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Fastest Processor Nyuzi Ever For Highly Parallel and GPGPU App’s

A New Processor for extremely analogous and GPGPU app’s development. It is mostly enthused by Intel’s Larrabee, but instruction set and microarchitecture are considerably different. Microarchitecture: Microarchitecture can be explained as an architecture designed for electrical circuitry motherboard of a computer or Arithmetical signal processor (Digital Signal Processor) which are adequate to run the processes of the hardware. The new processor runs with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). It is an integrated circuit that has been designed in such a way that the designer has to configure it after it is manufactured. Hence it is known as ‘field-programmable’. [caption id="attachment_9176" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]high performance compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator High Performance Compiled-code Verilog 2001 Simulator[/caption]   Some of the exciting features of this processor are as follows:
  • The processor runs in Verilog simulation and on FPGA
  • Fine grained hardware multi-threading
  • It has a contemporary architecture with set associative L1 and L2 caches
  • Fully pipelined SIMD floating point and integer execution units
  • It suits best for multithreading, heavy floating point math and complex data structure accesses.
  • The processor includes a C/C++ compiler based on LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)
  • It supports multiple cache coherent cores.
The purpose of it being highly parallel is to simulate the processes with the best GPGPU (General-purpose computing on graphics processing units) applications with use of a graphics processing unit (GPU), through central processing unit. The use of multiple graphics cards in one computer, or large numbers of graphics chips, further parallelizes the already parallel nature of graphics processing. Check out how processor works nyuzi here! Get the code from GitHUb ! Krify Developers Team Krify has a expert team of web, mobile app developers that are well acquainted with such advanced processor technologies getting introduced in global tech world. hire our app developing expert professionals for developing  creative apps. contact us here !
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What is the Importance of strategizing and implementing Mobile App testing for your App?

Mobile apps are on a rage today. Any company or individual, after investing a huge amount of time, efforts on the mobile app development, will strongly wish that the app should be successful and should stand out in the market to acquire the #Top position with more number of downloads. Many people believe that the success of the app depends only on the coding but that’s not the complete truth. Effective TESTING plays an equally vital role for the App to become successful. Mobile App users are not only extremely picky but also solicitous. They determine within seconds whether the app is intuitive or is complicated for them to use. Thorough testing is the key to attract the customers by creating an extra-ordinary first impression over them! Some of the key factors to focus on for successful mobile app development and effective mobile app testing are as follows: Think like a customer Any developer must think from a customer’s point of view and should understand what the target market is and target audience of the app that you want to develop. Developing an app without considering the target audience may become the reason behind app failure at later stages.   Get into character There are different types of users with different tech proficiency levels of various age groups that will use the app you develop. So it is important to think about how different ‘personas’ will approach differently towards your app. Strategic plan for testing Before launching the App, strategic plan should be developed by the developers for thorough testing of apps and should use it as a metric to test the app in real time. Device Selection The foremost consideration to make, before initiating mobile app testing is to choose the devices to be used for testing the app.
  • OS Version – Mobile apps should be tested on all major stable OS versions.
  • Screen Resolution – Use a mix of different screen resolutions to test the mobile app, because the user experience varies on different screen sizes and screen resolutions.
  • Form Factor – The size, configuration and physical arrangement of the devices are different. So the app should run smoothly on all devices irrespective of the size and configuration. Mobile applications may act differently on Smartphones and tablets.
130809_marketin_blog_image2 Manual vs. Automated Testing For effective testing, you should define at the initial stage itself, which features should be tested using automated software and manual testing tools. 130809_marketin_testing Different type of Mobile Apps testing Different types of testing that are effective to ensure excellent user experience are as follows: 1. Usability testing: Usability testing refers to evaluating a mobile app by testing it as user’s point of view. It lets the design and development teams identify problems before they are coded. This kind of testing starts from requirements Phase and Mock-ups & Graphical wire framing. 2. Unit testing: Unit testing is the backbone of mobile testing. It should happen early in the process of writing code which help developers to understand how the App works under different scenarios Mobile-App-Testing-types 3. Performance testing: Performance testing is a quality assurance (QA) metric. It is used to ensure whether the mobile app perform well under expected workload. Types of performance testing
  • Load testing – This test checks whether the application perform well under anticipated user loads.
  • Spike testing - This test ensures whether the application perform well under sudden large spikes in the load generated by users.
  • Volume testing - This test is used to know whether the application perform well when large number of data is populated in #database and the overall software system's behaviour is monitored.
  • Scalability testing - This test ensures whether the application perform well under "scaling up" to support an increase in user load.
4. Risk based testing- #Risk based testing is type of software testing in which the features and functions to be tested are based on priority, importance and potential failures. This testing reduces the residual level of product risk when the system is deployed. This testing should be started early in the project, identifying risks to system quality. 5. Security testing: #Security testing is a type of software testing performed to check whether Mobile app is secured or is there any information leakage by encrypting the application or using wide range of software, hardware and firewall. 6. Functional testing: #Functional testing is very much more important for any software pre-release. It involves the complete integration of the system and evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements. Creativity plays a crucial role in testing and in fact it is the most enjoyable part of mobile app development. Krify has a dedicated team of testers who are well equipped in performing different types of Testing like #Functional Testing, #Performance Testing, #Usability testing, #Security testing etc.
At Krify, we ensure the complete testing of app for successful launch of mobile apps and other software products. Hire our team of mobile app testers to get your mobile apps tested thoroughly. Contact us for hiring our team of mobile app developers and testers to convert your idea of mobile app testing in reality.
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Dive into responsive framework Foundation ZURB Apps | CSS, SASS, Grid

