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Web and Mobile App Development Company in Sheffield

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Sheffield

We Turn Your Mobile Experience To Mobile Enjoyment!

There are many mobile app development companies out there pretending to offer top-notch development services. However, not every company has the track record of keeping their vows.

If you wish to have your app to be created by the Top Web and Mobile App Development Company in Sheffield, then you’ve hit the right page. At Krify Software Technologies, we deliver our commitments. We create a time frame for each development project, and we deliver right on the calendar.

Developing a mobile app in today’s competitive market is no joke. There are most likely millions of apps already well prostrated in your genre. You cannot allow building an app that is below standard. As the best web and mobile app development company in Sheffield, we use cutting-edge technology to create apps that are beyond our present era. We create apps for the future.

Web and App Development Services in Sheffield

We at Krify offer a wide variety of services grouped into various categories under Mobile app development and Website Designing with an efficient turnaround time. We also design highly charming mobile and web apps. In addition, We are into various industries.

Our android app developers are skilled in Android Studio Integrated Development Environment who follow various methodologies, implementing android app development best practices to offer expert level development… Read More!

UI/UX Designers

Prototyping/wireframing tools are the first step to sketch out perfect User Interface and User Experiernce designer interactions. Being the experienced UI/UX web design agency we value highly usable, intuitive designs, advanced graphical designs and latest trends … Read More!

iPhone App Development

iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch. We built basketful of iOS apps, our X-Code Swift, C developers are competently skillful in action to whichever iPhone app development services or iPad app development required to… Read More!

Quality Testing Services

Quality Assurance (QA) teams keep on facing new software testing chalenges with exploratory mindset that helps to quickly identify defects by agile, DevOps, TestOps, lean practices, methodolagies and face new software testing challenges as work to keep pace… Read More!

Website Development Servies

Well-versed web developers through PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Laravel similar advanced frameworks to build robust websites and web apps for complete ecommerce, DB integration, forms and … Read More!

Our Digital Marketing is capable enough to think and implement business lead genration strategies, analytics by using digital tools like Organic & Paid Social Media, Display Retargeting, Search Engine Optimization, ASO, Programmatic Advertising Content Creation…. Read More!

Why to Hire Krify

1. Affordability: Our services are affordable. We develop web and mobile apps for our clients at the best price in the market.

2. Experience: We have ample experience in the mobile technology industry, and our previous clients can testify to our probity as a brand.

3. We Deliver All Our Promises: One thing we can assure you of is that we will deliver your app right on schedule. You can rest ensured that your application development is in safe hands. 

The growing technology in Sheffield. Helping businesses to make life simple by enabling IT services. Recent studies have shown the business who providing logistic services followed by on-demand requirements and daily routines who falls in the following business groups like restaurant, travel & tourism, finance, fashion, entertainment, games, banking, health care, education, real estate, retail and more.

We work with Global clients, With Physical Phrases from UK – Chigwell, INDIA – Bangalore, and Kakinada. Krify is focused to help the Sheffield nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence.

Hire Us for your App Development Project

Initiate to grow your business further.

Krify is focused to help the Sheffield nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence. Conclusion: Why don’t you give your next app development deal to experienced hands? Try us once and you will come back with more jobs done or refer people to us.

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benefits to develop a mobile app for small business

Is Mobile App a Good idea for Small Business?

In a marketplace, every business needs a unique way to show the difference in market and small business is no different. In today’s epoch, mobile apps have become an obligatory part of every young working house, and if it is the small business then there must be an app for the business. As per the research report by App Annie, during this quarter year, there was a lot of mobile app downloads for both iOS and Android platforms which was increased to almost 15% year-over-year.

There are copious advantages of a mobile app i.e from directly connecting to the target audience to communicate on the go, a mobile app can do anything that actually works for the success of the business. In general perspective, most of the people spend their maximum time(75%) in checking their mobile once in an hour. With the inception of mobile phone transmutation to smartphones, the very phase of reaching out to customers have changed. Engaging customers was never so easy with the likes of push notifications and geolocation technology and all these reasons are very much required to small business

Let’s dive deep into the concept…

How the small business can benefit from mobile apps

If you’re not persuaded that an app is worth the money that you spent and also the efforts you kept, then here are the most notable benefits your app could deliver.

