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Informative Website Development

6 Steps for an Informative Website Development

These days Informative websites are executing a significant role in intensifying the business branding. The design of the informative websites is primarily focused on content as they are created in order to afford a branded resource for potential customers. A good website design can serve as an outstanding sales tool in generating leads to your business through the content it holds, by providing information about your business to multiple people across the globe. Having a great design for informative website matters,  as the information will be helpful to showcase your business services and products.  So are you looking for an informative website development company in India? Then it is crucial for you to be aware of the web development steps for informative website Here are the web development steps to design the perfect informative website.

Steps to design a beneficial Informative website for your business

There are several steps you need to follow while developing an informative website. Some of the important steps include

  1. Planning features and the purpose of your website
  2. Choosing the best platform that suits your website
  3. Considering the Layout and the Navigation from the HomePage
  4. Design that includes the theme, template, colours, images or videos etc
  5. Working on the content which displays the information to the targetted audience.
  6. Various testing methods and modifications before publishing your website.

By following the above steps you can develop a successful informative website for your business. Let know the steps for the development process in detail

Website development planning

Step 1:  Planning

It would be helpful for you to spend as much time possible on planning as there is no point in starting the development process without a proper plan and then wondering what to do. Designing a website without a plan is like trying to construct a building without the planned architecture. Here are some aspects you need to look into while planning for the development of an informative website.

  • What are the required features of the website?
  • What is the purpose of building your website?
  • Who is your target audience?

Once you have answers for the above questions it means you are ready to step into the website development process.

Website development Platform

Step 2:  Platform

Choosing the right platform brings a huge difference in the developing website for business. There are many platforms available to be considered. Here are some of them.

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • Joomla

Website layout

Step 3:  Layout and Navigation

Any web development services providing company should have a basic idea about the importance of Layout and navigation in website development. A decent and simple homepage allows the user to feel comfortable and easy. The layout of your website should be in a way to navigate people around your site.

  • It should be clear on where you want your users to visit next after visiting a particular page and the designing of the informative website should go accordingly.
  • You need to add only the necessary pages instead of inserting all the dummy and non-useful pages which may confuse the user.
  • Make sure that the navigation bar is visible on the website.
  • Last but not least,  You web pages should have the titles apt, short and clear.

Informative Website Design


Step 4:  Design

Design includes various aspects like theme/template, colours and images. All these aspects play a vital role in the design part and if they are ignored it can bring a huge loss for your business growth.


There are many stylish templates available ready-made for the website development purpose and you can choose the best from them that matches your business industry.  There are free and paid templates you need to experiment with different templates before choosing and in paid templates you can not customize according to your interests so make sure to see the demos before approaching them. To make the safest choice, go for static header image with content where you get many elements.


Colour is the first thing the can impact the user’s mood while using your website. The colours you choose should be of good combinations. Do not go for a gaudy colour that can bring a negative impact on your website. Bright colours can be used to highlight any important key points or logo etc. Understand the meaning of the colour before using them.


Images are the eye-catching sources of your website as visual content helps in more engagement. Obviously, there is a difference between hearing the information and seeing the information with added images. One thing to keep in mind is not to overload your site with images more than required as it can slow down your site.

Informative Website Content

Step 5:  Content

Content plays 80% of the role in developing informative websites. With the quality of the content, alignment also should be taken care of. There is nothing so unattractive than a website with large blogs of text in a row. SEO should be considered as it helps your website to get more traffic and you and write to the targetted audience. Use more keywords in order to be ranked at the top in the google searches.

Informative website testing

Step 6:  Test and update

Once you are done with the website development part there are still a lot of things to be done.  Before you publish the website test it. Test your website using various testing processes. Testing is the only way to make your website more efficient. Your website should work as it works on the desktop. It should not take hours to load, testing the user’s patience. Check all the features if they are working and once you are satisfied with the way your informative website works you a make it live.

Informative website development takes a long process as the content should be developed in a way to make it clear, the whole company’s services and the products in detail. No matter how best is your website, you still need to regularly update your website. Having good maintenance and updations will help your website to stay on the top.

Krify, a leading web and mobile app development company in the UK, and India. If you are planning to develop an informative website and looking for Informative website development company in India, you are at the right place. We at Krify has a huge experience in website development and our web developers are well expertise in developing various websites which include developing informative websites. For more information reach us here.

