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Why is it necessary to Redesign your Mobile App by following the Top UI Trends in 2019?

When we talk about a mobile app, the first things we consider are development, coding, features and functionalities but the thing noticed by the users is the design. Designing a mobile app is not an easy task. It is the key factors that can attract users in using your app.  If your mobile app has a bad design or an unattractive design, then there are more chances that the user will not prefer to use your app anymore. The App logo indicates everything. The logo should be in a way that it should describe the app and its usage and more efforts should be given while designing a logo as it provides the first impression to the users when search or sees your app in the play store or apple store. Being beautiful will help your app to stand out of the race of thousands of competitors.

What is User Interface?

User Interface is all about how you are presenting your application to your audience. No matter how amazing your app functionalities or features are, if your UI is not up to the mark, then there is no chance your app stands in the top. User Interface includes various factors like colour, brightness, Lable icons, alignment etc. 

Top UI trends for mobile app in 2019

colour gradient

Colour Gradient

Users generally see the brightest colours first and then go to the other shades. Gradients are the new colours and to combine the geographical gradients with engaging graphics is a trend to give your app a new look. These colour gradients are useful  User interface tool to fascinate the users, and they use these tricks while announcing the offer.


Adding animation makes your app more appealing.  An app can do well even without animations but definitely, an app with animation has additional advantages. Animations make the application more interactive my improving the user experience. There are different types of animations like Orientation space animation which is used to simplify navigation and function type animation that changes the element whenever a user interacts with it.

custom illustration

Custom Illustration

The designer will not get any individuality and uniqueness in the stock illustration.  Custom Illustration popularity is increasing day by day, and it has different types like the paper cut style, hand drawing style, painting style, etc. Its all depends on the kind of mobile app development company you choose.

Overlapping effect

Overlapping is an existing trend in UI designs. The overlapping of the contents like font, graphics, logos, etc. is making the users feel more attracted to the applications. Overlapping also helps in making the limited space available to add, more images or contents on the screen. Designers can create shadows to allow the focus on some crucial elements.

Focus on Readability

Many apps in the market do not reach up to the mark in spite of having advanced functionalities and adding new features to the app, because of ignoring readability. In some informative apps where the user can only get the information about the product and services, Content plays a major role. GIn general also content has great importance, and in case you want your user to focus more on the material the information the provided should be readable. You can be used various colour on the text and different font in a way that it attracts the user’s attention while browsing through your app as the performance of the app also depends on the content readability.

Why is app redesigning important?

If you want your mobile app to last longer, then it is not possible without redesigning. Here are some of the reasons why you need to go for redesigning of your mobile app.


While rebranding it is necessary to makeover your mobile app to get new recognition. The main thing designers should keep in mind while redesigning the app to keep it simple without confusing the users with intricate designs. Know that the users prefer the apps that provide personalization. Make the call to action more attractive, and you integrate social media while designing.


It is always essential to know the competitor’s strategies. If you do not go for redesigning, then your app might look old, and competitors will not prefer to use your mobile app.if your competitors are offering fresh designed it is vital for you to do that to sustain in the competitive world.

The decrease in ratings

Unfortunately, poor ratings and reviews can subsequently get you a bad reputation in the market. Offering a new app can save you from such situations and redesigning can be the best option.


These are some points to consider before redesigning app,In case you want to make your mobile app the best and profitable it is a must to redesign it time to time, With the increasing competition, it is hard for any application to stay long in the market if it is not updated according to the user’s changing interests and demands.

Krify is one of the leading web and mobile app development company in the UK and India. Our team has huge experience in developing trending mobile apps and is renowed as to app designing company. we are expertize in android app development and iOS app development and also  have a special team for designing applications which is trained and updated about the latest trends in the market.  If you are looking for Mobile app redesigning company, Krify is the best option. To know more information reach us here.

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winter seasons apps

5 Awesome Winter Season Apps for your devices

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is bearing down on us in full thrill.  Winter means and snow means Snow apps, winter fun apps, snow sports apps, weather report apps – which, for the most part, can be steamed down. There’s no doubt you get to rush for winter seasons gaming apps and there’s nothing that can really compare. Are you excited yet?

