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Apple iOS 11 release

iOS 11 Release Date And Powerful Features Unveiled By Apple

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced a major update regarding the iOS version. iOS 11 was introduced at Apple’s annual conference but the release date of iOS 11 is not announced and it is expected to be out in the autumn, most probably in September. But you can try iOS 11 earlier by signing up with Apple’s special programme and iOS developers can start making apps for the new iOS 11.

If anyone wants to download the new software, you have to sign up to Apple’s public beta for software. Then you will receive an invite to take part and you will be able to download the software. Do not fall prey to online guides, which claim to have provision to download iOS 11. This kind of download is very risky and you will be compromising on your personal data as well as the health of your phone.

iOS 11 will be bringing many exciting and powerful features to the iPhone and iPad. This is the biggest update for iOS software for iPad. With iOS 11 Augmented Reality (AR) will be coming to hundreds of millions of iOS devices. It will also bring a platform for developers to develop iPhone and iOS apps that allow users to treat virtual content to the top of real-world scenes. Core ML also gives an opportunity to developers to adapt on-device machine learning abilities. Let us find out what is there in the box for Apple product lovers and developers. Along with this iOS will bring hundreds of new features and updates for iPhone and iPad users.

AR Experiences for iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 will be delivering the biggest AR platform in the world and which can be used by developers to start developing amazing AR experiences using ARKit. AR experiences to the iPhone and iPad will be brought by using built-in camera, motion sensors in iOS devices and powerful processors. These features will help in experiencing immersive shopping, interactive gaming, industrial design, etc.

Siri with iOS 11 – More useful and more powerful

Siri is used by 375 million devices in every month across 36 different countries. The new updates for Siri bring better voice, better clarity in voice and better inflections. New male and female voices will be available which will be having an adjustment with intonation, emphasis, pitch and speaking tempo. Siri will now be able to do translations from English words and phrases to French, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish or German. Siri in iOS 11 is not only about improvement in voice but also delivers personal experiences and gives suggestions depending on user’s personal usage of Messages, Mail, News, Safari, etc.

Easy pay using Apple Pay

Sending money to other Apple Pay users is easier now. It is built-in with iMessage and users can send money and get paid within the Messages. The user can also tell Siri to pay to someone through credit and debit cards which are already present in the wallet. Every time user gets paid, they will receive the amount in the new Apple Pay Cash account. Apple Pay cash can be used to send money, to buy things in stores which are using Apple Pay, purchasing in mobile apps and the web and to transfer money from Apple Pay Cash to user’s bank account.

New design of App Store

Apple has given a makeover to App Store, which will make it look and feel like news or music app. It is split into new key tabs: Today, Apps, Games and Updates. Under the category Today, all the different types of content will get updated every day. Featured apps from previous days will be visible if you scroll down.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

iOS 11 will help drivers stay more focused on the road with Do Not Disturb feature while driving. Devices with iOS 11 can detect when you are driving and automatically silences notifications and keeps the screen dark. When this functionality is in use, drivers can send notifications to all their favorite contacts with an auto-reply, which let these contacts know that you are driving and cannot respond until you reach your destination.

Professional Camera and Photos

iOS 11 allows you to capture Portrait Mode images. These can be taken with True Tone flash and HDR and optical image stabilization. This makes your photo look more professional. Live photos will have new Loop and Bounce effects that will create continuous video loops whereas Long Exposure can capture movement and time.

In Apple Photos, Memory movies can be played in both landscape and portrait mode. iOS 11 has also come up with High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) that reduces the file size of all photos taken using iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Powerful updates for iPad

Now multitasking on iPad is easier and faster with new customizable Dock that will provide quick access to frequently used docs, apps. App switcher is redesigned this time to help users move between two active iPad apps easily. It can be used in Split View and also Slide Over. The all new Files app will help in keeping everything in place across locally stored files, files in iCloud Drive and files stored with providers like Dropbox, Box, etc. Drag and drop functionality is available across the system. iPad will get more deeply integrated Apple Pencil with additional support for inline drawing and a new Instant Notes feature.

iOS 11 for developers

As mentioned previously, Apple is bringing a powerful AR platform to app developers to access and use additional and powerful tools to bring new experiences to iPhone and iPad users. Core ML allows the developer to create smarter apps with machine learning. This machine learning framework allows processing to happen on-device locally and maintains user privacy.

