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Enhanced UI Trends & Android Notifications.Style

Enhanced UI Trends & Android Notifications.Style – Design Guide

A few months ago, the mobile engagement platform localities conducted a survey on 1000 users and it has agreed that push notifications are better designed and accepted today than they were a few years ago. Marketers communicate using mobiles and push notifications became part of our daily lives. On average impressions on the phone per day is 2617 times and spends nearly 2 hours and 56 minutes on their mobile devices every day, which equates to an approximate of 86 hours/month. What’s worse, we won't spend to much time communicating through text or by attending calls. More than 90% of our time spent on apps using mobile devices. Most of the apps are specially designed to be attention hogs, using color themes, wording and layouts that make them extremely addictive. Initially let’s know what is a notification and how they appear on the device? A notification is a message that android displays outside your app’s UI to provide the user with notes, communication from other people, or other timely information from your app. Users can tap the notification to open or take an action directly from the notification. In this article, we got to discuss the design and interaction patterns using notification. style API in both mobile and wearable apps.

Appearance of Notification On Devices

The notifications can appear to the user in different locations and formats such as an icon in the status bar, in the notification drawer with clear detailed entry, as a badge on the app’s icon, heads - up notification, lock screen notification, or on the paired wearable automatically.
  • Status Bar and Notification Drawer

When you get the notification on the phone, it will appear first as an icon in the status bar. The user can swipe down to check the notification drawer on the status bar, where they can view more details and take action with the notification if required. To have an expanded view the user can drag down on a notification in the drawer, that displays the additional content and action buttons if needed. A notification remains visible in the notification drawer until the user or app dismiss. Status bar and notification drawer
  • Lock Screen

Beginning with Android 5.0(Android API level 21), notifications can appear even on the lock screen. You can even programmatically set the level of notification details to display on the lock screen by the app or whether to display the notification on the lock screen. In user point of view, using the settings user can choose what sort of data to display in lock screen notifications, including the option to disable all lock screen notifications. While in Android 8.0, users can choose to disable or enable lock screen notifications for each notification channel. Lock screen notification
  • Heads-up Notification

Beginning with Android 5.0, notifications that can temporarily appear in floating windows called a heads-up notification. This way is normally important for notifications that the user should know immediately, but this will allow the notification to appear only if the device is unlocked. This heads-up notification appears for a moment and disappears, but it will be visible in the notification drawer. The conditions that might trigger the heads-up notifications include the following
  1. The app uses fullScreenIntent when the user activity is in full-screen mode.
  2. When the device running with API level 25(Android 7.1) or lower, the notifications will be given high priority and even uses ringtones or vibrations.
  3. While the devices with API Level 26(Android 7.1) or higher, the notification channel has given the high priority.
Heads-up notification
  • App Icon Badge

In devices running using Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, the app icons will indicate the notifications with a coloured “badge” or also known as “notification dot” on the corresponding app launcher icon. The user can long-press on the app icon to see the notifications for the respective app. Users can then ignore or act on notifications from that menu, similar to the notification drawer. App icon badge To know more about how badges work, read Notification badges.
  • Wear OS Devices

If the user has a matched wear OS device, all your notifications appear there automatically, including expandable detail and action buttons. Even you can enhance the experience by customizing some appearances for the notification on wearables and provide different actions, including suggested replies and voice input replies. You can also follow this here to know how to add wearable-specific features to your notification. Wear OS devices From the above, it was clear about how the android notification style has come up with the icon badges for notifications in the mobile and wearable devices. As Android is another major platform for mobile devices that uses the material design. Now we go for

4 Enhanced UI trends of 2018


1. Uniqua - An Android Application Template for Your Business

Uniqua is an E-Commerce app template that is used to manage your business. It is a configurable android mobile app which allows you to add multiple categories(shoes, fashions, electronics)of products and subcategories(male, female, kids). It has engaging and animated UI with material design. This app will help you to promote and sell the products. UNIQA Special features:
  • Full MVP Pattern Code
  • Clean and Well Commented Code
  • Google AdMob Integration
  • Choose Product Size, Increment and Decrement Quantity
  • Order Summary
  • UI Material Design

2. Android Ultimate - Material design UI and Template Features

Android Ultimate has over 25+ modules enclosed in a single template. These modules are categorized into 3 sectors, namely material highlights, Android Patterns and Bonus. Every module is carried into the template with a simple demo of the module. Android Ultimate Special features:
  • Highlights of Google’s Material Design, as such Toolbar, Tabs, FAB, Recyclerview, Pickers & Dialogs.
  • All the usual patterns of Android App, such as App Intro, Login, Pull To Refresh, Textview & UI Elements.
  • 8 themes.
  • Well Documented. Even Foreign projects are also Documented.

3. Animated Dashboard with social shares

Android animated dashboard pattern UI is created to make any user feel free to use the app easily from the very first screen, with simple navigation. None of the incorporated activities does anything more than display a line or two of the text. This makes it a good starting point for building your own dashboard app. It supports more than 50 pre-built animations that you can choose from your own layout. Animated Dashboard With Social Share Special features:
  • 50 pre-built animations
  • Share app utility via
  • SMS o Email
  • Easy customization

4. Faded - inventive app landing page template with blog

Faded is a modern app landing page template beautifully crafted for use in any related product in the industry, like mobile apps, saas applications, software, digital products even books or magazines. This is done using HTML5, CSS3, JS JQuery and Bootstrap. It is highly responsive so that you can develop your own new and awesome landing page for all types of devices. Faded Special features:
  • Fully Responsive Bootstrap Based (3.x)
  • Working Contact Form
  • MailChimp Integrated
  • Blog, Blog Single Post Included
  • Very Smooth Transition Effects
  • Super Easy To Customize
  • Well Commented Code
  • W3C Valid Code
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Advances in Live Streaming 2018

8 Surprising Video Live Streaming Technologies – Mobile App Developers Era

In this article, I would like to take you through the amazing key points of the most innovative Live video streaming and top technologies that all the modern people are using continuously without any long break in everyday life. Even though technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mix Reality, Holographic, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning stands as the top 8 trending technologies of 2018. We observed a silent wave in this technology era, where the uncovered technologies are Live Audio Streaming and Live Video Streaming. Live streaming technology has massively improved the way of living with more connected communications.   Like a Chicken and Egg concept, now the current generation is connected with future concepts like reality to virtual presence using these live streaming concepts. All these are just possible with the rapidly growing technology called Live Streaming through an Audio and Video over the IP packets. One of the interesting features that appeared recently in social media channels is the ability to circulate video broadcasts, by creating a video broadcast we can share it to the world in real time. We really appreciate those mobile app developers have thought and brought into the reality and of course now it is available on mobile devices. Moreover, the Audio, Video live streaming technology became instantly popular in this business, Where startups and entrepreneurs will jump to the trending technologies to make the profit and grab the attention of the people. So let's dive deep into the topics to know about the technologies of live streaming in mobile apps
Live Streaming is a transmission of Audio or Video packets without any delay and the best sync of any live capturing (video/audio) is called Live Audio / Video Streaming. Where app takes the responsibility to capture the video at one end delivering to the other end.
Let's have a look in detail about Live Video Streaming Mobile App Technology Stack.
  1. A live streaming server which is capable to handle a low latency and high traffic in few seconds. Such as Wowz, Red5 Pro, WireCast, WebRTC, EvoStream… and more.
  2. A strong coded API based environment to overlap the questions otherwise suggestively a real-time messaging servers like XAMP, MQTT is preferred or can also go with a complete socket based switching to deliver a great sync with live streams followed by Firebase similar models involved.
  3. A robust web-system coded using the strongest framework like Php, Angular Js, Ember.Js, Cake Php, Symphony, Laravel can be more helpful to organize, generate reports and handle the game shows.
  4. And of course, you must have a well quality coded, integrated with high standard payment gateways, Sms gateway and to design the app which will not crash in the foreground.
Let's check details about trending concepts in Live Streaming Technologies one by one. (1) In mobile apps, Live Video Broadcast is the term officially recognized as Video Streaming. The live capturing of video and audio within a mobile app and can be replicated over the other mobile apps through the same application with the concept of broadcasting. (2) Live Streaming Apps for Businesses, so far the term “video streaming industry” was connected with service corporations who will provide paid streaming services to the companies and individuals.
“There is a Survey by Cisco predicted that by the year 2020, the 82% of internet traffic will continue on live-streaming-videos.” Those data suppliers are by paid services like Netflix.
Companies like Kaltura, Dacast, and Brightcove are amending their business models and they are now focused in niche services tailor-made to specific markets like Government streaming services, Church streaming, Live GPS tracking Services, Medical Streaming Services etc. With the rise of mobile apps, these industries are expected to consolidate, re-shape, and to introduce new raising players in the video streaming market. Video streaming industry   (3) Video Streaming Services over the Mobile App, At a surprising level the Video streaming services from Television industry (TV) Technologies has completely revolutionize the world of video streaming with mobile video streaming through apps, The same way the audio live streaming from FM, old FM telecaster devices to the new mobile app like radio mirchi's and albums which we seen in starting from 2017 mid appearance. Technologies that we expect to entirely revolutionize the world of streaming are preliminary to through upcoming new technologies based on Faster Mobile network spectrums like 5G followed by advanced Internet networking system. Check the Market forecast for video streaming, Global Statistics. Market forecast for video streaming   (4) Social Media Video Streaming over mobile apps, at a double surprise we have been enjoying this from 2018. the development of Social Media Live Streaming Apps, over the app development trends, has been changed the live streaming game when the big B’s like Facebook, YouTube, and of course now most of the social media sites allowing members to live stream a video or uploading a video with their account at zero cost on the own mobile apps. Facebook live streaming app   On another hand (5) Trivia, Game Live Streaming apps are taking the upper next to social media video streaming to entertain the audience with the more engaging manner through the live puzzle gaming. You can read our previous article “Business Entrepreneurs – 8 Things to know about LOCO Live Trivia & Quiz Game ShowLOCO – INDIAN SHOW TIME   You may know (6) Live Chat on Live Video is one another way to engaging live stream communication that we tend to see in these present days. The social apps like BIGO live streaming app brought the huge engagement in order to provide a live communication access between multiple people from a host for making discussions easier and promote viral topics yet times. bigo live streaming app   In this Video live streaming wave, I would like to introduce a new word “(7) Live streaming over the Top Videos” which you might have not heard about it, but you are more familiar with the concept. which is also referred as Live Streaming OTT videos, we do use this in our regular business model, the best example is HBO GO, where the ongoing video streaming over the TV channels can be accessible over the mobile apps. Which facilitates an option to binge-watch your beloved TV shows anywhere and anytime you want. Live streaming OTT (Over the Top) videos so far another trend for broadcasting the video content and they are gradually making their way into your fingertips. Most of the content of this will be made available by the Top Video streaming companies, small video broadcasting companies via the Internet. HBO Go   Apart from Live streaming, an (8) small video recording apps are also making their own way of grabbing the new advantage. We have all noticed young ones are sharing the short video clips of cine dialogues, actions shots on the viral media apps. Officially called as Dubsmash using this kind of applications the user can select an audio footage or soundbite from trending and old movies, music, shows, and internet trends to record and they can dub the video themselves with a piece of audio. Which can be further published over the social mediums. Dubsmash App   To conclude, most of the people tent to the social mobile apps and businesses are curious to utilize the new booming synergy of live streaming to engage more audience, provide knowledge to the employees, stay in touch with the management and what not. Krify is doing continual efforts to upgrade and empanel all the latest technologies to provide a qualified service to the clients.  
Inquire with us to check, half cooked and full cooked video live streaming app products which suit your business needs. We are really happy to provide a specialized mobile app development from scratch.
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Taskrabbit clone- future app in the market place

Task Rabbit Clone Solutions – The Future of the Marketplace App Economy

In the metropolitan area like London, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield. We regularly hear that our mom or wife asking us to fix the faucets, Fans and many more while at your in relaxing mode or busy work. Actually 100’s of times right? The real problem behind this is the lack of helpers against a high need for home services. Startups brought a solution to the above problem with a new platform named TaskRabbit, Fumble, Thumbtack, BrightNest. In on-demand home service app like Task Rabbit, we can include services of an on-demand plumber, On-demand electrician, On-demand mechanic, on-demand carpenter, etc. This idea is no more unique in the market as there are many good startups working on it and already have achieved a milestone in their focused geography. In order to fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom or remodel your kitchen, you can hire the best professionals from on-demand apps and get the task completed without any hassle. On-demand apps like task Rabbit have become the trend these days. They help the users to save the time a lot, money and efforts. Supply-demand notch, shortage of time, assured gap, and lags in delivery are some of the major reasons why people choose on-demand applications. Many of the big enterprises are coming up with ideas to build on-demand apps to bridge the gap between service providers and users. Such marketplace Mobile App Like TaskRabbit have been revolutionizing the mobile commerce domain in several ways.

Reasons why entrepreneurs should opt for TaskRabbit clone

  • Different tasks can be sought and offered on your task-outsourcing website. All the tasks are properly categorized so that it would be easier for the users. The admin should also to subcategorize the one that can be categories. Categorizing tasks translates into easy access for the users, thus provides business for the website.
  • To be successful in the competitive world today, it should be more famous among search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Meta-data description, robot.txt are the on-page optimization features that are inbuilt. The SEO-friendly URL's will ensure that your website is featured on the first page of the search engine results.
  • Another important term is user-friendliness. It should be very important that it maintains the social mediums for the registration process.
  • You subscribe to the specific services for a specific period of time. These features can connect the task-seeker and task provider for a long time and also the task can get the regular work to be done in time.
  • In this app we have the payment gateway integrated named as SudoPay. The major motive of this integration is to offer a hassle-free payment process for all the users.

Key Benefits of Handyman/TaskRabbit clone solutions

Here are some key benefits of On-demand App like Task Rabbit
  • Registration: Users are able to register themselves with the personal email or social media.
  • Scheduling: Once registered, users can program an appointment for the necessary service.
  • Tracking: Users will be informed about their appointment dates, program, and ETA.
  • Payment: The user will pay through online gateways or through debit or credit cards
  • Rates and Reviews: User can leave feedback about their services.

How to develop On demand TaskRabbit app clone?

The startup model, initially goes with Custom Solutions that you need for your startup business.
Customer app
The  customer app will be centring on requirements involving all the factors like destination, location, time of arrival, payment etc Get custom development for on-demand App like TaskRabbit.
  • Onboarding
  • Benefit/Service Selection
  • Benefit/Service Scheduling
  • Allotment/Matching
  • Benefit/Order Tracking
  • Promos and Offers
  • Notices and Alerts
  • Instalments
  • Surveys and Ratings
  • Help and Support
Service Provider
The service provider’s app is involved with navigation details, customer details, summary, and etc. Service provided will be available with the following features like:
  • Open Jobs Acceptance
  • Jobs History
  • My Ratings and Reviews
  • Write a Review
  • Available now an option with ON/OFF button
  • Available Days
  • Available Hours
  • Notifications ON/OFF
  • Credit Card Details
Administrator Panel (Web Based)
Through which you can deal with the whole on-request benefits
  • Secure verification
  • Dashboard
  • Client administration
  • Oversee administrations and estimating
  • Oversee specialist organizations
  • Oversee clients
  • Oversee benefit demands
  • Exchange reports
  • Oversee appraisals and audits
  • Reports
  • Oversee metadata (Categories, Sub-classifications, Inventory)

Salient Features of an on-demand app like TaskRabbit

Here are some of the salient features:
  • Instant Delivery: With the instant delivery system you can easily expand your brand and reach out the customers easily.
  • Tracking: Customers will be informed of their appointment dates, schedules, and ETA.
  • Caller Identification: The helper can see the customer details and location before accepting the job.
  • Multi-location Access: The customer can book for someone at other location using the app.
  • Transaction History: Both the customer and helper can see the job and the payment history from the app.
  • Cashless Payment: The customers can use online payment.
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Angular JS a Powerful javascript frameowrk for frontend

Angular JS: A Powerful JavaScript Framework for front end

Angular JS  framework is the most chosen for creating interactive components of a website. It provides the design with full-features to enhance simplicity and efficiency. The Angular Js developers choose it as it is very effective notably in designing dynamic, single page apps and supporting MVC programming structure. The business environment is becoming highly competitive, Angular JS has emerged as the star hero because of its intuitiveness and rich features. If you are still not using Angular JS framework, then you are losing great profitable deals in the industry. Many developers are showing their satisfaction with the framework. Today, Angular Js framework is one of the best that does not make the MVC model look skewed and mutually along with NodeJS, it simply works great with both the technologies understanding the same systems. Some of the frameworks just bundle the current tools which make the app development a bit difficult. Nevertheless, Angular JS  was carefully managed to assure that every tool works optimally and delivers the results.

Why Angular JS is Popular?

