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kotlin for android app development

Why shift to Kotlin programming language for developing android apps

Kotlin, the programming language that is going to be a next big storm in the world of programming applications. It is a modern programming language with the promise of developing modern multiplatform applications for Android, Browser, JVM and native applications. Android Developers website has expressed that it is 100% interoperable with present Android language and runtime.

The smart feature about the Kotlin is its ability to compile native and give support for various platforms without the JVM. At present Kotlin Native can be Mac OS, Linux Raspberry Pi and iOS application development.

Introduction of Kotlin

Kotlin programming language is developed by Jetbrains. Kotlin project was started in 2011 with the goal of developing a super powerful programming language that would complement the loopholes of the other existing programming languages like slow compilation time. Jetbrains wanted it to be as quick as Java in terms of compiling. Its first official stable version Kotlin v1.0 was first released on February 15, 2016. With this version Kotlin was committed towards long-term backwards compatibility.

In Google I/O 2017, Google proudly announced its support for Kotlin. As Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, developers can already start writing Android apps in Kotlin.

Kotlin is a brilliantly designed, mature language that we believe will make Android development faster and more fun. It has already been adopted by several major developers — Expedia, Flipboard, Pinterest, Square, and others — for their production apps. Kotlin also plays well with the Java programming language; the effortless interoperation between the two languages has been a large part of Kotlin’s appeal.

Key Features of Kotlin

Android support for Kotlin is surely going to make the coding of Android apps easier, faster and fun. It works superbly well with the existing Android ecosystem as it is completely compatible with Java programming language. Developers can freely mix the two languages, Kotlin and Java, as freely as possible while programming within the single project.

Some of the key aspects of Kotlin are as follows:

  • It is nullable, there will not be any NullPointerExceptions during the runtime.
  • There will be named parameters and default arguments to keep a track of.
  • Variation of switch statement.
  • There will be smart casts, you don’t have to cast something anymore after you tested it.
  • Extention of existing functions
  • Simple and concise use of Lambdas.

Developers can get started with trying their hand and playing around with the coding online. Explore the all new Kotlin here.

Its simple and convenient to get started with Kotlin as it can go hand in hand with Java and C++ for Android platform. Adding Kotlin to your existing code is easy and an added advantage.

Kotlin has directly addressed some of the shortcomings of Java language. It will definitely reduce the load off the developer on other issues like compiling and runtime and developer can just focus on coding for the application. As Kotlin has made writing an Android application so much easier, it is definitely going to have a bright future.

Krify is one of the leading software development companies and possess the core competency in writing Android mobile applications. We have an experienced team of Android app developers available to shape up your requirements of mobile application by building an innovative Android app. Contact us today to get the free quotation and consultation from our expert business analysts.


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Indus-OS-3 regional language OS

Indus OS: World’s First Multilingual Operating System For Regional Languages

Indus OS is the new operating system launched by an Indian company in 2015. Within 18 months Indus has reached and empowering seven million users. Indus OS was launched with an intention to overcome one of the biggest challenge – language. The majority of technology products and tech services are available in English language, which acts as a kind of barrier to reach various economic and social strata of the India.

Indus OS has overcome this challenge by bringing the first of its kind Regional Operating System, which meets the needs of regional language speaking people of India. Indus OS was supporting only Gujarati language in its pilot phase. Recently, Indus OS 2.0 was released that features English and 12 regional Indian languages that include Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Odia, Tamil and Urdu. This covers 90% Indian population.


The product has been released keeping in mind the need of Indian population. This OS has not been built from scratch and they have squeezed the things from Android platform, to meet demands of Indian culture and population. As per the data from Counterpoint Research, Indus OS is holding 7.1% of market share in quarter of July-September, which has made Indus Os the no. 2 in terms of most used operating systems for smartphones, where as topmost position is being acquired by Android. Indus OS has also crossed the market shares of iOS in India.

For Indian consumers, now language is not an inhibition. They can easily change from basic phones to smartphones. Let’s check out the introductory video for Indus OS.

Some of the patented features of Indus OS latest version 2.0 are as follows:

Text to Speech conversion: It has a unique feature of converting text into speech in 9 different regional languages.

Hybrid keyboard: This hybrid keyboard lets you type in English and one can type in regional language using English keyboard.

Word Prediction: While typing on keyboard, it definitely predicts the word and Matra as well, which helps in capturing sounds of vowels in regional languages.

Indus Messaging: This unique messaging feature allows one Indus OS user to send free text message to another Indus OS user.

Recharge 2.0: Indus OS has introduced Recharge 2.0 in partnership with FreeCharge. This allows users to track calling and data usage and recharge their prepaid connections easily with the help of FreeCharge Wallet.

App Bazaar: AppStore for apps in regional languages

Indus OS have their own app store hosting regional apps, App Bazaar. One can explore the apps and other digital content available in 12 regional languages. It is available on all IndusOS devices. Users can pay easily through their talk-time with integrated Carrier Billing Payment Gateway. App Bazaar holds a simple UI that helps “to understand the true potential of app distribution for next 1 billion smartphone users in South Asia.”

Tie-ups with foreign companies

CEO of the company, Mr. Rakesh Deshmukh, revealed in an interview that the company aims to build an office in China, with an intention to explore the possibilities of tie-ups with leading phone manufacturers in China like Xiaomi. Indus OS already has partnerships with companies like Intex, Micromax, Karbonn, and looking forward to deal with the Chinese companies who dominates the smartphone market in India.

Indus OS is already working towards release of version 3.0 of the operating system. It is expected from the new version to have the sharper transliteration and translation ability, with only a swipe of the finger. Considering the expansion in international markets – company is planning to launch in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. where English is not the first language as in China.

Krify is a multinational IT service provider with core competency in iOS and Android mobile apps using advanced development technologies. Contact us to convert your great app idea into a successful mobile app.

