developer, or a JavaScript Developer, or by using their libraries and frameworks. For instance, a button in a website which is optimized for various other web browsers and devices. Front-end developers are those who have the hands-on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts, and frameworks like the Foundation, Wordpress, Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. On another hand, web admin is mostly using the back-end web components. Back-end developer’s work on the development of websites more in functional aspects. Back-end web development team are those who have hands on the server-side programming language like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. Full Development Technologies  The major responsibility of Front-end developers is to make a website to load faster, also they need to have hands-on the server-side programming language. For instance, those who know PHP will also know the CodeIgniter, Laravel, and other PHP-based frameworks. Likewise, the JavaScript Developers also know the frameworks like Node.js Express.js etc. When it comes to the database, as you all know that Database helps us to perform Insert, Manipulate or Storing of information in a simple and secure manner at the host. The Regular Web Development Stack offers the database creation and management in various technologies like Microsoft SQL, MySql, Oracle Database 12c, DB2, Sap Hana and few other. Now let’s look into the topic, know what to consider for your web development using Mean Technology Stack, Full Stack Development and other variations inside.
What Quora says about the Full Stack Development? With reference to Quora “A full stack developer is an engineer who can handle all the work of systems engineering, servers, databases, and clients. Liable on the project, what customer’s requirement may be a mobile stack or a Web stack, or a native application stack.
  What Technologies does Full Stack Developer Must know? Full Stack Development Team   In fact, the “full stack” denotes to the assembly of a series of technologies desired to complete a project. And the “Stack” denotes to an assembly of sub-modules. These components or software sub-modules combined together to accomplish the well-known function while without the must need for other modules.
“At Krify, has enabled Full Stack development services with a professional in-house team in INDIA. Our FULL Stack web developers are very much capable in working with Web and Mobile App development. Discuss with our professional consultation team to hire Full Stack Developer from INDIA
  Do you know, There is a demand to Hire Full Stack Designer? I was really wowed about how a designer has a full technology stack for choosing a bright color for him or a lighten dark color for him. But, when it comes to reality today, Most of all brands follow a similar color coding style for each of them. Full Stack Designer - Developer Full Stack Designer is a skilled designer who has hands-on Ultimate UX Design Tools for Wireframing and Prototyping with proper research. When it Creative UI Designing, We must have a high visual impact with the colors we choose to design a hi-fidelity prototype conversion to create a next level visual impact in designing of a web page that consists of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. All the combo gives a seamless user interaction with the web application.  
“At Krify, have a Full Stack Designer Studio setup with a professional in-house team in INDIA. Our FULL Stack web designers are very much capable in working with Web and Mobile App development. Discuss with our professional consultation team to hire Full Stack Deisgner from INDIA
  What kind of web development projects requires a full stack developer? Firms are looking to hire a full stack developer based on what problems that the candidates can resolve in the web or an app project of the company. By definition, Companies who want an incredible support in overall project lifecycle of software development either a mobile app or web application, Those companies need to hire a full stack developer for exclusive hands in the frontend, backend, and the protocols that link the two; This culture enables a company to create an end to end software product independently.
What Wiki says about the Mean Stack Development? With reference to Wiki “A Mean stack developer is a specialized JavaScript stack software engineer. Who have hands on the MEAN technology stack which covers the MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (Also called Angular), and Node.js.
The real advantage of using the Mean is the MEAN stack supports all component with programs written in JavaScript, which means MEAN enables a way to write the code in the same language for both the server-side environment and client-side environment execution. Popular Mean Stack Developers is the word we hear everywhere because Mean Stack Development environment is completely free and open-source licensed for building the dynamic website and the dynamic web applications. The Mean Stack Technology Developers are those who have hands on the following JavsScript Technology Stack.
  • js: Node.js is one among the powerful back-end development technologies to develop medium size websites to a large scale web application that can handle huge traffic easily.
  • js: Express.js is primarily sourced for a creating server-side web application smarter and faster to respond on querying which is more flexible and scalable in terms of back-end development.
  • Angular / Angular.js: AngularJS is selected mostly for creating interactive components of a website. Angular is specifically based on TypeScript where AngularJS is based on JavaScript. To avoid confusions “AngularJS or Angular 2 is officially announced as Angular by Google.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is classified as a No-SQL database package, uses JSON - like documents with preferred schemas. The immensity in Mean stack lets the MongoDB with the power to handle the (1) large volumes of semi-structured, structured, and unstructured data. (2) OOP’s (Object-oriented programming) that is flexible and easy to use. (3) Quick iteration, agile sprints, and frequent code push. (4) Monolithic architecture or a Scale-out architecture in its place of expensive to use,
In fact, companies that stayed previous using PHP and other technologies are now migrating to the MEAN stack. As the motive of MEAN stack is the scalability it compromises to the end product. And majorly the web products developed with MEAN stack are capable of supervising the large traffic simply without impeding the performance of the product. The developers who used to work on MEAN stack technologies namely called as MEAN stack developers or a JavaScript full stack developer. In MEAN stack development, all JavaScript-based frameworks compromise the scalability enhanced than others.  
“Krify has enabled Mean Stack development services with a professional in-house team in INDIA. Our MEAN stack web developers are very much capable of working with Web and Mobile App Products. Discuss with our consultation team to hire MEAN Stack Developer from INDIA
  Being a Business User, Most of our client certainly unclear about various technologies and confused about what technology to choose for their web app development or a mobile app development. But from those inquires who are very confident about what technology to choose is having a hidden motivation behind the choice of technology stack selection that came from the connection of successful web projects which are most similar with their business domains.

“Get a free consultation for choosing the right technology stack for your web project.”

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pet website design

Looking for a Pet website design company in India?

Starting a new business is exciting. Especially when it is a business based on your lust. There is no doubt about that but it takes more than passion to be successful. It’s equally as important to have a firm grasp on your finances. Are you very passionate about animals and animal lovers who possess a creative, entrepreneurial spirit may be yapping up the right tree by starting a pet store business? Not yet sure how to begin? Do you provide a pet service and want to be known by all your potential customers in your area within a week? It’s a good idea to start the business in online with your own website where the customers could buy the pet from their own living room, any time of the day. Now the pet business is booming the world and it is becoming the most profitable business as people are more interested in surfing on the internet to find there the best pet. The use of the internet is at a staggering rate and this made the people find their best buddy. The Dog Grooming Website or application will help the audience to search and select the best buddy. Still scared to start a pet grooming website development? You are on the right spot!
Whether you’re just beginning your pet business or you’ve been built for some time, first impact count. To guarantee you stand out in the pet industry you need a professional website. Krify works with pet businesses to build strategic websites that look good and deliver measurable results.

