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Door Front Technologies to Adopt for On-Demand service application

Door Front Technologies to Adopt for On-Demand service applications

Who would prefer waiting for a vehicle and wasting time when you have on-demand services provided at every corner of the world. Before going to the technology that is being used in the on-demand taxi servicing applications let us know what is on-demand service and how it is helpful. As the name itself indicates on-demand is something that enables us to book what we need at any instance and it gets delivered to us. May it be food, taxi etc.

Now let’s consider uber the highest taxi providing service. It provides the most number of cabs across the world. Surprisingly it doesn’t own a single vehicle it all works based on the technology they use. Providing on-demand taxi service is not easy it takes a lot of technology behind it. It mainly uses big data as it contains huge data of the customers who are willing to take a ride and the service providers willing to take them based on the location they select. It works on the Bigdata principle of crowdsourcing.

It holds a huge database of drivers and users. The prices are not fixed, for each ride, they calculated using certain algorithms this is a major difference from regular taxi services because customers are charged for the time the journey takes, not the distance covered.

In order to manage all these database connections makes one thing clear, that you cannot do it without a resourceful technology system to support your operations, communication and on-demand offerings at the customer-front. Let’s make it simple to understand but dividing it into smaller modules

 On-Demand Service Application Front-End Technologies 

Surge Pricing:

Surge pricing is an algorithm which deals with the traffic conditions to monitor the time taken for the journey so the costs can vary depending on the traffic in the specified location. And also it helps the drivers to stay back home when the demand is low and they can work according to demand in the respective area. But, using this algorithm has its own drawbacks like costs are highly increased during the demand. We can take a real-time example of airways compared to other days during the weekends, the cost of booking a flight is increased drastically, the same thing applies to uber use this algorithm. People can predict demand and estimate the price.


Rating system plays one more major role as drivers rate the users and also user rate the drivers which builds trust among them. There are also some requirements that should be fulfilled by the drivers, it is said that if their rating falls below an average they will be fired or will not be allowed to take more rides and also they should take more numbers of rides by setting a target. There is also one more feature in uber called as uber pool, Here the user can identify another user nearby who wants to go to the same location and can proceed by paying a lesser amount and make similar journeys at a similar time. We can clearly state that the date of users nearby is linked


For any application, notifications play a key role in grabbing the users attention. It allows the user to know the app existence and its use. It may be emails or text messages or anything of that form. But it should be in its best form and should be delivered on time frequent reminders to the users regarding the on-demand service can help a lot of notifications are of different types like push-notification and text notification. Push notifications have more advantages compare to text notifications, but if you are offline text messages are preferred.


Payment is another thing which needs to be noted. As most of the on-demand services have online payment methods like Google pay or Paytm and you can also pay through your card in the application. There are very rare cases that the user pays cash after the dropping. There is this feature called cancel pickup and the user needs to pay a certain amount of money based on the distance traveled by the previous driver, in his/her next ride.

Inter-app Communication:

Communication between the driver and the passenger is required in any on-demand servicing as there may be many misconceptions. The communication requires either data or wifi depending on the availability. There is an option in most of the applications through which the passenger can call the driver and have proper understanding on where to pick up the passenger and also there is this advanced feature that the passenger can share his live location to the driver so that it will be easy for the driver to reach on time. There’s a data traveling protocol which decides the flow of communication. The data is routed through an application server to the destination points and the quality of data again depends on the supporting system and the data exchange resources backing it in case of communication via chat and texts.

Geo Location:

The basic feature of an on-demand servicing application is to provide a location to both the user and the driver. It would be a great delay and loss for the user and the company if the location shown is wrong and it would be useless. So, what all the technologies you need to work on to bring the entire component of Geo-Location together is very important while designing an on-demand servicing app.

Final Thoughts

On-demand apps become an ultimate trend for swift business growth as it offers an opportunity to give your customers personalize the experience to avail their desired services at their convenience. The other reason for the progress of on-demand apps is that it comprehends the basic demands of consumers and finds ways to accomplish it successfully.

Recent mobile technology has provided consumers with a durable and effective way to shop their product or services. An expert on-demand app development company offers your business best solution to introduce a new on-demand app in the market strongly and profitably.

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