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Everything about Yii – PHP framework

yii framework

Yii Framework is very helpful and easy to use. It is the latest PHP framework that came into the market to make web application development more easy and convenient for the developers.

What is yii?

Yii is a component-based, high-performance PHP framework that is used for development of modern web applications. The name yii means Simple and Evolutionary which actually pronounced as “Yee or Ji” in Chinese. The acronym of yii is YES IT IS!

Why Yii framework best?

The best part of the yii framework is fast, secure, efficient, and flexible yet it deals very sensibly and realistic. It is used for all kinds of web applications as it is a universal web programming framework. Large-scale applications use this component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support for developing applications like e-commerce, forums, CMS(Content Management System), portals, and many other.

Why do we compare the Yii framework with other frameworks?

yii framework is not a show for a single person, it has a strong core developer team and also experts contributing to yii development. These developers are always in touch with the latest web development trends, features and best practices in other frameworks. What all the new features found will be incorporated into the core framework and makes it a simple and elegant interface.

  • The performance of the yii framework is very high.
  • Yii has the advantage of solid extension architecture, by this, we can customize or replace every core code.
  • Yii framework is a full-scale framework that has reusable features like query builders and active records for relational and NoSQL databases. It also supports RESTful API development, multi-tier caching and many more.
  • Yii never overly designs things majorly because it follows some design patterns.
  • Yii code is simple and elegant.
  • Yii framework is implemented on the MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern and thus promotes code organization.

Top 10 advantages of  Yii framework

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Utilizes modern Technologies
  3. Highly extensible
  4. Facilitates Testing
  5. Highly secure
  6. Less development time
  7. Better performance
  8. Error Handling
  9. Using themes
  10. Logging

yii advantages

Easy Install

  • For developers, time is a tool, not a crutch. So it is very important while dealing with framework installation. The installation process should be very less.
  • Yii framework comes with easy installation and configuration process.

Uses Modern Technologies

  • Yii framework uses PHP’s Advanced features and OOP framework.
  • It also uses static binding, SPL classes, interfaces and many other functions.

Highly Extensible

  • Yii framework can fulfill our actual requirements.
  • Yii components are very extensible.

Facilitates Testing

  • Yii framework is integrated with Codeception which makes Yii more desirable.

Highly secure

  • Yii framework provides high security for the web applications that are developed using this framework.
  • Yii framework is implemented with high-security components to provide the application with more secure.

Less development time

  • In Yii framework the code can be used repetitively by the development time will not be wasted.
  • We can customize the code as per the requirement.
  • Yii framework uses “Gii” tool which is a web-based code scaffolding tool that is used to create code quickly.
  • Using this we can create templates in models, controllers, forums, modules, extensions, CRUD controlled actions and views.

Better Performance

  • Yii components are caching/Yii/cache. Whatever the common API you use these components will be helpful.
  • Applications based on Yii framework can perform better.

Error Handling

  • It has error handling ability and is based on PHP 5 exception.
  • When some kind of uncaught exceptions or PHP warnings occurred during execution of applications, then one of the error handlers will control and takes necessary procedures to handle the error.

Using Themes

  • Themes are the way for customizing outlook of our web pages.
  • Using proper themes will impact the overall structure of the web application.
  • In yii every theme has the directory that has layouts files, JavaScript file and CSS files, image files, resource files and many more.
  • In yii, directory name will be theme name that is found in same web root directory. At a given time only one thing can be used/ active.


  • Logging features are very flexible and extensible.
  • Using level category filters Selected messages can be directed to different destinations like files, emails, etc.

How Yii Works?

This includes the step by step process

  • Installation
  • Welcome Page
  • Migrations
  • Gii Code Generator
  • Where to go next


In this step, we use composer for installing with the basic template. Then you can run ./yii server.

Welcome Page

After running server, we get a welcome page template that includes MVC, Static pages, debugger, bootstrap UI and many more.


Yii removes repetitive code tasks and you are subjected for creative work. Designing the system to be built in terms of database. Migration is the best way to do this whole thing.

Gii Code generator

After the above migration is done, the code generator will generate the CRUD, models and many more. All this can be used to customize the generated code as per our requirement.

Where To Go

The final step is to go to the documents, community, and extensions. There you are done with the Yii framework is ready to use.

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