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Seo hacks

SEO Hacks & Advice to Boost Your website Traffic in 2019

Never believe in someone who tells you that building organic traffic is easy. There is no fleet fix to produce organic traffic for your website. Growing your site’s organic traffic is one of the toughest tasks for an SEO professional. However, backlinks can have a significant positive impact on a site’s search engine ranking, especially if those sites receive considerable traffic. An effective way to get your website URL on such sites is through contributors articles. SEO hacks that would have won you many visitors and top rank in Google search results in 2018 might be slightly outmoded for today. Not only that, they might even harm your website rankings. As an SEO specialist, it stands without reason that your main goal is to reach the top of the list, gain more organic traffic, and boost your ROI, yes? And while may feel like you are falling behind and your competitors are already zooming past you, don’ worry. We have listed the new SEO hacks that you need to take under power to conquer 2019! Do you want more traffic from Google? Then you’re in the right place. Because today I’ m going to show you the exact SEO techniques that I use to generate maximum unique visitors per month. The best part? All of these proven techniques are working great in 2019 Let’s do this!

Heads up to Search Engine Ranking Hacks for 2019

Guest Blogging, but for Traffic, not SEO

Backlinks are the major have a significant impact on a site’s search engine ranking, especially if those sites receive considerable traffic. Contributor articles are an effective way to get your website URL. Offer your industry acumen and opinions on other website blogs in exchange for a link to your site. Google will see the natural and credible way that your URL has appeared an external site, and it takes this vote of confidence from peers positively.

Design websites for mobile first

Did you know that Google gives much priority to a mobile version of a website over a desktop version? In 2017, Google advertised this switch to a mobile-first index’ which is geared towards the increasing number of searches on smartphones. Companies need to design SEO-friendly Google Ranking and minimize bounce rates.

Start Preparing for voice search

When it comes to voice search there should be some small changes to be made regarding content even it was ranking well.
  • Natural Language Use: Voice search means never having to type out a search query again which means that we don’t have to find the fastest way to pose the query. As a result, questions will contain more natural language in the future.
  • Try to put FAQ page: If your site doesn’t have this section, get started on it now. If it does, do a fast audit of the page. Deliberate every question that you think a client may ask and then list those questions on your site.
By applying natural language and creating the FAQ section, you have a far better way of matching the questions that searchers ask and improving your site’s ranking.

Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts

Updating the old posts or blog with updated keywords, images and also by changing the content over the blog with updated technologies or with upcoming future features or technologies. And share the blog with the backlinko community that’s it. Instead of writing a new blog you can update the existing content which results in the increase in your traffic. Once the updation of the content was done you can share with the social media sites in order to increase the existing traffic.

Rich images and youtube SEO

Remember of the people doesn’t want to read much but loved going through those magically colourful pictures?? Just like kids. The audience is no different. Rather than the passage, they are more attracted and also interested in the pictures or videos. But don’t overdo it. Remember, a few related ones are going to convert at a higher rate than a hundred irrelevant ones. Besides Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine that you can make use of. Produce high quality and creative videos, use keywords for that title and the video description, and employ YouTube SEO tools to optimize it and get more likes and subscribers.

Make use of Questions Keywords

The topmost searches include question keywords as well. Answering questions is a great idea and already being used by big websites. Make a section like a how-to on your website. Use Semrush is the best tool to find the list of questions. And also Ansopedia is a very good example of question answer website. Try to answer almost all questions that are appropriate to your content topics or categories.

Develop Micro Sites

If your business offers different services that can be segmented, developing micro brands can simplify your marketing messages and target a specific audience better. For example, a company that provides for residential, commercial and industrial markets should create a different site for each of these sectors. This allows for a tailored SEO strategy for each through specialised and important keywords, tailored URLs and relevant content. The more tailored your business can be, the better you can interact and reach your target customer.

Submit Sitemap to Webmasters

What if search engines are failing to see your content for any reason? Surrender your sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yandex webmasters at least. Check for your site indexing status. Try to lookup for outstanding posts pages in search results. Are they looking fine? I mean their title, description, and breadcrumb information. If you don’t find any explicit page in search results then, fetch them as GoogleBot or Bingbot from their respective webmasters' tool.


Getting updated at every step of your business is really most important to keep the sales flowing.  The web will not be the exception to the phrase “Hard work always pay off”. If you are looking for more traffic you need to work hard for it. Hesitating at may prove to be a huge downfall for your company’s vision. Maintain up to date with your tools and upgrade your knowledge every now and then. Keep doing regular A/B testing of what you have created. Optimize your landing page and be cognizant of any changes that you see in the policies of the social media platform you are using and keep abreast with the latest SEO hacks to attain more.
Krify is one of the top leading mobile app development company in India and UK with experienced and skilled knowledge in various trending technologies. Want to get your app with trending technologies we are here to assist you. Get the free quote now or contact us today.
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VOIP Work Model - App Development Experts

VoIP Work Model – App Development Experts

VoIP is also known as voice over internet protocol. As the name itself tells this technology will allow the users to transmit the voice communications over IP networks in real time. VoIP is a group of telephone protocols that work through the packet - switching, the voice travels from individual network to its destination where the destination may be various networks. The term VoIP has related to different concepts like SIP, Cloud, IP PBX and digital technologies.

See how VoIP has improvised

VoIP has become a well-rounded option for business communication in the last two decades. VoIP maybe not known technology to everyone but it is the fastest growing telecommunications. The telecom business people are striving for this service because they could sell their services like cookies in the market. The improvement in the VoIP has given rise to make calls differently through the website, just by downloading the VoIP app on your device and by plugging in a VoIP compatible handset. There is no wonder most of the companies are rapidly adopting this new technology over the past few years. If you have an internet connection we can make VoIP telephone calls by using  VoIP calling app. And one the most effective and successful method is VoIP calling apps where you can easily connect with the people and all we need to have is a quality internet connection and you can able to call anyone in the world. Remember, you are supposed to do calls over an internet connection, the grade of the call depends on the speed of the connection that you have. Before the call usually, the VoIP software indicates the quality of connection you have. Let's start through which basic methods VoIP mobile dialer app can make calls

Using ATA calling:

ATA - Analog Telephone Adapter, this device allows you to connect to VoIP calling, you need to have a hardware device that enables to link to a landline telephone to the internet connection for the VoIP users. The ATA will convert the normal phone call voice to the digital data ready to send over a network or the internet. You need to have a plug to the telephone line cable and connect to an ATA device. That's it now you can make calls easily.

Using IP phone VoIP calling:

An IP phone looks just like a normal phone that we use. The difference that it works on connecting to a gateway or a router instead of working on the normal PSTN network. A device which does necessary mechanisms for getting the VoIP connection running. There are some reasons why the VoIP phone calling is ten to be most popular this is due to the use of Business VoIP solution. They have additional buttons that allow the caller to transfer the call, we keep the call on hold or multiple calling options.

Using Computer to Computer VoIP calling:

This method the word computer includes devices like desktop computers, Laptops, tablets and smartphones. This mode is easy and free, all we need to have a computer connected to the internet along with hardware to talk. In this method, we also need White Label VoIP Communications Solutions on your computer. When your computer is connected to the internet you can make and receive the calls ease.
Reading this blog you have got an idea about how VoIP calling is done. Krify software technologies have designed and developed 50+ Linphone applications in Android, iOS platforms. We are the top Linphone Sip and Voip app development company in India and UK. We have the option to hire Telecommunications software developers, Voip mobile dialer app developers, and Voip calling app developers who have the great knowledge on Linphone application. Do you have an idea to develop your business then do contact us.

Everyone has a question, where does the VoIP has started?

At the first, the VoIP concept was developed in Israel by VocalTec Ltd company around the year 1955. They came up with a thought where users can make a call using their computers and microphones. The users can make the calls who has the same software setup with them. Initially, the technology was limited.
Read more about VoIP Multi-Party Video, Audio Collaboration with Enhanced Asterisk Services at our other post.
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Linphone Group chat

Try new Group chat on Linphone 2019 VoIP Community updates

As we all know this digital era passes over Internet Protocol-based telephony network over the router, hubs to establish a communication between the server and client. The VOIP Powered Softphone Dialer Apps are playing a very important role in VOIP communication today. As we are a  Renowned Mobility provider of the softphone, We would love to provide more knowledge to the users about Linphone. Linphone is basically used for free voice or video calls. It is an open source SIP Phone which can run on any operating system like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux irrespective to the platform. It makes communication among people easier .it is includes different languages like French, English. It allows us to interact freely with voice, video, and text messaging over the internet. In Recent years there came many messaging apps which lead to the gradual decline of the standard text messaging. The common and interesting feature of any messaging app is group chat functionality and it is available on most popular Instant messaging apps and is more general in many VoIP applications. Linphone, as a free SIP communication application it aims at providing a free alternative for text communications which allows multiple participants to get involved. The whole Linphone’s team intensively worked hard for several months to get the new concept of Group Chat and the time has come to announce that the Beta Versions for Linphone iOS and Android are now open to test this exciting function! Following are the

Features of the newly available group chat in Linphone Beta Versions

  1. Allows to send and receives messages from multiple devices
  2. Create text sessions in a way that multiple participants are involved
  3. Naming other participants of the group as admin and this can be done by the admin who created the group
  4. Add participants or remove participants from the group
  5. Share images, videos, documents and other files among the group members
  6. Get notifications in the group when added or removed a participant
  7. Can see message delivery status that you send for the group messages.
This group chat feature is one of the particular of group communication in real time in this SIP world. The RCS promoted by GSMA endorses many RFCs to specify about how group functions can be implemented. Linphone the IETF standards and for signalling it implements many SIP-based RFCs for call establishment and instant messages. Working with SIP and related IETF and GSMA/RCS recommendations we implement group chat avoiding complex developments which do not bring required functionalities. Like every other application, even Linphone has some drawbacks which will be fixed soon according to the users’ requirements.

Some noticed limitations are

  • video quality issues when calling former Linphone versions
  • no tablets support yet
  • group messages delivery status set to displayed even if only one recipient has seen the message
  • Interactive Connectivity Establishment is not available
  • video quality issues when calling former Linphone versions.
  • not available on X86 Android devices
Krify has expertise in customizing Linphone such a way that it fulfils the needs and demands of its Clients. Krify’s team of experts can develop multiple mobile apps with Linphone such as Ring To India, Gost App, Sim 2 Dial etc. We developed 50+ apps and made us as a #VoIP App Development Company
  • Magictelnex
  • Infiny
  • Viatalk
  • OyePhone
  • UVConn
  • Sim2 dial
  • Blastream
  • Fonouc
  • Louquace
  • Zaptel
  • Ring to India
  • Alcafone

More about Linphone

Linphone development is an emerging technology Linphone started getting popular subsequently, Linphone has become compatible with big operating systems like Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Desktop clients and with an ideology of growing mobile technology of iOS, Android, and cross-platform with easy to use connectivity for making calls.  Read more about Linphone at our previous blog: https://krify.co/voip-powered-softphone-dialer-app-development-best-suits-of-linphone/

Common features of Linphone

  1. Audio & HD video calls
  2. Multiple calls management
  3. Call transfer
  4. Audio conferencing
  5. Instant Messaging with message delivery status
  6. Pictures and files sharing
  7. Call quality indicator
  8. Secure user authentication
  9. SRTP, ZRTP and SRTP-DTLS voice and video encryption
  10. Account creation assistant
These are some of the features we can find in any device which we take for granted even though there is a lot of code behind it. With the increasing technology, Linphone also has some advanced features which are developed to meet the increasing demands of the people.

Advanced Features include:

  1. Audio Codecs
  2. Capability to configure multiple proxy accounts with different transports
  3. Video Codecs
  4. Hardware accelerated H264 codec for Mac iOS and Android
  5. Less bandwidth mode for audio calls over 2G networks.
  6. Adaptive bit rate control algorithm: congestion control and evaluation of available bandwidth, in order to optimize audio & video quality
  7. Innovative RTP jitter buffer algorithm, which quickly accommodates to very jittered network conditions and improves control of audio latency
  8. Call handover across network access type change
  9. DTMF support using SIP INFO or RFC 4733
  10. Integration with push notification
VoIP mobile app development is very popularly known for its contribution to the Linphone SIP, VOIP development environment, and customization solutions. Linphone brings us a competency to develop a Simple Android VoIP Calling App.
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marketplace app development

Key Benefits to start Online Marketplace Business Apps

As people are becoming so modern so that the consumers and businesses have both moved their interplays online. Online Marketers enable you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces gives a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are the best examples for the well-established marketplaces. According to Statista, in 2017 e-commerce sales amounted to $2.3 trillion worldwide, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years. Statista for amrketplace app Marketplaces make interplay between customers and businesses possible. Online marketplaces have increased since a couple of years. This list of new marketplace business owners are equally functioning beside such giants as eBay, Uber, Airbnb and also Amazon. According to a survey conducted by Internet Retailers, 35 of the current top 75 online marketplaces started between 2010 and 2015. These involve retailers that have been around for a while but just recently began allowing other merchants to sell on their sites. Let’s talk initially about

What are Marketplace Businesses?

The online marketplace is also named as e-marketplace which is a website developed for buying and selling of items or app developed for buying and selling that serves as an arbitrator between customers and companies or individuals who offers products and services in the B2B and B2C sectors. Marketplace owners usually never offer products and services themselves. The work is to provide a platform where marketplace participants interact.

Types of Marketplace apps

There are four main types of e-marketplace business:
  • Hybrid Marketplace Business: which offers their own products as well as products from other companies while providing a platform for participants to complete transactions.
  • Horizontal Marketplace Business: which offers products with similar characteristics.
  • Global Marketplace Business: which sells all kinds of products from different suppliers and have no limitations.
  • Vertical Marketplace Business: Which offers the same products from different vendors.
Marketplace apps

Key Benefits to start Online Marketplace Business

Here some potential advantages to be gained by connecting an online marketplace will differ between industries and businesses, and certainly between buyers and sellers.
No Inventory
A marketplace usually requires less financial risk than an e-commerce store as it doesn’t maintain inventory investment. In most of the cases, an online marketplace actually doesn’t sell the product as it is not selling the actual product. Instead, it is connecting people with the products or services to those who want to pay for those products and services and then taking a cut of the transaction. However, the marketplaces are likely to expand quickly. And if any case the if the traffic grows quickly, it may be necessary to add more vendors to meet the demand. The only hurdle before a marketplace owner, therefore, is to balance supply and demand. High-quality vendors attract more customers, while a growing base attracts more vendors.
Downsides of an online Marketplace
One major difficulty that is on the way to marketplace success is a pre-launch promotion. In particular online marketplaces are notoriously difficult to spark what usually named as “chicken and egg problem”. The customer experience can also be difficult to manage, just ask the Airbnb host whose home was vandalized by her guests. It’s wise to develop an MVP version of your marketplace when you are starting out you can invest in improving your marketplace functionality. But if you can overcome these challenges, an online marketplace could be the ticket to creating a large, successful company with a lasting impact.
The best part of marketplace owners is that they can choose a revenue stream that fits their market niche and align their business goals as accordingly. The way the marketplace owners derive revenue determines the success of their platform. The most popular monetization models are commissions, listing fees, subscriptions, lead generation fees, advertising, and giving additional services. You can use a blend of several monetization schemes, but it’s best to implement just one when you’re starting out. For instance, Craigslist and OLX make their money from premium listings. The most auspicious marketplace companies like Booking.com, eBay, Etsy, and Uber use the commission business model.
Customer Engagement
One major concern of an e-marketplace is that it brings all offers together from multiple suppliers or service providers. Customers are more likely to use an app with a broad range of options so they can choose exactly what they want without limiting their choice to a single provider.
Unique Access
The Internet is the key access to very business growth as it breaks down the geographical boundaries. For instance, a seller in Australia can reach a buyer in the UK, but given the way search engines work, how likely are they really find each other among the billions of websites that exist? An online marketplace puts the right buyers in touch with the right sellers with far better accuracy than a simple web search will ever succeed.
Vast RoI for sellers
RoI for the seller is absolutely breathtaking when compared to other types of business development activities. Most of the online marketplaces provide inexpensive annual membership deals.
Simplified Sales Process
There is a proverb, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.  A significant balance of potential buyers are still nervous about committing to a financial online, particularly when the payment platform is new to them. Utilizing an online marketplace, they are in a familiar section.
Boost Your SEO
Having your website associated will give it a welcome to boost your SEO. Every online business always thought to be in the top search and invest most of their time and money for limited returns. A recognised online marketplace will typically have done all the hard work already and will be in the top search for most competitive keywords.
Every marketplace can track their sales with accurate metrics. Let’s see with an example, an owner can view the products or services that are in demand and know which vendors are most preferred by that the owner can sell goods and services that truly matter to its users.
Branding Boost
It is not just your SEO that will reap the benefits. Today, brand recognition and image are more important than ever, and with online marketplaces, new entrants running on a shoestring appear right alongside household names from the multinationals what better way to get your company noticed?
Collecting Market Research Information
It’s very important to have the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast the competitors what they are doing and how they are doing it. In this 21st century its a better idea to have an eye on your main competitors.
Extend your network
In the modern business, dynamic businesses spend more time on networking than ever before to thrive. Online marketplace provides the opportunity to do so at no additional cost, by identifying the companies that can be most influential in partnering you to the next level of success.
Comparing the Traditional retailer and an online marketplace
Party City is a traditional retailer that is found in 1986 and sells discount party paraphernalia who have over 6000 full-time and 8000 part-time employees. Etsy, an online marketplace for homemade goods that went public in 2015 and has only 685 employees. Even though Etsy is relatively new to the market, it saw annual revenue of $44.12 billion in 2017 according to Statista. Party City, on the other hand, had $2.37 billion in revenue in the same year according to the marketplace. Etsy shows how business owners can get vast with fewer resources required to maintain the business.
Final Notes
As with any evolving platform, the online marketplace is continuously expanding and improving, but not everything is supported yet. And also businesses and customers alike seek convenience and a reliable place where they can buy and sell the things, and that’s Marketplace enabled us to grow rapidly worldwide and has been very supportive of our business who are looking for ways to promote their products and services through multiple channels.
At Krify, we build complex and technologically advanced software. For more details on marketplace app development or a price quote, contact us. We will help you achieve your business goals with our project assessment and digital solution.
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Hotel Booking App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

The travellers worldwide are becoming friendlier with the upcoming technologies and so if you’re looking for guidance on how to improve the hospitality industry, consider these recent trends to catch-up with your tech-savvy audience hotel booking app development is the best practices.travellers. Considering the truth that 60% of customers are more likely to opt a smartphone-enabled hotel over a traditional location, we have only one thing to say to you: go for it! How much does it cost to create a hotel app and what features should it have to increase occupancy rates and justify mobile app development expenses? When it comes to hotel apps, entrepreneurs treat mobile as another opportunity to simplify the booking process and subsequently fail to deliver the ultimate guest experience. Guess why? According to a recent estimate, the travel and tourism industry is expected to contribute about $817.54 billion by the year 2020 from $470 billion in 2014. In fact, according to the statistic of the Travelport Digital, 53% millennials admitted that they use the mobile applications to search for proper accommodation. Hotel booking statistics In this Article, We would like to discardable about Top 8 Consideration for the Business Owner who is looking for
  1. Types of Hotel Business Models
  2. Common mistakes made by customers in Hotel Booking Apps
  3. A Case Study, of Booking.com hotel booking app
  4. Benefits of having a Hotel Booking App
  5. How to make a successful booking app
  6. Creating a custom Hotel Booking App
  7. Technology Stack for the development of hotel booking app
  8. How much does it cost to develop a hotel booking app
Every Hotel and Hospitality business had strategic way organisation with Internationally proven standards to manage and run the show, so it important that before we develop an online hotel booking app.

Types of Hotel Business Models

The business owner needs to understand the type of business model his business is working and decide on a specific business model work online hotel booking system. So, it varies from Merchant Model, Aggregator Model, Advertising Model, and Dedicated Model. Let’s understand each of them:
  • Merchant Model
What actually happens with this app is that the app owner will have an agreement with the hotel to get the rights to a number of rooms then there you get on discount due to the wholesale rate. Which you can sell these rooms to the guest through your application. Now the price of each of the room and hotel can be very flexible and may change as per the travel demands. Expedia is the one which uses this model very effectively. Which controls a huge part of world digital travel business, i.e 17% and it offers myriad choice in more than 200 countries across the world.
  1. Aggregate Model
This is the one best widely used a model with simple logic. These types of apps are connected to online booking services, hence as a user starts looking for a place for his/her stay, a unified list of hotels are displayed to him but with several price options from numerous reservation platforms. You click on the option that satisfies your needs and the app will redirect you to the application of the preferred booking platform. This model works for audiences that like comparing prices to get the best deal possible. Booking.com and HotelLook are the best examples that use this model.
  1. Advertising Model:
This model is similar to the aggregate model because it also involves listing rooms at many different hotels. This is the third party type which allows making money on your own hotel booking app. Hotel booking app that uses this model earn on a pay-per-click basis. Owner will get the specified amount on each user that has been redirected on to hotel apps. These sites display buttons that let users go to the booking page of an accommodation provider. On an aggregator platform, customers can read what other travellers say about the accommodation and view ratings. When an accommodation provider gets a lead, the platform gets a fee for converting the user to a lead. The best example of this model is Tripadvisor it gets most profits from advertising models as it charges cost-per-click.
  1. Dedicated Model
If you are already established business who have their own apps and a lot of repeat customers, then this business model may be the best fit for you. These apps aren’t just for scheduling purpose, as they also take in special requests made by users during their stay. Your app can offer extra perks such as concierge services and loyalty programs. You can think of many more ideas, like including car rentals or booking tables at a restaurant. In other words, you’re free to implement any features you like to help your clients get the best service imaginable. The best example of this model is Hilton
Common mistakes made by customers in Hotel Booking Apps
A reservation mode on a hotel’s app and a booking portal attempt almost the same goals:
  • making sales
  • increasing awareness
  • gaining customer loyalty
  • Increasing profits.
Wondering how to make an online hotel booking app and reach all of these goals? We’ll tell you about typical flaws in reservation system/booking portal development and provide tips to dodge them.
      • They execute a booking module “because everyone already has it.” Solution: First, you need to know your specific customers. The only guarantee of profitability of internet support is web analytics data. Studying your audience and your application is the only way you can efficiently increase profitability.
      • They don’t pay attention to the preferences of their web development company. Solution: Look for a complete digital marketing agency with experience working with hotels that can help you to increase your sales.
      • They ignore the analysis of pointers (both visitors and bookings). Solution: A bet on advertising in search engines, getting into the top 10 in search results, and getting a large number of visitors to the site is an important success circumstance, but it’s not yet an indicator of RoI. You should examine real bookings via your application module as well.
      • They think that an overpriced site means a professional one. Solution: Grants in web analytics and useful functionality pay off — not in fashionable tools. So make sure to stress these two things.