Benefits of having a Pet Business Website

Before you start a pet business website, it’s better to go for the benefits of having the pet business website that too at krify
  • Makes you look established and professional
  • Converts website visitors into paying clients
  • Gives you the ability to grow your business online
  • Affords you with a platform to market your products & services effectively
  • Provides with SEO Friendly
  • Comes with charming interface

Importance of choosing Krify for your Pet website design

Krify will come up with the following when you choose krify as a partner for your Dog Walking Website Design:
  • An initial consultation
  • A content management system so you can refresh your website at any time yourself.
  • A custom designed website to fit your pet business needs.
  • Provides with intuitive and easy navigation
  • Provides with advanced search options
  • Provides your website with high security
  • A search engine friendly website that can be noticed on Google.
  • All your social media profiles blended into the site.
  • A lead to help you update your website.
  • Once the website is live we provide full support.


Grab a Website design for pet services. We are experts in designing modern, clean, professional website designs that obviously show off everything that’s great about your dog grooming business. Every website we develop is designed specifically for your business. We work with you to assure your website meets all your business needs and more. You don’t need any technical knowledge as we manage the whole process for you.
Need a Website design for pet services? Professional design to fit your budget with a  pet business website design and development you can be proud of contacting us.
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christmas sales

This Holiday Season Sale: Get Ready for the Christmas Business

Children will dream of sugarplums, but for retailers, there’s only one thought that matters during the Christmas season; the sales graph. And as the Christmas holiday season is made or break time for many small businesses, the strong question is how to get more Christmas sales and make that graph climb as steeply as possible. And also the obvious answer to this question is to get more consumers. For example, if you have a quality product or service, then you would offer more offers to attract more people. In order to increase your Christmas sales, you have to get the potential customers into your store. It won’t be that much tough as you think, with less effort and some ingenuity. Here are some of the ideas to create your own Christmas retail rush.

Increase your Christmas sales with this effective ideas

1.Having Sales with different plans:
Before implementing the idea out of hand, consider some of the pretty well retailers of every size have some kind of Christmas season sale - because they work. Now consider this: what if you didn’t have a sale but had one of the sales that just about everyone wanted to attend? But how? Let’s keep these tips in mind:
  • Big Bargain offer day: Offer a big discount that blast the day on some well-known items each day to bring the Christmas shoppers. It may work if you have well-known brand merchandise or particular items that people are looking for.
  • Make it a discount, not a thing: Let’s consider an example to explain this point, a retailer offered a free pair of socks to anyone who spends more than $30 in their store for three days pre-Christmas sale. But all this will happen if you have enough socks in your store but that socks just aren’t Christmassy?  they‘ve lost you. It’s better if you go for a discount on things rather than free gifts on things.
  • Ensure your discount is worthwhile: Shoppers are used to being spoiled. So puny little 5, 10 or even 20 % discounts aren’t going to cut it unless you do something like a 20% off storewide sale. On different items, the higher the discount the better. Shoppers will compare.
And advertise your sale heavily on the most proper marketing channels for your ideal consumers; social media, newspapers, radio etc. People need to listen about it if they’re going to turn out and give you the opportunity to make more Christmas sales!
2.Holding an Event
The business in the action group in the town is holding a moonlight madness event. There will be more fun activities like fire-wielders, jugglers and musicians performing and of course, Santa will be visiting. Families who come downtown get all sort of free entertainment and lots of opportunities to get their Christmas shopping done as all the downtown businesses are open until midnight and have special sales going on. If your town doesn’t implement this type of event in this Christmas season that your small business can participate in, what would it take to get such an event going next year? There’s nothing to prevent you from holding an event of your either. The idea is to create an event that will tie into your products or services in some way.
3.Using Email Campaigns:
Social Media is a very hot but email is effective. As per Neil Patel, founder of QuickSprout says that “in spite of social media’s viral potential, email still wins as the most attractive method to reach and woo your consumers”. Email marketing is three times more powerful than social media.  It's an ideal spot to promote the product and services you’re featuring over the Christmas season and spread the word about any sales or events you’re having. Never get scared for sending the separate emails as a part of a marketing campaign either. The bargain day idea will the best idea to increase your sales and you can send a daily email to work.
4.Decorate the windows display of your small business:
Never think that it's a too waste of time while you go for decorating the windows display as it is an eye-catching foot-stopping Christmas window display. Including your product into your display is great if you can manage it, but what’s really great about a Christmas window display is that you don't have to. A totally Chrismas-themed display can work well. What all you actually want is something unique that’s going to draw the eye. And integrating some kind of movement can really draw a crowd.
5.Using contiguity marketing to lure shoppers into your store:
Many shoppers are stuck to their phones to the point that they might walk right by your store without seeing it. But by using contiguity marketing tricks that broadcasts your targeted message to phones within a certain distance, such as iBeacon or smart Antenna, you can entice those shoppers in - and grant them personalized deals to encourage them to buy more.

Invite them and They will come

From the above 5 marketing ideas will help you get more customers into your store over this Christmas season so that you can rack more sales. Make sure to implement the above ideas to grab more sales on this holiday season. But remember whatever your Christmas retail rush, you should get the word out to your target market about what you’re doing. Pass out emails, place the ads, use effective social media. Don’t let this Christmas festive be a retail non-event for your business because you didn’t invite your consumers to our store.
Krify is a leading mobile app development company with an expertized team of developers in various technologies and also has a highly experienced digital marketing team to work with various strategies to improve business earnings and also work for the top position of your business. Still, you are waiting to fill the form here and we are here to serve you.
Happy Holidays!!!
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things to consider while developing the business android app

Things Consider for Android Business App Development 2019

The world is constantly evolving digitally, people are blowing more time on their smartphones and mobile devices. Being where your customers are can give you an enormous edge over the race. Whether you are a startup or an entrenched business, having a mobile app can no doubt increase your visibility and put in front of the race. A mobile app has become the primitive tool for businesses to achieve success in this aggressive business world. Because of the constant rise in the usage of Android apps, App Developers are focused on building applications of all types of processes. It will help businesses to seize the attention of the maximum customers and thus give them a high ROI. If you’re looking to develop an app for your business, Hiring a dedicated developer is suitable based on your project. Most people are showing passion to hire an iPhone App Developer or Android App Developer for a small project or to hire a Mobile App Development Company in terms of Large-Scale projects. According to Statista, the number of apps available in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.6 million apps in March 2018, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013. In this article, We gonna describe the major considerations to hire an Android App Developer. The first and foremost point is the app owner must keen with the objectives to achieve with the app and how it will drive business on the successful launch of the app. These objectives help to hire an Android App Developer crystal clear. Here are the role points to keep in mind when developing a mobile app for your business:

