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Drink/Food Pre-ordering and Pre-payment Apps are Buzzing around

In present times, pre-ordering food app can be described as “the fast lane for urban professionals”. Major brands in restaurant chains and food services, such as, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Taco Bell are some leading names in the mobile restaurant consumer experience. This new step adopted by restaurants is having new level of demand from many restaurants that want to contemplate this future-proof strategy.

Another mobile app system on the same line is pre-paid dining. Such type of app aims to minimize the time customers need to spend at restaurants and eateries. It can be used for activities like booking a table in the restaurant, pre-ordering the food, pre-payment, etc. This allows to avoid waiting in queue for the table, food or drinks. Mobile app engages customers to restaurants right from the Couch at their home and don’t require customer to be physically present in the restaurant. It gives to freedom to walk out of the restaurant after eating without worrying about the bill settlement or you can also walk away with your food as soon as you enter the restaurant.

Apart from these benefits these pre-payment apps can also be integrated to offer point-of-sale services for businesses. Thus pre-payment, pre-ordering apps can be incorporated into a loyalty program that can be used to attract more and more new customers and to retain the existing customers.

In July 2015, Starbucks announced its association with Lyft, the ride-hailing start-up, for loyalty program. Under this arrangement, customers can earn reward point every time they use Lyft services that can be used for coffee and food at Starbucks. Pairing and integrating loyalty program is the latest trend among start-ups and big businesses too.

Some of the amazing features of pre-ordering apps includes:

  • Mobile Order & Pay: Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line.
  • Store Locator: Find the stores nearest you, directions, hours and amenities.
  • Push notifications, social media sharing.
  • Pre-order and pre-pay as per the digital menu .
  • A Help Desk to assist anyone who needs assistance in locating hotels and restaurants.


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