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 On-Demand Economy is a boon for Startups

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Suppose you are at your work and had a busy schedule. Would you wait till you finish your work and then go to some canteen nearby, wait for the food to be cooked and then have lunch? No, right? You will order while you are working and by the time you get your work done your food will arrive at your desk. This is the comfort on-demand economy has bought in your day to day life.

If you are planning to be more productive with your time, then you need to make use of modern technology rather than going with traditional methods. The increase in the on-demand economy is proof that people nowadays prefer to use their valuable time in a profitable way rather than wasting in daily works. In today’s world, no one is so free that they will go and fetch their requirement on their own, they expect it to be delivered at their doorstep within the minimum time possible. If you are a startup business and want to make as much profit as possible, having a mobile app is the best way to increase the visibility of your business. The on-demand economy has grown a lot in recent years that the world got so habituated with it that almost everyone with a smartphone depends on the on-demand marketplace. On-demand economy is reshaping the world from the past half decade.

With the changing mindset of the customers, many businesses till date have started implementing the on-demand technology in their business which is profitable for both customers and the company. The on-demand B2B economy has already revolutionised the lifestyle of people all over the world. Also, the customer’s interests and behaviour is changing according to developing advanced technologies. On-demand economy enables instant access to online services.

In the world of mobile apps, the on-demand economy is more competitive and to be a successful entrepreneur. If you are an On-Demand Startup, you need to be aware of how to supply high-quality on-demand services to your customers. More customers are going online through smartphones. This is the opportunity to be grabbed. For example, uber is the company which has grown exponentially through years. All the credits go to the on-demand economy. The usage and awareness of the on-demand economy continue to grow.

Industries that Favor the Future of On-demand Economy

There are many industries that are running successfully buy implementing the on-demand economy. Here are some of the top on-demand service providing apps.


Zomato is the food and restaurants targetting mobile app in India. But with the new features and comforts, it provides to the users it has crossed the boundaries and is available in 8 foreign cities. It is expected to develop more branches in the future years. It may seem like a usual app but it has made a niche for itself which has more than 90k restaurants, and every restaurant menu is updated from time to time.

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It allows you to make the booking experience super easy and comfortable. You can be able to personalise the content based on where you want to travel which also called as customising the user’s experience. You get the one-stop solution to all your questions by being able to book everything like trains, hotels and flights etc.


Almost everyone has experienced a Uber ride and agree to the fact that it is the best and easy way to travel. There are many reasons why people prefer uber for transport. The first factor is the convenience it provides to the customer regarding the booking, cancellation, pooling and what not. The second important thing is the price. People love to save money, and this is the key to uber’s success. It is also fast, easy to use and user-friendly app where you can choose the vehicle, drivers based on the reviews and comments on their profile.

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It offers an easy way to book a ride, we can also book a hotel from that app. It got many options where we can choose not only the bus but also the seat of our preference. It has additional features which allow us to track the journey, save your card details and book the ticket. It also offers fantastic discounts on the prices of hotels and tickets.

Uber Clap

It is a service app that allows you to get your household services done. It may be plumbing, carpentry or even a doctor. You can select the categories of your need and also have the ease to choose the person for doing your work. It is budget friendly, and it will match you to the perfect service provider considering the location and time.

These are some of the well known on-demand service providing apps that are ruling the world at present. Let us also see how the On-demand industry is influencing startups.

No matter what industry, the key to success is to provide on-demand services to the customers. Business startups of the present generation are already aware of this. The speciality about the on-demand services is, mobile apps drive them. No doubt, the future of the on-demand economy still has a long way to go. Consumers are adapted to the comfort on-demand economy has bought. The things that any startup should keep in mind is if they can provide the fastest service and If they are the easiest mobile app to use. If you are planning to start the business, first do proper research about the other on-demand businesses available and the market place. Go with adequate business and market validation. Discuss the idea with experts in the same industry before jumping to conclusions.

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Irrespective of what business you are going to develop make sure you give the customers the best experience using your products or services. Provide high-quality delivery and secure payments. All this is possible only by implementing the on-demand strategy.

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