Things to consider when developing a business Android app

Know the target audience:
To get developed Android app success, it is important to recognize your end users and need to focus on their expectations for that application. There are several factors that impact the definition of your target audience: profession, age, group, location etc. All the functions of the app depend on the preferences of the target users. Targeted Audience For Instance, when you are targeting the age group between 10 to 18 years old, the application mainly focus on the content information, design, and graphic depiction. While in the case of the elder people, they actually explore the information that is relevant to the product or service. This model allows Android App developers to design and develop the application as accordingly.
Focus on the UI/UX:
In order to make your developed Android app get a strong place among millions of other apps, it is very important for you to concentrate on its UI. The user interface enables you to use it smoothly and bring a unique brand recognition to the market. Accuracy and simplicity should be the guidance of the interface of your application. The sole purpose of your application is to expedite user interaction. This can be accomplished when the UX is easy to use with a minimum of clicks to reach an item. Read more: https://krify.co/how-to-boost-your-business-revenue-with-ios-app/
Integrate the latest Technologies:
Over time the development of the app has been evolved and many new technologies have simplified the application development process and have also brought the desired results with ease. From the app customization to the Augmented Reality(AR). These AR technologies have allowed SMEs to grow high visibility and help them compete in the apps market to hold a strong position. However, blending all the latest technologies can impede the developed Android application. So, it is better to prefer one or two of them to help you meet your goals.
App Promotion:
The best way to promote your app is to put it for download on your website. Strive to research important keywords and tags to make sure that your app maintains visibility. There are many other ways of promoting your app are through sending an email blast to your customer list, paid advertising and youtube videos.
Review the performance:
The last but least thing you need to do is to inspect the developed application whether it has satisfied the standards decided or not. It is vital that you try the app before launching. Track the response time of the application too. Try not to make your users wait too long to get the required information. Review the performance Remove any errors that hinder the effective performance of the application to increase the user experience. In addition to the testing process, be your own critic and reverify the app to offer a high quality. Always stay tuned to collect the comments on your application.
so we have seen the top 5 things where every business should be aware of before developing any android app. it's a well-known thing in today's time, as it is cost effective and relatively very easy to develop an android app if you use the latest technologies and advanced technologies. Anyway, the popularity of the developed business android app will completely depend on its usability to the users. you can develop amazing android app application if you follow these points.
Krify is on the top best Web and mobile App development company having high competency in developing Android apps with a dedicated team of  Android developers. Contact us today and Hire an Android App developer now.
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Essential Tips to Enhance Cyber Security for a Small Business

The word “CYBERSECURITY” is now a part of the daily news cycle as governments and businesses alike continue to endure breaches in their networks. As costs of such transgressions rise, it is crucial that businesses, large and small, develop a business continuity and conflict response plan. Cybercriminals don't pursue only the big companies, on the contrary, the smaller companies are softer targets and easier to perceive. And because of a network violation can be so overwhelming to a business, every business should take proactive measures to protect its network and devices. Most small businesses agree that cybersecurity is a grave issue, but is your business actually doing anything to prevent attacks? Just as technology makes life easier for business owners, it leaves entrepreneurs and their customers more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks. The global cost of cyber is expected to reach $2 trillion by 2019 triple the amount from 2015 and studies show small businesses are most at risk. Small firms are usually easy targets for cyber thieves because they have less money to spend on digital security, neglect to consistently update their initial systems and do not properly train their employees on how effectively ward off attacks. If you’re a small business owner who thinks that you don’t need to worry about cybersecurity, think again. The Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity record surveyed 600 small businesses, finding not only that “no business is exempt to a cyber attack or data breach,” but that a surprisingly high number of small businesses suffered cyber attacks in 2016. According to Ponemon:
  • 50% of SMBs were breached in 2016.
  • The most prevailing attacks against SMBs were web-based and phishing/social engineering.
  • 59% of SMBs have no visibility into employee password practices and regimen.
  • 65% of SMBs that have a password policy does not strictly enforce it.
If you own a small business, it is likely you understand the importance of cybersecurity. There are many steps your business can take to help stay safe on the internet. Below, we will cover

13 ways your small business can improve their cybersecurity

  • Conduct a security check Annually:
A security advisor should be brought in every year to determine if there are any malfunctions in your system. It is like they will guide you with new technologies that your business should implement in. This is the major step to follow for any small business in order to overcome the vulnerable.
  • Perform security standards Immediately:
When you initialize your business, it is important to implement a strong password procedure which can save you from many headaches later on. It is the best one to find a password policy that can be used throughout your company then consistently maintain it for every user.
  • Talk with employees about cybersecurity:
Your business is only as strong as your flaccid link. It only takes one employee losing their phone or laptop to put your business at risk. Have an etiquette to follow by every employee to keep their systems safe always.
  • Assure to follow the plan:
Make sure that every employee is implementing the plan of password policy that you brought in. Else, the time and effort you put into it are wasted.
  • Introduce two-factor Authentication:
Accounts for the business are important, so enable two-factor authentication for the entire team. So this extra step is important, even it isn’t foolproof.
  • Password Management Utility:
Password Management app helps the small business to strengthen substantially. This password management app can take advantage of passwords that are easy to remember but hard to hack by centralizing the password process.
  • Stay Updated with security issues and vulnerabilities:
It is important to stay up-to-date about potential security threats, regulations, compliance and solutions for the security of your business. Taking the time to educate yourself is a well worth effort when it comes to cybersecurity.
  • Automatic updating of systems:
Automatic updating of systems will reduce all type of cybersecurity attacks. If the business being attacked, simply update their systems regularly, the attacks could have been avoided.
  • Have a plan of action for issues with mobile devices:
Employees should be required to install the security apps and encrypt the data to help protect the business data that often occurs on public networks.
  • Secure Wi-Fi Network:
If you have Wi-Fi network make sure to protect the router with a password. It is important to make it secure by encrypting and hiding it. You need to set up your router access point, so the network name is not broadcasted.
  • Use a Firewall:
Installing a firewall will greatly increase your cybersecurity. To keep the third parties from taking over your system by using good anti-virus on your system and malware software.
  • Back up Data:
Unless you are willing to lose data at once, it is crucial to backup all your data that will save the time and money. There are many programs that can back up your data daily or weekly.
  • Always stay on top of cybersecurity:
Unfortunately, many businesses become smug when it comes to cybersecurity. Stay connected to better secure ways for your business online.
At present cybersecurity is a crucial part of running a business successfully. If you are interested in setting up a cybersecurity for your business, or if you need help with strengthening your current cybersecurity, give us a call today at Krify. We can help protect you from threats your business may face online. Do contact us today.
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Key Considerations of Application Testing: Automated Testing Vs Manual Testing

