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How much does it cost to develop an online e-card creator mobile app?

People always express themselves in different ways. Some express their feelings through words. Some others express their feelings through SMS, which is fairly popular. A great way to convey your loved ones about your feelings is through a letter or a card. Think about what actually you feel to write and your letter might just be super effective in touching them. Though this way of expressing is quite traditional and on the brink of fading, the thought of sending seasonal greetings, valentine cards, birthday wishes all sounds just great, but there are times when you cannot send tonnes of cards to your family and friends and loved ones, owing to some naive reasons. In such scenarios, we should thankful to the online e-card creating apps are there for your rescue. E-cards have grown up from tacky offerings of the 1990s and are an environmentally friendly way to send a greeting - especially this days. Creating your own e-card has now become easier for everyone that’s just because of the online e-card maker app development. These apps allow both Android and iOS device users for creating your own e-card pretty easily and quickly. At present, there are lots of mobile apps in the market for various purpose, even there are several online e-card design apps out as well which enables everyone to create some amazing e-cards for their loved ones. Get ready to showcase your creativity next time! This online e-card design apps in the app store offer robust and excellent customization abilities to the app users.

Why e-cards are a better option as compared to e-mails?

From the name of e-card itself implies that it is very much a digital alternative to greeting cards or postcards. Here you will be surprised how the donor will send the e-card is anyhow different from a dedication email. The answer will be very simple which ables to use personalize your cause in a branded and highly stylized manner. Let’s go with an example, imagine that you got a flower bouquet with a type note versus one delivered with a personalized handwritten card that makes all the difference doesn’t it? There is so much of value and emotions attached to a personalized touch that cannot bring a smile on the face of the receiver. Likewise, e-cards do the same little deeper to both the donor and dedicatee. Where the emails lack most certainly. All this gave an opportunity for a supporter’s personal experience with your business. The same with greeting cards, the e-card purpose is not just restricted to holidays. In fact, many businesses timely revive their designs and offering something new to match various seasons, as it can be regarding cause awareness days, or just keeping a few more permanent options reflect occasions that take place all around the year such as weddings, birthdays and engagements.

Online e-card maker apps wonders

There are lots of businesses that launched their own online e-card creator mobile app development that enable the user to showcase their creative skills and surprise their loved ones. These online e-card design apps offer various templates for different occasions like holidays, special days, fun occasions and even for everyday reasons. So try to spend little time out and make your feeling into a free and splendid e-card. You are pretty enough to leave the receiver beaming who will be amazing at your effort and the sophisticated and beauty of the online e-card designs. These apps enable the user to change each detail of the free e-card so as to suit the message that they actually are keen to convey and as per their taste, preferences of the receiver. All this can be done just by using the simple online e-card maker app that is available on the online search. This app offers a lot to the users and it will be a much profitable deal if you plan to create an e-card creator mobile app of yours to make some good revenue. Join the bandwagon and create an online e-card mobile app for your users which is simple and offers attractive options as well as take the work out of the physical card thoughts.

Steps to create an e-Card

e-card maker mobile apps are the one amazing way to create online e-cards for any type of occasion with high-quality images and graphics. Creating the e-card making is fun for the users and thus offers awesome tools for the same. Next time when your users are interested in offering a lovely online surprise for the loved one on some special occasion or holiday, then they can create a custom made e-card via e-card maker app using bit creativity and imaginative skills. Let’s get to the topic of how to create an e-card? The process/steps involved is pretty simple and the same in most mobile apps.
  • Open the desired app and pick the card design type.
  • Select the library of professional graphic design elements like frames, icons, banners and more.
  • Upload your own photos or can select from the stock images offered by the app
  • Fix the images, edit text and add striking filters.
  • Save and share.

How to create a custom e-card?

  • Alter the images by uploading their own images or just pick the image from the app stock library of around a million illustrations and pictures.
  • Alter the font and its size by selecting from many fresh fonts offered.
  • Alter the background by opting from the library or using an image.
  • Alter the colours of the text boxes and text to add extra flair.

Features of an e-Card maker mobile app

Planning to develop creator mobile app for your business, it's very important to know about all the necessary functionalities.
  • Imagery
  • Themes
  • Video Card
  • Multi-lingual
  • Typography
  • Real-time statistics
  • Multiple Design & themes
  • Social media sharing
  • Set Speed
  • Background music for videos
  • Multiple Occasion
  • Business Signature
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Custom Music
  • Simple and fast UI

Monetization model for e-Card Creator Mobile App

In general, there are two types of monetization models for e-card creator mobile app:
  • Provide demo trial and after that, then paid conversation
Here the app users will allow using the app for free for a certain period and then in order to use continuously the app, they need to pay for it.
  • Paid themes and stickers
The user needs to pay for advanced themes and stickers in order to use.

How to develop an e-card maker mobile app? And what is the development team structure required?

The development team is quite crucial for the creation of any kind of mobile app development and the same goes with creating an e-card creator mobile app as well, here the development team must consist of the following:
  • Project manager
  • Android and iOS developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Database Experts
  • Quality Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
Once all this team has been put together, it is the time to explore how much will be cost to create an e-card maker mobile app?

How Much Does it Cost To Develop E-card Maker?

The mobile app development market is growing at a huge pace and hence it is not a surprise that most people are curious about the cost of an e-card maker app creation. In order to find about the development cost of an e-card maker mobile app, you need to remember these main considerations:
  • Type and number of platforms (iOS, Android, etc) that you are looking to develop.
  • Design(Custom, Individual, Basic)
  • The number of estimated users
  • Number of Screens and other factors
Considering all these factors in mind, the mobile app development cost will depend on the features and functionalities that the customer want to integrate into the app. The complete cost of development will depend on the complete set of features that going to include in the app. Make sure that the app developed should worth the money spend and the quality.
Creating an efficient and sustainable e-card maker app requires a broad range of technological tools and a team of innovative and experienced developers who know how to build an online e-card maker appGet in touch with us to discuss your project and give a form to your ideas. krify is the one best online e-Card creating app development company UK as well as India.
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API Load testing

Does Your Project need API Load Testing?

The client-server principle is standard for any application to run. The Client and server are connected through the API which transfers data between them. API can be tested by accessing the app concurrently by multiple users. Any software is not beneficial if it is not scalable and can not handle more users. So you need to verify if your app is able to manage the users and for this, you have to do load testing and increase the performance of the app by dodging some major unexpected problems. Let us learn more about API Load Testing. API load testing is done when many users access the app from several systems concurrently. With the increasing number of users, the performance of the app is tested. It is tested by sending requests to one endpoint to check the behaviour of the system under load conditions. Through multithreading, we can send many requests from one workstation. It generally takes place after the first testing cycle and at this stage, the system should be having a good performance.

Advantages of load testing


If the applications terminate when multiple users request or use the app then people will leave your app and will not prefer to use it further. As they already got many options you need to show that your applications differ from the other applications that are trending in the market by providing better performance and by fulfilling the user's requirement. So the performance of API plays a major role in the working of the app.

Fast Performance

Most of the people leave the website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load so it is important that you have to be concerned about having proper API testing as it leads to defiling the reputation of your business if not tested properly. If the app is tested by considering different test cases there are chances that more errors can be identified and improved.

Comprehensive statistics

There is a need to gather the statistics of the time taken by the app to load with the growing requests during the API load testing. Some providers require the API response time to be less than 2 seconds. There are some KPI lie the minimum, average and maximum response times, request processed for an equal interval of time etc with this information you an estimate the performance of the app.

How to create an API load test

There are several tools and methods to do load testing. It depends on the project requirements and the choice of the testing team.

Planning for outlines

As the first step for any testing process includes planning. Some information is gathered during the project planning by which the performance is checked. Based on which test cases are prepared. There are two approaches by which we can perform load testing. The volume testing where the system is made to handle a huge workload for a limited time and the other method is where a medium workload is subjected to the system for a long time. By these test, the bugs can be detected. Load testing gives the idea of how many apps or processes can be run at the same time by taking the required use cases and feasible modifications in API request traffic. Gatling or Apache JMeter are generally used to perform load testing Gatling helps us to create new load test scenarios as the script runs creating an informative HTML report recording the response time of every request. Apache JMeter has a graphical user interface mode that allows us to make test plans manually or by selecting from the templets. Also, GUI mode provides debugging and enables us to look through the test results. we can also use non-GUI mode to execute the load test from the command line if we have a plan ready.

Load testing

During the load testing, the information collected during the planning is tested. Also, the correlation is applied to understand which server is responding dynamically and which of the server is static. It is vital to uses correlation to handle dynamic content and can be ignored when testing pages with content like homepages etc. After completing the load testing the data is connected and is made ready for further developments and the test is done. In case the system. Database and processes could not meet the requirements then the power can be increased and tested until it meets the demands of the customers. You need to be very careful during the Performance Testing of an API. Gatling is an open source and performance testing tool. Here are some reasons to prefer Gatling
  • You can use various local servers as well as cloud servers to prepare and run tests it runs on any system.
  • Your tests can be stored in a version control system that facilitates collaboration, save all work and keeps the record os all the changes.
  • There is no need for any extra plugins as it provides informative dashboards
  • It has advanced and high-quality architecture.
JMeter is an advanced open- source load testing tool which can imitate a huge load on a server by making requests. It has its own advantages.
  • Usability
  • Ability to run on any operating system
  • Effective reporting
  • Logic controllers for setting up tests.

Tools used

Some specific tools are used to perform load testing.  These tools help us to analyse the following:
  • It allows the developers and QA specialists to interact and collaborate
  • It shortens the built cycle which helps in providing the high-level performance to the application.
  • Helps in setting up performance testing within the software supply chain.
  • Using the appropriate tools we increase the user continues to a point where the system fails or simultaneously loads the users.
Closing words
In case you know your servers ability then you need not go for load testing else you need to load testing to increase the performance of the app. We should consider the limitations make it available for the expected number of users.
At Krify we are well experienced in Automated API Testing Services we provide API Testing Services for Web Applications and also Automated API Testing Services for Mobile. Krify is one of the best API load testing services in India. Also, we provide API load testing services in the UK. You can reach us here.
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On-Demand Water-less Car Wash and Wax is Near Future

On-Demand Water-less Car Wash and Wax is Near Future

For decades, there has been the only way to wash a car with a mitt and a shampoo by following in a queue for your turn or leaving over the car to a service provider for some-time to provision. Now getting a car wash is simple to every car owner to keep his car clean on. And all these are possible with the mobile apps and innovative brains who can take responsibility to drive the car wash services. Let's know about the trendy waterless car wash now. The waterless car washing technology comes with no big expectations to go, and the fact is the waterless car washing technology comes manpower enabled with less missionary for a great polish up. The products used for waterless car wash are more detail spray and simply mist the product on the car and just wipe it with a dry towel. It is that convenient with a waterless car wash.

How does the waterless car wash operate?

With the help of digital technology, Waterless car washing becomes one of the on-demand services for car washing in countries like UAE, US and UK. Where with the help of mobile apps most of the bookings for car wash has been shorted over just a finger touch on schedule given by the service providers at his place and in other models as per customer availability at his own place. Here, in simple steps how a waterless car washing app works:
  • Register & Login to the app.
  • Select and schedule the waterless car wash order.
  • Detailer arrives at your address and will take nearly 25-30 min for a waterless car wash.
  • Gets payment status done once your done with payment method and gets discount if you have coupon or code.

Features that have made waterless car wash app a big success

Location service and map
People can select the location using GPS, Map and can get the advantage of waterless car wash service at their desired location.
Whenever a waterless car wash order is placed or canceled technician will be notified through notification.
Place wash order
The customer can select the package for which they want to opt and place an order for a waterless car wash.
Browsing wash-technicians
They can also browse the best available technician surrounding & avail the service from the best technician for a waterless car wash.
Customers note by SMS for cancellation or confirmation of any order and the payment procedure.
Payment integration
Payment can be done easily through m-wallet by nullifying the need to carry cash.
Quality Assurance
Once the car has benefited the service as per the package they can look at car condition through pictures.

Benefits having a waterless car-wash:

Saves gallons of water
The products used for waterless car wash are Quic Shibe, IBIZ. By using these, even a drop of water for car washing is not required. If required they can use a small amount of water. This will save 20 to 50 gallons of water. It not only conserves water. Indeed, the price of water also.
Cleans in a proper way
Waterless car wash removes not only dirt but cleans the car properly in a simplified manner. It can be used to get rid of tree sap, scuff, road tar, bug marks to make your car looks like a new brand car.
Harmless cleaning
By going through this, it ensures no harm to your vehicles during cleaning as most of the car wash formula contains a mix of special lubricants and cleaning agents that surround with dirt and lift dirt particles. By this, the surface of the vehicle is wiped out and cleans any scratching when occurs.
Saves time
This is the major merit of all the benefits. It will save a lot of time and period. The process of waxing and washing a car with wash less solution takes a maximum of time i.e 30 min which is less than the time taken by traditional way of washing a car.
Ensures a protective finish
It is very simple to wash up the car by providing a protective finish in 3 steps.
  • Spray.
  • Wipe and
  • Buff.
In the whole process, the person has to spray the formula, let that soak for a few minutes, wipe it off and then buff it. That the easiest and as simple as the process.
Ease of application
The spray will be in a liquid form, so it is easy to apply when compared to traditional car wax process. So it is easy to keep the car a shiny and new look, without the wastage of water i.e, destruction of the environment by using these waterless car washes so, give it a try.
Long lasting and protection
These waterless cleaning products give your car longlasting protection and shine. Salt and Catalytic converter emissions are the things protect your car from harm. It gives you protection from the water for up to 3 months.
Saves the budget
The budget on purchasing full car care products is reduced when you opt for waterless car cleaning products. Day after day you will realize how much money you saved on these products.

Technology Stack used for On Demand Carwash App Development

Before developing an app, sound technology infrastructure is the first most priority must be given remarkable attention. Thus, analyzing the app specifications, technical domains is important for Car washing mobile app.
Inquire with us to more about Technology Stack used for On Demand Carwash App.
Location Tracking
Based on users proximity sensors mobile app, tracks the current location on a real-time basis of the user. For IOS Apple maps and Android Google maps provides all required functionalities for tracking.
Voice, SMS and Mobile verification
For keeping spam bots at bay and for authenticity the stack app developer can go for google sign in or facebook SDK.

Myths Of waterless car washing

  1. The waterless car wash will scratch my car’s paint. Make sure to use quality microfiber towels. Either ask the manufacturer for the better quality of towels. You are dealing with a surface that is sandy and muddy. You will literally need a pre-rinse. Many of them argue that pre-rinse defeats the objective of the waterless car wash. Whatever it is you need to remove heavy contaminants before cleansing the car.
  2. In general, people think that waterless car wash doesn’t contain water but basically, it has less water which dips the microfiber towels to clean the car.  
  3. Quick detailing product and waterless car wash products are the same. These waterless car wash products have greater cleaning power than other detailer products.
  4. Using a waterless car wash product does not really help the environment. The best analysis is to compare the waterless car wash to other options available in the market.

Solutions by Waterless car wash app

  1. Enhances the efficiency of your business. To lucid the problems of the consumers, it is important to enhance the efficiency of your name, because more efficiency means more productivity. Indeed there is a need to learn how to identify the disorganized process in the current startup business model. As the business must work for both the consumer and businesses. The idea of taking services to forward to the consumer is growing interest in the on-demand world where you can order anything online.
  2. Excludes the inconvenience. By eliminating the inconvenience can customer feels more connected to service or product. Before starting, you required to understand the real-life problems of consumers in a particular location. The main thing that faced by peoples is never ending waiting to get service done. Including conveniences and ease that offer good service for customers which enhances the experience.
  3. Focus on ensuring solutions for both B2C and B2B. The B2B is more flexible by offering opts for packages and prices and for B2C should offer an innovative platform for both consumers and businesses.
There is a rapid increase in the on-demand economy from the past coming years. If you start up an idea of creating an app for a waterless car wash then you need to cross verify your idea with mobile app development company or hire a professional full-stack developer, who has experience in mobile app development and web development.

How Krify can help you develop the waterless car wash Mobile app?

