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Roll Out of 2019 – Weekly Roundup on Business Predictions of 2019

Weekly roundup of 2019 business predictions

This week we’ve got a bevy of interesting businesses predictions that impact the market world. One most important question every businessman asks themselves is “What are the new and the most important trending businesses and how can we capitalize on them”? And while many organizations are trying to jump on the bandwagon of the latest, newest, and the ostentatious innovation.

The best Business Predictions that impact the market world

  1. VoIP Applications
  2. On-demand Applications
  3. Medical Applications
  4. Booking Applications
  5. Social Networking Applications
  6. Navigation and Routing Applications

VoIP Applications

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) Phone service is one of the top VoIP services works based on SIP(Session Initiation Protocol). And here we describing one of the VoIP client named Linphone. Linphone is an open-source SIP Phone for voice/video calls and on-the-spot messaging, accessible on mobile and desktop ecosystems(iOS, Android, GNU/Linux, MAC OSX, Windows Desktop, Windows 10 UWP).

Linphone has inside a separation between the user interfaces and the core engine, allowing to create various kind of user interface on the top of the same functionalities.

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Advantages of having VoIP applications
  • Cost savings
  • Rich features
  • Collaboration
  • Improved productivity
Disadvantages of having VoIP applications
  • Audio quality
  • Bandwidth dependency
  • Security
  • Extra costs

On-demand Applications

An on-demand application is a type of application delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor’s cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required. The on-demand application is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), online software and cloud-based software.

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Advantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Quick set up and deployment
  • Easy upgrades
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability
Disadvantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lack of control
  • Security and data concerns
  • Limited range of applications
  • Connectivity requirement
  • Performance

Medical Applications

The inadequate supply chain in our society is the health information supply chain making the healthcare system highly disengaged. Understanding this, the medical apps development and other healthcare mobility solutions, that can make the method mainstream and organized, have been pumped in. About 80% of the physicians are now using an app in their everyday routine.

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Advantages of having Medical applications
  • Better Patient Safety
  • Lesser Medical Frauds
  • Improved Patient Interaction
  • Aids Health Development Efforts in Underdeveloped Countries
  • Accurate Trend Prediction
Disadvantages of having Medical applications
  • Intruders don’t need to access patient files to restrict them.
  • Must be updated on a regular basis
  • Electronic health record systems are not cheap
  • HIPAA violations are more common than many realize
  • What if a doctor doesn’t have computer access?

Booking Applications

The world is growing on a daily basis in each and every aspect of life via the route of technology. We can’t accept more than it has changed our lives, for the better, to a great extent. Everything is super comfortable like from placing food orders online to booking a cab ride. Hence, there is certainly nothing that you can’t do in today’s age. It enables us to carry out so many important tasks in day-to-day lives and now has also spread its wings in the field of online ticket booking.

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Advantages of having Booking applications
  • Your business is always available for reservations
  • An online booking system will reduce no-shows.
  • Online booking means faster payments.
  • Less phone time
  • You get valuable insight into your business.
Disadvantages of having Booking applications
  • You need internet access.
  • You need to be ready for an inrush of new customers.
  • Not all online booking systems are created equal.

Social Networking Applications

Social media platforms invoke the abilities to connect brands and enterprises with their customers. Every social media app that goes our office is custom made to their best to reach their target audience and reach their intended business goals.

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Advantages of having social Networking applications
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Commonality of Interest
  • Real-Time Information Sharing
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Increased News Cycle Speed
Disadvantages of having Social Networking Applications
  • Backlash
  • Cyberbullying and Crimes Against Children
  • Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft
  • Time Waster
  • Corporate Invasion of Privacy

Navigation and Routing Applications are one among the Mapping application to safe drive user to the destination with exact time measure in which Geofencing is a technology that allows mobile apps to take advantage of location-based marketing. This technology can help marketers gather information and engage app users as they enter, leave or stay in certain geographical areas, also known as geofences. A geofence is an implicit fence around a real-world location, like a restaurant or an airport. Geofences can alter in scale and shape – they can be as small as a store or as big as a city; they can be round for more straightforward use cases or polygon-shaped for more complex situations.

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Advantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Better Targeting
  • Engagement
  • ROI
  • Efficiency
  • Better Data
Disadvantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Need approval or participation from the user
  • Not a very independent technology
  • Take too much battery life
  • Network capacity, bandwidth, device capacity are main constraints for this technology.

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