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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & support
maintenance and support

Many number of Mobile apps are created and launched every day. Some of them succeed and race ahead in the competition of International market. The tasks do not end there. In order to be a leader in the market, one has to bring about changes and go for up-gradations in the products. Similarly, maintenance of the apps or products is another important aspect of achieving the desired results. We at Krify render maintenance of the mobile apps created at our development centre. We extend this service based on the clients’ needs.


Basically, we do the development of the apps and hand them over to the clients. Subsequently, if the client wishes to reach us for the maintenance of the same, we sign up annual maintenance contracts and extend the services. Based on the need and situation, we suggest and do enhancements to the products or apps.  All these tasks are taken up by staying within the purview of the agreement signed between the client and Krify. Our focus in these situations usually is concentrated in Quality Control & Assurance, Enhancement of Features & Performance, SEO and Promotion.


Also, we are specialized in providing assistance to Clients who have very specific requirements like reaching us only for Maintenance of already developed apps or products, backend support for products created by some other company, promotion of products already built, content development and others.

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