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Android Instant apps- experience apps before installing

Using Android Instant Apps – An Evolution In App Discovery

At Google I/O 2016, Google announced a new upcoming feature of Android called as Instant Apps. Android Instant apps will allow users to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone, without actually installing and downloading it from the Play Store.

Imagine this that a user has learned about some mobile app but is unable to access the app because there is either not enough space in the mobile device or the internet speed is bad. This condition may lead to the potential loss of the customer for that mobile app. So to solve this problem Google came up with the solution called Android Instant Apps. This way, the enterprise will not lose out on any potential user due to reasons like memory space shortages or internet data problems.

Android Instant Apps feature can be used by any Android app development company. Incorporating this feature within an Android app will allow that app to run instantly with a single tap without the need of downloading and installing the app. This could be a game-changing feature for your apps because apps will get the chance to showcase their potential and benefits to users without downloading it. Apps with this feature will be a preview version of the app for a quick insight of the app. Some advanced functionalities might not be accessible, but this feature will give an overall idea of the app. It will help attracting potential users.

This feature will completely transform the way people access the mobile apps. Just users browse websites and then visit the websites of their choice similarly, now Android apps will be able to do same for the users.

Highlights of the Android Instant Apps

It lets you experience the beautiful designs and animations of the app without installing the app. Everyone will be able to access the app from anywhere. You can now bring people to your flagship Android experience from links, which would previously take them to your mobile web page. Android Instant apps will run on a majority of Android devices that uses Google Play services. Android Instant Apps functionality can be added as an upgrade in your existing app. Once you modularize your app, Google Play will download the parts that are required in the cloud version.

How to Enable Android Instant Apps?

Google has started rolling out this feature but only for selected users. This feature works on Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.1 and some reports say that Pixel and Pixel XL with Android 7.1.2 also supports Instant Apps feature. But reports say that this feature has started rolling out for additional users too.

To find out whether your Android device has access to Instant Apps, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Google’ under the category ‘Personal’.
  3. In ‘Services’ category, tap ‘Instant Apps’.
  4. On the top right of the screen, tap the toggle.
  5. Tap ‘Yes, I am in’ on ‘Terms of Service’.

After completing all these steps, you are now ready to use Instant apps.

More and more applications will be added to this list, but as of now, the lists is short. It includes Buzzfeed, Viki, Periscope and Wish.

For developers, they still have to apply to access the SDKs. Google has notified that full SDK will be available in coming months.

Krify is a multinational IT service provider with the core competency in Android and iOS app development. Check out our previous innovative works in Android app development. Contact us today to get your idea converted into reality.

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Opinion Sharing Apps: Storming Social Media Apps Market

Sharing an opinion has become very common as everyone has opinion these days. Everyone has an opinion. Having an opinion means you are thinking, you have a perspective and you can share that perspective with others. As everyone is having opinion everyone also deserves of being heard, agreed with, applauded, admired, appreciated and liked. Sometimes we may feel inhibitions in sharing them, but social media and other internet platforms has made it easy.

Yes mobile apps are creating a special space for social recommendations. Mobile apps can lead to a better way for people to discover and share their opinions online, either with friends or strangers. One can look upon for opinion or share an opinion on any topic through networking by taking an insight into what friends, photo-takers, followers are thinking and doing.

Such opinion sharing apps are creating buzz in the mobile app markets as you don’t need to go places to look out for what public (either friends or strangers) are thinking about any person, place, clothes, idea or any topic. This info is used to build interest graph or opinion graph.

Why companies are running after data from sharing apps?

Smaller social networks like Pinterest serves niche audiences, which integrates interest graph and social graphs and allow us to follow our interests. Mobile apps for opinion sharing leads to mind-boggling amount of data through interactions, behaviour, preferences, relationships, etc. that is created every day. Many data curing companies are eager to mine all these activities and interactions to interpret how masses are feeling about a particular brand, idea, topic, etc.

Opinion sharing apps are aimed to replicate the way people emotionally react in real conditions of life and react to content. Data generated through such a way could be a potential data for companies to target demographics. Users of such apps are majorly from age group of 20s and 30s and demographics will convey the picture of opinion or reactions from young population. This could be a potential monetization strategy for companies.

Why opinions need to be shared?

Opinion sharing apps are not necessarily for making new friends, but for a lot of fun to join a group where like-minded people and those with similar opinion are participating and are willing to be vulnerable and genuine.

The opinion sharing apps connects people based on their opinions or votes they give for a particular action, topic, product or idea. This way you get to collect opinions of people on a particular thing. It can be about clothes, about financial system, favourite actors or any topic. Through number of votes you get for your opinion shared, or through reaction from the people you will come to a conclusion about what maximum number of people have to say about the thing that you have shared.

Opinion sharing apps are based on matching algorithm. Krify has competence to develop such mobile apps. Through cumulative selection and cumulative ranking people with similar opinions and answers can be identified. The algorithm for matching can be based on following criteria:

  • One to one cumulative selection based on single question asked or topic created.
  • Category based cumulative selection based on reactions or answers on particular category.
  • Keyword based cumulative selection based on people’s reaction and answers related to particular keyword.

Krify has developed some mobile apps that is based on this concept. We have developed an app “Ansabee”, that is based on sharing opinions by asking questions. Another app developed by Krify is “Votee” which is also an opinion sharing app that helps in making decisions, small or big.

Thus such apps can be a fun way to decide about anything after looking for opinions from friends and also from unknown people who are like-minded and do have their opinions.

Why Choose Krify for app development?

Krify, a multinational mobile app and web development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us.  Our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.

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Google Cloud Vision API: Taking Image Analysis To Next Level

Google released a limited preview of Google Cloud Vision API in December 2015, using which developers can now develop powerful applications that will be able to see as well as understand the images. Now we can submit the image to Cloud Vision API that will understand the content from images. It will include detection of regular objects (car, dogs, cats, etc.) to reading text within the image or even recognizing the product logo.

Google released its Beta of Google Cloud Vision API on February 18, 2016 that can be accessed by developers with store images’ location in Google Cloud Storage, with present support of image embedding as part of the API request.

