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Difference in the features of Angular and React frameworks

angular vs react

Angular vs React is a trending topic, and the interesting thing is that both are popular, advanced and best choice for front-end development. They are one of the best javascript frameworks which are used to create interactive single page applications (SPA).

You might wonder which framework to choose as both are having their own advantages! Look at the evolution of these front-end frameworks

Chill out folks, I will explain you the differences between their features, which would make your work easy.  

Top 5 differences between the features of Angular and React frameworks of javascript

  • Dynamic UI binding
  • Reusable components
  • Routing
  • Opinionation
  • Data binding

Advantages of Angular.js

  • It helps you to create responsive, seamlessly navigating and quick loading of apps and websites.
  • Allows Rapid prototyping
  • It has simple architecture and makes easy for developers to develop advanced features.
  • Easily manages heavy and huge web applications which contain complex components.
  • Lesser code and increased development efficiency
  • Save time for development by helping the developers to use the same chunk of code.
  • It supports the Model-View-View-Model software design pattern.
  • It supports both end-to-end and unit testing.

Disadvantages of Angular.js

  • Debugging the code is difficult.
  • The framework of Angular.js is complicated

Advantages of React.js

  • Easy to learn and use for the developers
  • Components are reusable, which allows the applications to easy to develop and maintain, therefore saves time.
  • An open source library
  • Easier to write with JSX
  • Great development tools which make design and debugging easier.
  • Virtual DOM in react.js makes developer work faster and user experience better.

Disadvantages of React.js

  • The high pace of development where the developers should constantly update their skills and develop a new way of doing things.
  • Poor documentation due to which developers update their own documentation with the evolving of new releases and tools


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