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Digital Marketing – An Introduction

The concept of Marketing evolved from Modest Trade Age to the Modern E-Commerce Age. Many changes occurred in the field of Marketing in the last 50 years. We no longer rely on conventional marketing strategies to create a niche for our businesses and to build a customer bases for the products developed. We are in a Jet speed era where changes occur and spread in a jiffy from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world. Also, many of the business groups or Corporates or businesses of any nature do not have the luxury of allocating quantifiable time for investing in reaping the benefits of what has been created. Everybody wants instant results regardless of the fact that the strategies implemented could succeed or fail. Nonetheless, all want to make the best use of the technology to make it to the top in the market of tough competition.


It is easier said than done always. Before we think of carving out strategies to promote our businesses, it is ideal to understand if we have chosen the right path. It turns out that digital marketing has bagged the top spot among the list of the popular marketing strategies in the recent times. Regardless of the industry or sector, business value, line of business, location, etc., digital Marketing is the talk of the world today.
Let us understand what this digital Marketing is all about. Promotion or marketing of products, services, concepts, etc., through electronic media like Mobile Phones, Television, Radio and similar forms is digital Marketing. A wing of this marketing is social media marketing which is carried out through social networking, websites, electronic mails, apps, etc., Television, Radio, Short Messaging Service, Word of Mouth are non-internet modes of digital Marketing while Social Media, Email Ads, are internet modes of the same.

Digital Marketing is the most preferred and sought after marketing channels for various obvious reasons. This mode of marketing allows you to
– Reach your targeted audience faster than never before
– Identify and Personalize with your Customers
– Assess your Return on Investment
– Plan futuristic Promotional Strategies
– Invest wisely for your businesses

The scope of digital Marketing is wider than what we discussed here. All the smart entrepreneurs are spending quality time in exploring the nuances and advantages of this popular marketing channel.

Krify has identified the significance, depth and real value of digital Marketing very early. Supported by experienced Digital Data Analysts & Digital Marketing experts, Krify started offering Digital Marketing services to many of its clients for the past few years with dedicated campaigns, strategies and maintenance. We are experienced in offering SEO services too as a part of digital marketing offerings.

Krify can confidently reiterate that it is always ahead in giving its best and showing results whether in developing World’s best, innovative mobile apps or in offering competitive Digital Marketing services.
Digital Marketing is here to stay.