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Phalcon the fastest PHP framework.

Do you want a fastest open source PHP framework to develop, here comes the solution in the evolution of Phalcon? It is having an innovative architecture. Phalcon is a full stack PHP framework built as C-extension. It is loosely coupled, feature rich and optimized which results in high performance.

What do Phalcon offers?

Phalcon offer developers to build very powerful applications with high performance and low server consumption by providing advanced and feature-rich tools.

Why prefer Phalcon?

It is an open source full-stack framework for PHP. Its unique and strong architecture makes it well optimized and performs high. The boon of Phalcon is being memory resident, high offering of functionalities. There is no need of prerequisite knowledge on C language for the developers to work with Phalcon. Its loosely couples feature helps developers to only use the objects fulfilling the needs of the application. Its interface is exposed as PHP classes under the Phalcon namespace, ready to be used.

Develop real-world applications with Phalcon as it is a highly potential framework of PHP. Challenge a requirement and Krify’s team of fascinating developers work to fulfill your requirement. We will develop most viable applications, only thing you must do is to just fill the form or request a call back.

How Phalcon works?

Phalcon framework implements its functionality by using the low-level C language. C extensions are compiled with PHP code on load. Phalcon achieves increasing the speed of application and lowering overhead by

  • Producing a binary executable representation of the code by taking advantage of native compilation. The processor can easily understand and execute the code without any overhead while running bytecode in the Virtual Machine(VM).
  • Phalcon uses optimized structures of C reducing the memory footprint. It also uses static types of C compilers like CLANG/VCC/GCC. These help to perform several optimizations over the code and therefore improving the performance.
  • It has the ability to place variables and data in the stack. These would have a high locality to access.
  • Phalcon operates directly over the user code and this is the reason why branch prediction is made easy. 
  • Performance on existing execution profiles is improved as Phalcon uses Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)
  • Phalcon reduces the computation overhead as it has direct access to the internal structures and functions.
  • Phalcon relies on several internal design aspects of PHP such as memory management, garbage collection and its internal structures. The improvement of any of these aspects has a positive impact on Phalcon’s performance as well in PHP.