Benefits of having a Hotel Booking App for a Hotel Business 2019

If you’re developing a hotel Booking app, then you are benefiting as a business owner in well organising and improved bookings. Yes, Here are a few surprises to check. benefits of hotel booking app
      • Easies front Office Tasks  –
A hotel booking system will provide the real-time status of the hotel rooms. Front desk staff can draw the booking directly on their front desk console and update them with complete ease. Even you can have Dynamic Room Allocation Manager which automatically allocates rooms to guests by scanning through various parameters, such as cleanliness, availability, occupancy and so on.
      • Authorizes Distribution –
Hotel booking software allows hotels to be present in the global marketplace in real time. As competition is extremely stiff in the hospitality industry, and your guests have numerous hospitality options when they are travelling - B&B’s, hostels, hotels, and soon to stay ahead of the competition, you need to assure that your hotels are as visible as possible. The hotel booking software, your hotel can manage all the channels - OTA and GDS. Also with the booking software, your hotel can manage all the channels via one interface, therefore maintaining their room inventory and rate parity uniformly across all channels via one platform. This helps to clarify operations for your reservations team and also ensures that issues such as double or overbooking are eliminated.
      • Improves guest reservations –
Many OTA’s now improve their site by offering free cancellations or changes in the booking up to a certain date. If your hotel doesn’t have its own booking system and has to deal with different vendors manually this can create a lot of confusion in bookings and result in huge losses. An integrated booking system enables data to be synced via all systems, so any reservation that is cancelled or changed via the OTA gets updated in real time.
      • Increases multi-tasking –
With booking system, a hotel with minimal staff can effectively manage several tasks simultaneously. They can handle group check-ins, check out of other guests, confirm reservations and so on all at the same time.
      • Centralizes hotel Management –
The booking system with a centralized approach helps to keep everyone informed. Housekeeping can update rooms which are ready for check in the front desk, in turn, inform which rooms have been checked out and tasks can be assigned quickly and easily. This guarantees complete transparency and reduces the chances of any crucial information being lost due to lack of communication. If you talk in point of all the users of the app like the customer, hotel, travel Agent, app business owner To Customer: They get many perks like Security, Convenience, Discounts, Efficiency, Reliability, Best value for money, and whatnot. It’s a one-stop resolution (entire trip can be arranged from the app itself). To Hotel: It’s beneficial to draw direct bookings as you can sell at higher rates. Then there is a lot more like, Automation, User-Data, Direct Spread out, Brand Promise, Customer Faith. To Travel Agent: You can give aid to your business as an app allow for Newmarket exploration, unleash creative spirit, user data, user engagement, and brand recognition. To App Business Owner: They get to explore endless benefits ranging from user engagement, user variety, multiple revenue streams (subscription, commission, ads, fees, etc.).
A Case Study, of Booking.com hotel booking app
The business model of a hotel booking company is quite easy. A hotel booking company connects hoteliers and those who want to lend hotel rooms. The portal provides a summary of all hotels in an area, shows all prices and visitor reports, and offers a suitable interface for booking and paying for rooms. In general, a hotel booking app offers benefits for the app owners, hotels, and tourists.

 Hotel Booking App Features

featured of hotel booking app

Recommendation engine: Based on the users’ previous searches, the app providers tailor advice, like TripAdvisor offers “Just for You” personalized hotel recommendations, while Booking.com offers alternative destinations. With more and more personal data accrued, the algorithm will be able to generate tremendous results. Room cost-forecast: To deal with the regular fluctuations in flight and hotel costs, users can have a cost forecast and then plan accordingly. With their data story, an algo is built taking account of demand growth, airlines special deals and offers, seasonal trends. With ominous analysis, users can book cheaper flights and hotel rooms. On the go travel assistant: With intelligent travel mates such as Chatbots, Google Assistant, WeChat, Messanger, customers are provided better customer experience 24/7. Users can easily navigate through common problems with their help. Language & Currency Converter: The app easily sets language and currency based on the customer location. It’s also a part of a personalized tact. Virtual Tour (Using VR): Users can have their way around the hotel by searching still photos, immersive videos, and also virtual tours with 360 photos. This way they get to see various parts of the hotel dynamically. Analytics Dashboard: Admin is allowed to have a view at the customer dashboard, hotel dashboard, and this facilitates real-time decision-making. For instance, a low booking price can be offered when the bookings at lesser in some city during a special season.

Enhanced Features

Places Nearby: Using the geolocation tracking features, customers can easily explore the places nearby, such as tourist destinations, restaurants, movie theatres, malls, etc. Car/Taxi Booking: With third-party synthesis with Uber, Ola and many alike, the app owners allow users to book taxi and cabs easily during their travel. Trip Planner: The app doesn’t just book hotels, but it also helps the users in drafting out their entire trip and provides a personalized trip planner. Restaurant Booking: Using the third-party app union feature within the app, users can also book restaurants during their trip from the app itself. Thus, making it super-convenient for the users. Hotel Comparison: The app expedites this feature where you can compare the hotels within the app and can choose the one that fills your requirements accordingly. User Contribution: The app enables users to contribute to the app by making them share their experience with travel blogs, vlogs, pictures, reviews, etc.
      • Trip Stories
      • Travel Tips & Advice
      • Community Portal
      • Rating & Reviews
      • Photo Galleries

How to make a successful booking app

To develop a portal capable of at least locally competing with such a giant of the tourism industry you need a large team of professionals and huge investments. While developing a hotel booking app you need to keep in mind that the project to be developed have to be supported, developed and advertised for a long time before it turns a profit. It also makes no sense trying to reduce the cost to create a hotel booking website or app since it will come at expense of must-have functionality. For the reasons, before starting development of a hotel booking app you need to have a clear:
      • Idea;
      • Concept;
      • understanding of competitors;
      • list of your competitive advantages;
      • business plan.
We’ve already discussed expanding a business plan and designing a business model canvas. Doing these things will enable you to verify your ideas, draw up a business strategy, and predict your actions in a changing market.
Successfully creating a custom Hotel Booking App
As a practice, the development process consists of the following stages: App-development-process Idea evaluation and research: Before we begin development, we must be sure that the idea has potential. To do this, we create a business type of canvas, conduct marketing analysis, get feedback, and evaluate the idea. UX strategy: At this stage, we think over how to make the answer as functional and user-friendly as possible and also comply with all the necessary conditions. Concept validation: At this stage, we once again authenticate that potential users really need the product by giving a prototype to the test group and getting real reviews. Design and development: Now we start to deem through the best visual implementation of the project and create a demo version that’s gradually turned into a real application. Product growth: When propelling a product on the market, we carefully track the acknowledgement of users to react to changes and adapt the project to real needs. By designing the proper project architecture in advance, we look forward. We are creating booking platforms in order to make you able to expand their abilities in the case of necessity without spending lots of money. This makes it possible to develop a mobile reservation application affordably.   It’s worth remembering that the application needs to associate with a huge number of users, as it loses its meaning on a smaller scale. Therefore, most likely the deals to develop an app will be beneficial for booking startups but will be a waste of money for hotel owners. Don't goof out on our latest article: https://krify.co/restaurant-table-app-development-company-in-india/
Integrating with the Third Party App
Taxi App: Users can hire taxi and cabs within the app itself during their trip. Navigation: Google maps and Apple maps are blended into the app so that users don’t face any problem in finding locations during the trip. Weather Forecast: With Google Apps integrated, users can monitor the weather forecast and plan the day accordingly. City Guide: It guarantees that users have a good experience while travelling across the city without any hurdles. Rating-Review API: For instance, often the app owners combine Trip Advisor’s API in the app so that users can read the other users’ ratings and reviews from the app itself. Aggregator APIs: Aggregator’s API is integrated to support customers and other app users. Payment API: To assure easy payments, Payment APIs of various modes such as Braintree, Stripe, &Paypal is integrated. User Data Protection (GDPR): It is vital to assure data protection as a lot of sensitive user information, such as their phone numbers addresses, bank account information, is shared by the users during the booking. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 has already been introduced to Europe and might soon reach in the USA. It supports users get back in control of their personal data. Having said that, mobile app security is vital and hence assure these aspects are taken care of Customer Data Safety: An app design should be such that it blocks storing sensitive user data on devices. With Appcelerator platform offering encrypted SQLite module, the safety of data stored locally is guaranteed. Secure Servers: On the back-end, the network kinships should be secure. The security of servers can be checked with insertion testing. Besides, the practice of encrypting database, TLS, SSL, VPN connection is advised.introduced to Europe and might soon arrive in the USA. It helps users get back in power of their personal data. Having said that, mobile app security is important and hence assure these aspects are taken care of: Safe App Code: Go with this best usage of Algorithmic code encryption along with API encryption. Source code must be constantly scanned as well. Customer Data Safety: An app design should be such that it precludes storing sensitive user data on devices. With Appcelerator platform offering encrypted SQLite module, the safety of data saved locally is ensured. Secure Servers: On the back-end, the network links should be secure. The security of servers can be checked with insertion testing. Besides, the way of encrypting database, TLS, SSL, VPN connection is advised.

Technology Stack for the development of hotel booking app

Platforms:  Android, iOS, and Cross Platforms Web / Mobile App Development Languages: JavaScript, Java, Php, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Nodejs, Xamarin Interface: Rest API, Slim Framework Database: Firebase, MySql, MongoDB, Redis, MySqli Web Servers: Apache HTTP Server Payment Gateways: Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, eWallets Cloud Environment: AWS Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM Streaming Media System: Helix Universal Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer Weather Forecasts: OpenWeatherMap API Maps: Google Maps API Nearby Places: Google Places API Hotel metasearch data: HotelsCombined Data Feeds and Skyscanner Affiliate API Aggregator APIs: Expedia Affiliate Network API

How much does it require to develop a hotel booking app?

This is the favourite question of all startup founder since, as a rule, they begin to raise their ideas with a limited budget. But it isn’t possible to evaluate the development cost precisely right here and now. hotel-booking-website-business-model According to preceding estimates, the cost to develop an online hotel booking app can range depending on the following factors. The cost is based on:
      • Project functionality
      • Design
      • The development company and its location
      • The technology used
      • The number of hours that programmers and other professionals work on the project
      • Technical difficulties that may arise
Squeezing opportunities in hotel booking app development
Applications are already supporting many guests find lodging. Forward-thinking hospitality brands have applied mobile-first strategies to their campaigns to deliver the best user practices while achieving high brand advocacy. You can break into this industry with your resolution, and Krify is here to help! Hotel Booking Mobile Apps require constant innovation as the industry is ever evolving. Hence, the mobile app development partner must do the market analysis from time to time. Download new mobile apps and go through them for reform and gain knowledge of how to improve your own product. Eventually, never give up on a cast to surprise your users by enhancing existing solutions. Needless to say, online- and mobile-all are the new rules of the travel & hospitality industry. And tech innovations aplenty are reshaping the market. Very often just one decision determines whether you’re part of the future or a thing of the past. Let this decision be smart and well-thought out. If you want to perceive a really cool project, make sure that you entrust your development to a team that knows what they’re talking about. If you have some ideas you want to implement, don’t hesitate to share your ideas of a hotel reservation application with us. 
Krify is one of the top mobile and web development company in India and UK having expertized team of developers who can work on most trending technologies to develop the application. Reach us now for free quotation.
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on-demand delivery app

How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App

Recently Updated : 16-1-2019
Top On Demand App Development Company | Android | iOS The era of 2019 is fortunately driven with the On Demand Startup Business success encouraging the new ideas and new innovations around the globe a little experience and innovative thoughts. Here for taking the real advantage, many businesses start from handy services to the product based markets are evaluating the generalized economy to the shared economy to drive the new experience in a real cost-effective way. Here are 5 Hidden know outs of On Demand Business 2019
  1. Why On-Demand Economy is successful
  2. How On-Demand Enforced the Business Class 2019
  3. What boosted the On-Demand Business Economy?
  4. What makes an On- Demand Business Economy Successful?
  5. What is the Role of Mobile App for On-Demand Business?
The on-demand economy raise has transcended the way of traditional business models; allowing each to get instant access about what they want and where they want.

Why On-Demand Economy is successful?

Today humans are so busy / tied with things, Where everyone is depended on another person for their own works.  Which planted a real wish of fulfilling needs instantly. And the idea lighten is "ON DEMAND ECONOMY". Hence this the first reason of On Demand Economy Success.

How On-Demand Enforced the Business Class 2019?

Here comes a change in a traditional economy where the dependency among people made businesses to open up lucrative ideas where people can share their belongings on a temporary permit or share for a tempory hire and this named as On-Demand Share economy in business class. Here comes raise to the Uber, OLA and other top brands today.

What boosted the On-Demand Business Economy?

The rise of on-demand apps is the very reason that every sort of business regardless of products or services it’s offering a develop an app. Though relatively new business form, on-demand delivery applications are quick gaining fame among its users’ world over.

What makes an On- Demand Business Economy Successful?

Of course, Technology !!, From all the success in On-Demand Economy most 20% falls under the idea 30% falls into the implementation of the idea and remaining 50% falls on how technology is helping and engaging people to get the success. Here the technology is MOBILE APPS.

What is the Role of Mobile App for On-Demand Business?

The era of Technology made the same people depend on mobile nature to get things done instantly on the fingertips !!, Whereas the emerging App ideology of connecting business with a mobile app to help people with business class services made the On-Demand Businesses to grow 2x faster.

How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App

Be it ordering food from an eatery or a restaurant or delivering goods/furniture from one end to another, the on-demand delivery apps are coming in handy to the users and enabling them to complete the task just by making a few clicks on their mobile phone gadget. Thanks to the changes in economy and penetration of internet and mobile phone gadgets even into the remote places, more and more people are now switching over to the on-demand economy. Not just the tech-savvy youngsters, but the entrepreneurs and even the retired people are exploring options in the App world, giving a big push to online shopping. The ever-increasing demand coupled with the internal competition in the industry is going to be resulted in ensuring a bright and long future to the on-demand delivery apps. It is interesting to note the instant success of this business segment. The services are available in a jiffy and the products are delivered within no time. How can one stay away from an App that brings the mouthwatering dish of one’s choice from a chosen restaurant into the platter piping hot within in a few minutes of placing an order? Or, is it possible to forget the App that relieves the user of the drudgery of checking with various transport companies before zeroing in on a particular movers firm? Before going to the nitty-gritty of building an on-demand delivery app, it is good to pick-up a business model that suits your prerequisites.

Types of On-demand Delivery App

  • Investing in App Development: You are the investor and going to be the owner of the App. By taking care of the development and maintenance expenses of the App, you can own the brand and promote it in the market. If you want to develop an App that has everlasting demand, this business model is the best fit for you.
  • Collaboration: Enter into collaboration with a third-party delivery service provider to get your job done. There are many app developers for on-demand apps in the market that are into this business. (Krify has the record of developing hundreds of apps for its 500+ clientele globally). In this business case, you need not foot the entire bill, but to the bear with the cost of collaborative expenses that vary from company to company and from app to app.

The development process of On-demand delivery App

For any on-demand delivery app, there are three deliverables. One is for the customer, the second one is for the operator and the third deliverable is for the backend. Equal importance has to be accorded to each of the deliverables and the app will become successful only when all these three deliverables function in tandem with one another. Let us now go through the each and every deliverable. https://krify.co/how-startups-can-start-with-on-demand-service-apps-development/ Customer App
  • Sign-up: Authentication is mandatory for any app before allowing the customer to use it. The authentication can be done by way of collecting the credentials of the customer such as the username and password, mail ID and password, mobile phone number of the social media account details such as Facebook/Twitter.
  • Order: After signing into the app, the customer will be able to browse through the products/services along with their prices. Once the choice is finalized, an order will be placed through the app. At this juncture, the customer has to provide the address to where the product/service to be delivered along with landmarks, alternate phone number and the expected time of delivery.
  • Best Route: Once the order is placed, the app has to search the best route to travel from the origin to the destination, i.e. from the service provider to the customer, and give directions to the delivery personnel. Similarly, the app will showcase the route map and expected time of delivery to the customer in the form of push notifications.
  • Cancellation: Customer can cancel the order at any point of time before the delivery. If the service provider cancels the order for any reason, the app must showcase an apology message and an alternative product/service to the customer in the app.
  • Payment: On successful receipt of product/service, the customer has to pay for it either by cash or by using the bankcard. A good number of payment gateways are also available now.
  • Feedback: The transaction completes after receipt of the payment and at this point of time the app prompts the customer to give feedback on the product/service in the form of rating. The positive feedback helps the company grow, while the negative one helps identify the errors and go for its rectification.


For successful maintenance of any on-demand delivery app, selection of service provider is the key aspect. The app gets popularized when the products/services are good. Hence, the service provider should be the one who never compromises on quality and gives value for money to the customers. The operator is advised to go for a background check of the service provider before signing an agreement. Here go the roles and responsibilities of the operator:
  • Orders: The operator must get access to each and every order. Reviewing the orders will help the operator connect the orders to the service providers so that the produce/service can be delivered in less time.
  • Communication: The operator has to maintain good communication with both the customers and the service providers. This role of facilitating will help the operator bridging the gaps and making the app more popular.
  • Feedback: The operator has to forward the customer feedback to the service providers on time. It will help the service providers improve the quality of their services.