In general, every project has three essential aspects to consider i.e cost, time and quality. The major goal of any project is to get a high-quality at the end at the affordable cost within a reasonable time to complete the project. Directly or Indirectly the quality is measured ultimately by testing the product. Also, the testing helps to know, the expectations and reality gaps among the developer to the client. Within the current article, we are going to pin-point 2 major kinds of testing as follows.
  1. Manual Testing 
  2. Automated Testing
We all know, Testing is the fundamental element of any project. But most of the people are not aware of what to choose and when to choose among manual or either automated testing. It’s very important to know the difference between manual testing and automated testing so that it helps to optimize the cost and time of the project. ROI of testing It was a well-known fact that both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. If we consider Manual testing, the tester has to sit in front of the screen and go through each module. In other contrast, Automated testing is a much more powerful for tester as the test cases are performed automatically by using automated tool/software. Basing on several factors like budget, timeline, and human resource….You could choose the right type of testing to archive your goals. Let's look inside how we can consider these...

What is Automated Testing?

automated-testing Automated testing is a process that makes use of automation testing tools, scripts and software to perform pre-scripted tests on applications, then compares the test results to the expected levels and report it to the testers. You can perform test automation by writing scripts with codeless tool automation tool or with selenium. These automation testing tools also have the record and playback features which help you to record all your testing activities. By performing the repeated predefined actions the results will be compared. If the output and the expected results same, your product is working well as it supposed to do work. However, all automated testing requires some manual testing at first to create initial testing scripts.

What are the types of Automated Testing?

  • Data Driven Testing:  For this testing, the same functionalities needed to be validated with lots of different inputs and large datasets (for example login, sign up, search, etc).
  • Load testing: This helps to determine a system’s performance in real-time while loading the application. It will find how the system behaves when multiple users access it simultaneously.
  • Performance Testing: Performance testing helps to get the speed, scalability and stability of the application. The goal is to reduce any performance bottlenecks. This requires simulation of thousands of simultaneous users.
  • Regression Testing: Because of frequent code changes and therefore the ability to run the regressions in a timely manner.
  • Repeated Execution: The repeated execution of a task is the best-automated testing.
Advantages of Automated Testing:
  • In automated testing, most of the process is automatic which makes it into an efficient and fast testing process.
  • The level of productivity is improved with this process and is quick to provide accurate testing results.
  • The automated testing tactics are supported by a majority of applications.
  • With automated testing, you can spot more bugs
  • The user can record the process of automated testing, which further allows it to be reused and executed.
Disadvantages of Automated Testing:
  • As there is no human element in automated testing, it becomes difficult to get appropriate insight into the visual aspects including the fonts, colours, and other user interface elements.
  • The advanced tools required for automation testing can be quite pricey.
  • There are flaws with every automated testing tool like the test maintenance cost being high.
Summarised points of Automated testing:
  • Automated testing is much faster due to using the software.
  • Less UI feedback.
  • It could be costly at the starting stage, but in the long-term, it will reduce the cost.
  • High accuracy result.
  • More reliable.
  • Programming is required.
  • Regression testing is easy due to using tools.
  • Once the test requirements are made, it requires the fewer tester to execute test cases.

What is Manual Testing?

manualtesting Manual testing is actually a self-explanatory - testing of a web or mobile application is done manually by human action which is intended to find out the defects or bugs in a software program by going on a device to evaluate numerous components including design, functionality, and performance by clicking through multiple elements or units of a web application without support from a tool or script to make sure that they are working as they are supposed to work. Everything will be done manually so it is time-consuming and laborious.

What are the types of Manual Testing?

  • Exploratory Testing: In this type of testing the tester’s knowledge, experience, analytics/logical skills, creativity, and intuition is the most essential elements. The test will be characterized by poorly written specification documentation, and/or a short time for execution. This approach requires the least planning and most test execution.
  • Usability Testing: Using this approach we will know how user-friendly, efficient, or convenient the product is for the end users? The goal of this testing is human observation and satisfaction.
  • Ad-hoc testing: The testing is performed without any plan or documentation. The output is totally dependent on the skill and knowledge of the tester.
In order to know when to use each type of testing, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each testing. Using the right method at the right time will save your time and will give the best results. So let’s go through advantages and disadvantages of Manual and Automated testing.
Advantages of Manual testing:
  • In comparison to automated testing, manual testing is less extensive and cost-efficient.
  • Because of the involvement of the human element, we get accurate user interface feedback in testing.
  • The user doesn’t need to change the entire code, in order to make small quick fixes in the app.
  • With manual testing, we can get the exact replication of the real user experience on the web and mobile apps.
  • The manual testing approach is able to handle difficult use case situations better than the automated testing.
Disadvantages of Manual Testing:
  • In manual testing, the choice of recording the testing process is not available and that makes it less efficient.
  • As manual testing is handled by the humans that's why changes in errors are higher.
  • Sometimes the tasks seem to be complicated and unrealistic to be performed manually which may even require additional time to be completed.
Summarised points of Manual testing:
  • Manual testing is time-spending because running test cases in everything is done manually.
  • The tester can observe the application during testing, making the user-friendliness better.
  • Less expensive in the short-term.
  • Low accuracy result.
  • Less reliable.
  • Programming is not required
  • Regression testing is time-consuming and laborious.
  • The same amount of time is required to perform the test cases.

Difference Between Automates Testing and Manual Testing


For optimizing the cost and time required for successful completion of a project, you cannot solely depend on the manual testing or automated testing approach. You may need a right combination of both the testings to get the best output for the product. Krify, the leading Mobile App Development Company that allows keeping track of your manual and automated testing efforts. You can view the test execution results of your manual and automated testing at a single place. It allows you to efficiently collaborate with your team members while performing the testing. If you want to know more about how we use testing, feel free to contact us. Happy Testing..!
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benefits to develop a mobile app for small business

Is Mobile App a Good idea for Small Business?