If you’re planning on winter-related apps for this winter season, there’s more for you to do than simply reading about winter gaming websites and winter gaming apps. There are some great Android and iOS apps out on the market, both free and paid, that can improve the actual experience of having your own apps. Keep reading and don’t miss out!

Awesome 5 Winter Season Apps for your devices

Let’s First go with gaming apps

Ketchapp Winter Sports

ketchapp winter sports apps

Why not try out some winter themed mobile game apps to keep you hustling? Yes, exactly keeping yourself busy and entertained with gaming apps when it’s cold outside is one best way to make it through the winter. So has to happen my first suggestion is Ketchapp winter Sports. This is a sidescrolling skiing and snowboarding game that lets you perform tricks and stunts. As you perform stunts, you’ll rack up a score. The points you earn can be spent on new things to improve your character’s stats. This is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Alto’s Adventure

alto's app

It’s a stunning mobile game app with basic side-scrolling skiing gameplay. In this, you must control the skier as he travels over the ramp and slopes down from snowy hills. If you’re much-excited to have astonishing visuals and magical music, then it will be the perfect game that fits you. This is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Now we just look after the winter-festive themed apps

Christmas Countdown 2018 for Android and iOS

christmas countdown

Winter is pretty intolerable, but when you throw in Christmas and new years Eve, things really start to get festive and exciting. This app will allow you to count down the days leading up to Christmas. You can see exactly how many days, hours and minutes are there till day.

Are you starving let’s go for food ordering apps



There’s nothing that hits an afternoon of home cooking or baking on a cold winter’s day. Cooking heats up the kitchen and gives you something hot to eat in the evening. With Cookpad, you can actually find the user submitted for all different types of food. They can provide everything under the sun at this point, baking recipes, healthy meals or even sinful snacks for your cheat days. This is ready for both Android and iOS platforms.

Just Eat


If you aren’t in a mood to cook, then why not order some food instead? You can find plenty of nearby takeaways, browse menus and order from within the Just Eat app. In this you can by card and the take away will then deliver the food to your doorstep. In this, you can receive the live updates on the progress of your order and there will be notifications if there is any delay.

Krify has a great expertise team in developing Android and iOS sports, gaming, food ordering, festive applications like Sports Shot News Apps Development, Sports Schedule’s Apps Development, Scoreboard Apps Development, E-Ticketing Apps Development, Sports Live Streaming Apps Development, mobile gaming app development, Event live streaming app with the latest technology used to provide a bug-free quality application delivering.

Get in touch with our Business Analyst who can help in fulfilling dreams from a small idea. Inquire us on your queries about what technology suits you to go with the next idea to app development

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iphone x and iphone 8 release

All about iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

Apple conducted their special event first time ever at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, 2017. During the Apple event, the team premiered iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, LTE-enabled Apple Watch and Apple TV 4k. The event was most awaited and most exciting iPhone launch event in last few years. Let’s check out what Apple announced this time including the release of most awaited iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

iPhone 8 Release

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the new generations of iPhone, were released with an exclusive glass design, first of its kind. The new iPhone 8 comes with all new glass design, smartest camera, powerful chip, wireless charging and amazing augmented reality experiences that nobody has thought of ever before.

Design of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 has been designed with the durable glass in front as well as back. The glass design has a color-matched, aerospace-grade aluminum band with fine finishing in authentic colors like silver, gold and space gray.

Wireless Charging of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will be available with Retina HD displays in two different sizes of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches. iPhone 8 will be having super convenient wireless charging mats that would make it easier to charge. Apple will be introducing the Airpower mat on which your iPhone, iPods, Apple watch can be left on the mat for charging.

