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Crashlytics – Lightweight QA & Analytic Tool

Smart phones have become a crucial part of daily life nowadays. With great development in technology, mobile marketing is becoming more competitive. To ensure the visibility of your app in such a complex scenario, one need to be very particular about the approach being followed for mobile app development.

Mobile development requires hard effort to meet the expectations, needs of customers and to reach the targeted Audience.

Quality Assurance (QA) plays a vital role in the Mobile App Development Life Cycle. To ensure the success of an app, QA must be involved in all stages of development, from creating the concept, analysing requirements and wishes, creating test specifications, testing early versions of the app, releasing the finished product, to the post-development review process.

Recently, a new tool by name Crashlytics is gaining so much attention and popularity in the development domain.



Crashlytics is a cloud-based crash reporting solution. It is one of the most powerful tools for mobile apps to keep tracking of crashes and app statistics.  It can even track the number of unique users, the device, which they use to run your app, and also the OS version, which the users currently run the app. It performs deep analysis of each and every thread.

It works by writing a simple line of code that activates its lightweight SDK (about 75KB) that taps its cloud solutions to run crash reports through Amazon Web Services and return a simple report

Crashlytics produces detailed report where your application Crashes and it will answers following question also

  • Does your app only crash in landscape mode?
  • Does your proximity sensor is always on?
  • Which IOS Version are you using?
  • Is it crashing only on rooted or jailbroken devices?
  • Is this a memory issue?
  • Does this only affect a specific version?
  • What’s your Battery Status?

Steps follow to add Crashlytics

  1. To add the crashlytics to the app we need to first register with your email ID and then the Crashlytics will send the confirmation with the link to download the SDK.
  2. After installation, you will see Crashlytics Plugin on Menu Bar and click on it.  it will ask which project you w ant to install it.
  3. After choosing the project, In the Build Phases of your target, click the + Add a Build Phase button in the bottom right and select Add Run Script.
  4. In the Crashlytics mac plugin, Just copy the code ./Crashlytics. Framework/run <your api key> and  paste it inside and Run Script.
  5. After that, press option + B, then select framework from Crashlytics plugin and added to Framework Grou


  • Now Crashlytics is fully integrated with your Project. You will get an email notification of when and where your app is got crashed. Crashlytics supports both iOS and Android and it is compatible with all versions of OS. Please check this link for more details www. crashlytics.com
  • Krify has been implementing and suggesting Crashlytics while developing any mobile application and we creates VALUE by delivering World Class Applications.
  • To know more about Crashlytics – visit https://get.fabric.io/crashlytics