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The technology is evolving at a faster rate adding a great boon to the users. Wearable technology is the present trend, where smart electronic devices are worn on a body as accessories. One of the most popularized wearable devices is the Smart Watch. This technology is being evolved and incorporated into health care, navigation systems apart from commercial uses. Smart watch is a wearable device that puts smart phone on your wrist syncing phone over Bluetooth.

Smart Watches can be used to

    • Display the notifications and text messages sent to your phone.
    • Remind your appointments and events.
    • Track your health and fitness
    • Track the location using GPS
    • Get the news update

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement”, so measurement is very important to live a planned and wealthy life. The below mentioned functions are paired up together and displayed on a single unit. They can only collect data and hence can be used for collecting only the general information about one’s well-being.

Wearable devices collect data of users health which include

    • Heartbeat
    • Calories burned
    • Steps walked
    • Time spent exercising
  • Some of the Healthcare wearable devices available in the market and the purpose they are used:
Device Name Purpose
Pebble time
Android sleep app
Sleep Tracker
Fitbit surge Staying fit and energetic
PIP Getting rid of stress
Withings Blood Pressure To keep blood pressure optimal
Fitbit Aria Weight and body fat tracker
AliveCor Heart Monitor Keeping the heart healthy
Viatom Checkme Measure body temperature

Future work There is no threshold for the evolving technology, to our surprise, there are many astonishing inventions going every day. The wearable technologies is being developed rapidly raising an “awe” factor and in future there would be finding devices that add real value to our daily lives.

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