In a marketplace, every business needs a unique way to show the difference in market and small business is no different. In today’s epoch, mobile apps have become an obligatory part of every young working house, and if it is the small business then there must be an app for the business. As per the research report by App Annie, during this quarter year, there was a lot of mobile app downloads for both iOS and Android platforms which was increased to almost 15% year-over-year. There are copious advantages of a mobile app i.e from directly connecting to the target audience to communicate on the go, a mobile app can do anything that actually works for the success of the business. In general perspective, most of the people spend their maximum time(75%) in checking their mobile once in an hour. With the inception of mobile phone transmutation to smartphones, the very phase of reaching out to customers have changed. Engaging customers was never so easy with the likes of push notifications and geolocation technology and all these reasons are very much required to small business Let’s dive deep into the concept...

How the small business can benefit from mobile apps

If you’re not persuaded that an app is worth the money that you spent and also the efforts you kept, then here are the most notable benefits your app could deliver.
  • Update Customers about new developments - The app may be of any type, you apparently want to integrate new developments and those must be notified to current customers as quickly as possible.
  • Easy Promotion of Product - Business with mobile apps makes a better impact than those without. A mobile app will make your business to be in the top and updating frequently will help you to build interest in your products which reduces the money and effort in other promotional techniques, such as advertisements in newspapers and billboards.
  • Engage, Contact with Customers - There is say  “A Good Business Never end buyer-seller relationships immediately after purchase;” for a business to go well. Mobile Apps will help the customers to socialise in real time, either it may be for offering the promotion or just for the opinion poll i.e they ‘re going to pay for the products.
  • Increase ROI - Once you’re done with the mobile app and is available on different app stores and have advertised it online, chances are a lot more than your regular customer will find out about your product which eventually increases for your sales. Mobile Apps can also be integrated with social media; which actually permits the users to share the app in their respective medium that leads to increasing the audience.
  • Gain Customer Insights - Mobile app has the ability to receive a great volume of data about your customers using the analytics. You can evaluate that data to get valuable insights that can lead to smarter investments to increase the ROI. In fact, a 2017-2018 poll revealed that 83% of organisations believe analytics make existing services and products more profitable

Cost of app development for a small business

While it would be very nice if there was a simple number, the truth is it depends on the number of factors: the type of platform you choose (Android, iOS & Web), Hire the mobile app developer, the technologies that are used to develop the app, and the business model you ’re ultimately trying to serve. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the common cost factors that help to build an app While estimating the cost of the app, we need to consider many factors such as
  • Business Model
  • Type of platform for app
    • Web app
    • Native App
    • Hybrid app
    • Cross-platform
  • Functionalities
  • Design and development
  • Hire a business developer
  • Quality and Testing
Put all these together. The cheapest, quickest option on the market today is probably an app builder site like Krify. If all you need is a simple layout with minimum functionality, app makers can be very economical with tiered subscription plan ranges from $10 - $150 per month.
Want to get the mobile app for your small business with the all the requirement that is necessary. Krify is here to guide you in all aspects. Still in confusion for developing the mobile app for your small business. Please do contact for more details.
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how to boost your business revenue with iphone App

How to boost Your Business Revenue with iOS App

Going out and observing most of the people are carrying different versions of iPhone is no more unexpected scene in today’s era. Having a mobile with user-friendly features and sound performance can reach a huge audience globally. Even though holding an iPhone is a very costly choice, people are crazy to have one which has boosted the popularity of iPhone to a much greater extent. iPhone users can always bear to pay for the apps that they download which are advantageous for iPhone app development companies and can support them to increase their revenueiPhone is not just for the entertainment purpose, fun or joy, through the iPhone users love to shop the apps. This ideas to your next app development. Let’s take the example of a Customized iPhone app. If your enterprise brings a pleasant iPhone app with all the necessary features, you can use it as a powerful tool to address millions of people at once. iPhone app development company can support you create your business application with added power and smart practical utilities paving the way to make communication easier and effective for users. iPhone has surely developed as the best smartphone that most of the persons want thus contributing to the development of unique and innovative iPhone applications.   Your business iPhone app is an online diplomat of your enterprise and capable of driving marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way. On one hand, the iPhone app achieves the ever-changing business requirements, and on the other hand, it can draw and grasp your customers. For this, all you need is high-quality iPhone app development services. According to a survey conducted by Statista.com, Google Play Store is currently having 2.2 million apps and is first on the rank, while Apple App Store is having 2 million apps and is placed the second rank in term of most number of apps. app Revenue Notwithstanding, the Apple App Store is in the second position, there are many businesses who still prefer iOS app development services for running their daily business operations. Every Year, the tech giant apple land with the new versions of iOS and iPhone models. The app development company has to grow accordingly and integrate the latest development techniques. As a result, businesses can get an excellent app that can grant businesspeople to cope with growing competition. Here are a few unusual business benefits of iPhone app development

Major Benefits of iPhone App


Best User Experience(UX)

The App store has kept the powerful standards for accepting the app. While developing the app the iPhone app developers have to keep many aspects in mind to avoid rejection. But the apps with such high standards/rules brings the app with a cool user experience(UX). With the focus on the quality, UI and performance the iPhone app for your business can help to grasp the existing users while enticing the promised customers.

Enhanced Branding

Apple brand identity The customized iPhone app can progress the online visibility of your business significantly.  Aloof from improving the customer services, the business app can increase the value plans. When your app gets a place in the user’s iPhone, your branding can get a boost and chances are honestly high that the user will convert into your loyal customer. All these factors will add to build and improve your brand.

Ultra Security

apples-security-model In reality, online businesses will face various cyber threats on a constant basis. Thankfully, the iPhone business app users will be in a safe zone effectively. Either it may be data duplication or anything, business owners can get rid of the situations of the data breach with the high-end security layer including data encryption. In simple words, iPhone app development can support the entrepreneurs to maintain data privacy and user identity. The in-app purchase and transaction will also be done in a highly secure way.

Ensures High Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors for a successful business. Every company wants to strive for high customer satisfaction. The iPhone app development company ensures that the existing customers will get the same look and feel even in the iPhone app as they get through your website. Your customers can readily get the solutions on the move with your iPhone with your iPhone app and so can achieve increased customer satisfaction.

Return On Investment

A survey says that the iPhone app users are more like to pay for the services. This will boost the iPhone app developers to come up with the best apps and it acts as the best tool to generate revenue, thus gets higher ROI(Return On Investment). Even can generate income from in-app purchase and other monetization techniques which acts as a marketing tool without spending too many bucks.

Increased Scalability

An iPhone app is able to meet the changing business requirements that too with high scalability and flexibility of the app. A solid iPhone app development company can also make your existing app ready to meet the requirements of customers. Even you can integrate advanced features in the iPhone app with ease to stay relevant and strong amid the growing competition.