Backend Panel (Admin)

Maintaining the database and preparing the data analytics are being taken place in the backend. Database of the customers and the service providers along with the history of placed/delivered/canceled orders must be available in the backend at any point in time. With the help of this data, steps can be taken to make the app more popular.
How to popularize the app?
Expanding the user base in the lone secret behind the success of any app. Taking the app to the new customers and retaining the existing customer base even as the expansion is going on are the twin challenges for any firm that has been into mobile app development and marketing. There are certain strategies for both attracting and retaining the users. Marketing: Yes, the budget is the majoPromote On demand Delivery Business constraint for implementing the Marketing strategies for on-demand delivery app. But, there are ways to promote the app in a less expensive manner, at least in the initial stage. For example, the app can be popularized by way of advertising and finding some local players. Advertisements need not be the glossy ones on the covers of newspapers and magazines or huge hoardings next to the cutouts of new releases. Advertising through the websites and FM radios often provide to be the economic model of marketing of late. Similarly, local players make the job easier. For example, your app is to offer beauty and spa services, local associations of beauticians can be roped in for promoting the app. It is going to be a win-win deal, as they are going to be the service providers.
How to retain the users?
Nevertheless to say that it is equally challenging to retain the customers. There is no point to keep on focusing on attracting new users when the existing customers are switching over the other apps. In general, customers are loyal to the app, provided they are given qualitative services at a competitive price. Here, the time factor is also important, as time is money for both the customer and the service provider. There should be no compromise with regard to the quality of product/service and the customer should be well-informed about it by the time of placing the order itself. There should be no room for the customer to be felt deceived. Even after placing the order, the customer should keep on informing about the arrival of the order in the form of push notifications. If the order has to be canceled from the service provider’s end, the same should be communicated to the customer in an apologetic tone along with providing the available options for placing the successive order. If the order is canceled from the customer’s end, the reason should be recorded and reviewed, so that the recurrence of such instances can be prevented. Feedback should be given top priority and the suggestions from the customers need to be reviewed and implemented. In the event of implementing suggestions of the customers, the same should be notified to the customer along with a ‘Thank you’ message.
Sum up
The on-demand delivery app is buzzing now, as more and more people are using the on-demand economy and equipped with gadgets to access the services. Since the services are economic, transparent and less time-consuming, the patronage has been growing manifold. This the right time for the enthusiastic entrepreneurs to test the waters. As the adage says, there are no shortcuts to success.  Reach Krify: On-demand mobile app development company to hire on-demand app developer or get an on-demand app development at the company. Krify is listed as one of the top on-demand app development companies from India and UK.
Krify has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the development of on demand delivery mobile apps in various domains. Get your business on mobile, stay connected with your customers 24*7 and leverage the benefits of on demand delivery app ideas economy. Hire on-demand delivery app developers in India and UK. For sure, there are helping hands. Be it for advice or for technical support, feel free to contact us
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Factors that affect the cost of mobile app development

Factors That will Affect Your App Development Costs in 2019

The growing trends of using mobile applications had lead to an increase in enterprises investing in mobile app development. When it comes to mobile app development - features, functionalities, UX/UI design, cost, platform, technology etc, all such things are ready to be discussed. As Mobile app development cost finds a prominent place in the top budget factors in any global business organization today. With over 86% of users’ mobile time being found to be spent on mobile apps, there’s little or no wonder that almost all the companies across the world are increasing their investments and concentrating on factors related to cost of developing an app. While this inclination is nearly omnipresent, the problem with efficiently executing the mobile app development process is with understanding how to plan ahead and budget for it. Regardless of whether it is developing the app for small or medium or enterprise level client, there are few factors that decide the actual cost required to develop a mobile app, there are few other factors and parameters in order to come up with a certain estimate. So, you have a fabulous idea for a mobile app. And you want to know what the app development cost will be. First things first, check out our current blog post about why you should be thinking about how to prove the value of your app ---- even before you start to stare about how much it’ll cost to build it. The truth is until you have a detailed definition of your app’s needs, no one should begin to estimate the total development costs. However, there are very important decisions you need to make during the course of a project that will have a big influence on cost. Whether you are building the app internally or with the help of a mobile app development company, this post will help you understand the seven most important factors that drive the cost of an app. Mobile apps are significant drivers of traffic. Joining you with your on-the-go customers is indubitably one of the biggest benefits of mobile apps. With these apps becoming such an essential part of every person’s lives, your business needs mobility to not only survive but also succeed. But even then, there are a plethora of business enterprise who are still contemplating the need for mobile apps. Surprising? Well, here it all consolidates to the most significant element-finance. Yes, it’s the budget where everything gyrates. Being an entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you get the real cost of developing a robust mobile app so that you get your budgeting right. And, you need to fathom how various components drive the costs of creating a mobile app. Well, which factors need to be considered for choosing an actual value of a mobile app? Here is the answer to this frequently asked question, so let’s check out…

Factors that affect your App development costs in 2019

Features and their Complexity of mobile apps

The one important factors that have an impact on the Custom Mobile App development cost. The number of features and their complexity directly affects both specialist’ working time and your budget as well as the size of the software development team. Problems related to this point that required to be answered while defining the scope of the project: which features are of high precedence and which will solve the operational hurdles, how many features must be implemented, how many app versions do you plan to release, would you like to have the MVP development to test your design and improve the product or to build the app with all functionality at once. If we think about the project complexity, mobile applications can be divided into simple, middle-sized, and complex. Some of the simple apps don’t gather analytics about user activity and don’t exchange any data with any bases. A user can sign in with their personal account(if the app provides it) through email. Let’s have an example, an application created for some simple process such as ordering without selecting a product and adding it to the shopping cart. Middle-sized applications are that cover different processes. This includes the categories that are mostly of e-commerce sites and booking systems. For instance, such type of apps have the personal user account, comments mode, provide integration with social media and sometimes with the payment systems as well. Complex Apps which involves a lot of screens real-time synchronization, all kinds of interactivity, have integration with any bases, ensure app functioning offline, and provide many features. The most critical and expensive features require special expertise or usage of up-to-date technologies. For example, voice recognition, elements of AR, real-time synchronization, different animations, and so on.

Platforms: Android, iOS & Windows Phone

The cost of mobile app development also depends on its platform i.e Android, iPhone or Windows Phone and the kind of development you choose and also the number of hours needed to complete the project. Due to this, the app is divided into simple, little bit complex and highly complex app. To determine a platform for a future product you should analyze your target audience: if most of them are iOS users, choose iOS app development only. In case the percentage is equal, decide between cross-platform app development and native application development. If you have thought to reach the maximum audience then you plan for a perfect rich-functional product, and you have enough money, it’s better to build two apps for iOS and Android as the two popular platforms. Native App development requires more time and investment, but the quality of the result will be also higher. If the first goal is to get a working solution faster and for, lower rates, choose cross-platform app development this way implies writing one code for both operating systems by one-team of software engineers. One point to consider is that cross-platform tools are quickly improving.

Backend And API Integration cost

Apps are nothing without a corresponding backend to host the data and content. The more complex part is backend which requires more efforts from the development part from engineers. It directly impacts time for the working process and thus the price increases. That could mean a straightforward API created upon a cloud-based server, such as AWS or Azure. But it might also include a middleware layer that summarises enterprise legacy data into a structure and makes it accessible to an app. The number of variables involved in the back end can have a big impact on the app development costs. Even if the backend is in perfect form, you’ll still require APIs that expose the information and give the app access to different slices of data. Every data source you add will need additional engineering effort to integrate already available APIs or build your own.

Cost for Quality and Testing

Testing is a very important part of custom mobile app development which needs to be. The application is tested for bugs and errors and checked for meeting customer’s requirements. It also very important to confirm the success of all the functionalities and features, which indirectly affects the performance of an app. To run the app successfully QA is the utmost importance in order to make the enhancement in the app with respect to the analysis obtained. This activity has significant importance in the entire development.

Data Security Application

Assuring the data security is central to the docility of the entire custom mobile app development project. Security should never be treated carelessly. So if your app is ready for the ship but you haven’t resolved down the security concerns, do not proceed further. Every possible step should be taken to assure the security of user data, passwords and other data linked with the app usage. At first, this may seem to be a time-consuming and expensive chore, but it is important to grasp the importance of securing your mobile app in order to provide a smooth and desirable user experience. If you fail at achieving sufficient security checks into your app, you may face a major security gap, malware attack, viral infection or system attacks, rectifying which will ultimately cost you much more than installing a careful security plan in the very start. Therefore, invest wisely and adequately in robust mobile app security so that your app can successfully fight the risks involved for the value to information stored. You can also go through our Infographics for factors that impact the cost of mobile app development app development cost depends on several factors
Thus, custom mobile app development needs monetary investment, but there are factors allowing to decrease it. To create a successful mobile application that will become your powerful business tool you have to determine your target audience and their problems and how a future product can resolve them. And krify is  here to help! Reach us today.
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school, educational website development

School, College, Educational Institutes website development company in India

The website or app for your educational institute, be it a school, college, university or online training, serves a type of purposes. It will provide the appropriate information to the proposed students and parents, communicate effectively with the student community, reach out to the general public and sponsors with regular updates and acts as a mouthpiece for the organization to the outer world. With desktops, tablets and apps replacing blackboards, traditional teaching methods have encountered a sea change. It is hence hazardous to have a website that is creative, informational, and technologically superior to any other site in the industry. We Krify, a specialist in educational portal development company in India and UK, having designed and developed copious websites for the Education sector in the few years. The world of education is an ever-growing one and data technology has become an immense part of the learning process. Nowadays the internet plays a soothing role in our lives and therefore having an education portal is a must to increase student engagement to provide them with the best information about their courses in which they want to take admittance. We practice in providing effective, well-designed educational websites that provide useful information and aesthetically pleasing design. These portals may help the students and provide them with multiple learning material. Krify has a specialist skilled team for development of education website that will work with you to provide the high quality, professionally designed educational website for your school, university or educational institution. We are a result urged company that provides high-quality educational website design and development. The young generation is diverting more towards the IT side, so the internet has inclined a part of their life, the online educational institute or any educational source are playing a major role. Krify understands that education is an important task and information technology has become a tremendous part of the process so we provide progressive education services like education portal development with all modern features that are user-friendly, dynamic, flexible and stable. We understand the need for progressive educational service providers to feature stable, efficient, flexible and easy-to-use education portals. We, at krify, have a long-standing experience of providing web portal solutions to reputed educational service providers. As online technologies are becoming the most attractive and heading to the need for the education website development constantly increases over time Are you a person interested in developing your own school, college and university website? Are you seriously looking for a company for school and educational website development purpose? If yes then you are on right spot? We welcome you to Krify Software Technologies is the one best Education website design and development company in India and UK. A good school or educational website serves many important purposes. Let's dive deep into the topic…. Krify offers the following important school and educational institute website design and development services
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Reasons for choosing Krify for school, college and educational institute website design and development company in India

  • Unique and Innovative Web Design
  • Great level of professionalism
  • Talented Designers
  • Most Affordable Services
  • State of art Technology
  • Time-bound and result from bound results
  • Best Knowledge in school and education
  • Best in class results

Features of school, college, and educational institutes website design and development

  • Responsive School Website Design
  • Mobile Optimized School Websites
  • School/College Portal Design
  • Creative and Custom Education Web Design
  • Video and Audio Integration, Solution
  • Online Tutors Availability
  • Picture Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Social Media Accounts Integration
  • Mobile App for Education
  • User-Friendly Education Website Design
  • Search Engine Friendly Education Website

Benefits of school, college and educational institute website design and development

Search Engine Optimized:
Our team of specialists effectively makes use of all the SEO strategies in order to improve your visibility on the search engine results.
Easy To Manage:
Our schools and institutes websites are designed in a way that allows multiple admins to effortlessly maintain the website, send notes, post homework, and a lot more.
Completely Informative:
Since every institute is unique in its own way, we smartly highlight every point that distinguishes your institute from your competitor’s, such as courses offered, distinguishing achievements, senior faculty details, and others.
With a team of experienced professionals, we create well-planned layouts, where all the information about your institute is displayed with clarity and the impact is enlarged with the use of suitable colour schemes, graphics, and imagery.
Excellent Functionality:
Organized with features such as multi-browser compatibility, quick page loads, and others, your website offers impeccable online experience to your visitors.
Final Thoughts
Choosing an educational institution is a significant decision for every individual, be it at the primary level or for graduation. Almost everyone in the urban world relies on the internet for making this choice, so your website should have certain powerful factors to set you apart from the competitors and position your company as a trustworthy brand.
This will be the most cost-effective way to get your business plan online. we can provide you with an exact quote to complete your project and a step by step guide on how to get started. We would like to invite you to consider your thoughts and ideas. Contact us today.
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Web design trends

Web Design Trends 2019 must consider for new website development

That’s not a big secret, how instantly things change in the web development company. In order to sojourn relevant on the website, the developers need to stay updated ahead what’s new today and look into tomorrow. The blooming web world has over 1.8B website and less than 200 million active websites to date. Hundreds and thousands of new websites are added every day to intensify the competition. If you are in a situation to make your website one among the active websites, then you need to implement creative ideas and follow the development trends. While developing an enterprise-grade website, it is necessary to keep in mind future trends. Anyhow the rising technologies are the ones that have the potential to make you the best in the game. So, it is very important to keep your finger on the pulse and your ears open. After a lot of brainstorming, we have gathered the most accurate foresight about the web development trends for 2019 and beyond. In no particular order -

Web Design and Development Trends of 2019


Web Components

Widgets for your websites which can be very easily be reused any number of times: by you or by anyone else. Web components allow you to create reusable custom user interface components with their functionalities encapsulated away from the rest of your code - essential the component’s DOM hidden from the parent’s and none of the code can face any conflicts. Web components And no wonder the developers love it! It’s quite in line with the component-based strategy that made React and Angular so famous. But since they rely on vanilla javascript, they can seamlessly combine with the former frameworks without messing with their functioning.

GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation

  GDPR In simple terms, GDPR is a set of regulations intended by the European Union in order to defend its people’s personal data. And it’s not just restricted to Europe and can also apply to any other entity that deals with them. GDPR will be enforceable from 25 May ‘18 and in case of failing to comply with the guidelines can really have negative results for a company’s bottom line as well as image.

The Arrival Of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) & Push notifications for websites

In general, PWAs and Push Notifications to go hand in hand and finally decided to club together! For a bit now PWAs have been around. And who are not going to love them? They provide a mobile app like experience even the app is not installed from App/Play store. The best of mobile sites and native apps by leveraging the technologies advancements, progressive web apps(PWA) appears as a great concept. It is based on the internet evolution and adoption of HTML 5You can provide the same functionality and flawless user experience to native apps with the help of PWAs. the eCommerce Gaint Flipkart has introduced PWA and witnessed a 70% increase in conversions. Progressive-Web-Apps-PWA Push Notifications will provide offline access, camera access and there are endless features list available. Flipkart triples their time-on-site with it, BookMyShow increased their conversion rates by 80%! The time has arrived this trend to move way ahead of the early adoptor’s stage and we couldn’t be more excited about it Push-Notifications

Single Page Applications (SPA)

As it works inside the browser, SPA doesn't need the page to reload when in use. Some of the popular Single-page Applications are Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps are a few examples of popular Single -Page Applications. Using Javascript the single web pages that load all other content. The performance in the browser will be as natural as the original page, with no extra waiting time and page reloads. SPAs distinctly call the data and markup and directly render the pages in the browser. SPA-Lifecycle Aurelia, Metepr.js, and Angular.js are a few advanced JavaScript frameworks that make it possible. An SPA site keeps the user comfortable because the content is displayed in a single and straightforward web space.

Motion UI

Motion UI is something which entirely differentiates your design that results both beautiful and useful. Diving into motion with a single purpose of having it is Pointless. Today’s web user doesn’t want to overcomplicate things. Developers always look for intuitive. motion UI Motion UI will certainly differentiate your design which has to be both beautiful and useful even for the minimalistic website. The less clutter, the better. The conversion rate and usability on your page will do wonders when the motion UI is approximately implemented and is based on a comprehensive UX/UI research.

Tracking User Behavior

Guessing strategy doesn’t work for businesses adopt and at present we have got many modern web solutions to track the content appeals to the users of your website and which doesn’t. The more you know about your customers and the way they act on your website, the better you can optimize it for conversion. There comes the concept of Behavior tracking of the user that lets you see the actual behaviour of users on your website. User Behavior Tracking These Modern User Behaviour Tracking tools useful in three ways.
  • Firstly, you can track user clicks, mouse movement, and scrolls as well as record their activity to get the idea of how a common user interacts with your website.
  • Secondly, such web development trends have the concept of heat maps that let you grasp the amount of attention that each of your website blocks gets. By combining with A/B testing the most effective way to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Thirdly, you can see the user’s journey on your website and discover where users leak out.
  • Finally, you can watch the way the users associate with forms on your website. By this, you can recognize the forms that hurt conversions.
By considering the User Behavior Tracking is one of the must-have web development trends 2019. Hurry up grab the worthy insights it provides and gets more conversions next year.
In this blog, we have covered almost all the most important Web Design and Development trends to watch in 2019. You can get more acumen into these trends from our experienced web developers. At Krify, our endeavour is to offer enterprise-grade web solutions to our esteemed clients worldwide. Just contact us with your concept, and we will convert it into a fully functional website. YOu can also get free quote now.
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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

Think to spend as little time a week in order to increase your business’s identification, traffic, and sales with little to no cost. That’s absolutely right!  About 90% of marketers claimed that social media generated tremendous publicity for their company, and that’s only one of its many advantages. Social media,  an interactive medium where people communicate and share information either in form of text, images, videos, GIFs.The question is why is social media is important for business and in what way we can utilize social media to expose our business to the world. Some of the best and popular social media platform for business are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. social media are so great that anyone not implementing this cost-effective resource is missing out on a phenomenal marketing shot. It’s clear to see that social media marketing is a key element for success in marketing and many marketers realize the potential for business growth using the platform. However, some of these experts are unsure of which tactics to apply and if they are effective. According to a social media analyst, about 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing, but 85% of participants aren’t sure which tools are the best to use. With our guidance, we will diminish the confusion by thoroughly explaining the advantages of using social media to market your business.

Exclusive benefits of using Social media for business

Empower Brand Awareness:
Social Media is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tool used to monopoly content and increase your business visibility. Implementing a social media strategy will greatly increase your brand identity since you will be involving with a ubiquitous and begin interacting with others. Get employees, business partners and supporters to like and share your page. Each post you shared will be introduced to a new network of individuals, which can lead them to become potential customers and the more people who know about your business, the better. By spending only a few hours per week, over 91% of marketers claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increased their exposure. For sure having a social media page for your business will benefit, and with regular use, it can generate an audience for your business.
Connect with people:
Users check their accounts multiple times in a day. Social media gives you the facility to connect with the users, know their interests and plan accordingly.
Traffic to the website:
Your inbound traffic will be restricted to your usual customers, without marketing your business on social media.  Without using social media as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll have much more difficulty reaching anyone outside of your loyal customer circle. Every social media profile you add to your marketing mix is a gateway to your website and every piece of content you post is another opportunity to acquire a new customer. Social media is a melting pot of different needs and different ways of thinking. Associating your content on as many platforms as possible allows these individuals to organically reach your business. By marketing on social media, you can effectively open your business to an extended variety of versatile consumers all over the world. By posting good content from your website to your social channels there are chances that people will get the interest to know more about your website and company.
Increase revenue:
Importance of Social Media in Business is social media is an easy way for customers to express their interest in your products. Whatever may be your product social media helps you sell it. Your follower might become your customer.
Spread your business:
Through social channels, you can spread your business. People like and share your content with their friends if they find it interesting and in this way your products can go viral which increases sales. This way we can Promote business through social media
People who follow you will already be talking about you so you need to be conscious while posting your content on social media making sure you post positive details about your company as social media impacts the business. Also, you need to be polite to the customers while communicating with them.
Social media is the best choice we can make when we want to promote our products with less budget and high visibility. All you need to do is create your profile and start posting the required content about your organization and let the customers get the information you want them to know about your company. It is probably the most cost-effective part of an advertising strategy. Signing up and creating a profile is free for almost all social networking platforms, and any paid PR you decide to invest in is a relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics.  Being cost-effective is such an edge because you can see a greater return on investment and retain a bigger budget for other marketing and business expenses. If you decide to use paid advertising on social media, always start small to see what you should suspect. As you become more comfortable, fine-tune your plan and try increasing your budget. Just by spending a small amount of time and money you can significantly increase your conversion rates and eventually get the return on investment on the money you initially invested.
Get to know about your competitors:
All the Small Businesses have the Social Media Marketing Advantage by knowing what is going around the world and what products your competitors are launching you will get to know about the improvements that are to be made in your organization and you will also know the upcoming trends in the market. This will sound somewhat strange, but social media is a great way to keep an eye on your competitors. It will surely give you an opportunity to monitor and draw inspiration from their performance. You can view what type of content they’re posting, and how they’re interacting with their followers. Social media can assist you to learn from your competitors. There has to be a good cause why type of content they’re posting, and how they’re interacting with their followers. Social media will helps you learn from your competitors. There has to be a good purpose why your competitors are performing better than you. Try to learn the strategies, but make sure you don't just copy and follow them. What goes best for them isn’t always best for you. Instead, twitch their ideas and make them your own.
Targeting audience:
Social media provides us with powerful options to target a set of audience.we can select the audience based on their age group or based on their interests etc. Using social media for small business let you micro-target your audience—but first, you need to know who your audience is. By compiling data on your current customers and then digging deeper with social media analytics, you can develop a solid picture of who’s buying from you and who are already interacting with you online. Then you can return your social media plan to include ways to reach more people just like them.
Conversion rates:
The role of social media in business growth leads to the visibility of the company to the customers. As the visibility of your company increases the opportunities increase. Your posts may lead to more viewers to your companies website which is used to generate leads. With improved visibility, your business gains more opportunities for conversion. Every blog post, image, video, or comment may direct viewers to your company’s website and increase traffic. Social media marketing empowers your business to give a positive impression through a humanization factor. When brands are interactive by sharing content, commenting and posting statuses on social media, it represents a brand. Over 51% of marketers insisted that taking the time to develop relationships with consumers showed positive results in sales. The best impression you make on a visitor, the more likely they are to think of your business when the need for your product or services arises. Putting your brand in an atmosphere where people are sharing, liking, and talking, can only improve the conversion rates on your existing traffic.
Customer satisfaction:
Using social media customer has the option to share his review on the product of the company based on his experience with the product. It might be negative or positive he has the independence to comment about the service provided by the company. Social media is a networking and communication platform. Creating a voice for your company through these platforms is important in refining your company. Customers praise knowing that when they post comments on your pages, they will receive a personalized response rather than an automated message. Being able to acknowledge each comment proves that you are attentive of your visitors' needs and aim to provide the best experience. Every customer interaction with your business's social media accounts is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your compassion for your customers. Whether an individual has a question or a complaint, social media permits you to address the matter using interpersonal dialogue. A brand dedicated to customer satisfaction that takes the time to compose personal messages will inherently be viewed in a positive light, even if responding to a customer complaint.
Final Thoughts
It's clear that social media marketing has its benefits, so if your business doesn't already have the proper profiles, create them! Fill out your business' data and post some charming content to begin gaining followers. As stated, ask people related to your business to "like" and "share" your page to help build your profile. With regularly updating, the right social media marketing strategy will drive to increased traffic, better SEO, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, and much more. There are essentially no reasons not to implement social media into your marketing strategy. Since it is so cost-effective, there is hardly anything to succumb. Your game is most likely already on social media, so don't let them take your potential customers. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see an extension in your business. Worried you don’t have the time to get started? We hear you. Here are some of our social media hints for time-starved business owners. 10ways to social media marketing can help grow business    
Eager to know from you
Life of an entrepreneur is full of thrills and learnings. It takes real guts to start and smartness to grow your business. You now have a better knowledge of how social media can be beneficial to your small business. Just remember: not all types of content or plans mentioned will work for your company. Test each one, learn from your conclusions, and continue to make enhancements. Don’t sit on the social media sidelines! See how social media marketing can handle your business. Check out our Social Media Quickstarter to determine the ins and outs of the major social media networks. We are anxious to know from you about your Social Media strategy and ready to help you in every way possible.
Krify can help you in all aspects to grow your business. We have a skilled and expert digital marketing team.  Reach us now.
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How to Choose a Technology Stack for Web Application Development

What’s the most important thing to grant when you’re developing a top-notch web application? No doubt it’s the technology stack your app will be relied upon. Are you a founder, CEO, CTO, consultant or other stakeholders who require to decide how to build a software product? Having trouble choosing on the tech stack for your web application? It may be the Python or Java you use as a language? Is it the right choice - node.js or Flask/ Django for the web framework? What is the best front-end option - Angular, React or Vue.JS? What about database - MySQL, or MongoDB? Should you self-host with Apache or just go with Amazon AWS? All this make you a lot of confusing! The choice of a suitable tech stack is particularly challenging for small businesses and startups. Since they usually have limited budgets and thus need a technology stack that provides the most thrill for the buck to get their projects off the ground. Even from the client side, the main thing is that the application performs correctly and the choice of technology is the developers’ business. That ‘s absolutely true, but the technology directly affects the application performance. The contrary is also true - the type of application influences the technology selection. This is the reason we shared our views on choosing the technology stack for web application development and the criteria we use in the process. Moreover, web app development does not stop with the primary release - any working app requires continuous support and maintenance. By knowing the technology stack used during development will make further updates easier, even if you decide to change the development service provider.