SiriKit will help developers to integrate Siri into their apps in the extended number of categories like notes, to-do lists, reminders, banking and apps with QR codes. HomeKit this time has brought easier ways to get started and develop. MusicKit helps developers to integrate features of Apple Music into their apps, which will help in giving access to over 40 million songs, featured content, recommendations, etc.

The developer preview of iOS 11 is accessible only to members of iOS Developer Program and public beta program (which will be available later this month). In the coming fall, iOS 11 will be available as a free software update for iPhone 5S and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation.

Krify is one of the leading company based in India and UK, with 12+ years of experience in the domain of iPhone and iPad app development. Our skilled and experienced team of iPhone and iPad app developers have crafted many beautiful apps with smart functionalities. Contact us today with your idea of app development and we will bring it into the reality.

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Indus-OS-3 regional language OS

Indus OS: World’s First Multilingual Operating System For Regional Languages

Indus OS is the new operating system launched by an Indian company in 2015. Within 18 months Indus has reached and empowering seven million users. Indus OS was launched with an intention to overcome one of the biggest challenge – language. The majority of technology products and tech services are available in English language, which acts as a kind of barrier to reach various economic and social strata of the India.

Indus OS has overcome this challenge by bringing the first of its kind Regional Operating System, which meets the needs of regional language speaking people of India. Indus OS was supporting only Gujarati language in its pilot phase. Recently, Indus OS 2.0 was released that features English and 12 regional Indian languages that include Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Odia, Tamil and Urdu. This covers 90% Indian population.


The product has been released keeping in mind the need of Indian population. This OS has not been built from scratch and they have squeezed the things from Android platform, to meet demands of Indian culture and population. As per the data from Counterpoint Research, Indus OS is holding 7.1% of market share in quarter of July-September, which has made Indus Os the no. 2 in terms of most used operating systems for smartphones, where as topmost position is being acquired by Android. Indus OS has also crossed the market shares of iOS in India.

For Indian consumers, now language is not an inhibition. They can easily change from basic phones to smartphones. Let’s check out the introductory video for Indus OS.

Some of the patented features of Indus OS latest version 2.0 are as follows:

Text to Speech conversion: It has a unique feature of converting text into speech in 9 different regional languages.

Hybrid keyboard: This hybrid keyboard lets you type in English and one can type in regional language using English keyboard.

Word Prediction: While typing on keyboard, it definitely predicts the word and Matra as well, which helps in capturing sounds of vowels in regional languages.

Indus Messaging: This unique messaging feature allows one Indus OS user to send free text message to another Indus OS user.

Recharge 2.0: Indus OS has introduced Recharge 2.0 in partnership with FreeCharge. This allows users to track calling and data usage and recharge their prepaid connections easily with the help of FreeCharge Wallet.

App Bazaar: AppStore for apps in regional languages

Indus OS have their own app store hosting regional apps, App Bazaar. One can explore the apps and other digital content available in 12 regional languages. It is available on all IndusOS devices. Users can pay easily through their talk-time with integrated Carrier Billing Payment Gateway. App Bazaar holds a simple UI that helps “to understand the true potential of app distribution for next 1 billion smartphone users in South Asia.”

Tie-ups with foreign companies

CEO of the company, Mr. Rakesh Deshmukh, revealed in an interview that the company aims to build an office in China, with an intention to explore the possibilities of tie-ups with leading phone manufacturers in China like Xiaomi. Indus OS already has partnerships with companies like Intex, Micromax, Karbonn, and looking forward to deal with the Chinese companies who dominates the smartphone market in India.

Indus OS is already working towards release of version 3.0 of the operating system. It is expected from the new version to have the sharper transliteration and translation ability, with only a swipe of the finger. Considering the expansion in international markets – company is planning to launch in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. where English is not the first language as in China.

Krify is a multinational IT service provider with core competency in iOS and Android mobile apps using advanced development technologies. Contact us to convert your great app idea into a successful mobile app.

