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How On Demand Apps are Shaping the Industries?

On-demand apps are definitely boon for the users. Over the traditional business models, the on-demand apps economy had made a revolution, the way most of the business server their customers.

These on-demand apps are fulfilling customer’s demand right up from delivering things to their doorsteps and thereby creating a personalized experience to avail their desired services at their ease. It enhances the customers by serving them in faster decisions and transactions, quick access etc.  This, however, increases the demand for the mobile devices in every industry.

On-Demand Economy Facts & Statistics

  • 86.5 Million Americans are using on-demand services.
  • 45 Million Americans are offering services in on-demand service.
  • 51% of people who offered services in on-demand economy admitted that their financial situation has improved in past year.
  • 51% of people offering services for startups in the on-demand economy

Key Factors that create Niche for On-Demand App Market

  • Convenience – People prefer services that find them convenient to choose and order quickly
  • Nearby Availability of Services – They prefer to get the services within their reach to access it swiftly
  • Time Punctuality – Availability of services within give time period
  • Quality of product or services – Quick and Quality services prevail the trust of people
  • Cost-efficiency – Product and services meet the affordability of common people become more popular
  • Quick and Easy Payment Mode – Trouble-free payment option enhances the user experience in buying products or services, pleasingly
  • Awareness of Services – People should get aware about the accessibility of on-demand services in order to make it reachable to everyone who is looking for such services.

Business Verticals that are using on-demand apps:

      • Food & Beverage Service (similar to Munchery, Zesty, doordash, Drizly)
      • Home Service (similar to Taskrabbit, HomeJoy, Exec, urbansitter)
      • Taxi Service (similar to Uber, Lyft)
      • Ride Sharing Service (similar to RideJoy, SideCar, BlaBla Car)
      • Laundry Service (similar to Washio, Cleanly)
      • Travel & Hospitality (similar to AirBNB, Hotel Tonight,)
      • Beauty & Health (similar to GlamSquad, Unwind Me, Zeel)
      • Logistics Service (similar to Doorman, zipments, shyp)The above industries are the prime examples of how on demand mobile apps redefined the businesses.

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