What is a Technology Stack?

The technology stack is a kit of tools and frameworks that are used in the development of a software product. In other words, it is the combination of programming languages, frameworks and tools that are used by the developers for the development of web and mobile applications.
  • Client-side
  • Server-side
This can also be known as Front-end and Back-end. These are the main pillars of the application software.
Client-side Programming
From client-side(Front-end) web application development involves everything users see on their screens. Here are the major frontend technology stack components:
  • HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) defines the structure of the information presented in the browser.
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) determines the style of the application content such as colour, fonts, and layouts.
  • JavaScript enables the interactivity of the web page in which the app is running.
Most of the web applications are built with Bootstrap as the framework for HTML and CSS. It is considered the most expansive library with a great user base and thousands of stars on GitHub. While Bootstrap is the most popular framework it is not the only on the market. The second most used after Bootstrap is Foundation which shows good performance. When it comes to JavaScript components are a field of fierce competition of front-end frameworks, the most used are Angular and React. Both are well-known for their high performance and flexibility, and both have huge armies of supporters and contributors. Moreover, both of them work equally well regardless of the tools used on the back end.
Server-side or Back-end
The server-side components aren’t visible to the users, but it powers the client-side, just as a power station generates electricity for your home. The most challenges lie majorly in the choice of the server-side technology for developing your web application. As server-side programming languages, they are used to create the logic of websites and applications. Frameworks for programming languages offer lots of tools for milder and faster coding. All back-end tech stacks hold the following main parts:
  • An operating system where the development part takes place
  • Web server request processing from the browser and returning the corresponding content.
  • A database that stores the app data
  • A programming language which utilizes to create the app code
  • Web development framework used for faster and easier development. The web framework directly depends on the selection of the programming language.
As you all know the web application requires a place to store the data and that’s what is known as a database. In general, there are two types of databases:
  • Relational
  • Non-relational
Here are the most typical databases for web development:
  • MySQL (relational)
  • PostgreSQL (relational)
  • MongoDB (non-relational, document)
A web application requires a caching system to reduce the load on the database and to handle large amounts of traffic. Memcached and Redis are the most popular caching systems. Finally, a web application requires a server to handle requests from the client’s computers. There are two major players in this domain:
  • Apache
  • Nginx
Client and server side programming

How to pick the right Technology stack for development of Web Applications

With this wide variety of web development tools, platforms and stacks, choosing the one that will work best for your project development may seem like a difficult task. That’s absolutely the true fact, choosing the technology is a project within a project and needs certain effort, but this choice determines how your application is going to create a run and maintained.

The tech stack parts interaction

The tech stack parts interaction

Project Size and Type

The first and foremost thing to decide upon is the type of web application you’re developing. A tech stack is a toolset for developing a web application, so you need to fully realize what you’re planning to build in order to pick the appropriate tools. You should determine a toolset that provides unique advantages for your web application. The volume and complexity of your project may be a factor determining the stack that you choose to develop it. Software projects can be classified into 3 types based on the complexity:
  • Low complexity projects involve out-of-the-box-solutions, CMS, web templates appliance to build landing pages, plain e-shops, and applications; minimum staffing is involved when developing.
  • Medium complexity projects such as online stores, marketplaces, enterprise solutions are usually created based on frameworks; involve staff from more than one department.
  • High complexity projects imply eCommerce solutions, large portals, data-based applications development with a combination of frameworks, software languages, tools, accelerators; extensive cross-departmental interaction.
Once you are done with the type of web application to develop that is not just enough; you should take its business goals into account as well. This is a very primary thing to do because your goals impact the choice of technologies for development. Your web app can be tailored for:
  • Heavy Load Processing -If your web project relies on load processing, you should opt for programming languages and frameworks that can provide this. Examples of such outlines are video/audio streaming apps and file sharing services.
  • Low Latency - A different tech stack is required to make your web application highly responsible and to reduce latency. Social networks are apparently the best example of websites that require low latency.

Time to market:

Time to market is extremely important when choosing a tech stack for small businesses. The faster you develop and release your application, the more ahead of opponents you’ll be. Moreover, the less time development needs the cheaper the development cost. Time to Market depends on the technology stack you select for your web application and here’s a list of the issue you consider when choosing a proper stack:
  • Out of the box solutions - It is also known as Off-the-Shelfreferser to software that can be installed ready-made for the general public. One of the positives of the mentioned software is ready to be installed.
  • Third Party Integration -  Ensure the tech stack you selected enables a great number of third-party integration as it helps you to add the functions that you need in your web application without reinventing the wheel.
  • Availability of developers - In order to turn your idea into a great and outstanding web application solution then you need to find a skilful and experienced team who can apply the chosen tools. But it just not ended here at all the support should be proceeded even after the web application launched.
  • Documentation and developer community -  While coding any developers team will encounter the tricky issues and solving the problem can be time-consuming. Big developer communities rich documents and specifications can help to handle issues in order not to miss the web application project deadlines.
  • Easy testing - Every digital product contains coding lines that will certainly have bugs to be fixed. It is a must thing to remove all the failures that bottleneck the development process. Testing solutions that help to avoid this problem as some of them include test-driven approach by default to warrant the quality.

Development Cost:

It’s not that much necessary to say turning your idea into a real-life web application is not for free of charge and requires investment. The charges will depend on applying software tools when developing a web product. Consider the positive correlation between selected software stack and cost when the tech stack is more advanced the that imply the high development cost. There are two main problems you need to consider:
  • Developer Salaries - Web developers are highly professionals who are rather well-paid. However, their salaries depend on the technologies they work with. Simultaneously, your expenses will be different depending on the tech stack. You should remember that more advanced the technology is the higher the developer salary will be.
  • App Maintenance cost - Developing the web application is just like one side of the coin; maintaining it is the other. To diminish maintenance costs, you should opt for free open-source technologies.


Growing products require a well-defined scalability matrix that should have scenarios for both scale up(Vertical) and scale out(Horizontal).
  • Scale up or vertically - enabling you to add other software for new tasks
  • Scale out or horizontally - allowing it to handle increased volumes of a request
Security: Always ensure the web application is developed on the safety principles in order to avoid threats, minimize critical areas. It is needed to select software technologies that have safety and security instructions in order to create a  highly secure, protected web product.

Technology Stacks Behind Successful Web Projects

  • Airbnb, the world’s most well-known hospitality service that helps millions of people find rental apartments and short-term lodging.
  • Instagram, a mainstream social networking application, is built with Python.
  • Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with almost 2 billion active monthly users.
  • Shopify helps entrepreneurs power their online stores

Pick a Technology Stack According to Your Project

As you can see, selecting the proper tech stack is a real challenge, but the core idea that should guide you is as follows: Choose the technologies according to your project. Never rely on time-proven technologies only, even if they have been used by some large and successful companies or prominent projects have been accomplished with their help. Always be genuine and take all the pros and cons into account. The wrong selection of a technology stack may end in financial losses, so if you aren’t experienced in web development, leave the choice to professionals. A team of professional web developers will be able to choose the right tools for delivering a top-notch web application with all the functionality you require.
Bottom Line
Determining the software technologies based on the requirements of the future products is the underlying concept. It is not a good idea to defer to time-tested tools, even if powerful successful organizations have applied them. You want to find the right tech partner or company for great product delivery in order not to break down the budget with the false choice.
Krify team of software engineers will help select the right software tools and technologies, deliver a highly proficient digital solution - the web application that will have high-end functionality in order to grow your business and gain more revenue. If you are ready to give your idea a go, Krify team can help you build and maintain your web application. Reach us today.
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beauty, spa and salon development

 Website Design and App Development for Beauty Salon & Spa Business

Back in the 70s, 80s and also in the 90s spa and salon services are luxurious services generally provided for rich standards as it depends on affluence and prosperity. But, today it became very important to everyone where you can easily find in one in each street. As per the analysis from past years, people increased their beauty conscious over time. People are more concentrating and get addicted to it. So that's why it's getting more popularity along with changing time and years. Especially, with the discovery of apps and website for salon & spa businesses, the importance increased in case of the service appointment booking in the salon and spa industry. The technology that will make life easier and highlights your business can be done by maintaining the salon appointment booking website development and spa appointment booking website development for your appointment booking app development for spa business and appointment booking app for salon business.

Challenges in maintaining the salon & spa business

Managing and schedule appointments:

No prior appointments kill the valuable time of the customer and service provider (Hair-Stylist or a Spa Therapy specialist). And the rush hour will make the total environment clumsy and lost the trust on quality of service and customer yet times.

Engagement with customers:

One important reason is customers retention, many of the salon and spa businesses are failing to maintain customer data and good relationships with customers. In fact, most of the Salon and Spa businesses don’t even know the customer details. Whereas due to some reasons if the Salon shop or a Spa Center has been relocated obviously business lose own identity and start as a new business at a new place.


Brand awareness is very important, Promoting business on time with offering to raise up the service is a crucial task for every spa and salon business. In fact, promoting new business locally is also sometimes hard due to the local competitors who crowdfunded customers already. have due to the lack of advertising and marketing results in the loss of business.

Expanding a Business and Motivating Team:

When it comes to expanding business with business growth, It's radically difficult to scale up without a proper measure of business performance based on service outcome and brand value has for a business. Of course, keeping team motivated and appointments cool, nice guys are also considered to keep the same face while maintaining multi branches or expanding the business.

Getting a new customer:

Having business roadside never bring a new customer unless someone travel that side and of course today's business, in fact, chasing new people by adding wheels with a virtual business model.  Hence we can consider getting a new customer is a major challenge, also this is not only in the salon and spa business but also in different businesses industries. This is an evergreen challenge.

How to overcome Spa and Salon Business challenges

Better Organizing of Appointments and Improved Management Service:
Developing an appointment booking system (either the development of salon appointment booking website or development of spa appointment booking website) will initially help to accept the jobs in an organized way and this also helps to allocate a resource to treat on time. Finally, this brings a nice value addition to service with a happy customer. If your business has a good scale already and a website system to book, Going to the development of a mobile app for spa business or development of a mobile app for salon business will help to maintain central control over all the branches. In advance level, these mobile apps can also help to provide an on-demand spa service over the mobile app or on demand salon service over mobile app booking.
Collecting Customer Details and Making Engaged:
A web-based system which let a customer book a salon service or a mobile app based system which let a customer book a service will also capture the information of customer on first sign-up and in other way implementing the analytics and artificial intelligence to the system will capture a terrible demographics about your spa and salon business about how committedly different customers are coming to your customer with regular intervals of time. On other hands this data also helps you to send a scheduled message about your spa offerings via web system developed and salon offerings via web system developed and if you have an advanced mobile app, in fact, you can schedule offering/reminder notifications via mobile app develops. This develops awesome customer retention and helps to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers.
Improvement of Brand Recognition:
Being local Salon and Spa businesses never had a chance to add a new commitment to their own business, increased Brand Values always make you improve your business over various places. This comes while you step into the Digital Transformation of your business, Ask our team how. A website or mobile app with digital marketing presence at a targeted area really help you go viral with a digital branding.
Keeping motivated and Business Expansion:
When you have a track of customers and business service offering in each month you will become from a Spa Therapist or Hairstylist to a real. Here comes a dynamics to keep motivated and plan of business expansion by hiring new people. Of course, the helps small business or large business to have a great motivation by adding a wing to the individual dreams and if you succeeDigital Transformation of Spa and Salon business d, now you can scale up with investors showing the demographics and statistics of your business.
Obtaining a New Customer:
Lead generation is only possible with high branding and promotions. In this digital era listing a Spa business online or Listing a Salon business online will take your business from roadside business list to global business and limiting the geography and promoting with specific targeted offers will definitely help your business to gain new customers on the go.  Remember this will may give or may not give spontaneous results unless you have a strategic plan in mind and expert hands to work will grab the real potentiality for your Spa and Salon business.

Benefits of Developing a Website for your Salon or Spa Business:

  • Time-saving can value the customer’s time. It actually helps to provide real-time information and allows the customers to schedule their appointments across the world at any time by removing the “wait for your chance” concept.
  • Customers can browse the details of your salon that services you provide, working hours and offers & packages that come.
  • As people generally forget, in order to habituate, you can remind by sending them via SMS and push notifications without missing the appointment you have made.
  • You can mention discounts and offers because these are the ideas generally attracting the attention of customers.
  • Allowing people to choose their stylists and beauticians through the salon and spa mobile app or website is a good option.
  • Listing the services and providing facilities like online payments can be convenient.

Benefits of Developing an App for your Salon or Spa Business:

Push Notifications:
  • These notifications are to stay in contact with the customers which helps a dynamic notification system.
  • To target particular customers we can implement geofencing technology.
  • We can send important information and update regularly to customers.
  • Implementing and managing push notifications for both iPhone and Android platforms can help your salon and spa business.
Scheduling the appointments:
  • The app must possess in-build calendar for a customer to book an appointment easily with convenience.
  • People visit generally when they have extra time or holidays.
  • If a customer books a priority appointment he need not wait in long queues, the owner gets the notification through email or SMS. He can plan according to it.
A quick look at services availability:
  • As there is a much-varied range of services to offer from different types of facials to a variety of pedicure and manicure services it is easy to see the services if mobile app or website maintained for your salon & spa business.
  • The customers can select their choices listed in the mobile app or website provided by a salon and spa services.
  • This can make convenient for the customers in preferring the services.
You can Track your inventory:
  • The Salon owner can keep track of his/her stock on regular basis. And also can place an order if any required items are running out.  
  • They can even add or remove the items from the inventory and also can elaborate data about the price and products of each item.
  • By these facilities, you can know the exact expenses that you are spending on everything.
Managing the profiles of each staff members:
  • To run your salon and spa business successfully, it is necessary to maintain and hire experiences members who are well experienced in their tasks.
  • With using app and website for your spa & salon business can easily maintain a record of your stylists.
Easy in payments:
  • The website & apps can have the facility that allows cashless mobile payments.
  • This can give customers hassle experience in payments as they can easily pay with debit or credit card.
Giving attractive offers:
  • Giving offers to customers can help your business by attracting customers.
  • This builds a strong bond with the customers.
The modern salon and spa businesses are different from old traditional businesses. The owners are smart enough to develop new technologies for their business to increase and get ratings from customers, this only happens when they brought noticeable notifications in their work and brings many new trending styles that people are less aware. So, get a professional website and mobile app development from an experienced mobile app and web development company for your salon & spa business. Choosing the best salon & spa web and mobile app development company for your salon & spa services is a good option.
choosing Krify is the best option when comes to web and mobile app development. Here we have experienced, professionals  and dedicated developers for the project to come with perfect look and feel. If you have any thought to develop beauty spa and salon website or app development here we are to guide you in perfect way that fulfils your requirement. Contact us.....
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online directory websites

Steps to Start Online Business Directory website

The number of applications in the market are increasing with each passing day and they will continue to grow in number going by the current scenario. New applications enter the market with the hope of providing the users something more than the already existing applications in their domain. People require all the latest facilities at their disposal and more or less, their wishes have been granted by these modern technologies. When people reminisce of directories, they get the first thought of Yellow Pages or Yelp. That’s all fine and good, but you should be somehow creative! You don’t have to list only local businesses. For instance, you could also plan to display niche markets such as say, the best pet grooming website in the country. The major thing is that it’s possible to create a small to medium directory with an application maker. So, let’s talk about one such local business listing website that has given a sensation and goes by the name of ‘Yelp’. It helps out a person in various aspects and has become very popular in a very short span of time. It has been satisfying the requirements of its users like a thing on a mission. But what exactly does it offers? Let’s take an insight. Want to commence an online directory website, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Starting a new venture will be a bit confusing, but not all the time. It will be easy when you’ve got the right direction to move! Note one most important point while all solutions let you add points on a map with a small description about what they represent, it’s not quite enough to qualify as a directory application. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can begin your directory website with WordPress without discussing with programmers and designers. This guide is to provide beginners with a quick, foolproof direction to launch a directory site. So you can get started without wasting your time searching a thousand possibilities. It also helps you to avoid all the expensive mistakes that most people do while creating an online directory website or application. It’s not just a website but a business that you design. After testing several application makers, the below steps will look at how they let you create listings, categories and what kind of extra features you get along the way.

What is trending now in business directory website?

As people are looking for new trends day by day. Online business directories websites are getting updated each day.  Online directory websites are more trending to reach any place these days. But web applications are more popular in this digital era. Trending Directory websites with respective different categories:
General Business Directories Website:
General business directory website is a complete commercial web directory contains information and resources leads to many opportunities offers free business listing to promote your goods and services
  1. Yelp
  2. Citysearch
  3. Foursquare
Healthcare Business Directories Website:
A Healthcare Business Directories Website helps prospective patients determine whether a healthcare practice could fit their requirements. Listing includes important business information, interior and exterior practice photos, driving and parking instructions services and products offered and many more.
  1. Doctor.com
  2. Wellness.com
Restaurant Business Directories Website:
A Restaurant business directory website is a printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be classified by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be assembled either manually or through an automated online search software.
  1. Booking.com
  2. Hotels.com
Now let’s deep dive into the topic of application developed

Types of Online Directories 

In general, these directory applications are divided into two types
  1. Web Applications
  2. Mobile applications
Now in this article, we will talk about web applications or websites
Web Applications Directories
Again this web application is divided into two types
Type of Web Applications 
  • CMS Applications
  • Web Applications
Now we talk about each individually, CMS Application: CMS is the most useful application which uses WordPress, Joomla, Hubspot, Oracle web content and soon for its development process. In this type of applications, the paid ads will play a major role where the ads will be displayed in the theme. Web applications: In present era web applications are trending. Web applications are developed using PHP Frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Symfony and etc. A website business directory refers to an online database that connects the users with relevant businesses. Directories contain a distinct range of information on each business however, some may have a primary focus. Some of the more specific focuses of a web directory might be to:
  •  Provide accurate customer reviews
  •  Enable side-by-side comparisons
  •  Use GPS and social media data to give real-time results
  •  Focus on a specific niche or industry
A business directories website can take the form of a website. They survive on the web, social media platforms, smartphones, and even on specific devices.

How to Start Your Own Business Directory Website in 5 Easy Steps

  1. First, Find Your “Niche"
  2. Focus on a Geographical Area
  3. Get Started Right Away
  4. Set Your  Plans & Pricing
  5. Promote Your Site

The cost of developing the business Directories Website

There are a lot of websites directories for which listing your business is free. Some are free but requires additional payment for special features, such as multiple locations or categories, including a website link or call to action, removing ads from listing or adding photos and video.  

Benefits of website business Directories

Some small business owners think that website directories are massive databases whether their listing will just get lost in the shuffle. The truth is that platforms have significant benefits for small businesses. Here are some benefits:

Magnify your online Presence

If you search for your business on the internet, you will likely see your business show up in directories for which you never submitted a listing. This is because many business directories today taken from other larger directories and automatically create listings. This means that getting listed in one directed usually means getting listed in several more, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. On the other side, sometimes the information doesn’t transfer over properly. It’s very important to check, claim, and update your listing frequently and regularly.

Boost your business

SEO is a method of presenting your web content in such a way that search engine will favour it and rank in the top position in the results for applicable searches. A user must trust the search engine so that the search engine will provide more information about your website and the more consistent that information is, the better you will rank. Online business listings are a great way to help and supplement your already existing data to give it that extra validation.

