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Linkedin Marketing Services

Linkedin Marketing Services

What can your business achieve with LinkedIn marketing? Whether you wish to generate leads, drive web traffic or build awareness, LinkedIn can connect your brand and services with more than 450 million professionals worldwide. LinkedIn is the best option for business-to-business marketing and it is the most professional social networking website that should be a big part of your marketing strategy.

A formal LinkedIn marketing strategy offered at Krify Software Technologies provides your business with a chance to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. We are a leading LinkedIn Marketing agency in India, provides a LinkedIn Content Marketing Services, LinkedIn Advertising Solutions, joining group discussions and connecting with other professionals. Thinking to expand your business? Marketing through LinkedIn will send nearly 4 times more web traffic to your website.

Expose your business potential among the pool of renowned professionals

Krify Software technologies, Online LinkedIn Advertising company helps to put your efforts on the target platform. LinkedIn marketing proves as an opportunity to build your online business brand. LinkedIn Marketing is a way to:

Brand Establishment: Build your personal brand amidst a tired professional network.

New Audience: Connect with new people and take your thought to the most possible audiences.

B2B Relations: Create professional relationships around the web.

Positive Reviews: Receive testimonial from the people, who appreciate your work/services and can be resourceful enough to provide some constructive feedback.

Business Credibility: LinkedIn Marketing is a powerful way to enhance the trustworthiness of your business and brand name staying amidst the potential audience.

Display Achievements: LinkedIn is a great platform to show off your business accomplishments and helps to create a positive credit that provides more potential customers.

Choose a strong platform for your Unique thought and vision

LinkedIn can be the most helpful platform for your business solution.

A secure way to meet the professionals of your industry.

LinkedIn is the most trusted platform to give the right direction to your business goals. It’s a way to build relations with the influencers and professionals online. We help you to create a considerable outreach to the business professionals.

An Impactful profile Creation

More than 60% of the companies get reach to their potential customers from LinkedIn. Lead generation is mostly achieved with the help of LinkedIn.

Enhanced Traffic on the Website

Almost 65% of total corporate website visits come with help from the social media platform in which LinkedIn is the most preferred.

How our LinkedIn Management Services Work

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The first step in launching your LinkedIn Marketing campaign is to develop a plan. Our LinkedIn specialist will work with you to understand your business, goals and market to develop a cutting-edge strategy for your business. The strategy will define your target audience, content game plan, and how we design on increasing your LinkedIn exposure.

  LinkedIn Content Marketing: once the strategy is approved, we will start creating your LinkedIn content. Our LinkedIn specialists will ply all of the content writing, creative media, and advertising to your LinkedIn business page. We can prepare content calendars in advance so that you can review your LinkedIn content prior to it being published to your pages.

  LinkedIn Page Growth: The next step in the LinkedIn marketing process is to start developing an audience around your page. Natural growth through LinkedIn is very inadequate and can take time to develop an audience. For faster growth, we typically recommend LinkedIn’s sponsored updates feature. Our LinkedIn managers will develop captivating posts and sponsor them to the best audience to sharpen awareness.

 LinkedIn Monitoring: As your awareness begins to increase, your LinkedIn page may start receiving comments, messages or other activity that requires attention. Our LinkedIn management services include daily monitoring during normal business hours. This means that you would have a LinkedIn specialist managing the activity on your account and responding where relevant.

 LinkedIn Management Reporting: Our LinkedIn management services include 24/7 analytics that can be accessed through logging into our proprietary software. In addition, we will send a monthly overall report that summarizes our LinkedIn marketing efforts. You’d also have the opportunity to talk to us on a weekly or monthly basis in regards to your campaign.

Key Metrics: LinkedIn Marketing Services

The goal of our LinkedIn Marketing Services is to increase awareness of your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

 ncreasing LinkedIn Engagement

 Increasing Traffic from LinkedIn

 Increasing LinkedIn Followers and Connections

 Increasing LinkedIn Post Frequency

 Providing exceptional customer services to existing customers

What makes our LinkedIn Marketing Services Unique

In-house LinkedIn Management: Every post of your LinkedIn Management Service is done by one of our team members. Unlike most agencies, we never rely on outsourcing to service your account.

Personal and Business LinkedIn Capabilities: If you’d like, you can opt-in for us to manage both your company LinkedIn page. Some of our clients have already built several hundreds of connections on their personal LinkedIn page, and we can create content to be posted on there as well as your business page.

Original LinkedIn Content: Your LinkedIn professional will create original content with their expertise and will include any brand recognizing elements you wish. We never use previously made or published content.

Full-service LinkedIn Management: We are a full-service LinkedIn marketing company to meet all of your social media requirements. If you are interested in expanding into other social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we can help your brand into those outlets. If you’re curious in other online methods of growing your business, we can recommend services to help you reach your business goals.

Harness the full power of Social Media LinkedIn Marketing Services

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