Waterless car wash technology is the future of app technology, Krify is the best Mobile app development company for a car wash. we do have the perfect talented developers and innovative designers that develop your concept into reality.
Krify is one of the best car wash app development company India and also website development company for a car wash. It has successfully made 500+ apps and successfully delivered it to clients. Integrating of SDK, core libraries and social media platforms with an app are the main points we do. Just drop a call we will do the app as per your requirement. Contact us at…..
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fashion app development

Main Features of a Fashion E-commerce app development

Fashion is amazing and exciting as well. It easily attracts many people with new trends and models. But why do people need to wait in the store and feel bored In case they need to buy fashion items? Its time to change and bring zing to fashion purchases. You can provide the customers with more comfort buy building a fashion app. You can help customers browse the new arrivals and existing products at their fingertips which makes them want to search for more products and purchase. It also increases the sales of your business. Here are some important features to be considered for a Fashion eCommerce App Development if you want to build a fashion app.

Customer Panel for Fashion App



This is the first step the user needs to do after installing the application. The user needs to get registered in the app to view the products of the app and purchase them. It would be helpful if the registration process is easy so the user will be engaged with the app if it is interactive and easy to use.


The user must be able to view various products of different categories available. They should be aligned properly accordingly so it would be easy for the user to browse and select the product.


An easy way to search for a particular product should be enabled with a search button. So the users need not go searching for a single product throughout the website. Features like sorting, filters, and grouping make search simple and fast.


Online payment is common these days and not having an inbuilt payment option is definitely a great loss to your business Also Customers should be able to pay in the mode they choose, with a wide variety of options available.

Scheduled Delivery

Customers should have the freedom to choose delivery times based on their ease. There is no need to wait until the order comes keeping their works aside.


Cancellation option should be provided as the customers can change their mind regarding the product and might want to cancel the purchase.


From the history of the customer orders, it should be easy for the customer to reorder any product which they canceled.


The user should be able to track the product before the delivery and see the real-time status of the delivery date. Being updated about the product is important for the user.

Offers and discounts

Customers should get to know about the sales or discounts on the brands available in your app. This can help them purchase according to their preferred budget.

Rating and feedback

The rating and feedback should be taken from the customers for better improvement of your business. The customers will share there experience with the app and the delivery of the products in the feedback sections which helps another user to check the reviews before ordering the product.

Admin panel for Fashion App


Managing Stores

In case you have multiple stores at different places you no longer need to worry about the maintenance you can manage all from the single place using a mobile app. It would be tough to manage different stores at different locations in a traditional way without using a mobile app.

Assign Managers

You can easily manage the managers and control the working of the store from the app. You need not waste time visiting the place frequently to check its working etc.


The admin can manage and control every single step from the dashboard. He can modify can feature if needed and also add or delete some stuff from the app


The admin should be able to send the push notifications of the updates made in the app so the user will be able to see the new offers or sale. Also but constantly reminding the user about the app helps you increase sales as the user automatically remembers your app when he wants to purchase any product. This helps you reduce the gap between customer expectations and your actual output.

Store Locator

Use a map to let the people know the location of your store which is nearest to theirs. This would make it easy for them to reach you faster.  The easy the process the more customers are attracted to use your app.

Store pickup

You can combine both online and offline feature by allowing them to order online and pick up offline in case they don't want to send on delivery charges. This can allow them to manage their time accordingly.


Feedback is important also to the admin as he can make the required modification in the app according to the customer needs and demands which helps in improving the business and sales.

Advanced Features to be considered for Fashion App


Help and support

This is something the customer expects when they use the app for the first time. It is important to keep the customer clear about the app so that he can use it without much difficulty and helps you Unite with customer support to sort out any doubts immediately and keep customers happy.

Live tracking path

You can use google maps or GPS to track the vehicle route and live location. It is also possible to Track the speed of the vehicle and if send notifications to the driver based on his speed and driving which allows the driver to be safe and alert while driving.

Order Notification in Real Time

You can stay updated with the real-time order from the notifications. Receive full information on all new orders in real-time and stay on top of the thing and Know specifically where each order stands whether it’s new, in progress or finished.
Krify is one of the leading companies that provides mobile applications and web development services. If you are searching for a Fashion eCommerce Application Development Solution India. You are at the right place. We at Krify have 10+ years of experience in developing different e-commerce apps. There are many Fashion apps development companies in India. But our experienced and the dedication to deliver the best to the customer makes us one of the best Fashion website design company you can reach us anytime, we will be glad to assist you.
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utility mobile app

Popularity of Utility Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industries 2019

Manufacturing Industries being highly automated are regularly under the necessity of increasing its production to meet the demands of the rapidly changing market. As the vital role of any manufacturing company is to afford good quality products to its customers. Initially, it is apparent to have a count and data of the products and their quality that is being supplied but with the increasing business, it becomes difficult to monitor all the products and their quality that is delivered. This led to the popularity of Order Management software System development companies. As per the modern study, it is proved that the cost control, extended the reach and increased capability is possible by using a mobile app for the business making Mobile app development for manufacturing industry a must. Acknowledging the benefits of having a mobile app for a company these days, mobile apps are becoming popular and are in good use in the industry today. As the influence of the mobile apps is almost in all the sectors irrespective of their services and products but mostly it is useful for a manufacturing company which needs to have a count of the total products and delivering good quality. According to recent studies, around 45% of all inventory tasks today are done via mobile apps. Manufacturing apps are cost-efficient technology to integrate into your business. Some reasons why mobile app is useful for Manufacturing Industry are:

Benefits of Having Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industry:


Coordinate- delivery:

The advanced features and the technology used in mobile apps will let you coordinate the product from the start till delivery. You can check the expected delivery time whenever required. Mobile apps are used to access business data for stimulated decision-making procedure. You can also organize with supply chain managers and logistics manager through the mobile app


Tracking of the product is possible with the algorithms that are used in designing a mobile app. You can check the quality and status of the order with analysis and reports.and also make sure you will be updated with any kind of changes if made by integrating mobile CRM systems with order management process, development process, and delivery. This can be done with the Delivery Tracking system development in mobile apps.


The product delivery can be canceled easily by the user without having to reach out to the producer. There is no need to contact different people for canceling the delivery. You can also have the data of cancellation date and time details in case necessary.

Recorded Data:

There can be recorded data on what has been purchased and delivered. So the user can have a look at what all he ordered along with the delivery date and time of the product at any time in his mobile device.


This is one more advantage in having a mobile app where you can actually view the experience of the users with the product and its delivery from the comments section which is also known as feedback section. This helps to make the required improvements in your business according to the user needs and requirements.


Mobile apps help you stay in contact with the customer easily. You can know more about the customer by contacting them individually, this way you can act according to the user's interest which will be helpful or your business.


You can easily update the user with any kind of updates from your business through a mobile app by send notification to the user for the maintenance of machinery for improved production. Being updated with the information keeps the user in contact with the business for a longer period of time. From the benefits mentioned above, you can easily understand how Mobile Apps are Impacting the Manufacturing Industry today. Almost all the business have already moved into mobile apps for promoting their business, There are thousands of mobile apps today which are used to increase and manage the productivity of manufacturing industries some of them are listed below.

Top Utility App Concepts in the Manufacturing Industry:



This app concept is used for various tasks like automating processes, record inspections, flag items, and assign tasks by many professionals. When don't know how to code but want a customized app you can use AppSheet as it is not only an app but also a platform to build apps. You can quickly customize the features, data, logic, and UI of your app. Also, it is totally free to prototype and you could get your first app.

Audit App:

It is used for manufacturing areas, offices, and work sites, this app comes with a great template to begin improvement activities in your organization. This can be used when you need to conduct any audits in a particular area.

Manufacturing 360:

This app concept helps you learn to stand in the race with different nocturnal technologies like advanced robotics and logistics simulation, closed-loop quality solutions and CAD/CAM software etc. It is a general app that lets you experience digital manufacturing in interactive factory conditions and helps users streamline their own operations and strategy.


This concept is available on both desktop and mobile and is used in managing the warehouse receiving or to track delivery etc. It also helps keep your team on track and makes it easy to manage employees. The app has a dashboard view which shows all vendors and construction sites on a map, table view which shows active and complete packages.


MRPeasy allows you to create manufacturing orders, plan and assign tasks within a production calendar. It is basically a product planning software which allows complete viewing of key factors for your manufacturing processes and any information that is needed to develop your competence.
Final Thoughts:
Choosing a Manufacturing app which will be used in increasing the efficiency of your company is really tough. There are many Inventory management system development companies. We at Krify provide website development and mobile app development services. Also, we have a team experienced and skilled developers that use next-generation manufacturing technology and designing unique and customized applications for our customers considering the trends in the market and the requirements of the clients. It's important to furnish your business with the right support with one of the good Equipment Inspection App development company. 
At Krify our team is dedicated to helping people and businesses achieve their goals. Have any ideas about owning a mobile app? Or need any suggestions regarding some best mobile solutions? Reach us anytime our team would be happy to assist and help you 24/7.
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Digital Transformation weekly roundup

Digital Transformation Heartening Key Business Decisions

We came up with another exciting topic for this week. As we all are aware of the importance of digital transformation in the present world let us know more in detail about it in this blog. Digital transformation, in general, is the digital technology being used in different areas of business resulting in the change in business operations and the value of the products and their delivery. This is actually a transformation of the business working from a traditional way to the modern and advanced procedure. Although digital transformations vary every single point still there are few constants and common themes among existing case studies that all business and technology leaders should consider as they start on digital transformation. Some digital transformation elements are often cited:
  • Workforce enablement
  • Culture and leadership
  • Customer experience
  • Operational Agility
  • Digital technology integration
Digital Transformation matters these days as everyone has shifted to digital and in case you want to compete within the race you also need to implement the ongoing technologies. Many companies have told that digital transformation has increased noticeable profits for the business. Some of the main factors that are driving digital transformation are:

Main factors that are driving digital transformation

Long-term Impact:

As of now, we can say digitalization has increased unemployment, automation has been used in the place of workers. But maybe in a couple of years, we can say that digitalization and automation will be the reasons for an increase in jobs. Much programming skill will be needed to develop and maintain digital technology.

Role of CIO:

As the digitalization increases and the working of the business changes, it is the CIO’s that will be responsible for either the success or failure of the business. The role of CIO will become an important one as they are the people who know the present IT infrastructure of the company and the future demands. They should lead and manage the business with upcoming technologies such as digitalization.

Data security:

Data security plays a very major role in business growth. It is not the loss of more data brings more loss to the company but if the data lost is very confidential data then that brings more loss to the company. Even though there are many technologies and algorithms used to prevent data from leaking still there are equally many reports such as hacking etc. By digitalization, we can have good data security.

Business assurance:

The digital economy is all about the continuous deployment of new services onto IT on premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Managing the digital economy is very difficult and by 2020 many businesses will shift to digitalization. Businesses will have to ensure that the should adapt to the digitalization, else they can not sustain the increasing competitions in the business world.
Krify is one of the leading Global IT services providing company based in UK and India. We also have an expertise digital marketing team who helps  your business to get online presence worldwide. You can contact us for more information we would be happy to help you.
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Courier app development company in UKCourier app development company in UK

Quick Guide to Start a Courier Business in UK

Nowadays more people are shopping for their goods in the online rather than going on the streets. So the demand of the courier services has rapidly increased. And it is one of the fast-growing markets in the UK.

Look into the market statics of courier service in the UK.

According to IBIS world’s currently, there are 17,724 couriers in the UK, employing with more than 258,000 people. This industry has grown by 0.8% with a net value of £21 billion from 2013 to 2018. The report says that the “success factors” for courier business are the ability to adopt the new technology, accessibility to consumer and users. Sounds like the business opportunity is in your hands? Here’s your mentor helps to set up a courier business. Here Mentor is going to tell about the 7 checklists of ideas to build up your courier business. You need to treat your business like a toddler, where you need to monitor each and every activity step by step. If you have a blueprint of your business plan it can help in grounding the investments for your company.

Set up an organisation space:

For a courier company, it is very important to have a storage space because we need to store all the goods that we receive and going to delivery from the company. Make sure that you have space to store the items.

Purchase the vehicles:

The most wanted asset for the courier business is having an own vehicle. According to the size of the business determine your vehicle to buy.

Get the equipment and material:

Keeping aside the vehicle, you’ll need to have some more equipment of the courier business in the UK such as mobile, office supplies, two- way radio and a GPS unit to run an efficient business unit.

Name and Design your company logo:

It is very important to have a name for your company. The name should be unique so that people can easily remember your company. Coming for the logo even though if you won't represent your company name by seeing the company logo people can recognise your company. So need to design a company logo. You can make your own logo or a designing company in UK can do it.

Get into the market:

It is always not enough if you start a courier company in UK, we need to brand the company first in the market. I suggest rather going to the traditional marketing I would suggest digital marketing in UK because digital areas are the best platform to market yourself, there are thousands of people using mobiles these days. Your courier business can easily brand in the UK market.  

Design a website for you:

Building up the website is the best option to attract more people. You can smartly reach the number of audience with the website design and development. Remember!! You need to insert all the information about your company on the website like rates, services, testimonials of clients, and tracking option of the package.

Develop the app for courier business:

The app for your courier business is a great idea, where you can reach the people with the one click on their mobiles. The customer can easily track the order of package, you can set the delivery notification by your own, raise the compliant easily to the company.
Bottom Lines
The above mentioned 7 checklist helps to start a courier business in the UK. Toddlers may be small at the initial stage when there are growing you can see the high business. Krify is the bespoken App and Website development company in UK. Krify always helps to grow your business to the next level of digital transformation.
Krify is a multinational company having 500+ clients globally. We are experts in understanding the client requirements and giving them the best product with our services. App and website development are the backbone of Krify and have extended our hands on digital marketing services too. Make your dreams possible with Krify. Contact us.
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Importance and Types of Healthcare Facilities in Medical & Healthcare Services

Importance And Types of Healthcare Facilities in Medical & Healthcare Services

Currently, Technologies have always been changing for every sector creating wonderful tools and resources that makes our lives easier, better and faster. Today everyone is going for digital transformation. And of course, the healthcare industries are going to have a dramatic change in their services. Due to which the way of service offering patients will soon be going to change and the outcomes are going to be very much result oriented. Our Krify team with passion over the updated technologies, We have a review on the technologies most adopted by health care sector in solving a wide range of patients problems. There is no doubt, will be an advanced improvement in technology with every aspect of human life. Designing of a website for a small Health Care Center or Development of the medical app for Medium to the big Health care centre to facilitate advanced health care treatment by holding technology for smoother operations will decrease the complexity of the healthcare system. As we know, All The information passed over health care stream is certainly very important to protect. We understand the complexity of various health care facilities providing for healthcare industries. We Krify team is proud to be an IT service provider for Healthcare industries to support Healthcare businesses technically for smoother operation and facility provides. The importance of health care business in different service sectors are as follows. Let’s get to know more briefly about the healthcare facilities.

1. Hospitals:

Hospitals are the primary ultimate healthcare facility and their services are varied greatly depending on their location and size. As they typically have a wide range of units to save lives that can give emergencies dealing with non-intensive care and intensive care.
“Inquire us for a Hospital Website Development of for a Hospital App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”
The non-intensive unit deals with surgeries, rehabilitation, childbirths for patients. And intensive deals with the emergencies like most serious injuries and illness also deals with people with most life-threatening.