If you have not started using AngularJS, the chances are that you are missing a great profitable deal in the industry. Many developers are expressing their pleasure with the framework. Today, AngularJS is one of the frontend frameworks that do not make the Model View Controller look skewed and together along with NodeJS, it simply works great with both the technology understanding same notations. Some frameworks bundle together with the existing tools which make the development of the app very difficult. But Angular JS particularly engineered to ensure that every tool works optimally and delivers great results. Angular JS popularity has grown steadily and no sign of slowing down. statistics of Angular JS

Pros of Angular JS Framework

pros of Angular JS

Key Features of Angular JS Framework

The major reason that Angular Js has gained a lot of fame is its novel features. The features that help to develop a mobile app easier and very intuitive. Here are the features:
  • Two-way data binding: Data binding is the one best feature to notable in Angular JS. It provides the developer with less code. In most of the apps, the maximum code is dedicated to manipulating, traversing and listening to DOM. However, data-binding in Angular JS will help to reduce the work so that the developer can focus on the app.
  • Ready to use templates: Angular JS Framework is a simple plain HTML. The browser parses these templates into DOM and transfers it to Angular JS compiler. Then the Angular JS Framework traverses the template to get rendering instructions called directives. These templates make the easy even for noncoders with basic skills can come up with great apps.Dependency Injection: Using this the developer is able to go for dependency as opposed to make them on his own. Think of this feature as a way saying like I NEED Y and NOT STARTING TO MAKE Y.
  • Testing Feature: Testing for Angular Js app will be very easy as the developers will be focused on the testability.

Why you should use Angular JS for your Business

When Angular JS was originated in 2009 bt Google, many developers had gone to use Jquery. But eventually, JQuery got tired and a new framework which could handle the emerging complexities came to necessary. Only the business can assure of faster progress, winning raving clients and growing development. Below are the reasons why the business needs Angular JS.
  • When a framework is backed by a large open community, you can guarantee that every feature will be progressively improved for the enhanced performance and also assure of regular updates and support from the large open community.
  • As a business, it is helpful to follow and use apps that are legally premised. Some of the frameworks whose licenses are shrouded, Angular JS uses the MIT license which is very permissive for all developers and businesses.
  • Technology continues to advance and equally, consumers want to associate with sophisticated UX. Angular JS allows the businesses to make single-page apps for a great experience.

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development

Angular Js has become the most essential in the front-end development of web applications. It is one of the safest technologies for building the data-driven, CRUD single page apps. Angular JS  javascript framework used for front-end development of the app. It has got popularity due to its conducive features like declarative programming, modular and highly scalable code. Let’s get down to know some of the frameworks for AngularJS.
It has the full-fledged library of optimized HMTL, CSS and JS as it is built in Angular JS and SASS. Any  Angular JS App developed using Ionic can be uploaded to both app and play store. The component of this framework is magnified for the mobile experience which is focused on touch and gestures. It is very useful in developing a responsive app at a low cost.
Lumx is based on Google material design. Developers will develop the app based on the Google guidelines. It is most suited for the web apps and also for customized apps. The files will get optimized and the app functionalities can be improved accordingly.
Supersonic UI
Supersonic UI is the first HYBRID APP UI Framework. It is used to build data-driven hybrid mobile applications with real native performance and highly interactive interface. Multiple native APIs helps to integrate with backend data interaction. In order to develop an app with iOS and Android API then we need to use the supersonic framework.
Angular UI Grid
This framework is the best way to work on a grid or tables with Angular. Because of its rich features helps to display simple, complex and large data sets on grids. These uses of a plugins architecture of the angular framework that uses the features required by the project. There are a lot of customizable templates to choose from and the user can personalize them as according to their requirement. There are a lot of frameworks that can be done through this framework like sorting, filtering grouping virtualization and column pinning etc.
Suave UI
Suave UI framework is good for web application development with Angular JS. In order to build a variety of web-based UIs’, Angular JS and Suave UI have CSS definitions, directives and services which are capable to handle the work.
Angular UI Bootstrap
It is robust and front-end framework that holds different components. Building native Angular directives are done simply by using HTML5 and CSS. The developers need not use JQuery or bootstrap’s javascript instead use this framework. The new directives are smaller than the original javascript code size.
Angular Foundation
It has a large number of directives that are based on foundation markup and CSS elements. Its uses highly semantic HTML components.
It consists of constitute technologies like MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS that are a full stack. Using this you can build a powerful web application as it has pages dynamic functions.
It is an HTML5 video for Angular JS. It doesn’t support for flash which makes the code easy for the maintenance. No need to maintain JSON object and config files because one can write their own plain CSS for creating themes. This is mostly used for building video apps and hence supports multiple media files inside a video player and has the ability to manipulate all of them.
There is a continual development in the Angular JS framework. Currently, there is a new version Angular JS is Angular 6 announced by Google. Likewise, there are a lot of improvements in the frameworks. The fast evolving business environment demands that the investors and managers take a better approach to meet the market needs. Because of the crucial role in linking the business, services, and products to the target market, apps are the ultimate tools to help to succeed in the market.
Krify being an ISO Certified company has talented and expertized team for developing the apps and websites on various platform. You come up with your idea, we will implement that to your expectations. Just fill the form we will come back to you.
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Top payment Gateways for mobile apps

Top Payment Gateway Providers 2018 for Mobile Apps

We are living in a world where online shopping plays a vital role where people can shop anything from anywhere. All this happened due to the rise of e-commerce business solutions which have become the trend of the day. As now all countries are more matured and we are now out of kings ruling style. We do have a freedom to pay and buy anything. Today’s first question when we think of online business or an e-commerce business setup, How can I handle the financial transactions and logistical deliveries? Here we have an answer, Share us your idea and little information about your business. We will provide you with an ultimate web and mobile solutions for smoother and seamless transactions. In the current article, We would like to brief you about the payment gateways to deal with your business over online. You may be puzzled with a lot of payment gateway terms and conditions. Let us understand first what is a payment gateway? How does a payment gateway help to collect payments? How does this payment gateway integrate with mobile apps? Followed by the best payment gateway to integrate with mobile apps for your business. Let's start with understanding,

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes the credit card/debit cards/net banking payments. These gateways facilitate all the permissions and take care of about the various banking terms to deal with user transactions as well as facilitating important information among the payment portals. All these will happen through the power of web-enabled mobiles devices or websites with the fore handling front of payment processor/bank.

How does a Payment Gateway help to collect payments?

In the case of local or international transactions, Such as air travel ticket booking or for shopping a dress online through a mobile app or website. On the functional part, all process will go smoothly through the verified process that helps you to collect the virtual money. Right payment gateway helps you to accept the payment with user obeyed terms as per the electronic statements for any purchases.

How does this Payment Gateway integrate with mobile apps?

Whether it is a travel app or a fashion app, you need to accept the electronic payments for any purchases. It is a bit critical to have a payment processing gateway that runs smoothly within the mobile app.
Working of the Payment Gateway
When the customer visits the e-commerce app in mobile and adds the selected product to the cart, the cart gets linked with the payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay and etc. Then the customer will be asked to enter the bank details in the mobile app form which is then directed to the payment gateway. In the backend, the gateway encrypts the data and sends it to that bank which is associated with the card. The bank will then validates the request with the help of the payment system and compares with the cost of purchase. On approval, the bank issuer sends the authorization card to the seller. In the end, the amount will be debited from the customer and credited to the seller in a defined time period.

Things to consider for a Payment Gateway integration in Mobile App

Payment Gateway integration in a software application that requires to be stored on a server which needs to handle the increase in technical requirements. The most important thing to making sure that the payment gateway is compatible with the programming language used in your app, these programming languages are used in the development of mobile or web application basically they are as follows.
  • Java
  • ASP or ASP.NET
  • Perl/CGI
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Node.js
  • Curel
Here’s a list of essentials for effectively adding a payment gateway features in your Android or iOS. Basically, the integration of payment gateway may vary depending on the type of gateway SDK we choose to integrate with the mobile app.
 Seller Account Type
                  It refers to the online account that holds the payment for a while until being processed by the payment gateway. There are two types of seller accounts
  • Dedicated account
  • Aggregated account
Payment Gateway Provider
               Through which the payments will be done. This act as a mediator between the seller and the customer. There are a lot of payment gateway providers for mobile apps. We discuss in details about the provider of payment gateways below.

Top Payment Gateway providers of 2018 to integrate with Mobile Apps

There are many payment gateways that krify deals and here is the list below each in detail.
International Payment Gateway list
  • Integration of PayPal Payment Gateway:
                  Paypal is the one among the big names that have a global impact. It accepts both credit and debit card payment. It is user-friendly and has the largest number of active users and is available worldwide. It integrates with a large number of shopping carts. It sends links to the customers thereby imposing more on sales.
  • Integration of Stripe Payment Gateway:
                  Stripe is a full-fledged finance management tool that is equipped to handle major business essentials. It supports and processes online money transactions with high security. Stripe sometimes considered as the autopilot of billing owing to ability streamline and automating payment operations. For instance, if a customer cancels his/ her subscription halfway, the stripe will bill the amount that is legit for the last period.
  • Integration of Braintree Payment Gateway:
                    Braintree is owned by PayPal. For most of the credit card transactions are done using the Braintree in PayPal.
  • Integration of 2checkout Payment Gateway:
                       One with instantaneous and prominent gateway solutions from the US that enables mobile and online payment for all kinds. It has a very strong and secure digital wall.
  • Integration of Sofortbanking Payment Gateway:
                       Sofortbanking is a direct credit card transfer services that operate within the security standards of online banking. It is certified by largest German quality and security institute.
  • Integration of Remita Payment Gateway:
                          Remita is an electronic central bank that helps organizations. It is a licensed e-payment platform at Nigeria that makes transactions very easy for all types of organizations an individual receive and make payment without any stress.
Indian Payment Gateway list
  • Integration PayU Payment Gateway:
                   PayU is a most popular gateway that offers simple and fastest payment gateway processes for both vendors and buyers. It will match the merchants’ needs with the customers’ shopping and payments behaviour with local expertise, single integration, and innovative tools for business needs.
  • Integration Instamojo Payment Gateway:
                          Instamojo is the one-stop solution for every MSME in India, which has the easiest and simplest payment gateway. This can be integrated with any website or app with the simplest API with detailed documentation.
  • Integration CCAvenue Payment Gateway:  
                         CCAvenue the one of the biggest payment gateway in South Asia. This is the most reliable payment gateways in India. This gateway will ensure highly optimized success rates, quality of sales report and aggressive pricing to support the owner’s business models.
  • PayPal Payment Gateway:
                             When topic revolves around the best payment gateways in India, the obvious name is PayPal, which is available around for more than 200 countries and supports more than 100 currencies. PayPal REST API is an easy online transaction including mobile payments. The PayPal is available on Android and iOS.
Application security Certificate
                    The payment should be done in a most trusted payment gateway. The whole process is done by considering the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)compliance, as it covers the set of security standards to protect card information during or after the payment done by following certain rules
  • Implement and maintain a secure network via firewall configuration setup or other means on your mobile app.
  • Cardholder data will be protected within the PCI payment gateway by encryption and tokenization.
  • Builds a strong access control tips on your app like assigning a unique ID to each person
  • Monitor and test the networks regularly. Check the test security systems and processes for PCI payment gateway integrity.
SDK Integration
                All mobile payment gateways offer SDKs that includes the mobile platform libraries which enable the easy maintenance and support and also reduces the risk of PCI. By this, the integration of payment gateway in mobile apps is done. App Payment Systems Integration is the most crucial steps to be taken in the present scenario. As it is hard to imagine our lives without credit cards. It’s no surprise that such a convenient payment method has migrated to mobile apps along with the websites.
If you’ve any thought of developing an app that involves money operations and you know nothing about the payment gateway integration. You’re in the right place. We krify have implemented many payment gateways for the mobile apps with all the features as per the customer requirements.
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how to make an app go viral

How to make your Mobile App Go Viral

Every app owner wants to get their app recognised and also earn more revenue for the business. If you are the one among them, your app needs to deserve spending some effort, time and money to go viral. Making an app viral is not so easy using the traditional marketing strategy unless a miracle happens. In order to gain many users, you need to follow certain strategic plan even though you are a well-known company in the market. Efforts to make an app viral starts when you design your app and these will never end until you maintain the target or grow your app business. This is why we call this process as a cycle.

The cycle for a viral App

The cycle process to go an app viral is to interact with the people and to make the people love the app. Going app viral is not only just getting downloads but also convincing the people to keep using the app and also share the content with other people. Let’s have a look at the basic steps to go viral with the app from scratch.

Steps to Make an App Go Viral

Most of the people love more than one app for some reasons. If the people come across an app with an interest in, it means they are more like to use it. Here are some steps that will guide you to convert people into users in love with your app, who will be your the best partners while spreading the word. Let’s get in deep

An Effortless Design

The first thing to do is to offer users with an effortless design. As people are busy with many mobile apps and countless contents in these apps, your app needs to be with a fantastic design that will never be confusing or tiring. Apps with minimum distraction will attract more people attention. Maintaining simplicity is the key value for the app to get attention from the people. Offering the app that values something rather than annoying ads or useless content.

Success in Social Media

People spend more time social media using different devices about 60% of social media time spent is facilitated by mobile devices. Social media platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube are the most popular social media platforms people use. How to use this data as an advantage to go app viral? Start sharing your content and also introduce your app on these platforms. A viral app needs succeeding them by integrating social feed into the app. This integration will help you to share your word on the platforms. This is one of the most effective and organic ways to reach the people.

Positive Review

The reviews will create a good impact and also project the trustworthy and transparent on your app profile. Constant work on it! By that, you can motivate your users to leave the positive comments at the right time and right place. Wait until the user spends much time on your app and let them love your app, Asking 5 star is out of fashion, let's establish the real connection with the users and be more human. Never hesitate to contact your happy users to ask for reviews, just avoiding being pushy. Without succeeding in the market, you cannot go on with the cycle of viral advertising alive.

Focus on targeted audience

Targeted audience means the people who actually in need of your app. Always main to the well-defined targeted audience which means engaging with the right group of people and it doesn’t make sense to please everyone. So spend your most time on the people who actually use and are in need of your app to go viral and treat to convince them. The focused targets user profile will tell you how to find out which will be used to reach the audience and how to turn them to use your app.

App Store Optimization

Every App Store has their own environment that helps the apps to have the high visibility in the app store. We need to optimize your app to adapt this ASO environment. There are tons of mobile apps in the various app stores and it is not that much easy to stand out among them. The main factors to consider are the title and keywords. Once you find out your main keyword don’t forget to place it in your title. In order to improve app ranking, you can regularly change the keyword.


Most of the people love to have gifts, so do app users. Offer them with rewards like inviting their friends to use your app. You can offer the user with free themes, a free upgrade and discounts to both the current user and new user, as this the common tactic, and try to avoid being annoying. A short time promotion generates a sense of importance and requests people into action. The newcomer checks the offer in short and forgets your offers forever. Whatever the efforts you keep to go viral start from the beginning and last forever. The above-mentioned factors will definitely increase your chance to reach the million people. Once you're done with the design and release a simple and attractive design, focus on marketing and PR campaigns. Social media and positive reviews are the key elements to consider for this process. To be a success in reaching the people, you have to define your audience and try to fulfil them Optimize your app considering what they actually looking for in an app and reward them to encourage.
Krify can confidently reiterate that it is always ahead in giving its best and showing results whether in developing World’s best, innovative mobile apps or in offering competitive Digital Marketing services. Contact us if you need anything on your way to make your app viral.
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Web UI development trends 2018

Things to Look for in web UI development trends of 2018

What is a WEB UI?

The User interface is everything that is designed into an information device with which a user interacts with the application or a website. As the growing dependency on website and apps has led many companies to place increased priority on UI in an effort to improve the user’s overall experience.                    To develop a Web UI design the basic things to have are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Material design which are the building blocks of a website. In this article, we gonna discuss in detail about the trending technologies that rule the world in every aspect of your business.