Use word of Mouth

Most online business directories have a client review component, as word of mouth has always been a trusted source for consumers. With real-time and sharing capabilities of mobile devices, customers can now publish review more quickly - -even during their experience. People seek out and trust online customer reviews today more than ever, so get listed in online business directories and you’ll be placed in a direct to your target audience. Business website directories have immense benefits and neglecting them can actually hurt your business. So get started today with the building, claiming and updating your listings online.
What’s NEXT?
For sure you have tons of questions on what to do next. . .
  1. We have brought you excellent pre-sales and post-sales support team to help via email. So if you get stuck (for some reason), you can get in touch with us
  2. If you’ve set up your Directory site and want to know more details, then go check our customer showcase sites for ideas.
  3. And finally, once you are ready, go check our Best Directory website to launch your dream directory website.
Krify one of the Best directory app development company in India and UK who has the expert developers in developing the business directory websites and also mobile app development. Want to develop your own business directory website. Reach us today for a  free quotation.
Wishing you the best of the success.
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Website Design

Significance of Website for Small Business in 2019

A website plays a very important role in the business growth. Website has the power to attract the people who might turn out to be potential clients for your business. It can also repel the customers,so you need to be very careful while designing a website for your company as it represents your business and is matter of reputation. A customized website for a business can bring a good value to any startup organization as getting information about your business through a device becomes more easy for the customer than to visit you in person and know about your company. It is also an easy way for communication as you can display the services and products you provide and user can approach accordingly. The biggest challenge faced by small companies is to get more clients,and the only way you can achieve that in this digital era is by increasing your online presence. People nowadays google even the smallest thing and in that case it is required for you to be present among the top google searches which is possible only if your business has a website. This helps your company to get more engaged with customers. With the increasing race to sustain the competition you obviously need a good website for your company. Other than website there are also other mediums to promote your company but as almost everyone has already moved to web, it is a best choice to start promoting your business through email marketing and paid promotions which allows many potential clients to know about your business and it helps to bring your name out. Not having a website can affect you in a long run as google will not recognize your presence so not many people will get to know about the existence of your business. To know more about the Importance of website for small business here are some advantages.

Advantages of having a website for your Startup:

Visibility: In order to growth with the modern technology you should first be a part of it. You need to let people know your presence which is the best way to grow your business. having a online presence will allow you to get lot more opportunities to compete with the rest of the businesses. Accessibility: By having a website you can make it easy for your customers to contact you. They directly ping you online without having to visit your place for enquiries. Also any customer can get to know about your company through website and can approach you if required rather than wasting time. Communication: Many owners think that their communication with the customers will be less if they have a website but it is a myth. In fact having a website helps you to better communicate with the customers and also to keep them updated with your company. The recent websites have the contact us page in the website where user can contact the company for any details. Updates: May it be changing location or new services being provided,website is the best place where you can let your customers stay updated with the information. Instead of creating a confusion without letting them know what is happening it is always a good choice to let your customers know better about your business. Generating leads: Through website you can track the people who visited your website and you can approach them for providing any kind of service. Targeted advertising, personalized email marketing, there are many more advanced ways to promote your business if you have a website. Cost-Effective: Website development is cost effective and also easy to maintain. It takes less effort and less budget to create a website than to set up a physical store, the interesting thing is that you can modify your website by making changes which can keep it updated.
There are many businesses that run without a website,but having a website always helps in its own way. The website should be designed in a way that it reflects your company to the potential clients online. There are different factors to be considered while designing a website for small company because it plays an important role in developing your business. As extending the business is one of the major goals of small business and startup so they should be careful choosing a Web design company for small business. Having an attractive and trending website leaves a good impact on the visitors and converts them into leads. There are many potential benefits of having a good website as that is the first thing people see to get the information about the company. If the website is not good enough to grab the people's attention then they will not show interest in working with your company and that would be a loss mainly if you have a start up business. Small business website designing is not an easy task so to choose a best web designing companies in India to design your website you should have some basic knowledge about the web designing trends to do some initial homework. It can not be done overnight it takes time to understand about the web design companies and know the reviews and feedback about those companies. choosing small to medium agency who has vast experience in developing websites can help you in many and they will know the particular constraints to look into and will design your website according to latest web standards. All you need to search for is Professional website for a small business at low cost. In this age of rapid digital evolution,the web design trends will change so frequently depending on the usage,style etc. So,in order to design a little long lasting website we should understand the users demands and the recent trends in the market before implementing it. If you want to stay ahead of the curve it is needed that you maintain and update the website at times regularly depending upon the changes in the trends and the users requirements. We at Krify understand the various trends out there and choose the most convenient option considering the users demand and client requirements and we provide the best website design accordingly.We are one among the best Website Design and Development Companies and we provide website Redesign services some of the best suggestions regarding the website designs to our clients. We have a team of skilled and experienced designers for your website who have designed 50+ websites. We provide maintenance and we are in regular contact with our clients to take all their inputs throughout the completion of the website keeping them updated so that they can reach us for any changes they need.  
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wedding and bridal applications

Wedding and Bridal App and Website Development Company in India

Have you ever thought of the mess that takes place while planning a wedding? It is not a small thing, it takes a lot of time, investment and planning. It is very difficult to complete the things planned in time. Everything will be unplanned and messy. But by using proper technology and making correct decisions we can make it easy because there is no use of investing and celebrating a grand wedding when you have a hand full of works and no time to enjoy it. choosing a wedding website can help you a lot more than you think. You can handover the complete planning from the start to the end to the wedding planner and can have time with your family. Don't you think this is a good idea? Of course, it is. With the increasing trends, there are increasing types in weddings Not all people want a typical wedding. Some people require a grand wedding where there needs more planning. A wedding planner will be able to meet all your requirement whatever may be the wedding type. Are you someone who is willing to help people who gonna plan a wedding and make things easy for them? Then there is a way to take your business to the people. Bridal Website Design for Wedding Businesses is a good choice. Why don't you plan on having a website for your business which makes things much simpler and allows you to reduce your efforts in letting people know about it? Design for wedding website is very important for getting more customers. As there are many advantages to having a website for your business.

Advantages of  having a Wedding and Bridal  Website for your business growth

Customer Satisfaction - Having a website makes the customers more comfortable to  interact with you as they can get the information about your business prior and can contact you for any queries Online website Accessibility - If you have a website you need not worry about the timings of customers contacting you for information as the website will be open 24/7. Access to Visitor Analytics - A website can actually track what is happening on the website. It can give the details about who is visiting the website and the place from where it is being accessed. So, we can reach out to people who require our service. Customer Relationship - Having a website can help you build a better relationship with the customers as we can maintain the contact even after the service. So they might come to you for help even when they required. The customer can even give the feedback so you can improve your service. Productive potential Sales - As people get to know about you through your website if your website is good enough it can be helpful in generating leads and increase sales. When you change the location -In case you shift from a place to another place you need not waste your time informing all your customers about it. Instead, you can update your location on your website so people can know. Rise Customers - If your business is targeting more people and is capable of providing services to a huge number of customers. It’s to better have a global presence. Valuable Links - We can link our website to different links so our website can reach worldwide. Your Internet Identity - By maintaining a website, you can build a strong online brand identity. It can be used to promote your business online. These are some of the advantages of having a website that can improve your business. If you are planning for development of a Wedding and Bridal website you should also know what features should be involved in it to make more useful.

Common Features for the development of wedding and bridal website:

  • It should have an attractive design so the user feels comfortable when using the website. Neat websites are preferred than gaudy websites.
  • Wedding and Bridal website design Interface should be user-friendly. It should make the user task easy not more complex.
  • A good wedding planning app should be useful for building a customized wedding plan.
  • Users should be able to search for wedding venues. Providing more information can create a good response from the users as they will be having more options to choose
  • Managing the budget according to the wedding plan should be possible.
  • Sending invitations and tracking response should be easy and also the information about the wedding should be stored.
  • Wedding website design should be in such a way it attracts the customers.
  • Push notifications are important as they keep reminding the guests about the event.
  • Social integration and messaging features are required.
  • Communication should be possible as it will be convenient to contact the service provider through the app for the required information.

Advanced features for a Wedding and Bridal website design

  • They provide various packages with various costs and discounts. Each package contains a certain type of services they will be providing to the bride such as dressing, makeup etc. Each package costs according to the services it is providing.
  • Privacy also plays an important role and proper privacy settings and passwords should be provided to the client so that only they can access or change the information.
  • Should be able to manage SEO settings as it is important to optimize the search result so that the guest feel comfortable in order to search anything related to the wedding.
  • Sending invitations is good but it is also equally important to receive the response from the guests if they are coming or not so as to plan accordingly the budget for the wedding.
  • The to-do list is the crucial part of the wedding plan. It contains the events that are to be done by the organisers and the main focus in any wedding is, of course, the event and food.
  • There is no fun if we cannot share the photos in the wedding on social media so social media sharing adds as an interesting feature.
  • Other than only photos it would also be good if we can share Videos of the wedding on Youtube etc.
  • Filters are nowadays a part of photos as no one is uploading pics without adding filters so it should be a part of the website or the mobile app.
  • Real-time alerts are to be implemented as it is very much required to consider the response from the guests and act accordingly to prevent the delay.
Now we go for the development of Mobile apps. As mobile apps are the next business boosting tools in this digital era. Users prefer using applications which can provide them with all the information with a single click.

Advantages of having a Wedding and Bridal App For Your Business

  1. They can help people to be updated about the changes in the event an everyone carries a mobile all day and they can know about the updates through notifications.
  2. They help people to communicate easily as everyone nowadays are habituated to texting in mobile.
  3. Using mobile apps the access will be at the user's fingerprints it can be accessed anytime anywhere. As mobile is a handy device, it can be carried anywhere. So, it 'll let the users maintain contact all the time.
  4. Mobile apps help you stand out of the competition in today's world. It helps you to provide more features to the users.

Features of Mobile wedding app

  • Contact adding should be possible as syncing the mobile contacts with the app contacts can help you find all your guests.
  • The Best Mobile App is the one which gives us the option to choose the theme of the application as it provides various options for customized wedding app to make their day more special.
  • Creating Event should be possible as in a wedding there can be many unplanned events that take place so adding or creating an event will be helpful to keep everyone updated about what is going to happen.
  • Real-time notifications can help you keep the guests informed about the event that is delayed and when they are scheduled.
  • Maintaining a guest list can help you plan the budget and the number of things that should be purchased at the wedding. It can also help you in planning the amount of food to be cooked and served. We can have at least an estimation.
  • The app should be responsive, in the busy schedule, there are chances that the guests may feel irritated for little things and having an app which is not responsive can complicate the things.
  • The content in the app should be simple and attractive and in a way that the user understands it by just going through once
  • The app design should be easy to manage.
Developing Website and Mobile app for your wedding planning business can help you get an online presence and subsequently helps in expanding your business
Why Choose Krify for your Website or Mobile App development
There are many wedding and bridal website development companies and wedding and bridal mobile apps in India. One of the best among them is Krify. As we have already designed many websites and we have the unique way of designing which can meet the user's requirements and the changes will be made with an update from the customers. We also have the option to hire Bridal app developers who are talented in delivery the app that meets the requirements of the client on time. Krify is also one of the Bridal and wedding app and website development company in UK and India. Also as we are basically an app development company we developed many mobile applications which include Wedding apps.
  • Krify provides SEO friendly Bridal and Wedding Website and App to increase your online visibility.
  • Krify takes the responsibility in promoting your  Bridal and Wedding Website and App on social media platforms that help you grow your business.
  • It gives you the In-Built Email marketing system.
  • In Krify there is a specialized team with a lot more experience in designing websites and applications so all the requirements of the client are considered and fulfilled.
  • It also provides the security to your website, app and maintenance right from the start.
To Conclude
At the bottom line, want to be one among the online business member develop a wedding and bridal app or website for your offline business. our clients are choosing it and referring it to all aspects of the wedding business owners. For effective business operations choose an effective wedding and bridal app and website. choose the right system for your business.
We krify one of the top mobile and web app development company in India and UK. We have skilled and expertized developers having knowledge on trending technologies. Are you in search of wedding and bridal app development for your business then your in rigth spot. Get free quotation or contact us today.
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On-Demand Laundry App Development Complete Guide

Developing a mobile app to take care of the laundry services might have sounded strange if it were a few years ago. But, now we are in the era of on-demand apps that are offering a wide range of services at reasonable prices and in a more transparent manner. When there are dedicated apps for beauty services and spa, why can’t one for the laundry? In fact, laundry is one of the few business areas where the corporate players have not to make a foray yet. With the changes approaching fast in the lifestyle, people are focusing more on spending their time in a more meaningful way. In a bid to save time on the weekends, the working class prefer to outsource the laundry work – which is nothing but washing and ironing the clothes – and looking for suitable options. To cash in on this demand and create a market for laundry, there is no other simple way but to develop an on-demand app. Since the targeted group (working class) uses mobile phone gadgets and enjoy trying new apps, it is not going to be a tough task to develop and promote the app. Here goes the functioning part of the laundry app

Key Functions for Laundry App Development

The stakeholders involved in the laundry app are of three categories. Customers, delivery crew and the launderers. The customer is the one who avails the laundry services and pays for it, while the delivery crew is on the job of collecting and delivering the clothes from the customer and the launderer. This crew collects the ‘to be washed’ clothes from the customer and hands it over to the launderer. Similarly, the well washed and iron clothes will be collected from the launderer and deliver to the customer. The third one is the launderer whose job is more crucial. The launders wash and iron the clothes as per the order placed by the customer. Services rendered by the launderer and the delivery crew plays a major role in the business and their performance can help the app expand its user base within a short time.
App development
The laundry app can be developed in two ways: By hiring a development team or by taking the help of firms that have already been into app development and marketing. If you want to avail the services of an established app developer, Krify is an option. Being a multinational software company with 500+ clientele, Krify has been into the on-demand app development and proved to be a successful player. For developing an on-demand laundry app, four logins have to be created separately for the customer, launderer, marketing crew and the admin. Let us go through the functionalities of each login:

Key Modules For Development of Laundry App Development 

Customer Login
Customer should be able to sign-up in a couple of simple steps. The registration should be done basing on the mail ID and password or phone number or even the social media account such as Facebook and Twitter. By signing up, the customer should be able to get the list of services along with the service charges of each and every category. Similarly, the customer should be given an option to choose the date and time for pickup and delivery. The customer should be able to track the order at different stages in the form of push notifications. Additional features such as choosing the favourite launderer and making payments by using different payment gateways can be incorporated into the customer login, which will make the customer more satisfied with the services. The customer should also be able to cancel the order and give feedback on the services. Separate feedback options can be created for the launderer and the service crew, so that it would help the admin improve the services wherever they are necessary, basing on the customer’s feedback.
Launderer’s Login
The sign-up for the launderer can be more or less the same as the one created for the customer. After successful login, the launderer will be able to get access to the orders along with the details of the customers and their requirements such as a number of clothes, services required and the expected date of delivery. It will help the launderer whether to accept the order or not. Reminders in the form of push notifications to the launderer will help deliver the services on time. In the event of any delay in completing the order from the launderer’s end, the same can be informed to the customer in advance along with a note stating regrets for the inconvenience. The launderer can also be able to access the orders history and the analytics along with the feedback given by the customers. It will help in to improve the services in the long run.
Marketing Crew’s Login
The sign-up for the marketing crew will have remained the same on the lines of the customer and launderer sign-up. However, the marketing crew will have to be accessed with maps and tracking facilities, so that they can choose the nearest possible route to travel between the customer and the launderer. It will save time and logistics costs such as transportation charges as well. They shall also have access to the customer’s feedback on their services.
Admin’s Login
Admin is the one who coordinates the entire team consisting of the marketing crew and the launderers and is on the job of promoting the app by improving the user base and retaining the existing users. For this, the Admin has to maintain good relations with all the stakeholders. From the Admin’s Login, one should be able to track the entire functionality. It should have the details of the customers, launderers and the marketing crew and the minute to minute functioning has to be tracked by this login. The Admin should be in a position to assign/redirect work to any of the launderers and direct the marketing crew with regard to the collection and delivery of clothes. Dissemination of feedback to the stakeholders concerned shall also be done from the Admin’s login.
Revenue & Logistics
To be precise, the customer is the lone source of revenue in the on-demand laundry app business segment. Customer pays for the service rendered by the launderer and the tariff shall be displayed in the customer login. Special charges shall be levied for services like same day delivery and the tariffs for special clothing such as suits and Kanjivaram sarees can vary from the regular clothing. From the revenues, charges shall be paid to the launderers as per the prior agreement and salaries shall be paid to the marketing crew, besides footing their travel bills. In addition, charges such as Admin’s back-office employees and sums being spent on promotional activities have to be taken care of.


The best part of on-demand laundry app business model is that there is not much competition in this area so far. Services from the launderer and the marketing crew should be qualitative and on time. It will help the app earn good reputation and patronage, which will be ultimately resulted in sprucing up the business. The grass is greener for the entrepreneurs with passion and for those who wish to try their hand in a new business. Good luck!!
Therefore, if you are looking to develop a laundry app and give your business a flier, then feel free to get a free quotation from the expert app developers or contact us today.
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Door Front Technologies to Adopt for On-Demand service applications

Door Front Technologies to Adopt for On-Demand service application

Who would prefer waiting for a vehicle and wasting time when you have on-demand services provided at every corner of the world. Before going to the technology that is being used in the on-demand taxi servicing applications let us know what is on-demand service and how it is helpful. As the name itself indicates on-demand is something that enables us to book what we need at any instance and it gets delivered to us. May it be food, taxi etc. Now let's consider uber the highest taxi providing service. It provides the most number of cabs across the world. Surprisingly it doesn't own a single vehicle it all works based on the technology they use. Providing on-demand taxi service is not easy it takes a lot of technology behind it. It mainly uses big data as it contains huge data of the customers who are willing to take a ride and the service providers willing to take them based on the location they select. It works on the Bigdata principle of crowdsourcing. It holds a huge database of drivers and users. The prices are not fixed, for each ride, they calculated using certain algorithms this is a major difference from regular taxi services because customers are charged for the time the journey takes, not the distance covered. In order to manage all these database connections makes one thing clear, that you cannot do it without a resourceful technology system to support your operations, communication and on-demand offerings at the customer-front. Let's make it simple to understand but dividing it into smaller modules

 On-Demand Service Application Front-End Technologies 

Surge Pricing:

Surge pricing is an algorithm which deals with the traffic conditions to monitor the time taken for the journey so the costs can vary depending on the traffic in the specified location. And also it helps the drivers to stay back home when the demand is low and they can work according to demand in the respective area. But, using this algorithm has its own drawbacks like costs are highly increased during the demand. We can take a real-time example of airways compared to other days during the weekends, the cost of booking a flight is increased drastically, the same thing applies to uber use this algorithm. People can predict demand and estimate the price.


Rating system plays one more major role as drivers rate the users and also user rate the drivers which builds trust among them. There are also some requirements that should be fulfilled by the drivers, it is said that if their rating falls below an average they will be fired or will not be allowed to take more rides and also they should take more numbers of rides by setting a target. There is also one more feature in uber called as uber pool, Here the user can identify another user nearby who wants to go to the same location and can proceed by paying a lesser amount and make similar journeys at a similar time. We can clearly state that the date of users nearby is linked


For any application, notifications play a key role in grabbing the users attention. It allows the user to know the app existence and its use. It may be emails or text messages or anything of that form. But it should be in its best form and should be delivered on time frequent reminders to the users regarding the on-demand service can help a lot of notifications are of different types like push-notification and text notification. Push notifications have more advantages compare to text notifications, but if you are offline text messages are preferred.


Payment is another thing which needs to be noted. As most of the on-demand services have online payment methods like Google pay or Paytm and you can also pay through your card in the application. There are very rare cases that the user pays cash after the dropping. There is this feature called cancel pickup and the user needs to pay a certain amount of money based on the distance traveled by the previous driver, in his/her next ride.

Inter-app Communication:

Communication between the driver and the passenger is required in any on-demand servicing as there may be many misconceptions. The communication requires either data or wifi depending on the availability. There is an option in most of the applications through which the passenger can call the driver and have proper understanding on where to pick up the passenger and also there is this advanced feature that the passenger can share his live location to the driver so that it will be easy for the driver to reach on time. There’s a data traveling protocol which decides the flow of communication. The data is routed through an application server to the destination points and the quality of data again depends on the supporting system and the data exchange resources backing it in case of communication via chat and texts.

Geo Location:

The basic feature of an on-demand servicing application is to provide a location to both the user and the driver. It would be a great delay and loss for the user and the company if the location shown is wrong and it would be useless. So, what all the technologies you need to work on to bring the entire component of Geo-Location together is very important while designing an on-demand servicing app.