 2. Blood banks:

Blood is very essential for lives as they are important for human life. The facilities are to supply the patients who need it. It allows donors to donate blood. Sometimes, they need lots of blood during accident cases.
“Inquire us for a Blood Bank Website Development and for a Blood Bank App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

3. Ambulatory surgical centres:

These centres generally allow patients to receive surgical procedures outside the hospital. It is also called outpatient surgical facilities. These surgical centres don’t provide clinical hours or diagnostic services but they take patients to refer for surgery by a physician or hospital. These type of surgeries are less cost than hospitals also reduces the risk of infection exposed to the environment.
“Inquire us for ambulatory surgical centres Website Development and for ambulatory surgical centres App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

4.Doctor’s medical practice:

A doctor's office is a facility where many doctors provide treatment to patients. They are more focused on the type of medicine generally needed for patients. Doctors provide routine care and treatment for the acute condition. So maintaining a website and mobile app development for such medical practices can help the patients reach you out and book an appointment easily without any delays and waiting.
“Inquire us for a Doctor’s medical practice Website Development and for Doctor’s medical practice App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

5. Urgent care clinic:

When doctors are not available and require basic medical care without an appointment urgent care clinics are the best option that comes under medical care facilities. But these are not like hospitals emergency room that everything available, but what required for emergency care are only available here. If the issue is something that you would see a doctor for in a case like sprained ankle and stomach ache, you can visit these cares. These exist for on-demand healthcare needs that aren’t serious enough for the emergency room. Urgent care is a common choice when a child gets sick and need an immediate diagnosis. These can be broken bones and diagnose a viral illness, treat limb fractures, run strep tests, urine labs and blood tests and also a treatment for injuries. If in case, urgent practitioners will call an ambulance. If you have an emergency health situation like breathing difficulties, chest pain, extremely high fever, or broken bones these cases you should visit hospitals emergency room compulsory.
“Inquire us for an Urgent care clinic Website Development and  Urgent care clinic App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

6. Nursing home:

These home cares are required for constant care but don't need to be hospitalised. These are who requires custodial care in residency. They have a personal site for  24 hr a day. So, physician, therapists and skilled nurse should be required or available in these clinics. Generally, nursing homes offer a living situation for patients who aren't severe enough for hospitalization but can manage at home.
“Inquire us for a Nursing home Website Development and Nursing home App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

7. Orthopedic and rehabilitation centres:

These deals with bones and muscles, everything from injuries to therapy for patients with disabilities. They basically evaluate and diagnose the problem and also prevent, gives treatment and rehabilitation work in the bone, ligament, joint, tendon and muscle. Practitioners at these centres work with patients to recover them as much as possible and these rehab centres can relieve the stress on hospitals.
“Inquire us for an Orthopedic and rehabilitation centre Website Development and  Orthopedic and rehabilitation centre App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

8. Birth centres:

Birth centres are the healthcare facility for childbirth, these centres aim to develop a birth environment that feels more comfortable and convenient to mothers and also allows cost-effective. These are not typically equipped with same contingency equipment & staff as hospitals do like surgeons in case of neonatal intensive care unit or c-section. These are guided by the principle of sensitivity, safety, cost-effectiveness, sensitivity and medical intervention when needed.
“Inquire us for a Birth centres Website Development and Birth centres App Development for saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

9. Clinics and medical offices:

Clinics are for diagnosis & treatment of outpatients. Many of them go to clinics for routine doctor's appointments and regular checkups. This can be a private practice for doctors and these clinics cover a lot in healthcare domains. Here in these clinics, they allow patients to get a flu shot and receive a prescription without making an appointment at the physician offices. The goal of these clinics is to provide people prevention care and diagnoses as much as possible.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Clinics and medical offices and  App Development for Clinics and medical offices saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

10. Diabetes education centres:

As Diabetes is a very serious illness. Over 30 million people are suffering from diabetes and many of them don't know about the disease control even. So patients need to manage their disease and make changes in lifestyle diet to control it from becoming life-threatening. Diabetes is so high, an education centres rise up to help patients to overcome the disease and help them from risk and to avoid it, if possible.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Diabetes education centres and  App Development for Diabetes education centres saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

11. Dialysis centres:

Dialysis is the process that cleans and filters the blood artificially which is a function of a kidney. About 14% of people have chronic kidney diseases. These patients need to dialysis often 3 times a week to avoid serious complexity. With such high demand dialysis facility can meet the patient's needs and avoid the burden on hospitals.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Dialysis centres and App Development for Dialysis centres saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

12. Radiology centres:

These facilities are much like hospitals that offer diagnostic imaging services to patients. Diagnostic imaging contains ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and many more. Even clinics and hospitals have imaging centres allowing patients at lower costs and convenient scheduling. Hospitals facilities handle images for urgent cases like MRI for brain injury and ultrasounds to monitor a pregnancy.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Radiology centres and  App Development for Radiology centres saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

13. Mental health and treatment centres:

Mental health treatment facilities are generally available in a general institution for a mental issue. Some of these kinds of facilities are depression treatment, treatment for anxiety disorders, behavioural disorders, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment and trauma etc.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Mental health and treatment centres and  App Development for Mental health and treatment centres saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

14. Telehealth:

This telehealth isn't really a type of healthcare facility but it is worthy in mentioning its potential for serious growth in the coming years. Telemedicine, remote healthcare and telehealth can represent a digital type of healthcare facility. Telehealth use of electronic communication technology to facilitate long-distance health education and health care. Many people lack easy access to speciality clinics and physicians. Many patients have a hard time getting to a medical practitioner due to a physical location, living situation, transport choice, physical ability. This telehealth overcomes all these demerits. This may look like live video conferencing between physician and patient, here patient may wear a device to allow remote monitoring from the medical team. For quick consultation, telehealth can be an option for patients with easy access to doctors. ’When you log in web-based service, the physician or nurse can prescribe medication.’
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Telehealth and App Development for Telehealth saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”

15. Hospice homes:

It is generally package of insurance benefits that deals with the end of life trajectory. It also presents a philosophy for dying patients and also networks that offer hospice care. It is also a designation for specific healthcare facilities that specialize in end of life care. Hospice care is a model that provides medical support but also spiritual and emotional support for patients and their families. Patients can receive hospice care at home, if the medical needs are significant they can live in nursing homes with specified hospice home care.
“Inquire us for a Website Development for Hospice homes and App Development for Hospice homes saving more lives through the healthcare industry.”
These are only beginning facilities, Healthcare represents many more facilities that can turn to Digitalization avoiding complexity in some areas and bringing solutions in that. At Krify, Our team is specialized in the Development of healthcare apps and Development of a healthcare website for your medical and health care business, Krify software technologies give you the best website and mobile app development and its services.
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steps that how to approach app localization

Steps that Guide How to Approach App Localisation

Just with few clicks you can publish the app on the Google play and can access a global audience of more than billion active users. App localization helps to support in order to increase the number of people globally who can understand, install, use and recommend it to as many people globally. In order to localise your app and also its supporting content into new languages across your most fruitful markets.

How to go about Localization

Publish the app to Google Play and your app can be accessible by more than billion active users throughout the global audience. Market finder will help you identify which country offers the most appropriate markets for your app. Once he was done then you need to make sure that the app look and feel should be like local and relevant in each area, whatever their language and cultural values. So that your user base grows, Google makes it an easy matter to just add more languages.

1. Design your app

In order to go for localization, we need to follow certain things and that will impact the app that you want to localize. here are steps that will guide how to approach app localization

Design for Local Culture

Every element in the app should be like for the local audience. Always consider app content, graphics, images, colours, style, the tone of voice, functionality, and payment methods. Take special care for gaming apps, think twice how the game characters need to change. Take care that nothing should be seen as culturally offensive or inappropriate.


Depending on the country you target, the design layout should be from left to right or left to right text. The date, time, numbers and currencies formates must be taken care. Include the full set of default resources.

Optimise App

Some of the target markets may present challenges such as:
  • Slow, intermittent, or expensive connectivity
  • Devices with less capable screens, memory, and processors
  • Limited opportunities to recharge batteries during the day.

2. App translation

If the app is their local language then the users are more likely to engage with your app. The concept will be applicable to your play store listing, Universal App Campaign ad text, and in-app purchase.

Languages and Dialects

List the target countries languages consider all the variables. For example, countries like Switzerland, Canada and South Africa are multilingual. Languages like Arabic, Spanish, and others ave various dialects. Market Finder will help to pinpoint the most potentially profitable markets for your app. It’s also worth checking:
  • User Feedback, app’s installs, and social media to identify markets where there may be demand.
  • Tips to optimise in the Google Play Developer Console to see whether there are any countries where your app already gained the fame.

Major Elements to Localise

  • Universal App Campaign Text - By translating the UAC ads enables you to promote your Android app in other countries, and languages.
  • In-App Purchase product names and descriptions - The pop-up that the user views before making the purchase utilises the information you have entered in Google Play Developer Console.
  • Name and description in the Google Play Store Listing - which helps the user to find your app
  • Images, Videos and audio - Always users feel to have images, symbols and colours that must be the specific cultural fit. Try to localise any embedded text too. Make ensure that the explanatory text for the screenshot is in the appropriate language. For audio, if you have any sound files that include speech, then you should plan to record came in the new version for each language.
  • Server-based content - if your app grabs any content from your server, then you should consider translating existing server-side content. Create a process of localization if any new content at the time it is published. Make sure that you stored all the text in your app in a strings.xml file, translate even that file to the target language. Put the resulting files into your project. Then rebuild the Android Package Kit - the file format used to install software on the Android operating system

There are two main ways to translate the Strings.xml file:
Use Google Play App Translation
This will provide the human app translation services directly into the developer console and android studio. The translation price is calculated per word, so the cost will vary. The advantages to the developer include:
  • It’s a fast and simple way to buy, receive and apply translations
  • It will translate app string, Play store text, In-App Products and Universal App Campaign Ads
  • It has the ability to reuse any translations from previous orders, so you no need to pay twice for the same translation.
To have the benefits of  Google Play App Translation, select Manage translations -> Purchase Translations from the store Listing Page in the Google Play Developer Console.
Use a professional Translation Service
A professional Translation Service considers some additional factors when they translating, such as:
  • Target Audience
  • A context in which the string text appears
  • Nuances specific to the country or the language
  • Brand-specific Style guides and Glossaries
Know more at your Blog: Complete Guide to Grow Your App Business Internationally Through Localization on Google Play

3. How to help the translator to get it done?

It will be helpful for the translator to have context. So, it pays for it to get done:
  • Collect the description for your target audience for in-depth research
  • A short outline of the app nature you want to project
  • Voice Guidelines tone
  • Screenshot of your app
  • A short comment and length limit for each of the UI strings

4. Implementation

  • Test your localized App: Have a test on the common devices and models in your target countries markets. Check thoroughly the UI for formatting and presentation issues. Ask the native people to review.
  • Run the Beta Test: try to release beta version on major countries before launching in the real -world.

  • Plan for International Marketing: Run UAC and country wise marketing from the date of launch. Use the Google Play badge generator to build localised badges for the website. Start new device art promotional material with screenshots from your new localisation.
  • After launch, try to support international users: View your ratings, review and download stats to spot the issues that affect the users. If possible try to create language-specific users groups

  • Browse and plan to reply to user reviews: Understand what actually the user thinking about your app and reply to reviews, immediately addressing any issues that you left while testing.

  • Run the Google Play Store Listing Experiments: If you visit the Google Play Store listing from your new markets start increasing, experiment to see what text and graphics work best. You can work on 5 simultaneously.

Bottom Lines
From the above all, it was clear that these all steps will guide you in the best way to use the Google Translation for your app. Design, app translation,  done with translator and implementation will help you the best way to get your app localization.
Krify is the expertized mobile and web app development company who can build your apps with all the trending technologies and also the best fitting app for your business. Want to develop an Android app for your business .we are here to help you in the best way with a free quote. Contact us now.
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How To Improve Staff Training With VoIP

4 Enhancing Features to Improve Staff Training With VoIP Solutions

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP now offering businesses with varied advantages that include cost reduction, increased communication seamlessness, efficiency and a rich set of multimedia features which not available in the traditional telephony system. Not less than a day of transition, from a relatively antiquated PBX system to a VoIP solution, there is a lot of variation that a company can feel it. Particularly when you choose one of the best VoIP phone service providers. In order to have a VoIP solution for your business in the best way that you never expect to have then the size, nature or category of the business are considered. Features of VoIP can be very much helpful to train the employees in order to ensure the quality control within the customer service department. It is to notify that all the features are not part of all VoIP business solutions,  but the leading and top VoIP phone service providers usually include them in their packages. So, it will be beneficial for all the business people have review about the companies you’re interested in before you obtain their products/services.

Features that Improve Staff Training with VoIP Solution

Call Recording

Call recording feature is best beneficial one of a VoIP system. One of the top VoIP systems like Grasshopper that has come with preloaded call recording features which allow you to record your calls and maintain a vivid history for any future uses. The recorded call history is not only used to solve customer issues in future but also used to share with newly hired agents who need to know how you expect them to deal with potential customers. Calls that are dealt with best employees can be shared with all of the workforces which helps everyone to know how to satisfy a customer.  VoIP call recording feature is also used to evaluate the performance of an employee. VoIP service providers only provide a specific amount of storage space for call recording, so it’s of eminent importance that you do your research before making the investment.

VoIP Whisper

Whispers help a person to get out of the tough situations that goes a long way. In general, we all feel guilty of whispering the correct answer in our friends’ ears while they were being interrogated by the professor; the working process of VoIP whisper is also the same. Let’s go through an example for better understanding, for suppose you are monitoring(listening) a call where the agent is helping the customer. During the call, if the client asks something to the agent that is not answered or they have given the wrong answer from this situation your company will lose a client. Even if you are in the same situation and without being heard by the company you mean to correct the agent or tell them the answer, right? Well, VoIP Whispering will help you do that without knowing to the customer that client-saving assist was made it. This feature is integrated by all the VoIP telephone systems that allow you to train new agents and maintains indistinct means to provide information during important calls. Another important use of VoIP Whisper is that when an agent requires to get supervisory approval before quoting a price or accepting /rejecting an offer.

Call Analytics

VoIP Call Analytics is a feature where the actual miracle happens. The name itself indicates that it allows to you see what exactly happening with your employees and how your employees are dealing with the customers. It also helps to take further steps to improve their performance and also helps to know the calling times, even you can track the leads and identify any flaws in the sales calls. By parsing numbers, you can answer certain questions like Any employee taking too long to answer a query?  Is a particular employee doesn’t satisfy the needs of a customer on time? How many times did the manager raft in on a call attended by an agent? All these can increase the level of customer satisfaction. In addition to this by taking the remedial steps, you can handle real-time issues and improve the chance of converting potential customers into potential buyers. This VoIP call analytics is only the part of VoIP solutions offered by few companies.

VoIP Barge

VoIP Barge is a highly propitious feature as it lets you barge into a conversion between two internal extensions or even between internal extension and external caller. The VoIP Barge feature will not be available if you choose the cheapest VoIP phone service provider as it is something valuable, which comes with the top VoIP service provider. With VoIP Barge, a manager or administrator can take control of the call if the deal is moving out of the company’s hands or if they can offer more solid insight or if they can answer the customer’s query in a better way or more efficiently. It is important to note that barge calling is not a three-way calling or conference call. Unless until the administrator himself heard. It is a very important feature during the sales call as it makes customers feel like they are important.
Final Thought
VoIP has a huge set of features that can help a business save on operational cost and improve the efficiency and ability of its communication. In this article, we have gone through some of the amazing features of a VoIP business solution which is useful for training its staff and also sustain the quality control of a customer support team. Barge, whispering, call analytics and call recording all these features ensure that the employees deal with the customer in the best possible way. In addition to this VoIP Business Solutions can also uphold your business with stability, effectiveness and productivity.
We Krify, a top mobile app development company can help your business to build high-quality VoIP apps. We are the top Linphone app developers, developed Linphone apps for different platforms of mobile OS and Windows Phones.  Want to create and implement mobile strategies, deliver products to market faster, and drive agile transformation. Start a conversation, today.  
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Importance of Promotional Video for your application?

An image makes memory and mind will retain it rest of the time as thoughts. But there is something more than that is picturization. Are you watching an advertisement on television? How you get closer to know about the products and keep in mind for a longer period of time?  A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. Why should you use video marketing? Why promotional videos are important? A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. A perfect video picturization has been using for marketing purpose in the digital market this day. There are heaps of benefits of video marketing for business. Today people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading some text. Moreover, videos also help businesses in communicating their important points to their target audience in very little time. An image may less engage the target audience than video-based content. As the video is becoming increasingly vital to music campaigning in today’s online climate. With 5% of people watching online video on a day-to-day basis and spending an average of 2.6 x times on video pages. It should be known to everyone that 45% of businesses use promo explainer videos on their homepage? Furthermore, 83% of those businesses believe those videos to be effective for their marketing?  Here are just a few of the highlights after detailed study:
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day by through rate increases.
  • 82% of users watch video content on Twitter.
  • 80% of social video generate more shares than text & images combinedly.
  • The click-through rate increases by 13% if we Merely mentioning the word  ‘video’ in an email subject line
  • 75 Million People in the U.S. watch online videos every day.
  • Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.
Now get into the topic in deep:

Why are promotional videos important?

It is clear that global internet traffic is headed. So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and ensure that you get noticed? Here’s why promotional videos is a progressive step forwards and How to create the ultimate app promotional video in the right way.

The rise of Video Content

At present youtube is the biggest video content streaming services available to the consumers that boast a significantly larger digital audience than all of its competition. Social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat are also continually developing and focusing their platforms towards visual content. Anyone who wants to expand and nurture their online presence in this environment then we should engage with video production.

Why use promotional video?