“Foundation”, a responsive front-end framework, was developed by ZURB (P) Ltd. as an open source project. Zurb is an Interaction Design Company grounded in Campbell, California, and US.  Foundation was released as an open-source project under the MIT License and is accessible on Github. Under this project, all developers are encouraged to join in the project development and make their own contributions for foundation platform. ZURB has designed websites including Facebook, eBay, Photobucket NYSE and ClickTracks. History of Foundation Releases: Foundation was designed and tested on numerous browsers and devices with the primary motto of developing front-end code faster and better. Major update’s came with initial Foundation versions with Foundation 1.0, Foundation 2.0, Foundation 3.0, Foundation 4.0 and recently a new version update released, which is Foundation 5.0. Even Foundation released a very important release on Email in 2013 and Apps in 2014. What's New in Foundation? The latest version is Foundation 5.0 supported with Stylized CSS components, 12-column grid system, mobile first approach, available as Open source with Github and many more... [caption id="attachment_9039" align="aligncenter" width="2100"]Foundation Support responsiveness for all devise's[/caption] A brief about Foundation Foundation is a framework with bunch of HTML, CSS and JavaScript holding design patterns that you can build upon and reuse for various devices including desktop and laptop, PC, tablets and smartphones and even on wearbles soon. In reality, Foundation is a Framework for any device, intermediate and accessibility. Foundation is a household of responsive front-end frameworks that styles and makes it easy to design attractive responsive sites, apps and emails which adds the awesome looks to device. Foundation is semantic, legible, flexible and wholly customizable. And still everyday there are many features added with new resources and code snippets, including these handy HTML templates to keep it going! What Foundation Does? Foundation is mostly used to make a responsive framework for Apps, Emails and Websites from JavaScript. From inexperienced to experienced professional Angular Developers can also build breathtaking, responsive web apps. Exciting Features of Foundation?
  1. Grid system and responsive design
  2. Understanding CSS style sheet
  3. Re-usability components
  4. JavaScript components and plug-ins
  5. Customizable
  6. Professional
  7. Mobile First
  8. Semantic
What Foundations? CSS Foundation CSS comes with default or customized CSS packages that can be copied from the download page and installed into the suitable web server folders. Foundation is then integrated into HTML page markup. SASS Foundation SASS uses Ruby, NodeJS and Git to install Foundation sources like no other sources. Foundation Rails Gem: Foundation Rails Gem is an extension of Rails Application with Gem file, to be used in Foundation as Foundation Rails Gem

Get started with few Installation tips here for Apps!