  • Update Customers about new developments – The app may be of any type, you apparently want to integrate new developments and those must be notified to current customers as quickly as possible.
  • Easy Promotion of Product – Business with mobile apps makes a better impact than those without. A mobile app will make your business to be in the top and updating frequently will help you to build interest in your products which reduces the money and effort in other promotional techniques, such as advertisements in newspapers and billboards.
  • Engage, Contact with Customers – There is say  “A Good Business Never end buyer-seller relationships immediately after purchase;” for a business to go well. Mobile Apps will help the customers to socialise in real time, either it may be for offering the promotion or just for the opinion poll i.e they ‘re going to pay for the products.
  • Increase ROI – Once you’re done with the mobile app and is available on different app stores and have advertised it online, chances are a lot more than your regular customer will find out about your product which eventually increases for your sales. Mobile Apps can also be integrated with social media; which actually permits the users to share the app in their respective medium that leads to increasing the audience.
  • Gain Customer Insights – Mobile app has the ability to receive a great volume of data about your customers using the analytics. You can evaluate that data to get valuable insights that can lead to smarter investments to increase the ROI. In fact, a 2017-2018 poll revealed that 83% of organisations believe analytics make existing services and products more profitable

Cost of app development for a small business

While it would be very nice if there was a simple number, the truth is it depends on the number of factors: the type of platform you choose (Android, iOS & Web), Hire the mobile app developer, the technologies that are used to develop the app, and the business model you ’re ultimately trying to serve. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the common cost factors that help to build an app

While estimating the cost of the app, we need to consider many factors such as

  • Business Model
  • Type of platform for app
    • Web app
    • Native App
    • Hybrid app
    • Cross-platform
  • Functionalities
  • Design and development
  • Hire a business developer
  • Quality and Testing

Put all these together. The cheapest, quickest option on the market today is probably an app builder site like Krify. If all you need is a simple layout with minimum functionality, app makers can be very economical with tiered subscription plan ranges from $10 – $150 per month.

Want to get the mobile app for your small business with the all the requirement that is necessary. Krify is here to guide you in all aspects. Still in confusion for developing the mobile app for your small business. Please do contact for more details.

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Budget Friendly Mobile Apps

What are the key factors that influence to develop a budget friendly Mobile application?

How much money do we need to spend? How much time the project takes to finish? What’s next? These are the common questions that invariably come to our mind when we start thinking about developing a Mobile application for business.

The key factors that influence Time and cost are

  • The Complexity of the functionalities -Initially we certainly think about dozens of features that our application should have. First, we need to list down the functionalities and start with a MVP (Minimum Viable application) with minimum set of features.

  • The choice of technology stack – The more technical the app, the more will be its development cost and time. Technologies such as Mongo DB, AI integration, Data analytics etc would automatically increase the development cost and time.
  • UX /UI designs and animations – The first look of any application can either be a maker or a deal-breaker. The style of design you choose such as Simple, Polished, Aesthetically brilliant, Innovative etc also plays an important role in cost and time estimations.

  • The type of application – Choosing the type of application such as Native or Hybrid or Web also plays an important role in time and cost estimations.

  • External APIS and Integrations – Third party integrations which will take data from other Websites and mobile apps is another point that affects the time and cost.
  • The Choice of Platform – Mobile platform such as Android, IOS, Windows etc and devices supported such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone X, iPad etc will directly affects the cost and time of building an application.

  • The testing environment – Thorough testing is critical to the quality of a product. An in-depth testing stage ensures app users face minimal issues such as glitches, bugs or lags. In-depth testing such as Cloud testing, Penetration, Security etc will affect the time and cost.

Do you know, your choice of development partner will also impact your mobile application development costs?

Outsourcing your app development is a very important decision to get customized, Quality and Polished application that reach your end customers expectations and competitive in the market. Not all the Mobile app development companies are adequately equipped in planning Mobile app budgeting. As a result of the knowledge gap they underestimate/overestimate the time, resources, and Budget required to develop the  mobile application.

Apart from time and cost, it is also important that the mobile app is professional as well as functional effectively. So, it is also very crucial to partner with right mobile app development company to transform your vision into reality.