There is a restriction for an image when it appears. An image may complete something remarkable signs but something incomplete inside it that needs more improvisation to convey the message from the owner. A video promotion will do all that you want. In order to notify your audience about your new project that is launched then 15-60 second videos are the best and excellent ways to notify your audience. A 5 minutes video may be too excessive for those who are unfamiliar with you and that could drive potential fans and supporter away. Promotional videos offer digestible, light content that informs efficiently. You can utilize this format to share demos, new hooks and announcements. It’s easier to keep the audience engaged and build anticipation just by feeding your listeners with small amounts of information at different times and on different platforms.

Different types of Promotional Videos

  • Interactive Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product and Services Videos

Steps involved in the Video creation

Before going for the steps you need to think what really matters for promo videos and plan accordingly. The steps or Process associated in the Video creation are as follows
  1. Step1: Identify your goal
  2. Step 2: Choose a direction
  3. Step 3: Set the tone
  4. Step 4: Decide on Duration
  5. Step 5: Choose a video Style
  6. Step 6: Outline the idea
  7. Step 7: Write the script
  8. Step 8: Storyboard

How to create the ultimate app promotional video?

Brainstorming on the Video story: This step involves Understanding the concept of the application, Target Audience and Focus on the core message. Pre-Production stage: Scripting and storyboarding. Defining the character flow and visualization of the entire video. Production Stage: This process will capture all the scenes and information captured in the pre-production process. The step will begin with character and Background designs. Post Production: This phase involves Staging, Posing, video editing, adding soundtrack, timeline corrections. Marketing Plan: Recording a video and publishing it to YouTube isn’t enough we have to strategically promote it on respective Mediums to ensure it gets maximum coverage.

Reasons Promo Videos can be so persuasive

Technology has become a more integral part of customers lives and the promo videos become a more effective tool for businesses that want to grow. Promo videos have proven to increase clickthroughs, consumer engagement and conversion rates. Here are the five sold reasons:
  • Promo videos get personal
  • Promo Videos are great for Demos
  • Watching video is easy
  • Videos entertain and educate
  • Video serves as another touchpoint with consumers

Elements Of A Great Promotional Video

Let’s take a closer look at all the things it does right and along the way, we’ll consider how these can be transferred across to your promo video. Tips for creating great marketing videos should utilize the emotive power of video by appealing to their customer’s needs and desires.
  • Open with a personal bond: Make a personal bond with your audience from the outset, retain it and develop it from start to finish.
  • Movement: Keep things moving and keep things interesting. Never bore your audience with just one shot of a bloke telling the customers straight to buy your product.
  • Arouse Curiosity: Plant the seed. Make us care about the product. Always try to ask a question to the audience and then proceed to answer it.
  • Make an irresistible offer: Work out exactly what problem your product or service is solving, explain it succinctly in your video, and then say how you’re going to solve it.
  • The art of rhetoric: Here there are two. The first is to be bold. If your product is as good as you think then say so. The second is to try and predict any objections to your argument and dedicate a section of your script to overcome them.
  • Create a mass enemy: Try and position yourself as the paladin in shining shield that will save consumers from things they naturally mistrust or don’t like. Remember you are the answer that we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Add value: Never overlook the obvious. No matter where it is that your product add value - and that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the price - highlight it to the audience. Get a bit inventive if you have to try and unearth some deeper hook points that might otherwise be missed.
  • Call to Action: If you can use a metaphor than so much the better. But your genuine customer must really feel like they’re going to have a good time by signing up with you.
  • Close with a memorable Tag line: Come up with a memorable strapline for your product or service. Something that means what your product will do, but also how users will avail. It doesn’t have to rhyme or be as fantastic but it has to convey the brand, the product and the added value all in one

How to Market Your Mobile App with Video

Let’s take a look at how video can assist you to promote your app, how you can get started and what you can do with it.
  • It’s the valid thing next to try on your app
  • You get more qualified downloads
  • It’s good for branding
  • It’s good for SEO
  • It’s a good way to communicate with your existing audience

Different type of videos

  • 2D classic character animation
  • 2D Motion Graphics
  • 2D stop motion /cutout animation
  • 2D e-learning
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Matte painting & environment creation
  • 3D walkthrough
  • Clay & Stop motion Animation
Bottom Line
Video marketing has many benefits for business at one level in the current time. As per people need to get more specification about the product, you need to make a real audio-visual picture in different categories like animation video, human acted video or product showing video. Krify have competency in doing high-quality promotional videos who requires a better approach to brand awareness. We aim to communicate your message or brand, clearly and artistically in short, succinct videos. Our video encapsulates business message, value proposition, branding, and an overall personality in a matter of minutes! At Krify, we are Mobile App Promo Video Maker with an emotional element to drive brand loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. We strongly believe that Video Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective approaches to making a significant impact on the masses keeping content at the helm. Our Promotional videos incorporate the core message and value proposition keeping branding in subtle ways which focus on presences or choices.
If you are looking for Creative and Professional Promotional video for your branding then we are the one among the Corporate Promotional Video Production Company India, Bangalore as well as UK. Please contact us today. Give us this opportunity, we combine our creativity and make your thinking visible/motion in our designs and video production.
Have you ever applied for a promotional video marketing service for your product? If your answer is no, you must go for it for your RoI to increase. Why should you use video marketing? Krify stands by you for your video production services and marketing with experts
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High end apps for Foldable mobile devices

Developing Highend Apps and Features for Foldable Mobile upright UI/UX for Coming Smartphone

Mobile phones are used to come in all shapes and sizes and for this reason, the device makers are trying hard to have largely standardized around the flat glass slab. But we could be looking at another big shift in smartphone design, Samsung has come up with new form factors devices -- “Foldable Phones”. As smartphones are providing new experiences from the last ten years and it changed a lot of things like the way people think, the way of communication and also open many opportunities for the developers. Now the new Galaxy Fold bringing a new way to work and likely to be a new game changer. Samsung took the wraps off a technology which will allow it to launch devices with foldable, rollable and even stretchable screen in the near future. This may be exciting for a while, but here you need to know what are app developers thinking about Foldable apps and their products? And every app owner should give a thought “is your app ready for the foldable phones?”  Google announced that it is optimising its operating system to prepare the apps for multi-window in Android to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes i.e you may think that the device as both a phone and a tablet and foldable devices. However, the UI/UX design plays a key role in these devices as UI/UX should be unique even when the device is folded or unfolded. Here are the set of recommendations and information to develop your apps for Samsung’s foldable phones in order to provide a great user experience.

Awesome Features of Foldable Smartphone Device 

App Continuity

Users will be in a state to manage multiple displays on one mobile device. Your application will be able to transition from one screen to another automatically. The apps will be displayed on different screens to suit the user’s preference as they will be switched between the screens. The apps needed for creating multi-screen support Android app. For this transition, your app will receive a configuration change for the new layout so as to provide a great user experience when switching from one screen to the other, you must make sure your app properly support runtime configuration change and develop apps for multiple screens.
How to Test:
Now, Android App Developers can check how a normal app going to look on Samsung’s wild foldable phone which enables them to verify that it was done properly by using an emulation situation that is equipped for app continuity. The emulator app that can run on AVD(Android Virtual Device) in Android Studio and Android tablets is equipped to test for changing screen size.


Beginning from API level 26, the platform offers enhanced support for application development for multi-screen solutions. If an activity is switching to a large screen such as foldable phone case, the users can use more than two split-screen modes. There may be instances that the app may stop functioning whenever there is a move one to another. In order to mitigate this, Multiscreen solutions are introduced in this foldable phones where if an activity supports multi-window mode and is running on a device with multiple displays users can move the activity from one display to another easily this is done when the activity has launched in an app, the app can specify which display should run.
How to Test
Just try it out by using the developer options, simulate secondary displays option. Also, remember that those simulated displays do not process inputs.
Are you looking for Multiscreen Application development company in India to prepare your apps for multi-window in Android. Krify is here to guide you in the best way to get your app ready for foldable technology.

Multi- Resume

In general, when the app is in multi-window but not focused, then it will be on the OnPause state. While providing recommendations on how to support multi-window, it was observed that many apps are not supporting the OnPause state. In order to help developers provided the best user experience on multi-window with minimal effort,  allows the device manufacturers to keep all the apps resumed even in the multi-windows in Android p. To get this option in Android p you need to add the meta-data in your app-manifest:
<meta-data android:name="android.allow_multiple_resumed_activities" android:value="true" />

Infinity Flex Display

Galaxy Fold takes the display game to the next level with the use of Infinity Flex display.  This is the first prototype of a foldable display. It is the world’s first dynamic AMOLED display and is based on the AMOLED technology. It is said to have built a proprietary polymer for the display, that will make it thinner to 50% and still maintaining its durability.

Unique and durable Hinges

The next best feature is the hinge mechanism. The hinge mechanism solved the too bulky for the device, enhanced the durability and make the device look great. These hinges are slim and integrate with the rear making if flat when used in the tablet mode. The device gets multiple interlocking gears that assure a smooth and stepped folding of the smartphone. When it was viewed from rear looks like an S-Pen has been stowed between the tablet. This hinge mechanism is said to withstand a minimum of 1 lakh folds.

 Three Camera Setups

Galaxy Fold is the first phone to get launched with 6 camera setup - a triple camera setup, a dual camera module and a single camera configuration. The camera can be used in any form while the device is running in any other activity.when it is unfolded, it has a dual camera set up at the front with a 10MP primary sensor with f/2.2 aperture and a secondary 8MP sensor for the depth sensing with f/1.9 aperture. In folded mode at the front, it has a 10MP camera within the notch with f/2.
Krify being an innovative app development company, we have emerged with a future rich mindset for design and development of mobile apps. Inquire us to build your first foldable mobile app. A great example of our passion is gadgets we own and our team go two first launched foldable mobiles is in Krify Testing Labs to make the future of the app compatible.
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Develop an E-commerce Marketplace app like Wish

Develop an E-commerce Marketplace App like Wish

Online Shopping is one such largest, most growing industries on mobile and web platforms. E-commerce has changed the way that we buy and sell online. So retails are running to take advantage. Now, the Mobile e-commerce application development as the pathway it creates a business approach for many business minds.  Almost 150 million customers are purchased at least one article using these mobile shopping apps and E-commerce websites. So, more in count retailers have come up with their e-commerce startups. There are some names that we are prominent. One such that is a wish shopping app. Wish shopping is such an app which earn you reputable status in the market. Wish shopping successfully establishes a name for itself in the cyber marketplace. A shopping platform doesn't become a big deal until it considered the technical complexity of developing an online app and website. A market place doesn't take any responsibility for shipping products which are advertised on it. Its neither responsible for the control over items listed nor content posted in the apps. All you required is to increase the m-commerce iPhone and Android application. Let us have an insight into how to develop a marketplace app like - wish. Before going into let's know what is wish shopping app, what it is doing and what type of market place it is creating. So let's have a deep understanding of this...

What it is?

Wish shopping app is generally an app for online shopping. It's the best leading e-commerce site with 500 million users, 75 million monthly users, and one million merchants. Total wish raised  1.3 billion dollars and is reported to be worth 8.5 billion dollars. It started up as an app that allows users to create a list of items that are to be purchased by them. Using this user can visit the site of the merchant and purchase items directly from the merchant’s site. Soon it implemented crowded recommendations & start to promote goods similar to user’s wishlist.  It started establishing partnerships and gives users the opportunity to purchase directly from wish shopping app. Extreme bargains and good discounts are the best features of a marketplace app wish.

Works in multiple approaches

This wish shopping app works on both IOS and Android platforms by creating an eCommerce app development, mainly to merchants. It is the main site you can get a variety range of clothes, cosmetics, decors, gadgets etc. The app developers involved the app to built in 6 projects. These projects are:
  • Home decor: This will help you to change your bold idea into reality, it has a collection of all kinds of home decoration items.
  • Geek wish: it generally sells technical and electronic devices.
  • Cute wish: This is mainly for women that include eyelashes, liners, lip gloss etc, it includes all accessories, cosmetics, and clothes.
  • Mama: This is for future moms who are pregnant and for their kids. It varies from child- care products, clothing to accessories.
  • Merchants: both wholesalers and retailers can start their business. They can track order from a wish, submit the goods, get all analytics about the deals and promote goods.


Manage Login time
The admin manages the login bonus for users. The user who uses the app most will get the bonus. It captures the session of each user in wish shopping app.
Manage warehouse
The admin can manage the warehouse and also merchant inventory is managed. Here the merchants for shipping they can send their own inventory. Once the order is placed tasks can be handles from the warehouse.
Users get a specific result based on factors like location, the behavior of browsers, order history.
Integrates shipping API for tracking the shipped product from source to destination.
Multi-currency support
While making payment, the user can convert currency. API’s is integrated to convert currency value as per google’s currency API.
Google Map integration
The entire store displayed on the map, the user can search it and map navigates them.
Payment Gateway
While comes to online payment and the product payment, a payment API is integrated i.e, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe etc.
A website, App, Progressive Web App (PWA)
The system is designed in many ways that are suitable for a mobile app, website, and PWA. This can help to access on any devices.
Analytics and reporting
The system tracks and analyses the data by using technologies and  API user. It tracks ad visitors, ads tracking, conversions, user management etc.
Auto Tax calculation
The tax calculation API integrated in-app so that it calculates the tax for each item.
SMS Gateway API
This feature is used when to communicate with customers by SMS.
CMS integration
The content also a core part thus this feature helps to user to read the information of the product and system.
Cloud storage
This is used for storing the data on the cloud. So that the system can manage and access the data anywhere and anytime.
CRM Integration
This is useful in increasing marketing via email, SMS, etc. The admin deals with promotions, email templates communication, user analytics.

Strategies  to get success by using a market place app like wish shopping

In terms of success, these are strategies wish shopping app experienced
  • Displaying items in a good manner by targeting the buyers.
  • Focusing on mobile platforms.
  • Connecting the sellers and buyers to communicate directly with each other.
  • Offering higher discounts.
  • Balancing between satisfying quality and low prices.
  • Personalized of goods and customization categories in different applications.

Tips from wish

  1. Create own system of rewards and badges not only just for customers but also sellers. Don’t let a single person lower you in rating the app.
  2. Use colourfull and friendly designs that attract the attention of people and even in the process of delivery.
  3. Payment should be reliable and clear because people more rely on trusted systems like PayPal. Security should not be questionable.
  4. Don't forget to support the customer, users may like for fast delivery and for a good bargain make sure to provide it as soon as possible.
  5. It should attract both buyers and merchants. Providing high-quality services and support may help you best.
  6. Increasing the product by developing clone apps will help you grow and a number of clients by offering something unique.

The Team required to wish similar marketplace app development 

To Develop a marketplace mobile app like wish you required qualified professionals like
  • A Project Manager.
  • UX UI Designers.
  • App developers of both IOS & Android.
  • Front-end developers.
  • Back-end developers.
  • Database Expert.
  • Quality Assurance Expert.


If you are a success in finding the E-commerce Marketplace Mobile app development company, then you are a success in the project to be developed at a reasonable price. There are a number of Marketplace mobile app development companies over the world offering a great service. You have to choose a well-qualified and highly experienced professional that succeeded from a reputed E-commerce Marketplace app development company. It will help you to reach the end product you required.
Krify is the best e-commerce marketplace app development company India. It ensures highly experienced and well-qualified developers. You can elaborate on your idea with our developers. They will assist you in all aspects and supports you to approach your goal. So, contact us...
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Apps you can go for your special ones on 'Valentine's day'

Apps You Can Go For Your Special Ones On ‘Valentine’s Day’

Hello guys, we are back with a weekly roundup with an interesting topic  Mmmmmmmmmm. guess what it is............  yeah it's about Valentine's day whoa Valentine’s day, It’s time for love, love, love….. Yeah, of course, its time for love. Feb 14 is the time of the year where love is in the air. It is the perfect time for your girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and family know how much mean to you. People across the world celebrate Valentine’s day by giving appreciation to the people they adore or love. Many of them take their loved one for a romantic dinner at restaurants. While others choose to propose and get married. And more people give chocolates greeting cards, roses, jewels to their admirers on Valentine's day. As Valentine's day gets nearer, lovers plan to make a day very memorable and special for their beloved ones. It is best to go for Apps for singles on valentine’s day. Here are the best valentine’s day apps for android. So while waiting for a valentines day get some fun with these free apps.  Let's see the surprising apps to use for a valentine’s day.