Foundation for Apps: Foundation for Apps is a framework which is used to shape better and more elegant single-page web apps to work across many devices. Here the unique Foundation which is used to build apps is exclusively new framework available just for building web apps. Get Foundation CSS Apps installed here… What does Foundation for Apps Brings to App Developers?
  1. Angular components in your apps.
  2. Sass-powered codebase.
  3. Foundation for Apps grid makes flexible, responsive app layout easy.
  4. Motion UI Quickly build components that would slide, spin and shake.
  5. Foundation for Apps is a leading-edge framework for developing apps that can be tested on any device or browsers.
Krify’s core competency is website development and mobile apps development. We have developed 400+ successful apps and served our clients with the IT solutions that has helped them to achieve their goal. Our in-house expert teams of website developers and mobile app developers are well versed with latest cutting edge technologies and are enthusiastic to use them to serve IT needs of organizations in a real time. We are available to serve your website requirements and app requirements to bring exponential growth to the businesses.

- Foundation Web Apps Development Company

Contact us for your Web Apps Development with Advanced Technologies @Our Contact Page !
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Google Polymer

Google Polymer – Developers way to change your Web Apps and Website

Google developed a core library for styling and defining Web Components, called as Google Polymer. Its public development started in November 2013. Polymer helps you define your own custom HTML elements using set of W3C standards and upcoming browser APIs that Polymer has. Using Google Polymer is very much similar to Angular directives. But off course it is different too. Polymer was first introduced by Google on Google I/O 2013. Google I/O is an annual event/conference for developers that hosts inspirational talks, technical sessions focused on building mobile, web and enterprise applications with Google and other open web technologies. It was first started with Google I/O 2008. Google’s Polymers is a first library, one of its kind. It fully embraces the new brave web platform. It has brought the revolution in the area of web components. Polymer basically enables developers to work with web components and the four underlying low-level APIs – HTML imports, HTML templates, shadow DOM and custom elements. At Google I/O 2014, the Polymer team announced their ambition to drive Polymer forward by providing an extensive library of prebuilt elements for developers, that would be based on material design guidelines. At Google I/O 2015, Polymer version 1.0, the production-ready version was announced officially. Difference between Angular and Polymer Angular provides a complete framework for building webapps. Polymer is a complete library for Web Components creation which can be used to build a webapp. Polymer does not provide high level APIs for things like services, server communication, routing and the like, but Angular does. But Polymer focuses on allowing you to create rich, powerful and reusable web components, that can be used to build webapps. polymer 3 Components of Polymer: When the production ready version 1.0 of Polymer was announced, it was announced that it will have different sets of element product lines. These are reusable building blocks that are pre-built for developers and will enable an ecosystem of modular building blocks. These elements are as follows: Fe - Iron Elements: These utility elements handles basic layouting and core functionality, without applying any complex visual styles. Go – Google web components: These are wrappers for Google APIs and services like elements for Google Maps, Google Calendar and YouTube. Md – Paper Elements These are web component implementation of material design based on iron element. Ne- Neon Elements It provides all fancy special effects. Presently, only a web animations elements is there, which has some cool demos. Au – Gold elements These are special elements and can be used for e-commerce for credit-card input elements and like that. Pt - Platinum elements These elements have components that enables complex web app functionality like push notifications. Mo – Molecules These molecule elements are wrappers for other JavaScript libraries. This is a basic Polymer repository. The repository of custom elements have even more and fascinating elements. These elements are not essentially based on Polymer but they are compatible, that is the magic of web components. Polymer Starter Kit is a basic application skeleton, with material design, responsive layout, routine functionality and offline coaching via the service worker API. Web components provided by Polymer have custom elements that can be used to mark up the app. Team of Krify understands the process of website development and mobile applications development from scratch. We have developed award-winning solutions that became popular and has helped our client to achieve their goals. We core competency includes innovative and competitive Mobile Apps, Websites and Web Apps development. If you are looking for web development and services related to it, then contact us today. We are equipped and well-versed with the latest technology available for web design and development.    
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Developing Enterprise Applications for Improved Productivity and App Security