Things to Look for in a Front-End Framework

             Before getting started with the search for front-end frameworks. It’s very important to know yourself as the top things to look for in. By considering this, you have the best front-end frameworks that make the time easier. Let us come with each front-end technologies in detail and also the latest technologies that came to rule the UI design.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

            HTML helps to create the basic template to communicate information. HTML helps to provide elements and content with a set of logical and instructions about how to display on the web page and what is their significance and semantic. It is the important tool for developing the website. It is the best language for website creation which is used by HTML developers.            There are more than 1.8 billion different websites running at present. The whole world is running on web pages and these web pages are running on HTML as it one of the most dynamically evolving.  The latest version of HTML is HTML5 which is a game changer in many ways. It is more robust, with lower dependencies on supporting language and tools. Here are the popular Features of HTML5:
  • Cross-platform code portability
  • Multimedia and interactive media support
  • GeoLocation Support

  • New Elements Like Audio, Video, canvas

  • Storage

  • Long scrolling website and parallax effects


               CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) plays a vital role in web design. When changes are made in one stylesheet, CSS will enable these changes in all the stylesheets. It will permit you to develop the complete look of your website. While HTML focuses on the content and structure of a website, CSS will be concerned with the elements of presentation such as layout, font and colour. Before CSS came to known Everything was included in the HTML which makes the document very complex. This division of functionalities among HTML and CSS will allow Web designers to have greater control over the web pages.              The latest version of CSS is CSS3 which is more dynamic and it has reduced the use of images to a great extent especially for gradient and rounded corner below is the list    Here are the popular Features of CSS3:
  • Rounded Corner
  • Border Images
  • Box Shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • Parallax Effects


                Javascript is the scripting language that can help powerful and reliable applications including the websites and portals to boost online business environment. JavaScript add functionalities, validate forms, detect browsers and many more. The major benefit for javascript developers is to add additional interaction with the website and its visitors.                 Despite the level of criticism that we face year to year, JavaScript is still one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world. The latest frameworks in javascript are listed below: React, Vue.js, Next.js, Angular.js Also, check for Evolution of Frontend Frameworks Angular vs React Here are the popular Features of javascript:
  • It Detecting the user's browser and OS,
  • It is light weighted
  • JavaScript is a scripting language JavaScript is an interpreter based scripting language.
  • JavaScript is case sensitive


            BootStrap is an open-source framework which is a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code to design user interface components. It is also called Front-end Framework. It is a collection of tools for creating a website and web applications. It is mainly used to design templates based on typography, forms, buttons, navigations and many more. Some features for programmers preferred Bootstrap Framework
  • Easy to get started
  • Great grid system
  • Base styling for most HTML elements(Typography,Code,Tables,Forms,Buttons,Images,Icons)
  • An extensive list of components
  • Bundled Javascript plugins

Material Design

            Material design is an improved version of the flat design. It majorly deals with animations, layers, shades, navigation. Material design is intuitive that is much easier to understand and use as well. Google wants Material Design to be much more than Visual language. In order to improve our design- development workflow here is a new concept named Material Theming which is a huge upgrade to Material design which as the ability to “orderly” customize the material design to display the product in a better manner. Some Features of the Material design
  • Change/Update/ add colours
  • Typography Management
  • Shapes
  • New Icon Style
Web technologies are evolving as are the UI designs to deliver to the user with ease, convenience and maximum flexibility. Click Here to get your Web design with the best latest technologies. We offer web and mobile app design and development services at reasonable costs. Contact us today for a free quotation
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dedicated vs fixed price

Advantages of hiring a dedicated team than a fixed cost project model

At Krify, we provide our customers different models like fixed price model and the dedicated team model. Hiring these models would be of benefit to those customers who are looking to develop a custom software and those who do not want to hire additional people for their company. Here come the cooperation models which best suits those people in which the above requirements are mentioned. The cooperation models are as follows Fixed Price or Dedicated team model. Which one best suits you? Let’s get to know

What problems can be solved using Fixed Price?

  • Customers feel it is easy to control budget by knowing exactly WHEN and WHAT to pay.
  • There will be fewer project risks as they are transferred to the team.
  • Factors like fixed budget, deadlines will stimulate the team members.
It is a general fact that exact price is the key to purchase deal of any simple services. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you would like to know the price in advance to make sure what to order and what is the price. When to use a fixed price model?
  • When it’s a short-term project.
  • When you have a complete project description with defined goals, working procedures and the final results.
  • When you are working with a new contractor.
Fixed price model requires documentation prerequisites of which won't change exceptionally quick or won't rely upon the state of mind, in any capacity. Obviously, on the off chance that you've chosen to change a few prerequisites in Fix Price model you can negotiate this with the contractor, yet for this situation, project release can be postponed and Budget can be changed


This model is appropriate for projects where Fixed Price can't be given and for customers who will put resources into a continuous and gradual development of the quality product as they comprehend that making of another new product is an iterative procedure where the development has a large number of rounds. Here the fundamental essential factor is the team that is a transporter of the technologies, engineering, background, and knowledge in project development.

The benefits of Dedicated team model for a customer are as follows

  • For some small projects you work utilizing the Time and Material model, at that point, you get programming advancement specialists accessible for you a few hours in a month. Development can be planned for several months.
  • For long projects you need part-time or full-time developers for a year then the best solution is a dedicated team model as you get chosen by you specialists at the least available price.
In the two models, you have a privilege to have your own particular project manager, direct the approach, development practice, technical platform and even corporate culture and arrangements for long-term dedicated teams. A remote team will be the like an extension of your technical local team.

When to use a dedicated model?

  • Amid long-duration projects when the current plan means the attraction of long-term full-time resources and the usage of new technologies.
  • When the exact goals and needs are not clear, and you cannot predict the final result (i.e. in case of start-up).
  • When you priorly knows that requirements or task priorities will be changed

The possible losses of customers in fixed cost model are

  • Utilizing Fixed Price model a few groups won't do "appropriately" their undertakings, and they will act as indicated by the guideline: if just the Customer acknowledges it. They are not intrigued for their work to be performed well. After the entirety of their interests are constrained to make everything less demanding with a specific end goal to have a spending plan for the dangers, which may happen or they didn't consider.
  • Because of the main reason, the further item support will be considerably harder. There is no good reason for discussing the proficiency, unwavering quality and strength since it isn't the enthusiasm of such groups.
  • The tasks, in view of the settled value display frequently cause sick sentiments in help groups. No one composes remarks, structure, and style of code is passed "must have". Clearly, the principal bolster group's longing is to ask: "Who built up this item? It is difficult to help it!".
  • Once in a while, a few groups won't take care of the issue, however, they will endeavor to work "as indicated by determination". For what reason do they have to attempt to build up a superior item in the event that they don't make a benefit on it or even lessen their salary?
  • It's in light of a legitimate concern for a few groups to hide the potential issues of the item. In the event that the issues are not clear and there is an opportunity to finish the venture effectively, the Customer will never think about issues.
  • On the off chance that there are a few issues amid the task execution a considerable measure of time will be spent on a profound examination of correspondence, guarantees, and documentation. At the point when everything that time could be spent on building up the item. At times, even all discourses take additional time than framework update.
  • In this way, the expense of task possession increments.


  • Utilize short 1-3 weeks discharges amid the arrangement advancement. That will demonstrate the present advancement, help to change the item and invigorate your group to work adequately.
  • Pay as indicated by short discharges results (some particular Time and Material) – this encourages a client to perceive what he paid for. Source code and program are accessible for the client and accessible as indicated by his needs.
  • Utilize other great Agile programming advancement standards.
Let’s conclude, Any of the software development models is dependably a parity of money, quality, and timeline. The customer’s primary goal is to save money. For this situation, a few groups can offer just a poor quality product or delays in delivery. In any case, the client is a ruler and he ought to pick the model that suits him better. What's more, it will be extremely awesome if the client considers making a positive and inviting environment for developers taking a shot at his tasks and attempt to temper drawbacks of picked models and work out arrangements if issues emerge. In any case, nobody needs to shoot themselves in the foot and release a product with a terrible quality or create a product, which will be costly to help in the future. In this way, converse with your contractual worker, talk about the points of interest and settle on sound choices.
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Navigation GPS app

How to create a GPS navigation app

Gps navigation apps have become the part and parcel of taxi drivers, goods carriers, and of course every individual. This technology entered at a rapid speed and we cannot imagine our lives without these GPS navigation apps. Uber is the best example of a GPS mobile application which existed in both iOS and Android users making its developers a valuable resource. Uber helped many drivers with an option like “Uber pool” giving them an opportunity to find other travelers going in the same route enabling them to earn more money. From this blog, you will get to know how to develop navigation applications using GPS technology that makes life easy for the users knowing what ideas would help to design the application and what are the tips.

What are the prospects to develop a mobile app with GPS?

According to a survey, GPS navigation app development is one of the rapidly growing and most prospective niches on the mobile app market. In fact, people are spending 54% more time on the GPS navigation apps to find placed, new destinations, nearby event and many other than ever before.             

The most popular navigation apps are

Navigation GPS app

What is the cost to develop a native GPS navigation app?

The cost of a native GPS navigation app depends on the features and tools involved in the process of development.

The basic features of a native GPS navigation app are

  • Authorization: In socialized applications like Uber, Waze it is necessary to provide the user registration feature, which enables the user to leave a review about the ride, track the previous rides, save the trip information, chat with other users and many more.
  • Geolocation: This is one of the key features to be developed when building GPS navigation apps. With the help of geolocation, the location of the device is detected. With the help of satellites, the technology receives information about the location.
  • Voice directions: Google Maps Directions API will avail developers with a list of voice by real humans detailed turn-by-turn instructions for lots of roads around the world so that the drivers using the app can concentrate on driving without always looking into the map.

How to create a GPS navigation app for iOS?

To build an iOS application, you should have a Macbook or iMac with SDK (Software Development Kit) and the latest version of XCode installed where both contain various tools, compilers, and frameworks. Xcode and SDK are available in the app store.
The following factors are to be considered to develop a GPS navigation mobile application for iOS
  • Latest macOS and iOS applications are developed in Swift programming language and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used is Xcode.
  • Apple’s MapKit framework is used to implement and integrate GPS geolocation into native iOS navigation applications.
  • Use ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit to implement maps into your application which gives access to custom off-the-grid Apple maps.
  • Some useful features like showing nearest gas stations and establishments should be added.
  • Synchronizing your application with various social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter would be a good feature to make authorization faster and easier and therefore it improves the connection between the drivers’ community.
Know more How geofencing work for your business!

How to create a GPS navigation app for Android?

Android is booming the world by increasing its number of users compared to iOS. The main reasons for Android to be first in the race is the devices are at affordable prices, flexible to use, the APIs, SDKs and program code is an open source and anyone can use them to develop their own plugins. This is the reason why a huge number of Android users creates a large market for GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation apps on the Android platform. You must make a note of this point when you would like to design a mobile application.

The following factors are to be considered to develop a GPS navigation mobile application for Android

  • The applications for Android are generally written in Java and Kotlin programming languages which run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • The preferable IDE (Integrated development environment) used to develop is IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Google Maps Services API is used to implement and integrate GPS geolocation into Android navigation applications as it is fast and accurate.
  • If the driver goes in a wrong direction, the app should remodel the route. This feature is very advantageous.
  • Built-in voice search is another feature in Android which enables the user to prompt the desirable destinations and thereby the app will execute the search automatically.
  • Google Contacts and Google Local are the useful features which help users by providing information about nearby locations and previous visits.
Now you may get some basic practical idea to develop the GPS navigation applications in both Android and iOS platforms. But developing such applications is a complex process and requires detailed research and professional skills. A lot of ideas could be implemented into such applications to make them user-friendly and improve their functionality. If you are looking to develop GPS navigation applications and have queries about native navigation app development cost, contact our team now to get detailed estimations.  
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mobile apps development company in India - krify

Messaging, Medical, Job Portal and Business – Ready Mobile App Scripts to Buy

Mobile Technology is a power bank for the economy. Everyone is in rush to boost the business with specialized management skills having different solutions in mind so they are looking for Ready-made Web & Mobile App Solutions or a Mobile App Clone Script for Android and IOS. Are you looking for Top Mobile App Development Agency India? Here in this article, we going to discuss about Krify apps related to Messaging, business, medical, job search and Dating. Each one has their own factors and features to take into consideration.

Messaging Apps

messaging apps by krify Say goodbye to emails and hello to messaging. Mobile messaging apps are more popular than ever as they add social networking features, improve security and compete to meet the demand for free mobile calling and text services. Our smartphones enable constant and instant communication with your family, friends, and even colleagues, but the built-in options out of the box aren’t the best thing to do.  Almost all mobile messaging apps have provided rich service offering all kind of interactions with others, from free text messaging, to free voice or video calling, to photo and file sharing with the added benefits of encryption, over both Wi-Fi and the users' data plan. Krify being a leading ISO certified company has provided and developed many Custom Mobile Chatting & Messaging App Development Services.

Business Apps

business app by krify A business app is a piece of software specifically designed to solve a business problem. Apps tend to be incredibly user-friendly, so people with any level of knowledge or experience can use them well. The majority of apps are built within the mind and so you can use them on your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, whenever you want and from anywhere in the world. If you are a small or big business, it’s likely you’re on the go a lot. So its crucial to have mobile apps that can help you to stay on the top of the things. Krify, a Custom business app development company from India had delivered their services to many in regular rotation as a business owner.

Medical Apps

medical apps by krify In today’s digital age, there’s an app for almost anything that we need in our daily life. In fact, many professional industries are beginning to highly rely on apps, whether it’s social media or other helpful apps. The same is true for the medical sector, whether you’re a nurse, doctor, physician’s assistants or surgeon, there is an app - in fact, there are several - that can help you become a better medical professional. Krify had come up with Healthcare Mobile Application Development by considering the factors like efficiency, accuracy, convenience across both the iOS and Android platforms

Job Search Apps

job-portal-app-development by krify You’re busy, your life is restless, you don't have a lot of time for job search and you don’t want to be stuck to your laptop or use your work computer to job hunt. Just like everything else in your life, job searching has gone mobile and you can do it on the go. There is not much you can’t do with one of the apps that connects job seekers with available positions. Most of the application process can be done with your phone or tablet, though it can be cumbersome at times. You can seek and apply for jobs without using a computer. Taking it a step further, some of the apps will enable you to create a resume, match you with open jobs and apply directly from the app, saving the search time. Which apps will be the best fitted for job seekers use to give their job search a boost? There are a lot of apps to choose from for both iOS and Android devices. Krify, a mobile app development company based in UK and India, the development of Job Portal App design to streamline your job search, shares information for job seekers.

Dating Apps

  online dating app by krify An endless roster of actively seeking singles are easily now accessible on your commute, and the profiles are swamped with ratings, food preferences and requests that we follow these complete strangers on Instagram. By considering all this, how are you expected to find time to pick the best dating apps to bless with your presence? How do you know what apps have the best single people slinking on them? From detailed profiles to associating you with someone for a quick meet-up, whether you’re looking for a slow-burning, blossoming romance with your future life partner or just setting your toe back in the dating water - we applaud you, its tough out there- we the krify Mobile App design and development Services & Solutions in India & UK will help you in Mobile Dating Apps Development as per your requirements to explore the new opportunities for both iOS and Android.
Looking for best mobile app development company based on UK and India for development of your app? We are here to help you. Catch us at here.
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Best CMS platform for your business

Blissful Content Management System(CMS) platforms for your business

Content Management System is an Open source, content creation tools for managing information. The beautiful advantage of programing language is the whole process of content creation, management, and publication of web content can be done without any programming language through an intuitive graphical user interface. CMS has two types of content management systems, that handles both Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management(WCM).
  • An ECM helps to collaborate in the workplace by integrating document management, digital asset management and records maintenance functionalities and provides the end users with the role-based path to the organization’s digital assets.
  • A WCM aids to collaborative authoring for websites. ECM software usually includes a WCM publishing functionality, but ECM webpages typically remain behind the organization’s firewall.
Both ECM and WCM systems have two elements:
  • A Content Management Application(CMA)
  • A Content Delivery Application(CDA)
The Content Management Application (CMA) is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the user to control the creation, modification, and removal of content from the website without the need of knowing anything about HTML. The CDA component affords the back-end services that support the management and delivery of the content once it has been created in the CMA.

Features of CMSes

Features may vary amongst the various CMS offering, but the core functions of the CMS will as follows:
  • Intuitive indexing, search and retrieval features, list all data for easy access through search functions and allow the users to search by attributes such as publication dates, keywords or authors.
  • Format management expedites turn scanned paper documents and legacy electronic documents into HTML or PDF documents.
  • After the content is published initially the revision feature allows the content to get updated and edited. Revision control also tracks the changes made to files by individuals.
  • Publishing functionality will allow the individuals to use the template or set of templates approved by the organization, and other tools to create or modify content.
Some other popular CMSes Features:
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Integrated and online help, including discussion boards
  • Group-based permission systems
  • Full template support and customizable templates
  • Easy wizard-based install and versioning procedures
  • Admin panel with multiple language support
  • Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
  • Minimal server requirements
  • Integrated file managers
  • Integrated audit logs

How to Choose the Best CMSes for the Organization

There are no factors to consider before an organization choose to invest in a CMS. There are few basic functionalities to always look for, such as an easy to use editor interface and intelligent search capabilities. However, some of the organizations use software that depends on certain needs. Let’s have an example, choose the organization’s size and graphical dispersion. The first thing the CMS administrator must know is how many people will be utilizing the application. Whether the CMS require the multi-language support and size of the team to support the maintenance operation. while using the CMS, it’s important to note the level of control both the administrator and end users will be provided with. There are a huge number of both free and subscriber-based CMS offering for personal and enterprise use. These are in between 300 - 400 CMS platforms.  While choosing the right one you will be in confused. So the question comes into focus that which is the best content management system is optimally supported for completing your desired project. Here are the top 3 CMS technologies to choose of all. #1 WordPress: Wordpress is one of the best open source CMS platforms available on the market. Using these fantastic content management system you can make any content website like news publishing sites, blog site, e-commerce site, forum site and what not. Wordpress operates a firm grip on nearly 65% market share among all other open source CMS platforms. wordpress Wordpress is the top content management system is robust, user-friendly and gets the updates regularly. There are a lot of themes and plugins available to increase the functionalities of WordPress hosted sites. In today’s online world, most of the person or business content publications rely on WordPress and Ubuntupit.com is no longer exception here. #2 Joomla: Joomla is another best open source CMS for hosting a blog or any other web publications. It majorly focuses on security aspects more than the fancy decoration. When compared to WordPress it's not easy to use and flexible. The Interface is quite impressive. Joomla #3 Magento: Magento is the one best open source CMS platform for creating the e-commerce site instantly and effectively. Community edition will come for free and in order to unlock the advanced features, you should pay. For developing a small blog or e-commerce site, the Magento is quite enough. magento

What are the reasons to use CMS platform for their Business?