Top 8 Trending Valentine's Day Apps For 2019


Amazon shopping Amazon shopping is good for valentine’s day gift and an option to explore gift ideas to share with your valentine in 2019. This online retailer usually has a series of sales for valentine's day deals and lightning deals and plenty of opportunities to find a thing for your loved one. You can also find cheap gifts. This app is free, you can download it.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner:

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner This is the special app for who consider staying in for valentine day. In this app, we can have a lot of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even more. This app is for who are kitchen challenged. It let you save even your favourite recipes. It can be essential for who are planning for a date on Valentine’s day at home.


1-800-flowers This app is for companies specially created for holidays like Valentine’s day. They deliver gifts to different countries nearly 195 countries across the world. You can also search for different varieties of flowers that suit your budget. It’s good to start a day with flower it would be even great if a day like Valentine’s day.


Eventbrite There are people who don't know how to spend their special day like valentine day. For them, this app helps it. It shows you a variety of events in your area from local concerts and can directly buy tickets from it.

Heart Live Wallpaper:

Heart Live Wallpaper Heart live wallpapers are a fun way to decorate your mobile you can decorate that matches up your special day valentine’s day. It features a dark background with heart image and also features a countdown timer to valentine’s day and can change any colour you want. It looks good and suits your holiday perfectly.

IHeart Radio:

IHeart Radio This is the perfect app for the people who need an upbeat, fun, romantic and slow beat. This app has a music station that suits your need and supports a variety of devices like Chromecast so that you can on your music on TV. To add more feeling for your awesome day this could be one of the apps.

Open table:

Open table It is a fun app that allows you to book and choose tables at restaurants. If you are planning to take your loved one out. You can go to this app. It has 2 main functions one is to finds restaurants in your area and the second one is to book reservations to make sure that you have a table when you reached. If you want to book you can go for it.


Tinder Not everyone dates on valentine’s day. If you want to date, you can go for it, as it shows a bunch of profiles of people, you can choose and connect over and start a conversation. There are still many dating apps out there. This is also a free app so you can download it. So enjoy the day as you want by making it a cool, emotional, fun, romantic and memorable day. These are the best Valentine’s day apps for android which accompany you all alone to sweet romance. Wish you a very special valentine’s day.
krify is one of the Best Dating App Development company. It ensures you with more creative and innovative apps. Krify's experienced developers worked on plentiful dating apps development in different Mobile and Web platforms. Our Dating Application development team gives you full support and deliver you as per your requirement. Reach us for free quote...
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responsive mobile app over website

Growth of Your Business With Mobile Apps, Know How?

It is obvious that Mobile phone has made our lives very social by allowing us to connect with different people. When used correctly we can find many ways to develop our business by Having a mobile app. Today mobile apps play a vital role in marketing about your company across the world. As people use their mobile 80% of the time your company’s products or services would easily reach many people which benefits in the growth of your business. It does not matter what service or product you sell. Having a mobile app is a must today as the average mobile phone user in the world spends three hours on the phone. Also, Mobile apps for small business owners is enabling the digital economy to grow faster in the local markets of major cities. let's see what are some

Benefits of building a mobile app for business

  • Visibility:

The increasing usage of mobiles is a proof people have everything is accessible at their fingertips. By having a mobile app you can increase your business visibility as more number of people will get to know about your business and its details. You can market your products online which will help others know more about you so that they can reach you to give business. By letting more people know more about your company there are more chances that people will want to give your business.
  • Market Directly:

Through Mobile apps, you can directly market your products by communicating with the customers. The direct contact helps the customer know more about your business news feeds, product specifications, new features, prices, promotions, and special rates. By direct communication, you can understand every individual need and convince them directly. You can spend more time with them online to better understand their opinions on the services and products of your company and make changes accordingly.
  • Brand Value:

You can instantly increase the value of your business and with a mobile app instead of wasting time on billboards which are ignored by almost everyone, you can always prefer to have a good app with all required features and functionalities which helps you to stand in the race in this world of increasing technology. Having a mobile app can help your company get good recognition among its users.
  • Engage with customers:

In today's world, no one has the time to meet people in person to clear their queries, having a mobile app helps you contact the customers directly and communicate with them knowing more about them and their needs and requirements. By understanding them more you can provide them with better services. All a client look for is to reach a company which provides good products. If you are unreachable then there is a risk of losing clients.
  • Customer loyalty:

The customer's loyalty can be achieved when you keep reminding them of the services you provide. You need to keep them updated with your latest products in a way that the client should feel you are showing interest towards them. There already a lot of advertising out there through banners, billboards newspapers etc. So it would be a brilliant idea to have an app which can directly grab the customers attention.
  • Turn your app into a social Platform:

These days almost everyone uses social media in their daily life. On average, every person spends at least 30% of their day browsing through social media. Wouldn't it be great if they were able to see your company branding on social media? Including features like in-app messaging, comments, likes and photo-sharing capabilities can help your business gain more recognition. Additionally, enable logging in to the app via Facebook and Twitter so that it reaches as many people as possible.
  • Standout:

It is obvious that mobile apps have taken the marketing of business to next level. One in the Benefits of having mobile apps for business can let customers easily view your products with a single tap. You can easily reach out to your customers whenever you want. Also, you can keep your customer updated with all the new services or location changes etc. This is are some of the reasons how mobile apps can help your business. Apart from these, there are many other advantages of having a mobile app for business. The main reason why people prefer a company having a mobile app is it makes their work easy and comfortable. They expect the mobile app to be in such a way that it reduces the effort to know about your company. Many companies have already shifted to mobile apps irrespective of their business as a mobile app is one of the ways to increase your online presence.

Advantages of mobile apps over a website

Having a website can also increase your online presence but there are some advantages of mobile apps over a website. Recent studies have shown that users are spending more and more time on apps and business should  always be present where its customers are
  • Faster:

Mobile apps are faster to access than websites as mobile websites use JavaScript to run functions and apps run on frameworks which are faster. Also, applications store the data locally unlike websites which need to fetch the data so working of mobile apps is faster than the website.
  • Personalization:

In Mobile apps, there is an option of personalization which users will love. It allows them to choose the language they use, theme, the layout of their comfort etc. By providing these many options we can easily attract the users to approach your business.
  • Push notifications and updates:

Whether you open the app or not you still get the push notifications regarding the app and the latest updates, which helps the user stay connected and update with the new features of the app. Constantly reminding the user by giving the updates lead to more chances that the user will approach you.
  • Productivity Improvement and cost-effective:

One of the main benefits of the mobile app is it increases the communications between you and the customer as mobile is handy and can be carried anywhere so it is easy for communicating via mobile apps rather than going for the website. Also, a mobile app takes less cost for development and design compared to a website with similar features. These are some reasons why you need an app for business.
Krify, a global mobile app and website development company has a huge experience in developing mobile apps according to the requirements of the users meeting the demands of the customers. We are here to provide you with the best designs for your mobile applications. Reach us today
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Responsive website Krify

Responsive-Web Design, Part of Our Business Lives

This responsive design method in the new-age of a technological phenomenon that targets at the coding level of a website to result in a very optimal viewing, reading experience with minimal possible resizing and effective navigational, scrolling transversely on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The audience rate shows that they are encompassed the responsive design. And Today, 80% of internet users possess their own smartphone and on average 69% of them are spending their time on smartphones  - a study by comScore. Responsive-Web Design Facts!
  • · According to Google, 50% of the search queries are from now come from mobile devices over the worldwide. Thus Google search algorithm made the page load speed on mobile devices as primary to filter the search results.
  • Responsive websites saved from risk of losing 45% of customers who increase the bounce rate.
  • New-age technological phenomenon helping a site to have the least possible resizing which helps all age people to read the site.
  • 50% of customers are likely to show absolute frustration on the websites which are not responsive add mobile- friendly after landing the first time.
  • 93% of emails ware sent and received based on the smartphones and 14.20% of emails are retrieved through the tablets.
“Your competition, on the other hand, is laying out the red carpet for your customers.”
Let’s dig deep about why your business get profited with a responsive website design.
  • The increasing Usage of mobile devices guarantees the new generation migration
  • 85% of decisions ware took by an individual is based on how it look. And a Great user Interface and Experience is a must to attract your customer, all the way.
  • Browser Caches and Offline rate pages, Responsive website will further helps you to stay promised with offline customers
  • Websites which are responsive can grab the attention of visitor on first look and very clear to promote what they want to market on digital media.
  • People who look for information are likely to read the blogs and very inspired to make a decision and today responsive websites are the major consideration for the same.
Don’t you believe? Try yourself and release to go for a redesign and development of your business site. Conclusion: Responsive web design and development is not a single-time activity. Search engine updates, operating systems, new devices, and the browsers will come out every day and get updated with new rules on own. So it is must to consider and stay up to date periodically with a preloaded list of device and browser support to not to miss the updated customers. If you’re considering a new website development, there are plenty of a good example responsive design websites. Let’s go with digital transformation to capture the new business market.
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Hotel Booking app development company

Key Features for developing Hotel Booking App

For people who want to book a hotel from according to their, comfort hotel Booking app is of great help. Using apps like hotel Booking apps customers can easily plan their stay during the trip with few clicks. With the more comfort and ease provided by the hotel Booking app, it has been the topmost hotel booking app in use now. If you are planning to build such app which is almost similar to the original app and analyse how much a hotel booking app cost then you need to remember that closer the app is to the similar one more it costs. Also as people have a busy schedule these days, not everyone is preferring to have agents for planning their stay during travelling they prefer to do it themselves independently with the technology available. Recent studies have shown that many people have shifted from traditional ways to modern methods to get their work done quickly so planning to develop a hotel booking app is not a bad idea. You need to keep in mind some of the key features any booking app should have in order to stand in the race with other such apps.

Key Features for developing Hotel Booking App


As soon as the user installs the app they should find it easy to use and it should be clear want to do next, in other words, we can say that it should be navigating. It should have a simple and attractive look and interface. It should be responsive so that the user will not feel uncomfortable using it.

Hotel information

The complete information about the hotel needs to be displayed so that the user can now more about the hotel and choose the best among the available hotels.

Display the availability

This is the main feature user expects s soon as he searches for a vacancy in the hotel. The available rooms and hotels should be displays prior so that it would be easy for the user to choose from them. It would be annoying to choose from a random hotel and late know that it is already reserved. We need to make sure the user feels happy using our app.

Track Locations

The app should be able to save the Location we are and should show the nearby hotels in suggestions which will help the user to choose from the near place with feeling lost. The easier we make the user feel the more frequently the user uses the app.


Instead of complicating the booking process it would be better if it is made as simple as two clicks. When the user selects the room he should be taken to a safe payment method through his debit card.


In case the user wants to cancel the trip he should be able to do that and the money paid should be returned based on the time he took in between booking and cancellation. The user should be kept aware of the approximate time when the money will be returned.


The history of the hotels viewed and booked by the user, wishlist, user details should be kept so that the can user can get discounts based on the collected data. Also, they will have proofs in case there is some misunderstanding between the user and the hotel management.

Rating and feedback

Rating and feedback important as the user can share his experience in the form of feedback suggestions which will be useful the customers to know about the hotel facilities before going there, Also the management in the hotel can be improved by understanding the needs of the customers better.

Push notifications

Push notifications help in keeping the users updated with the new features of the app or the new hotels available and also the new discounts being provided by different hotels. It also sends instant alerts to the app users informing them about their booking, check-in and check-out time, new offers etc.

Instant messaging

The instant messaging feature can be used by the user to reach out to the hotel in case of any queries. It would be easier to know about them by contacting them than by seeing the information regarding the hotel. The following are some of the common and important features of a hotel booking app that should have for a hotel booking app.
Krify has a huge experience in developing website and apps. We have developed many websites and mobile apps similar to booking apps. You can reach us for any kind of any time and we are happy to help you.
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How FinTech is Transforming The Insurance Industry

How FinTech is Transforming The Insurance Industries

Technology has significantly reduced barriers to access financial services. Digital changes have enabled the users to unlock several doors. Today it is very hard to imagine life without mobile devices with such devices and technology, at last, has changed the game a lot in all industries. The internet, mobile devices, money and technology go hand in hand so that they become the core elements of our lifestyle and also have changed how nearly every industry does business. The financial sector has experienced a big boost due to technological integration. There are rising mobile app development in the insurance industry and despite the industry’s complicated, firmly rooted environment, there is more opportunity than ever to introduce customer value with mobile solutions. Bankers revealed during this amalgamation and now the insurance sector has got a taste of the nectar generated by churning finance and Technology(FinTech). The rise of FinTech has changed consumer behaviour, and advanced technologies are disturbed by the insurance industry. In addition to this, Insurtech and mobile app technology startups continue to redefine the customer experience through innovations such as risk-free underwriting, on the spot purchasing, activation and claims processing. As a result, transaction value in Indian FinTech is expected to have an annual growth rate of 18.8%. Insurers should always look to banking institutions who have entered the FinTech space as an inspiration for digitization. Banks are partnering with FinTech enterprises to run at lower costs and alleviate the reliance on legacy systems. As a result, banking institutes are able to retain clients, whereas FinTech companions improve customer experience with user-centric, mobile solutions. The emergency for financial services to offer digital products has hit the world hard and is moving faster than originally anticipated. The insurance sector needs to view entering the InsuTech environment as an opportunity to create partnerships and build mobile strategies focused on providing value in this increasing digitized financial ecosystem. Here in this blog, we’ve summarized the key findings from the Insurance industry to share with you

Giving importance to Younger Clientele

As per the McKinsey Global Institute, 75% of InsurTech business has primary served retail clientele. Younger generations use mobile apps solutions for financial transactions. Using the mobile transactions will be less loyal for the financial companies. It will be more likely to exchange financial services and insurance policies to satisfy the changing requirements. Most of the young people will give value when there was a convenience, remote transactions and also little direction with the financial institutions as possible   Winning the heart of younger customers is fruitful for the insurers. Business from a millennial is more profitable than opening a new policy with a baby boomer as they provide us with abundant chances for long term business, in other word words it will be the lifelong business. Younger Insurers will accept technology advancement. Potential customers will be provided with these mobile app solutions and optimizing with InsurTech is the way to gain loyalty with younger policyholders.

Customer Expectations for Insur Tech

Mobile apps playing a key role in everyday life of common people; they have created a massive wave of interruption in every area of business and even in the financial services there was no exception. Day to day customers are looking for new services their thoughts will be variated from person to person and so they are looking for mobile insurance solutions which integrated several areas of assistance on a single platform. FinTech fosters customer engagement. Every step of the user journey is made convenient, problem areas are worked on, and solutions are provided almost simultaneously. Many insurance companies are more aware of and embracing this shift in consumer demand. Rather than panicking at the possible threat of InsurTech and FinTech competition, insurers are looking at these startups as catalysts for innovation. Finally, FinTech set the high bar for the insurance industry. Customers are expecting higher quality mobile experiences from all their financial services, similar to the experience they receive from Apple, Google, and other heavy-hitters.

Eliminating customer pain points

FinTech and InsurTech majorly focused on the customer pain points that they face with the banking companies so they become successful. They majorly tried hard to eliminate them. They work with the passion in which area the customers are facing issues and focus on those areas by that there was a rise in customer interest and encouraging interaction. Policyholder pooling is one of the social engagement tools to lower insurance rates. I Immediacy is also considered as the growing tactic for insurers looking to digitize addressing customer pain points. The customers run the risk if the customers can’t get the information, advice, or make claims at any time.

Best way to respond to InsurTech

There are a number of different strategies you can adopt to prepare for instant evolving InsurTech environment.

Gain an Internal Focus:

It’s a bit difficult one know the evolutions of InsurTech ecosystem. Involving in InsurTech accelerator programs or hosting hackathons with InsurTechs are both helpful ways to become familiar with the value of entering the environment

Participating with Community:

Get inspiration and look for opportunities to collaborate. Multiple perspectives on the industry are best supportive to identify new ways to produce value. Building relationship with insurance companies works with InsurTech to develop POCs or launch incubator programs.

Take Action:

Certainly, Insurers have to take action, whether it’ a collaboration, investment or changing the organizational culture.