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iOS app development with Swift

Why Swift is becoming a preferred programming language for iPhone and iOS app development?

From the time programming language Swift has been launched, it has always caught the attention of developers and has been a topic of discussion for entrepreneurs. For iOS app development, Swift is fast, modern, safe and it enables a level of interactivity in development. Swift is a general purpose, compiled, a multi-paradigm programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, Linux, tvOS, developed by Apple. It has some interesting features like generics, closures and type inference that will make it easier to use, simplifying common patterns which are used in Objective-C.

Recent updates from business giants like Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, IBM, etc. confirms that they have already made their way towards Swift. This has also influenced startups and now startups are also looking for Swift based iOS app development.

Let’s check out some of the benefits of using Swift for iOS app development.

Fast and powerful

Swift is fast and provides high performance. It proves to be a true successor of both C and Objective C, as it contains low-level primitives like flow-control, types, object-oriented features, operators.

Open Source

Swift is a very cost-effective technology for businesses and startups as it is an open source technology. The support of open source community to the Swift is its important and dynamic aspect. This is one of the big reason that Swift has been able to break the monopoly created by Objective C for native iOS app development.

Easy Maintenance

Swift’s benefit is that it is easy to maintain and secure. As Swift does not have any legacy code, it is easy to maintain. Swift helps in producing secure and safe apps, which is of much importance in terms of mobile app development. The one thing that no developer or entrepreneur would agree to compromise is the security of the app.

Dynamic Libraries

Dynamic libraries enabled with Swift is one of the biggest advantage for iOS app developers. These libraries facilitate app updates coming in future. With the use of NSA certificate and electronic signature, dynamic libraries help developers to connect apps written in the older versions and compile them with updated ones.

American Airlines have incorporated Swift code into their apps. People from American Airlines app quoted, “progressive in the mobile space, looking for ways to improve our development cycle and for development cycle and for improvements to the platform, what Apple is doing with Swift is a great addition.” LinkedIn also developed SlideShare iOS app entirely in Swift.

Looking for iOS app development using Swift?

Our experienced and skilled team of iOS and iPhone app developers have readily solved the challenges of rapidly changing language and have competency in developing iOS and iPhone apps using Swift. Mobile app development with Swift decreases the possibility of bugs and ensures richer app experience. Contact us today for a bug-free and secure iPhone app development.


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Opinion Sharing Apps: Storming Social Media Apps Market

Sharing an opinion has become very common as everyone has opinion these days. Everyone has an opinion. Having an opinion means you are thinking, you have a perspective and you can share that perspective with others. As everyone is having opinion everyone also deserves of being heard, agreed with, applauded, admired, appreciated and liked. Sometimes we may feel inhibitions in sharing them, but social media and other internet platforms has made it easy.

Yes mobile apps are creating a special space for social recommendations. Mobile apps can lead to a better way for people to discover and share their opinions online, either with friends or strangers. One can look upon for opinion or share an opinion on any topic through networking by taking an insight into what friends, photo-takers, followers are thinking and doing.

Such opinion sharing apps are creating buzz in the mobile app markets as you don’t need to go places to look out for what public (either friends or strangers) are thinking about any person, place, clothes, idea or any topic. This info is used to build interest graph or opinion graph.

Why companies are running after data from sharing apps?

Smaller social networks like Pinterest serves niche audiences, which integrates interest graph and social graphs and allow us to follow our interests. Mobile apps for opinion sharing leads to mind-boggling amount of data through interactions, behaviour, preferences, relationships, etc. that is created every day. Many data curing companies are eager to mine all these activities and interactions to interpret how masses are feeling about a particular brand, idea, topic, etc.

Opinion sharing apps are aimed to replicate the way people emotionally react in real conditions of life and react to content. Data generated through such a way could be a potential data for companies to target demographics. Users of such apps are majorly from age group of 20s and 30s and demographics will convey the picture of opinion or reactions from young population. This could be a potential monetization strategy for companies.

Why opinions need to be shared?

Opinion sharing apps are not necessarily for making new friends, but for a lot of fun to join a group where like-minded people and those with similar opinion are participating and are willing to be vulnerable and genuine.