So, What does the content management system offers that other website options don,t? Great question! Here are the few reasons for using the CMS that aren’t available with other website options.  
  • Advanced SEO Tools and plugins
  • Cost Effective and affordable
  • Instant Site Maintenance
  • Easy collaboration and Access
  • Redesigning your website won’t require a complete site overhaul
  • Security
  • Access the most up-to-date web functionality
  • Manage your entire internet marketing strategies at under one roof
Want to develop the website on the best CMS platform for your business? but still in confusion!! Krify is here to assist with the best platform for you. Do contact us.
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Halloween marketing strategies for your business growth

Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business Sales

October is full of tricks, but your Halloween should be full of treats! Holidays always provide a great break to offer special sales, discounts and promotions. It's easy to grab consumer’s attention with Halloween-themed marketing. Halloween is the best and perfect time for businesses to engage customers based on fun, get creative. A successful Halloween promotion will help you to drive more business and increase the audience. Some marketing ideas work better for some businesses than others, but don't get grieve: we’re not short on ideas. We’ve got everything from online to real life, from highly tangled to the most basic to hang. Take a look below how to engage in the annual Halloween zeitgeist.

Top Frightening Ideas to Boost your Business Sales

  • Dress up the store
  • Feature Your Products in Halloween Themed Projects
  • Host a Costume Party
  • Offer Spooky Deals and Discounts
  • Trick or treat bags
  • Change your menu
  • Connect with other businesses
  • Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Host a special event

Dress Up the store

Never and ever underestimate the power of festive decorations. If you have a store, restaurant, cafe, stall or online website for your business that people can visit in any means or visit physically, add some spooky or autumn themed touches. Shoppers are most willing to pay real money when they are in the festive mood. If you’re doing online store, then you’re saving much more than offline retailers in decorating and changing the look and feel of the store. Designing some exciting images on the homepage, installing themed add-ons, sending HTML emails are all easy and cost-saving ideas to prepare a spooky look for Halloween to impress your visitors.this is the great way to encourage people, particularly kids, want to pop inside to take a closer look. Also, don't forget to decorate the social media pages and emails! Just with a simple pumpkin or Frankenstein images will do the trick, as this shows the customers that you’re much eager about the holidays and encourages them to visit you throughout the season.

Feature Your Products in Halloween Themed Projects

If it was an online store change the product list all related to Holloween products that impact the customer in many ways. If it was a retail store make edition product or menu items that will exhibit the Halloween spirit in your customers. It’s pretty clear that the pumpkin spice craze is not going anywhere, and there are countless ways to incorporate ghouls, ghost, witches, and another spooky characters or items into your product plan.

Host a Costume Party

What’s the best way to bring people into your store than to throw a Halloween party. Invite the people to your place of business to celebrate the spookiest month of the year. This is the great way to encourage the people to make a purchase- just think of offering some sales, discounts or promotions to those that attend(all this should be clear before the event).

Offer Spooky Deals and Discount

If it was an offline store You don’t require a reason to provide discounts, but attaching deals to holidays is a great way to reason with your customers and push them to take you to peak on the offer in a way that feels special. It’s probably an offer that sure not to scare the customer away. If it was an online store run a limited time offer, launch a new product line or offer a promo code that themed to Holloween season. Promote the offers in the social media or by emails so that the customers will flock your website for Halloween discounts.

Trick or Treat bags

Now it is the perfect time to bring the neighbours together. Try to join with other local shops for trick or treat. This will help to create a more special and happier customer experience. In addition to this, you can hand over the business cards or discount vouchers to customers and also to the general public. This will hopefully ensure future sales. It’s a good idea to have the simple carry bags with some Halloween themed version with your logo on them. It is the best thought of getting out your logo out in the wild night when a good majority of people will be out and about.

Change your Menu

If you’re a business that sells food or drinks, what better way to attract the people in the spirit of Halloween than to introduce seasonally- inspired flavours? That includes the pumpkins, cinnamon and apples are especially popular at this time of year and a lot of businesses have capitalized on this by incorporating these flavours into their beverages or food items on a seasonal basis only, which is a superb way to bring in the crowd.

Connect with other businesses

Why not team up with other businesses during the Halloween season to offer sales, promotions and more? Getting touch with other businesses is a good idea to increase brand awareness and attract the attention of an even wider potential target audience.

Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Whether your business has brick and mortar storefront or online presence, anyone can host the pumpkin carving contest! Encourage the customers to show off their creative side by hosting an in-store pumpkin carving contest and also offer an incentive to the winners. Prizes like gift cards to your business, basket of your products. If you run the contest online make sure to pick the perfect hashtag to track entries on social media.

Host a Special Event

What should we do for Halloween day? Will soon be on people’s minds. Answer them by hosting an event at your place. A costume party is always a no-brainer, but you could also do something a little more creative. For example, if you are a makeup studio. Then do the same with the costume-themed makeup. If you are a nail salon, maybe host the Halloween themed nail art lessons. But make sure to get the word out early so people can plan for it. Promote your event via square email marketing tools and also trumpet it from social media.
To Conclude
Sales do not come in just because it’s the season and people are supposed to shop like crazy. Online shoppers are smart and careful, especially when they can do all the search and comparison online. You need to get your sleeves up and start preparing for the big days. Before implementing the marketing ideas mentioned above learn the customer's requirements for this holidays and fill up your stock. Never matters what promotions or advertisements you’re going to run, you can only win the game if you start from your customers. Krify is a leading marketing agency offering the best services imaginable for businesses of all types and sizes! Get in touch today to discover more how our consultants can help you to boost your business. Contact us today!
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have you upgarded your app to iOS 12

Have you upgraded your app to iOS 12?

With the release of latest version of iOS 12, the user may think “Can I get the upgrade from iOS 11version to iOS 12”. Even though iOS 11 and 12 carry out the same similarities, you should not expect the same user experience across both operating systems. While in the developer point of view, they may also think that is there any need to get upgraded to iOS 12. Here are some things to consider let’s jump straight into it.

iOS 12: highlights of iPhone App Developers

If you are an app developer, iOS 12 arrived with a lot of exciting things for you to think about, and to start work. Here are the reasons to update to iOS 12.

Reasons to update iOS 12

From developers point of view and also from the user point of view iOS 12 updates will hit your iPhone and iPad in a few hours from now and if you’re asking the question whether you should update to latest version of OS, check some of the reasons here
  • Performance Improvement: Apple provided the OS that fasters and more responsive across all iOS devices. The main focus on optimizing the system when it undergoes loading. The load speed is two times faster for sheet display and app launch. CPU performance will also get high and will be ramped down quickly in order to preserve battery life. When the transition from one app to other is also smoother and faster than iOS 11.
  • Group Facetime: Group FaceTime allows you to chat with up to 32 people simultaneously. As it is integrated into iMessage, you can easily set up a Group FaceTime call directly at iMessage group chat window. You can even add fun effects like stickers and emoji while on the FaceTime Call. This feature works on iPhone, iPad and Mac. There will be an option for FaceTime Audio for Apple watch users.
group face time chat
  • Emoji: Apple has come up with more than 60 new emojis to the iOS 12 update. There are more emotive smiley faces and representation for hairstyle, animals, sports, and food. In future, Apple will come up with more new emoji based on Unicode 11.0 and the company still working to come up with new emoji with Unicode 12.0 which will be released at 2019.
emoji for iOS 12
  • Carplay Navigation: CarPlay supports third-party navigation apps rather than relying on Apple maps. Now available for carplay in iOS 12 is Google Maps, but one thing to make sure that you need to upgrade to the latest version. Using which you can search for places, traffic information, alternative routes and many more, right from the car’s built-in display. If you start using the navigation on your iPhone and then jump in the car, google maps will automatically sync with the navigation point where you left on the phone once you're connected with carplay. Some other features are: it has the ability to navigate to some of your favourite spots, traffic updates from work to home.
  • Siri Shortcut: With this shortcuts, Siri can be able to perform more via quick actions that are done through these shortcuts app. Let’s have some example like if you are using the Tile app, you can add a shortcut to Siri like “I lost my keys”. So when you lose your keys, you can let Siri know and it will automatically ring your Tile.
Siri Shortcuts
  • Siri Suggestions: Siri can adapt to your behavioural patterns using AI. whenever you use the spotlight search tool, Siri will suggest you underneath. The suggestion will vary depending on what you have been doing on your device. The more you use iOS 12 the more suggestions Siri will provide you on daily basis.
siri Suggestions
  • ARKit: When two or more people are playing a game or app simultaneously in different devices, it’s possible to interact with each other. But now in iOS 12, there is a persistent track, where 3D objects introduced to the virtual world. Apart from this the user can quit the game and resume it from where stopped. Previously it was done using only 2D objects but now it can also be done with 3D objects with different shapes and sizes.
AR kit for iOS 12
  • Core ML 2: The integrate ML models have now a new version. It works 70% faster and the size of the models can be shrunk up to 75%. It supports all levels of quantization, and models can be updated from cloud services. There is an add-on, release of Create ML, which is a GPU- accelerated tool that facilitates the process of creating. Also, natural language framework was released for dealing with several other general language processing tasks like tagging parts of speech.
create ML 2
  • Improved Face ID: Face ID has got the major overhaul for iOS 12. Using this you can now add two different Face ID profiles to unlock your phone and complete the secure task, that is hidden in the Face ID and password settings, you will find an option to add a substitute face. It is also easy to rescan your face in iOS 12 if the Face ID did not match or recognise on the first attempt.
improved face id  
  • Automatic Password: You can now easily integrate the password API in order to make users insert their password in one hit. It makes easy to share the password from one iOS device to a nearby Apple product.
  • Best Password Management: There are a huge variety of new password features. For developers, the new OS will be able to display password from third-party password manager apps in the QUICKTYPE SUGGESTIONS on your device by using the new password manager API. Users can also share the password among the iOS and Mac nearby devices. Apple has increased the security on creating the passwords. It will not allow the user to reuse the password. It will create a strong password and store it in Keychain. The latest OS brings the autofill support for third-party password managers.
better password management  
  • Various App Updates: The news app users will now have a sidebar to scroll through in order to make it easier to find the stories. For the stock app, there’s a new sparkline that displays stock performance all day. Apple News has also been integrated into the stocks app that allows seeing top stories right from the app.  Can even you see relevant headlines from the Apple News and allows to go through the full article with a tap. Apple also updated the voice memoranda app with availability on the iPad. App also has added iCloud support, allowing you to sync the records all across Apple devices.
variety of app updates
The iOS 12 has come up with a lot of new features that are useful for both users and developers. It brought a lot of new opportunities for and gaming models involved with AR controls, Gesture Controls and Many other. One interesting fact was that iOS 12 was developed to be more responsive, not only in new devices but also in old devices. The faster camera response, faster keyboard response, faster app launch. The congenial devices for iPhone are from the 5s and above, for iPad from mini 2 next.
Are you looking for app developers we krify is here to assist you to get the best app for your business? Just hit the link to fill the form.
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MVP for mobile app

Ultimate Guide to Design and Develop a Web or Mobile Minimum Viable Product

In an entrepreneur point of view, You should be in a state to take the risk of validating your idea. In order to validate first, you need to decide whether the concept you decide to release into the market is feasible or not; is it really going to help the customer or not? All this lies in MVP(Minimum Viable Product). It not only helps to validate but also to understand the customers’ requirements. MVP App and Web Development for Start-ups is the stepping stone for the business success. In this article, we will walk through What is MVP mean?, Why it is Integral to a business?, How to develop it within a short time span? Now let's go in depth to each concept

What is MVP mean?

MVP refers to Minimum Viable Product. MVP for mobile app development is a basic version of an application.MVP is a process where a new product is developed with the core functionalities, to test how the targeted audience would respond to an application. Then, the actual product with the full stack of features will be developed based on the feedback received from the targeted audience. MVP for Mobile Apps helps to test, design and deliver the final product with best that the targeted audience feels happy to use the end product. MVP development plays an important role in both web and app development and designing phrases. Many of the businesses have pitfalls when trying to launch an MVP product for Mobile app or web. This is the reason why we need of building an MVP for a business

Purpose of an MVP for Mobile App

The purpose of an MVP for Mobile App is to launch a product quickly, based on your idea, with a small budget. By this approach, we can collect feedback from the users for the primary product and include it in future monotonies. MVP for mobile apps helps to find the right audience, pull the ideas based on the experience and save time Building an  MVP for mobile app indicates finding the right balance between what actually the business offers to the users and what the users need. The main purpose of MVP for mobile apps is to test the system by minimizing errors. An MVP helps in collecting maximum quality feedback, by targeting specific groups, or the type of users

Benefits of an MVP for a business

  • Focus on building the core
                         Mobile app with MVP majorly focuses on a single idea. The approach of MVP for Mobile app belongs to the ideology of a muscular startup, That builts with a minimal budget in a given time. Having some of the main features can reduce the cost of development of MVP for mobile apps with minimal risk for the test.
  • Opportunity  to test
                       It’s better to test whether the idea will work without investing your whole budget.
  • User intelligence and gather feedback
                        It helps to find out the potential users opinion about how they want to see the final product.
  • Market validation
                        It helps to understand whether the app is for the right targeted audience. It should present your brand well to the users and showcase them how your project is unique compared to others.
  • Less development time for App
                       Less development time implies low cost for app development. The fast the app launched, the fast you receive the feedback. Which ultimately mean to work on the improvement of your app and release the updated version quickly.
  • Less Budget
                  To be the success in the business, it’s all the fate and fact to come in one line, as it avoids spending all your resources on things that may not work so creating an MVP is an easy way to enhance the mobile development strategy.

Need to build an MVP

While starting a business or launching a new product, have you ever invested time in initial idea approval? If so, then building an MVP is the right solution to get to work on your idea from the beginning and test it quickly for launch. Here are the reasons for the need to build an MVP
  • Creating the initial model
  • Conducting initial idea approval
  • Preparing to bring your journey
While developing a mobile app, the whole idea of MVP is divided into two main parts. The initial section refers to business and marketing; because with MVP for the mobile app will help you to launch a survey to identify the best marketing approaches and the advertising platforms which are useful for the advancement of the product The second part refers to the technical aspects. With MVP you can execute major programming and designing features, that helps to make your app unique.

Step by step Guide to building an MVP for Mobile App

The MVP is all that need to test your idea and figure out what exactly will work to properly target your customers.  MVP ensures that the users meet their needs. If everything has been done correctly, then it will be much easier to finalize the product and market it later. Below are the ultimate guide to design and develop an MVP for web and mobile app
  • Market Research
Sometimes, it may happen that the idea does not fit into the market needs. Before you initiate an idea, ensure that it fulfils the target users requirements. You need to conduct a survey because the more information you have the higher the chances for success. Also, you need to keep n eye on what your competitors are offering, and how can you make your idea unique.
  • Express your Idea
The significant questions will rise like what value does the product provides to the users? How can it benefit the user? Why the user buy the product? Before starting your idea. You should be very clear about the estimations of your product.
  • The Design process and User flow
                   The design must be user-friendly. You need to look at the app from the users perspective, starting from the app opening to the final process, such as making a purchase to delivery. Also, the user workflow is an important aspect as it assures you not to miss anything and its user's satisfaction in mind. It is necessary to define the process the stages. You should focus more on basic tasks rather than features such finding, buying, managing and receiving the product. Once the procedure stages are clear, its time to define the features of each stage.
  • List the Features
                  List all the features that you want to include into your product before you start building the MVP for that product, once the building process was done, then cross-check the list. If you have the list of features for each stage, then you need to prioritize the list. Before prioritizing the features there are some questions to answer yourself such as “What do my users want?” and “Are you offering users something beneficial? Next, categorize all the remaining features based on the priority like high, medium, and low. Once you have done with the priority of all the features now you can define the scope for the first version of the product and move to build an MVP. You can create an MVP’s prototype to see the future product.  

Build your MVP

Once you have decided with the main features and have got about the market needs, you can create your MVP. The prototype is not the lower quality than the final product, and still needs to fulfil the customers' requirements. Therefore, it must be easy to use, engage and suitable for the users Build, Measure and Learn Everything is the part of the process: Primarily, the scope of work is defined, and the product moved to the development stage. After the completion of product development, the product gets tested under Quality Assurance engineers, who will work to improve the quality of the product and conduct the first testing stage. Review everything thoroughly after launching the MVP for a mobile app, collect the clients’ reaction to the release of the MVP. With their feedback, you can determine the whether the product is acceptable in the market and also competing with the other products. It's important to collect the feedback from the users where the product is lacking and what features are not needed. After collecting the data start to improve the product, then test, learn and measure the product quality and then test again, this will be repeated until the product is finalized.