This service is certainly going to help developers to build image identification and classification features into any of the applications. The Cloud Vision API has encapsulated models, which can be developed through advances in machine learning, as an easy-to-use REST API. This API rapidly classifies image into numerous categories (such as Lion, ship, Great wall of China, etc.) recognizes printed words in different languages and identifies faces with related emotions. It also allows to build moderately offensive content and develop metadata on image catalogue.

Following are Google Cloud Vision API features that can be applied in any composition on an image:

Optical character Recognition – retrieves text from image.

Entity/Label Detection – recognises prominent entity from an image among broad set of categories of entities.

Facial Detection – detects faces in the image with associated features like nose, eye and mouth positions and over 8 emotional attributes like joy and sorrow.

Logo Detection – identifies product logos in an image.

Safe Search Detection – detects in appropriate content powered by Google SafeSearch.

Landmark Detection – identifies popular structures with associated latitude and longitude of structures.


The Beta release is available for all developers along with access to API with location of images stored in Google Cloud Storage. Google has also come up with pricing. The amount you need to pay will depend on how you are using it. For instance, label detection feature will cost little cost of 2$ for 1000 images; for Optical Character Recognition it will cost 0.60 for 1000 images.

In this beta period, Google is going to restrict users till a quota of 20 million images per month.

Cloud Vision API is certainly going to empower robots, drones and apps with astounding understanding efficiency and image recognition functionality, thus revolutionising the way apps and machines are going to understand and interpret images.

Krify is a multinational and innovative web and app development company. Mobile app development and web development are few of the core competencies of Krify. Our skilled group of iOS app developer, Android app developer and Cross-platform app developer are well acquainted with all recent updates in technology and can provide customised mobile and web solutions for your queries related to mobile app development and website development.


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Artificial Intelligence – Making Smartphones Smarter

Microsoft has released its open source Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) on GitHub. Now the tools which are used by Microsoft researchers to accelerate approach and work in artificial intelligence, will be available for broad group developers through an open-source license.

Xuedong Huang, the chief speech scientist from Microsoft, mentioned that it could be useful to everyone right from deep learning startups to well established companies that are into processing of lot of data in real time.

Microsoft described CNTK as “a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph.” It has been claimed as an alternative for some of the established deep learning frameworks, toolkits and libraries like Theano, Torch, TensorFlow and many more.

Researchers said that this new toolkit is faster in image and speech recognition than four of the other computational toolkits. Microsoft had explored deep neural networks like systems that replicate the biological processing of human brain. Computers with Graphics processing units (GPU) can run CNTK because it has best tools for processing complicated algorithms that improves artificial intelligence. They have claimed that CNTK is an insanely more efficient toolkit that any other toolkits.

The size of the company does not matter for using CNTK. Any deep-learning startup, medium-sized or bigger company processing a lot of data can use CNTK.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Devices

Artificial intelligence is creating a big storm in the field of technology. As smartphone has become a part of daily routine, we need more and  more clever phone devices. Researchers are readily applying traditional Artificial Intelligence techniques in the mobile environment. Such techniques like machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and classification creates powerful applications like Kinect from Microsoft and SIRI from iOS.

The trend in technology is continuously making computer technology devices smaller and personal. The next hot trend is wearable computer technology that would be carried like clothes, head mounted display technologies. These creates novel ways of augmenting User’s reality.  The vision of this new computerized infrastructure will be having applications, for instance, people may get reminded to buy milk when they come in front of diary shelf in supermarket. It will happen due to receiving message from wearable computer of refrigerator that has got to monitor the content into the refrigerator.


AI methods seem to be very much promising tool for building situation and location aware mobile systems that will help users to work and behave in an unobtrusive manner. APIs for natural language understanding and machine learning are within closer reach than before. Consumers are looking forward for apps that can be used in an assisting and unobtrusive way. More and more killer apps will be seen at consumer as well as enterprise levels.

The main reason behind that we don’t see neural networks in mobiles is the power. MIT has come up with a solution on this by revealing Eyeriss, a chip that can have neural networks in low-power devices. If power usage can be reduced many folds, then deep learning tasks won’t kill the battery of your iPhone.

Although this kind of technology is not available in something that you can buy, but sooner you can have your smartphone that will handle AI-based processing locally. This technology can become a practical reality in near future.


Krify has been working on machine learning technology, as artificial intelligence is the future of technology. We specialize in enterprise solutions and mobile apps and websites development for start-ups as well as for established companies. Contact us today to get free consultation from our Technical Director.


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Mobility Taking Parent-School Communication To Another Level

Among all the parents, the one string that is common irrespective of different cultures, languages, nationalities and continents is their concern for their children. The advanced technology tools and power of internet can actually provide the solution for this common query of parents across the globe.

Cloud based mobile Platform, barrier less communication platform , Eductaion domain .Also We havent mention anywhere about Driver App which works on GPS

The digital technology solution for this is parent teacher communication apps. These apps allows parents to monitor their children’s location, digital activities and academic schedule. These apps certainly helps in reducing the rising concern of parents over their children’s physical safety and academic achievements. Such tools and apps helps parents, teachers and children too to stay on top of what matters most with automatic reminders, alerts and more. Such apps helps to track the position of the school bus and can be used to send notifications in real time if any situation of crises happens.

Also, it is recognised worldwide that when parents are involved in pupil’s studies, they perform better. Many research papers have also been published that the child’s academic achievements are influenced by the extent to which parents are involved in their school life and education.


parent-school 13

Establishing partnership between schools and parents:

For establishing effective partnership between schools and parents and pupils, three important points can play a major role in it:

  • Providing information to parents.
  • Giving voice to parents.
  • Encouraging parental partnership with schools.

However it cannot be achieved by just sending out leaflets about school initiatives and events. Parents should be made aware of specific details about their children’s performances and achievements.