Today mobile device is the most preferred medium for accessing the internet, personalised data and enterprise data. Enterprise mobility is revolutionising the workplace by combining the exponential corporate data with the best mobile technology, mobile apps. Our previous post explains the role of enterprise mobile apps in transforming enterprising. Developing an enterprise mobile application is not as same as native apps development in terms of effort and time. It needs to work on various challenges that comes with enterprise mobile app development. Challenges faced by Enterprise Mobile Application Developers: While developing enterprise mobile apps, developers have to do the job keeping following points in mind.
  • Compatibility for all platforms:
When a company implements BYOD concept, then it needs an enterprise mobile app that should be compatible for multiple platforms and not only for a single platform. Developing a cross-platform compatible enterprise mobile app can be more complex than developing consumer based mobile apps. Because it needs to follow a specific approach like: whether to create separate versions of apps for separate operating systems or to use HTML and create different native apps.
  • Back-End Integration
Most of the companies have a complex IT infrastructure. Many times the mobile app that we develop does not replace any back-end system, it is simply augmenting the existing infrastructure by providing mobility. For this, developer has to develop complex cross platform coding and better understanding of client’s business processes. So understanding of client’s existing IT infrastructure is most important factor in shaping up the mobile app required for that enterprise.
  • Importance of Deadlines
Developing mobile apps or web apps for an enterprise is  a complex and long term process. One large scale enterprise app may even take years to develop. But from expert developers, it is expected to be done in weeks and months. But off course understanding client’s business process and requirements, development and then integration need a lot of time. The only way to do all these things in stipulated timeframe is using agile methodologies, where requirements and solutions will evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.
  • Designing Mobile App with Users in mind
Keeping in mind the requirements of company is crucial but keeping the users in mind while developing enterprise mobile application is equally crucial.  If users are not able to adopt app then developer’s all efforts are equal to waste. So to avoid such disasters, the development team should proceed while having inputs and conversation with potential users to make sure that you understand the requirement of Users too. What is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) A Mobile Enterprise Application Platform provides application development and management capabilities for mobile enterprises. App Developers can use MEAP as a development environment for enterprise mobile applications. MEAP also offers the control to IT infrastructure of an enterprise which is like management tool for enterprise mobile app. The core elements of MEAP solution consists of two components. One is mobile middleware server and another is mobile client application. A middleware server handles all system integration, security, scalability, cross-platform support, communications, etc. It cannot store any data, just manages data from back-end system to mobile device and back. Using this management feature of MEAP, administrators can control or monitor the users that are accessing the application and also the enterprise databases that are being used to pull data from, through application. A MEAP solution is best when an enterprise wants to develop custom applications or deploy multiple applications on multiple platforms. For any mobile enterprise application Managers, enterprise mobile app compatible to wide range of mobile OS and devices should be the top priority. Because this will help in implementing BYOD policy in the company. enterprise-apps 3 Features of MEAP: The capabilities  and attributes of MEAP are as follows:
  • MEAPs can provide cross-platform support.
  • It also provides multi-architect support i.e. it has the ability to support native mobile web and hybrid architectures.
  • MEAP solutions makes writing a custom app extension process easy.
  • MEAP enables the central management of mobile applications.
  • It also helps in enhancing existing business platforms by making them accessible to users at anytime and anywhere.
  • It offers cloud-based services for data persistence, notifications, data analysis and social media integration.
  • It provides application development lifecycle features, such as metadata-driven applications, prototyping, multi-device testing, multi-platform build process, versioning, configuration management and distribution of apps through various mechanisms.
HTML 5 in Enterprise Mobile App Development The objective of enterprise mobile app is more focused towards its functionality unlike its consumer counterparts. Location is an increasingly important feature for many enterprises, while communication, data management and collaboration are main drivers of enterprise mobility. In the world of enterprise app development, it is difficult to find developers with Web development skills. These are more familiar to HTML, JavaScript, Java and CSS than with Objective-C or C++ or C#. Using HTML 5, developers can work with Web standards to create cross-platform mobile apps that can serve the mobile app requirements of any enterprise for internal as well as external use. This way it is more cost-effective than creating and maintaining separate native apps. At Krify, our experienced and expert team of developers is having the competency in developing web-based apps. Application Development in SAP Mobile Platform SAP mobile platform SDK offers tools that can be used to streamline development, security, delivery and management of mobile applications. SAP Mobile Platform provides an open development environment that allows you to develop mobile apps using familiar languages, environments, open-source tools and third-party libraries, toolkits and frameworks. SAP Mobile Platform services are available for developers to use for secure data access, authentication and integration to SAP and non-SAP back-end software, lifecycle management, application versioning, end-to-end traceability and usage analytics. Why Choose Krify? Krify aims to thrive to help businesses and organisations to communicate and engage more with their audiences and employees. Most important audience and people for any organisation to interact and connect with are their internal people. So the idea of engaging employees can benefit organisations in every industry, in many ways. Today we have an app for every part of life, so why not for work life or professional life. We give emphasis on understanding the client’s business needs and work towards developing suitable enterprise mobile app as per their requirements. We focus on testing the apps for quality product and work towards finding ways to secure the apps and helping the client deploy it. Our strategy involves lot of focus, expertise and effort. Contact Us for all your queries related to Enterprise Mobile App Development.
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Material Design: Materialize CSS Framework

