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GPS VS BEACONS VS WIFI – Which technology is best for your mobile app idea?

A rapid advancement in the location based technology is increasingly helping the businesses in inflating their profits and rendering efficient, satisfactory and cost-effective services to their potential stream of customers. The mobile app developed using the location-based technology offers numerous benefits from simplified navigation and locating personnel, to tracking objects.


GPS is a Global Positioning System that uses a network of orbiting satellites. It uses real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide information such as location, date, time etc. Using the coordinates from a user’s device, messages and actions can be pushed to users devices when they enter a predetermined area.

Geofencing concept use GPS technology to pinpoint a user’s location in proximity to a given area.


Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) technology that helps to link the electronic devices together using the ISM radio band. This method has been used for sending push notifications and other relevant information to customers based on their location for a while now, in industries ranging from retail to hospitality.

To access the location data, these Wi-Fi devices attempt to triangulate the location of a customer by evaluating parameters such as SSID and MAC addresses.

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Beacon Technology

Beacon is an indoor positioned transmitter, which useshttps://krify.co/ibeacons-rise-of-indoor-navigation-technology-2/to sense proximity of a customer and broadcast one-way information to his smartphone or tablet. A Bluetooth beacon device transmits a unique ID number that can be read by any Bluetooth receiver. The signal is received by a mobile app, which activates the location specific information on the smartphone.

Beacons can work under difficult radio frequency conditions too and can therefore establish a customer’s location within four feet of accuracy. For a Beacon to work, the Bluetooth signal on a consumer’s mobile phone must be turned on.

Beacon Technology was developed to overcome the inherent limitations of satellite-based location information where smartphones are primarily used indoors.

Verticals Where Location Based Services are useful

Location based services find many applications in today’s world. Some of the following industries include:

Healthcare – Used to assist navigation within the hospital premises and help visitors and patients easily locate different departments

Delivery Services (Food, Courier, School bus, Laundry etc) – To track delivery vehicles in real time.

Retail -To tackle the threat of online marketplaces by detecting the location of customers.

Navigation – To track the exact geographical position of a mobile device using one of available positioning systems and get direction and/or navigate the user to required location including vehicles, crafts, and pedestrians.

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Based on the requirement, choosing a right location based technology depends.

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