Final Thoughts

On-demand apps become an ultimate trend for swift business growth as it offers an opportunity to give your customers personalize the experience to avail their desired services at their convenience. The other reason for the progress of on-demand apps is that it comprehends the basic demands of consumers and finds ways to accomplish it successfully. Recent mobile technology has provided consumers with a durable and effective way to shop their product or services. An expert on-demand app development company offers your business best solution to introduce a new on-demand app in the market strongly and profitably.
Krify, one of the top leading mobile app development company based in India and Uk. We have expert developers in developing the on-demand applications. If you have thought of developing the on-demand, then come to us we will assist you. Get Quote today or Contact us.
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Tips to build a successful iOS app

Essentials Tips to Build a Successful iOS App

Apple is one of the leading mobile platforms. Apple outcomes are known for their exclusiveness, style, and uniqueness. In fact, developing application for apple user whether it’s for iOS, watchOS, or tvOS-- this can be a huge benefit for a business owner. Anyone who wants to develop any Apple’s product is regarded as classy and having a good taste. In order to maintain its high-quality Apple implements strict requirements on its developers. iOS developer must abide by standard practices for your app to be accepted into the app store and also important for the user-friendliness and usability. iPhone apps are indispensable assets for both personal and business purpose, which is why companies should make apps that suit specific customer needs. However, Apple development needs a great deal of planning and execution. iPhone app development has become an important formula for the prosperity of any industry today. Within a small time, apps have penetrated almost every known industry - entertainment, health, finance, education, business, communication, art, travel - you name it. When come to present topic here we offer the most important tips for businesses that want to develop iPhone apps. We will outline the key aspects of better mobile app development, such as app purpose, target audience, design, aesthetics, performance indicators, and cost. Below are 

5 tips for a successful iPhone app development

Tip #1 From Apple: In the App Store, there are millions of apps. If your app doesn’t do something helpful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment,  or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted. Be beneficial. Solve a problem the user faces the challenges while using the app. At this point, you can be effective by taking the solution that exists and makes it better, faster, easier, cheaper, safer or funnier all these words describe the value of the products produced. Let’s consider how we are making someone’s life better. Rethink, refresh, redesign, and redevelop things, remix the old and make the new. Tip #2 From Apple: Before developing the app, check out the apps in the App Store that in your category and plan to create the app that will provide the better user experience. This is meant in the context of the app store. Check whether the app you planned to develop already exists? What can you do to differentiate yourself? Do your research. Plan to develop something unique. Conventional methods yield conventional results. Instead of developing something that already exists or by building old with enhanced efficiency, by considering this point build something completely new to the App Store which is not done before. Apple says one of the top reasons for the apps to get rejected from the app store. Apple wrote on their website that if an app doesn’t offer much functionalities or content, or only applies to a small niche market, it may not be approved. Tip#3 From Apple: Apple places a high value on clean, refined, and user-friendly interfaces. Assure that the UI meets these need by planning your design carefully and following our design guides and UI Design Dos and Don’ts. Apple is notorious for their attention to detail. In a time where your competitors are obsessed over quantity, you will win by paying attention to quality. When you think of developing the apps, our mantra is to make it feature worthy. People should be thrilled at how enjoyable and beautiful it is, and beautiful it is and the press should want to cover it. These little features like the app icon, UI sounds, and small parts of the user interface add up to make a big difference. Tip #4 from Apple: If your app looks like it was cobbled together in a few days, or you’re trying to get your first practice app into the store to impress your friends, please brace yourself for rejection. We have lots of sober developers who don’t want their quality apps to be surrounded by amateur hour. There are more than 1.6 million apps in the app store. It’s not the place where everyone can place half-baked beta builds. Many other developers have put in hundreds of hours into crafting their apps before even attempting to get it published. As such, Apple's role as a doorkeeper is as important as ever. Allocate the time to get it right, the first time QA your app carefully. Share it with beta testers. Use it yourself. Try it out on older devices. Fix every possible bug you can find before uploading that V1 build, because chances are you’ll still have missed some. Never submit the app to Store until you’re confident enough to submit that it’s worthy of four or five stars. Tip #5 from Apple: Lastly, we are very excited to love this stuff too, and honour what you do. Trying our best to develop the best platform in the world for you to express your talents and make a living too. If it sounds like we’re control freaks, well, maybe its because we’re committed to our users and making sure they have a quality experience with our products. Just like almost all of you are too. Like other organizations, apple works in their own interest. Accepting and promoting apps that are valuable, differentiated, have an intuitive user interface, glowing user reviews. So do them and yourself a favour, and create the best app that you can.

So is iPhone App development Profitable Anyway?

Well, yes it is! There are huge people who make high revenues from a successful single app alone. The question is appropriate but should be asked in accordance with the particular app that you are about to develop. There may be many cross-platform apps for sure, but here we are focusing on apps that iPhone owners alone. Even though Android is the foremost app platform with 1.6 million apps available, Apple app store leads closely in the second place with over 1.5 million apps. The app store is overwhelmed with even more apps every single day. The major factor that influences the profitability of an app is the production cost. Single platform iOS apps cost lesser than cross-platform apps and apps developed for the Android platform since the Android OS is highly fragmented.

Develop a Successful iOS App

These tips are the conclusions of years of experience dealing with iPhone app developmentOne should always remember that for each moment you rest on your laurels there are other experienced developers, entrepreneurs, and designers looking to replace the products that you put together. Attention is a zero-sum game. The important lesson here is to create apps that are useful, unique, well-designed and refined. Make apps that improve peoples live in small, but meaningful ways. Keeping these tips in mind while in the development process can assist you to develop better iPhone apps for your customer base and also attract more potential customers. 
Hope these tips are helpful and aid you towards a successful mobile app development project completion. Do you have a killer app idea? Krify, a Mobile and Web App development company based in India and UK, has the right skills to make it real. Hire Android developers or iOS programmers at affordable prices and get your app built. Get the free quote or Contact us now.
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10 Graphic web design trends of 2019

Graphic Design Trends 2019 Selected Web UI/UX with Huge Expectations

The year 2018 has been a powerful year recorded with many wonderful graphic, web, print, editorial, package, and other kinds of designs. In general, the design helps us to get our world and trends place us in time. Just like in every other part of life, we resemble to be in opposition with ourselves. This year is all about the contradictions. Design trends from contrasting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all striving for attention. Whether you’re a designer or are working with one, you require to stay on top of the latest graphic design trends. No matter the medium, understand how styles are changing and growing keeps your work fresh and resonate with clients. In the last Quarter of the financial year 2018, We all know the new year lights start blinking with new hopes and new expectations over the coming year of 2019. Most of all the graphical designers are already wondering about what graphic design trends 2019 would be more tending to watch out. We are utterly thrilled to find out if we’ll be witnessing a total apocalypse in the world of graphic design or everything will just sojourn the same old. We are surely seeing designers taking several directions. And of course, the best of Graphic Design Agencies keep their eyes on old and trends to flush with new design trends and boost the business revenue for touching the peak accomplishment in the last quote of the year. In this article, we speak to artists and designers at driving studios to find out their hopes, dreams and fervent wishes for the industry in the year ahead. Take a look at your top picks for this year and start assuming how these trends can help inform your style.

10 graphic web design trends that will be huge in 2019:

  • 3D design and typography
3D Topography It resembles that 3D works are everywhere right now. 3D typography particularly feels just about ready to pop. The best part about it is there’s no accurate type that works best for this trend: bold, skinny, sans-serif, script, any font can be done in 3D. When it comes to varieties of 3D typography, there really aren’t a lot of customs to follow. Lettering can be of almost any style or typeface and feature a more straight-on and readable design or feature stacks and combinations of letters that are much more artistic than informational.
  • Asymmetrical layouts
We’re starting to see the origin of a move away from the rigid grid-based designs that have been standard for the past few years. The dominance of Squarespace and canvas and other template-based design sites provided beginners with beautiful websites and graphics products, even if they had no idea what a grid was. Now designers are looking to develop products that feel more bespoke and alive. Asymmetric Now entered the asymmetrical design trend. Because these layouts break from the rigid and predictable grid, they deliver more kinetic energy and movement. Asymmetry can be one of the most impactful thoughts in your design toolkit. It is an attention-grabbing method that is interesting and thought-provoking. Practising asymmetry is something every designer can do; it just takes planning. An asymmetrical layout, whether on a design layout, in an app or on a site, demands attention. The user feels an inherent curiosity about where the information and graphics might go next, creating a feeling of wonder and interest as they scroll or peruse a design.
  • Modern Mid-Century Modern
Mid-century modern is prominently growing trend in graphics work. It’s especially striking in the illustration styles that harken back to the iconic advertising illustrations of the post-war era. And like in that era, small companies and start-ups are recognizing the power of custom illustration work. We’re seeing a lot of brands launching with gorgeous websites, full of these mid-century influenced illustrations, often rendered in a clearly modern style but retaining dreamy vintage colour palettes.  In 2019 we expect to see these continue to dominate web and app works as well. Modern Mid-Century Modern 1 Mid-century modern graphic design is known for its ability to take complex concepts and distil them into simple visual forms. It pares down design to its most essential elements and in this way promotes clear visual communication. For this reason, it remains a favourite of many graphic designers because it is the epitome of graphics with its bold and reductive visual style.
  • Custom illustrations lighten up
Illustration lighten up After years of bold, thick lines in design, there’s been a recent rise in more delicate, elegant illustration. Heavily influenced by botanical and natural elements, these trends are more feminine and appeals to a more innocent. Where tricky designs are rendered beautifully against a textured paper background. With the addition of premium material like foil and embossing, these designs strike a balance between maximalism and simplicity.
  • Isometric design
Isometric design While open compositions leave some things out, isometric designs, but it’s simply a method of drawing a 3D object in two dimensions. The design is simple and clean but has a depth that flat design can’t compete with. The arena where this trend is head ting up the most is with icons. Isometric icons have a lot more tactility and warmness than flat design, drawing users in. Plus they are saved to a smaller file size than 3D, so you get all of the bangs with none of the lag!
  •  Vivid colours & Dreamy colour combos
Vivid colour combinations, as well as dreamy colour transactions and gradients, will continue being trendy in 2019, only even vivid. As they bring a futuristic feeling to the overall design, these colour schemes will make you feel like you are in an alternative universe. Using futuristic colours to create mesmerizing out-of-this-world designs really taps into the designer’s imagination and provides a lot of room for improvisation. Many graphic designers combine 3d visual technique with trendy vivid colour transitions to mark graphic design trends 2019 with even more powerful looks.  Vivid colours & Dreamy colour combos2 The 3D technique plus vivid colour transitions certainly make million-dollar combination even when translated into a typography design. Well, typography is a huge part of graphic design, so multi-colour typography designs will certainly be common. We are clearly including this combo in graphic design trends 2019 predictions
  • 3D: Depth of a new generation
3D can possibly not make it into graphic design trends 2019. 3D has confirmed itself as a quite stable and persistent trend for the last few years, so we are surely going to see a lot of it in 2019. Luckily for all of us, technologies are resulting quite quickly allowing graphic designers to create unusual 3D masterpieces which make the viewer the almost immerse into the design. 3D Depth of a new generation The 3D trend is definitely running to be a huge part of web design in 2019, more often presented as open structures taken up the roles of windows to another world. Designers will recreate pieces that recall of the real world and ones that take us to alternative universes or even into the future. The chances that this trend holds are really infinite, so in 2019, we certainly suspect that this trend would flourish. Typography will be definitely not avoided by any of the graphic trends 2019 including 3D. Often built as the main visual element of the design, 3D typography gives designers freedom to ad-lib. Even by using 3D typography alone, graphic designers in 2019 will be able to make us engage in a whole new world.
  • Metallic effect: Shine, baby, shine!
Gold never runs out of style but in graphic design trends 2019, we will be seeing a lot of other metal elements, combined into the designs, as well. Particularly when it comes to 3D designs, golden and other metallic elements take the whole composition to the next level, making it look pricey and exclusive. Metallic effect2 Displaying various metals with an opalescent colour effect is a quite trendy look, as well. Such designs look enchanting and mesmerizing as they show a beautiful palette of glossy colours when the light hits their surface. Metallic effect 1 Metallic elements, especially golden and pearly, will often appear on package design in 2019, giving it a sense of richness and exclusivity. The traditional combination remains metallic on black and white but in 2019 we will be seeing a lot of golden on colourful package designs, as well.
  • Maxi typography = Maxi impact
Typography as an indivisible part of graphic design definitely follows certain trends – some of that stay for years, and others that disappear away pretty fast. Typography can be taken in many shapes and forms. It could be smooth or arrive in a 3D shape and can be liquefied or made with a metallic effect. One thing is for sure – typography in graphic design trends 2019 will surely be maxi. Maxi Typography Moreover, typography will be actively included in the design. In hunt of more impactful graphic designs, we expect from designers to surprise us with inventive pieces in which typography is an active part of the design communicating with real-life objects and people. Blend of different font weights and density values, combinations between vertical, diagonal, and horizontal orientation, and even messy typography appearances will be the norm in 2019.
  • Alternative art: Strokes, stains, spots & doodles
Not that classic designs are ever going out of style but somehow consolidating alternative art into the graphic design that makes the piece stand out. And that’s the detail of graphic design, isn’t it? In 2019, we believe there will be a lot of lick in this field. Freestyle illustrations and doodles are definitely pleasant to look at. Add turbulent strokes and stains of colour and there you have an artsy looking idiosyncratic design that certainly makes an impression. Alternative art The trend is previously entered the package design field, often in blending with other trends such as the metallic effect. The careful pick of colours and the unique shapes and positions in which strokes and stains are presented will certainly take package design out of the boring zone. We are used to seeing perfect doodles in the form of black-on-white simple concept illustrations. In 2019, we foresee a more modern translation of the look like white on a dark background, merged with other design trends such as golden but still keeping the plainness of the illustration style. Doodle illustrations often give the impact of infinity, so we expect to see them as a part of open layout designs.
Graphic design trends 2019: Conclusion
Just to sum up everything we’ve covered here, in 2019 we’ll be seeing a lot of open layout designs that tap into the viewer’s vision. 3D designs will be quite mass but certainly not boring – their reality will almost make the viewer immerse into the composition. Vivid colour schemes, as well as metallic elements, will make the designs look pretty and fanciful. Typography will be huge! And pretty often – outline. We’ll be seeing art in its most unique forms and shapes, and of course, a combination of all of these trends and maybe some that haven’t thought of yet will please the eyes in 2019.
Krify can boast of the best in-house team possessing, skills and expertise to build competitive Mobile Apps, Web Solutions, Standalone solutions and many more. We have a smart team working on Digital Marketing & Content Development, Sales and Business Development, Quality Assurance, etc. Our multi-talented employees are our strength and USP.
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Ecommerce website Development services

Ecommerce Website Development Services Company in India

Having a sturdy e-commerce website is the foundation of your online retail business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability. E-commerce web development and designing services have become essential in order to drive a huge mass of traffic on your online store. eCommerce is growing globally for both the B2B and B2C market segments. Technology advancements coupled with a rapid increase in the number of smartphones, broadband connections, and innovation payment solutions are driving this growth in online shopping. But the fierce competition makes it essential for the organizations to partner with an eCommerce website development company to maintain an edge over the competition.   

E-commerce website development that Delivers the real Performance.

  • It must be known to everyone that your E-Commerce Website could lose 27% of users if your website takes an additional 1 second to load!
  • If your Ecommerce website does not have the luxury to show the right page on the request from the user due to server down by even one second, it would of customer mind.
  • The internet savvy consumers seek quick results and do not comprise on the  E-commerce website experience as they do have a lot of choices.
  • Develop a domain-specific retail architecture that merges current trends with clean coding to ensure eye-grabbing user experiences for maximizing conversions.
At Krify, we can design a domain-specific retail architecture that merges current trends with clean coding to ensure eye-grabbing user experiences for maximizing conversions. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current site or you need your website designing services to build a new one from scratch, our development team will help you move in the right direction.

Success Mantra, E-commerce Website Features

Drive Sales Across All Devices
With a desktop, tablet and mobile responsive eCommerce website, you'll be able to increase your conversion rate and online purchases to grow your bottom line across all devices.
Fast CheckoutFrom Homepage!
Developed using modern technology and standards, you'll have a blazing fast website that allows customers to go from browsing to checkout in seconds!
Easily Manage Your Content & Scale
Through a well-designed content management system (CMS), you can easily update pages, categories, products, articles, posts, banners and more.
A Powerful Marketing Suite
From high-level search engine optimization tools to running promotions, our sites are built to give you a suite of powerful marketing tools. Run BOGOs, create landing pages and drive revenue to your eCommerce website.
Our Feat In ECommerce Industry
We are passionate to deliver a creative and ideal E-commerce website to deliver an ultra success for the end clients. We deliver….
  • Custom eCommerce Web Development - with Improved online retail architecture for today’s business requirement by customizing the business websites with the advanced framework.
  • E-commerce application development - Builds mobile-centric application sustaining e-commerce model in order to render incredible facility on-the-go to the end-users.
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Development - Delivers a brilliantly designed online cart that can work on varied platforms and features all the business-centric aspects.
  • Payment Gateway Integration - Widens customers and business liberties by integrating a brilliantly developed payment gateway system to the varied e-commerce frameworks.
  • eCommerce Website Design & Customization - Upgrades e-commerce-oriented websites and applications to match trending aspect in an attempt to deliver the out-of-box services.
  • Plug-in & Module Development - Optimizes and enhances the functionality of the e-commerce application & website through perfectly developed Plug-in and high-end module.
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites - build responsive websites that deliver unmatched user experiences irrespective of the device being used to access them.
  • Maintenance and Support - Round-the-clock actively perform technical support team stays in touch with business to ensure smooth maintenance of application and website.


  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction with our e-commerce development service.
  • We have a large team of experienced developers with required skills and knowledge.
  • Round-the-clock technological support is provided in case of any assistance.
  • Experience on working various custom web development projects under one roof.
  • We are committed to accomplishing development projects in stipulated time.
  • Afford unique and class-apart development solutions for our clients.
  • Most complexities of projects are reduced with our innovative development procedures.
  • We have a brilliant track record with numbers of successful eCommerce projects delivered till date.


Krify is a well-established and eminent eCommerce website development company in the market. Our agile and quality development service is aimed to provide you complete satisfaction as well as make your business grow. With a track report of helping many businesses to achieve their ROI, we strive to apprise us of all the latest technological enhancements to deliver up-to-date solutions.


  • Our professional techies are able to handle different databases.
  • We provide multi-platform solutions that work with varying devices without any trouble.
  • Expertise in utilizing various technologies aptly to craft the best websites.
  • Dig deep to harness the power of open source technologies for an effective outcome.
  • Execute customer-centric solutions that are tailored to match the needs of clients.
  • We offer interactive reporting and solid analytics for navigation analysis, visitor tracking etc.
  • Krify adds value to our customer support initiatives by helping online vendors manage their store data and transactions securely.


Our eCommerce consultants analyze every technical aspect to suggest perfect eCommerce web development solution suiting to your needs, help launch your online store & guide how to promote it & increase sales - everything within your defined budget.
We make checkout a Zephyr for your customers with just a 3-4 step process, easy-to-fill-out fields and removing all the unnecessary clutter.
Looks matter. If you choose our eCommerce website development services, you can either get unique & beautiful eCommerce templates specifically designed for your business or choose from premium templates as per your requirements.
With on-site optimization and SEO-friendly structure, our online stores are easy-to-be-found on search engines & organic traffic starts pouring in as soon as you go live.
If you choose to take eCommerce website designing services from us, you can manage everything on your own from images & videos to product descriptions, pricing, inventory, content, marketing & more with a user-friendly CMS that we deliver with every eCommerce store.
We know that your online store needs to sell round the clock & so being a trusted eCommerce web design company in India and worldwide; we provide technical support to all our clients even in the oddest hours.
If you choose to take eCommerce website designing services from us, you can manage everything on your own from images & videos to product descriptions, pricing, inventory, content, marketing & more with a user-friendly CMS that we deliver with every eCommerce store.
We give you a mobile-ready shop with an active UI so that you don't lose sales from your mobile traffic.
We integrate payment gateways of all major service providers so that your online store can accept credit cards, debit cards & net banking payments without any hassle.
When compared with other reputed eCommerce web development companies over the internet, our eCommerce web design services are focused to help you sell more. You get the most powerful online selling tool fully loaded with advanced features, rich shopping cart design, awesome functionality & integrated social media signals.
To boost engagement, we ensure your customers stick around by integrating strong calls-to-action; perfect social media signals and conversion optimized storefront designs for an eCommerce website.
We'd love to clarify any questions you may have. Reach us and discuss your business objectives & we will let you know how we can help along with a Free Quote.
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Top 10 Trending Mobile UI kits for both IOS and Android App development #Weekly Roundup

Friday is here, we are back with one more weekly round-up for this week While developing an app, UI and UX are the most important elements as they define the app appearance. They play a vital role in the development and also the main cause to get success. Develop an app which is fascinating and will not keep users from uninstalling the app. Good and perfect UI design also increases the bounce rate for your business. However, both the designs play the most crucial role in determining the success of an app. The audience will always look for eye-catching and aesthetically-appealing visuals of an app, so you cannot just design an app that is in the low standard. You need to first understand the taste of the user, ‘what they like, and also for what need they are using it’. UI is a graphical, usually touch sensitive display on a mobile phone not only smartphone but also tablet, that allows the user to interact with device features, apps, content and functions. Mobile UI kits are special programs that are made especially to aid with the app development process. You can develop an app wireframe using these UI kits which becomes an industry standard. Choosing one from plenty of UI kits you may be overwhelming.

Top 10 Mobile UI kits that experts in trade

  1. Hello UI Kit
  2. InSpired UI Kit
  3. Nerdial App UI Kit
  4. Signup/Login Form UI Kit
  5. Mobile App Material UI Templates
  6. Zoomie-Social Media App for the sketch
  7. Elegance IOS UI kit:
  8. Travel UI kit
  9. Mosher- Restaurant app UI kit
  10. Graf Mobile Portfolio UI kit
Let's look into the best Mobile App UI Design Kits of 2019.

Hello UI kit:

  Hello UI kit This UI kit includes 160 unique screens, 700 plus components i.e, custom Ul elements for both ios designers and developers. All blocks, elements, galleries can easily be combined.   These are used in different categories like in social, menu, activity, statistics, profiles, e-commerce, galleries, registration, splash, camera and photos. This set would be nice for your app.

InSpired Mobile UI kit:

  inSpired Inspire application design totally based on clean, design standards, modern. This UI kit contains 28 highly customised app screen in 5 unique styles comes in many useful elements. It is easy to change the colour style and images with smart objects.

Nerdial App UI kit:

  Nerdial It is designed with today's trends providing thin lines flat colours, large photos, transparent shapes and outlined icons. It comes with version one for sketch and photoshop.

