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News app development

Cost Estimation for News App Development

Do you still remember those days when people would eagerly wait for the daily newspaper every morning? Some people would wait for the newspaper holding a cup of tea, or some may be so addicted to it that they would begin their day with paper in one hand and tea on another. First comes first see, they will first go through the essential headlines to get familiar with what’s going in the domestic and international round. Later after the 2000s,  the electronic media came to the scene with a flood of news channels that run 24*7.

Anyhow time has moved; literally, those days have passed away, and most of you are aware of the original reason behind this; the advent of news and newspaper has caused a prime setback for the print media industry.  

Now, let’s get this into more profound insights and put some numbers and stats to demonstrate how even the big bosses like ‘THE NEW YORK TIMES’, ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA’,  ‘THE GUARDIAN’ have seen the slump in their readership.

Basing on the Pew Research Center, there is a fall in both the circulation and income of the newspapers in the United States that is declined by 10% in the weekday. Likewise, if we consider India, the reader has decreased as per May 2017 report of the Audit Bureau of Circulation(ABC). Even the story is the same for European countries.

Statista shows that the total turnover of the retail sale of the periodicals in the UK has gone fluff significantly in the last decades. As such it was about 3971 million GBP in 2008 which then declined to 2718 million GBP in 2016.

statistic graph for news app
Let’s analyze how news-based apps and social media forums have played a key role in converting the readership of global audiences. According to one of the open data, around 67% of the Americans collect news from social media. Besides, if we perceive the percentage of news app usage in various countries, then Sweden tops lists with 37%, followed by South Korea and Spain with 33% and 27% respectively.

Types of News-Based App

   Before getting into the details of features and discuss the monetization strategy of the newspaper apps, it’s crucial to first look into the two types of news apps.

Aggregator News Apps

   These type of news apps will cover all the incidents that happen all around the world. Aggregator News Apps are widely favorite amongst the users as it makes them aware of the world happenings with just a few taps. You should also put in mind that the news content to be displayed should be very important that must create some interest to read the news. You should be very particular that your app would be paid or accessed free of cost. Even though the story can be of political, crime, business or any other, you can also inform the user about the significant events and exhibitions that held in various cities.

news app

News Resources Mobile apps

   These type of mobile apps for news resources are proven to be more beneficial for newspapers owners and also for web media. You can have the newspaper app development version for your daily. For instance, ‘The Times of India’ has done to improve the number of readership across the globe. In this, the reader will get real-time news updates. It also has the option for their choice of interests such as some may have the interest to go through the sports while some may have curious to know what’s new in the business section world widely. In general election 2019 with a few months away, the news based apps are going to grow up as far as the downloads are concerned. With a news app development that has a broad reach, there will undoubtedly be a boost in your audience.

How to Monetization Newspaper app?

   The newspaper app development will fall within the on-demand app development category. So, it’s vital to decide the monetization of mobile newspaper app. As the owner create the news app to earn more bucks at the end of the day and by choosing the right monetization strategy will lead to the success of the app and gives profits. Here are few monetization technics for newspaper application development:

  • Advertisements
  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Organizing Events

Tips to Design and Develop your news app

  • The idea behind the development of a news app is about being engaging to users and clarifying their questions.
  • The main motto of these apps is not just covering the regional news and events, but to broadcast the real-time updates from all arena of sports, fashion, lifestyle etc.
  • Ensure that the news is continuously monitor ing and is getting published on your app with authenticity.

Essential and must have features for Newspaper app development

So far we have seen the different types of newspaper apps and discussed the monetization of newspaper app strategy. Let’s focus on the newspaper app development features below::

  • Login or registration
  • Creating the user profile
  • Push Notification
  • Smart to filter
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Advanced Search
  • Update news constantly
  • Even access in offline
  • App Customization
  • Audio and video formate integration

Advanced Features for Newspaper app development especially for Admin

  • Ads management
  • Back-end CMS Management
  • Live Broadcast
  • Poll conduct
  • Personalization

How to develop a Newspaper App development?

The newspaper app development will undergo certain stages during the development process like:

  • Determine the requirements very clearly scratch to the deadline of the project to deploy. You must ensure the documents are adequately maintained.
  • Need to decide to have the dedicated app developers for the project
  • App developers will create the prototype of each of the app screen.
  • The app design quality will entail a user-friendly interface. The UI/UX designers will maintain a clear and simple navigation system.
  • Once the designer part completed, then the development team will come into the scene who work for the back-end app, and mobile app developers will begin. The mean stack developers will start coding for the smooth operation of the app.
  • Then comes the QA expert team take over the job who check the coding and the functionality of the app to ensure that the app is as per the client’s requirement.
  • Finally, after the app is tested, it will be released to the app store.