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Guide to Formulate Web Application Development Team

Guide to Formulate Web Application Development Team

Websites are the common fundamental tools to interpret business. A site can raise the traffic of customers and even lower the image of a company’s brand based on the design and How customers feel convenient with that website. If the site is diligent and it comprises pages that take too long to load then definitely you lost the market, this is the reason a great web app development team requires.
The quality of web design can massively affect the potential to pull and convert clients. That’s is why leading brands invest more time and effort on developing compelling pages that are simple to navigate. Moreover, bold designs are vital tools for any successful website. Even the most attracting sites are doomed to fail if it doesn’t work correctly. That’s why a team of talented web developers comes in handy. The combination of web development services and web design can bring the best functioning to your website promoting an excellent functionality UX that boosts your bottom line.
The unit includes system administrators, webmasters, web application programmers and project managers. Let see in detail about the web development team structure and key skills for a web developer.

Requirement and roles for Web Development Team Structure

1. Business Analyst or Project Manager

Business Analyst is the 1st person comes under Web Development Team Structure. Understanding the business requirements and noting the functionality and the plan regarding condition is the leading role of a business analyst.
A manager role involves planning and organising time and resources to implement the job successfully. The technical designers, developers, testers and architects play a vital role, and they coordinate the resources, the project flow and interaction. So the project manager required to set the resources and tasks in proper align with maximum efficiency and minimum sequence.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining project requirement and further analysis.
  • Managing required documentation.
  • Resource and Activity planning.
  • Motivating and collaborating team.
  • Communication with clients.
  • Maintaining the scope of the project.

No matter how much the project is demanding, make sure it includes project manager in web software development team.
The distinct qualities that you look for project management are resources management capabilities, multi-tasking clear communication and leadership qualities and knowledge on few latest technologies. These skills assure the project on track.

Krify is best in maintaining project managers.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers start with understanding the business flow and user interaction sequence by creating basic wireframes and solutions according to requirement flow. They required to work on users interaction likes buttons, screens and visual elements. Obtaining such designs would be great for your project.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Design Prototype.
  • Develop wireframe.
  • Understand the user’s idea.

A better design is more about user interaction developing the live websites ending up with eye catcher designs are generally gaining a client’s attention.

If you require such designs, krify can help you to grab clients and attention for your business website.

3. Web developers

It includes Front end developers and back end developers.

Front end developers

They take the initiation of static designs and convert into fully functioning web apps that work. HTML, CSS JavaScript, Jquery, Angular, Bootstrap are some of the technologies that Front end developers familiar.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Providing technical feasibility of UX/UI designs.
  • Optimise interactive user elements for maximum scalability and speed.
  • Semantics for SEO optimisation.

Back end developers

The back end developers are responsible for designing. The designing and user flow are perfect; then the data storage is implemented correctly. Server, database, Mysql, Php, Mongo DB are some technologies that come under back end developers.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Database development, implementation and management.
  • They work on cloud computing, API Integration.
  • The role includes Security checks, Backups and restores.
  • Release new app versions.

Look for the developers that write robust code with good logic systems. Make sure the system is robust and also web app developers should have task management skills and good communication.

Such developers can be chosen from Krify, providing a great opportunity.

4. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is vital to web application development team. These people test every function and feature in all stage to ensure the quality of web application. They recommend improvements to make the app more bug and error free.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Conduct website functionality test.
  • Testing the web application compatible with different browsers and platforms.

Quality Assurance is one of the vital requirement for complete good build by web app development team. Without this QA analyst, the web app development team is incomplete.

Krify has well quantified Quality Assurance Analysts.

Whether the team in small or large, it doesn’t matter. Generally, a small size team depends on talented members with many skills, and the large size team includes more specialists with less number. Communication may become an issue as they don’t specialise much. Generally, Agile methods work more with a small group. You can reach out at our blog about tips and benefits of the app developer.

Great Skills for Forming the Web app development team

How difficult task to construct a web application development team structure be? So that the reason many organisations takes help from the external web app development company. So, there is much demand for web app developers. So, let us see the skills of a web developer.

1. High-grade project Management skills

The lacking in quality project management skills can never be a success in developing your business. So you will require a person who can act as a business analyst to take up the responsibility of managing the resources. Thinking critically in different situations at different aspects that intently counts the best ability in managing the client’s project. Along with technical knowledge, he should good at multitasking and highly responsible as he should meet the capability of the client’s idea and requirements.

2. Fabulous Design skills

The development and design both are crucial stages and there is no way to skip or replace. Designers are always involved in the whole project from the initial step to the last step. There are more responsible for developing wireframes, devising the navigation mechanisms, processing the requirements that require for web app development. A team that lacks the design skills will not carry out effective design implementation. Their need improves the quality of web app development.

3. Imperative development skills

Development is the main stage of the entire process. So it requires more coding skills. They evolved with processing the complete layout and need to implement it to develop a web app. This team should look typically familiar with various platforms and languages.