Smart camera of iPhone 8

iPhone cameras are widely popular and the new iPhone 8 camera is even better. The camera will have a faster, larger sensor with advanced 12 MP camera. The new camera will come with a new color filter, optical image stabilization, and deeper pixels.

iPhone 8 Plus has got better with the portrait mode, which will allow taking photos with more naturally blurred backgrounds and sharper foreground. Portrait mode will allow creating dramatic lighting effects with dual cameras. iPhone 8 Plus also brings the optical zoom and digital zoom of 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

iPhone 8 with the smartest chip and augmented reality

Apple has introduced A11 Bionic, the smartest smartphone chip, which is claimed to be 70% faster than previous A10 Fusion. Performance cores have become 25% faster that would provide more power and great battery life. A11 Bionic brings powerful augmented reality iOS apps and games with all new level of realism and fluidity.

iPhone 8 with iOS 11

iOS 11 is an advanced and secure mobile operating system and it will help users to get the maximum out of their iPhones. The new iOS 11 will also help you to pay in messages. Amazing AR games and apps will be available for iOS 11. Read more about iOS 11.

iPhone X Release

The most awaited iPhone X has been launched as all screen phone. It is Apple’s first phone with the full-screen display with ‘Super Retina’ resolution. iPhone X will come with all best in class features like glass design, wireless charging and AR apps. iPhone X is an entire screen phone with an experience that will immerse you in it. It has become more intelligent that would respond to a tap, voice and a glance. iPhone X display is 5.8 inch Super Retina screen that is eye dazzling. The design has been made so elegantly with round corners which employ new techniques. The new design is made up of durable glass and surgical-grade stainless steel. iPhone has got first OLED screen with iPhone X, with stunning colors, high brightness, true blacks and contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1. It has also got wireless charging and is water and dust resistance.

iPhone X has got the True Depth camera and sensors that enable Face ID, which is a secure way to unlock, authenticate and pay. Your Face is now your new password to control your iPhone.

The iPhone X has familiar gestures that would make navigation intuitive and natural. It is so intuitive that a single swipe can take you to home screen from any screen. iPhone X also have AR games and apps that can be experienced at a new level of augmented reality.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X release dates and prices

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus shipping will start before iPhone X i.e. on 22 September. The iPhone X pre-orders will begin on 27th October and the shipping will be done from 3rd November. In the US, iPhone X pricing will start at $999. In the UK, iPhone X will be available in configurations of 64 GB and 256 GB which will be available at around £999 and £1,149 respectively. Taking pre-orders of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has started and pre-registration of iPhone X has been started.

Krify is an IT services provider serving clients based across the world, with core competency in iPhone apps development, Android apps development, and web development technology. To bring your app idea into reality, contact us and discuss with our Business Analyst.

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How to choose mobile app development company India

How To Decide On Mobile App Development Company For Your Billion Dollar Idea

Times have changed and the ways to develop, market and grow the business have evolved in a huge manner. Mobile applications are taking the world by storm prominently iPhone apps and Android apps. Entrepreneurs with far-farsightedness have already envisioned the advantages that a mobile app can bring to the business, i.e. improved customer service and hence growth in returning customers, boosted brand building, powerful marketing tool, etc.

“Gartner principal research analyst Adrian Leow said enterprises find it a challenge to rapidly develop, deploy and maintain mobile apps to meet increasing demand, as it is exceedingly difficult and costly to hire developers with good mobile skills.”

This challenge can be overcome by taking a well-informed decision for choosing the best mobile app development company.

Finding and hiring a correct mobile app development team can be an unnerving task. But with secure and value added mobile app development, comes the opportunity of maximizing the revenue for your app business. That why it is essential to take a little pain and find and hire a right mobile app development company to create your dream app. Sometimes it is necessary to make the choice depending on the services offered by the app development company. If you are looking for iPhone app developers, you should look for a leading iPhone app development company. If your idea needs Android app developer then you should scan among Android app development companies. There are some app development companies, which offers both iPhone development services and Android development services.

Now how to do that? Where to start with? We will try to answer such questions when they peep in while choosing a right and efficient mobile app development partner.

Checklist for hiring mobile app development company

Points to mark on your Checklist before Hiring any Mobile App Development Company
Start with Company’s Portfolio.

You can start your background check by screening and studying the company’s portfolio. It should give you a clear idea about the work that they have done previously. The portfolio will showcase their UI/UX skills and will throw a light on which domains they have worked already. The portfolio will let you know whether the app development company has got the exposure of developing apps in your business domain or not.

