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Microsoft Signs Android Apps -‘App Comparison’

Microsoft Recently launched an Android App called ‘App Comparison’ and its complete persistence is to tie up apps installed on your android device to those which exist on the Windows 10 platform.

AppComparison App for Andorid Devices : sing’s a Hybrid App soon by Microsoft’s

App comparison may seem meaningless, but it has focused on the goal that signify that “App store on Windows 10 enabled phones is growing slowly, and it will definitely result in growing app base for Microsoft.

It will not take too long time for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile to stand as a biggest Competitor for Android and IOS Mobiles. If it builds more and more Apps to build its own strong App base like Google play Store has, even more similar apps. i.e., Cross platform apps using XAMARIN Development

Appcomparison App

Appcomparison App by Microsoft for Android Devices


The only drawback of windows till now is that they didn’t have much Developers as there are for Android. Now as HYBRID APPS came into light, Windows platform is also available as Universal Language that single code can work on all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and others like Xamarin.

Presently, developers are looking forward to develop more Hybrid apps rather than single platform apps. Microsoft’s are going high with this, day by day.

To kick start the sales of Windows Mobiles again, Microsoft has launched App Comparison app. App Comparison allows user to select two things that you find most interesting like Entertainment, Education, Health, Games, Lifestyle, News & Weather, Photo, Videos, Productivity, Sports, Travel, Friends and Family…etc. from your android device to show either the same apps or related app which are available on windows store. They will help customers with the transition process, before they migrate from android device to Windows devices.

Hybrid Apps like Xamarin Apps are being developed more out by Xamarin Developers for windows and cross platforms. Market report says that Smartphone users are increasing day by day and are considering strongly to switch for Windows 10 and Windows Operating systems. So the first step in making the changeover as simple as possible would be to install App Comparison & see which apps they are already using on Android and are available on Windows 10 as well. In addition to finding coordinated apps, it also recommends others that might also be something more useful. It’s a pretty straightforward and basic offering, signed by Microsoft’s Hybrid apps supportability in future.


Do you know who are Professional Developers of Hybrid Apps ?

Krify has consummated innumerable projects of development with Xamarin programming. They have competence in building IT products using Cross Platform. Xamarin  Apps arrival with new exciting features will bring storm in the domain of app and web development.

Contact now Krify Team of Developers


How to hire a Xamarin Developer / Hybrid Apps Development Company ?

If you are in need of experienced Hybrid app developers, Krify has a team of Xamarin developers who have sound knowledge on Xamarin, Cross platform Apps Development and experience of working on multiple projects for our clients in Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development. We don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines framed.  Our team of developers are flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients.

Hire a Xamarin App Developer hear !



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HoloLens – Augmented Reality & Virtual reality

Everyone looked Over Google Glasses, which Google first exhibited off in 2012, coupled with the Internet and overlaid images and graphics over what wearers saw with their own eyes. The device costs $1,500, which includes apps with basic functionalities.

Now… Microsoft is coming with project with Hologram 3D images in front of your eyes and overlays them on real-world environments named as “Microsoft HoloLens”.


HoloLens have two main Functions included to develop advanced technology which is dealing with HOLOGRAM and LENS.


HOLOGRAM: Hologram is an object like any object in real world, instead of its presence being made entirely of light. i.e., physically a hologram made objects can be viewed from different angles and distances, just like physical objects. Holograms made in 2-D, 3-D, looks just like any other physical objects in your real world.

Holographic objects are non-touchable, doesn’t have physical mass which can be operated by gestures, voice, and environmental understanding on an untethered device. The holograms you’ll see with Microsoft HoloLens can seem life-like, but they are movable, they can be shaped and changed according to the interaction with users or the physical environment in which they are visible.



LENS: The Lens is used to see the holographic objects in dimensions and which helps the user to interact with holographic objects to view in front of the eye, on a wall or anywhere user wants to view. Gestures to create, shape, and size holograms can be viewed with lens.

