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Determine the best time for considering Website Redesigning

We are living in the age of competitive market in which business owners are always coming out with constant and updated endeavours. The website is the face of the business for the whole world. Website redesign is not a high priority always. But change is required for better representation of your brand, increased traffic, increased revenue and building corporate identity. By considering following points, you can check out about good and not so good fields or elements of your website, that need to be changed.

What does website redesigning actually means?

The website is majorly responsible for producing global identity for your business. It is a medium of communication to popularize your brand across the world. Website designing is not just a onetime process, rather it’s a continuous process that needs to be continued with respect to time and advances in technology and designs, so that the website can withstand the tough competition as per market trends.

The website redesigning involves the enhancement and improvement in designs that can make your website easy to understand and catchy that could grab the attention of visitors and keep them engaged within the information on the website. Apart from persuasive layout design, beautiful graphics, which makes the website engaging and feels and looks awesome; functional modifications and updating the site with new SEO friendly content is also important that will lead to more visitors, leads and customers.


When is the best time to consider website redesigning?

For this, the very first thing you need to consider is that how old is your website and what was the technology used to build it. You need to ensure that your website is compatible completely with present and future technologies. In present scenario, HTML 5, CSS 3 is the latest technology being used to make attractive and search engine friendly websites.

Checking your competitors’ site regularly will give you an idea on how they are positioning their products/services. You can check out for their search engine rank, where you show up and what the competitors’ page rank is after a Google search. If you are losing out to your competitors in terms of page rank then you definitely need to consider redesigning that incorporates best SEO practices, which will lead to have a SEO friendly website.

How is the traffic to your website?

If the traffic to your website is declining continuously, then it is surely a big sign for redesigning. If visitors are fewer, if they are coming to homepage and bouncing (leaving page immediately), these are the metrics that can be quantified and figures can inform whether redesigning is required or not. The high rate of bouncing can be due to following reasons:

  • If the call-to-action is not obvious for visitors.
  • If your website design does not match with the brand personality and does not convey the exact thing to the customers.
  • If your website does not convey the things directly like who you are, what you offer and how they can go ahead.

Mobile Responsive Website

The mobile device market is exploding uncontrollably and mobile has become an integral part of daily activities of all. Consumers are on move always 1 out of 4 internet users access it on mobile device. So obviously not having a mobile responsive website means you are losing on a large number of audiences those who use mobile for everything.

Mobile responsive website is the one which is compatible with all kinds of devices irrespective of its size and provides an easy and user-friendly experience to customers and visitors, whether they are browsing using desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Google also docks the search engine ranking for a website if it is not mobile friendly. You can analyse whether your website design is mobile responsive or not by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Site.

Updating Corporate Identity

Your brand is more than just a logo and tagline. If you have changed the direction of the brand or you are planning to do so, then definitely you need to change and redesign your website too which is your complete brand identity. You will need more specific and functional content. When your business objectives change with time it should also reflect with your new website.

Redesigning a website is not a small task at all. It needs a proper plan and functional approach. If you think over points mentioned above and you get the answer that you do need to get your website redesigned for increasing traffic and brand value then go for a professional help.

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