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Try new Group chat on Linphone 2019 VoIP Community updates

Linphone Group chat

As we all know this digital era passes over Internet Protocol-based telephony network over the router, hubs to establish a communication between the server and client. The VOIP Powered Softphone Dialer Apps are playing a very important role in VOIP communication today.

As we are a  Renowned Mobility provider of the softphone, We would love to provide more knowledge to the users about Linphone. Linphone is basically used for free voice or video calls. It is an open source SIP Phone which can run on any operating system like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux irrespective to the platform. It makes communication among people easier .it is includes different languages like French, English. It allows us to interact freely with voice, video, and text messaging over the internet.

In Recent years there came many messaging apps which lead to the gradual decline of the standard text messaging. The common and interesting feature of any messaging app is group chat functionality and it is available on most popular Instant messaging apps and is more general in many VoIP applications. Linphone, as a free SIP communication application it aims at providing a free alternative for text communications which allows multiple participants to get involved.

The whole Linphone’s team intensively worked hard for several months to get the new concept of Group Chat and the time has come to announce that the Beta Versions for Linphone iOS and Android are now open to test this exciting function!

Following are the

Features of the newly available group chat in Linphone Beta Versions

  1. Allows to send and receives messages from multiple devices
  2. Create text sessions in a way that multiple participants are involved
  3. Naming other participants of the group as admin and this can be done by the admin who created the group
  4. Add participants or remove participants from the group
  5. Share images, videos, documents and other files among the group members
  6. Get notifications in the group when added or removed a participant
  7. Can see message delivery status that you send for the group messages.

This group chat feature is one of the particular of group communication in real time in this SIP world. The RCS promoted by GSMA endorses many RFCs to specify about how group functions can be implemented. Linphone the IETF standards and for signalling it implements many SIP-based RFCs for call establishment and instant messages. Working with SIP and related IETF and GSMA/RCS recommendations we implement group chat avoiding complex developments which do not bring required functionalities.

Like every other application, even Linphone has some drawbacks which will be fixed soon according to the users’ requirements.

Some noticed limitations are

  • video quality issues when calling former Linphone versions
  • no tablets support yet
  • group messages delivery status set to displayed even if only one recipient has seen the message
  • Interactive Connectivity Establishment is not available
  • video quality issues when calling former Linphone versions.
  • not available on X86 Android devices

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More about Linphone

Linphone development is an emerging technology Linphone started getting popular subsequently, Linphone has become compatible with big operating systems like Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Desktop clients and with an ideology of growing mobile technology of iOS, Android, and cross-platform with easy to use connectivity for making calls. 

Read more about Linphone at our previous blog: https://krify.co/voip-powered-softphone-dialer-app-development-best-suits-of-linphone/

Common features of Linphone

  1. Audio & HD video calls
  2. Multiple calls management
  3. Call transfer
  4. Audio conferencing
  5. Instant Messaging with message delivery status
  6. Pictures and files sharing
  7. Call quality indicator
  8. Secure user authentication
  9. SRTP, ZRTP and SRTP-DTLS voice and video encryption
  10. Account creation assistant

These are some of the features we can find in any device which we take for granted even though there is a lot of code behind it. With the increasing technology, Linphone also has some advanced features which are developed to meet the increasing demands of the people.

Advanced Features include:

  1. Audio Codecs
  2. Capability to configure multiple proxy accounts with different transports
  3. Video Codecs
  4. Hardware accelerated H264 codec for Mac iOS and Android
  5. Less bandwidth mode for audio calls over 2G networks.
  6. Adaptive bit rate control algorithm: congestion control and evaluation of available bandwidth, in order to optimize audio & video quality
  7. Innovative RTP jitter buffer algorithm, which quickly accommodates to very jittered network conditions and improves control of audio latency
  8. Call handover across network access type change
  9. DTMF support using SIP INFO or RFC 4733
  10. Integration with push notification

VoIP mobile app development is very popularly known for its contribution to the Linphone SIP, VOIP development environment, and customization solutions. Linphone brings us a competency to develop a Simple Android VoIP Calling App.

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