Microsoft Window 10 is the first platform ever to support holographic computing with APIs for understanding on an untethered device. Windows 10 holograms are Universal Windows apps. All Universal Windows apps can be made to work as holograms. This leads to totally novel ways for us to communicate, create, and explore. Microsoft HoloLens allows you to place holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world.

Microsoft HoloLens is able to generate a multi-dimensional image visible to a user, which User can observe and view as holographic objects, in the physical world



Interaction with HoloLens

HoloLens use gestures to create, shape and size the holograms. Microsoft HoloLens understands your movements, look and voice, enabling a way for you to interact with content and information obviously. Holographic computing involvements with Microsoft HoloLens are dissimilar from current experiences, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Augmented reality (AR): The user sees a layer or screen of data that joins the real world or where the device’s camera is pointed. It is not the same as being able to see holographic objects located in exact physical locations or objects in the real world.

Virtual reality (VR): The user is entirely immersed in a computer-generated reality called virtual world. While immersed in a virtual world, users are best advised to stay seated or keep still to avoid collisions with physical objects that they cannot see in the real world.

HoloLens allows user to enjoy the digital life while staying more connected to the world around, transforming the ways you create, connect, and explore.

Develop holographic apps:

All holographic apps are Universal Windows apps, and all Universal Windows apps can be made to run on Microsoft HoloLens. Start building Windows apps with team Krify. Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) makes it easier with us. We have a single app package to reach all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

Our step by step approach for Development of Holographic apps:

  1. Discussion on client’s idea
  2. Blueprint procreation for apps
  3. Data-driven and analytics based approach for app designing and development
  4. After successful testing, efforts will be focused on publishing Windows apps
  5. Working towards fabricating Monetizing strategy for your apps.

For more information about features and specifications of #HoloLens, please follow our another post –

HoloLens – Features and Specs

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HoloLens – Features and Specs

The Holographic objects are non-touchable, doesn’t have physical mass which can be operated by gestures, voice, and environmental understanding on an untethered device. The holograms you’ll see with Microsoft HoloLens can seem life-like, and can movable, shaped, and change according to interaction with users or the physical environment in which they are visible. The Most Obvious Features of HoloLens are listed as hear !

HoloLens lets us to yonder (beyond) the screen:

User can figure holograms to fine-tune a design. User can also interact with Holograms to learn new things. Its multiple perspectives can be used to share your ideas by showing it through Microsoft HoloLens.

HoloLens enables you to make decisions more confidently, work more effectively, and bring ideas to life before your eyes.

Your world as a canvas.

Microsoft HoloLens perceptively maps your room and mixes holograms with the environment around you. As per your convenience, you can pin holograms to locations wherever you want to.

Natural way of interaction

You can interact with the system to create and shape holograms with gestures. Communicate with apps using your voice and navigate with a glance.

Teach and learn in new ways:       

Hololens - features and specifications

It’s easier to show than to tell. See it and from their tablet or PC, take image, sketch it with hands and show them rather than telling. Using HoloNotes in Skype, friends and colleagues can see your environment using their tablet or PC and draw the instructions that appear as Holograms in your environment.


Create what you imagine:

Create your own holograms and share them with others. Use holograms to visualize how something will look in the physical world whether it’s a new piece of furniture HoloStudio will even let you turn your holograms into physical objects with 3D print compatibility.



Visualize your work:

Go beyond what a 2D and 3D render can do by working in three dimensions. Pin holograms to physical objects so you can size and scale them in real time.

See your world in new way:

No wires, No Screens, No Buttons, just transparent lenses interacting freely with holograms without losing sight of your world.

Advanced technology exclusively from Microsoft partnered with Asus

Microsoft HoloLens project has partnered with Asus, as the world’s most advanced holographic supercomputer. Advanced optics, multiple sensors, a custom holographic processing unit and many more advanced features will allow user to interact with holograms in your world.