The opinion sharing apps connects people based on their opinions or votes they give for a particular action, topic, product or idea. This way you get to collect opinions of people on a particular thing. It can be about clothes, about financial system, favourite actors or any topic. Through number of votes you get for your opinion shared, or through reaction from the people you will come to a conclusion about what maximum number of people have to say about the thing that you have shared.

Opinion sharing apps are based on matching algorithm. Krify has competence to develop such mobile apps. Through cumulative selection and cumulative ranking people with similar opinions and answers can be identified. The algorithm for matching can be based on following criteria:

  • One to one cumulative selection based on single question asked or topic created.
  • Category based cumulative selection based on reactions or answers on particular category.
  • Keyword based cumulative selection based on people’s reaction and answers related to particular keyword.

Krify has developed some mobile apps that is based on this concept. We have developed an app “Ansabee”, that is based on sharing opinions by asking questions. Another app developed by Krify is “Votee” which is also an opinion sharing app that helps in making decisions, small or big.

Thus such apps can be a fun way to decide about anything after looking for opinions from friends and also from unknown people who are like-minded and do have their opinions.

Why Choose Krify for app development?

Krify, a multinational mobile app and web development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us.  Our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.

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Google Cloud Vision API: Taking Image Analysis To Next Level

Google released a limited preview of Google Cloud Vision API in December 2015, using which developers can now develop powerful applications that will be able to see as well as understand the images. Now we can submit the image to Cloud Vision API that will understand the content from images. It will include detection of regular objects (car, dogs, cats, etc.) to reading text within the image or even recognizing the product logo.

Google released its Beta of Google Cloud Vision API on February 18, 2016 that can be accessed by developers with store images’ location in Google Cloud Storage, with present support of image embedding as part of the API request.

This service is certainly going to help developers to build image identification and classification features into any of the applications. The Cloud Vision API has encapsulated models, which can be developed through advances in machine learning, as an easy-to-use REST API. This API rapidly classifies image into numerous categories (such as Lion, ship, Great wall of China, etc.) recognizes printed words in different languages and identifies faces with related emotions. It also allows to build moderately offensive content and develop metadata on image catalogue.

Following are Google Cloud Vision API features that can be applied in any composition on an image:

Optical character Recognition – retrieves text from image.

Entity/Label Detection – recognises prominent entity from an image among broad set of categories of entities.

Facial Detection – detects faces in the image with associated features like nose, eye and mouth positions and over 8 emotional attributes like joy and sorrow.

Logo Detection – identifies product logos in an image.

Safe Search Detection – detects in appropriate content powered by Google SafeSearch.

Landmark Detection – identifies popular structures with associated latitude and longitude of structures.


The Beta release is available for all developers along with access to API with location of images stored in Google Cloud Storage. Google has also come up with pricing. The amount you need to pay will depend on how you are using it. For instance, label detection feature will cost little cost of 2$ for 1000 images; for Optical Character Recognition it will cost 0.60 for 1000 images.

In this beta period, Google is going to restrict users till a quota of 20 million images per month.

Cloud Vision API is certainly going to empower robots, drones and apps with astounding understanding efficiency and image recognition functionality, thus revolutionising the way apps and machines are going to understand and interpret images.

Krify is a multinational and innovative web and app development company. Mobile app development and web development are few of the core competencies of Krify. Our skilled group of iOS app developer, Android app developer and Cross-platform app developer are well acquainted with all recent updates in technology and can provide customised mobile and web solutions for your queries related to mobile app development and website development.


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Mobility Taking Parent-School Communication To Another Level

Among all the parents, the one string that is common irrespective of different cultures, languages, nationalities and continents is their concern for their children. The advanced technology tools and power of internet can actually provide the solution for this common query of parents across the globe.

Cloud based mobile Platform, barrier less communication platform , Eductaion domain .Also We havent mention anywhere about Driver App which works on GPS

The digital technology solution for this is parent teacher communication apps. These apps allows parents to monitor their children’s location, digital activities and academic schedule. These apps certainly helps in reducing the rising concern of parents over their children’s physical safety and academic achievements. Such tools and apps helps parents, teachers and children too to stay on top of what matters most with automatic reminders, alerts and more. Such apps helps to track the position of the school bus and can be used to send notifications in real time if any situation of crises happens.

