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How to create a GPS navigation app

Navigation GPS app

Gps navigation apps have become the part and parcel of taxi drivers, goods carriers, and of course every individual. This technology entered at a rapid speed and we cannot imagine our lives without these GPS navigation apps.

Uber is the best example of a GPS mobile application which existed in both iOS and Android users making its developers a valuable resource. Uber helped many drivers with an option like “Uber pool” giving them an opportunity to find other travelers going in the same route enabling them to earn more money.

From this blog, you will get to know how to develop navigation applications using GPS technology that makes life easy for the users knowing what ideas would help to design the application and what are the tips.

What are the prospects to develop a mobile app with GPS?

According to a survey, GPS navigation app development is one of the rapidly growing and most prospective niches on the mobile app market. In fact, people are spending 54% more time on the GPS navigation apps to find placed, new destinations, nearby event and many other than ever before.             

The most popular navigation apps are

Navigation GPS app

What is the cost to develop a native GPS navigation app?

The cost of a native GPS navigation app depends on the features and tools involved in the process of development.

The basic features of a native GPS navigation app are

  • Authorization: In socialized applications like Uber, Waze it is necessary to provide the user registration feature, which enables the user to leave a review about the ride, track the previous rides, save the trip information, chat with other users and many more.
  • Geolocation: This is one of the key features to be developed when building GPS navigation apps. With the help of geolocation, the location of the device is detected. With the help of satellites, the technology receives information about the location.
  • Voice directions: Google Maps Directions API will avail developers with a list of voice by real humans detailed turn-by-turn instructions for lots of roads around the world so that the drivers using the app can concentrate on driving without always looking into the map.


How to create a GPS navigation app for iOS?

To build an iOS application, you should have a Macbook or iMac with SDK (Software Development Kit) and the latest version of XCode installed where both contain various tools, compilers, and frameworks. Xcode and SDK are available in the app store.

The following factors are to be considered to develop a GPS navigation mobile application for iOS
  • Latest macOS and iOS applications are developed in Swift programming language and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used is Xcode.
  • Apple’s MapKit framework is used to implement and integrate GPS geolocation into native iOS navigation applications.
  • Use ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit to implement maps into your application which gives access to custom off-the-grid Apple maps.
  • Some useful features like showing nearest gas stations and establishments should be added.
  • Synchronizing your application with various social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter would be a good feature to make authorization faster and easier and therefore it improves the connection between the drivers’ community.

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How to create a GPS navigation app for Android?

Android is booming the world by increasing its number of users compared to iOS. The main reasons for Android to be first in the race is the devices are at affordable prices, flexible to use, the APIs, SDKs and program code is an open source and anyone can use them to develop their own plugins. This is the reason why a huge number of Android users creates a large market for GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation apps on the Android platform. You must make a note of this point when you would like to design a mobile application.

The following factors are to be considered to develop a GPS navigation mobile application for Android

  • The applications for Android are generally written in Java and Kotlin programming languages which run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • The preferable IDE (Integrated development environment) used to develop is IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Google Maps Services API is used to implement and integrate GPS geolocation into Android navigation applications as it is fast and accurate.
  • If the driver goes in a wrong direction, the app should remodel the route. This feature is very advantageous.
  • Built-in voice search is another feature in Android which enables the user to prompt the desirable destinations and thereby the app will execute the search automatically.
  • Google Contacts and Google Local are the useful features which help users by providing information about nearby locations and previous visits.

Now you may get some basic practical idea to develop the GPS navigation applications in both Android and iOS platforms. But developing such applications is a complex process and requires detailed research and professional skills. A lot of ideas could be implemented into such applications to make them user-friendly and improve their functionality. If you are looking to develop GPS navigation applications and have queries about native navigation app development cost, contact our team now to get detailed estimations.


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