To conclude

An MVP aims to solve the users' core problems with the app, by identifying the pain points and then focus on viable solutions. The best way to build an MVP for mobile is to use a manual-based approach, with landing pages and email lists. All you need is brainstorming, planning, designing, developing, testing and advertising for the product within a specified period which results in maximizing the projects’ value to potential customers. Need any help in building an MVP for mobile app and need Guidance? Reach out to us. Krify has very talented developers who will deliver the product up to your thought. Come up with an idea, we will implement it.
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how much cost for food ordering app development

How Much Does it cost to Develop a Food Ordering App like Zomato

How much does it cost to develop a food ordering app like Zomato? is a general question that every entrepreneur or company who want to develop a similar app. In this article, we are writing an answer to the biggest question in your mind.              Zomato is a social application that connects both the food lovers and restaurants. The core feature of this app is to discover the restaurants and the user reviews and ratings. It allows the user to find the nearby restaurants, order food and reserve table. The Ad engine and complicated backend being the most expensive part of developing the app like Zomato. 
Have a glance at one of our On-Demand Food Ordering App here Birryani Application Birryani Application

Benefits of Food ordering App

  • It allows the user to book a table, order food online, rate the restaurant and many more services -- sales Medium
  • It just not only focus on the targeted user but also helps them to be at the top of their customer’s mind by showcasing the food deals, meal offers, discounts in food delivery and many more services -- Retargeting User
  • It’s just not the sales channel but to build the trust among the customers thereby creating the business brand -- Brand Building

Top Features to Develop a Food Ordering app

          Here we are listing the most integrated features of food ordering app on a module wise. To start with their 4 modules to consider in major cases of food ordering app development.
  • User Module
  • Driver Module
  • Admin Module
  • Restaurant Module
          Being a business we are more curious to engage custom, organising staff, organising orders and delivering items on time and more. So we would like to share the most feature that admin module will be consists.

Admin Module

  • Robust Log-in
  • Restaurant Management
  • Application Management
  • Order Management
  • Technical Payment
  • Finance Management

User Module:

      This user module gonna play a vital role in terms of user engagement and food ordering.
  • Homepage
  • Menu (for user navigation)
  • Cart section
  • Search by Food Category
  • Checkout Process
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Order Status and Tracking
  • Help & Support
  • Wishlist
  • Previous history
  • Social media login
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Registration
  • Filter restaurants by cuisines
  • Current offers
  • Address book
  • Rewards, loyalty, and coupons
  • Place order
On order placing successfully, Admin will further process the order to the restaurant desk.  

Restaurant Module

          In restaurant module, we do see the smoother order process followed by preparing the food order and making sure to deliver the same with the help of a delivery boy.
  • Admin Panel
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Payment process
  • Order management
  • Content management
  • Dashboard
  • Accept or decline

Driver Module

      Delivery has developed for a delivery boy. Where admin can assign the order to deliver, track the orders for making sure to deliver in time.
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Order management
  • Status update
  • Sos service
  • Booking history
  • Option to check the shortest pickup and delivery route
  • Navigation from pickup to the delivery route
  • COD
  • call/ chat
  • Push notification
  • Withdraw payment
  • Online support
  • Order delivery
  • Wallet
  • Tracking

The cost to develop a Food Ordering App like Zomato

The development price for a food ordering app like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, JustEat, Faaso’s, TastyKhana, FoodMingo, can be determined mostly by the key factors as:
  • To develop a food ordering you need to decide whether to develop the app for all types of the platforms like iOS, Android, Web and the cost will depend on the type of platform you choose.
  • Design plays a key role. The design for the app should be user-friendly so that the app can engage the prospective customers and existing food lovers, with all the advanced technologies that are required. The design cost may vary from case to case depending on the requirements.
  • Every app has their own unique features and functionalities that will be based on the domain of the industry.
  • It's important to test the application before deployment.
  • In general contractual model food ordering app development model, the estimation is given based on fixed functionalities that which need to be developed in the app.
  • To Hire a food ordering app developer, the complete scenario of food ordering app estimated amount will be changed based on the level of expertise of a developer who has hands on a particular platform.
These apps are the one junction that will satisfy your query department whether it is related to the location, ambience, menu, rating, pricing, home delivery and much more. So, don't waste any more time and get your app which is much like Zomato at price hard to believe. Contact the app developers at Krify today!  
             Well, the cost of food ordering app mainly depends on the type of functionalities to implement in your app. Here are the cost details as per work and time estimation for each section of the development. However, to give an approximate value for a simple food delivery app may cost around $10,000 – $15,000 USD and the below-defined estimate for your app as well
  • Mockups and Graphical designs for Users Android, Driver Android, Users IOS App, Driver IOS App and Admin modules - 12 Working days –$800USD
  • Native Users Android App development - 32 Working days –$2200USD
  • Native Drivers Android App development - 28 Working days –$2000USD
  • Native Users IOS App development - 32 Working days –$2200USD
  • Native Drivers IOS App development - 28 Working days –$2000USD
  • 5 Payment gateway integration with 5 currencies(USD, INR, Euro, CAD, GBP) for Android & IOS apps - 13 Working days –$800USD
  • Backend Admin module with - Chief Master Admin, Unit Master Admin, User Admin with reports, Statistics and Analytics - 35 Working days –$2500USD
  • Web APIS and Database - 18 Working days –$900USD
  • Alpha & Beta Testing - 15 Working days – complementary
  • Deployment to App Store, Play store - 2 Working days – complementary
In India, the cost of developing the on-demand food ordering mobile app will be very low for full stack app development. When coming to Krify, we have a in-depth research expertise & real-time expertise on-demand food ordering app development with new technologies available. We suggest you take a good consultation before stating your food delivery business in any area and of course it is very important to engage thorough research about the companionship.
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Best map apps for your devices

The best  apps for your device — help you find your way around your city

Unexpected delays, traffic and road closures are a daily hassle, and if we go out unprepared it will be a big deal. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way. There are tons of apps that will do the best for you. A country like India will deal many issues with the route, traffic, and address information, and many more. In order to deal with this issue, we’ve come up with some of the best navigation apps for your devices. When you are in driving your phone will handle everything else.
Know more about How to create a GPS navigation app
Here are the list of Navigation Apps for your devices
  • CityMapper

If you’re looking travel around the city, then there’s a better option for you is the Citymapper.  It’s the best and a full-fledged navigation app, available with a fair selection of cities around the world. Citymapper gives you in-depth information on getting around, that includes bus & train timetables, walking directions and real-time data about the traffic in order to get rid of disruptions. In this, you have the option that if you are the regular commuter with up-to-date travel info, then you will get regular updates on the projected traffic during your usual commute times along with alternative routes that may get you there quicker. This app is available for both iOS and Android, even for web users.
  • Waze

Waze is a collection of drivers working together in order to ensure that few people are caught out by traffic and incorrect map data. Waze is constantly updated by the bulk of users using it to get from one destination to another. It provides data about the travel times, traffic and even fuel prices. It allows you to add friends to your app and see them on your map so that you can know when exactly your friend can reach you. It will make sure to be up-to-date with the maps used for navigation. It also works with Android Automation in your car. This will be available for both Android, iOS and also for Web users.
  • DriveMode

DriverMode is not actually a navigation app, it’s more than that with handy interface laid over the top of your phone when are in driving. It is an all-in-one app. But the actual interface of DriverMode is as a safety app, which uses the large screen buttons and voice commands to ensure that access the information that you need. Using this app you can text message with your voice or get a new direction quickly or skip the music player. It is compatible with the latest map apps, music around, even it can sync with Google assistant. Drivemode act as the smart app for those without the smart car. It is available only to the Android users.
  • Here WeGo

Here WeGo is the best navigation app with the all the necessary information that a user requires like navigation, places to visit and detailed routes, also gives you the up-to-date info and prices on all public transport links around you. It supports about 200 countries and also offers current route conditions, using different information like police reports, cameras, twitter feeds, construction sites, speed cameras and other data and also provides a faster route if in need. It also provides offline navigation with an amazing ability to archive the whole continent. It is available for iOS, Android and also for Web.
  • MapQuest

MapQuest provides the user with especially when you use the public transportation for commuting. It helps to compare the local transportation for your route and booking take place right from the app. It provides the quick updates about all the local transportation prospects near you. When we go for a walk, it will show you the burned calories too. More features like automatic re-routing, real-time traffic updates, ETA, the ability to trace the accidents, cameras, construction sites, slowdowns, location sharing, weather reports, and roadside assistance and also offers features of Google Maps like turn-by-turn navigation (Recenter), best route, satellite view, nearby locations to visit and many more. It is available for Android and  iOS
  • Maps.me

Maps.me is one of the best map apps to have which provide them for all kind of scenarios like public transport, traffic info, cycling navigation. However, it also allows using offline like google maps perk. If you are exploring a city, then it will show all the information about the important places to visit and point of interests. It maintains an updated database of hiking trails all around the world. Once the plan for a trip or hike was done, you can bookmark it and share with your friends. It is available in Android, iOS and also available for web that lets you pick from dozens of categories and then sets up filters to find exactly what you need.  
Krify being a ISO certified company have developed many application related to GPS. We have many expertized developers with sound knowledge related to these technologies. If you are looking to develop GPS navigation applications and have queries about native navigation app development cost, contact our team now to get detailed estimations.
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small business app for your businesses

Increase Your Business Productivity via Small Business Apps

In a medium, to small-scale business, we do see a one-man show in-order to get extensive results. It's good that we are the one who initiated a great way to reach more. However, as you on a day to day business need more energy to contribute where a one man needs to have a support of 2+ from where we can get the real business challenges up.            On this topic, We would share a few mobile apps that playing a vital role in a small business journey. Mobile applications play a vital role in the business sector. They are more powerful, prevalent and most important to run the business smoothly and also can change the face of business.           A small business owner can easily automate tasks, stay organised and streamline the processes by using the apps. The business will be more efficient and productive using the apps. There are tons of apps on the market that helps to grow the business. If you run a small business, it’s likely you are on to go a lot. It’s important to have mobile apps to be on top of things. By loading the phone with some best business apps, you can turn the mobile into a toolbox which helps to run the business much better. Due to tons of mobile apps in the market, we made a list of most reviewed apps and makes the big difference in their workflow.           If you are looking to increase productivity and organization or just want to be an entrepreneur this could be little easy by using the business apps. In this guide, we have focused on the best and most useful small business apps that offer a free or represent excellent value for money. Premium features will be available as you grow your business.
Want to improve daily operations? Organize your ideas? There’s literally an app for that, which can krify develops as per your requirement. Want to have app for your business just fill the form here. We will come back to you.
Here are a few immensely helpful small business apps to have in general circumrotation as a small business owner.


MailChimp will boost your subscriber list, send out messages, automate your email campaigns and also useful to create beautiful newsletters. It also has excellent e-commerce integrations such as wooCommerce, magneto and many more.
MailChimp Key Features to consider:
  • Drag and drop email building will be offered.
  • Cannot lose touch with subscribers
  • Automation for email marketing.
Price: Free for new business plans. If the business that grows start from $10 it depends on the number of subscribers list in the email list.

Be Focused

Be Focused is a time -management tool which helps to manage your daily tasks and also to maximize productivity. It is an effective dedicated tool for working people.
Be Focused Key Features to consider:
  • Using this you break a single task into multiple tasks(smaller) and timed intervals.
  • We can schedule breaks either long or short.
  • Create daily goals.
Price: Free!

Wisely for Restaurants

Wisely for Restaurants is used to get recognised and rewarded at the restaurants that you like the most. By that, you can get VIP benefits also reservation priority reservations, and also get the special invitation for events at your favourite restaurants.
Wisely for Restaurants Key Features to consider:
  • Will be treated as VIP at any special events that are held by your favourite restaurants.
  • Will be given reservation priority.
Price: Free


Addappt is the best apps that keep contacts up-to-date without being saved manually. Very useful and must have app.
Addappt Key Features to consider:
  • Better search
  • Easier friend search
  • Better experience for new user sign up
Price: Free


Avaamo is basically for business people. It is a secure messaging app built for businesses. In this, we can have the group chat and one-one chat with both internal and external teams to enhance productivity.
Avaamo Key Features to consider:
  • Group chat, 1-1 messaging, enterprise bots
  • Instant Messaging with delivery status
  • Off the record privacy mode and ephemeral messaging
  • Adjustable Timer for   messages
  • Enterprise Chatbots platform that utilizes AI, Machine Learning
  • Emojis and stickers suitable for Business communication
Price: Free


Inigo allows to create and share a virtual business card by tapping the smartphone. It is a networking app.
Inigo Key Features to consider:
  • Provides real-time networking solutions
  • Avoid carrying business cards
  • Allows sharing of business cards virtually
Price: Free


Fuze is the best app for video calling especially for business people. It allows anyone to attend the meeting for free and allows the user to host multi-party HD conferencing with up to 12 video feeds.
Fuze Key Features to consider:
  • User experience with reimaging
  • Fuze Web
  • Global reliability
  • APIs integration
Price: Free

Facebook Page Manager

Stay in touch with the customers through comments, messages and Instagram messages. This Facebook Page Manager will help the admin to connect their audience and keep up the action all from the app.
Facebook Page Manager Key Features to consider:
  • We can track how the business is doing with the page insight.
  • Stay focused with all of your page notification at one place.
  • Post updates, photos and videos straight from the phone.
Price: Free

Intuit QuickBooks

The Intuit QuickBooks App is very helpful to those handle huge accounts and ledgers. It includes robust tools to track the expenses and sales. Using this we can handle everything straight from mobile devices like sending invoices, accepting payments via email and many more. we can also share the accounts with your accountant for better prepared for tax time.
  Intuit QuickBooks Key Features to consider :
  • We have dashboard business insight
  • We can create invoices and get paid faster.
  • We can manage cash flow and expenses
  • We can view profit and loss.
  • We can handle everything with online accounting.
Price: It is Free to 30days. Later it will charge $10/month.


With the Homebase, we can build employee schedules in seconds, track the team’s hours and manage the labour cost in real time. This app allows chatting among the employees in real time and also messages between manager and employees. It can also manage request time off and trade shifts.
Homebase Key Features to consider:
  • Using this app we can track both paid and unpaid break
  • Retroactively edit employees shifts to ensure more accurate reporting.
  • It is the best app to use because using this we can access to schedules, shift trades, shift covers, time off request and many more.
Price: The basic plan is free. Essential plan cost $10/month/ location. Further plans will depend. Obviously, there are several tools out to help you effectively manage your business. But you don't have to overwhelm yourself by investing in every option on the market. If you’re brand new to the web, use Remixer to get your website up quickly. Then you can add some of the other options on this list to build your brand online. If you're are looking for a startup on-demand business clone apps check out here
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sharing and on demand economies

Sharing Economy and On-Demand Economy Businesses Growth Vision 2020

We all know, How the sharing business economy is got a drastic change with the on-demand ear in the past few months with the power of mobility. On behalf of this we with a proven analogy we would like to share a brief about Sharing Business economy model and On-Demand Business economy model in this blog.

Are you aware of Sharing Business Economy?

                 Sharing economy is an economic model based on sharing underused assets or services for free or for rental basis through the available directly from the individual or an organization. In other words, Sharing economy is defined as a preference of the individual to rent or borrow the goods rather than to buy and own them. It is also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer based sharing.                "Here is an example, you may need to travel somewhere comfortably and luxuriously where you are affordable to book a Premium CAR service in fact not going to buy a car for a single ride."

How do the Sharing Economy work?

                From our childhood, we have learned about sharing. It breeds trust, generosity and compassion among neighbours, cities and citizens. Even now in this internet era, sharing has landed an economic revolution.                Generally sharing economy is built on the concept of collaborative consumption. As per the traditional economic model, individuals need to buy goods. Let us consider the example, if anybody wants to drive to the store or airport, he or she needs to buy the car. All this come under personal consumption.               Only a few individuals will own the goods, but other people can pay to borrow them, it was nothing but sharing. For example, if you owned a car, that has value to both you and the person who wants to borrow  If your car sits idle and you waste its value. Why can’t you earn extra money by sharing the car?               Sharing economy started in 2009 with the launching of the apartment-sharing website(Airbnb). There is a lot of explosion of online companies that enables the strangers to pay each other for a short period of time for the goods or services like home, cars, office space and many more.  Sharing economy has attracted many people which increased the capital venture to billions of dollars.

Evolution of Sharing Economy

              Sharing economy didn’t look out of thin air. Its technological and sociological foundation has been laid over the past 25 years. On sharing economy websites, trust is built by Facebook profile and the user is given rating and reviews on the popular sharing economy websites. In this, that trust is reinforced by face-to-face meetings. For example, let us consider the car rent website. In this, the keys will be handover to the renters and the renter should return the car in good condition. Of course, trust is the way to take you to so far. By this sharing companies, you can add an extra layer of protection to these sharing economy exchange by collecting and paying the money to the services Here are the top sharing economy, categorised by sector that plays a major role in the marketplace.
  • Transportation
  • Home and vacation rental
  • Tools and household items
  • Pet sitting
  • Food and many more.
All the above-mentioned categories majorly use sharing economy for their services to get top in the marketplace.