In Krify, we have been building Mobile applications for 15 years and our extensive experience equips us to calculate the costs/budgets accurately before starting the project. If you have a clear idea on the type of the app you wish to develop then we will provide you with accurate estimations. Incase if you are not sure of what you want, we are very much interested to brainstorm together to find suitable option that fit your budget.

Contact us today to put your app idea in motion.

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Flashback of 2015: Best Mobile Technology Trends

In present scenario, most of the activities of routine life are now associated with our smartphones. How? Whether it be shopping, ordering food, paying your daily bills, hiring a cab, sending and receiving documents and many more. All such activities are done using our smartphones off course. With the mobile technology growing fast with the lightning speed, mobile apps have also become an integral part of the digital ecosystem.

While approaching towards the end of the year 2015, let’s have a look back at the mobile app trends that were witnessed in 2015.

The fastened mobile app development

All esteemed Mobile App Development Companies are facing the tough time to reach the huge demands of mobile apps from across the globe. With the increasing culture of start-ups the competition among businesses is huge. Every organization wants to reach the audience/customers globally. What other better platform than digital platform. So to reduce the gap between the idea of product and launching the products eventually, everybody wants the App development process to be fast.

This enthusiasm resulted in development of faster mobile app development tools and frameworks. So, the mobile or web app development process is  expected to give key results that leads to rapid launch of products and fast reach into the global market.

Cloud based mobile app development

Many are the mobile applications that have used the power of cloud technology, such as Gmail, Dropbox, etc. Mobile cloud computing has flourished to a greater level and is still expected to boom in coming years. Mobile app developers are still facing many challenges in cloud-based mobile apps development that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising with its functionality and features.

Mobile Apps with responsive designs

The transformations going on in the way smartphones are being used, the consumption of multimedia content, internet banking, online shopping and website browsing and other activities are also increasing. These multiple activities and increased apps usage has led to development of responsive websites in order to support multiple mobile devices. It requires developers to build responsive websites without compromising with its features and functionality.

Importance of app security

The mobile app security is as important as mobile app development. Mobile app developers have been seen to be paying more attention to mobile app security throughout the year 2015.

It is necessary to safeguard every bit of information that is passed through mobile devices. Data flow, functional and abuse cases are some of the typical mobile threats. So preventing the hacking and testing the vulnerability of mobile apps have become a major work area in mobile app development.

Growing popularity of cross-platform tools

Cross-platform mobile app development tool has become very crucial in 2015. The notable thing is that the use of cross-platform tools has grown from 23% to 30% during past six months. So it is very much important to select the right tool. More and more ventures are demanding cross-platform expansion and number of tools are available for mobile app developers who wants to use cross-platforms.

mobile trends 4

Increasing demand in Enterprise Mobile App

Many companies have already opted for using their own enterprise mobile app and are experiencing the benefits of using it. Irrespective of the size or location of the organization, being able to stay connected with the rest of the organisation anytime, anywhere is the biggest advantage that enterprise mobile apps offer. It has made the tracking of critical metrics simpler around the world. Businesses are connecting more throughout the year and the need for enterprise mobile apps will continue to grow.

Mobile App Development for Wearable

Till the beginning of 2015, mobile app development for wearable was focusing more on health and fitness domain. But throughout 2015 we have seen the immense rise in development and usage of wearable. With the launch of Apple watch in April 2015, a huge push is being noticed in wearable scenario. A great potential has been discovered for IoT (Internet of Things) apps as well as for wearable apps. Thus mobile app developers are also focusing more towards app development for wearable platforms in 2015 and will continue to do so.

mobile trends 5

Developing New Apps in New Year

While moving closer to the celebration of New Year 2016, preparing for upcoming challenges is also crucial in the mobile app development space. Thinking ahead and thinking out of the box, is the main focus for 2016.

At Krify, our core competence is building mobile apps and providing solutions to IT related problems. Our expert team of mobile app developers, designers, testers and marketers work together to provide our services at every layer from conceiving the IT product idea to its launch. We thrive to meet the goals of all our clients who comes to us with varied interests of developing apps for individual, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

We are excited to take the ride of 2016 with focus on integration and ease of use.

Hire our mobile app developers at Krify now, to develop competitive and responsive mobile apps in a cost effective way.


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