Signup/Login Mobile Form UI kit:

  Sign up This is constructed with 100% vector shapes so that it can easily convert to any size without any loss of quality including Apple iPhone & IOS and Android devices. Each element is perfectly aligned to pixel grid ensuring sharp rich edges. Finally producing an extraordinary finish.

Mobile App Material UI Templates:

  Mobile App material The design has multiple screens that can be used instant, belong to the TODO app. Layered elements in photoshop are present and ready for customization. Colours are great for any app and also can reuse them.

Zoomie-Social Media Mobile App for the sketch:

  zoomie It is a crafted app with a stylish and modern look built with utmost perfection and care. It is built on a grid system. And all the screen art boards are well organised, layered and vector.

Elegance IOS UI kit:

  elegance ELegance and style set of 12 high-quality ios UI templates featuring clothes and shopping theme. Available in sketch formats and photoshop. It is 12 fully layered and well-organized PSD, 750 X 1334 crystal clear screen, fully customizable icons and colour structure with perfect vector and sharpness.

Travel UI kit:

  Travel UI kit Designed for designers and brands. The aim of this kit is to speed up the work process but also helps you to achieve more professional and pixel look.

Mosher-Restaurant Mobile app UI kit:

  Mosher This kit is a selection of 130 plus awesome mobile screens divided into 15 popular categories with 1700 plus UI elements assembled for photoshop. It is suitable for creating a prototype mobile app for coffee bars, e-commerce, events,  magazines and many more. You can easily change image styles and colour with smart objects the elements are 100 % scalable vectors.

Graf Mobile Portfolio UI kit:

  graf UI kit It is for the portfolio for creative designers, freelancers and photographers. These layouts are for a showreel, portfolio, work preview, blog. Resolution is for 640x1136px. All layers are in smart object and shape, making it easy to adjust the style logo, colour etc. And also a free app If you are a developer looking to designs for your client projects or if you are a business owner looking to have a creative style at low investment on an app for the business, then these are the kits all you need for making an app. But if this seems too difficult to do on your own, then contact a professional developer to decide.
At Krify developers are highly experienced and dedicated, build advanced and complex technologies which are beneficial and help you achieve your business goals. Contact us...
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How to Make Buy and Sell Marketplace Mobile App like LetGo?

What is LetGo App?

Letgo is an e-commerce marketplace platform that allows users to buy and sell products and chat with people locally. Letgo is a startup that came into the market with the intention to become a largest second-hand marketplace in the world and of course it has raised $175 million to invest in growth plans and grab market share from the big B's like Wallapop, OfferUp, eBay. If you are among one who is looking to create a buy-sell marketplace mobile app and amazed how to make an app like Letgo which can raise a storm in the marketplace, then you have to understand the buy-sell marketplace procedure and buy-sell marketplace business model.

Is Letgo popular?

Yes, LetGo is one among the top 10 largest marketplace apps that are the rival of large e-commerce corporations such as Letgo, Wallapop, OfferUp, eBay, Craigslist, Varagescale, eBay, Etsy, 5miles, and Cashify. The main concept of the Letgo is to connect people who want to sell or buy products locally. It allows users to communicate with each other, you don't have to pay any fee this app is completely free.

What is the Letgo App Business working model?

This success of Letgo came with the business model it has and the flexibility to the user comes with the functional flow of the Letgo app. Here are a few major features of the Let go app in 4 simple bullet points.


Simple sign-up to the app via Facebook or Email.


On successful registration, you have to take a picture of the product you need to sell. One of the top interesting advanced features of Letgo app is, Let go application system has built-in artificial intelligence in Letgo App that can automatically recognize your product. Then you have to indicate the price of the product. After your product is published you will receive messages from buyers. You can also see how many people watched your product.


You can see all the items for sale by opening the app. There is a menu option in that you can filter the products according to your location or category. By clicking on the product picture, you get the details of the product and chat icon where you can contact the seller.

Payment Integration:

In Letgo app payment process is not protected, it doesn't handle payments, they happen outside the platform. That’s why it is recommended to make payments in person.

Top 5 Advantages of Letgo similar app development in comparison with other online marketplace apps:

- Super smooth User-friendly interface - Advanced Geotagging and it provides the products according to your location. - Stabilized Image recognition and Advanced Artificial Intelligence it makes buying and selling fast and easy - It's completely free to use - Wide Letgo market is active in overseas including Norway and Turkey

Letgo Application Development Technology Stack:

The right technology consideration will drive real business success. Letgo app is the most trending application with super AI-powered technology compared to all other marketplace apps like Wallapop, OfferUp, eBay, Craigslist, Varagescale.

Let's look into the technology stack of Letgo app which made a Letgo application successful.

  1. Letgo Apps Developed on both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. Letgo integrated web technologies like .Net, PHP, JS etc. to strengthen the updated look and smoother navigation to the user on the web.
  3. Letgo App Push Notifications are developed using Twilio and Push.io technologies.
  4. Letgo Development encoded with Nexmo and Twilio for the SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification system.
  5. Letgo has advanced payment gateway system powered with Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, and Ewallets.
  6. Letgo database is robust and secured with the well-managed database environment followed by MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres.
  7. Letgo chose a Mailchimp Integration for all reaching all the Letgo users on digital email medium.
  8. The Cloud Environment setup of Letogo is though  AWS, Google, Azure
  9. For all the Real-time Analytics as a key loop, Letgo used Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  10. On other hand, Letgo integrated technology stack like Artificial Intelligence and third-party service to grab the details of each item capture / scanned over the app.

Let go similar Marketplace App Development Cost:

The estimated cost of marketplace application, In reality, the cost of buy-sell marketplace app depends on the functional specifications which are to be implemented in your the marketplace app. The sophisticated features of marketplace app solution consist of user management, posting timeline with a location, chats, payment, calls, shipment status and few more it may go beyond. Write your requirements to know the pricing for the development of Marketplace mobile app application today.


To Businesses who think about How to Setup a buy and sell local marketplace business like LetGo, It is must contact the best marketplace app development company to make a big difference with small ideas to sustain in a market with little difference. Reach us for your next idea to plant a business tree by developing a global marketplace app for all the social and business services.
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google play developer terms of service

2019 New Google Policy Change, #Beware if your app ask SMS / Call logs

With a moto to “Provide a safe and secure experience for users “Google announced 14 January 2019. As we know now Google team is working closely on Play Developer policies to provide a safe and secure experience to the Android users with more focus on opening up the developer tools which helps them to get succeed with all new designed on play store.

Reminder SMS/Call Log Policy Changes: New Policy 16/01/2019

With respect to the recent updated heard over the Android Developers Blog, Google is processing the identification and removal process of the apps from the Google Play Store which ask for the SMS or a Call Log permission and haven’t submitted a Permissions Declaration Form. Thus the apps which are on the Play Store without a Permissions Declaration Form will be removed from Play Store. All the Developers seeking to access Call Log or SMS permissions should successfully complete the Permissions Declaration Form. By submitting the following form, you verify that app’s access to these permissions only for the purposes described below and you will submit an updated version of Form to seek additional approval in prior to any revised / the new scope for any permission usage.
Fill out the Declaration Form for each app here. Take the Experts Help !! #Getintouch with us.
Android also stated that the play store is going to consider the sensitive data and permissions very seriously, mostly with respect to the SMS and Calls permissions via apps. Accordingly, every developer of Play Store must be coordinate to design the user picked favorite dealer or messaging apps with enable and disable options so that users can take over all the data control permissions and the app should not take be required to take advanced level access to the user sensitive data over the app. This new policy will be just designed to enhance the security of apps and updating to accepting these permissions helps each app to travel a long way with need full accesses and permissions on the go when dealing with sensitive data. – This is a primary use case to accomplish by an app.
”” Owners will soon going to receive notices about these SMS and Calls permission update. The Developers who are used these kind of permissions are allowed to submit a Permission Declaration Form and enable a review. “ Take a code review from Expert Mobile App Developers now!!

What to do if your app is removed from Play Store?

If the app is removed and if you would like to go for a republishing, you can go with one of the following Play Console processes.
  • Submit a new version of the app without these SMS / Call permissions as stated.
  • Or submit all to gather new version of your app that can retain the permissions.
And of course, these processes may require a permissions declaration form inside Play Console (coming soon) and Very soon Android store will going to share an extension around March 9th (Expected) to receive approval or remove the permissions for your use case. Let’s support being an Android App Developer - Keeping our Android ecosystem safe and healthy, and the protection of user data is a slogan to long term growth of the Android ecosystem and for all developers’ growth.
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Weekly roundup of 2019 business predictions

Roll Out of 2019 – Weekly Roundup on Business Predictions of 2019

[section_dd][column_dd span='12'][text_dd]This week we’ve got a bevy of interesting businesses predictions that impact the market world. One most important question every businessman asks themselves is “What are the new and the most important trending businesses and how can we capitalize on them”? And while many organizations are trying to jump on the bandwagon of the latest, newest, and the ostentatious innovation.

The best Business Predictions that impact the market world

  1. VoIP Applications
  2. On-demand Applications
  3. Medical Applications
  4. Booking Applications
  5. Social Networking Applications
  6. Navigation and Routing Applications

VoIP Applications

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) Phone service is one of the top VoIP services works based on SIP(Session Initiation Protocol). And here we describing one of the VoIP client named Linphone. Linphone is an open-source SIP Phone for voice/video calls and on-the-spot messaging, accessible on mobile and desktop ecosystems(iOS, Android, GNU/Linux, MAC OSX, Windows Desktop, Windows 10 UWP). Linphone has inside a separation between the user interfaces and the core engine, allowing to create various kind of user interface on the top of the same functionalities. Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/voip-powered-softphone-dialer-app-development-best-suits-of-linphone/
Advantages of having VoIP applications
  • Cost savings
  • Rich features
  • Collaboration
  • Improved productivity
Disadvantages of having VoIP applications
  • Audio quality
  • Bandwidth dependency
  • Security
  • Extra costs

On-demand Applications

An on-demand application is a type of application delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor's cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required. The on-demand application is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), online software and cloud-based software. Check Out our recent blog: https://krify.co/beerbiryani-the-story-of-krifys-on-demand-apps/
Advantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Quick set up and deployment
  • Easy upgrades
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability
Disadvantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lack of control
  • Security and data concerns
  • Limited range of applications
  • Connectivity requirement
  • Performance

Medical Applications

The inadequate supply chain in our society is the health information supply chain making the healthcare system highly disengaged. Understanding this, the medical apps development and other healthcare mobility solutions, that can make the method mainstream and organized, have been pumped in. About 80% of the physicians are now using an app in their everyday routine. Check Out our recent blog: https://krify.co/mobile-apps-development-future-of-medical-tech-revolution-2016/
Advantages of having Medical applications
  • Better Patient Safety
  • Lesser Medical Frauds
  • Improved Patient Interaction
  • Aids Health Development Efforts in Underdeveloped Countries
  • Accurate Trend Prediction
Disadvantages of having Medical applications
  • Intruders don’t need to access patient files to restrict them.
  • Must be updated on a regular basis
  • Electronic health record systems are not cheap
  • HIPAA violations are more common than many realize
  • What if a doctor doesn’t have computer access?

Booking Applications

The world is growing on a daily basis in each and every aspect of life via the route of technology. We can’t accept more than it has changed our lives, for the better, to a great extent. Everything is super comfortable like from placing food orders online to booking a cab ride. Hence, there is certainly nothing that you can’t do in today’s age. It enables us to carry out so many important tasks in day-to-day lives and now has also spread its wings in the field of online ticket booking. Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/bus-ticket-booking-mobile-app-development-solutions-in-india/
Advantages of having Booking applications
  • Your business is always available for reservations
  • An online booking system will reduce no-shows.
  • Online booking means faster payments.
  • Less phone time
  • You get valuable insight into your business.
Disadvantages of having Booking applications
  • You need internet access.
  • You need to be ready for an inrush of new customers.
  • Not all online booking systems are created equal.

Social Networking Applications

Social media platforms invoke the abilities to connect brands and enterprises with their customers. Every social media app that goes our office is custom made to their best to reach their target audience and reach their intended business goals. Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/estimated-cost-of-social-news-app-development/
Advantages of having social Networking applications
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Commonality of Interest
  • Real-Time Information Sharing
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Increased News Cycle Speed
Disadvantages of having Social Networking Applications
  • Backlash
  • Cyberbullying and Crimes Against Children
  • Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft
  • Time Waster
  • Corporate Invasion of Privacy
Navigation and Routing Applications are one among the Mapping application to safe drive user to the destination with exact time measure in which Geofencing is a technology that allows mobile apps to take advantage of location-based marketing. This technology can help marketers gather information and engage app users as they enter, leave or stay in certain geographical areas, also known as geofences. A geofence is an implicit fence around a real-world location, like a restaurant or an airport. Geofences can alter in scale and shape – they can be as small as a store or as big as a city; they can be round for more straightforward use cases or polygon-shaped for more complex situations. Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/how-to-create-a-gps-navigation-app/
Advantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Better Targeting
  • Engagement
  • ROI
  • Efficiency
  • Better Data
Disadvantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Need approval or participation from the user
  • Not a very independent technology
  • Take too much battery life
  • Network capacity, bandwidth, device capacity are main constraints for this technology.
Krify being the best mobile app development company having the adept and well-expertized team. Get the mobile app with your business needs at the most affordable price with high-quality assurance and also with best customer satisfaction is our pre-eminence. Contact Us. Looking forward to serving you. Happy weekend!
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how mobile apps improved travel industry

Reasons Why the Travel and Tourism Industry Needs a Mobile Apps

Certainly, the travel industry has grown over years. There were days when people should depend on travel agents while planning trips for making arrangements. Many applications developed so people need not require travel agents anymore, as with the changing technology every travel company has developed its own travel app, where they give attractive discounts on occasions. 85% of people now use travel apps with digital tools in hands, people prefer to make their own arrangements using mobile apps rather than relying on travel agents. Also through these travel apps, the travel-based companies can enhance there visibility and presence in the industry. Using social media for promoting their company through these mobile apps is one of the best ways to connect with the users. Through mobile apps, they can reach to millions of users and they can also have direct communications with the users and can take required feedback and improve their app. Coming to the business point of view using mobile apps is beneficial to both the company and the users. What the travel agents require is to hit more profits in simple maintenance and the users need an easy and comfortable way to make a trip. Mobile apps provide the features which satisfy both the travel agent’s and user’s needs. Mobile apps have improved the travel experience as the relationship between technology and travel industry is growing there are many benefits technology is providing both users and the travel-based companies. Here are some of the reasons why mobile apps regarding travelling have become popular.

Reasons to have Mobile App for Travel and Tourism Industry

Improves User’s Experience
Travel apps increase the user’s experience as they provide us with the reviews who already visited the place, so we can know more about it and plan accordingly. We can also post our experience by commenting and sending a review through the app. We can also make the arrangements with the details provided by the travel companies via travel apps. We can use the app for online ticket booking, destination details, knowing hotels nearby, locating the local attractions, searching the transportation etc. The apps even provide the GPS locations for the place to make the users feel more comfortable using the app.
Direct Channel of Communication
As we know mobile apps are the direct means of communication between the user and the company. By the usage of the user search history, the company can understand the user better, analyze users interest and send the notifications accordingly. Apps also help the company to stay connected with the user, after the trip by sending notifications. Frequently sending the notifications can help the user to know about the different places and if he is interested he can use the app to travel to the place. The company can also take suggestions from the user to maintain friendly contact with them for knowing the drawbacks and work more on the features which would help them meet the user's requirements.
Reduce Paper-Work
reduces the paper work Using mobile apps we can reduce the paperwork as the app already provides the required details of the place, its list of landmark places and also the travel brochures. Having the soft copy of tickets and hotel booking receipt can be more convenient than to carry the papers related to the journey and getting clumsy. There are fewer chances of losing when it is stored in the mobile, You don’t need to carry your original documents while travelling. With the introduction of mobile apps, the process regarding travelling has been reduced. Travel apps make our journey easy as you can enjoy your trip with fewer things to carry. You can also do payment in the app for the trip without carrying cash.
How cool it is to carry the whole trip plan in a small handy device. Travel apps contain the large data about every detail of your trip from start to the end. You don't need to carry guidebooks or maps anymore as the app helps you to connect to the GPS to let you know the directions you feel safe that you didn't miss the way. Apart from the location tracking, we can also store a lot of details in the app like our plans on the trip or some important dates to visit certain places etc. Travel apps provide the list of discounts and offer near you based on your location.
Real Pictures
real picture share We can view the real images and videos of the location with the help of the user-centred apps. As everyone will be curious to know about the place before visiting it so they can plan their trip according to the climate or the locations at that place. They help to improve the user's satisfaction. Knowing about the place in before helps to plan the trip better.
Popular Marketing Tools
real marketing tools The internet promoting has become one of the most primary tools for marketing the app in a way that it reaches maximum users. The app should be designed in a user-friendly way to the users are attracted and will start using it. Also by connecting with the users, we can make changes in the app by adding, removing or changing some particular features according to the user needs.
Final Thoughts
Mobile apps have a huge impact on many industries especially the travel industry is no exception any doubt these Mobile apps have bought many noticeable changes within the Travel industry within a short period of time. With the changing technology, the travel apps should be updated. so that they won't be left back in this competitive race.
We KRIFY have high competency on developing the travel apps with dedicated developers having great knowledge on various trending technologies and also go for research through new technologies to keep them updated. Want to develop your own app for your travel business. Reach us today and get free quote.
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Restaurant Table App Development Company In India

Restaurants mobile app development is one of the best tools for businesses with limited budgets to take the restaurant reputation and business to the next level. Today’s mobile generation has varied needs and demands and the digital world must meet them in order to meet and win the heart of their customer base. With all of us going digital way and there being online platforms controlling in every arena, it is not unusual to have an online restaurant and table booking platform. They absolutely meet the growing and changing demand of people across the globe and hence there are more and more firms joining this bandwagon. Now, these facts and figures are certainly enticing for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there and if you too consider yourself to be in that same zone, with you contemplating to start this same kind of business. It is most convenient for a user to reserve a table or order food by making an online payment. Such restaurants mobile app development helps to retain your customer, reach out to a larger audience and increase sales. The app can be developed in both Android Restaurant app development and iOS Restaurant app development platforms which majorly depends on the audience network and the geographical area to whom you are targeting. If you are thinking for a US-based audience then you should go for iOS. If you are planning for India, UK, or Singapore audience then the Android platform is preferable. If you are one among them looking for the development of Restaurant app, then this post will prove to be a lot helpful for you. So, let’s begin this journey! For this, we can develop two separate apps for this one for business owners and the other for consumers.
  • Business Owners App should be specific to maintain restaurant information and to facilitate quick services.
  • Consumer App should have a listing and order booking plan with payment functionality.
One other important hook point is that we can merge two applications in order to monitor both the consumer and business owner app, and the Admin portal is a must which maintains the consumer and generating statistical reports.

How the Restuarant App works

The fame of the restaurant mobile app development depends upon the quality, performance and better UX of the app.

Important Features for Business owner app

  • Settlement
  • Booking history
  • Rewards points
  • Customer details
  • Manage promo code
  • Upload menu items with price
  • Push notification upon booking
  • Business/Restaurant owner registration
  • Add and manage Restaurant information
  • Create Serving Table layout and pricing

Important Features for Customer App:

  • Book order
  • Signup / login
  • Account settings
  • Restaurant listing
  • Restaurant details
  • Filter restaurant listing
  • Find nearby restaurants
  • Push notification to win promo discount and other information
  • Order history
  • Payment page
  • Order confirmation
  • Search by food type
  • Usage of discount voucher
  • Add rating and reviews for a restaurant
  • Updates on delivery and billing details
  • Social authentication like Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Help Section & Blog
  • Dine out Plus
  • See Dining History
  • Smart Pay
  • 24 hours Booking
  • Real Time Availability
  • Instant Confirmations
  • Notification
  • Simple Cancellations
  • Upload Bills for Extra Cashback
  • Advance Prepayments
  • Dining area selection
  • Group Bookings
  • Table Combinations
  • Drag & Drop Reservations
  • QR Code
Let’s understand

how actually the restaurant booking System

It is the dining table which always looks to bring people together be it your first date, anniversary, lunch with friends or dinner with family, employee interview or office brunch, it keeps us intact! Hence, it is the responsibility of the restaurant owners to streamline their means for our convenience and we must say they have done a superb job! In order to make things organized, limit the number of open tables, as well as to reduce waiting time for their customers, most of the restaurants are developing and maintaining an efficient and reliable restaurant reservation system. This way they streamline the restaurant operations with online reservations and real-time table, waiting list and booking management, accessible from any device. Generally, Restaurant Booking System is a convenient self-service table booking system that can be efficiently embedded on any given website. The reservation system is further important in customizing the booking process, in enabling people to book a table through your website, in managing restaurant availability, and reservations.

Check how restaurant Booking System proved to be beneficial?