Even if the company has not developed any app in the domain, which you are looking for, the range of different mobile apps will give you an idea about their capability in doing app development projects in various domains, which makes them eligible to develop the mobile app in any business domain.

open discussion and consultative approach to develop apps

How is Company’s Approach – Are They Open For New Ideas?

Having an app development partner who is flexible and has a positive approach in catering the needs of your vision, helps makes a collaborative effort. It is not bad to have developers who can give a different vision to see your app. It’s good to have a development team who can welcome new ideas too. Such a combination will make the development project very successful and will bring out the best possible output of your combined efforts.

Cheap Buys does not always mean to be good!

One always looks for the best price in the market when it comes to hiring somebody. But we also need to consider an important parameter – quality – which is associated with price. When you need a mobile app for your business growth, you have to remember that you want a quality app and not a cheap app. Don’t keep the price as the only deciding factor in choosing the mobile app development company.

NDA, confidentiality and security

What are their Security and NDA practices?

For the security of your mobile app, it is important that the mobile app developer adopts the security policies and the end product is the secure mobile application. Even before the app development, the security is required in terms of confidentiality, at the level of disclosing idea and discussion. So it’s better to find the company who is ready to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at a very early stage when the app development project is at the requirement discussion stage.

How is their Project Life-Cycle and Management Process?

The very next question that you should ask is whether they will deliver in time? Yes before assigning the project to the mobile app development company, you need to ensure that they have the reputation of delivering apps on time. For this, you need to understand their project management process. It’s good if they offer you a full-time and dedicated Project Manager for your project. So that you can connect with the Project Manager and get the updates regarding the progress of the project.

Also check what kind of project delivery process, they are going to follow? It’s always good to go with milestones based delivery so that you will have the track of regular development being done and the project has the further scope to add any additional functionality at the later level which is beneficial for the project.

These points will help you analyze whether the working model of the company matches with your expectations. A good mobile app development company will always allow you to track the progress and results.

What is the Experience of the Company and the Developers?

The experience of designers and developers matters to the project. If the development charges offered by the company is too good to be believed then it is the indication that they are having inexperienced developers. Experienced designers and developers are required for a good level of craftsmanship, which is required to build a high-quality app with powerful functionalities and visual appeal.

So check for how long the company is into the business and the experience of their developers. The time they have spent in the market and industry also speaks about their experience in handling complex projects and delivering quality products.

professional customer bonding

Look for Relationship Builders!

It is always good to work with those who values relationship, this way both you and the mobile app developer will enjoy working with each other and take the project forward with mutual understanding. If both of you share a good professional bond, you can retain the same mobile app development company for all your technology needs. It will save your time to find the resources every time you need mobile app developers.

Another advantage of having a strong and valuable bond between both of you is that the app development company can even refer your business to others.

App Support and Maintenance is important.

The support and maintenance from the mobile app development team are crucial because even after the mobile app is deployed on the app store successfully, there are chances of apps getting corrupt with bugs. To avoid this the app needs the support of the developers to make sure that the mobile app is well maintained. So always go with the development company that offers support and maintenance services even after the deployment of the app to the app store.

Mobile app development company in India

Why Consider the Mobile App Development Company based in India?

Indian mobile app development market is addressing the huge demands of app development and is expected to cross the number of $100 billion in revenue by 2017. Indian mobile app development companies, guided and funded by powerful government bodies and best venture capitalists, boosted by a skilled workforce, has all the potential to cater the huge app development demands of global economies. It is already being proved with the amount of contribution done by the Mobile App Development companies based in India, in delivering the world-class mobile apps that had performed par excellence.

Krify Software Technologies is one such leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in India and UK, which fits best in all the above-mentioned points and delivers world class mobile apps and web apps. Our portfolio displays the range of domains, which we have served with our website development services and mobile app development services. We are pioneer in services like iPhone app development and Android app development.

Contact us today for a consultative approach towards an innovative app idea that you might be thinking to change into reality. Leave your query here and one of our Business Analyst will get in touch with you.