Improvising the customer experience with InsurTech

Financial service companies can get to know the value of the mobile app solution. FinTech recent survey revealed that there will be significant growth in customers using mobile apps by 2020 and 75% says that there will be a drastic increase of FinTech focus on the customers. Same as FinTech & InsurTech have many benefits insurance companies can leverage. These will be free from legacy products and processes; they are capable of using trending mobile app development technologies and also target specific value pools despite off offering long end-to-end solutions that actually don’t meet the individual customers’ needs. One final thought, Insur Tech’s can go to market entirely different than traditional insurance companies. By partnering with InsurTech enterprises, insurers can offer:
  • Enriched Connectivity: Artificial Intelligence Solutions can avoid friction at many touch points in the customer journey. Chatbots will be able to understand and act on customer query at any time. With deep learning, chatbot solutions can understand interpret sentiment to identify when to introduce a human agent.
  • Personalized Product Offerings: Artificial Intelligence is the best mobile app development technology helps InsurTech that offers targeted products to the customers. As today’s customers want the flexibility to purchase very specific insurance and they want the ability to decide when they can purchase and how often.
  • End-to-End Automation: This concept is very easy and simple. Customers are ready to leave the manual claims processing behind. It allows the user to report car insurance claims to their providers in real-time and leave the accident site immediately providing there is little damage to the vehicles.
In the near future, enhanced data collection from cars, wearables and smartphones will further enable claims automation. If accidents occur, diagnostics from these devices will automatically contact insurance providers, process claims immediately, and even withdraw payment from the designated bank account.
Insurance companies are already got ready for transformation, to support new business operations and also to maximize efficiency. To make progress, insurance companies will have to look to InsurTechs for inspiration and partnerships. While InsurTech is posthaste transforming the industry, it never aims to overtake traditional insurance, rather it is unlocking the doors for both counterparts to increase the power chain and increase mobility overall.
krify has competency in developing FinTech apps. Want to develop FinTech app for your Banking services we are here to guide you with the best app even you an hire a dedicated developer for your project. We also have competency in developing Android and iOS apps. Contact us now.
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Turn Your E-commerce Store Into Mobile Commerce App

Turn Your E-Commerce Store Into mCommerce App

As per the recent analysis, the business value of m-commerce over globally, it reached 460 dollars in 2018 and 700 billion dollars in 2019. And from the same report, e-commerce market raised from 35 to 40% and m-commerce will be more than 50% of the whole e-commerce section. And that too it's just in the initial point. M-commerce apps are so fortunate and people are more relying on m-commerce apps because of its weight. If you want to know why m-commerce will be the future of e-commerce, Because of its importance:
  • More convenient and easy to use.
  • Have more functionality.
  • Provides better users engagement.
  • And because the user prefers mobile more than other devices.
As we come across many businesses, with changing technologies and market dynamics the more businesses are looking to increase their scope of business with mobile apps. Also, e-commerce is not even different either. Developing an app from scratch is costly for small businesses.

Adapt the M-commerce App from an E-commerce website:

Platform Identification:

They are much e-commerce platforms to build websites like WordPress plugin Woocommerce, Magneto.  When comes to creating an app for the website, identifying the platform is important. These results decide the course of app development. For example, the OpenCart is simple for process and for Magento is a bit difficult for the process. This should keep in mind while selecting the platform. When it comes to developing, figuring out the right platform is very important.

Build a Consistent feel and look:

A consistency look is vital and important for purpose of branding. We are leveraging on an existing website it would be a greater move to retain the look across the entire ecosystem of the website and mobile apps. This view should reflect website all time.

API development:

The content management system is a structure of software components that make the creation of websites easier and faster. Magento one such system makes e-commerce web design and development profound and easy. Since all the components of the software system are same they can exchange their data without any issue. And also there will be no security risks as all the components are handled with the same party. But here in the case of mobile apps, they do not form a closed system with a database and if need to exchange the data with the database then it takes place in bridge called API (Application programming interface).   So in order to create an app from the same database as a website, API developers have to develop a number of API’s. These API’s are available from the publisher's website, so developers have to create a lot from the reference design.

API Integration:

To work an app efficiently a tight integration is very important. This adds a bunch of information about the product. From the server, there is static information which clings to the page and then there is dynamic information that is pulled by API. it means product cost are subjected to change and must be pulled from the server by the app before it shows to the customer. Robust API integration makes the server and user devices secured, as the device’s data and server work in isolation. Each communicates with small packets of data and share only when it is necessary for example like the current price.


Quality Testing is always an integral part of an app development phase. Mobile commerce is tested through various parameters, here the quality analysis team provide a standard quality parameter like ISO 9001. This also goes with a lot of manual testing where a professional tester uses an app to test whether any bugs can be found.


After quality testing, the app is uploaded to an app store for distribution. The app stores are the Google Play store and Apple App store apart from these there are many third-party stores. And mobile app carries a lot of merits when compared to the dynamic website. That's the reason e-commerce vendors are moving to the Mobile app development than website development.

Features of Mobile commerce apps:


In order to make a purchase on an m-commerce app, a user need to authorize himself on the app. So authorization is typically a common factor for both e-commerce and m-commerce and is typically done by direct interaction client-server API.

Setting & push notifications:

Push notifications are available on all platforms like GCM Google Cloud Messaging and APN apple push notifications and settings are attuned by the help of client-server API.

Provide catalogue with categories:

Plenty of products can be listed on the app and also have a unique ID in the database and also title details and price, it gives a unique id for each category.

Payment methods:

Many payment options are available in M-commerce app in that Braintree and Stripe are the famous payment gateways including Google pay and Apple pay are the payment methods. Here again, we have another option western M-commerce app users need Paypal & support for common credit card types like MasterCard, discover and Amex. Asian user accustomed to cash on delivery payment feature.

Tracking the product:

Tracking allows the option for checking the status of an order. E-commerce also allows the same functionality and SMS notification can notify customers when managed, transported and direction etc.

Shopping cart:

This is the primary and fundamental function of m-commerce app and this feature helps you out in selecting and list out the product you need and want.

Customer support:

If an issue, query rises customers can call or receive call or callback from the service representative. This support can be through email, phone, online chat. Mobile commerce without traffic is a waste of developing an app. It is important to create traffic and turn into a billion dollars business. As mobile apps are in popular, it is the best time to increase the traffic for your e-commerce business by developing the M-commerce app. If you are going for an M-commerce app.
Come to us, Krify who has worked on m-commerce apps can assist you in all aspects.
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new rules for choosing the best native app development company

New Rules to Consider While Choosing Native App Development Company

Mobile Phones have interrupted the enterprise space like none other. From content sharing to collaboration among other areas, mobile phones are everywhere. The main portion of this revolution is driven by mobile applications that offers a successful way for companies to deliver services to their stakeholders. In this way, it became important for the companies to build an app with the best user experience. User-friendly is the best applications that provide an immersive experience to all the users. For those companies who focused on user experience, Native Mobile apps are the best fitted. The languages that are used for Native App development are Objective C or Swift for iOS. Nothing will beat a native app when it comes to performance and reliability. These apps run directly on mobile devices and have access to all the phone features such as GPS, Accelerometers, Camera which can be operated without internet connectivity. Native Apps are more intuitive than the hybrid counterpart. They get full support from their relevant app and are fully secure in nature. Now when talking about the development process of Native app their are certain things to consider which are long-held ideas that evaluate an app development company. The app development company are no longer valid. Let us go with an example, agreeing with the lowest quote provider will offer to a costly miss-hire of a Native app Development company. Here in this blog, there is a various combination of strategic rules that can be helpful to avoid a decision that you might regret later.

New Rules for choosing a Native App Development Company

Test their vitality

The Native App Development company might always start bragging about their proven processes and quality standards but in the end, the results will come into the picture. Instead of talking with their real work based on your decision just go by sharing your ideas and ask for a quick wireframe. At first, they may not fasten it, but their work will tell you the depth about their research and analytic capabilities. Try to test their skills and capabilities in order to place your project by hiring a native app development company. If it is necessary to pay a small amount for it. It won't lose you anything.

Try to skip Portfolio

Never just rely on the portfolio of Native app development services. Always remember that the past performance is not the perfect predictor of the future, even though it is impressive that will never guarantee the success for your project. Screening companies based on the project they show in their portfolio is a good and best way. If your project is exactly like the one in their portfolio which is not often the case. The exact thing that you to observe from the portfolio is that what projects they are capable to work and what you can expect from them and get to know what they can specifically do for your project.

Ever and never hesitate to ask for the service combo package

As a business owner, one always look for good services at the best price. When the quote was more than your expectation or above your budget, then you can still set it off in other ways. Let’s see with an example if a company provides the native app development for Android which also offers digital marketing services for your app after all the development process was completed. It’s certainly worth offering the combination of services that serve you well. No one can predict that you may get a better price for yournative app development.

Always be generous for quality and let’s go off pennies

If any company had proved their skills, then try to be open to them about your budget limit too. “Penny wise and Pound foolish” even this saying was old but it is a fact to this new era too. Don’t ever stop your project for minor expenses, just go through their expertise in which they can take your native app development project idea to a top-notch. The best and topmost Native app development company around the world have a diversity of skills and services you can leverage for your app success.

Speed up the Initial start

Working on the project from one day will save your money and time so that you can focus on the core of the application that is developed in full swing. While staring at the native app development process, in order to get a clear idea of the project, some projects need a number of sessions. Once if you have done with the conceptual understanding then you need to prepare for certain documentation that contains the app’s core concept. This is very important and helpful for speed up the overall process from initial native app development to final delivery.
From the above points, it was clear that the new rules will help you choose the best native app development company for your app development process.
If you are looking for your native app development and are scared of the mobile app development company then Krify is here to help you. We implement the above all points and will guide you for the best native app development with skilled and expert developers who generally have knowledge in trending technology. Get start with us. Talk to our sales experts or reach us now.
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Convert website to mobile app

How to Convert Website into Mobile App? and Importance Steps to Follow

People are becoming more technical and they are looking for more innovative things to happen at their hand over by converting your website to a native iPhone/iOS app or Android App is not that hard to afford. Now everyone is handling their smartphones and grab everything at their fingertip. People are looking for their comfort at their seat and so it is the best and good idea to have a mobile app for every business. Business owners are in the thought that steps to convert a website into a mobile app is too expensive and time-consuming. In fact, there are certain reasons mobile apps are better than websites.  There are many advantages of converting websites into a mobile app so that the profit you gain. The mobile apps play a key role in bringing more traffic to your business. Mobile apps will help you and your customers to buy the products or can access your services by using mobile apps at your fingertips. Mobile app analytics helps the business owners to know the buyer analytics i.e how much time people are spending on mobile apps, how many people using mobile apps for buying, revenue generated using mobile apps. Before mentioning the importance of mobile apps let’s check out the following statistics which speaks about how successful mobile apps are proving to be for businesses.
  • On average, an American spends about 5 hours of his/her time daily on his smartphone.
  • According to the reports from App Annie, in 2018, the mobile app industry generated annual revenue of $60.1 billion.
  • Statista reported that the gross annual revenue of the mobile app industry is projected to cross the figure of $189 billion by 2020.
  • The Retrospective Report of 2018 by App Annie, stated that the total time spent in apps worldwide, raised by over 180 billion hours over year after year, which has reached to the number about 1000 billion hours in 2018.

Steps to convert a website into a mobile app

The mobile app became popular because users can experience the ease and efficiency of using it. How frequently the mobile apps are being downloaded by users, the apps are also being uninstalled in huge numbers. User experience and usability play a key role in the retention of your app on your user’s mobile. If your website has great user experience, does not mean that its mere conversion into the mobile app will have the same user experience and usability. So you have to work on each minute detail of the mobile app from its designs to functionalities in order to make it user-friendly and engaging. Going stepwise, there are some processes, which needs your exclusive attention. Some important things to consider while converting your website into the mobile app:

Interface and Architecture of the native mobile app

Even though if your website has a superior interface and architecture, it does not mean that the same interface will work for the mobile app too. That’s why you need enhanced architecture and customized interface to keep your mobile app user as happy as your website visitor.

Familiar Designs and Features

In case if you need to change the design and interface then you need not to go for a complete look and design. It’s beneficial if you maintain the familiar design colour patterns, etc. to make sure the user is using the app of the same brand. It is good to keep the website and mobile app users in a single alignment.

Associated Data and Permissions

For a website, it doesn’t need access to any data and accessories whereas app requires. Depending on the requirements of your business you need to define the accessories and data for your app. For example, camera, location, microphone, contacts or other features. You should analyse the type of data and accessories that are needed to access with your app as they are key part while converting the website into a mobile app.

Instant Gratification

Users are already got to use instant gratification. It keeps the users engage and app popularity. When the app loading time increases and also the number of screens or actions get bigger the user interest on the app will decrease. The use of app decreases when the search feature filters are more. For example, providing personalised information, booking or checking out process requires simple and less number of clicks or operations, instant access to information or some item delivery status, etc. are some of the engaging features for users, which will increase the chances of your app retention. It is important to give a gratifying reward for your app user’s time and attention given to the mobile app. Including such strategies within your mobile app is called retention mechanisms, which are responsible for user engagement.

How to turn a website into a Mobile App?

Here comes the part to thinking about your business strategy. Of course, it is acceptable that the best planner will have both desktop and mobile versions. Your app might have some extended functionality to satisfy a more extensive range of user’s requirements. Without any further ado here are the following three options to choose from:
  • Transfer the website functionality to the app.
  • Develop the application with all the essential features and enhance it.
  • Make an app with a fully specific feature.
There is no ideal recipe to use. In general scenario businesses always prefer to develop a mobile app with core functionalities and add other enhanced features over time. Make sure to develop a mobile app with a pack of beneficial features. But remember never overdo it! And try to keep it simple, functional and unique. There are two paths to go. Each one has their pluses and minuses. Those are:
  • Converters: These are explicitly aimed to convert the website to a mobile app. They are very useful for Android and poorly designed for iOS.
  • Professional App Developers: Who will develop the app with fully functioning and with great attractive look for the mobile application. Using this the app quality will be maintained and also influences the business owners for their success.
In this way, the program takes all the essential features and transfers it to the future app. Even you can create the app in a very simple builder using templates or by dragging needed features into your app. So then you can quickly publish it in the well-known stores. It will be considered as the cheaper version of a real app. The cost of converting your website into a mobile app will depend on the time, features that you want to use and many other options. There a lot of information online offering to turn a site into an app within a few clicks. Let’s acquaint you with the most accessible path and find out the best fastest converters available.
  • Build Fire has a set of features that you can add to your app within a simple drag-and-drop action. In this, there are design options that include the opportunity to use your brand images and choose the brand colours. In features, you can add your loyalty program with loyalty features or a blog with an RSS feed.
  • Como is an appropriate solution for small businesses which offers features like reservations, scheduling, blog feed and many other options.
  • DWNLD is especially used for the iOS platform which is a new one but available with an exciting pack of features.
  • SwebApps is a unique one due to its specific list it offers for the data organization.  With its specific calculator feature, it is convenient for the apps from particular spheres.
  • Mobile has a bulk of templates that you can use for the app.
  • Mobiloud is the best solution for WordPress sites. It has a special feature that the mobile app will be updated whenever the WordPress site is updated.

What are the problems associated with using a website to mobile app converter tools?

Even though these converters are fast and might seem very convenient, there is a need to check the flip side of the coin:
  • Most of the converters can only work with websites build on JS, HTML and CSS. But in some cases you might need to create an app from the very beginning that requires additional time, cost, anyhow the app might not look good and work fast.
  • Some of the converters will not support working with specific features a mobile device offers.
  • It is impossible to convert your website to a native Android or iOS app that has high performance and friendly UI.
  • Converters will offer only a limited range of features.
  • It is very hard to scale up an improve the app in future. In case if you want to transform it into a high-grade product then you need to work from scratch with professionals.
Professional Path
You are one among those who want to get the app ready from scratch with the fully-functioning product. Here you know the most efficient and appropriate way of turning a website into an app.
  1. Creating an MVP

In this first, you need to consider developing an MVP which is a functional prototype that includes core features and then over time you need to add the other functionality. In this, you can test your idea and make the main improvements fro the very beginning without wasting extra time or money. Except that you will receive the expected feedback from the users and work closely with the developers for further improvements. It is well-known fact that investing in an MVP is crucial and builds an unshakeable foundation for future application success.
  1. Design

If you want to convert your website into a mobile app properly, then you should adhere to the essential principles of the mobile UX.
  • Consistency
It is very important to be selective and choose only the key features as the website contains the bulk of buttons and other visual components. Importing all these buttons into the mobile version is impossible without any regret.
  • Simplicity
Interaction with websites are sometimes very complicated. So while development of the mobile app the interface should be very clear orientation and in simple navigation. Otherwise, the app user will leave the app quickly.
  • Gesture-based Navigation
Gesture now become more popular and so the developers are using this way to navigate from one screen to another. It saves more space that can be used for other content.
  1.    Mobile Platform

Once the app was ready we need to be confident that it works efficiently on all the screens and platforms like Android or iOS. With iOS, you have fewer issues with fragmentation for iOS, but with Android, there are fewer UI requirements. There are lots of advantages of converting a website into a mobile app. They can be able to use a device’s services and hardware. With the device’s GPS, camera, gyroscope, compass etc. we can define the location, position and so on.

