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5 best features to consider while developing a job search application

Want to develop Job search apps like Naukri and Glassdoor?

This blog mainly focuses on the people who are thinking to develop a Job search applications like Naukri, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.

There are many job hunters in today’s world and it has become the stressful barriers in everyone’s life. There is an explosion of job searching apps which is making people hunt for jobs rather than searching. The job search service is being provided 24/7 from any place. The applications are also providing many benefits to the user other than searching jobs like resume preparation, connect with recruiters, networking opportunities, connect with recruiters, review the employee feedback, able to view the pros and cons of the company and many more.

Categories of job search applications
  • Job discovery
  • Employer communication
  • Professional networking
  • Job applications

The giants of job search applications are Naukri, Glassdoor, LinkedIn which are booming the current generation. Interviews, preparation of resumes, salary negotiations, etc are made easy for the job seekers with such applications.

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5 features to consider while developing job search applications.
  • Allows job search by key skills, Companies, Destinations and Designations

The search option is the most important feature in any job seeking apps. So while developing a job search apps make sure that there is a search option provided for the users which allows them to find out the desired job by their key skills, destination, designation and the company. There is an additional feature which you can provide the users like filtering the search which helps them to get a more productive and relevant job. The more viable and transparent the app is, the more users will be inclined. One of the transparent feature is that showing the salary structure in the search results.

  • Get Relevant Job Alerts

One of the fundamental features of any applications is to get relevant job alerts. Though people are seeing and hunting for jobs doesn’t mean that they can spend time on some useless stuff or unnecessary information which does not match their profile. So it is a must have feature to send the relevant jobs for the users and help them to get their dream job as they desired.

  • In-app communication

Communication is the key factor in any domain and it is applicable even in job search applications. We know the fact that use of technology increases our comfort in fact the in-app communication make the communication more easier. Users always wanted to be heard, so while developing a job search application one should be aware that it is very important to include messaging platform to the users which helps you to increase the expansion of the product.

By conveying the communication as the key factor, we need to understand the ways of connecting to the job hunters which are

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Push notifications

These will make users updated regarding their desired jobs, new job postings, evolving trends, job openings, and many more. Once the application is submitted or in progress the job seeker is also allowed to contact the recruiters and admin with these in-app communication.

  • Premium Membership

The app users who are seeking for the jobs can avail the feature of premium membership and get the extra added benefits compared to regular members. Those having premium membership have the more scope for their resumes to be viewed by the recruiters. The users availing this will also be reminded about the best offers and deals being provided.

  • Privacy by Cloud management

While developing the job search applications, developers should keep in mind the most vital factor which is nothing but privacy of the users. The data is managed securely by implementing the cloud technology. The data which need to protected is as follows

  • Information of the job seekers
  • Resumes of the job seekers
  • Profiles of Recruiters

So by adopting cloud management the information is stored securely therefore protecting the entire business integrity.

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