Materialize CSS, SASS Framework: Material Design Developers#2016

Who Invented Materialize CSS? Materialize CSS was invented and designed by students named Kevin Louie, Alan Chang, Alex Mark and Alvin Wang of Carnegie Mellon University. Materialize CSS is an Open source Framework which is distributed under the MIT Open License. [caption id="attachment_8812" align="aligncenter" width="1316"]Materialize Developers students Team Materialize Developers Team[/caption] What exactly Materialize CSS is? Materialize CSS is a fresh responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. It simplifies life for developers and the users they serve. What Materialize CSS Offers and Does? Materialize CSS is a broad bundle for small developments used for design and development of websites and HTML5 hybrid mobile apps. Materialize CSS is developed using CSS in HTML5 with specific properties like color, grids, layout, tables and also assistant (helper) classes… and more over it also originated through embed design of responsive images and responsive videos. Materialize CSS includes the best property for web pages vertical-align exhaustive framework for best responsiveness.  One of the major goal of Materialize framework is to be as adaptable as possible which include cross browser compatibility. Important key points in Materialize is:
  1. Materialize CSS
  2. Materialize Components
  3. Materialize JavaScript
  4. Materialize Mobile
What is Materialize SASS? Sass is a scripting language that is interpreted into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). SassScript is the scripting language itself. Sass consists of two syntaxes. The original syntax, called "the indented syntax", uses a syntax similar to Haml.

"Materialize offers 2- different forms of selection that depends on requirement components and expertise"

Materialize CSS (Materialize) Formally known as Materialize. It is a standard version minified and un-minified CSS and JavaScript files. This selection needs slightly to absolutely no setup.

Download Materialize CSS here!

Materialize Sass (SASS) Formerly known as SASS. This Sass has source SCSS files and Sass compiler for more control above components.

Download Materialize Sass here!

Advantages with Materialize:
  • Speeds up Development
  • User Experience focused
  • Amusing User Experience and Interactions
  • Easy to Code and Develop
  • Efficient color code with Material Design
  • Easy to work
  • Any many more...