If you are clear with the development process, then you can go for how to grab the skilled app developer?

The ultimate structure development team to develop the mobile app for the newspaper:

Cost Estimation for News App Development

The cost of news app development would depend on the number of factors such as the platforms to develop: Android, iOS and Windows with precise navigation, selection between native and hybrid, appealing UX/UI design, categorisation, and also choosing the app development company.

You can check our Android News App demo here:
android app eyes drive


    The news that every age group of audience is connected as it comprises a variety of niches. The news incidents remained the same, but the news format has changed and become more digitalised.

News app will provide any information in real-time, and its popularity and demand are heightening with time. The time has come to you should look forward to developing a news app, and if you are in search of a budget-friendly and reliable partner, Krify is here to assist you. Reach us today. We are the leading news and magazine app development company in UK and India.

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ionic 3 framework

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Before diving into the main concept of Ionic framework let us understand what are hybrid apps!

Hybrid apps are the one which allows you to build and develop on multiple platforms like android, ios, windows. Javascript, HTML and CSS languages can be used to create powerful hybrid apps. In order to get a path to develop quick and low budget applications, you need to opt for hybrid mobile app development.

Ionic framework is developed by Drifty in the year 2013. It is an open source SDK used for developing web technologies and hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and javascript. This framework mainly focuses on user interface, look and feel of the application. Ionic is built on the combination of Angular and Apache Cardova.

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Ionic uses SemVer(Semantic Versioning)

The framework is updated in Ionic 3.0. Provided a version number Major, Minor, Patch increment the:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes
  • MINOR version when you add new functionality in a backward-compatible manner
  • Patch version when you fix bugs.

When we upgrade our internal version of Angular, we are bumping the Ionic version according to whether the Angular upgrade is major, minor or a patch. Since this release upgrades Ionic to be compatible with Angular 4.0  and it also has incompatible API changes, it had to be a major release.

Compatible with Angular 4

The upgraded Ionic framework is compatible with Angular 4. This introduces new updated features, support the new version of typescript, fast and small applications and many more.

Compatible with TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2

Typescript acquires all the classes of javascript and therefore known as the superset of javascript. Ionic works with the latest version of Typescript same like Angular framework. This upgrade will improve the type checking and build time in your application.

IonicPage Decorator

You can set up deep links into your application using  IonicPage Decorator. This allows an easy way to set up lazy loading in your application and customize the configuration of each and every individual page.

Lazy loading

Ionic 3 supports lazy loading. The changes will speed up your application although they affect the navigation and file structure of your application. Each time you load the application, the components are also loaded and lead to slow down of the app, but by the implementation of lazy loading, only the necessary components are loaded therefore increasing the speed of the application.

Advantages of the Ionic framework

  • Ultimate open source SDK
  • Good availability of Plugins
  • Helps in creating default mobile app UI functionalities efficiently and easily
  • More  pre-styled and predefined components
  • Any browser will support for testing
  • It is enveloped by PhoneGap and Cardova
  • Once the code is written it runs on all devices.


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Beginner Guide For React Native

Want to build a Native Mobile App?

React native mobile app development is on the runway. React native is the next generation of React framework. It is a javascript code library developed by Instagram and Facebook. It is released in the year 2013. Native App means developing applications for different operating systems. React.JS is the framework of javascript used for building native mobile apps. It is the simplest way to start your application as there is no need of installing or configuring tools like Android Studio or Xcode, instead, it uses the React framework including the inbuilt components and API’s. React Native is the future of Hybrid App Development.


“React” in “React Native” indicates that one should have a clear understanding of React and what it offers before starting to build a native app using React Native. Perhaps, having strong knowledge of the concepts of React and JavaScript would help the developers to work with React Native to build mobile native apps.

Better Understanding

React Native uses the same design and React and built using only JavaScript.Same as Android and IOS apps, it uses the same UI building blocks and let the developer compose the rich mobile UI by bringing those building blocks together using React and JavaScript.

React Native Features

  • React:   A Framework for building mobile and web apps using JavaScript.
  • Native:   Use the native components controlled by JavaScript.
  • Platform: Supports both Android and IOS.