Also, it is recognised worldwide that when parents are involved in pupil’s studies, they perform better. Many research papers have also been published that the child’s academic achievements are influenced by the extent to which parents are involved in their school life and education.


parent-school 13

Establishing partnership between schools and parents:

For establishing effective partnership between schools and parents and pupils, three important points can play a major role in it:

  • Providing information to parents.
  • Giving voice to parents.
  • Encouraging parental partnership with schools.

However it cannot be achieved by just sending out leaflets about school initiatives and events. Parents should be made aware of specific details about their children’s performances and achievements.

Benefits of parental involvement:

An open communication channel between parents and schools to pass on news related to homework, performances, achievements, rewards, which helps in generating positive relationships between schools and home. Any such open communication channel will help parents to notice true strengths and weaknesses of their children and to understand if children are facing difficulties in any aspects.

parent-school 4

Role of technology in establishing open communication:

In recent times, technology has played an important role in bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. One of the effective technology that can come up as a best solution in establishing effective communication is mobile apps.

Mobile apps allows parents and schools to communicate in real time without involving the stress of doing physical meetings. Mobile notifications and updates from school leads to increased involvement of parents with school and their children’s school activities. Overall, mobile technology makes an excellent way of parent-school communication.

For easy and delightful parent-school interaction, mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms are popular and are proving to be effective. Let us check out how these mobile apps helps through an example.


At Krify, we have developed one such innovative IT system, named as CimplifyED, for communication between parents and school. The cloud-based mobile platform, mobile app and web app was developed in a way to provide solution to parent’s concern over physical safety and academic achievements of child.


It is a cloud based mobile platform for barrier less communication in the education domain. Some of the key features of the app are as follows:

  • Real time notifications from school
  • Online school fee payment
  • Updates on Examination schedule
  • Updates on Exam Results
  • Event updates
  • Live attendance
  • School diary with homework updates
  • Driver App, works on GPS. When driver does login into the app, parent  can track the school bus live using parent’s app.
  • And many more..

Why choose Krify for your innovative app development?

Krify is a multinational web and mobile app development company, that is specialized in providing latest Mobile Apps, Software Applications, Web Applications and also in extending services like Digital Marketing, Quality Testing, Content Development, SEO and many more.

Team Krify believes in delivering the best and hence work towards bringing out 360 degree real-time solutions. Hire our developers to develop the software system that addresses all of its client’s concerns and challenges. Get in touch to let us understand your queries and challenges.



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What alternatives exist as Parse is shutting down?

Recently Parse came up with the announcement that they are shutting down their mobile backend as a service. Parse helps in simplifying the addition of rich features to your Android, iOS and HTML5 apps. It produces back-end tools for developers that helps in storing data in the cloud, manage identity log-ins, run custom code in the cloud and handle push notifications.

A bad news for developers who have built an app on top of Parse. But the relief is that they are giving 12 months’ time to find new solutions. They are also providing a path to running your own ‘Parse-compatible service.’ They have also provided the migration guide about exporting Parse data.

Some of the alternatives available in place of Parse is as follows:

parse 3

  • Firebase

Firebase is a scalable and real time data storage and communication solution and comes as a freemium service. It is a cloud database for powering collaborative, realtime apps. Its great and flexible majorly for realtime data, but not so flexibely for things like SMS, payments, push notifications, etc.

parse 4

  • AWS Mobile Hub

AWS Mobile Hub is available commercially on Amazon. It is a direct Parse replacement and allows you to add and configure features for your mobile app. Its features includes data storage, user authentication, push notifications, analytics, backend logic and content delivery. It also gives you easy access to testing on real devices. Analytics dashboards can also be used easily to track usage of app. All these features from a single integrated console.

parse 6

  • Backand

Backand is another freemium service provides as a powerful backend-as-a- service for Angular JS. Its unique feature is that provides both server side back-end and the application front-end. It provides an easy solution for rapidly developing and running cross-platform cloud applications.

parse 5

  • Deployd

Deployd is an open source API development tool for Mobile and Web developers. Deployd APIs are made up of plug-and-play resources like collection that can be added easily and defined through deployd dashboard.

parse 8

  • RemoteStorage

RemoteStorage is a free and open protocol for per-user storage. You can own your data and everything in one single place. You can use a storage aacount with provider you trust, or you can even set up your own storage server. You can develop your web app without developing the backend for it, as your users will be able to connect to their own backend at runtime. Offline support is also built into the RemoteStorage.js by default.