Benefits of parental involvement:

An open communication channel between parents and schools to pass on news related to homework, performances, achievements, rewards, which helps in generating positive relationships between schools and home. Any such open communication channel will help parents to notice true strengths and weaknesses of their children and to understand if children are facing difficulties in any aspects.

parent-school 4

Role of technology in establishing open communication:

In recent times, technology has played an important role in bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. One of the effective technology that can come up as a best solution in establishing effective communication is mobile apps.

Mobile apps allows parents and schools to communicate in real time without involving the stress of doing physical meetings. Mobile notifications and updates from school leads to increased involvement of parents with school and their children’s school activities. Overall, mobile technology makes an excellent way of parent-school communication.

For easy and delightful parent-school interaction, mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms are popular and are proving to be effective. Let us check out how these mobile apps helps through an example.


At Krify, we have developed one such innovative IT system, named as CimplifyED, for communication between parents and school. The cloud-based mobile platform, mobile app and web app was developed in a way to provide solution to parent’s concern over physical safety and academic achievements of child.


It is a cloud based mobile platform for barrier less communication in the education domain. Some of the key features of the app are as follows:

  • Real time notifications from school
  • Online school fee payment
  • Updates on Examination schedule
  • Updates on Exam Results
  • Event updates
  • Live attendance
  • School diary with homework updates
  • Driver App, works on GPS. When driver does login into the app, parent  can track the school bus live using parent’s app.
  • And many more..

Why choose Krify for your innovative app development?

Krify is a multinational web and mobile app development company, that is specialized in providing latest Mobile Apps, Software Applications, Web Applications and also in extending services like Digital Marketing, Quality Testing, Content Development, SEO and many more.

Team Krify believes in delivering the best and hence work towards bringing out 360 degree real-time solutions. Hire our developers to develop the software system that addresses all of its client’s concerns and challenges. Get in touch to let us understand your queries and challenges.



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What alternatives exist as Parse is shutting down?

Recently Parse came up with the announcement that they are shutting down their mobile backend as a service. Parse helps in simplifying the addition of rich features to your Android, iOS and HTML5 apps. It produces back-end tools for developers that helps in storing data in the cloud, manage identity log-ins, run custom code in the cloud and handle push notifications.

A bad news for developers who have built an app on top of Parse. But the relief is that they are giving 12 months’ time to find new solutions. They are also providing a path to running your own ‘Parse-compatible service.’ They have also provided the migration guide about exporting Parse data.

Some of the alternatives available in place of Parse is as follows:

parse 3

  • Firebase

Firebase is a scalable and real time data storage and communication solution and comes as a freemium service. It is a cloud database for powering collaborative, realtime apps. Its great and flexible majorly for realtime data, but not so flexibely for things like SMS, payments, push notifications, etc.

parse 4

  • AWS Mobile Hub

AWS Mobile Hub is available commercially on Amazon. It is a direct Parse replacement and allows you to add and configure features for your mobile app. Its features includes data storage, user authentication, push notifications, analytics, backend logic and content delivery. It also gives you easy access to testing on real devices. Analytics dashboards can also be used easily to track usage of app. All these features from a single integrated console.

parse 6

  • Backand

Backand is another freemium service provides as a powerful backend-as-a- service for Angular JS. Its unique feature is that provides both server side back-end and the application front-end. It provides an easy solution for rapidly developing and running cross-platform cloud applications.

parse 5

  • Deployd

Deployd is an open source API development tool for Mobile and Web developers. Deployd APIs are made up of plug-and-play resources like collection that can be added easily and defined through deployd dashboard.

parse 8

  • RemoteStorage

RemoteStorage is a free and open protocol for per-user storage. You can own your data and everything in one single place. You can use a storage aacount with provider you trust, or you can even set up your own storage server. You can develop your web app without developing the backend for it, as your users will be able to connect to their own backend at runtime. Offline support is also built into the RemoteStorage.js by default.

Why Krify?

Krify is a multinational, global technology software development and consulting company. Our core competencies include mobile app development for various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Cross-platform), Web app and website development.

Krify’s competitive advantage is its operational efficiency – with suitable project management systems such as agile, process oriented approach to achieve effective communication and co-ordination on projects and readiness for upcoming technologies. Krify provides high quality and cost effective products to their customers by combining their strategic, creative and technology skills with their ability in innovation.

At Krify, we are passionate to create value.  Let’s get in touch with your requirement to take it to the innovative level.  Navigate through our portfolio for more information on our accomplished projects.


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Android Marshmallow – About More Power, More Security and Much More!


Google’s list of big 2015 launches include Nexus 5X and Nexus 6X smartphones and a new build of Android. The final build of Android M was released as Android 6.0, Marshmallow during Google I/O 2015. Android marshmallow fixes many of the latent problems of Android.

The most notable feature of this update is the power management and security. Checkout some more amazing features of this update, Android M.

Web experience through Chrome browsing

Android update always comes with at least some attention given to web experience. Google has added ‘custom tabs’ which allows developers to display web page content within the app, like help page. This makes Chrome to open up links inside an app as an overlay. Now it will not bounce the user out of the app entirely.

This feature will help app developers to customize tabs to fit into the feel and look of their own app design language, but it will be directly linked to Chrome on that device and a logged-in user account, which will preserve things like login details and remembered passwords. This will give a seamless experience.

App Permissions

Marshmallow enables users to approve or reject permissions from every apps and every function within the app itself. Now a single or multiple functions of the app can be allowed or denied access. For e.g. you can disable the location function of the app permissions list if you don’t want the app to access your location.

Power Consumption Optimisation

Android M makes your device more power efficient. It has a feature of activating Doze mode that reduces background processes and thus minimises the battery consumption. This adds to more hours of device’s idle performance. The difference is noticeable even with the old handset of Nexus 5.

Fingerprint Scanning

Android marshmallow has come up with attention to fingerprint scanning and biometric security. With Android M you don’t have to type password for everything, unlike in Android Lollipop. In this you can use the device’s fingerprint scanner to authorise purchases. Because now you will be able to log in to platforms like Google Play Store using fingerprint access. But this feature is available for those devices that has fingerprint scanner in it.