React Native Advantages

  • Code Sharing: Can share the maximum amount of code on different platforms like Android and IOS.
  • JavaScript      : Existing JavaScript knowledge is the prerequisite for building the apps.
  • Community  : React Native has a large community which helps developers to get solutions for their queries.



Now What?

By the examples above one will clearly understand what the react native apps are used for. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is also applicable for the technology. Some of the technologies will evolve but take time to mature. Going through the blog one will get the basic idea on how to react native is helpful in building the native mobile apps having knowledge on React and JavaScript. Of course, there is still plenty to learn. Provided the idea,  Hire React-native developers and take a step ahead to develop your native mobile app.

Let’s bring your innovative idea to fingerprints with our association. Have a look at our contributions and do contact us for your idea to come into existence.


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Things To Know Before Choosing Cross Platform Apps Development

Cross-platform mobile app development has gained a great value in recent times. Some companies can focus on having the app for just one operating system. But for most of the businesses, it is not enough to just have an app for one platform. Even the small and medium sized businesses need to have a plan to support various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. in order to target larger base of audiences and customers.

Developing native apps for all the platforms is challenging especially for businesses with limited resources. The solution for this challenge do exists in the form of languages and development tools that is known as cross-platform mobile framework. Frameworks like Xamarin, Phone Gap, Appaccelerator Titanium, etc. can be used to develop cross-platform apps.

Some of the key benefits of choosing cross-platform mobile app development:

Easy Development: It is the easier job for developers to jump in and use cross-platform frameworks. Most of the cross-platform frameworks supports HTML 5 and CSS 3 that makes it easy to work on app strategies for all platforms at a time.

Cost effective: Development of cross-platform apps reduces the cost for obvious reasons that you don’t have to pay to developer for working on different ecosystems separately.

Reusable code: The most basic and amazing feature is that the developer need to write code only once and it can be applied to all platforms.

Despite of having such advantages, one cannot go blindly for development of cross-platform apps. Although the platform like Xamarin provides the convenience of building cross-platform apps, but every business should first review its requirements thoroughly and then come to conclusion whether you actually need the Xamarin app for your business. Because hybrid app platforms have their own limitations too.


Some of the limitations of Cross-platform or Hybrid apps

  • Cross-platform apps are heavier in size and require more space in device as compared to native apps.
  • As a new layer over the native environment you don’t have real control of what is generating as the final code that will be running on the device. So it would be difficult to debug to the root cause of the error or crash.
  • Although all layers except UI layer is Cross-platform, the percentage of transferable code for them can hardly exceed 50-60%. Xamarin mobile solution for code transfer is intended to simplify work with GPS, camera and contacts, but can’t be an option for other features.
  • Popular Cross-platform Xamarin lacks the ability to share code outside of Xamarin. In other words, any code written by developers using Xamarin and C# cannot be shared with other developers that are using only Objective C, Swift or Java, whereas you can import and bind Objective C and Java with C# in Xamarin.
  • Cross-platform introduces its own set of bugs that affect product quality and developer productivity. The problem is not that cross-platform gives a bad product, but that adding any large or complex system to the app tool chain comes with problems and bugs that do not exist in native apps.

The developer may achieve the objective of developing cross-platform apps in time, but the biggest concern is its performance. Developer will have to spend months to achieve the best performance similar to what native apps provides.

To conclude, Cross-platform apps development can be preferred in case where applications are more data driven and requires minimum UI controls, as it would encourage code reusability. Hybrid apps is a good option if you need a simple app. But if you need a complex app with lots moving parts, then the complexity is much more and developer will end up in writing lot of code, almost similar to writing code for different platforms for native apps. This will be a more time consuming and costlier affair as compared to developing native apps for various platforms.

So cross-platform apps have their own pros and cons, but you can decide whether to go for it or not based on evaluation of your requirements. You can also try for technical consultation from active software and mobile app development professionals. Hiring the right resource will help you in taking a right decision over it.

Krify, is a multinational mobile, web and wearable app development company. We have expert team of app developers for various native platforms as well as cross-platforms. We believe in thoroughly reviewing the clients’ requirements and providing them the best possible solution for app development to boost their business. Reach us today for the perfect mobile and web solutions.

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Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses #2016

Why should a Marketing Professional target on technology?

