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Beginner Guide For React Native

Want to build a Native Mobile App?

React native mobile app development is on the runway. React native is the next generation of React framework. It is a javascript code library developed by Instagram and Facebook. It is released in the year 2013. Native App means developing  applications for different operating systems. React.JS is the framework of javascript used for building the native mobile apps. It is the simplest way to start your application as there is no need of installing or configuring tools like Android Studio or Xcode, instead it uses the React framework including the inbuilt components and API’s. React Native is the future of Hybrid App Development.


“React” in “React Native” indicates that one should have a clear understanding of React and what it offers before starting to build a native app using React Native. Perhaps, having a strong knowledge on the concepts of React and JavaScript would help the developers to work with React Native to build the mobile native apps.

Better Understanding

React Native uses the same design and React and built using only JavaScript.Same as Android and IOS apps, it uses the same UI building blocks and let the developer compose the rich mobile UI by bringing those building blocks together using React and JavaScript.

React Native Features

  • React     : A Framework for building the mobile and web apps using JavaScript.
  • Native    : Use the native components controlled by JavaScript.
  • Platform: Supports both Android and IOS.

React Native Advantages

  • Code Sharing : Can share maximum amount of code on different platforms like Android and IOS.
  • JavaScript       : Existing JavaScript knowledge is the prerequisite for building the apps.
  • Community   : React Native has a large community which help developers to get solutions for their queries.



Now What?

By the examples above one will clearly understand what the react native apps are used for. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is also applicable for the technology. Some of the technologies will evolve but take time to mature. Going through the blog one will get the basic idea on how react native is helpful in building the native mobile apps having a knowledge on React and JavaScript. Of course, there is still plenty to learn. Provided the idea, cheer up react native developers and take a step ahead to develop your native mobile app.

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