Advantages of converting websites into mobile app

In this digital advanced era just being in the present online can’t help you lead the race. You need to go the app to attain more customers and make your business a big success. So if you own a business website and are still thinking of creating an app, then you are losing out on numerous great opportunities for your business each and every minute. With your mobile app, you can make your products and services available to the customers right at their fingertips and grow your business dramatically.

Reasons Mobile Apps are Better Than Websites

  • Enhanced Personalization
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Fast work
  • Visibility Improve
  • Regular Connectivity
You are aware of the benefits of going the mobile app way, then what’s making you stop and earn money out of it! Convert your website into an app for Android and iOS and enjoy the fruitful results in the long run. We in Krify software technologies strongly believe in the importance of user-centred and tailor-made solutions for the businesses. To gain real fame, an app should offer value, solve a particular issue, engage and keep the user’s attention. And at the same time, it should be easy to use. All these factors will make the mobile app a new profitable channel for your business.
Converting your website into mobile app is much simple now. Just do little research and effort to find a suitable mobile app development company to build native mobile apps for your business. If you are looking forward to scaling up your business digitally, having a mobile app for your business will bring the best ROI and will help grow your business. Contact us today to get a free quote for a native Android or iPhone app development for your business.
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real-time features for app

Why Does Your App Need Real-time Features?

Remember the days of SMS based communication? A single text and hours of waiting for the reply. There are no typing indicators, read or delivered status. All we need to do is send a text and wait until they reply without knowing if they have seen the text. This led to a lot of inconveniences during some critical talks and quite romantic communication. But the applications like Whatsapp, Facebook etc offered real-time solutions through mobile and exchanging of data has become more popular and fast. Also, there are many real-time web solutions which are already in use. With the increase in real-time business solutions, there is also growth in Real-time software development in India. Let us understand the uses of real-time features for web and mobile.

How your Business Benefit from Real-time Functionality?

The real-time functionality got into the picture when the stock market traders have remarked that it is taking too long to update the charts. The real-time feed was generated to update the changed information or added data as soon as the change is done.   there are many other sectors that started implementing real-time technology. Almost all the applications which are recent in the market have real-time features. Here are some of the features.

Real-time messaging functionality

Obviously, people fancy the application which has instant messaging availability. Messengers which provides proper support for media sharing, group chats, voice calls etc are the good replacement for the primary SMS messaging which takes a long time and is inconvenient. According to the study, the number of messaging apps users are increasing day by day and are predicted to reach 3 billion by 2025. By real-time messaging, you can enable conforming communication among the users. As instant messaging is the core feature for any of the messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Viber. The real-time messaging feature helps to keep the user in regular contact which improves their communication with each other and helps them understand better-providing more convenience. Instant messaging has been integrated not only in messaging apps but also in different apps like uber, Zomato and other business apps. Furthermore, it also helps to advance the communication between the customer and the business as it encourages the business to provide a quick response to the customers and urgent help if needed. As the customers prefer to live chat over customer support to get their queries clarified. Previously customers have to email the support team for any enquires and had to wait for more than half an hour to get the response but with the real-time messaging the customers no longer have to waste their time waiting for the response.


Push notifications are no longer a fashion it is a must. They have become necessary for modern apps and websites as they keep the user updated with all kinds of information about the company and helps to keep the users engaged. It also attracts the customers back to have your services. Many users leave the app once they are done with the use. Push notifications help you to get back the users to your application by reminding about its presence. It helps the user to be updated with all the new traits or discounts of your business and can also push some notification with information that can create curiosity by which user gets back to you. But you need to choose the right frequency of notifications so that the user will not be annoyed with your app. For example, Uber sends notifications to the user saying the cab is arriving or cab will be delayed etc so that the user can be updated with the live information. Facebook sends the notifications saying your friend has posted for the first time in a while so you come back and use the app again. The same goes for Tinder, Instagram and other apps.

Order status updates

This is an important feature to build trust between the company and the customers mainly for an on-demand delivery and shipping companies. Users would want to know about the live status of their order through location tracking and push notifications. This feature helps to keep the customer relationship transparent. Many customers have told that it is really necessary to keep them informed of the order status. The user can also communicate with the delivery person to know about the stock in order to implement this you need to know how to add real-time chat feature.

IoT devices

The Internet of things is another example of real-time functionality where the information is  Is transferred instantly to the end user. The working of the IoT is as follows.
  • The IoT sensors and devices collect the data about the surrounding and the nearby environment.
  • The collected data is sent to the cloud through Bluetooth, WI-FI or other networks.
  • Then it is analyzed by the software that controls the IoT device
  • The information is then sent to the end user and in case of any error, the user will be informed through push notifications or via email.

Real-time feeds

For all the social networking apps an in-app feed that updates the user immediately after posting the content is a must as a real-time feed makes your app sticky as the users will get the latest and most relevant information without having to update it every now and then. Keeping the users updated with the latest feed is useful to both the users and the business.

How Real-time Live Streaming Helps Businesses?


News apps actively use live streaming to keep the users updated with the latest and important news.  The users can actually see live streams and recently finished events if necessary.


Transportation is the main domain which uses the benefits of live streaming through GPS tracking solutions. The user can be able to see the present location of the cabs and each detail update for every second. If a truck breaks down, the diver can update their geolocation t the dispatcher so they could find the nearest service center. Location tracking is the main thing in case the driver needs to track your address while using the online cab booking app. There are many more advantages of real-time solutions for your business as many companies have shifted from traditional boring ways to the modern exciting methods. Being updated with technology is required.
Krify is well expertise in developing Mobile Apps and Websites. Our team is trained and skilled in developing mobile apps with good and trending real-time features. We have also extended our hands in digital marketing. For more information contact us.
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Directory Listing Business Growth with Booking.com similar App Development

Booking.com connects the travelers with worlds largest selection of incredible places to stay, including everything from vacation homes, 5-star luxury resorts, apartments. The Booking.com mobile apps and Booking.com websites are available in 40 languages and offering 28,326,850 reported listings, it covers 145,717 destinations in 228 countries & territories around the world. Booking.com is first started in Amsterdam, Netherland in 1996. In 2005 the company bought by ‘Priceline Group’ for 133 million dollars. Today it accounts for more than the two-thirds of Priceline’s total revenue. Generally, it is listing places for hotels but now the range of accommodation has moved to luxury resorts and even igloos and tree houses. Each day more than 155000 rooms at night are reserved at booking.com platform. So with these statistics, we have understood the importance of booking.com. What happens if we develop the same app for business people, it will be great right? So let's understand how Booking.com works, and what it is all about.

What it is actually?

Booking.com is a perfect domain which fulfills many purposes, it is a listing directory with listings from around the world. By helping people to find the place and destination to travel depending on their interests. Booking.com is a travel website and application that gives you a free hotel tracker and booking services on the mobile device. It provides you with complete hotel booking services along with hotel photos and reviews of guest and can get booking services at your convenience Booking.com offers you reservations page on your own website with zero cost, anyone who made a reservation through your website, actually done it through booking.com website with booking.com commissions. The hotel has to pay to booking.com around 35,000 to 100,000 dollars in commission, at the end of the year. It is free to Sign up, offered in 40 languages and has more than 960,000 participating properties. Getting the business and listed on the site is easier and also instantly available for reviews and bookings.

How Booking.com works?

Booking doesn't allow hotels to have lower rates in any other OTA or reservations engines. Portal tracks the prices that are established in other engines and if it finds any cheaper offer, then immediately senses it and gets in contact with that concerned hotel to point out that there are some aberrations on the account. Booking.com is the advantage for the hotels that who are worrying about their websites, don’t know the trick to promote themselves on the net, their positioning on Google or search engines. In those situations, booking.com offers you commission generated by reservations. The listing in booking.com is free & hotel pays only if a guest stays. When somebody books with you through the site, you will receive a confirmation and the guest pays the bill upon arrival or departure. The fees of booking.com are at a base rate of 15% on booking apps by providing an option to upgrade their preferred member service.

Why should you go for it?

  • Booking.com has a calendar view, and all the hotels you have booked, no need to search through emails to find out the staying history.
  • Reviews from this site are generally verified. Every hotel is rated on comfort, location, friendliness, staff, facilities, wifi quality, value for money. So Booking.com provides a feature for rating every hotel.
  • Booking.com provides a clear description of different rooms. Though it is very far, additional research is needed to be sure that you are getting the exact room you want.
  • This site has a large image so you can see the hotel. Also provides a lot of photos of room types and individual suites.

What does it offer?

Here are the common features that make it comfortable for the visitors to find the stay at their destination.
Search filters:
While you scroll the page, the search filters let you find more details anytime. You can find a destination, best deals and many more for your travel using all the different search filters. It specifies each and everything in detailed that you require like facilities you expect, number of stars, your budget, type of lodging. It makes it very easier in finding your place by these abundant filters. It provides you with an incredible choice, whether you stay in a luxury beach resort, apartment Booking.com provides you with a breadth of choice and amazing diversity - all at once ie one shot.
Search through maps:
It allows visitors to search directly through maps and shows all listings of availability of loading area. So they can scroll to the destination and also zoom to find availability places on the map only.
Front end submission:
The best feature is the usability of this website, it is ease at the businesses that can join and get their place listed. An owner can join the website and start allowing bookings for his hostel through the best booking platform. With this feature, the visitors can get more and more options and the owner can get more opportunities in getting their hotel booked.
Low rates:
It provides you with the best available rates at low. So that you can rest that you are getting a great deal.
Instant confirmation:
Every reservation is confirmed instantly, Once you found your stay within a few clicks it's done.
Secure booking:
With a secured platform, it facilitates hundreds of thousands of transactions every day and works to the highest standards to guarantee privacy.
Reservation fees:
It doesn't charge you or add you administrative charges or any booking fees. And in many cases, your booking can be canceled for free of charge.
24/7 support:
Whether you are already enjoying the trip or just booked, the customer experience team are on hands to receive your call and answer the queries in more than 40 languages.

Krify does clone like Booking.com App

Booking.com is the best market place where hotel owners can promote and market their rooms to all guests and customers all around the world. Many of them are using the services of booking.com and already became the best online hotel reservation services in the world. This has raised some people to consider developing an app like Booking.com to develop their business. Just like an app, developing a clone will need you to pay a higher development cost. There are many factors that affect the development cost to develop an app like Booking.com. The clone should be almost 100% similar to the original development cost also gets higher. Developing an app is not that easy. If you know the techniques in developing it is not that difficult to develop an app like booking.com. At Krify we believe that all great opportunities are discovered and to be deserved. So that the reason we make it easy and quick response to providers around the world to market their business and grow their business. Perhaps, professional app developers are ready to develop a clone like Booking.com app. Using your own Booking.com right on your device allowing in checking the bookings as often would be awesome. Then why late.
Come to us, the best clone same like Booking.com app will be in your hands soon….
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Get your Android apps ready for 64-bit version

Get set to go for the 64-bit device level Android Apps

Hello developers, Google has come up with a new announcement that delivers faster along with rich experience for the users. Are you excited? Even me excited!!! Want to know what actually it is?  It's all about the Android 64-bit version that provides your app with better performance, also creates ways for future innovations. Finally sets you up with the 64-bit device. Android developers get set ready everything for this Android app 64-bit version. Previously we carried Android 64-bit CPUs since Android version 5.0 Lollipop. In 2017 we first proclaimed that apps developed with native code must provide an Android app 64-bit version in addition to the Android app 32-bit version. And as if now we are providing more details and timeline regarding this 64-bit version in order to make it easy to transit in 2019.

Essential Requirements of the 64-bit version

Statement Google from August 1, 2019:

  • When publishing your new apps that include native code to Google Play it’s necessary to provide the 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version. Even the apps that are updated need to have the 64-bit version. Make ensure that your app supports 64-bit devices.
  • Google Play will accept all the updated apps with the 32-bit version to the existing games only if that use Unity 5.6 or older until August 2021. Update your app to support 64-bit versions
Ask our expert team about how to update your app to 64 bit. Krify is top Android app development company with experienced Android App developers. Get your App update to 64-bit version now or develop your app with the 64-bit version. Reach us now.

Statement Google from August 1, 2021:

  • From 1 August 2021, Google Play will stop toiling apps without 64-bit versions on the 64-bit capable devices.
  • This is applicable for games built with Unity 5.6 or older.

The requirements that don’t support

  • APKs or app bundles specifically targeting wear OS or Android TV are the major determinants that currently not support 64-bit version code.
  • Unless until the APKs or App bundles are not allocated to the Android devices that run Android 9 pie or later.
Google Play says that it’s not going to change the policy on 32-bit version apps, it will not stop delivering apps that support 32-bit devices. It only says that the apps with 32-bit native code need to have an additional 64-bit version as well.  It's an open statement to make ensure that your Android apps are ready for the 64-bit version requirement.

How to Migrate Android apps to 64-bit version

Every Android developer thinks that converting from 32-bit to 64-bit version is straightforward. Many apps are developed in non-native code such as Java or Kotlin and no need of code changing. No, your assumption is wrong. Every Android developer should remember certain steps in order to change from 32-bit to 64-bit version.
  • Scrutinize your App Bundles or APK for native code. You need to check for . so files that utilize APK Analyzer. Recognise whether they are built from your own code or are imported by SDK or library that you use. If it was recognised that your app doesn’t have .so files in your APK, you are already 64-bit compliant.
  • Allow 64-bit architectures and rebuild native code i.e .so files that are imported by your own code.

  • If required Upgrade any SDKs and libraries to 64-bit compliant versions.
  • Once you’re done with the rebuild of your app then go for the test whether any issues are raised
  • Using testing tracks ask your testers for thorough testing.
For Game Developers: Unreal, Cocos2d since 2015 and Unity since 2018 all these engines will support 64-bit version. Migrating a 3rd party game engine is an absolute process which is a time consuming one. As Unity is a recently started providing 64-bit support in versions 2017.4 and 2018.2, Google has granted an automatic extension to existing games using 5.6 version or older until August 2021. Unity has given pilots that help you through the process of upgrading to a 64-bit compliant version. To SDK and Library owners: Update for 64-bit version as soon as possible to give app developers time to adapt. It’s a good idea if the developers receive updates about the latest tools and information that can help you serve your customers.
Bottom Line
For those Android app owners that already support the 64-bit version is a good thing and great work. If you haven’t done yet, it's time to begin work on 64-bit requirement as soon as possible. Google warning both app owners and Android app developers to update their apps or under developing apps to the 64-bit version.
Future Vision
It was surprising news that in the future 64-bit CPUs will come up with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and immersive mobile. 64-bit is preparing the ecosystem for the innovation enabled by the advanced computer abilities of 64-bit devices and also for the future Android devices that only support 64-bit code.
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Tips for FinTech Application

Essential Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry

With the increasing technology, there were hundreds and thousands of innovations which took place in past years. These new innovations started making everyone's life easier day by day. Today we all depend on technology even for the smallest things we use. The traditional methods are no longer in use The Financial Technology, Fintech is one of such things which has improved the living of the people in many ways. The Fintech applications have introduced the world to a completely new and unique way of finance. It came into existence before 15 years and it has grown much more than what people have expected. The applications provided by Fintech provided a new view of routine tasks and quickly emerged in a variety of suggestions for money transfers, investments, lending, insurance, etc. The main Key factor of why Fintech got popular is because it made life easier it reduced paperwork and stress. Also, the flexibility for consumers to choose when and how to manage financial operations is made possible with Fintech. Here are some of the

Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry


Security is one of the top priorities in the modern world. There come many security issues with each new innovation. People are so concerned about the security-related issues as they do not prefer to provide their data without proper safety being guaranteed mainly for banking and other Fintech applications. Security should be provided for both internal and external parts of your app both the code of your app and the data of the customers should be kept safe. In case you lose data or there is some leak in the details of the customers it may lead to huge loss of the company by spoiling the company’s reputation. Security of the app depends on the way it is developed. The company you choose for development of your app should be trustworthy this comes under the internal security. The external factor is that what is the end user the details of the customers and other confidential data should not be visible to the outsiders.