Auto Backup

Now escape from worries of losing app data while switching phones. Marshmallow automatically saves all app user data and settings on Google Drive of size upto 25 MB per app.

Mobile Payments, Android Pay

Android Pay is evolved version of Google Wallet. To use Android Pay, it does not need fingerprint scanner. The payments can be authenticated using a PIN, password or pattern.


Deleting App from home screen

Android M has come up with new way of uninstalling app – that is, apps can now be unstalled directly from the home screen. This has made the deleting apps in Android M easy.

 Options with volume control

Android Marshmallow comes with a new volume setup. After pressing the volume button, a single volume slider is displayed that can be expanded to check and control three different types of volumes of phone: ring volume, media volume and alarm volume. It also has ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature with which you can set the mode as per your priority like total silence, alarms only or priority only.

Direct Share

With this new feature, has made sharing little more intuitive. So now when you hit share picker, you will see some contacts at top along with some apps. Thus it instantly allows you to share the content with that person.

Better Copy and Paste

This is a small but meaningful change in Marshmallow. Now it is not required to jump up to the top of the screen for cut, copy, paste buttons. Marshmallow will float the options directly above the text that has been selected.

Android M Updates for devices

These are some of the powerful features for Android M. Google has already started rolling out Android Marshmallow update for certain devices of Nexus in October. Other manufacturers are also following the suit. Various other devices have also started getting the latest update. Android M updates has also been rolled out in Brazil and India for Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition in U.S. Most Android device manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are still in late stages of development and testing of Android M.

Our previous post Android Vision 2016 on Business & Users #Marshmallow explains more on #Android Marshmallow.

At Krify, our expert team of developers are constantly upgrading the knowledge and believe in using it and recent updates in best possible way. Developing innovative Android apps is one of our core competencies. Our technical team has expertise in Android Media APIs, Location-based service APIs, Software Development Kit (SDK), 3D Graphics, Android Security Architecture and other advanced technologies for responsive and powerful Android mobile apps development.

Contact us for all your Android App Development queries or get a free quote customised as per your app requirements.





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Material Design: Materialize CSS Framework

Materialize CSS, SASS Framework: Material Design Developers#2016

Who Invented Materialize CSS?

Materialize CSS was invented and designed by students named Kevin Louie, Alan Chang, Alex Mark and Alvin Wang of Carnegie Mellon University. Materialize CSS is an Open source Framework which is distributed under the MIT Open License.

Materialize Developers students Team

Materialize Developers Team

What exactly Materialize CSS is?

Materialize CSS is a fresh responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. It simplifies life for developers and the users they serve.

What Materialize CSS Offers and Does?

Materialize CSS is a broad bundle for small developments used for design and development of websites and HTML5 hybrid mobile apps.

Materialize CSS is developed using CSS in HTML5 with specific properties like color, grids, layout, tables and also assistant (helper) classes… and more over it also originated through embed design of responsive images and responsive videos.

Materialize CSS includes the best property for web pages vertical-align exhaustive framework for best responsiveness.  One of the major goal of Materialize framework is to be as adaptable as possible which include cross browser compatibility.

Important key points in Materialize is:

  1. Materialize CSS
  2. Materialize Components
  3. Materialize JavaScript
  4. Materialize Mobile

What is Materialize SASS?

Sass is a scripting language that is interpreted into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). SassScript is the scripting language itself. Sass consists of two syntaxes. The original syntax, called “the indented syntax”, uses a syntax similar to Haml.

“Materialize offers 2- different forms of selection that depends on requirement components and expertise”

Materialize CSS (Materialize)

Formally known as Materialize. It is a standard version minified and un-minified CSS and JavaScript files. This selection needs slightly to absolutely no setup.

Download Materialize CSS here!

Materialize Sass (SASS)

Formerly known as SASS. This Sass has source SCSS files and Sass compiler for more control above components.

Download Materialize Sass here!

Advantages with Materialize:

  • Speeds up Development
  • User Experience focused
  • Amusing User Experience and Interactions
  • Easy to Code and Develop
  • Efficient color code with Material Design
  • Easy to work
  • Any many more…

About Materialize CSS and SASS

  1. Materialize CSS and SASS:

Materialize CSS offers the awesome and cool future for web and mobile interface developers for design and development

Color: Usually colors are used to code a back ground with share of color of a text as everyone know here color deals with Background Color, Text Color and Color Palette used.

Grid: In materialize, the grid works for adding glow and styles to your designs to be used for development.

Color palette is a collection of different colors in one box to choose from, with different shades. Each shade is having a color code that is used to identify and use it exactly with in desired place.


Container class is not harshly part of the grid but is significant for placing ready content to center the page content.

The features like container has Columns. Columns live inside Rows, Offsets, Push and Pull, also creating Layouts that deals with section and divider in tags.

Creating Responsive Layouts are the major part in design and development process, which includes things like screen sizes, adding Responsiveness and Responsive Side Navigation Layouts

Observe how container works hear…

container work off

Container Off

Container On

Container On

Helpers (assistant) Classes:

Helpers always deals with content related things like the alignments of your content. Some are Vertical Align, Text Align, Quick Floats, similarly Hiding Content and Formatting fonts. The Hover class helps in adding an animation for box shadow.

Media: Generally, media is a collection of Images and Videos. Where Images deals with Responsive Images, and Circular images and Videos deals with Responsive Embeds and Responsive Videos

Sass: Materialize embeds some Sass files. When spending Sass, we can change the color scheme of site awfully quicker. Also, we can always work on Variables as a part. We have three media queries for the three typical screen sizes for custom Sass files with object of Prefixer, to support all browser properties.

Shadow: Shadows are something that always abbreviates a screen like how it was raised up from the background page just like a 3-D view.

