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Android Marshmallow – About More Power, More Security and Much More!


Google’s list of big 2015 launches include Nexus 5X and Nexus 6X smartphones and a new build of Android. The final build of Android M was released as Android 6.0, Marshmallow during Google I/O 2015. Android marshmallow fixes many of the latent problems of Android.

The most notable feature of this update is the power management and security. Checkout some more amazing features of this update, Android M.

Web experience through Chrome browsing

Android update always comes with at least some attention given to web experience. Google has added ‘custom tabs’ which allows developers to display web page content within the app, like help page. This makes Chrome to open up links inside an app as an overlay. Now it will not bounce the user out of the app entirely.

This feature will help app developers to customize tabs to fit into the feel and look of their own app design language, but it will be directly linked to Chrome on that device and a logged-in user account, which will preserve things like login details and remembered passwords. This will give a seamless experience.

App Permissions

Marshmallow enables users to approve or reject permissions from every apps and every function within the app itself. Now a single or multiple functions of the app can be allowed or denied access. For e.g. you can disable the location function of the app permissions list if you don’t want the app to access your location.

Power Consumption Optimisation

Android M makes your device more power efficient. It has a feature of activating Doze mode that reduces background processes and thus minimises the battery consumption. This adds to more hours of device’s idle performance. The difference is noticeable even with the old handset of Nexus 5.

Fingerprint Scanning

Android marshmallow has come up with attention to fingerprint scanning and biometric security. With Android M you don’t have to type password for everything, unlike in Android Lollipop. In this you can use the device’s fingerprint scanner to authorise purchases. Because now you will be able to log in to platforms like Google Play Store using fingerprint access. But this feature is available for those devices that has fingerprint scanner in it.

Auto Backup

Now escape from worries of losing app data while switching phones. Marshmallow automatically saves all app user data and settings on Google Drive of size upto 25 MB per app.

Mobile Payments, Android Pay

Android Pay is evolved version of Google Wallet. To use Android Pay, it does not need fingerprint scanner. The payments can be authenticated using a PIN, password or pattern.


Deleting App from home screen

Android M has come up with new way of uninstalling app – that is, apps can now be unstalled directly from the home screen. This has made the deleting apps in Android M easy.

 Options with volume control

Android Marshmallow comes with a new volume setup. After pressing the volume button, a single volume slider is displayed that can be expanded to check and control three different types of volumes of phone: ring volume, media volume and alarm volume. It also has ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature with which you can set the mode as per your priority like total silence, alarms only or priority only.

Direct Share

With this new feature, has made sharing little more intuitive. So now when you hit share picker, you will see some contacts at top along with some apps. Thus it instantly allows you to share the content with that person.

Better Copy and Paste

This is a small but meaningful change in Marshmallow. Now it is not required to jump up to the top of the screen for cut, copy, paste buttons. Marshmallow will float the options directly above the text that has been selected.

Android M Updates for devices

These are some of the powerful features for Android M. Google has already started rolling out Android Marshmallow update for certain devices of Nexus in October. Other manufacturers are also following the suit. Various other devices have also started getting the latest update. Android M updates has also been rolled out in Brazil and India for Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition in U.S. Most Android device manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are still in late stages of development and testing of Android M.

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