Hardware Specialities:

  • Designed for comfort
  • Power and grace
  • Built-in speakers
  • Spatial sound
  • Sensor fusion
  • Custom holographic processing unit
  • Advanced optics

Microsoft has partnered with innovators that would help the world work in 3D.

Microsoft Employees are associatively working with Design professionals, engineers, architects and over 700,000 monthly dynamic developers to create rich interactive experiences.

  • Autodesk
  • Unity Technologies
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • Sketchfab

Microsoft HoloLens devices will begin shipping in first quarter of 2016 to developers in the United States and Canada. Microsoft is looking for creative developers to help them and build an active, dynamic community of holographic future with us. The cost of this advanced device will be $3,000 per device.



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Xamarin-A Pioneer in the Creation of Hybrid Apps

20th and 21st Centuries witnessed the best inventions and innovations in the field of technological advancements, after mankind evolved into a civilized soul, through many centuries. Beginning with Charles Babbage’s giant computer till the latest sophisticated apps which can be held with ease in our palms, every human imagination is being brought to life with Human intelligence.

In the recent years, markets have been flooded with Apps which are compatible to iOS devices, Androids, iPhones, Smart Phones, Windows, so on and so forth. Most of the apps we have today bear compatibility only with one of the devices mentioned above, which means that they have limitations. Hence, the market share of such apps is not sizeable to a greater extent. How about developing apps which can be compatible with any device of any functionality? This refers to the creation of Hybrid apps which have become a huge hit among the gadget and app freaks in the international market, in the recent times. Hybrid apps put an end to most of the limitations faced by the usual apps which are compatible only with limited devices.

We have one such app and platform which is capturing the attention of most of the app users and the companies which are into developing sophisticated mobile apps. One such sought after platforms across many nations today, is Xamarin. This has solved the limitations and challenges of the earlier apps. Companies which are into developing mobile apps today are exploring Xamarin to make the best use of the freedom it has provided.

Cross Platform

Xamarin is a cross platform implementation created in San Franciso, California 4 years ago. The purpose behind this creation is to facilitate building apps and environments which can be compatible with multiple platforms without being restricted to being compatible only with Android devices or iOS devices or Mac or Windows, individually.

Xamarin gives freedom to developers for building apps in various platforms and makes it possible to create UIs which are unique with respect to functionalities. The beauty of this concept is that you can stick to a single code and re-use the code for building apps across device platforms.

Krify started researching on Xamarin two years ago which resulted in realizing remarkable benefits. Krify’s talented team of App developers have gained experience in developing apps with Xamarin. Krify can proudly state that, they can build any hybrid app with Xamarin based on the requirements put forth by the Clients and Customers. Please contact our Sales Team if you have any interesting App ideas or plans to implement quick solutions using Xamarin..

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Xamarin- Framework for Native Apps

The Mobile World is changing day by day . In this healthly competitive World , Every business requires Mobile app to face their competitors and to promote their services. In such Scenario the real confusion is whether to go with Native Apps or Cross platform App?

Native apps run directly on the mobile device. They make use of the hardware features available on the device, such as a camera and sensors such as an accelerometer, a compass, etc where as Cross platform mobile development refers to a technique of writing a single codebase for apps that will eventually be used on different operating systems.
Recently Smart developers will take the advantage of toolset like Xamarin to reduce bulk of the development process.



What is Xamarin and why its users are increasing day by day???
• Xamarin facilitate the mobile developers the ability to quickly and easily create applications on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices in a fully native manner, but from a single code base.

• It respects the uniqueness of each platform and does not force developers to create apps that look the same on all platforms.

• Xamarin technology allows Developers to keep Native UI across all three platforms.

• It is integrated with SDKs of all of the different operating system.

• Using allows developers to automatically test iOS and Android apps immediately, on hundreds of devices.

Hence, Xamarin has brought technology a step ahead. It provides solution & allow developers to create UI’s unique to each platform and functionality that can be reused on another platform . Please check updated version of this Blog

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