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How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App

on-demand delivery app
Recently Updated : 16-1-2019

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The era of 2019 is fortunately driven with the On Demand Startup Business success encouraging the new ideas and new innovations around the globe a little experience and innovative thoughts. Here for taking the real advantage, many businesses start from handy services to the product based markets are evaluating the generalized economy to the shared economy to drive the new experience in a real cost-effective way.

Here are 5 Hidden know outs of On Demand Business 2019

  1. Why On-Demand Economy is successful
  2. How On-Demand Enforced the Business Class 2019
  3. What boosted the On-Demand Business Economy?
  4. What makes an On- Demand Business Economy Successful?
  5. What is the Role of Mobile App for On-Demand Business?

The on-demand economy raise has transcended the way of traditional business models; allowing each to get instant access about what they want and where they want.

Why On-Demand Economy is successful?

Today humans are so busy / tied with things, Where everyone is depended on another person for their own works.  Which planted a real wish of fulfilling needs instantly. And the idea lighten is “ON DEMAND ECONOMY”. Hence this the first reason of On Demand Economy Success.

How On-Demand Enforced the Business Class 2019?

Here comes a change in a traditional economy where the dependency among people made businesses to open up lucrative ideas where people can share their belongings on a temporary permit or share for a tempory hire and this named as On-Demand Share economy in business class. Here comes raise to the Uber, OLA and other top brands today.

What boosted the On-Demand Business Economy?

The rise of on-demand apps is the very reason that every sort of business regardless of products or services it’s offering a develop an app. Though relatively new business form, on-demand delivery applications are quick gaining fame among its users’ world over.

What makes an On- Demand Business Economy Successful?

Of course, Technology !!, From all the success in On-Demand Economy most 20% falls under the idea 30% falls into the implementation of the idea and remaining 50% falls on how technology is helping and engaging people to get the success. Here the technology is MOBILE APPS.

What is the Role of Mobile App for On-Demand Business?

The era of Technology made the same people depend on mobile nature to get things done instantly on the fingertips !!, Whereas the emerging App ideology of connecting business with a mobile app to help people with business class services made the On-Demand Businesses to grow 2x faster.

How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App

Be it ordering food from an eatery or a restaurant or delivering goods/furniture from one end to another, the on-demand delivery apps are coming in handy to the users and enabling them to complete the task just by making a few clicks on their mobile phone gadget.

Thanks to the changes in economy and penetration of internet and mobile phone gadgets even into the remote places, more and more people are now switching over to the on-demand economy.

Not just the tech-savvy youngsters, but the entrepreneurs and even the retired people are exploring options in the App world, giving a big push to online shopping. The ever-increasing demand coupled with the internal competition in the industry is going to be resulted in ensuring a bright and long future to the on-demand delivery apps.

It is interesting to note the instant success of this business segment. The services are available in a jiffy and the products are delivered within no time. How can one stay away from an App that brings the mouthwatering dish of one’s choice from a chosen restaurant into the platter piping hot within in a few minutes of placing an order?

Or, is it possible to forget the App that relieves the user of the drudgery of checking with various transport companies before zeroing in on a particular movers firm?

Before going to the nitty-gritty of building an on-demand delivery app, it is good to pick-up a business model that suits your prerequisites.

Types of On-demand Delivery App

  • Investing in App Development: You are the investor and going to be the owner of the App. By taking care of the development and maintenance expenses of the App, you can own the brand and promote it in the market. If you want to develop an App that has everlasting demand, this business model is the best fit for you.
  • Collaboration: Enter into collaboration with a third-party delivery service provider to get your job done. There are many app developers for on-demand apps in the market that are into this business. (Krify has the record of developing hundreds of apps for its 500+ clientele globally). In this business case, you need not foot the entire bill, but to the bear with the cost of collaborative expenses that vary from company to company and from app to app.

The development process of On-demand delivery App

For any on-demand delivery app, there are three deliverables. One is for the customer, the second one is for the operator and the third deliverable is for the backend. Equal importance has to be accorded to each of the deliverables and the app will become successful only when all these three deliverables function in tandem with one another. Let us now go through the each and every deliverable.

How Startups can start with On-Demand Service Apps Development?