Pros of Sharing Economy

There are a lot of  benefits in sharing economy:
  • Reduce the negative environmental impacts by decreasing the production of goods needed.
  • Reduces the industrial pollution
  • Community strengthening
  • Low cost of borrowing and recycling products.
  • access to goods to people who can’t afford to buy
  • Increase independence, flexibility, self-reliance by decentralization
  • Participatory democracy will increase
  • Sustainable consumption accelerated and production patterns in cities around the globe.
  • Increase the quality of service by rating systems
  • It lessens the number of unemployed Americans and offers a platform for sellers.
  • It is a form of recycling, reuse and repurposes.
  • It empowers citizens and makes them more productive.
  • It also opens new business ideas.

Cons of Sharing Economy

  • It is unfair to people who earn through this system and takes away profit from businesses.
  • It results in the loss of government revenues.
  • It can lead to fraud and scams.
  • It is simply a new form of capitalism.
        The main motto of Sharing Economy is not to buy a service or goods, but to own it. It’s all about sharing the goods and services with other people around you.

Let's have look on statistics of Sharing and On-Demand Economics

  Sharing and on demand statistics  

Now let us look at What is On-Demand Economy?

                The On-Demand Economy is defined as the economic activity generated by digital marketplaces that accomplish the consumer demand by immediate access to and provides a handy way to the provisioning of goods and services for those who are in the market for them. This is sometimes also known as “access economy”. Presently there are thousands of companies are making the use of On-demand economy. In other words, a platform that directly matches the customer's needs with providers to immediately deliver goods and services.                With the change in behaviour like fast, simple, and efficient experiences of the consumer the on-demand economy is growing at an unparalleled pace. Consumers have given top priority to convenience, speed and simplicity in order to meet their needs. The on-demand and freelance economics will go hand in hand.

How does the On-Demand Economy works?

              The On-Demand economy works by taking the services like food delivery, hairstyling and makeup applications and using technology in order to connect suppliers and consumers. This can be done through apps or websites by signing with their respective accounts to use the services. By entering into the app the customer can input their parameters and can send the request to connect with the service provider.              The service provider will be alerted by the app for the service request and heads out to perform the task for the customer. Once the task was completed, the payment will be done through the technology company. Using this there's no need to share the personal information between the parties as the application acts as the mediator and safeguards the personal information. In this, both parties are promoted to provide feedback and rating for one another, in order to improve the service quality and also to improve the system.

Evolution of On-Demand Economy

             Through on-demand economy, there is a drastic transformation of all the aspects of the marketplace. The on-demand economy is the way in which individuals can manage their daily activities and can interact with the market, but we are just experiencing the beginning of the on-demand economy, by the new orders. We are now at the beginning to observe how these digital marketplaces have the capacity to increase the potential service providers and sellers by using the technology to change how participants will engage in a specific transaction. Here is the list of On-Demand Economy
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Travel  
  • Tourism
  • Food Delivery
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate

Pros of On-Demand Economy

There are a lot of benefits by using On-Demand economy
  • It will fulfil the goods and services, and the ease and convenience of providing the skilled service provider to meet the customer needs.
  • It will the customer to satisfy the needs with cost-effective, scalable and efficient way.
  • On-Demand will offer services to get profits, without the overhead cost that is associated with traditional models.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Ability to work for multiple companies
  • Hourly pay can be high for more experienced workers
  • Freedom from the constraints

Cons of On-Demand Economy

  • Income is unreliable and unpredictable
  • no reimbursement
  • Schedule dictated by peak demand on the app
  • Difficulty understanding tax obligations
       The major idea behind the On-demand economy is to provide the services in a handy way to the customers It’s all about providing the services as per the user requirement.
Krify being an ISO certified company with the expertized team in Mobile App Development Company in INDIA and UK had done many projects on On-Demand apps like Biryani, Instahandz, Craftapp and many more. Just have a look at Portfolio. Do have any idea of On-Demand Business app of yours? Contact our team will guide you with the best app you have ever experienced.
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Self Improvement Android apps of 2018 that will change your life

Android apps are available in plenty topping in the race of technology. Basically, there are millions of apps available in the google store, focusing on gaming, fun, food, movies, music, travel, going out and many more. Among all these let us consider Apps based on Self- Improvement that majorly enhance and improve the way you live. Nobody is perfect, and with this in mind, everyone could do a handful of self-improvement apps to make our lives more efficient with a less tiring affair. This includes apps that remind you to take a short walk every now and then, making correct with your sitting posture, remind to have the glass of water to stay hydrated in your routine day and many more. Since we are constantly surrounded by smartphones, and it makes sense to leave it to these apps and make sure our health is taken care. Here we are going to talk about a bunch of SELF - IMPROVEMENT apps that will greatly useful for our daily life. The Best Self-improvement apps in Android are as follows
  • Headspace
  • Duolingo
  • Fabulous
  • Elevate
  • 7-minute workout
  • Loop
  • Water time Pro


Want to learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier and happier life. Get HEADSPACE app in your smartphone. Headspace App(Meditation App) is a tool for your mind to come out of stress which is developed by ex- Buddhist monk and TED Talk alum Andy Puddicombe. It uses a series of cartoons to illustrate meditation principles. A user can have the ability to choose lessons like focus, health, creativity, and advanced meditation tactics. If you want to get started you need to subscribe, it offers 10-days guided lesson pack. Headspace app is completely uninitiated. android app eyes drive


Duolingo app is a language learning app with the unique experience. Using this app learning becomes synonymous with entertainment by a variety of gamification features. It aims to ensure the unique experience in learning the language with fun and entertainment and can be accessible to all ages. It is a free app using this you can learn languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and many more. android app eyes drive

Fabulous – Motivate Me!

Fabulous – Motivate Me app is a science-based app that will help you to maintain healthy, positive, and routines in your daily life. It is incubated from the duke’s behavioral economics lab. This app is not just a habit tracker with this we can improve our fitness, achieve our weight loss, recover our sleep cycle and reduce the anxiety. We can have life-changing habits like meditation and yoga. android app eyes drive


Elevate app is a gaming app(Brain training program) designed to improve attention processing speed memory, math skills and many more. Using this app everyone can improve their cognitive skills. Every individual is provided with their own personalized training program that will be adjusted over time to get maximum results. android app eyes drive

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute workout app is based on high-intensity circuit training(HICT), this app is proved to be the safest, most efficient and effective way to improve your muscular, fitness and makes you healthier. It suggests the exercise for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds break between each exercise. This app is very useful for getting the results in a very short span of the workout. android app eyes drive


Loop app is a habit tracking app which will allow you to build a steady habit, It will send notifications for that habits you select at one time. The major goal of the app is beneficial to set habits. It will remind your daily habits and also sets a reminder to wake up. It has a dedicated home screen widget with a calendar to ensure your daily habits correctly. android app eyes drive

Water time

Water Time app is very helpful for everyone. This app helps to remember to drink sufficient water that is required for a healthy body. You can track the amount of water that you have over a period of time. You can make a note each time you had water. It is a free app. android app eyes drive   You can get this app at google play store as we mentioned the link to get the download.
 Krify is a mobile app development company and is our great client. Look at our portfolio. We analyze the customer requirements, highlight the features and selecting the best technology stack to develop the layout of the site as per the requirements you mention.
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custom database development


A database is a crucial element for any application. It is the place where the critical data is stored and maintained to perform data manipulated operations. At Krify, we provide customized database development services best favored to the client requirements. We have database experts who can guide you streamline and manage your business processes with dynamic database solutions. We can afford state of the database services for those entrepreneurs in worldwide whose requirement is to efficiently manage and secure their essential business data. To identify what data requires to be stored. Every High-level software application requires the database expert followed by a domain expert as the database is unaccustomed to think in terms of discrete data elements which must be stored. In the field of the relational database design, a concept called normalization is a systematic way to ensure that the database structure is well suitable for the purpose of querying and managing undesirable characteristics like insertion, update, and deletion rules that may lead to loss of the data integrity.

Why to have a Good database setup for your Business?

One of the great tools available to manage are the Spreadsheets for number crunching. But when it reaches to huge data the spreadsheet is going to be a tough task, for example on staff, customers, or your regular inventory updates, you may with getting benefited with a custom software from a more efficient database management tools. Here is why you must consider the replace of spreadsheets with the enhanced databases to help to grow your business…   database components
  • A database which carefully holds your data in a secure and safe environment and can be optionally integrated with other data to avoid manual input.
  • A web application that enables you to use the data in a fast and comfortable manner(with basic Create, Read, Update and Delete operations, as well as with rich search, filter, and reporting functionality).
  • A mobile application that allows you to access the database and leverage its features wherever you are reflecting the demands of today's on the go life.

Types of Database software to deliver for the businesses

Database software development will be provided for a wide range of business
Customer Database softwareCustomer Database software
Outstanding service and maintain a strong connection with your customers through the fast and easy management of customer profiles, contact and related documents.
Marketing Database Software   Marketing Database Software
 Backup your marketing plans with the deepest customer insights.
Membership Database software   Membership Database software
   Keep a focus on tracking of the members, manage fee and events, hire and organise volunteers with ease.
Inventory Database Software  Inventory Database Software
  Which handle the most accurate records of the inventory, by that the inventory management decisions will be done in an easy manner
Equipment Database Software  Equipment Database Software
  Which helps to track the performance of your equipment to subdue and reduce downtimes, optimize the capability with the power utilization of equipment and stay proactive with timely scheduled maintenance operations.
Recruitment Database Software Recruitment Database Software
  Boost the onboarding process and hire the perfect candidate for the post in need.
Real Estate Database Software  Real Estate Database Software
  Helps to find the best match for any request with the convenient management of property profiles and clients.
Employee Database Software  Employee Database Software
  Helps to handle confidential information of an employee at one place. It takes very less time to learn how and when you can reach them. It also monitors time off and payments.
Image Database Software  Image Database Software
  Stores the image content in multiple file formats, leverage the convenient organization and fast retrieval with image indexing.
Patient Database Software  Patient Database Software
  Using this you can manage medical data of the patients without the concerns about its security and privacy due to full compliance with all the domain related protocols and regulations.  

How does the database development works

The actual development cycle starts with a thorough analysis of the business and develops all the way to final user training and after release support. Depending on the specific needs of the business, one can select the most relevant approach from the below mentioned options. Development from scratchDevelopment from scratch: In case of traditional linear approach initially, the demanded specifications are created. In the case of Agile development, continuously adapt to change the requirements.
Requirement Specification developmentRequirement Specification development: The future solutions will be done as accordingly with the precise requirements.

Ultimate guidelines to be followed in order to build the database development software for the business

  • Full data consistency and Safety - Building stable foundations for clean and secure data storage already at the database level, which is the most reliable approach.
  • Swift Response Time - Accurately optimize the future database for your most frequent requests(whether they are writes or reads).
  • Sleek UX - Keep the application inherent and logical to ensure quick and easy user adoption.
  • Spotless Integration - Seamlessly blending your database with other information sources.
  • Profound Support -  Assure Profound technical help to the end-users and the quickest response to any problem with your software.
At Krify, we leverage our DB expertise so that our clients can concentrate on their core tasks without having to worry about the management of their business critical data. We Choose only credible and trusted technologies to ensure the most professional storage of your data. Database: Mysqli, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, Amazon AWS Backend: Php, NodeJS Front-end: Laravel, Symfony, Cake Php, Codeigniter Platform: iOS, Android and windows Let's Take Good Care for your Data. Contact Us.
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migration of apps from Android nougat to android oreo or above

Google Play’s targetSdkVersion – Android Developers Next Target API Level 26 Vision

As everyone is aware of the recent Google IO 2018 event held in may 2018, Google has recommended developers to update to latest Android APIs after August 1, 2018. All the new Android apps that are going to develop should target to API level 26 (Android Oreo) in order to get published.

But, Why should we update apps to level 26 version?

Well, the quick answer for this is boss’s order. As Google is our boss, the reason behind this is that Google focuses on security updates. Also, technology and people are willing to seek for the updated versions, even mobile phone manufacturers releasing Android OS updates to the devices. And if every aspect of the basic things getting updated to the latest versions, then Why not the Apps? Even though Google is working hard on backward compatibility and APIs support, it’s very important to target the new version APIs to fully utilize the latest features and backward compatibility support. This doesn’t mean for app support on all devices but to make sure the app is under more secure and safe.

What do we Update?

In simple words, all your new and existing Android apps instantly. Now let’s know what apps to get updated and when?

Till  August 2018

All the Android app owners who have the apps in live at play store are notified to update the existing apps to target API level 26 (Android Oreo). New apps that are in the development process and even the alpha and beta version apps are required to target API level 26.

From November

From November the developers need to develop the apps to target android Oreo and above. Also, the apps that are not updated will be removed from the play store.

2019 Onwards

Every year the TargetSDKversions will get its requirements advanced to the next level and all the existing apps, new apps need to get targeted to that corresponding API level or higher within the year. One important thing to remember is that the developers remain free to use the MinSDKversion of their choice. And there is no chance to the developers to develop the apps using the older API versions.

How to Update an App in the Google Play Developer Console?

The procedure involved is very easy. There are some APIs which have been updated or even removed from the API level, so if your apps are using those, then you need to get updated the code as accordingly. Here are some changes that take place in recent platform versions:
  • Android 5.0 no longer supports Implicit intents for bindServices()
  • Android 6.0 doesn’t  support runtime Permissions
  • Android 7.0 - User-added CAs not trusted by default for secure connections.
  • Android 8.0 - Apps can’t access user account without explicit user approval.
Apart from the popular Android Nougat, Marshmallow, and Oreo versions, the Android distribution chart shows Android Lollipop at 18.3%, KitKat at 7.8%, and Jelly Bean at 3.2%. Dated versions, including Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, are also a part of the distribution chart with 0.3% share each. android API levels Statistics So, from the above-detailed discussion, you can now get an idea about App updations to API level 26. So now you go ahead and update our awesome apps to provide Android phone users more fresh and amazing user experience. You can also watch this at youtube here that was conducted by Google I/O 2018.
Are you looking for Mobile App developers with maintenance and support, Krify is here to help you in this regard. Contact us.
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Advanced Features of Google Maps

Top 10 Google Map API features for commercial business purposes

Keeping up with google can wear you out which sets to make one of its most popular apps - Google Maps - better with new features. Later Google I/O 2018, the mobile mapping app developers got great visionary of maps from the search giant. The vision of Google maps is all about to become more assistive and personal in nature. Google Maps API, this time has done most of the development changes on the core technology front. Below are some key new features that the great Google Maps came up to integrate into the mobile app for commercial business.

10 Google Map API features 

  • Street View with Panorama
  • Heat Maps
  • Style Maps
  • Ground  Overlay
  • Indoor Maps
  • Marker Clustering
  • Multiple Maps
  • Animation(Transition Speed)
  • Circles
  • Auto Lat-longs

Street View Panorama

The Street View panorama service provides all the users with a real-world experience of an address on the map. Google Street View provides panoramic views(360-degree) from designated roads throughout its coverage area.

Heat Maps

Heatmaps are new visualisation available in the utility library. HeatMaps represent geospatial data on a map by using different colours to represent areas with the different group of points. It shows the overall shape and group trends. It is also known as "intensity maps".

Style Maps

Using Style Maps you can add a map with custom styling to your app. With style options, you can customize the look of the standard Google map styles, changing the visual display of features like roads, parks, businesses and another point of Interest(POI). As well as changing the style of these features, you can hide features entirely, which means that you can emphasize particular components of the map or make the map style of your app. The styling works only on the normal map and does not affect the INDOOR MAPS.

Ground  Overlay

Ground Overlays are the images that are attached to latitude or longitude coordinates, so they run when you drag or zoom the map. This is also described as the images are fixed to map. Other than markers, ground overlays are oriented against the earth’s surface rather than the screen, so rotating, tilting or zooming the map will change the orientation of the images. Ground overlays are useful when you need to fix a particular image in one area on the map. If you want to add huge imagery that covers a large portion of the map, you should use Tile overlay. To add a ground overlay, create a ground lay options object that defines both images and a position. Even you can opt specific additional settings that will affect the positioning of the image on the map. Once you have defined the necessary options pass the object to the google map method to add the image to the map. The added ground overlay method returns a ground overlay object, then you should retain a reference to this object if wanted to modify it later.

Indoor Maps

MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps, which makes the transit from outdoor navigation to indoor navigation completely logically. All the known functionalities and design of Google Maps is brought inside and the user can get directions from any point outside the venue and all the way inside. MapsIndooor can be integrated into existing applications for the mobile and desktop or as a standalone service. With MapsIndoor CMS updating and customising your indoor maps has become easier.

Marker Clustering

When there is a lot of data to show, its bit hard to keep your app from becoming cluttered and messy. One way is to group nearby markers into a single marker cluster. When viewed zoomed in, individual markers are shown. However, as the user zooms out, marker group together into a single cluster marker. You can easily customize the appearance of the cluster maker and individual. It is ideal for visualising a large number of elements on a map whilst minimising cluster. You can see a concise summary of your data when zoomed out and as the markers separate when you zoom in, you don’t lose any details from your data.

