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Essential Questions to be asked while hiring mobile app Development Company

Why does your business need a mobile app?

In present scenario, consumers and maximum number of population is on move always. Mobile applications are helping them in moving even faster. Using mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices has given them access to all the information they need by just using their fingertips. And above all, in recent times, mobile apps have become most popular source of information and utility for consumers.

What statistics says?

Today’s smart consumers are well aware of the fact that mobile apps provides simplicity in usage and focus too. Consumers are doing App search like Google search. Now-a-days everybody is searching their need in mobile app store, it is like your website representing your business in app store.

Following are some of the statistics published on Mobile Apps usage:

  •  People spending time on digital media, spend 52% of total time on mobile apps.
  • Software users spend 89% of time on mobile apps out of total time spent on mobile media.
  • 42% of mobile sales generated through leading 500 merchants, came from mobile apps.

If your business is not having a mobile app, then you can understand now from the above stats that you are definitely missing out a huge opportunity to draw a new revenue stream. To get a maximum benefit out of using the mobile app, you need to get it developed in a customised form as per your business needs. You would like to have a mobile app that allows your customers to buy your products/services through app, or just lets them to access your product info, reviews, discount coupons, informational video, etc. You may also like to use your mobile app for customer engagement and solving their queries that will lead to extreme customer satisfaction.

With the presence of large number of mobile app development companies across the world, it is going to be a big question in front of you while hiring mobile app developers. But some basic research and gathering answers to following questions can definitely help you decide which app development company to choose among all.

1. What kind of mobile apps you have developed before, can I have a look at some examples?

A genuine and confident mobile app development company will happily provide you with the list of mobile apps that they have developed previously. You can also ask them to provide you with some of the links to the live apps in app stores. Their previous work will give you an idea whether they have the required skills or not and do they have experience to develop the kind of mobile app you are looking for.

2. What kind of smartphones do you use?

This question may sound bit silly but it is important to know. Because if you want an iOS mobile app to be developed, then they should have an iPhone so that they must be knowing enough about the platform. Same goes for any of the mobile app platform.

3. For which platforms have you developed apps and more platforms for which you can develop?

The app development experience for iOS and Android is basic and necessary for any proficient mobile app development company. If you want the mobile app for other platforms too then you need to check for which other platforms the company can develop mobile apps for e.g. windows, blackberry, etc.

4. Where are you located and how will be the communication process?

These days location does not matter much as it is easy to collaborate with all if they are available online for video or audio conference. You just need to check how they will be managing if the time zone has too vast difference. You can also check how frequently you can communicate with them and through what means like Skype, telephone, emails, etc.

5. Do you offer mobile app designs services too?

For any successful mobile app, app designs or graphical designs play an important role in engaging and appealing users and potential customers. So you should check out whether the company has in house designers or not. This will ensure that your mobile app designs can also be designed by the same company.

6. Who will be the owner of the mobile app and final source code?

Ideally the one who pays for mobile app owns the finished product. But it is good to make sure before finalising the project deal to get clear on all rights. There should be a valid legal document between both the parties for confidentiality of the project and the final rights of app designs and source code.

7. Who will be responsible for submitting the mobile app to app store and will handle the updates?

After the beta testing the final step is to submit the app to an app store. It’s always good to get a developer who is already well aware of the app submission process and should be knowing already to navigate successfully. After successful deployment, app also needs maintenance. It’s a good idea to hire a developer who can handle the updates to maintain the app.

8. What are your payment terms and product delivery terms?

You can always ask and clarify and get a confirmation through written document about payment and other general terms related to the mobile app development project. Get the details of payment specified in it as you need to pay the development company on hourly basis or as a one-time payment. The product delivery terms should also be clarified as per the different milestones of the project.

9. Do you work as per the timeline provided by the client?

If you have any deadlines to be met then you will want to set the deadline for the completion of the project well before. So it is best to check out the availability of mobile app developers and set the defined timeline to get the app developed in time.

10. Do you provide backend services as well?

If your app needs back-end development, then make sure that the app development company also deals with building web APIs. It is better to get it done from the same company so you should always ensure about availability of web services and APIs building facility.

Once you get the satisfactory answer to above questions, you can be assured that this app development company will help you with mobile app development solution. We, at Krify, follow all such steps as explained in questions. We offer all our development services in a way to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Krify, being a leading multinational mobile app development company, always takes and completes the projects with full dedication and follow every single step right from the kickstart of the project to final app deployment. We also offer free one month app maintenance services as well as app up-gradations service as per new versions available. Visit us and navigate through our portfolio.

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