There was a time when the restaurant business was a hated term, as it implies an empty seat in the dining room. It was due to the reason that restaurant pay up all type of charges like electricity, food, etc. and in any case, if a seat remains unfilled it signifies a loss of profit, as the aforementioned bills don’t lower depending on how many customers they had in a day. Thus in order to deal with all the issues an reduce the number of open tables in a restaurant, as well as to limit the waiting time for paying customers, restaurants started taking reservations. So, here we explore how reservations prove to be beneficial to customers, owners and staff.
  • The nights going to be too busy, it’s an unknown fact, when it is to take reservations it gives a better idea to owners of how busy or quiet the nights are going to be. If we maintain a restaurant table booking app when there a low number of reservations, the restaurant’s owners will have enough time to come with some special idea to market on social media accounts that encourage the customers to come out and spend money.
  • In the case of a rush, the chefs prepare in advance,  on some lucky day when reservations schedule shows that it will be a packed schedule, the chefs and kitchen staff have a fair warning and enough time to prepare themselves up for an incoming rush at a particular time. In situations who are making reservations, or are seating walk-in customers, can space the seating times out enough as that way the kitchen won’t get hurled all at once.

What to thins to consider while developing a Restaurant Booking App?

Once if all the crucial features needed for the creation of sophisticated and quality-rich mobile app have been gathered, it’s time to start off with the development proceedings. Here we discuss the aspects that are required to be covered during this while:
  • Concept
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Launch
Structured team for App Development
Development of a Restaurant Booking app requires a lot of efforts as one has to cover various aspects from the user side, owner side as well as from third-party service providers. By having the support of the exact mobile app development team that excels in the arena of Hospitality in IT service development is essential. Once you have a pool of specialist managers, mobile app designers, developers and testers, you are good to go as it is the first milestone towards the creation of a brilliant and a successful mobile app. Here is the team that you require:
  • Project Manager: Well-equipped with managerial skills and good intellect, after all these traits prove significant to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape. Your project manager must find the most fruitful solutions effective for the accomplishment of business goals and insights.
  • Developers Team: Android App Developer, iOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
  • Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts helpful to deliver a smooth and rich experience to users.

Overall Cost to Develop Restaurant Table Booking Mobile App:

Now the cost of Restaurant Table Booking app development depends on the size & complexity of your mobile app. Other than that, a physical location of the developers and number of hours consumed in the app creation play a crucial role in deciding over the restaurant booking app development cost. Based on different zones, here we have drafted the cost to develop a featured restaurant booking mobile app. Average price for development of mobile applications by an expert team at US market starting from 300 to 1500 US Dollars depending on the number of features.
How to get a "Table Reservation App"?
After long planning, if you are deciding to invest money in your mobile app then careful about choosing the right mobile app development company. Look for the good recommendations through reviews. The chance of getting a high-quality app development service as per your business requirements. UX Design, functionality, visibility and security are important factors and be sure to have those in your mind when making an agreement with the expert team who will be responsible for developing your mobile application. Preferably, it is very important that your mobile application helps almost all mobile devices, or at least several of them, as this will quickly win the market and expand.
At Krify have already developed a prototype of the table reservation app on Android version. So, we can use our existing codes with some customization to begin your dream app which saves a lot of time and money. Our hourly price is very competitive as compared to that of other markets because we can get the app done in offshore yet without compromising the quality. In addition, we maintain the security and intellectual property of the customer by signing NDA. Contact us today.
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PHP helps your business growth

How  PHP Web App Solutions Can Help to Grow Your Business?

As the use of the internet is increasing rapidly day by day there are more websites being developed. Dynamic websites are on trend and people prefer those than static websites, PHP is most used for dynamic website development. Of course, there are many languages used to develop dynamic websites but PHP got more benefits which is the reason why many people are attracted to it. PHP as it stands as one of the easiest and pragmatic languages today that is being used for web development. PHP is the first choice among developers and many companies all over the world. PHP syntax is easy and is similar to basic languages like c or c++ so it will be easy for the programmers to understand and it will be understandable for the beginners too. There is no need to sit for hours with learning the language. PHP can run on both UNIX and Windows servers and also increases the output flow. It internally rearranges the buffer so that headers come before contents. PHP is dynamic and works in a combination of HTML to display dynamic elements on the page. PHP only parses code within its delimiters. Anything outside its delimiters is sent directly to the output and not parsed by it.

Benefits of using PHP to Grow your business


This server-side scripting language is extremely easy as compared to other languages. Also, if you are well-known with the syntax of C or Perl, you will learn PHP quickly. PHP doesn’t need any manual or intensive studying. PHP has a simplified syntax and is also well organized. It is simple to understand the command functions as they easily communicate the developer what function they are able to perform. This enables web developers to find it easy to comprehend and optimize the application. Spending lot of time learning the language is not necessary the syntax is easily understood by anyone.


While other languages need long scripts, PHP can do the same work in a few lines of code effectively having the maximum control over the websites. Also, whenever you want to make changes, you can edit it easily.PHP uses the most optimized code.

Cost efficient:

We can say using PHP you can get the work done in lesser cost as it is open source and the initial cost is nill as it works on different databases like MYSQL and we need not buy other expensive software unlike other frameworks.PHP also works faster than ASP and being free source it is advisable as it is flexible and scalable as your business grows.


The PHP code can run on different operating systems like Windows, Solaris etc.and also supports various web browsers without much effort. Using PHP for your web development provides you with the freedom of selecting the operating system without any restriction.

Access to support:

As many developers use PHP for development so there is a huge community of PHP users and in case you are stuck with any kind of trouble then you need not worry. You can just consult any of the other PHP developers and can easily get help from them and fix the issue within very less time.

Platform independent:

Platform independence means the same program works on any platform without needing any modification. In the case on PHP whether it is Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX it supports all the major web browsers. PHP also supports all the major web servers; be it Apache or Microsoft IIS. It also supports Netscape and personal web server.


PHP reduces the time as it uses its own memory workload of the server. Obviously which leads to the reduced loading time and it fastens the processing speed. So by using the PHP development process, we can quickly develop websites when compared to using other languages.


Many developers say PHP is not so secure and is not preferable to use when security is given more importance but even PHP has its own ways of security for virus and threats. Like any other languages using PHP is one of the secured ways to develop your web application.


PHP is a very flexible language for database connectivity. It can be connected to various servers like MYSQL. Flexibility is one of the major characteristics any scripting language should have as the functionality can demand a change anytime during the course of a project. PHP has the ability to make changes in the project even after the project is started. the developer need not write the entire code again and it helps to save the time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PHP facilitates you with the freedom to choose your operating system and gives you the flexibility and scalability to grow your business. For a web enterprise, the underlying web platform that is used plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Getting all the features that are needed, will ensure that your business functions smoothly.
As of the Top PHP Application Development company, we at Krify have taken several successful endeavours in the field of PHP Web Applications Development. Our team of developers and project leaders are strong to take any challenge that stands in the way of you and your mobile application. If you have the idea for a mobile application, want to know more about PHP development? Need a web solution that will benefit your business grow? Contact us today for PHP web development! Or kindly write to us at serviceinfo@krify.co
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When to Hire Dedicated Developer for your Project?

Myths: Certainly Business people used to think like Hiring Dedicated Developer can get the whole solution at a less price. Fact: Today’s technology has changed the way the dedicated developer will work and the fact is hiring a dedicated developer for on Going (Version 2 planned) projects can help more to get far better results. Let have a look at the following article to know, How experts are demonstrating “When to hire a Dedicated Developer for your business? The emerging world of technology has created a significant effect in the mobile sphere. Earlier, computers and desktops were the channels to obtain information but, enlargement in technology has shifted users to their mobile device right from browsing website till booking cab. Smartphones act like personal computers and applications act as a medium to avail each and every service without any hassle. In today’s world, having online presence plays a significant role in your brand recognization. So, are you among that young entrepreneur whose mind is filled with astonishing ideas and looking to develop an online presence? Then, hiring dedicated resources can help you to develop the best business presence by eliminating risk, training, infrastructure cost and many more things. Every task requires different skill sets and expertise. The development team should hold enough experience and expertise to create a strategy as per your business needs to manage their work in a most efficient way. Hiring dedicated developers will be the best option to develop your business website or applications. It will help you to focus on core activities for your business by leaving rest on a dedicated team.

Exclusive benefits to Hire Dedicated Developers

A dedicated developer is a pool of skilled, talented and experienced web and mobile developers to convert your ideas in a cost-effective way. Our dedicated developers have experience in providing end solutions to various startups and enterprise. Below are the benefits that you can cherish by hiring dedicated developers is: Benefits of Dedicated resource model
  • Cost-Effective And Flexibility In Hiring Model
  • 100% Source Code Authorization
  • Transparent Communication Channel During Project Development
  • Adherence To Project Timeline
  • Quality Product Deliverance
  • Secure Development Area
  • Skilled And Experienced Developers And Development Team
  • Track Team Performance With Project Management Tools
  • Meetings And Daily Records To Update Client With Project Status
  • Flexible Development Timings
Once the proper plan has been created for a company we work with them at creating a strategy that allows the plan to work. We look at the environmental factors of our clients and make suggestions about steps which can be taken to move in the right direction. We are proficient of converting any user requirement into a full-fledged project by sufficing the need of coders for hire. Having worked with a variety of projects from diverse industries, our developers have earned an adroitness in creating the most competitive software developments. They keep updating themselves with the latest technologies and different frameworks while building technically brilliant and functionally rich projects. It has been covering the way to excellence in designing and development for you. Be sure to hire a dedicated PHP developer or apps developer for hire help. You get only the best from the chosen mobile app development company like Krify. Simply set, you’ll love the way our developers enable businesses’ speed, agility, and scalability. Stretch with us, your expertise and experience real value addition.

Types of Dedicated Developers

Over the years, Krify has accumulated talents with expertise and experiences by investing in training and retaining as well as implementing strict recruitment policies and following high standards. In general, there are many types of dedicated developers team model that consists of developers and team members who hold the best industry experience along with strong technical knowledge and expertise. Therefore, you can own the following hire dedicated developer services for your on-going and big successful projects.
  • Hire dedicated Android App Developer
  • Hire dedicated  iPhone App Developer
  • Hire dedicated  iPad App Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Cross-Platform Developer
  • Hire dedicated  PHP Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Hybrid App Developer
  • Hire dedicated HTML developer
  • Hire dedicated  Java Developer
  • Hire  dedicated Swift developer
  • Hire dedicated C## developer
  • Hire dedicated C++ developer
  • Hire dedicated  Python Developer
  • Hire dedicated  ASP.Net Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Objective-C Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Native app Developer
  • Hire a dedicated  Software Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Wordpress Developer
  • Hire dedicated Mobile App Developer
  • Hire dedicated  Graphic Designer
  • Hire dedicated  Windows Mobile Developer
  • Hire dedicated Laravel Developer
  • Hire dedicated Node.js Developer
  • Hire dedicated Yii Developer
  • Hire dedicated React.js Developer
  • Hire dedicated AngularJS Developer
  • Hire dedicated Full-Stack Developers

Why to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Business / Product!

Let me tell you straight, dedicated developers model includes core team members based on the specific requirement, who only work for your product/project. Dedication to Quality – a dedicated team involves core team members who work with only one client. The best people team are designated for client’ scope and focused on achieving it. Hire your own team - best people focused on related experience, priorities, training, and expertise. Look at the current example of Google Play Awards. The winning team Houzz was very accurate on the hiring process

When do you need to get ready to hire a Full-stack developers model?

  • If you are a technical consultant and looking to set up your own team of web/app developers/ designers.
  • If you are a mobile app development company and searching for dedicated Android developers and dedicated iPhone developers.
  • If you are a startup, having knowledge of mobile app development and want to hire a mobile app development team.
  • If you are enterprise and looking for skill-based developers, like the recent iPhone based then hire a Swift developer.
  • If you are already working on a project with a tight deadline and want to hire a developer for a new project.

Scope and Use of Dedicated Resource Hiring Model

Usually, businesses don’t have an experienced IT team which can design and develop software, mobile application development or website which a business might need. Even if they have a team of developers, they might not have the right expertise and experience. Any IT project is created with a view that it will improve the productivity of the company. A business should not jeopardise it by using its in-house developers. Every IT project requires a dedicated team, if you use your own developers you are not only jeopardizing one but both their work. A dedicated resource model provides you with a team as per your requirement. Using this form of skirmish model is best suited for projects where the requirements are unclear and scope of frequent changes is high.
Dedicated Resource Model: Stages of Engagement
dedicated resource model stages
  • Client finds the area that needs improvement and decides to use technology to improve productivity in that area.
  • The outline is done whether the in-house professionals will meet the needs or talent will be needed from the outside.
  • The client goes through the abilities and expertise of the professionals they need and choose the one they think fits perfectly for the job.
  • A team is made and inquiries are held about the project.
  • Jobs are allocated according to their skills and knowledge.
  • The project is controlled and managed by the client on the PMS platforms and communication is done via Skype, Emails and Conference Calls.

How it works

dedicated resource
Assigning a DR
Within 7-10 days of intimation, a Dedicated Resource is assigned to the client who will work out of the client’s office.
Creating a hiring plan
DR is capable of understanding your hiring requirements & then creating a priority based hiring plan for you.
Strong backend support
DR is ably supported by our specialist backend recruitment team based out of our Mumbai office for proper sourcing of candidates.
Coordinating screening & interviews
DR takes the first/last round of HR interview, takes up offer discussions and also maintains a complete record of the hiring process. This support is free of cost; you are charged only when a particular position is closed.

Why to Choose Krify?

We have over the 13 years of proficiency in Web and Mobile application development. At Krify, we have expert programmers, creative UI/UX designers, talented team leaders and well-experienced project managers, they would carry out foreseen outcome in a deadline. With affording high-quality application development services for our clients but also make sure that the services are affordable and budget friendly. Our main strength is the dedicated and experienced team of developers and designers who train in the development of rich in featured applications. Our team keeps up with the current market trends and upcoming technologies to ensure that you are getting the high-performance app for your business. You can hire developers on a monthly contract basis. Our developers will work exclusively for you. We believe in 100% achievement and guarantee that we are fully committed to the project.

Exclusive advantages of hiring from Krify

We provide you with some unique profitable features and options that no other service providers offer.
  • Minimum working time would be 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. Also, you will be billed only for the productive hours.
  • A desirable, highly exciting and inspiring development environment for your hired resources is provided here.
  • Our project management software allows you to easily monitor the work and manage your resources just as your own virtual offshore employee. You may also use other options for communication like Gtalk, Skype, emails etc.
  • The resource selected by you will be committed solely to your projects and work in your preferred time shifts.
If you are in necessity of dedicated resources on monthly basis, weekly basis or just daily basis, we have highly flexible options for you. Just let us know what your specifications are and we will knock you with tailor-made packages to suit your requirements and budget. Or contact us today
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Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Solutions in India

Technology is the foremost thing that represents an era and the age you live in. In today’s time, the pace at which the world is moving has made technology decide our living system and the quality of life we lead. Today the mobile app development company is purveying the requirements of every sector by contributing unique and highly-functional apps to various businesses. If you went through the app store will find lots of competitive apps which are presently running in the market to serve the basic ticket booking requirements of users. Travelling is a passion for many people. But there were times when the bus journey was not preferred by most of the people owing to the lack of luxurious facilities, poor road infrastructure and inefficient system of ticket booking. One must be required to stand in long queues to purchase the tickets and it was really time-consuming. In fact, ticket booking on the telephones was also quite challenging as often the lines remained busy or out of service. But times have changed now, and there are plenty of luxury buses offering great services to its travelling owing to a wide network of the road infrastructure and online ticketing system. In order to make their travel comfortable, they make a variety of organisations like hiring a vehicle or book tickets to reduce hassle. Travel and ticket booking mobile apps like MakeMyTrip, goibibo, etc. have made excellent motilities to gain amusing and delighted travel customers. Mobile apps are notably necessary for every industry in order to compare with the tough business world. In every market field, mobile apps play a notable role whether it is an e-commerce app, online food ordering app, ticket booking app, taxi booking app or any others. As you can observe enormous demand for mobile apps in all sectors. Just by considering this, the travel industry is also trying to make huge out of it that too just by using several apps in order to speed up their travel management and also customer services. And amazingly, the industries have come out on the top as now, almost all the users love to book the tickets in progress through the popular travel and ticket booking apps.

The rise of Mobile Apps for Online Ticket Booking

At present, the bus ticket booking mobile app company is overwhelmed with a myriad of such apps being available out there. Basically, this Bus Reservation System is an automated system that allows acquiring online bus tickets. The system has the history of each passenger consisting of the details of the schedule of each bus. Thus, this system allows to schedule the customers to select the seats themselves.   The Bus Ticket Booking Software Solution enables users to reserve the ticket by selecting their seats using the internet. These Bus Ticket Booking Solution will help you to know the availability of the bus as per your suitability. Many of this bus ticket booking mobile app development companies are creating these type of apps for travel agents or agencies, who are most interested in developing their own bus ticket booking mobile apps or bus ticket booking mobile portal. Mian featured functions like route creation, route allocations to various vendors and various buses, booking, seat selection, etc are being offered.

Essential Features of Bus Ticket Booking Mobile app

The basic idea behind the mobile app development for Bus Ticket Booking app is to do paperless work. It not only allows you to just for online booking and cancellations but also enables you to track the real-time location and trip updates in the form of push notifications. It was very important to offer extraordinary and useful features for a Bus Booking Mobile App in order to develop a ground-breaking system that is capable of revolutionizing the bus industry. When we think in terms of security Bus ticket booking solution breakthrough as well, by enabling the bus driver to verify passengers identity and board them through a QR-code based mobile interface. Usually, the Bus ticket booking mobile app has 3 modules such as :
  • Customer Module
  • Operator Module
  • Admin Panel
So, let’s explore some of the necessary features that must be present in a Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App:
Customer Module
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Home (top routes, top cities, offers)
  • Search bus availability by origin, destination, stop, date/ date range
  • Resultant transport Company with their bus availability
  • Varieties of filters
  • And Many More…
Operator Module
  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Dashboard (Seat graph, total booking, refund, total revenue)
  • Manage bus routes
  • Manage Bus Booking
  • Manage ticket booking
  • Reporting & analytics
  • And Many More…
Admin Panel
  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Dashboard
  • Manage users
  • Manage brand master (for show ad on the website)
  • Manage business partners (for loyalty points)
  • And Many More…

Benefits of having a Bus Ticket Booking App

Now everything is done on the app right from buying clothes, accessories, jewellery, groceries, train tickets, flight tickets, and even bus tickets. Now, the question that will wander in your mind is that train and flight ticket bookings are fine but why bus ticket booking. The solution is very simple and it is just the same as train and flight booking. If you want to know further reasons to solidify your intentions for maintaining the bus ticket booking app then go through the below list of advantages which you get while doing booking on bus ticket booking app:
  • Open 24/7 for Reservation
  • Commission Free

  • Good Customer Care

  • Discount codes

  • Simple and clear Process

  • Get the seat of your choice

Advanced Features For Bus Ticket Booking App
Don’t just limit your app to the basic features. Get the app to the next level by fixing the advanced features into the app.
  • Real-Time Seat Chart
  • Co-traveller Management
  • Make Bookings on-the-go
  • Go Cashless
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Journey Alerts
  • Centralized Booking Management
  • Ticket Validation
  • CMS Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • GPS Tracking
  • In-app chat integration
  • Seat Maps
  • Boards
  • Cab Booking app Integration
  • Hotel Booking API
  • Bus Route Information
  • Marketing Tools
These were the advances features that you can integrate into your bus booking mobile app including these features will make your bus booking mobile app interesting and unique and it will be able to give a difficult run to your competitors.

Technology Stack for developing the Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

For developing the featured rich and a robust bus booking app, right technology is a must. In order to make the app design unique and also to make the app one of the industry niches, selecting the right technology in a very smart way plays a key role in the whole development process.. We would like to share few of the expert chose tech specs in 3-tyre architecture. Level 1: In the User Interaction layer for the Bus Booking Application, we have an interaction for web admin panel (User Number One), Android & iPhone App users(User Number Two), also if there are any Web Application interaction (User Number three, will be involved) and a web admin panel. Level 2: In the Middle layer acts as a communication layer between layer 1 and layer 2 as a middle interface which will actually provide the way to interact with an API’s / Web / SDK’s Sockets / Live Server Client Service which is software as a service model. Level 3: In a Physical Layer maintain the major connection with the database to operate the information for the server with a strong link-ups among. Mostly the technicalities inside are defined with respect to the functionalities that expected by the end client.

Development Process for Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

Development Process for Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

Estimation For Design and Development of Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

When it comes to the Development point of view of a bus booking mobile app,  the crucial factors to consider is the choice of platforms, i.e iOS App Development or Android App Development or both, Functionalities, UX and UI design and etc. However, upon finding the expert bus booking mobile app development company you can get the exact figure. Anyhow the cost may vary based on the number of booking API that needs to be integrated for your project.

Choosing the top bus ticket booking mobile app development company

Choosing the right mobile app development company will make all the difference in your app quality that has years of experience in delivering the best-in-class apps. The company will be able to create excellent robust and customized bus ticket booking mobile app for you as per your business requirements. They can know the complexity of your product and can also comprehend your business objectives through the app. The good mobile app development firms will be able to offer you a brilliant set of professionals, comprising of knowledgeable and skilled dedicated app developers, QA testers etc. If the company has high experience the company will readily provide you to hire dedicated Android app developers or hire dedicated iOS app developers for your bus ticket booking mobile app development. Now the ball is in your court. So, think wisely and place your project in a safe hand and get the best bus ticket booking mobile app for you.
Thus, it is important to get in touch with a reliable mobile app development service provider for this purpose. For live chat support, https://tinyurl.com/y74bgyb9 and chat to our agent. Krify is one among the top Mobile App develpment company who are expertized in developing the best mobile apps for your business requirements. Reach us today.
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