Multiple Maps

Which contains more than one map. An added map is used to show an overview of the area of interest that is being studied on the main map. You can even use multiple maps to show different layers of information about a specific area side by side. The portion of an area based on the mouse or touch area of the major map. The number of maps that can be displayed is limited by your hardware. Screen size and graphics processing will manage how many maps can be efficiently used in your app. There is no limit imposed by the runtime. An overview map shows the extent of the main map at a smaller scale and provides a spatial context for the area of interest. When you sweep a map looking at detail, it is easy to mislay where you started or unable to determine how far away you are from features that are no longer in view. To create an overview map, do the following:
  • Ensure you have the main map component with a uniquely named ID.
  • Define an overview map component.
  • Handle the range changed event of the major map and update the overview map extent appropriately.
  • Optionally presents a graphic on the sketch map that represents the current area of the main map.

Animation(Transition Speed)

As Animations are ruling the world now, this effect came even into maps. The transition speed will impact the whole concept of animation effect in the map. Using this you can set the load time and also the time for zoom in and out for the map. This will help for the map to come into existence as per the time set by the user.


Circles will represent the area around us where we locate. The style can be varied as per the user need. The circle covers approximately about 20 to 30 km around us. The circle creation can be done as per the requirement. If you consider a building where you locate and for the tracker who wants to track you will see in a circle that covers the area around you. The design can be as doted, plain line or can be dashed line. We can opt this as per our requirement or convenience.

Auto Latitude and longitude

Nowadays tracking the person's exact location has become a bit difficult, so Google has come up with a new feature named “Auto Latitude and Longitude”. Auto latitude and longitude are used for tracking the person’s exact location, which will automatically take the latitude and longitude values of the area where the person locates. These features need to be integrated by the developers while developing the app.
Wrapping up:
As we are very familiar with the Role of Google Maps in our daily life today. Whether we choose a Google Maps to an app on iOS, Android, or the web, In such scenarios, we suggest you take brief insights of new features as listed above to get integrated into your commercial business apps.
We are an expert Google Maps API developers and ready to help you to integrate Google API's into the mobile apps with latest and stunning feature to your project. Krify has dedicated Mobile app developers . You come up with your thought we will implement it to your expectaions and get free quotation for your business. Also, have a look at our recent blogs related to the Maps: https://krify.co/how-to-create-a-gps-navigation-app/ https://krify.co/the-perfect-role-of-maps-in-mobile-applications/
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school management solutions

Readymade school management solutions | Mobile and Web Applications to purchase

Mobile apps today, becomes the essential part of our life. Can you really remember the time when you started using the mobile apps and when did they sneakily make you addicted to them? It’s like today no one can imagine handling the proceedings of his or her every day without mobile apps, which we specifically have for every given thing. They are controlling our lives and we have no hang-ups in saying so. Here we discuss the schooling apps. Schools, from primary to university, are getting started on the app trends, providing students, teachers, parents and administrators with an easier way to stay in touch. There is a say “The Next Generation” of communication between the parents, schools and students. “Bridging the Gap between Teacher <> School <> Parent <> Student = School Management Web and App Solution”

Want to develop school management solutions? You are at the right spot

Schooling apps have become the profitable online business as people are engaged on the internet to care for their child! As everyone is on the internet at an unexpected rate and this made people connect at one place.
We the KRIFY is here to develop and deploy ready-made solutions for educational apps through online. Our principal goal is to make sure the parent or teacher can take care of each student and also provide user-friendly and viable solutions. Krify has fabulous competency in parenting applications development for a long time. Just check out our portfolio. We parse the customer requirements highlight the features and select the best-fitted technology stack to develop the layout of the site as per the requirements.
Here we go in detail of Schooling app

What is the need for school management solutions?

With the port of school website, emergency notifications, emails and other means of conveying information, one may really wonder what is the need to have a school management app. For your information, a school management solution is not just the trending shiny and classy object which has been introduced just to please the parents. On the contrast, it actually works for your educational institute. The actual intention of the mobile app may vary from school to school, but the ultimate goal remains to have access to the information of the educational institute and engage one-to-one. For instance, it makes certain things easier like:
  • Management of the academic year.
  • Attendance Capturing and Reporting
  • Online Fee Payments
  • School calendar will be checked and synced with your personal calendar
  • Everyday driver contact updates
skooling app

Features of School management solutions

As a school contemplates developing a mobile app, the first thing to consider is to cover every question that comes to the parent mind and an educational institute need to answer. For example, if you are a school owner then you must be familiar with the incoming calls to your administration on the days when there is a heavy rain or in the case when the children have not timely reached home. Now this will be handled easier with the app, without getting into the tedious communication system. So it will really help a lot
Here we will discuss various features of a School management App:
  • School Admin
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Driver
3 apps of schooling app
School Admin
In the Admin Panel, the administrator will be login with the credentials provided. He then can access all the data of the school, teacher, and driver panels. The admin panel has the following features:
  • Maintenance of academic year.
  • Class and section.
  • Managing Students details.
  • Managing Teachers details.
  • Managing Non Teaching staff.
  • Managing Subjects.
  • Managing Exams
  • Bus Route History.
  • License management
  • Fee payments / updates
Teacher Panel
Here in the Teacher app, the teacher receives their credentials to their Email from school management along with the link to download the app. After the successful login, the teacher can see the dashboard of the students with the following features:
  • Dashboard
  • Student Leave Management
  • Attendance Capturing and Reporting
  • Assigning Works to students
  • General comments to Students
  • Can notify (message) to parents
  • Managing Exams
  • Dairy
  • Settings
Parent Panel
In the parent app, the parent gets the License key to their Email or Message box from school along with the link to download the parent app. Then the parent needs to enter the app with the license key to “ADD CHILD”. Later the parent can go for the profile settings. If the parent wants to add another child then the school provides the license of that second child. Here the license key plays a vital role in the parent App. Once the login was successful the parent sees the list of the child’s that he/she added to his/her account. He/she can see the selected child information just by tapping on the child profile picture which allows you to see all the details. Below are the features available to the parent of a particular child:
  • Can Manage more than 1 student
  • Attendance Details track
  • Receiving Notices
  • Apply to Leave through App
  • Dairy – Student Works
  • View feedback/comments on children
  • Exam Notifications
  • Live Bus Track and Drive contact.
  • Notice boards
  • Report Cards
  • Online Fee Payments and reminders and more.
Driver Panel
In the driver app, the driver will be provided with credentials from school management along with the downloadable link. Once the driver installs the app, then need to log in with the credentials provided by the school management. Once the driver login successfully, the driver can see the following features:
  • Bus position
  • Everyday driver contact updates
  • Notify on trip start
  • Track the bus position
  • View list of students in the bus with stops
  • Call parents and contacts
  • End trip history
  • Location Change notify
  • Alerts

The cost to Develop Mobile Apps for Schools Management

The cost to develop the school management solution basically depends on its size and complexity which includes the features. Other than the physical location of the developer and the number of hours spent in the development plays a pivotal role in the cost. Based on various factors here we have drafted the cost to develop a featured school management apps. Time Estimation: It takes 2 weeks to complete a reasonable app with customizing all the modules and 1week for testing with your branding ( Logo, Color theme and branding). There will be no change or amendments in the functionality. Price Estimation: $4500 USD Time Estimation: It takes 3 weeks to completely customize all the modules with language integration and 1 week for testing with your branding ( Logo, Color theme and branding). There will be no change or amendments in the functionality. Price Estimation: $6000 USD Let’s Convert your app idea into a successful business model
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how much does it cost to develop taxi booking app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking App like Uber

The global taxi industry has one of the biggest market revenue of around $100 billion and ever increasing. Though the number is just an estimation as there are many more unregistered taxi operators as well. As per the serve, Japan has the biggest and the most fruitful cab business in the world in stats more than $25 billion of cab business in Tokyo itself.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

reason for mobile apps Those of you who live in largely populated cities like India where the public transportation is a bit hard to bear, the people need more comfortable life during travelling and also car parking has become a mess and also the city is full of never-ending traffic will always love to use private and premium taxi services. Big thanks to companies like OLA and Uber, who started the taxi booking services through the convenience of mobile apps wherein we need not worry about the traffic and parking problems. We can sit back and relax and enjoy the experience of the personal car.

Benefits of Uber-like App

  • Saves you from the trouble of hunting a taxi
  • Reliability with GPS enabling
  • Clarity in Pricing
  • Services are available 24/7
  • Multiple payment Gateway options
  • Cost-effective
  • Most of the booking apps are free
  • Taxi are maintained clean and air-conditioned
  • Security
  • Guaranteed availability of taxi

How to make an app like uber

This post helps the entrepreneur or app developer about how to make an app like uber in both Android and iOS. Anyhow the app developer needs to develop one app for the traveller, one for driver and other is admin panel.

Top features of Taxi Booking App

The Following aspects of taxi booking app development and features of Taxi app are described hereinbelow - Which are in 3 modules
  • Passenger App
  • Driver app
  • Admin Panel
Let us discuss in detail with all the features in each App
Passenger App
  • Registration or Login: The user as usually login or register via the phone number, personal email or social network profile.
  • Home Screen: The user can book for a cab or check the distance between the destination and his current location with the estimated fare.
  • Driver Rating: User can leave reviews, feedback and rating for the individual driver.
  • Ride History: In this, it not only shows the previous history of the rides but also the re-booking to the same trip.
  • Payment: A user can pay the fare very securely saving the credit or debit card credentials, even offline.
  • Push Notifications and messages: The user can text the driver about the current status through push notifications.
  • Real-Time Map Plotting: Using this the user can see the cab arrival by that the user engagement and loyalty will increase as accordingly.
  • Schedule Ride: The user can book now or later options for the ride.
Driver App
The driver app has the same functionalities as registration, login, messaging, help and the push notification as the passenger app has, there are some different features in this app as:
  • Driver Status and profile: Which have the driver details for verification like license, taxi numbers, and other identity proofs.
  • Navigation: Helps the driver to find the shortest route for the destination.
  • Ride Alert: Drivers will get the notification alert if someone books the cab and can set the status fo their availability on or off by toggling on the screen.
  • Reports: It provides the overall invoices, total earning per day and all the rides the driver in one day or during the month.
Admin Panel
              Admin panel helps to manage overall happenings. This will offer a quick overview of app statistics, ride statistics, payroll and all of the data. This enables the whole complicated process look available and transparent. Developing an admin panel is the most difficult one in any taxi booking app development lifecycle. The owner can link the google analytics and other monitoring tools to analyse the overall visual of the app.
Highlights of Taxi Booking App for iPhone
  • This uses the core location framework
  • App uses the Mapkit for suggesting the shortest routes and directions.
  • The User uses the Ibeacon and wifi or both to increase the location tracking from GPS.
Highlights of Taxi Booking App for Android
  • Google location service API is used for tracking.
  • It can handle all types of requests from routes to directions to navigations. The user can also use OpenStreetMap API.
Now, the question is...

How much does the cost to develop taxi App like Uber?

Now their arise a lot of question like how much does it cost to build an app like Uber or Lyft? Though it is a bit critical to answer as the development depends on the number of features can increase or decrease. Still, the estimated price depends on the major features such as -  
  • The platform that the owner wants to build the app - Android, iOS followed by Web.
  • App technicalities to be developed
  • The version of the app to be developed like the beta version or a full feature packed market-ready app.
  • The developers in countries like US, UK and Australia are very expensive, While the taxi app developers in India are quite inexpensive.
Obviously, it takes around to develop a feature-rich Cab Booking Mobile App Development Solution. The time may increase or decrease depending on the number of features. The below-defined estimate for your App development for cab services. For each module
User App
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Users Android App Design & Development 40 Working days $1900 USD
Users iPhone App Design & Development 40 Working days $1920 USD
Users Web App Design & Development 38 Working days $1825 USD
Driver App
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Drivers Android App Design & Development 35 Working days $1680 USD
Drivers iPhone App Design & Development</t   d> 35 Working days $1680 USD
Admin Backend Web Module, Database and Web APIS
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Web Admin Module design & development Database design and Web APIS development 28 Working days $1300 USD
The cost of Uber-like app development in India is around $10,000 to $15,000 USD and apps which have extensive features can go up to $30,000 to $20,000 USD.
So, you want to develop or Create a ride-sharing app like Uber. Great! Need to be the subsequent Uber or Ola or Lyft? Get A cost estimation to convert your idea to reali1ty, Krify has developed many applications for taxi booking apps. You come up with your idea our team will implement it to your expectations. Just fill the contact form here.
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firebase in-app messaging

In-app messages are the guide to drive the conversions – Firebase

Firebase is aimed to make the developer engage with their app active users within the app and manage the users in the right direction with insights collection for taking valuable actions. Here in the use cases for In-App messaging include purchase the in-app item, prompting users to share the app, and more. The fact is, Firebase doesn’t require huge developer skills. It can be enabled by anyone with minimum skills who has hands-on basic development background to send customized in-app messages to a particular group at a scheduled time period and also provides acumens on the campaign performance. While in beta, this brand new service essentially allows you to show simple Alert dialog on your user’s devices while they are using the app to boost your engagement or to guide them towards performing an action. Let’s know

What is In-App Messaging?

The major objective of messages sent with In-App messaging is to “PUSH” active users towards essential In-App actions like subscribing, watching a video, completing a level or buying an item. In-app messages are the guide within the app designed to drive the conversions, increase session time and encourage app exploration.   Let us see some example, you could send an in-app messaging to get the users to subscribe, watch a video, complete a level, or even to buy an item. In this, we need to create a simple campaign message asking the users to rate the app. Once you click on the rate button, the user will be directed to the play store where there will be the list of apps and asked to submit the review for the app. Now let us go in deep

How to explore firebase In-app messaging?

The basic things to do to set up the firebase In-app messaging
  • Connect the app - we need to connect the app with firebase.
  • Integrate the SDK - Then we need to integrate appropriate SDK that fits for In-app messaging
  • Create your first message -  Which involves just sending and receiving the messages without any coding. We can directly send messages from firebase console which similar to sending and receiving push messages from firebase console. You can create a campaign with 3 types for different In-app messages there we can create, modal, image and a banner message. The only difference is how they look and feel the functionalities.
                  Create your model message(Alert dialogue): Similar to Alert dialogue that includes background, text colour, title, image URL, body, button text, button action. message type and color                   Select the target people of your message: Conducting campaign that includes campaign name, campaign description, target app and other conditions. Here are a few types of engagement campaigns target people                    Scheduling the message: This includes the start and end date of a campaign which also includes start time, end time, trigger point, frequency limit. schedule time                    Conversion event: It's an optional one, but you can track the conversion event based on the selection by triggering. conversion event Here we have done with the firebase console setup for In-app messaging. And now if you open the app after sending the message, you should be able to see the awesome message inviting you. The console allows you to track the number of users who have seen the message vs how many of the users clicked on the action associated with the message.
Krify has developed many projects with the firebase console In-App messaging. we Krify are passionate to create value.  Let’s get in touch with your requirement to take it to the innovative level.  Navigate through our portfolio for more information on our accomplished projects.
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Map applications

The Perfect Role of Maps in Mobile Applications

The best thing about using the Mapping app in your devices is that there’s no chance of risk of inadequately wrapping anything. Still better, the Map App charts that everything you need to find the way like Freeways, highways, roads, streets, avenues, drives, bike paths, addresses, businesses and point of interest. Maps in mobile applications play a vital role as they are useful in every aspect of our daily activities. Most of the modern applications are becoming location sensitive. In case if you open a website or application, you can invariably notice that you will be asking for permission to access your location. Many of these applications rely on mapping technologies to provide the information with this context being sensitive. Most of the business apps are coming up with map integration. Maps will give a minute depiction of very large space. It majorly acts as a guide in places where we never visited before. Maps will provide the distance between two places or destinations. With the maps, one doesn't have to depend on anybody for directions. The IT revolution has given the way to GIS(Geographic Information Systems). Firstly know about WHAT IS GIS? ------- Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system build to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and display all kinds of spatial data.

All About the Map

In general, maps offer several services as part of the larger web application. Maps are web-based services which provide detailed information about geographical regions and sites around the world. Maps will also offer serial and satellite views of many places. Mobile mapping technologies are trending the world today. It offers services as follows:
  • It provides route planner directions for drivers, bikers, walkers, and users for public transportation who want to travel from one place to another.
  • Maps application API can embed with the website to trace out the location.
  • Maps for mobile offers location service for motorists that utilizes the global positioning System(GPS) location of the mobile devices.
  • Some of the Map Application will also offer street views and navigate through horizontal and vertical street-level images of various streets of the cities.
  • It also provides the real-time traffic updates

Usually, Maps take help from various sources like      

Maps Partners: In order to have base map up-to-date, we need to maintain the partnership with authoritative data sources with the help of base map partner program. A very large number of agencies will submit the data. Street View: Using the GPS Coordination of vehicles, the surface of the streets view images which can read the street signs and traffic signs. Satellites: Using satellite one can access the high-resolution photograph of the planet. Location Services: Which enables the user to have the live updates of the traffic. Map Maker: In which we can add, edit, news roads or places on the map.

What actually a map can do for you Via mobile device?