About Materialize CSS and SASS

  1. Materialize CSS and SASS:
Materialize CSS offers the awesome and cool future for web and mobile interface developers for design and development Color: Usually colors are used to code a back ground with share of color of a text as everyone know here color deals with Background Color, Text Color and Color Palette used. Grid: In materialize, the grid works for adding glow and styles to your designs to be used for development. Color palette is a collection of different colors in one box to choose from, with different shades. Each shade is having a color code that is used to identify and use it exactly with in desired place. Container: Container class is not harshly part of the grid but is significant for placing ready content to center the page content. The features like container has Columns. Columns live inside Rows, Offsets, Push and Pull, also creating Layouts that deals with section and divider in tags. Creating Responsive Layouts are the major part in design and development process, which includes things like screen sizes, adding Responsiveness and Responsive Side Navigation Layouts Observe how container works hear... [caption id="attachment_8804" align="aligncenter" width="788"]container work off Container Off[/caption] [caption id="attachment_8805" align="aligncenter" width="788"]Container On Container On[/caption] Helpers (assistant) Classes: Helpers always deals with content related things like the alignments of your content. Some are Vertical Align, Text Align, Quick Floats, similarly Hiding Content and Formatting fonts. The Hover class helps in adding an animation for box shadow. Media: Generally, media is a collection of Images and Videos. Where Images deals with Responsive Images, and Circular images and Videos deals with Responsive Embeds and Responsive Videos Sass: Materialize embeds some Sass files. When spending Sass, we can change the color scheme of site awfully quicker. Also, we can always work on Variables as a part. We have three media queries for the three typical screen sizes for custom Sass files with object of Prefixer, to support all browser properties. Shadow: Shadows are something that always abbreviates a screen like how it was raised up from the background page just like a 3-D view. [caption id="attachment_8811" align="aligncenter" width="819"]Materialize shadows look Shadows look for Materialize backgrounds[/caption] Table: Tables are the best organizers for valuable content to be presented in ordered and structured way but as we know these tables kill the responsiveness of a website. We have just neglected it till now and used tables in most of the websites. Materialize offer Service class to help integrate the table as easily as possible. In addition, to expand mobile experience, all tables on mobile-screen widths are positioned in center automatically. Here are few class functions supported for table responsiveness: Centered table, Highlight Table, Striped Table, Bordered Table and Borderless Table. Typography: Material Design use a static font Roboto for all its needs, as Roboto 2.0 by including the font files with framework. We can also custom those fonts for our Topography by removing Roboto by simply changing the font stack by modifying the code below as per our liking and add it to our custom css.

html {

    font-family: GillSans, Calibri, Trebuchet, sans-serif;


Topography deals with Headers, Blockquotes and Flow Text


Components are very important in every design as those attract the users more with simple interactions and messages. Materialize powered components we use here are Badges, Buttons, Breadcrumbs, Cards, Chips, Collections, Footer, Forms, Icons, Navbar, Pagination and Preloader. Observe how Components work hear as text appears... [caption id="attachment_8806" align="aligncenter" width="787"]Flow test missed When Flow test OFF[/caption] [caption id="attachment_8807" align="aligncenter" width="818"]Flow text ON Flow text on[/caption]


JavaScript’s bit of code is used for Styleup with animations and transactions very easily. Here we use java scripts with few things like Collapsible, Dialogs, Dropdown, Media, Modals, Parallax, Pushpin, Scrollspy, SideNav, ScrollFire, Tabs, Transitions, Waves.


The Navbar is completely delimited by an HTML5 Nav tag. Inside container div. has two main parts to align following links to the left or right.
  1. Logo or brand link
  2. Navigation links.
Drag out Menu with a plugin comprises of some options for modifying the menu details. Toast is the Swipe, to dismiss all in one package for devices that offer swipe to dismiss toasts. Here is a show case of the on-going projects with Materialize CSS design templates Checkout how it looks! [caption id="attachment_8810" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Show case of Materialize design works Show case of Materialize CSS works[/caption]

Checkout Show case portfolio !

Looking for a Web Developer for materialize CSS framework? Krify possess the competency in web design and development using the latest technology like that of Materialize, a modern CSS framework that is based on Material Design. Our expert team knows well to use the resources efficiently to develop a responsive website with modern UX/UI designs. We understand the need of a well-designed and responsive websites that would help in increasing leads and boosting sales. Our expert team of developers and designers are well versed with recent designing and development methods. Contact us with all your queries and requirements in web designing, web development, graphic designing, to create a successful and responsive web solution for your businesses.