Materialize shadows look

Shadows look for Materialize backgrounds

Table: Tables are the best organizers for valuable content to be presented in ordered and structured way but as we know these tables kill the responsiveness of a website. We have just neglected it till now and used tables in most of the websites. Materialize offer Service class to help integrate the table as easily as possible. In addition, to expand mobile experience, all tables on mobile-screen widths are positioned in center automatically.

Here are few class functions supported for table responsiveness: Centered table, Highlight Table, Striped Table, Bordered Table and Borderless Table.

Typography: Material Design use a static font Roboto for all its needs, as Roboto 2.0 by including the font files with framework.

We can also custom those fonts for our Topography by removing Roboto by simply changing the font stack by modifying the code below as per our liking and add it to our custom css.

html {

    font-family: GillSans, Calibri, Trebuchet, sans-serif;


Topography deals with Headers, Blockquotes and Flow Text


Components are very important in every design as those attract the users more with simple interactions and messages. Materialize powered components we use here are Badges, Buttons, Breadcrumbs, Cards, Chips, Collections, Footer, Forms, Icons, Navbar, Pagination and Preloader.

Observe how Components work hear as text appears…

Flow test missed

When Flow test OFF

Flow text ON

Flow text on


JavaScript’s bit of code is used for Styleup with animations and transactions very easily. Here we use java scripts with few things like Collapsible, Dialogs, Dropdown, Media, Modals, Parallax, Pushpin, Scrollspy, SideNav, ScrollFire, Tabs, Transitions, Waves.


The Navbar is completely delimited by an HTML5 Nav tag. Inside container div. has two main parts to align following links to the left or right.

  1. Logo or brand link
  2. Navigation links.

Drag out Menu with a plugin comprises of some options for modifying the menu details.

Toast is the Swipe, to dismiss all in one package for devices that offer swipe to dismiss toasts.

Here is a show case of the on-going projects with Materialize CSS design templates Checkout how it looks!

Show case of Materialize design works

Show case of Materialize CSS works

Checkout Show case portfolio !

Looking for a Web Developer for materialize CSS framework?

Krify possess the competency in web design and development using the latest technology like that of Materialize, a modern CSS framework that is based on Material Design. Our expert team knows well to use the resources efficiently to develop a responsive website with modern UX/UI designs.

We understand the need of a well-designed and responsive websites that would help in increasing leads and boosting sales. Our expert team of developers and designers are well versed with recent designing and development methods.

Contact us with all your queries and requirements in web designing, web development, graphic designing, to create a successful and responsive web solution for your businesses.

“Materialize CSS, SASS Framework Development Company”

Do you know what is Android Development Material Design?

Material Designs is an advanced concept in design field. It is a design language that has been developed by Google. It has colours support with lot of shades and colours for designers and developers. Material Design is stated by Google Developers as “A new design language based on paper and ink

Read Full Article we have an earlier post on Material Designs in Android Apps Development !


Get In Touch with Us About All your Queries… @ Our Contact Page

Krify An Expert Websites, Mobile Apps Development Company: About Materialize CSS, SASS Framework #2016

~For more details on this “Materialize CSS framework” visit the official Materialize CSS website.

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Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses #2016

Why should a Marketing Professional target on technology?

Business or marketing professionals mostly target on technology as the businesses are booming with the technology for instance, E-Commerce business. Marketing professionals are switching more towards  Digital Marketing, than any other or offline mode of marketing.

Technology is playing a major role in all over the world for all kinds of business organizations starting from start-up to the big and well established organizations. Businesses with technology on forefront are booming rapidly even in the race of stock markets.

For all kinds of Business organizations, IT companies are proving to be creating best solutions for creating market value in the business world and do promotions to get more leads from it.

– Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

World Wide Smartphone Sales Share now 10 times high in 2015 #END

Its 10 times high in Q4 of 2015 #END World Wide Smartphone Sales Shares ( Not indicated in Graph)

Why Mobile App Development has become an integral part of marketing?

“Reason Behind emergence of Mobile Apps Development is due to rise of Smartphones usage in world from 2014”

Even though Web Technology is presently giving a tough competition to Mobile Technology, Mobile technology has brought a storm in the digital world, as now-a-days, almost every user has smart phones as everyone can carry the technology to any place, easily.

Which is the best platform for Business Mobile Apps Development?

There are plenty of Mobile Apps Development platforms starting from the Big Hills like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, BlackBerry OS, Bada OS and others to develop an app.

Presently, Android and iPhone users are in abundant in the world. So obviously Businesses targets mostly on iPhone App Development And Android App Development for #increasing their sales and revenue. It is a good idea to get started with iPhone App Development / Android App Development.

We also need to be aware of the booming fields in mobile apps development like hybrid apps. As for future emphasis, it is the best time to start with Xamarin apps platform and Cross platforms apps development through Hybrid App Development in India / Hybrid App Development in UK. Because it is the recent technology that everyone is looking up to, as using it, only a Single Hybrid App developed is enough to run on multiple platforms i.e. single app has a capability to run on iPhone, Android, Windows and other platforms.

Looking for a Mobile app Development Company?

Great! You are at right place. Krify Innovations (UK) Ltd. (Krify) is a multi-national technology Innovations Company specialized in crafting world class Mobile and Web Applications. We built many world class mobile applications particularly for iPhone, Android and Wearable forms.

Krify has a team of enthusiastic Mobile app developers with experience of working on multiple projects for our clients across Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development and mobile apps development. They don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines. Our team of developers is flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients.

#Contact now Krify for Mobile Apps Development or Request a free Quote for your requirements…


Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify

Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify

Looking to Hire Mobile Developer?

Krify has carved a niche for itself in the development especially in Mobile app Development in India | Mobile app Development in UK with efforts of experienced and friendly team who is willing to work more for clients and love to create apps with a passion of creativeness, with a lot of ideas which helps to improve clients’ business. Don’t wait, hire a developer now at Krify.

