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Advantage of open source Liblinephone SDK over paid SDKs

liblinephone SDK

Krify developed an application using Opentalk SDK which is not an open source. The main objective of this application is connecting patients and doctors in one platform and avail a video calling option. Once the users register in the app as either doctor or patient they will see the
following features:

Doctor module:

  • Doctor will register in the app and login with his credentials.
  • Doctor selects his/ her specialization
  • Doctor will set the available days & hours, intimating patients that they can book the appointment.
  • Doctor can able to look at the appointments booked by patients and their previous medical records if any.
  • Doctor can set an immediate call with the patient.
  • Doctor can see income, consultations and also the feedback from the patients.

Patient module:

  • Patient will register in the app and login with the credentials.
  • He/ she can see the available list of doctors based on their specialization.
  • Patient can see the availability of the selected doctor and book an appointment
  • Patient can set a call with the doctor.

How does the calling functionality work in open talk?

When the patient or Doctor initiates the call in the same channel, either of one will get connected and waits for other to connect, only then the video call starts.


  •  Until and Unless both the parties connect, the call will not be initiated.
  •  Opentalk is not an open source technology and the price is charged.

Advantages of using Liblinphone to overcome the limitations of opentalk

  • Liblinphone is an open source library providing various features for video calling options.
  • Over here like the normal calling options, either doctor or patient can call during the time of appointment scheduled and the other can answer.
  • This would make an easy process and there is no chance of missing the appointment.
  • Safe, secure and easy implementations of video calls.

You can develop such applications based on your business requirement to enable a secured and quality video calling feature. This helps to grow your business more effectively. You can also integrate this calling option to your existing application. Remember that if you are using LibLinphone SDK to call then you need to use VOIP server.

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