Safe Transactions

A safe and secured online transaction is needed for a m-commerce and eCommerce. Custom iPhone app development company will let you provide the secure platform to the app users. The best thing with iPhone apps, free from hacking, pishing, can offer a safe and pleasant shopping experience for the iPhone users. What’s more, the encryption will provide an additional safety layer to the transaction.

International Presence

poor-android-vs-rich-iphone A survey was conducted by a research firm Newzoo, that says that mainland China had over 243 million iPhone users, which accounts for almost a one-third of total iPhone users which shows the fact that the presence of iPhones is not restricted to the US and Europe anymore. Basing on this the business can have a global appearance with the customized iPhone app. You can hit the opportunities to stay ahead of the hook.

Niche Audience

target-audience iPhone users more affluent and ready to spend too many bucks to get the premium features of their favorite apps. If your business iPhone app is engaging and interactive for the users, there will be a high chance that it can help you get a niche audience and the loyal users all around the world. Thus your brand gets valuable. That’s not all. The business iPhone app is useful to grow the productivity and efficiency of your business processes. It can also increase communication and collaboration as well. To conclude, if you wish to build an iPhone application it is advisable that you should take the support from iPhone expert or you may need to approach an expert iPhone application development company as they can help you to create a unique app for your business.
 At Krify - iPhone app development company possess high experienced and professional iPhone developers well- versed with the latest tools and technologies that determine a good return on investment…! 
For this reason, nowadays every company hires iPhone app developers to develop their customized iPhone application. You can get consult an iPhone app development company to know how to bespoke iPhone app can boost your sales and take your business to the next level.
We have expert and experienced iPhone app developers team to transform your innovative app idea into an elegant iPhone app - Get a Free Consultation
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hire a expert swift developer

Points to consider to Hire a Expert Swift Developer for your iOS App Development

Are you a mobile marketer or amateur developer excited in developing apps for the iPhone? Here is some beneficial guidance for you. Unless you are an absolute programmer at mobile app development, it is advisable that you hire an iPhone developer to create an iPhone app of your preference. In this article, let's see what is swift programming Language? What is the role of Swift in developing an iPhone app? Why you should hire an expert developer? What are the key aspects to consider while hiring the Swift developer? So, let’s dive deep into the concept

What is Swift Programming Language?

Swift is a powerful and inherent programming language for macOS, iOS and watchOS and tvOS. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is compact yet expressive and includes the modern features that the developers love the most. The code of swift is safe and also produces the software that runs lightning fast. Also, know What WIKI says about Swift programming language? Swift is a general-purpose,multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS family. It is intended to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of existing Objective-C code written for Apple products. It is developed with an open source LLVM compiler framework and has been included in Xcode. On platforms other than Linux, it utilises the objective-c runtime library which allows C, Objective-C, C++ and swift code to run within one program.

What is the role of Swift in developing an iPhone app?

As swift is a new programming language developed for iOS and OS X mobile app development by the Apple. This program truly utilises the best C and Objective C without leaving the constraints of C-language that is used to write the application.
Features of Swift Programming Language
  • Swift follows safe and easy programming patterns
  • Provides latest programming features
  • Syntax will be same as Objective C
  • Best way to write iOS and OS X programs
  • Quick access to existing cocoa Frameworks
  • No need of separate library import to support functionalities like input/output or even the string handling
  • Unites the procedural and object-oriented portions of the language
  • Runtime is the same for both Objective -C and Swift on Mac OS and iOS
The swift language consists a safe and secure programming features to make it simpler, easier and fun to work with. Being simple to use, it is the first industrial quality program that is powerful and enjoyable.

Why you should hire an Expert developer?

Even though the Android app is rising day by day. We see the iPhone apps are enjoying the lion’s share in many iOS marketplaces, as most of the people are looking for the quality based apps. Here are the reasons why you should hire an expert mobile app developer for your project?
  • A professional iPhone developer would possess the required expertise to advise on the latest versions of technologies and also help us to get the best iPhone app as the end result.
  • Experienced iPhone developers will be able to meet your deadlines and finish the desired project in time, and also works inside your stipulated budget.
  • A professional developer will able to create a seamless application that can easily integrate itself to a variety of features that helps to bring the best from the app.

What are the key aspects to consider while hiring the Swift developer?

Apple is one of the front-running mobile platforms. More than 775,000 apps are there for purchase download, user-friendliness and stability; it offers several benefits to business owners. Now see the key aspects to consider while hiring the professional Swift developer
  • Be Explicit with your Requirements
Essentially, you need to know whether the developer to work remotely or from within your company. Once you have the clarity, then you can focus on the qualifications that actually an iOS developer to have. Be sure to mention the required documents are not superficial and mention your needs exactly, clearly and precisely. So that you can save time.
  • Knowledge of Swift & Latest Technologies
Before you choose a developer, it is important to know whether the developer has the knowledge of the swift and other technologies that need to work with the app development. Try to conduct a small research or ask the person with the technical questions related to swift, java, objective - C. Try to know their skills in Swift language, networking, spatial reasoning, design guidelines, Grand Central Dispatch etc.
  • It’s not just about the coding
Yes, while hiring a Swift developer don’t consider his coding part only. Because there is a lot to an app than just coding. The developer should have the strategized functional design skills and deliver a good user experience. So, it's better to go for the developer who has the knowledge on design, utility and testing aspect of the app.
  • Check the Ability to Grasp New Ideas
Some developers tend to keep confined to technologies they know and operate upon. The developer must have the passion to grasp new technologies, the ability to come up with fresh ideas and work with an understanding of your company objectives. Creatively built apps will take the organization to another level
  • Hire an Experienced Professional
You might be in need to hire a swift developer for an iPhone app development services in two scenarios. One, when you want to develop an iPhone app from scratch. And two, when you already have an app that needs bug fixing and problem-solving. During this times you need to hire a swift developer that has experience in solving these problems quickly and easily.
  • Cross check with communication skills
Communication is the base for strategy. The developer must be conversant with various modes such as audio, video, web, phone and email messages. The developer in some cases needs to have a meet with the business owners over Skype or messaging apps that turn out to be an effective alternative compared to lengthy emails. It’s preferable to talk rather than typing lengthy emails or messages.
The screening process for Swift developers is no different than hiring any other platform. All you need to do is clear requirements and follow the above-given steps. Krify had dedicated developers for iPhone App development. Feel free to reach us for your business app.
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Importance of secure server-side programming language - Web Programming Guide