Business or marketing professionals mostly target on technology as the businesses are booming with the technology for instance, E-Commerce business. Marketing professionals are switching more towards  Digital Marketing, than any other or offline mode of marketing.

Technology is playing a major role in all over the world for all kinds of business organizations starting from start-up to the big and well established organizations. Businesses with technology on forefront are booming rapidly even in the race of stock markets.

For all kinds of Business organizations, IT companies are proving to be creating best solutions for creating market value in the business world and do promotions to get more leads from it.

– Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

World Wide Smartphone Sales Share now 10 times high in 2015 #END

Its 10 times high in Q4 of 2015 #END World Wide Smartphone Sales Shares ( Not indicated in Graph)

Why Mobile App Development has become an integral part of marketing?

“Reason Behind emergence of Mobile Apps Development is due to rise of Smartphones usage in world from 2014”

Even though Web Technology is presently giving a tough competition to Mobile Technology, Mobile technology has brought a storm in the digital world, as now-a-days, almost every user has smart phones as everyone can carry the technology to any place, easily.

Which is the best platform for Business Mobile Apps Development?

There are plenty of Mobile Apps Development platforms starting from the Big Hills like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, BlackBerry OS, Bada OS and others to develop an app.

Presently, Android and iPhone users are in abundant in the world. So obviously Businesses targets mostly on iPhone App Development And Android App Development for #increasing their sales and revenue. It is a good idea to get started with iPhone App Development / Android App Development.

We also need to be aware of the booming fields in mobile apps development like hybrid apps. As for future emphasis, it is the best time to start with Xamarin apps platform and Cross platforms apps development through Hybrid App Development in India / Hybrid App Development in UK. Because it is the recent technology that everyone is looking up to, as using it, only a Single Hybrid App developed is enough to run on multiple platforms i.e. single app has a capability to run on iPhone, Android, Windows and other platforms.

Looking for a Mobile app Development Company?

Great! You are at right place. Krify Innovations (UK) Ltd. (Krify) is a multi-national technology Innovations Company specialized in crafting world class Mobile and Web Applications. We built many world class mobile applications particularly for iPhone, Android and Wearable forms.

Krify has a team of enthusiastic Mobile app developers with experience of working on multiple projects for our clients across Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development and mobile apps development. They don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines. Our team of developers is flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients.

#Contact now Krify for Mobile Apps Development or Request a free Quote for your requirements…


Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify

Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify

Looking to Hire Mobile Developer?

Krify has carved a niche for itself in the development especially in Mobile app Development in India | Mobile app Development in UK with efforts of experienced and friendly team who is willing to work more for clients and love to create apps with a passion of creativeness, with a lot of ideas which helps to improve clients’ business. Don’t wait, hire a developer now at Krify.

#Contact now Krify to Hire Mobile App Developer or Request a free Quote for your requirements…


— Survey report on “Mobile Users” in present Generation @2015 December 1st week: TOI —

Today’s world is deeply connected with technology in almost all aspects of life starting from child birth to big wars. Everything is directly or indirectly dependent on technology, as day by day technology is getting advanced step by step. As per recent survey on MOBILE USERS in present era, it gives a driven-out and mind blowing results as follows:

The Mobile Era Modern Generations

The Mobile Era Modern Generation #2015


           Age                                      Percentage of people Dependent on Mobiles Specific App trends
4-10 years 55%

Games: Play Mind games, Action games, and many other apps, Educational Games, fun Apps,

Toy Apps and many other apps

11-15 years 68% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Face book, twitter, emails and many other apps

Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps, Knowledge Apps, and other apps.

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

apart from normal calls and Messages

16-30 years 95% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter,mails and many other apps

Job Search Apps: LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, and many other apps

Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps,Knowledge Apps, and other apps

Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype and other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Paytm Wallet, Google Wallet and other

Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other

Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages

31-45 years 79% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps

Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other,

Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps

News Feed Apps: like RSS, news, feed.

Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages

46-60 years 68% Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other.

Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps

Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls

60+ years 35% Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other

Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps

News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls


As Survey proved many aspects that mobile users are more than 70% and still increasing with increase in use of different mobile apps. Business people are more interested to market their products and services by offering a lot of deals to attract more and more customers. As a part of this, big organizations looks to Hire a developer who are mostly Experienced. If you are looking forward to Hire an Android App Developer or Hire an iPhone App Developer or Hire Windows App Developer, to bring your app development ideas to life, then get in touch with us here for Mobile App Development in India and UK.

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