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Newly Released Android N Preview, Rolling Out With Update

Android N has already created quite a buzz even before the preview is released. Every techy is eagerly waiting for the next big version, Android 7. Google surprised everyone by releasing the first preview of Android N on March 9th, 2016, two months before the time it was expected. It was expected in May 2016 during annual Google I/O Developer Conference.

This preview has been released with an intention to incorporate feedbacks from more developers. It is for developers only and not for consumer use. It has enhancements that leads to saving power and memory, laced with multiple new features.

Let’s check out some of the highlighted features of this Android N developer preview:

Night Mode

The night mode feature has been introduced to let you turn the system UI dark in night time. It consists of three toggles. The first toggle is to switch the UI to darker aesthetic. The phone will switch on night mode automatically when sun sets in your current location. The data saver switch intelligently disables all background activity but allows apps running in foreground to access data connection when required. Its new quick settings allows easy customisation of your toggles.

androidN 1

Powerful notifications

New Android N has come with powerful notifications. Along with being aesthetic, now they are with more minimal white look. You can now reply to message right way from a notification. Multiple notifications from single app will be bundled together. Notifications can be expanded by using two fingers method or a new arrow button. Also, a half-swipe to the right allows you to access notification control.

Android 2

New improved UI settings

With new UI settings you can customize as per your likings, which icons to be displayed on your status bar including icons for volume, Bluetooth, cellular data, alarms, Wi-Fi, air-plane mode and many more. Also, you can add percentage to the battery Heck and seconds to the time display.

The system UI tuner is the same as Marshmallow but it has just become a lot less robust (strong and rich). For example, it now allows you to calibrate display’s colour and you can also match your phone’s display with your laptop.

Android UI

Split-screen/ Multi-window for real multi-tasking

With Android N, Google has finally succeeded in provided multi-window option. It can be activated in two ways: by holding down the Recent button or within recent view – you can drag an app to top or bottom of your screen. The interesting functionality of this feature is the option for picture-in-picture mode, for which developers need to provide separate support. This significantly allows a windowed app to float around the UI.

Android 2

Improved Java 8 language support

For developers, another exciting aspect of Android N is its improved Java 8 language support. Now, the Android Jack compiler can be used for features like lambdas which can reduce the amount of boilerplate code that a developer needs to write. It is available for all Android versions. But for Android N development, developers will also get an advantage to use static and default methods, streams and functional interfaces.

androidN 6

The first Android N update for Nexus devices has been released by Google. It is for those who has enrolled in the Android Beta program. The new update released on 17th March 2016 has got some performance issues fixed, confirmed by one of the Android Developer Advocate.

Google has confirmed that “it has plans to ‘hand off’ the final Android N release to device makers this summer, may be after Google I/O 2016.”

Krify, being a leading Android Development Company, helps businesses to understand opportunities available in mobility to create useful apps that helps target new customers and helps in retaining the existing one. Our expert Android app developers works towards developing innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions for our clients.

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Drink/Food Pre-ordering and Pre-payment Apps are Buzzing around

In present times, pre-ordering food app can be described as “the fast lane for urban professionals”. Major brands in restaurant chains and food services, such as, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Taco Bell are some leading names in the mobile restaurant consumer experience. This new step adopted by restaurants is having new level of demand from many restaurants that want to contemplate this future-proof strategy.

Another mobile app system on the same line is pre-paid dining. Such type of app aims to minimize the time customers need to spend at restaurants and eateries. It can be used for activities like booking a table in the restaurant, pre-ordering the food, pre-payment, etc. This allows to avoid waiting in queue for the table, food or drinks. Mobile app engages customers to restaurants right from the Couch at their home and don’t require customer to be physically present in the restaurant. It gives to freedom to walk out of the restaurant after eating without worrying about the bill settlement or you can also walk away with your food as soon as you enter the restaurant.

Apart from these benefits these pre-payment apps can also be integrated to offer point-of-sale services for businesses. Thus pre-payment, pre-ordering apps can be incorporated into a loyalty program that can be used to attract more and more new customers and to retain the existing customers.

