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Dive into responsive framework Foundation ZURB Apps | CSS, SASS, Grid


“Foundation”, a responsive front-end framework, was developed by ZURB (P) Ltd. as an open source project. Zurb is an Interaction Design Company grounded in Campbell, California, and US.  Foundation was released as an open-source project under the MIT License and is accessible on Github. Under this project, all developers are encouraged to join in the project development and make their own contributions for foundation platform. ZURB has designed websites including Facebook, eBay, Photobucket NYSE and ClickTracks.

History of Foundation Releases:

Foundation was designed and tested on numerous browsers and devices with the primary motto of developing front-end code faster and better. Major update’s came with initial Foundation versions with Foundation 1.0, Foundation 2.0, Foundation 3.0, Foundation 4.0 and recently a new version update released, which is Foundation 5.0. Even Foundation released a very important release on Email in 2013 and Apps in 2014.

What’s New in Foundation?

The latest version is Foundation 5.0 supported with Stylized CSS components, 12-column grid system, mobile first approach, available as Open source with Github and many more…


Support responsiveness for all devise’s

A brief about Foundation

Foundation is a framework with bunch of HTML, CSS and JavaScript holding design patterns that you can build upon and reuse for various devices including desktop and laptop, PC, tablets and smartphones and even on wearbles soon.

In reality, Foundation is a Framework for any device, intermediate and accessibility. Foundation is a household of responsive front-end frameworks that styles and makes it easy to design attractive responsive sites, apps and emails which adds the awesome looks to device. Foundation is semantic, legible, flexible and wholly customizable. And still everyday there are many features added with new resources and code snippets, including these handy HTML templates to keep it going!

What Foundation Does?

Foundation is mostly used to make a responsive framework for Apps, Emails and Websites from JavaScript. From inexperienced to experienced professional Angular Developers can also build breathtaking, responsive web apps.

Exciting Features of Foundation?

  1. Grid system and responsive design
  2. Understanding CSS style sheet
  3. Re-usability components
  4. JavaScript components and plug-ins
  5. Customizable
  6. Professional
  7. Mobile First
  8. Semantic

What Foundations?


Foundation CSS comes with default or customized CSS packages that can be copied from the download page and installed into the suitable web server folders. Foundation is then integrated into HTML page markup.


Foundation SASS uses Ruby, NodeJS and Git to install Foundation sources like no other sources.

Foundation Rails Gem:

Foundation Rails Gem is an extension of Rails Application with Gem file, to be used in Foundation as Foundation Rails Gem

Get started with few Installation tips here for Apps!

Foundation for Apps:

Foundation for Apps is a framework which is used to shape better and more elegant single-page web apps to work across many devices. Here the unique Foundation which is used to build apps is exclusively new framework available just for building web apps.

Get Foundation CSS Apps installed here…

What does Foundation for Apps Brings to App Developers?

  1. Angular components in your apps.
  2. Sass-powered codebase.
  3. Foundation for Apps grid makes flexible, responsive app layout easy.
  4. Motion UI Quickly build components that would slide, spin and shake.
  5. Foundation for Apps is a leading-edge framework for developing apps that can be tested on any device or browsers.

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