"Materialize CSS, SASS Framework Development Company"

Do you know what is Android Development Material Design? Material Designs is an advanced concept in design field. It is a design language that has been developed by Google. It has colours support with lot of shades and colours for designers and developers. Material Design is stated by Google Developers as “A new design language based on paper and ink” Read Full Article we have an earlier post on Material Designs in Android Apps Development !  

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Krify An Expert Websites, Mobile Apps Development Company: About Materialize CSS, SASS Framework #2016

~For more details on this "Materialize CSS framework" visit the official Materialize CSS website.

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Microsoft Translator 1.2 With Additional Natural Conversation and Android Wear Support

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual cloud based translation service provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft Translator API is integrated across multiple consumer, developer and enterprise products like Microsoft Office, Bing, Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, Skype Translator, Internet Explorer, also Microsoft Translator apps for Windows, iPhone, Windows Phone, Apple Watch, Android phone and Android Wear. The cloud API is available as free tier service supporting two million characters per month and also as paid tier service supporting billions of characters per month. As of December 2015, this service supports 52 language systems.  It also supports speech to speech conversation translation service in 7 languages in Skype Translator and the Microsoft Translator Apps for Android and iOS and Skype for Windows Desktop. Microsoft Translator API service supports multiple languages that reach out to almost 95% of world’s gross domestic population (GDP). It provides a customizable and scalable solution for automatic translation. It offers a rich functionality set for developers and also a wide choice of interfaces like – HTTP, AJAX, OData and Translator Web Widget. This service is being used across the globe by various organisations as part of their existing workflows. Facebook, Etsy, eBay are some of the companies that use Microsoft Translator for their consumer-facing applications and services offering translations. Translator, that was released a few months ago, had a big advantage in its Android Wear support, but lacked some features like camera view, offline functionality and the live conversation mode. But Microsoft Translator 1.2 has overcome these hurdles and added natural conversation support in its app. Whats new in Microsoft Translator 1.2
  • With Translator 1.2 you can have natural conversation in Chinese, French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. More languages will be added soon.
  • You can use your smart watch and phone altogether to enable conversations without huddling around a single phone.
  • Live conversations will be saved in your history and will be geo-tagged so that you can check what you were told during the chat.
At Krify, our experienced team of developers are geared up to use the latest Microsoft translator APIs. Feel free to contact us with your requirements in building applications, tools, websites or any other solutions that requires Multilanguage support.  
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Android Vision 2016 on Business & Users #Marshmallow

Google’s Operating System Recently released an update Android 6.0 by the name Marshmallow. It is well designed with Lock screen, Home screen, App drawer, Notifications and fast Settings, System UI Tuner, Animations and Easter egg, Auto focused Dark theme and rotation support for Android Users. Android Developers have already worked very well with new updates and integration's of new API’s like Voice API and Assist API, Google settings app, Android Pay System. The Well Impressive Android Marshmallow are eager code-sifters like source code mentions, Night Mode automatic mentions, night mode, type-C and reverse charging for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P like advanced mobiles, fingerprint API, network security reset, monthly security patches, design and visual changes, Google integration, performance and system features and security aspects.

- Android App Developers India | UK

How Google Worked on New Android version update for needs of Businesses and Users:

Android Voice API and Assist API: Now-a-days Android App Developers tend to use Voice based and gesture based commands for Android. Google talk has come up with business model with voice based search support in favor of Android Users. Google settings app: Google Apps are in the list of top apps from play store, which are being used by Android users. So as per increasing needs, Android again came up with improved version of business model to help Users build more apps using advanced features for updated OS is Google+, Gmail, Play store and all other applications. Android Pay System: Android pay system is like never seen before and is aggressively helping the Android users with their various requirements like their online shopping needs and online money transfer with android pay integrations for new android apps. Finger prints security: Android Developers are very much impressed with Nexus thumbprint system on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, partly for the brilliant Huawei hardware, however furthermore for Google's app developments supports with future security. Registering for a fingerprint is quicker with it than with any other device and also the accuracy and speed of the scanner is second to none. All you wish to do to set up fingerprint authentication within the Play Store for purchases is check a hold in the settings.