#Contact now Krify to Hire Mobile App Developer or Request a free Quote for your requirements…


— Survey report on “Mobile Users” in present Generation @2015 December 1st week: TOI —

Today’s world is deeply connected with technology in almost all aspects of life starting from child birth to big wars. Everything is directly or indirectly dependent on technology, as day by day technology is getting advanced step by step. As per recent survey on MOBILE USERS in present era, it gives a driven-out and mind blowing results as follows:

The Mobile Era Modern Generations

The Mobile Era Modern Generation #2015


           Age                                      Percentage of people Dependent on Mobiles Specific App trends
4-10 years 55%

Games: Play Mind games, Action games, and many other apps, Educational Games, fun Apps,

Toy Apps and many other apps

11-15 years 68% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Face book, twitter, emails and many other apps

Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps, Knowledge Apps, and other apps.

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

apart from normal calls and Messages

16-30 years 95% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter,mails and many other apps

Job Search Apps: LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, and many other apps

Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps,Knowledge Apps, and other apps

Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype and other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Paytm Wallet, Google Wallet and other

Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other

Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages

31-45 years 79% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other,

Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps

News Feed Apps: like RSS, news, feed.

Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages

46-60 years 68% Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other.

Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls

60+ years 35% Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls


As Survey proved many aspects that mobile users are more than 70% and still increasing with increase in use of different mobile apps. Business people are more interested to market their products and services by offering a lot of deals to attract more and more customers. As a part of this, big organizations looks to Hire a developer who are mostly Experienced. If you are looking forward to Hire an Android App Developer or Hire an iPhone App Developer or Hire Windows App Developer, to bring your app development ideas to life, then get in touch with us here for Mobile App Development in India and UK.

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Android Vision 2016 on Business & Users #Marshmallow

Google’s Operating System Recently released an update Android 6.0 by the name Marshmallow. It is well designed with Lock screen, Home screen, App drawer, Notifications and fast Settings, System UI Tuner, Animations and Easter egg, Auto focused Dark theme and rotation support for Android Users.

Android Developers have already worked very well with new updates and integration’s of new API’s like Voice API and Assist API, Google settings app, Android Pay System. The Well Impressive Android Marshmallow are eager code-sifters like source code mentions, Night Mode automatic mentions, night mode, type-C and reverse charging for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P like advanced mobiles, fingerprint API, network security reset, monthly security patches, design and visual changes, Google integration, performance and system features and security aspects.

Android App Developers India | UK

How Google Worked on New Android version update for needs of Businesses and Users:

Android Voice API and Assist API: Now-a-days Android App Developers tend to use Voice based and gesture based commands for Android. Google talk has come up with business model with voice based search support in favor of Android Users.

Google settings app: Google Apps are in the list of top apps from play store, which are being used by Android users. So as per increasing needs, Android again came up with improved version of business model to help Users build more apps using advanced features for updated OS is Google+, Gmail, Play store and all other applications.

Android Pay System: Android pay system is like never seen before and is aggressively helping the Android users with their various requirements like their online shopping needs and online money transfer with android pay integrations for new android apps.

Finger prints security: Android Developers are very much impressed with Nexus thumbprint system on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, partly for the brilliant Huawei hardware, however furthermore for Google’s app developments supports with future security. Registering for a fingerprint is quicker with it than with any other device and also the accuracy and speed of the scanner is second to none. All you wish to do to set up fingerprint authentication within the Play Store for purchases is check a hold in the settings.

Is Latest Marshmallow version a success/failure?

Well with the impact of iPhone iOS9, Marshmallow has not been able to satisfy all users yet, as per the current trend of ending of 2015. The Best Android app developers in India and UK around the world really need the best support from Android for developing the best future apps. New inventions need to be boosted to support needs of playstore users.

Android Versions User Rate

About Marshmallow

Marshmallow additionally supports the new normal and USB Type-C. Type-C cables are reversible by hardware devices. It simply supports charge exchange cable within the dark and it additionally supports quicker information transfer and striking speeds.

Many Top Android App Development Companies are already building the best cross platform apps using the most advanced app development technology Xamarin App Development and waiting for the next update from Android for Android Version Updates to build more user friendly apps like Gmail, Shopping list, JLike, Votee, Sms apps, chating apps, traveling apps, medical apps, music apps and other useful apps.

Key Notes in Android App Development:

Configurations Set Up Android Environment:

Android Studio:

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing the android platform. It had been proclaimed on May 16, 2013 at the Google I/O conference freely out form Apache License 2.0.

Android Studio offers:

  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Build variants and multiple APK file generation
  • Code templates to assist you build common app options
  • Rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme editing
  • Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and alternative issues
  • Pro-Guard and app-signing capabilities
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it simple to integrate Google Cloud electronic messaging and App Engine
  • And many more additional on Android Studio….

SDK Manager:

The Android SDK Manager separates the SDK tools, platforms and different elements into packages for straightforward access and management. You’ll be able to additionally customize that from which websites the SDK Manager checks for brand new or updated SDK packages and add-on tools of SDK Manager.

Recommended Packages:

  • SDK Tools
  • SDK Platform-tools
  • SDK Platform
  • System Image
  • Android Support Library
  • Android Support Repository
  • Google Play services
  • Google Repository

Android future Versions: Update Android 6.0 to Android 7.0

Google announced that it is releasing the Android Versions as per Alphabetical order. The Android Version 7.0 is named as Mr. “N” and it is going to be released in 2016.

Android Focused Area’s for OS update:

  • OS Design
  • UI and Interfaces Developments
  • Latest Security Systems Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Supportively
  • Network security
  • Connective and Data Usage Productivity
  • Internet of Things Supportively
  • Geo-Localizations
  • Size Considerations
  • Gesture Controllability
  • And many other

Hybrid Apps Brings Fame to Android:

Hybrid Apps Development is nothing but web app development, which is built mainly using HTML5 and JavaScript, which is then bound inside a tinny native dish that provides admission to native platform features.

In terms of Business prospects for 2016, there is going to be huge Development of apps in Cross Platform Apps Development and Hybrid Apps Development as compared to singleton Platform Mobile Apps Development in India | UK and around the world.