Importance of secure server-side programming language – Web Programming Guide

With the demand and improvements in web technology, it is imperative for every business to have a website which is highly functional, visually attractive and improved security. The manner through which a good website or backend of mobile app or back of the web application really needs the most essential aspects of web development. Web programming is accomplished with the help of programming languages through which instructions are communicated to a machine actions are stalked. When you load the website in your browser, from server to the browser a sequenced messaging had worked with a list of code to bring a page to your screen. Behind the screen, there has a server-side script on the web server that unites the database with front-end and the browser to bring a user requested page with a smooth user-friendly experience. There are many server-side scripting languages out to deliver the best possible results. How-Hacks-Happen Even though we use the best server-side scripting language for web development, there are the utmost cases we get hacked. In general, most hacks are opportunistic you get hacked because an attacker identifies weaknesses in your site or server. Might new weaknesses are discovered every day and these commence to exploits and hacked sites. Opportunistic hackers use an array of tools to recognize the potential targets. It all starts with the list of exploits. For example, let’s say a weakness has been discovered in a popular slideshow plugin. The hacker will learn about this weakness and investigates the plugin. They will detect that there’s a recognizable “footprint” for the plugin - every site that uses it has the text “powered by My  CoolSlideShowPlugin”. From the above point, it was clear that it’s easy to scrape Google to build a huge list of hackable sites. So that’s what the attacker does. Then they write a simple script to perform the hack, they load up their list of targets and set it to lose. The script will go onto the web and attempts to hack every site on the list. Its-Not-Just-WordPress-That-Gets-Hacked It's not just WordPress site gets hacked. Whenever you visit a site, WordPress is the most used component. It’s not only software installed on your server. Server environments are difficult systems, with thousands of moving parts. Security exploits exist at all levels of the technology stack, from hardware up. Wp White Security told that 41% of WordPress sites are hacked through a weakness in the web host. Some software component running on the server machine that had a security hole and a hacker exploited it. As a footnote, a tiny number of sites are hacked through the WordPress core files. This is just to show that how thorough the WordPress team is at closing security holes Sever security is a vast subject - we could easily fill several books covering all the details. We have examined how exploits are discovered and used to hack sites. Your major goal is to protect your site from such an attack. To do that, you must need a understanding of security that we must implement.

What are the key features of security?

  • Know Your System
  • The Principle of Least Privilege
  • Defense in Depth
  • Protection is the Key aspect but Detection is a Must
  • Know Your Enemy

Know your System

Before securing your site, you need to understand how your system works. The deeper you understand, the more easily you spot to fix the weaknesses. Specifically, you need to know which plugins are responsible for which features, what custom code has been added and soon.

The Principle of Least Privilege

Each person who uses the system should have the least privileges they need to perform the tasks. The website designers need not have root access to the server. The writer should only be able to log on and write the content. You do understand who is interacting with your site and understand which privileges they require to perform their tasks.

Defense in Depth

Never depend on a single safety measure to keep the server safe. You need to have multiple security measures of defense. The more layers you deploy, the harder it is to break through and harm the site.

Protection is the key aspect but detection is a must

Do everything to protect your site. Get some ways to detect the attack in order to prevent it to happen in future.

Know Your Enemy

Know the methods that are used to attack the website. This will allow us to be more secure from hackers. Instead of the above-mentioned tactics to know the hackers, we need to implement some technical methods to overcome attackers.

How to protect your website against attacks?

Security-An-overview A business can adopt the below-mentioned policy to protect itself against web server attacks.
  • SQL Injection - In order to reduce the attacks you need to sanitize and validate the user parameters before getting submitted to the database for processing. Database engines as MS SQL server, MYSQL etc supports the parameters and prepared statements. They are much safer than any traditional SQL statement.
  • Denial of service attacks - Firewall is the best one that is used to drop traffic from suspicious IP address if the attack is a simple DoS. Proper configuration of networks and Intrusion Detection System helps to reduce the chances of a DoS attack been successful.
  • Cross Site Scripting - XSS attacks can be reduced with the help of validating and sanitizing headers, parameters passed via the URL, form parameter and hidden values.
  • Cookie/Session Poisoning - This can be avoided by encrypting the contents of the cookies, timing out the cookies after some time, coordinating the cookies with the client IP address that was used to create them.
  • Form Tempering - We can prevent it by validating and verifying the user input before processing.
  • Code Injection - This can be prevented by considering all the parameters as data rather than executable code. This can be implemented using sanitization and validation.
  • Defacement - Best web application development security policy should ensure that it seals the commonly used vulnerabilities to access the web server.
By following this we can get rid of hackers and keep our website safe and secure. In this geek story, we’ll list

The 5 most popular and the best server-side scripting languages for web development

Here we go -  


The majority of the vulnerabilities in PHP coding are caused by the poor development of developer that did not accurately mistrust user input. In simple words, the developers need not involve the code to sufficiently or correctly sanitize various form of user input. The two key major key factors that make your Php site secure is at the input to Validate and Sanitize and at output to Sanitize and Escape. Which means you are performing checks at the input and output points. When we consider, Php is most popular open source server-side HTML - embedded scripting used for web development to form dynamic web pages. It is mostly used for small or medium level website development compared to other languages. Generally, Php was designed for the web pull and edit information in the database. Even though demand for Python is increasing, PHP is still very popular.


The major reason that the Java become such a very popular target for attacks.The huge Eco-system of add-on software components in Java. In fact, Java is the second most easy language to hack by the mid-level hacker as Java was designed at the maximum compatibility, It is an object-oriented, that it runs on the host of device, class-based and concurrent language that will work on any platform that developed by the sun micro system. But still, if have an expert on your side as Java is a little complex to hack. Businesses consider java because it’s very helpful for the enterprise-level business applications, high-traffic sites, and Android apps as it have a unique functionalities that no other programming language do provide.


It is the fastest growing language and widely accepted in the web market. It’s simplicity and readability makes it great for beginners.it can backs up many programming paradigms such as OPPS's, structured programming and even functional programming. A lot of web developers are using the python. so as to get the results of its flexibility and the board range of application. As with any coding language, security is the major thing to consider at front-end for all the python developers especially for those with giant database of sensitive information that could lead to terrible consequences if hacked or breached. In order to protect the code from hackers python uses Checkmarx’s CxSAST, a static code analysis solution, that stands out to test solutions as not the solution which actually protect the python code and compliance issues, but also as tool to the organization’s advancement.


ASP.NET facilitates an impressive set of cryptography-related classes for protecting the even most sensitive data. All through ASP.NET is simple to implement cryptography throughout the application. ASP.NET is an open-source web framework that was developed by Microsoft for building modern web applications and services. With ASP.NET you can quickly create websites based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and can add complex capabilities like Web APIs, form over data, or real-time communications. It can be built on the common language run time(CLR), allowing the programmer to write ASP.NET code using any supported .net language. It is well documented and has an active developer community and well-written documentation.


