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VOIP Client Application using LibLinphone SDK

About Liblinphone

Liblinphone is an open source, high-level library integrating SIP voice/video calls and instant messaging features into the application by single easy to use API.  Generally, telecommunications is made up of two things namely media and signaling.

Media includes transport of voice or video, encoding and decoding whereas signaling includes routing calls, ringing, accepting a call and many more.

Liblinphone is a cross-platform SDK which aims at bringing the mentioned two things together and doing most of the things automatically. It uses Mediastreamer2 for voice/video streaming and uses belle-sip for SIP signaling.

All variants of linphone are directly based on it:

  • linphone (gtk interface)
  • linphonec (console interface)
  • linphone for iOS
  • linphone for Android

Belle-sip is a modern library implementing SIP. It comprises a simple HTTP/HTTPS client implementation. It is written in C language, with an object-oriented API.

Mediastreamer2 is a lightweight, open source and powerful streaming engine specialized in telephony applications especially for voice and video.

Functions of Liblinphone

  • Multitasking: Liblinphone in IOS supports multitasking for the applications which it is integrated with. For example, it notifies the user about the incoming call when in background mode.
  • Networking: SIP/ RTP networking
  • WWAN connection: Liblinphone relies on BSD socket layer for networking which is of iOS standard. WWAN connection automatically brings up the networking request made by an application.
  • Managing IP connection state: The network state changes when the IP connection moves from WIFI to WWAN, or DOWN to UP.

Uses of Liblinphone

  • Place and receive calls
  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Manage proxies and presence
  • Configure codecs


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