  • Get transportation directions
  • Creating a map
  • Measuring distance and ETA
  • Mixing maps information
  • Finding your location
  • Setting routes
  • Getting traffic information
  • Verbal instructions
  • Location sharing
  • Location editing
Now let’s get in detail about each one mentioned above:

Get transportation directions:

Maps are the one best thing that we have in our life which will provide the directions on which the transportation method is available in any place. For example, if you to where can you catch the bus, maps will provide the information.

Creating a map:

If you have trouble finding the exact location of your destination, then you can create the map of your own.

Measuring distance and ETA:

Using maps you plan your travel and schedule as accordingly by clicking on a particular point allows you to know the distance and estimated time of arrival of your destination.

Mixing maps information:

For this, you basically add some more details to the map if you know how i.e you can add some sort of information like celebrity sightings, special occasions and so on.

Finding your location:

In some cases, you are unaware of where actually you are travelling to or where the actual location is in. Maps help to find the exact location you located.

Setting routes:

Mobile Maps help the people to get rid of traffic issues as the maps will provide the live update of the traffic.

Getting traffic information:

Mobile maps help the people to get rid of traffic issues as the maps will provide the live update of the traffic with push notification or pop-up.

Verbal instructions:

While driving you can tell destination to maps instead of typing. Which makes the people more convenient at driving.

Location sharing:

Location sharing in maps is very important for every mapping apps to have. This is basically for the sake of security purpose. In this, we can share our location with the friends, families and contacts whom we want to share.

Location Editing:

Sometimes maps go wrong. In that case, we can edit the location that we entered in.  Here is the list of Map apps:
  • Citymapper
  • Maps.me
  • Here wego
  • Waze
  • DriveMode
  • MapQuest
  • Maps By Mapsmyindia
  • Tomtom India
Mapping is the one best and fascination of human and humanity since the dawn of history. Over time human has tried to develop different sort of maps and mapping solutions with perfect precision. Most of the above-mentioned apps focus on providing the most up-to-date information about your local area and any other related information.
Krify has developed an application on mapping which helps for your business growth. Engage with us to get fabulous solutions for your business.
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Successful Startup Businesses, Amazing On Demand Apps to Clone

Successful Startup Businesses, Amazing On Demand Apps to Clone

In this present era, people are facing many problems to align professional life with personal life. This makes a sense of business often left us with no time to carry out our daily to-dos. so in order to resolve this issue, there comes the origin of the on-demand application idea that actually redeeming, that unseals an efficient way of managing and meet our regular desires. This broad idea finds application in numerous industries in slightly varied forms.               The on-demand economy has drastically affected the people. In general scenario, people have no time to even stop cabs, craigslist and this was done using yellow pages are the only options to find the professional services and also no restaurants are at the doorstep to provide the meals. What actually happens with the on-demand economy  - Search, Discover, Book/Schedule, Consume, Pay and review - as per the customer's requirements; that makes it a more efficient way of consuming services.                When we come to profit generation point and market share, the on-demand economy has grown from $22 billion to $34billion till last year. This was predicted to reach up to $57 billion by the end of the year. Still, you are in doubt to be part of digital on-demand for some x business, Let us make more clear about it.                The on-demand market serves more than 7% of the total economy. The annual on-demand transaction value will reach up to $57 billion by the end of this year. 3 years ago, Only 76 on-demand businesses provide services across 6 industries, but now it was raised to 280 on-demand businesses across 16 industries.                In this article, let me introduce the topmost potential and dynamic on-demand apps that can be adapted to kick-start the on-demand business. Let’s take the top 10 categories that majorly use On-Demand apps for their business growth. The list is as follows:
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Beauty
  • Home services
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Fuel
  • Grocery
  • Labour
  • Fitness
Let’s go into detail about each category and what are the apps comes under that category


             The food industry is an evergreen industry which makes the people feel more relaxed instead of struggling with cooking. so the Doorstep food delivery has become more popular. Mainly there are steps to tackle food delivery as a business - Searching - User generally searches for food as per his/her wish based on the menu, then comes to ordering - ordering will now be done either from one place or multiple places and then delivering - will be based on tracking the food where actually the food  arrives at the destination. The traditional models are hooked down by the On-Demand Economy completely. Here is the list of On-Demand apps for Food
  • Birryani
  • Crafttapp


           The transportation sector is growing very much and it is now leading the world in every aspect of our life using mobile devices and applications. It will reach up to $290.3 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research, Inc. There is a lot of rising in the adoption of on-demand transportation apps globally. It provides services like e-hailing, car sharing, car rental, station-based mobility and many more which thrive transportation sector to peak. Here are some of the transportation apps
  • Myvayk
  • Airbnb
  • Uber


               On-demand beauty apps have been all around the world, but they have not boomed the world. And while these services are available at most popular cities like New York and LA. But now they are available at most of the cities around the world. The services they offered are expanded and going beyond just to the blowout that includes the services from manis to massages. The prices will also be typically pretty comparable with what you spend in a salon or spa. There’s no reason to jump aboard this beauty bandwagon especially during holidays and party season when the time is of the essence. Here is the list of apps:
  • Glamsquad
  • BeautyLynk
  • Stylisted
  • Soothe

Home services

                Home services are also now becoming the leading online on-demand service that came into the world. Due to the busy lifestyle of the consumers, these services also came under the on-demand sector that resulted in surge in the market’s growth. The success of this market resulted in the growth and accessibility of smartphone market through which the customer will get the information and book the service. The on-demand home services bridge the gap between the real world services and the online services that provide the efficient services. The on-demand home services can be handyman, cleaning, home maintenance.  However, the service providers have to maintain the good quality services. Here is the list of Home service app:
  • Handy
  • Takl
  • Helpling


                   Healthcare industry is one of the major sectors in the on-demand sector and is a global trillion dollar industry, Which became the most favourite point for entrepreneurs who want to become the king in on-demand space? In earlier the patients have to visit the doctor whenever they are ill and queue up for a chance to see the doctor. But now on-demand apps in this sector made it possible for them even to order the medicines at their doorstep. Some of the healthcare apps are listed here:
  • Healthtap
  • Babylon


               Due to the competency in the business environment, the correct product is getting to the correct place at right time with most cost-effective manner is the major fact for the business to get success. On-demand apps in this sector helped companies to track the inventory and shipments. Due to this apps, the traditional logbook is replaced to make the job easier. Here is the list of logistics apps that rule the world in this sector:
  • TruckBuddy
  • Shadowfax
  • Jugnoo


                 The on-demand fuel app is based on a simple concept that lets the user refuel their vehicles through this apps, no necessity to visit the fuel stations. The user can request for the fuel just by using the app. The fuel can be of any type i.e even it can be gas. List of Fuel Apps are as follows:
  • WeFuel
  • Filld
  • Booster


                        On-demand Grocery delivery apps are one of the top leading apps in today's world. In tradition food industry has gone through many transformations, mainstream retailers were forced to offer online store and mobile apps that swept the market by storm. Grocery apps made people relax through which the people can have the groceries at their doorstep. A typical grocery app will provide all that is available in an offline store. Using this app everything will be at your doorstep. Some of the grocery apps are a list here:
  • Instacart
  • Zopnow
  • Grofers


                        On-demand labour services that are used to hire temporary workers for a single shift. Job seekers will create online profiles and search via available shifts at companies based on the filters and qualification. Once they apply for a shift, employers can deny or approve the shift. Using these apps, companies can hire the labour very easily according to their requirement. These labour apps are commonly used by hospitality businesses and also used by entry-level office works and general labour tasks. List of Labour apps are:
  • Wonolo
  • Labour choice
  • Labor Go


                  Due to the busy life, most of the people have no time to spend time at the gym or some fitness centres. But these became very easy with the on-demand fitness apps. So that you can exercise wherever and whenever you want. Look at some of the apps:
  • Freeletics Bodyweight
  • Aaptiv
  • Daily Burn
Krify has come up with many of the apps related to this categories. If you are a startup who want assistance to build your own app, just send us your quick inquiry and our on-demand app development expert team will be more happy to help you.
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messaging app development

Steps to develop a successful messaging App

According to statistics, Messaging apps are now booming the world in all aspects. This data combined with the accelerated growth of the user base is good news for the entrepreneurs to create a messaging apps In a modern chat app, the functionalities can be adapted by any chat solutions. An ideal chat will offer solutions for customer-focused business, enterprise level communication, personal chat, and e-commerce chat and many more. Firstly, let us know What is a messaging app?

What is Messaging App?

Messaging Apps are the platform that is used for enabling messages, some of them are started around social networking platforms, But now these are developed into a broad platform which enables status updates, chatbots, payments, and conversational commerce via chat. Some of the messaging Apps are listed here:
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Viber SnapChat and many more
popular messaging apps Some of the messaging apps mainly used by work teams like Hangouts and Some social networking services will offer messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Generally messaging is categorized into 2 ways
    • One-to-one messaging - Messaging can be between two individuals
    • One-to-many-to-one messaging(group chat) - Messaging within a group in which everyone can see the group peoples messages.
Over 1.3billion users of WhatsApp and facebook messenger are most widely used apps on monthly basis. Now it’s time to roll up our hands and get down the business developing the stupendous messaging app.

What is the step-by-step process to develop messaging App from scratch

      • First, we need to decide what actually you need for developing the messaging app.
      • Next Layout the features that you need for the messaging app
      • There comes the design part you need to decide.
      • Then find the app development company with developers and designers.
      • Test the app as accordingly
      • Finally, launch the App.

Features of Messaging App

The basic messaging app contains the following features like features of messaging app From the above all features, Lets us take into consideration,

Basic features of messaging app are

  • User Login
Messaging is not all about sending only text messages or images. Now it is more than that firstly the User can log in either by using email, facebook, twitter. Entering into the app with their credentials is most important for the authentication process. For authentication, the user needs to provide mail and mobile number to access all the resources of the app.
  • Chatbots
Chatbots are AI-based programs. It is very important to understand chatbots. Chatbots are software agents which communicate and collaborate with human users by using voice text messaging in order to simplify the task. This technology was first launched by telegram.
  • Message Broadcasting
Enables users to create a group of selected contacts and sends messages to the people selected frequently. All the people will get the message as normal non-group message. This is mainly used by news agencies.
  • Encryption
This feature is most important to be considered while developing a messaging app. Encryption is a system of communication where communicating user can read the messages. The major goal of this feature is not to get involve third parties to break or decode the data which is being communicated. Security is must have featured in all messaging apps.
  • Cloud Synchronization
This feature mainly focuses on the storage. Cloud storage is one of the best features for users who use multiple devices for one app. This will be enabled when the user enters the other device with the same email or mobile number. They can get back their images, files, videos, audios and even chat history.
  • Geolocation
There are several ways to use geolocation. By using geolocation we can share over live location along with the status change. This feature is used in many applications as the backbone for their marketing purpose. Using Geolocation many businesses can update their product launch to the public.
  • Push Notifications
Push Notification enables the users to check whether any new messages are there or not which serves as a direct mediator between app user and messenger users. You can also know online list people

The cost to develop a messaging App

The cost of creating a messaging app generally corresponds to the sum of the design, development cost. Once development was finished now it depends on infrastructure cost.

Technologies that are used to develop the messaging Apps on any devices

For developing a messaging app one should have knowledge of technologies that are used which are categorized into two. Here are list below
      • Server Side
      • Client Side
      • Server Side
Here are the server side technologies list for developing a messaging app:
      • Erlang - Robust programming language.
      • XMPP - Communication Protocol best fits Ejabberd server.
      • FreeBSD -provides Advanced networking, security, highly stable, and storage.
      • MySQL - Best reliable database Management system.
      • MQTT - reliable way to connect monitoring devices.
      • Pubnub - scalable, realtime, data stream applications with globally distribute data centers and automatic replication.
Client Side Here are the client side technologies for developing a messaging app: For client app, there are a bunch of languages for developing a messaging app. You may use native language for the platform. Where in the case of android you may use java or kotlin or many other cross platform development environment, so that you are done done with your app.  You can deploy it on any platform like Android, iOS or other platforms. Here some key points to consider:
      • App - UI and UX (Android/iOS/Windows)
      • Save data to the database - SQLite/Realm
      • Messaging based events like call network exchange etc - Dependent on API
      • Connection with the server - Via Sockets, XMPP etc.
      • Push Notifications - Based on one signal, Firebase
      • Media and location - Based on Android Media Framework API and Google GPS Maps SDK
From the above all stuff it is clear about basic idea for the development of Messaging Application in any platform. To develop a user-friendly messaging app you need to have a clear vision of both server and client side.
Have a close look at How to create a GSP Navigation App? Don't get panic Krify being a mobile development company had developed such messaging apps like BizzClap, Ocean Chat, NSM(Non Stop Messaging App), Loops, SnapReact. Want to try this check out at our portfolio. Want to develop similar apps interact with our team and share your idea.
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featured of 7babk

7BABK – One stop for Event Management

In our previous article, we touched on the subject of Event Management Apps,  about Wedding Mate App. This time, let’s pay attention to 7BABK focused towards Event Management Businesses.
Krify is an innovative Web, Mobile, Wearable App Development company India. Krify is a leading technology solutions provider for designing, development, and implementation of business processes. Krify has successfully accomplished the development of 200+ applications including cloud integration that was deployed on popular app stores of Apple, Google and Windows under various verticals. As a result of our innovative ideas and committed efforts, one of our innovative mobile app product – ‘Invisible Brace Scan’, has been featured in BBC Radio for its innovative idea which reduces the communication gap between the patient and doctor during the initial consultation process.
7BABK is an innovative initiative towards creating a software tool that would ease out the troubles faced by people scheduling an event. Using this app, any individual or organization can get in touch with the business people or vendors such as photographers, venue arrangements, florists etc for planning any type of events. check their availability for any particular time period and book them.

What are the major features of the 7BABK APP:

The 7BABK app is developed in both Android and IOS Platforms. Which consists of the following functionalism strengthening any event management business with Admin module, Vendor module, and User module.
  • User App: is all about the Front View of the User App where the user can see the list of various event management services to choose from feed and free to book.
  • Vendor App: 7babk is also had a special vendor app, Where Vendors can sign-up with their services list/offering to the event organizers / individual event hosters.
  • Admin Module: This comes with a business through to connect an event manager with the right vendor for making an event successful. All the process between the front end (User App and Vendor App) can be managed from back-end admin modules.

User App

  • User app starts working by installing it on the mobile device with a splash screen popping on screen 3 secs with app name and logo.
  • Later on the first load, User will be guided with a simple tour on how to use the app
  • On a successful tour / either skipping it user will be headed to sign up or sign in form. Here the user needs to sign up manually with email id, username and setting up a password. Either with the user can also use his/her Facebook account for a quick sign-up.
  • After a successful login, the user can be able to see all the vendors available.
  • Also, User has an advanced search function to find the vendor based on the Category, Location, Event type, Size, and Rating basis. Where you can navigate with his/her choice.
  • In case of a particular vendor, the user can view information of that particular vendor as such
  1. Vendor name
  2. Description of the vendor
  3. Gallery of the Vendor services
  4. View Rating & review of the vendor
  5. Address of the vendor
  6. Contact number
  7. Make Favorite
  8. Can visit the vendor website (If available )
  9. view Calendar of the vendor with available dates
  10. Book the vendor with the event type, date, time.(Four types of bookings - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Overnight )
  • User has an option to add any vendor as a favorite, where also he has the option to delete the favorite vendors whenever required.
  • In the current version, User can be able to book the vendor for service. (Where payment could be done offline)
  • Also, User has a choice to cancel the booked slot within 24 hours mentioning the reason.
  • On the other hand, User will get push notification regarding the new vendor registrations
  • In case of Vendor Acceptance of the job, User will get a push notifications
  • The user can view booking history and can review and rate accordingly for vendors.
  • The user has an advanced user control on the app about notifications and has rights to edit and update the profile info.
user screen

Vendor App

  • Vendor needs a verification from the admin before start using the 7BABK vendor app.
  • Once the Vendors has been successfully added them, they can get an email updated with mail id and password. Using which vendor can be successfully login to update vendors his profiles.
  • The vendor can update their profile information like
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Description
  4. Address
  5. contact number
  6. website link(if available).
  • A vendor can also add services and gallery and calendar with available dates.
  • Vendors can see the booking details like username date of booking from users and can accept/decline the user booking and can also view canceled bookings
  • The vendor gets the notification if any bookings had happened from the user.
vendor screens

Admin module

Admin will be provided with a tailor-made administration module to manage both the User and Vendors with a Web Control Panel.
  • Admin will be logged in with username and password from the web backend.
  • Admin has full access to add, view, edit and update, block each vendor as well as the user from the backend admin module.
  • Also, admin can be able to check all information about the vendor like Vendor name, Address of vendor, Description, Reviews, Category of their business and Contact details.
  • Admin has a well organized CMS panel linked to managing all the screens from about us and terms & conditions.
  • Admin can view statistics of the number of users in online and number of bookings and cancellations based on daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Admin can see vendors rating and reviews and also which vendor is getting more bookings.
admin screen 7BABK is the advanced platform as a solution to connect event managers with various vendors who are capable to join their hands for making the event successful with added revenue. On other hands, we do hear from the client that an idea like 7BABK will raise hands to get maximized profits with less time investment when it powered with Automation cycle which makes the people job simple.
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