The functionality of the app matters the most. It is great to have a good looking and attractive app but all that is of no use if the functionality of the app is bad. The main goal of the application is to provide good user interface and experience. Availability of more options than required may sometimes irritate the user. It is always a good idea to maintain the home page as simple as possible by displaying only the required options other things can be hidden in a way that the user can be navigated to those if required. It is always better to test the app not just with the developers but also with the other employees before delivering it, with that you can figure out the user experience with that app prior.


The app should be simple and detailed for the user to use. The user should feel the comfort using the app without feeling lost. The user should be able to understand what to do for the next step. The app should be responsive and it should be in a way that it guides the user to use it further. Also, it has so much to do with security the unique design of the app can easily understand if it is being spammed. The design of your app depends on the development team you hire. You need to make sure that the app doesn't look too gaudy to use.

Finding Developers

The perfect app can be made by only developing professionals. You need to find a team which is thrust worthy and experienced for the development of your app. It should design the app in a way that it meets the requirements and need of both clients and the users. Only developing an app doesn't fulfil your requirement it should be developed in a way that it will be able to sustain in the competition outside. It would be great if you hire a team which has the ability to fix different types of issues and which provides you with the maintenance that can update your app with the new technologies.


The customers will always have queries regarding the working of the application etc you need to make sure there is always a support team to help them 24/7. The support team should have the complete knowledge about the application so that they can easily answer any type of questions regarding the app. As the FinTech industry is growing rapidly here are some of the tips which help you to reduce risks related to the Fintech applications in long run.
Krify is one among the top mobile app development company based in UK and India has expertized developers having knowledge in trending technologies. We are capable of getting the clients requirements and works to get the product upto the mark. even we have high standard experts in digital marketing. Even we have hands in FinTech Technology. Reach us to come your dream true.
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Must have features for online cab booking platform

Must  have Features for Online Cab Booking Platform

There are many platforms for cab booking like Uber, Ola Cabs etc. We all are aware of the vital role transport on-demand apps are playing today. More than 70% of the people are using these apps which makes their lives more comfortable saving time. In the upcoming years, it is estimated that around 90% of the people will be using the cab booking apps in their daily routine. Though the basic functionality of such apps is to provide a ride to the users within the less time possible, there are some features that need to in a cab booking app.

Must-Have Features for Online Cab Booking App

User Guide

AS soon as the user installs the application he should find it comfortable to use. It should be navigating and user-friendly so that the user will not feel lost while using the app. The design should be simple, attractive and pleasant. The app should be responsive which will make the user feel like using your app.

Easy SignUp

Keep in mind that the architecture of the app should be as simple as possible and the sign-up process should not have unnecessary details .it should the basic details about the user such as name, phone number, email id. And make sure the user should be registered in order to use the app. Filling more details may irritate the user to an extent that he stops using the app before even signing up.

Saving Locations

The app should be able to save the most frequent locations the user give and also the user should be allowed to add his favourite locations so that it would easy for the user to select the location every time he goes there.

Estimated time of arrival

The very important feature any cab booking application should have is it should be able to calculate the estimated time with respect to the distance. So that the user will e aware of the time and will be able to cancel the ride if it takes too long.


The booking process should be easy and interactive as it might bother the user not knowing how to proceed. It should be able to make the user understand what to do next in case he is planning to book the cab.

Advanced Booking

The additional feature of booking is an advanced booking. In case the user wants to book the cab before and set its time to pick up it would be an advantage for both the cab driver and the user. The driver need not wait for the user until he comes and also the user can do his work at peace without any hurry to catch the cab.

Cab confirmation

After booking the cab the user should get the notification that the particular cab will pick him up at particular time and location so that the user will be sure about the ride else they may be some misassumptions and the user will not be sure about the booking and can book the cab multiple times and mess up.

Ride details

After booking the cab the user should be able to view the details of the person who is going to pick him up. This helps the user to identify the driver and can easily reach him without wasting much time. The user should also be able to see the details of the car such as car name, model and the car number.


The ride cancellation should be enabled. At any point of time the user can change his mind so if he wants to cancel the ride there should be an option for him to do that which make him feel comfortable.


There should a feature for both user and the cab driver to communicate. This is a major feature which is a must. It will be easy to pick up the user if they are in contact. Else it would be difficult for both to reach out to each other.


After the ride, there will be an option for both the user and the driver to rate each other. It has its own advantage. The user with a good rating will get quick rides that the user with fewer ratings. Also, the driver with a good rating will be having good pay and will get more rides than the driver with less rating.


The user should be able to give their experience with your app in the form of comments which provides the user with satisfaction and also helps your business grow but correcting the mistake. You will get to know more about the changing need and requirements of the user and implement the following features and providing convenience for the user. The following are some of the important and common features that should be implemented while developing a cab booking app.
At Krify we are have developed many cab booking apps. We have a experienced team which will come up with the best app meeting all the need of the client and the user. Contact us today
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complete guide to grow your app business internationally through localization

Complete Guide to Grow Your App Business Internationally Through Localization on Google Play

It is not rare for the developers to have the following concerns and thoughts when considering whether to localize their apps or not: “I just don’t have time!” “Translation is too expensive.” “High-quality translation is just hard to find.” does this sound close to us? But at Google, we judge that translation is a major component of making the world’s data available universally which is accessible and useful. This responsibility stretches not only to localize our own product but also to provide tools to help developers and translators more efficiently localize their apps.

Introduction of Google Play App Translation Service

Google introduced the Google Play App Translation Service which is available in the Google Play Console which simplifies localization of your app user interface strings, store listing, in-app product names, and universal apps campaign ads. Thousands of developers have previously used this service to reach hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Here is a summary of some of the ways it can help:
  • Smart and comfortable - order the translator in a minute and receive the translator in not less than two days.
      1. Small translators will complete just in two days. While all orders are completed in eight days or less.
      2. Directly apply translations in the Play Store Console or even you can download to build with your app.
  • Professional and human - Get best and high-quality translations by real human translators.
      1. All the translations are crafted carefully by professional translators just for your app.
      2. Translation providers are chosen by Google based on quality and speed.
  • Value for money - The value for translating your app for just as little as $0.07 per word.
    1. You pay per word for each language you translate. Pricing is upfront and easy.
    2. For instance, translating 200 words into one language at $0.07 per word would cost only $14.

Ordering a Translation

Find out the translation service in the Google Play Console: Ordering a translation Once you are ready with the translator to translate, just select the languages to use for translation, choose a vendor and place your order: select the language Select the language to translate: Language selection Select what type of text you want to translate: content to translate Now the purchase was completed easily.

Know more at our recent blog: Steps that Guide How to Approach App Localisation

Language Recommendations

In this, you can even expand your global footprint with translation recommendations that can help to increase installs. These recommendations can be found in the Google Play Console. Language Recommendation This feature is developed using machine learning technology and is relied on your app’s install history and market data. Survey says that you can reach almost 80% of internet users worldwide with just 10 languages.

Launching the Translation

Once you are done with the translation, it indicates that you are ready to publish your newly translated app update on Google Play. Let’s begin with the App Translation Service today and Let us know what you think! 
Krify is one of the leading mobile apps development company having skilled developers and dedicated developer for both Android and iOS Apps. Want to get your mobile app up to your expectation. Come to us we will help you. Contact us today.
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things to consider while developing the mediacl & healthcare mobile app

Things to Consider While Developing a Medical & Healthcare App

In 2011, 30 % of doctors have used mobile apps for their medical practices and now the percentage has been increased to 83 %. And the market in 2019 for mobile health care app services will reach 28 billion dollars. Most of the mobile healthcare apps, enable to track health parameters of users and provide them with insight about their fitness. As per the survey, there are 300  thousand paid apps downloaded and 3 million free apps downloaded and apart from these 97 thousand apps are listed in different app market basing on this survey point mobile medical and healthcare apps stood top. So, this is the best time to develop a Medical & Health care apps. App development process starts with an understanding of what the medical app do, for whom it is been developing and who is going to operate it. As a developer, you must develop an app that establishes flawless and with best requirements that are needed for their medical development practice. Here are the things you will get to know in deep. Let’s go

Things to Consider While Developing a Medical & Healthcare App

Consider hardware:

You cannot build an app targeting only one platform as the app is not just for tablets or smartphones. The physicians and patients may prefer one medium over the others. So, prepare a plan for a mobile app development strategy. It is better to develop an app that works on multiple platforms. A patient engagement solution application is a more effective use for tablets and ‘call a doctor’ application is most likely optimised for phones.

Check for Interoperability:

Medical institutions and hospitals use various tools and software for their functioning. So in such situations, you need to integrate your app with these software and tools. So, this is the main point to be considered well. Hospitals still rely on traditional hosting and even standalone software installation to avoid the heavy cost of cloud hosting, in such cases, you have to build an app which is compatible with the existing app.

Consider User Interface and User Experience:

As we know that, User Interface and experience plays a major role in Medical mobile app development. As both doctors and patients enter the data frequently. As a developer, you need to be aware of a design which should be easy to use, and also as patients have to fill the page for appointments and their medical records at regular intervals. So try to keep these all points and design an app. Likewise, doctors also have to record and update the patient's history and their visits. Considering their situation you should design the interface including colour, text and font don't add any negative pictures. It must be supported so that user should enjoy and feel the likeness when they use the app you developed.

Add API components:

These API components are the tools that execute an interaction or specific task with a module of software. Actually, advertisers and social network apps rely on these to pass information in a continuous way. The developer needs to add more API components so that authenticate the patient's database. Apart from this, it may need more API components to connect to suppliers, other people who involve and vendors.

Data Security:

Developers, these days avoid storing app in devices due to security reasons. The healthcare apps process and store sensitive information. So this information can directly affect the privacy and safety of users. According to medical healthcare apps, they should follow HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. Apart from these, they are many other health policies and regulations that are to be practised in different countries. Moreover, the transfer data between the devices and a secure remote server is open to communication intercepted by the organization, individuals and government agencies.

Minimum Viable product:

This MVP helps you in getting a customer’s feedback and you shouldn’t be in complacent at any stage of app development. And moreover, try to implement these feedbacks seriously in your app to increase the chances of success.

Develop Iterations:

It is fact that Iterations developed the world’s best software and mobile applications. Consider an agile program which helps the developer to deliver working codes in iterative. Here, in this case, there is a chance of adding features one by one in the agile program.

Testing healthcare apps:

Testing a mobile app is imperative but however, the app without proper testing of functionality could have fatal unintended consequences. This risk increases in health care apps when the app contains confidential medical data of patients. So, it is important to test health care in the following ways.
  1. Test the various authenticities like PHII, PII and HIPAA compliance and must test the security.
  2. If there is a fitness tracking application, it requires a geo-location service that you need to check the preciseness and accuracy of all those services.
  3. Test your app performance by setting up high performance and load benchmark.
  4. Check the app compatibility by testing it on various platforms like Android, IOS, windows, cross platforms and others if possible.
In the end, the usability, the user-friendliness and the driving need will definitely conclude the fate of your app. In this society, with respect to apps where frequent use of an app would be well for over a few weeks, but the true value of medical healthcare apps establishes in the period of usage. So, develop an app that has a true value and overtime usage which beneficial for the clients.
If you want to experience this true value then contact KrifyIt has not only worked for specific areas and particular technology but also created real value in health care domain. Took a step forward and developed many Healthcare and Medical Apps.
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business custom application

Custom Business Application Development Service in India

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, every business wants to stay ahead or at least on par with its competitors. Many prosperous companies concentrate on what they are good at, which is running their business in a highly competitive environment, innovating in terms of people, processes and products/services, while experts for their systems and application development needs. This can be achieved only if the businesses have the right strategies and systems in place. Custom software applications automate and streamline the practices in an organization, thus saving a huge amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency. However many business owners are paying attention to advise that they need to pursue Custom app development if they are  compete more aggressively in their respective industries. Even though there are gaps between the expectations of these business owners and actual results that developers. Because of this, it is essential to know how to manage custom app development projects so that you won't wind up disappointed. The first and foremost factor any business owner will have to specify is the kind of app you require to be developed. In that, some may be purely business apps, so they can assist users in financial transactions. But other apps are for leisure and entertainment so you can expect to find game apps and apps for travelers in this category. Ironically, the business apps can be more valuable than the game apps but game apps may be more expensive to develop. So be sure you are certain about your preference of app to get developed. Let's see

Why Custom Business Application Development?

Custom Application serves the unique processes of your business, solve your specific issues, satisfies your exclusive needs and make your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you also get the following benefits by using Custom business Application Development,
  • Increases the flexibility
  • Minimizes the information security risks
  • Tailored support and maintenance

Types Custom Software Applications

Web Applications
A custom Web Application that works perfectly in all popular browsers and delivers immaculate UX with a clear logical layout adaption.
  • Enterprise systems
  • Web Portals
  • Industry-specific solutions
Mobile applications
Native or cross-platform custom mobile applications to complement your web application or created as a separate solution with their own back-end. They can be as difficult as complex enterprise management solutions and applications with built-in AI.
Desktop Applications
OS-specific or cross-platform custom Applications for offline work with total control over data security increased efficiency and performance.
Big data Applications
Custom tools built particularly to provide the deepest insights on meaningful components of your business based on the results of high-volume data processing.
  • Process control and optimization
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Customer segmentation
  • Patient Health state monitoring
Real-time Applications
Custom Applications that exploit the latest technologies to process real-time data and provide response upon the processed result within a strictly defined interval.
  • Sensor data monitoring
  • Stream processing for IoT
  • Advertisements and recommendations engines
  • Fraud and spam detection

Custom Software Development Services at Krify

Krify has successfully partnered with multiple clients in multiple industries for their custom software development. Custom Software development is our specialty, having the distinct pedigree in the building, supporting and integrating enterprise-class software products for more than two decades. We take the time to get to know not only your particular business situation but also your company and your industry. This allows us to suggest the right tools, technologies, and frameworks accomplish your goals. Through our years of software development, we have been able to develop and improve frameworks and tools, which help accelerate our software development and testing. In case where our clients have a preference for specific tools, components or packages, we are more than happy and able to accommodate those specifics. We are very flexible in terms of our entry point and participation in the applications life cycle. In some cases, we have started from the initial state on a clean slate. In some other cases, our clients have a running application, which requires enhancement. Our custom software experience includes multiple industries, business processes, and systems/tools/technologies. We are able to work across and seamlessly interconnect multiple technology generations such as client-server systems, web-based multi-tier systems, cloud-based systems, and mobile platforms. Our custom business application development services road-map gives clients a portfolio of services which target cost reduction and address their business value creation priorities, by:
  • Recognizing the challenges, considering business imperatives and tailoring a custom-made solution using latest technologies
  • Developing a strategic road-map for the evolution of applications into robust platforms
  • Establishing a continuous plan and governance process for change management
  • Analyzing applications for common patterns
  • Identifying application components that can be enlarged or improved as core components

Our custom business application development services help clients

  • Explore our engineering rigor, proven quality processes, and frameworks to deliver efficient and high-quality solutions
  • Hasten innovation, achieve flexibility & scalability, increase productivity, reduce costs, optimize asset utilization and reduce time-to-market
  • Assure that we meet explicit requirements of clients business and address the most significant parameters of 'on time', 'right first time', 'within budget', and 'defect free' applications
  • Empowering us to consistently deliver on the "write once, use multiple times" paradigm through rationalization and optimization of the application development process and helps deliver increased productivity improvements year-on-year
  • Uniting new functions, features and emerging technologies into the target architecture

How Krify different from others

  • Comprehensive Development Services - We provide a complete end to end custom application development services across a number of engagement models required to support the conceptualization, development, deployment, administration, maintenance, and enhancement of IT systems.
  • Technical Expertise Krify supports a diverse technology landscape from modern application platforms such as iOS to traditional legacy platforms
  • Deep Industry Knowledge Krify brings expertise and domain experience across key industry verticals including Public Services, Consumer Services, Life Sciences, and Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial Services.
  • Quality Assured Practices – Krify uses a mature and robust QA assurance system that is ISO9000 certified and has been assessed as NASSCOM member. The system supports a kind of application life cycle models and helps to support and extend the quality practices of our customers
With 10 years of our history and 1,000+ successfully completed projects, we’ve perfected our working process and we’re ready to reinforce your business with a reliable world-class application. Let’s see what we can offer for your special needs and requirements. Contact us now.
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