“Krify has a competence to build the best Android apps using the latest technology and brings the best and polished app to the market, as these are more popular among loyal app users.”

Why Don’t you Hire or choose An Android Developer from Krify for your Android App Development ?

Get in touch with us here, for Android App Development !

“For any Queries chat with us live here… Online. Lets Chat”


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Microsoft Signs Android Apps -‘App Comparison’

Microsoft Recently launched an Android App called ‘App Comparison’ and its complete persistence is to tie up apps installed on your android device to those which exist on the Windows 10 platform.

AppComparison App for Andorid Devices : sing’s a Hybrid App soon by Microsoft’s

App comparison may seem meaningless, but it has focused on the goal that signify that “App store on Windows 10 enabled phones is growing slowly, and it will definitely result in growing app base for Microsoft.

It will not take too long time for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile to stand as a biggest Competitor for Android and IOS Mobiles. If it builds more and more Apps to build its own strong App base like Google play Store has, even more similar apps. i.e., Cross platform apps using XAMARIN Development

Appcomparison App

Appcomparison App by Microsoft for Android Devices


The only drawback of windows till now is that they didn’t have much Developers as there are for Android. Now as HYBRID APPS came into light, Windows platform is also available as Universal Language that single code can work on all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and others like Xamarin.

Presently, developers are looking forward to develop more Hybrid apps rather than single platform apps. Microsoft’s are going high with this, day by day.

To kick start the sales of Windows Mobiles again, Microsoft has launched App Comparison app. App Comparison allows user to select two things that you find most interesting like Entertainment, Education, Health, Games, Lifestyle, News & Weather, Photo, Videos, Productivity, Sports, Travel, Friends and Family…etc. from your android device to show either the same apps or related app which are available on windows store. They will help customers with the transition process, before they migrate from android device to Windows devices.

Hybrid Apps like Xamarin Apps are being developed more out by Xamarin Developers for windows and cross platforms. Market report says that Smartphone users are increasing day by day and are considering strongly to switch for Windows 10 and Windows Operating systems. So the first step in making the changeover as simple as possible would be to install App Comparison & see which apps they are already using on Android and are available on Windows 10 as well. In addition to finding coordinated apps, it also recommends others that might also be something more useful. It’s a pretty straightforward and basic offering, signed by Microsoft’s Hybrid apps supportability in future.


Do you know who are Professional Developers of Hybrid Apps ?

Krify has consummated innumerable projects of development with Xamarin programming. They have competence in building IT products using Cross Platform. Xamarin  Apps arrival with new exciting features will bring storm in the domain of app and web development.

Contact now Krify Team of Developers


How to hire a Xamarin Developer / Hybrid Apps Development Company ?

If you are in need of experienced Hybrid app developers, Krify has a team of Xamarin developers who have sound knowledge on Xamarin, Cross platform Apps Development and experience of working on multiple projects for our clients in Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development. We don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines framed.  Our team of developers are flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients.

Hire a Xamarin App Developer hear !



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uberification mobile app development india

Uberification – Rise of On-demand Mobile Services

Uber has captured the attention of most of the travellers across more than 100+ countries today. Uber is the most successful mobile app which allows consumers to hire a cab by sending a request via the app. From being a mere Taxi service it got upgraded to a Service which facilitates Carpooling and other such benefits. This app is compatible with your iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. It has user credit card information fed into it the first time you use app and cab service following which you don’t have to pay by card or cash from your next ride onwards. The popularity of this app grew rapidly and many taxi Service companies replicated the Uber idea and it is now popularly known as Uberification.

Uberification is simplifying the process of booking and utilizing a service. When ever any user requests a product or service, this generates a trigger in the system to meet that demand immediately; and the service that allows users to request something and that service will arrive at the agreed time. It is simply – tapping smart phone and getting the service / product instantly. Technology innovators are seeking to uberify the local services around world with on-demand mobile services which will quickly and conveniently match the demand with the supply. These mobile apps create transparency in customer demand resulting supply-side liquidity enabling local service providers to have the customer acquisition. This also gave rise to the new buzz word “1099 economy” which indicates the growing raise of of single proprietors and contractors.

The modern generation expect everything now and they turn to their phones for that. Uber is the car service that bridges demand and supply of taxis via a geo-location based app that monitors the movement of its taxi fleet and implements a dynamic pricing algorithm to balance supply with demand. To uberise something is to optimise it via similar methods in order to create an “on demand” market. The Uberisation of the 1099 economy enables the modern generation that doesn’t want to be told when to come to work. Ask any Uber driver whether they like being able to make their own schedule.

Krify is an innovative mobile app development company based in United Kingdom, India – with its strong expertise in creating on-demand technology apps which are conceptually similar to Uber. We are currently working with several different ideas based on “uberification” model.  This includes food industry, job seeker – employment industry, personal search – dating, matrimonial services, many others.

Share us your mobile app idea or a specific problem in your domain. We would be happy to analyse your requirement / challenge to uberise it with an innovative solution.

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Tizen – An Intro, Wearable Apps

A recent spike in the development of open mobile Operating Systems has led to the release of exotic sounding distributions.

A new Linux based operating system called Tizen was launched for devices (including smartphones,tablets etc) by Samsung and Intel

When we say wearables, we think about it as a much broader conception. With the new Tizen SDK (software development kit) for wearables, We can easily build apps for smart watches.

The SDK allows developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run on supported devices.


Speak Features of Tizen:

  •  Open source
  • Compatibility with multiple mobile platforms
  • The OS is still compatible and may be launched in other OS like the IOS and Android, with a little code change.
  • Run HTML 5 applications – enables a smoother Web browsing experience for mobile devices

Samsung releases Tizen SDK for wearables to new apps like: Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo apps

Tizen is very much like Android. It will have the same basis in a secure, stable operating system. And is, ultimately, a platform that can be developed for with some ease.

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