Why Krify?

Krify is a multinational, global technology software development and consulting company. Our core competencies include mobile app development for various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Cross-platform), Web app and website development.

Krify’s competitive advantage is its operational efficiency – with suitable project management systems such as agile, process oriented approach to achieve effective communication and co-ordination on projects and readiness for upcoming technologies. Krify provides high quality and cost effective products to their customers by combining their strategic, creative and technology skills with their ability in innovation.

At Krify, we are passionate to create value.  Let’s get in touch with your requirement to take it to the innovative level.  Navigate through our portfolio for more information on our accomplished projects.


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Improved X-code, for better app building and much better UI & UX

X-code is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed and endorsed by Apple Inc. It contains a suite of software development tools for developing software for iOS,OS X, watchOS and tvOS.

Xcode supports C, C++, Java, Python, AppleScript, Objective-C, Objective C++, Ruby, Rez and Swift source code. It supports these programming languages with a variety of programming models.

It was first released as X-code version 1.0 in fall of 2003. Over the years the latest major update in X-code versions was announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June 2015 as version 7 of X-code. Xcode 7 and Swift 2.0 are big upgrades.

X-code 7 was introduced with support of Swift 2 and Metal for OS X. It also adds support for deployment on iOS devices without an Apple Development license. X-code 7 came up with some features that enables developers to develop creative apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. Swift updates has made it faster that lets you to write and read code easily. The new User interface testing feature can also record the app in action and can generate tests for you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.42.26 PM

Some of the interesting features of X Code 7 are as follows:

  • Improved Playgrounds for developing attractive documentation, interactive educational content and easy to follow experiments.
  • Better Testing with user interface testing and code coverage. The Test Navigator makes it simple to navigate, edit and run your tests. Testing assistants keep the tests and app code in line in paired editors that allows to work on them together.
  • Interface Builder empowers developers by giving control over latest features in OS X, iOS and watchOS. Stack views naturally group collections of views that results in their consistent behaviour together and then that reacts as group to the surrounding UI.  For creating complex, immersive interfaces, it also supports for storyboard references.
  • Code coverage displays icons beside the code to indicate which test is being tested and which code is not.
  • Powerful design tools for iOS and Mac game developers. New level editor for SceneKit allows rich scene editing with great control over an immersive 3D world.
  • And many more awesome features..

X-code 7.2 release and features

The latest stable version of X-code is 7.2 (download here) that includes support for iOS 9.2, tvOS 9.1, OS X 10.11.2 and watchOS 2.1. It comes with some additional and amazing new features as follows:

Swift: The Swift compiler is now stricter on non-modular header files. The compiler will run into issues if the same header file is accessible both through Header Search Paths and Framework Search Paths, even if there are symbolic links involved. In these cases, you should prefer using Framework Search Paths alone.

Linker: The new Linker supports order file when bitcode is enabled. Also, it supports unexported symbols when bitcode is enabled.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.43.07 PM

Xcode 7.3 beta 2 version releases

The latest update on Xcode version is release of Xcode 7.3 beta 2. It includes Xcode IDE, Instruments, Simulator, Swift 2 compiler and latest beta SDks for OS X, iOS, watch OS and tvOS. This Xcode beta allows better code completion and support for alternative Swift toolchains.

Apple claims that it has been designed in a way such that code completion will be done in fewer keystrokes. The X-code beta includes SDKs for iOS 9.3, OS X version 10.11.4, watchOS 2.2 and tvOS 9.2.

Krify’s hold over iOS Domain

iOS app development is one of the key expertise area of Krify. Our expert team of iOS developers are well equipped to create apps with customized functionalities with all iOS generations. Our iPhone and iPad app developers are well versed to develop apps with latest versions of Swift, X-code and other tools.

Hire our iPhone and iPad developers to create standard and high quality iOS apps and products that complements your requirements.

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