In July 2015, Starbucks announced its association with Lyft, the ride-hailing start-up, for loyalty program. Under this arrangement, customers can earn reward point every time they use Lyft services that can be used for coffee and food at Starbucks. Pairing and integrating loyalty program is the latest trend among start-ups and big businesses too.

Some of the amazing features of pre-ordering apps includes:

  • Mobile Order & Pay: Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line.
  • Store Locator: Find the stores nearest you, directions, hours and amenities.
  • Push notifications, social media sharing.
  • Pre-order and pre-pay as per the digital menu .
  • A Help Desk to assist anyone who needs assistance in locating hotels and restaurants.


Krify, a multinational mobile and web app development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us. Checkout the app developed by us Food by Price that allows you search nearby restaurants and food items available. It is a GPS-based app.

Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.





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Google’s new Android Studio 2.0 with new powerful features like Instant Run and Enhanced Android Emulator

Android Studio was first introduced and launched at Google I/O conference in May 2013. It is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for developing for Android platform and is freely available under Apache License 2.0

In May 2013, Android Studio was in early access preview stage from version 0.1. Its first stable version was released as version 1.0 in December 2014. It was designed specifically for Android development based on Jet Brain’s IntelliJ IDEA. It is an intelligent Java IDE and excels in mobile, enterprise and web development with Java, Groovy, Scala and Kotlin; with all the modern and latest technologies and frameworks available.

Apart from the capabilities that IntelliJ excels in, Android Studio also offers following powerful features:

  • Code templates that would help you in building common app features.
  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation
  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Rich layout editor and support for drag and drop theme editing.
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, that makes it easy to integrate Google Cloud messaging and App engine.
  • And many more…….

Google launched version 2.0 of its Android Studio in November 2015. The latest stable version 1.5.1 (Dec 2015) is available for download on Android developer site. As per recent updates from Android, Android Studio 2.0 Preview 6 is  available  at Canary channel. It contains bug fixes of Preview 5.

Android Studio 2.0 preview is available on canary channel and stable build channel for download at:

For beginners, you can update your current IDE to 2.0 preview (currently preview 5), but it is not recommended. Instead, you should keep two separate copies of IDEs.


Let us check out new features of Android Studio 2.0

Instant Run: Speedy build and deploy

Instant Run allows developers to build and deploy their apps both to emulator or to a physical device at once and then their code can be changed and can deploy it. It lets you to see quickly the changes running on the device or emulator. According to Google, builds are faster in the new version by atleast 2 -2.5 times.

GPU Profiler

Another promising feature is GPU profiler which allows optimisation of OpenGL ES (Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems) code. It is a powerful tool that not only shows details about the GL State and Commands but also can record entire sessions and walk through Textures and GL Framebuffer as your app is running OpenGL ES Code.

Improved Android Emulator

The new improved Android Emulator is having following top two benefits:

  • Speed and Performance: The new Android Emulator now supports Symmetric Multi-Processing while emulating the latest Android 6.0 release. This results in significant I/O improvements in both ADB and emulator. This indicates faster performance while testing your app.
  • Usability and User Interface: It also includes a brand new user interface that makes it easy to use. Now no need to depend on command-line parameters to use Android Emulator. Now only a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut is enough for common tasks and emulator features.

Some more upgraded features of Build system are as follows:

  • It supports a flexible Gradle-based build system, app-signing capabilities and Built-in support for Google Cloud platform. This brings lot of control and flexibility to developers.
  • With the introduction of new experimental shrinker, you can get the shrinking benefit right in debug mode.
  • There is a huge improvement in adb push and pull as new protocol for it has been introduced.
  • App indexing is another new feature in this IDE. It basically allows users to access content from apps directly from Google’s search engine.

Thus the Android Studio 2.0 has come up as an improved mobile-app ecosystem to keep up in the competition with the updates in Apple’s development platform Swift. So the development tools for such platforms are becoming more feature-rich and more efficient for beginners as well as power users.

The Android development team of Krify is already working with the tools available with the latest versions and previews of Android Studio for efficient and competitive android app development.

Hire our expert android app developers specialized in innovative and responsive android app development. Our portfolio speaks about the immense and successful android apps developed by us.

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