C# is one of the most popular and multi-paradigm programming languages of Microsoft's which has run on .NET framework. As we know C# is the flagship language chosen for the Secure server-side programming. As you know, C# is hard-pressed to find language that has a great depth from an enterprise standpoint. The original replace of Java, JVM is the whole platform with C# It coordinates productivity and versatility by blending the best aspects of the C and C++ languages. It includes imperative, functional, generic, object-oriented and component-oriented programming principles. Don't get panic about your site from the above it was clear that, if there was a hacker for your site, there will be a security guard for the same. Still you are scare to have a web site for your business? Krify is here to assist you with a strong and secure website.
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Enhanced UI Trends & Android Notifications.Style

Enhanced UI Trends & Android Notifications.Style – Design Guide

A few months ago, the mobile engagement platform localities conducted a survey on 1000 users and it has agreed that push notifications are better designed and accepted today than they were a few years ago. Marketers communicate using mobiles and push notifications became part of our daily lives. On average impressions on the phone per day is 2617 times and spends nearly 2 hours and 56 minutes on their mobile devices every day, which equates to an approximate of 86 hours/month. What’s worse, we won't spend to much time communicating through text or by attending calls. More than 90% of our time spent on apps using mobile devices. Most of the apps are specially designed to be attention hogs, using color themes, wording and layouts that make them extremely addictive. Initially let’s know what is a notification and how they appear on the device? A notification is a message that android displays outside your app’s UI to provide the user with notes, communication from other people, or other timely information from your app. Users can tap the notification to open or take an action directly from the notification. In this article, we got to discuss the design and interaction patterns using notification. style API in both mobile and wearable apps.

Appearance of Notification On Devices

The notifications can appear to the user in different locations and formats such as an icon in the status bar, in the notification drawer with clear detailed entry, as a badge on the app’s icon, heads - up notification, lock screen notification, or on the paired wearable automatically.
  • Status Bar and Notification Drawer

When you get the notification on the phone, it will appear first as an icon in the status bar. The user can swipe down to check the notification drawer on the status bar, where they can view more details and take action with the notification if required. To have an expanded view the user can drag down on a notification in the drawer, that displays the additional content and action buttons if needed. A notification remains visible in the notification drawer until the user or app dismiss. Status bar and notification drawer
  • Lock Screen

Beginning with Android 5.0(Android API level 21), notifications can appear even on the lock screen. You can even programmatically set the level of notification details to display on the lock screen by the app or whether to display the notification on the lock screen. In user point of view, using the settings user can choose what sort of data to display in lock screen notifications, including the option to disable all lock screen notifications. While in Android 8.0, users can choose to disable or enable lock screen notifications for each notification channel. Lock screen notification
  • Heads-up Notification

Beginning with Android 5.0, notifications that can temporarily appear in floating windows called a heads-up notification. This way is normally important for notifications that the user should know immediately, but this will allow the notification to appear only if the device is unlocked. This heads-up notification appears for a moment and disappears, but it will be visible in the notification drawer. The conditions that might trigger the heads-up notifications include the following
  1. The app uses fullScreenIntent when the user activity is in full-screen mode.
  2. When the device running with API level 25(Android 7.1) or lower, the notifications will be given high priority and even uses ringtones or vibrations.
  3. While the devices with API Level 26(Android 7.1) or higher, the notification channel has given the high priority.
Heads-up notification
  • App Icon Badge

In devices running using Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, the app icons will indicate the notifications with a coloured “badge” or also known as “notification dot” on the corresponding app launcher icon. The user can long-press on the app icon to see the notifications for the respective app. Users can then ignore or act on notifications from that menu, similar to the notification drawer. App icon badge To know more about how badges work, read Notification badges.
  • Wear OS Devices

If the user has a matched wear OS device, all your notifications appear there automatically, including expandable detail and action buttons. Even you can enhance the experience by customizing some appearances for the notification on wearables and provide different actions, including suggested replies and voice input replies. You can also follow this here to know how to add wearable-specific features to your notification. Wear OS devices From the above, it was clear about how the android notification style has come up with the icon badges for notifications in the mobile and wearable devices. As Android is another major platform for mobile devices that uses the material design. Now we go for

4 Enhanced UI trends of 2018


1. Uniqua - An Android Application Template for Your Business

Uniqua is an E-Commerce app template that is used to manage your business. It is a configurable android mobile app which allows you to add multiple categories(shoes, fashions, electronics)of products and subcategories(male, female, kids). It has engaging and animated UI with material design. This app will help you to promote and sell the products. UNIQA Special features:
  • Full MVP Pattern Code
  • Clean and Well Commented Code
  • Google AdMob Integration
  • Choose Product Size, Increment and Decrement Quantity
  • Order Summary
  • UI Material Design

2. Android Ultimate - Material design UI and Template Features

Android Ultimate has over 25+ modules enclosed in a single template. These modules are categorized into 3 sectors, namely material highlights, Android Patterns and Bonus. Every module is carried into the template with a simple demo of the module. Android Ultimate Special features:
  • Highlights of Google’s Material Design, as such Toolbar, Tabs, FAB, Recyclerview, Pickers & Dialogs.
  • All the usual patterns of Android App, such as App Intro, Login, Pull To Refresh, Textview & UI Elements.
  • 8 themes.
  • Well Documented. Even Foreign projects are also Documented.

3. Animated Dashboard with social shares

Android animated dashboard pattern UI is created to make any user feel free to use the app easily from the very first screen, with simple navigation. None of the incorporated activities does anything more than display a line or two of the text. This makes it a good starting point for building your own dashboard app. It supports more than 50 pre-built animations that you can choose from your own layout. Animated Dashboard With Social Share Special features:
  • 50 pre-built animations
  • Share app utility via
  • SMS o Email
  • Easy customization

4. Faded - inventive app landing page template with blog

Faded is a modern app landing page template beautifully crafted for use in any related product in the industry, like mobile apps, saas applications, software, digital products even books or magazines. This is done using HTML5, CSS3, JS JQuery and Bootstrap. It is highly responsive so that you can develop your own new and awesome landing page for all types of devices. Faded Special features:
  • Fully Responsive Bootstrap Based (3.x)
  • Working Contact Form
  • MailChimp Integrated
  • Blog, Blog Single Post Included
  • Very Smooth Transition Effects
  • Super Easy To Customize
  • Well Commented Code
  • W3C Valid Code
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