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Client Overview A leading Courier service provider company approached us for the system to track and manage their delivery and pick-up services. The system was required to solve the problem of the controller, sitting at one place, should be able to assign and track the assignments or tasks given to the drivers for pick-up and delivery services. Another system required was for drivers who are on the field and should be able to get notified about the tasks assigned to them, in a real time. Thus a software system for operational excellence was requirement of the client.

Challenges The challenge was to develop a completely intuitive system to streamline client’s delivery business. The system needed to be rich with features like real-time shipment tracking and competent protocol for efficient data transfer. Being a delivery-driven system, it required a pick-up and drop model. A smooth and effective design pathway that can be synchronised with the backend was the crucial part in developing such system.

Approach Krify analysed all the requirements from clients with a consultative approach and started with crafting an intuitive delivery-driven mobile app with backend web application. To achieve client’s expectations, our team brainstormed and developed an architecture for developing a mobile app with web backend system, which would have shipment tracking system, order management tool for driver, user as well as driver interactivity feature and updates on task assignment and its completion in real time.

Solution Considering all these requirements, Krify developed an intuitive mobile application for Android and iOS platforms, named ‘Delivery Partner’ app. The application was developed as a automation solution for real time shipment tracking and interaction between the controller and driver. The key features of the app are as follows:

1. Real time Shipment Tracking:
2. Backend system for Controller to interact with driver directly:
3. Backend system for Controller to assign tasks to driver and get updates:
4. Driver can use app to accept or decline the task: 5. Driver can interact with controller: 6. Driver can update the proof of delivery or pick up:

Result The Delivery Partner app resulted in operational excellence in delivery and pick up services of the client business. The controller processes as well as driver’s processes got automated which resulted in saving lot of time and streamlined the complete process to keep the shipment tracking in real time. This lead to enhanced customer experience and streamlined processes of operations.

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