4. Outstanding QA skills

After the deployment of the web app, there should be quality testing, and there should also be QA analysts. These experts have to perform tests on the web app. It is their responsibility to sketch and explain to developers that is there any improvement that hinders in final development.

5. Market experience:

No web app development is complete until the products get in the hands of users. No web development team lacking in good marketing skills make a successful web app, indicating the need for a skilled marketing and sales team. These professionals are familiar with improving various marketing strategies.


Hiring a software development team is never an easy task. A Good web development team is a crucial step to get the success of the web app. The Web software development team should have the ability to manage projects from initial stage to the final stage. And inevitably require good technical knowledge, consistent team and flexible. The success of web application depends on how the web development team approaches skillfully.

Krify is one Such, Web app development company India and also based in UK. It ensures the best skilled and experienced professionals that meet the client’s requirement. For more information contact us.

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HEalth and fitness website company in india

 Fitness Website Design company in India

Health is the one active processes as it needs to change consistently. Health and fitness is the basic and major problem at this time, with the rise in the pollution along with the food habitual, inactive lifestyle and with many more reasons, there is a huge decline across the world in health.

All these factors boosted the growth of health and fitness awareness among the people. Even the government was taking steps to bring awareness among the people with the proper support of the doctors. There are a bulk of health industries has opened up with new opportunities for health and fitness experts. Based on this major factors, a lot of health tips website and apps along with all related services for health and fitness raised over the globe. These health and fitness applications provide online services to the society. There comes the rise of health and fitness design company is all set to grow at a phenomenal rate worldwide.

Everybody know today we are willing to participate in the regular activity and give them for the health and fitness to the core so they are ready to do essentially anything to sojourn healthy, looking at the alarming trends in the discovery of new diseases every year. So, we need to always prepare yourself and ignore all the bad conditions on the daily routine and start the physical work in favor of own health. It is commendable development in the psychology of the people because it is believed that “health is wealth”. You have unique health and fitness apps which takes the role of your fitness trainers, health experts, and apps which monitor your daily workouts, jogging, exercise, yoga, and the likes.

Krify is the one best leading web and mobile development company based on UK, US and India design the best health and fitness apps or medical e-commerce website with a clear business objective in mind. Either you search for clients, patients or to construct your online presence, we modify your site to achieve this goal. We offer a quantifier of packages plus custom solutions for enterprise-level companies from crossways the health and fitness business.

It not just looking around. However, your health and fitness application design must be beautiful, it must also be instinctive and clean, not clear and cluttered. Fitness Website development company India uses the correct palate, photos, and graphics to seizure who you are as a brand. Placement of exclusive design basic like revolving header graphics plus eye-catching buttons would speak straight with your audience. We have a professional team of developers for health and fitness website development who offers you the best development solution for health and fitness.

Speed up revenue growth with our high impact, high quality, high responsive website design that gain excellent competitive benefits with a world-class group of website designers, programmers, developers, and marketing specialists. While you go for ranking in the search engine we have highly experienced and qualified marketing team who can place the website in the top rank with all the traditional online presence by following the various marketing strategies

Advantages and Features of developing Health and Fitness website at Krify

  • Search Engine friendly: Today, Most of the searches are classified into categories where the search engine like Google even dividing the Health and Fitness search results more based on the strength of inbound marketing levels in the website.
  • Mobile Friendly: Today people are adopted to mobiles than a computer or hand-held based work style.
  • Personalized URL: Rather choosing the business domain itself, The brand is playing a vital role. Krify team can be able to provide you a great branding that suits your business profile.
  • Social Media Integration: Having an account on social media does not grab a business. Integrating and interlinking the profiles with qualified staff will help to get the best branding and business over time.
  • If you want to go for the next level, a custom software and mobile apps are the choose to touch the clouds in your business and Many more.

We increase your website’s visibility on the goods with our best social media promotions and user-friendly applications. With our most talented application designer, we developed the best applicate and attractive websites. Now, everything searches online for educational information, health tips and guidelines, online business and many more. We developed various website and business application according to customers need and user-friendly. There is dedicated and extremely talented content developers team who provide unique websites contents and based on keywords as per websites features, to make it popular in Google Search and visible in various search engines

Krify is your partner towards guarantee achievement in health and fitness website development in order to help you achieve your business objectives. We develop the best websites for all types of domains like travel, feedback, food, medical, education and many more.

Fast track your norm online application development schemes with our group of business web solutions specialists. Bring your idea to market rapidly and competently while confirming security, scalability plus compliance. Health and fitness app or website design company in India brings experience as well as the history of achievement of constructing high performance, a mission-critical norm web application for health and fitness. Our custom SEO promotions to online repute rescue projects, our group has done all it plus we are ready to aid you next. Capture high capacities of online traffic plus convert website visitors into new customers, growing your returns and profits.