Customer App

  • Sign-up: Authentication is mandatory for any app before allowing the customer to use it. The authentication can be done by way of collecting the credentials of the customer such as the username and password, mail ID and password, mobile phone number of the social media account details such as Facebook/Twitter.
  • Order: After signing into the app, the customer will be able to browse through the products/services along with their prices. Once the choice is finalized, an order will be placed through the app. At this juncture, the customer has to provide the address to where the product/service to be delivered along with landmarks, alternate phone number and the expected time of delivery.
  • Best Route: Once the order is placed, the app has to search the best route to travel from the origin to the destination, i.e. from the service provider to the customer, and give directions to the delivery personnel. Similarly, the app will showcase the route map and expected time of delivery to the customer in the form of push notifications.
  • Cancellation: Customer can cancel the order at any point of time before the delivery. If the service provider cancels the order for any reason, the app must showcase an apology message and an alternative product/service to the customer in the app.
  • Payment: On successful receipt of product/service, the customer has to pay for it either by cash or by using the bankcard. A good number of payment gateways are also available now.
  • Feedback: The transaction completes after receipt of the payment and at this point of time the app prompts the customer to give feedback on the product/service in the form of rating. The positive feedback helps the company grow, while the negative one helps identify the errors and go for its rectification.


For successful maintenance of any on-demand delivery app, selection of service provider is the key aspect. The app gets popularized when the products/services are good. Hence, the service provider should be the one who never compromises on quality and gives value for money to the customers. The operator is advised to go for a background check of the service provider before signing an agreement.

Here go the roles and responsibilities of the operator:

  • Orders: The operator must get access to each and every order. Reviewing the orders will help the operator connect the orders to the service providers so that the produce/service can be delivered in less time.
  • Communication: The operator has to maintain good communication with both the customers and the service providers. This role of facilitating will help the operator bridging the gaps and making the app more popular.
  • Feedback: The operator has to forward the customer feedback to the service providers on time. It will help the service providers improve the quality of their services.

Backend Panel (Admin)

Maintaining the database and preparing the data analytics are being taken place in the backend. Database of the customers and the service providers along with the history of placed/delivered/canceled orders must be available in the backend at any point in time. With the help of this data, steps can be taken to make the app more popular.

How to popularize the app?

Expanding the user base in the lone secret behind the success of any app. Taking the app to the new customers and retaining the existing customer base even as the expansion is going on are the twin challenges for any firm that has been into mobile app development and marketing. There are certain strategies for both attracting and retaining the users.

Marketing: Yes, the budget is the majoPromote On demand Delivery Business constraint for implementing the Marketing strategies for on-demand delivery app. But, there are ways to promote the app in a less expensive manner, at least in the initial stage. For example, the app can be popularized by way of advertising and finding some local players.

Advertisements need not be the glossy ones on the covers of newspapers and magazines or huge hoardings next to the cutouts of new releases. Advertising through the websites and FM radios often provide to be the economic model of marketing of late.

Similarly, local players make the job easier. For example, your app is to offer beauty and spa services, local associations of beauticians can be roped in for promoting the app. It is going to be a win-win deal, as they are going to be the service providers.

How to retain the users?

Nevertheless to say that it is equally challenging to retain the customers. There is no point to keep on focusing on attracting new users when the existing customers are switching over the other apps. In general, customers are loyal to the app, provided they are given qualitative services at a competitive price. Here, the time factor is also important, as time is money for both the customer and the service provider.

There should be no compromise with regard to the quality of product/service and the customer should be well-informed about it by the time of placing the order itself. There should be no room for the customer to be felt deceived. Even after placing the order, the customer should keep on informing about the arrival of the order in the form of push notifications.

If the order has to be canceled from the service provider’s end, the same should be communicated to the customer in an apologetic tone along with providing the available options for placing the successive order. If the order is canceled from the customer’s end, the reason should be recorded and reviewed, so that the recurrence of such instances can be prevented.

Feedback should be given top priority and the suggestions from the customers need to be reviewed and implemented. In the event of implementing suggestions of the customers, the same should be notified to the customer along with a ‘Thank you’ message.

Sum up

The on-demand delivery app is buzzing now, as more and more people are using the on-demand economy and equipped with gadgets to access the services. Since the services are economic, transparent and less time-consuming, the patronage has been growing manifold. This the right time for the enthusiastic entrepreneurs to test the waters. As the adage says, there are no shortcuts to success. 

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