Also, read our blog Next Level Healthcare Advances With Mobile Apps

Get your website ready at Krify with the best quality have ever seen before. Contact us today for business need.

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how to choose the web development company

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company for your Business

Web Development becomes the first priority for any online business. With the rise of the digital economy all over the world. The digital era also bought a plenty of developers to support the businesses around. If you observe the challenge here is, the global growth of web business services has lowered the quality of service. All the web project will be successful, only by selecting an experienced web development company. A full-fledged website overhaul is a big task for any organisation. You need to make sure that you have chosen the best web development company that can boost the value, reach and effectiveness of your organisation’s web presence.

For instance, I’ll tell you something about me, it’s maybe an addiction or habit. I’m very passionate to have an old historic home. If I could purchase a very doomed home and restore that home back to its former grandeur. Yet, I don’t just buy any and all historically condemned homes. Initially, I do some specific research process that would take myself down before ever purchasing the historic home. Likewise, the buyer despite the product or service will have a specific research process before making the purchase opinion. One must know that 90% of the buyers actually do online research before making the purchase decision. Here is some process to be followed before making the purchase decision when it comes to buying a historic home.  as per my perspective, I will research on the properties history such as tax, past owner, any tax liens, pros & cons, discuss with friends and loved ones, inquire with the previous owner, current market cost & compare with another home in that area, collecting further information that is not listed, price and also make the list of updates that to be made to the home etc. when taking a decision about a home.

When it comes to web development, what all the researches we have to do for choosing the best web development company? No matter where you are, the market is steemed with web design and development agencies for you or your company. So how do you go about choosing the best development company? Here are few tips for when you are ready to board down that path:

Before Reaching Out, Do Research on the Web Development Company

Many agencies are really polished these days. As per the prospects that a web development company will be only reaching out based on the search engine rankings – i.e an individual/firm will type the specific keyword into the search network and pick the top 5-10 companies that rank for that particular keyword.

Now that firm/individual will start the research on that web development company’s website. Initially, they look at the site design, how the overall website appearance and if they can find exactly what they are looking for — quickly. Based on the content that is provided that individual/firm will choose to either call the company or skip to the next company on their list. Now,

what type of information should we research when it comes to selecting a web development company?

Company History –  How many years has this company/firm been in this business?

Company Team – Know how large or small is their team? Do the team can give an idea of their, oneself traits. Check can you coordinate well with them? Inquire with those parties who have worked with these firm previously. Ask their experience and working process with them. List the pros and cons of the firm.

Special Team – Know whether the firm has the specialized and expertise team for individual efforts.

Company PortFolio – Well experienced firm will have the list of the portfolio that they have worked previously. Go through the portfolio and look at the recent design and development work that the firm showcased. List the likes and dislikes about their works. Feedback is a great thing that a web development company will consider.

Responsive Website – Another key factor to consider is to check whether they have the mobile-friendly website and can be a specialize in responsive design.

Search Rankings This is another important factor to consider that the firms that are looking to increase their search rankings. Is the company is come up with location-based web development keyword? Local search engine ranking is “HUGE”!

How Responsive is the Web Development Company?  

Once the research was done on that particular web development company, now it’s time to connect the firm via email or phone. By this, we can know how responsive the company is too. Look for that company that is genuinely interested in studying more about your project and/or internet marketing needs. It’s very challenging for a web development company to give the exact estimate without understanding your goals and needs. Responsiveness is the major factor to consider for any company.

  1. Do they respond to the phone and/or call within 24 hours?
  2. Do they respond to your first inquiry within 24/48 hours?

How to consider which company is going to be a good fit?

This is very important to share your web development company how much you can set your budget for your particular project. In order to justify or qualify a web development company is best fits. You can ask the questions as follows:

  1. What is your hourly rate?
  2. Do you have a fixed price point for web design and development?
  3. If my budget is X, can you work with that budget?
  4. What is a consistent timeline for a website to develop?
  5. Do you have a demo web design/development process? What does that look like?

But…. it’s just not always the cost that fits or unfits a web development company, in some cases you just don’t coincide well with the person on the other side. A web development company is more than just a vendor, they are actually a business partner that truly cares about the success of your business. Be ready to be in this business connection for the long trip.

In reality, by performing a few things diligently, you can be confident that your next choice on picking a web development company is a solid option.

If you are interested in acquiring more about how we can help your organisation unlock your digital problems and reach your full online potential, or would like a free consultation for your project, get in touch today.

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