Is Latest Marshmallow version a success/failure?

Well with the impact of iPhone iOS9, Marshmallow has not been able to satisfy all users yet, as per the current trend of ending of 2015. The Best Android app developers in India and UK around the world really need the best support from Android for developing the best future apps. New inventions need to be boosted to support needs of playstore users. Android Versions User Rate

About Marshmallow

Marshmallow additionally supports the new normal and USB Type-C. Type-C cables are reversible by hardware devices. It simply supports charge exchange cable within the dark and it additionally supports quicker information transfer and striking speeds. Many Top Android App Development Companies are already building the best cross platform apps using the most advanced app development technology Xamarin App Development and waiting for the next update from Android for Android Version Updates to build more user friendly apps like Gmail, Shopping list, JLike, Votee, Sms apps, chating apps, traveling apps, medical apps, music apps and other useful apps.

Key Notes in Android App Development:

Configurations Set Up Android Environment: Android Studio: Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing the android platform. It had been proclaimed on May 16, 2013 at the Google I/O conference freely out form Apache License 2.0. Android Studio offers:
  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Build variants and multiple APK file generation
  • Code templates to assist you build common app options
  • Rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme editing
  • Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and alternative issues
  • Pro-Guard and app-signing capabilities
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it simple to integrate Google Cloud electronic messaging and App Engine
  • And many more additional on Android Studio….
SDK Manager: The Android SDK Manager separates the SDK tools, platforms and different elements into packages for straightforward access and management. You’ll be able to additionally customize that from which websites the SDK Manager checks for brand new or updated SDK packages and add-on tools of SDK Manager. Recommended Packages:
  • SDK Tools
  • SDK Platform-tools
  • SDK Platform
  • System Image
  • Android Support Library
  • Android Support Repository
  • Google Play services
  • Google Repository

Android future Versions: Update Android 6.0 to Android 7.0

Google announced that it is releasing the Android Versions as per Alphabetical order. The Android Version 7.0 is named as Mr. “N” and it is going to be released in 2016. Android Focused Area’s for OS update:
  • OS Design
  • UI and Interfaces Developments
  • Latest Security Systems Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Supportively
  • Network security
  • Connective and Data Usage Productivity
  • Internet of Things Supportively
  • Geo-Localizations
  • Size Considerations
  • Gesture Controllability
  • And many other

Hybrid Apps Brings Fame to Android:

Hybrid Apps Development is nothing but web app development, which is built mainly using HTML5 and JavaScript, which is then bound inside a tinny native dish that provides admission to native platform features. In terms of Business prospects for 2016, there is going to be huge Development of apps in Cross Platform Apps Development and Hybrid Apps Development as compared to singleton Platform Mobile Apps Development in India | UK and around the world.

"Krify has a competence to build the best Android apps using the latest technology and brings the best and polished app to the market, as these are more popular among loyal app users."

Why Don't you Hire or choose An Android Developer from Krify for your Android App Development ?

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The Far Bigger Insights of Internet of Things (IoT)

The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) came into limelight since 1999, through Auto-ID Centre at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and some market-analysis publications related to it. The first and original interpretation of the concept is that it would help in transforming the daily life completely. Implementing the IoT involves equipping all objects in the world with tiny sensors or devices that would give the control over interacting with objects remotely as per the requirements and in accordance with the User agreement. The word ‘Things’ refers to wide variety of devices like automobiles with built-in sensors, biochip transponders on farm animals, heart monitoring implants or operation devices that helps fire-fighters in search and rescue operations. Some IoT Applications:
  • Tracking Levels of your Activity
Using smartphone’s range of sensors and connectivity options youcan have a well-equipped Internet of Things device that will automatically monitor your location, workouts and movements.
  • Monitoring ageing members
The ageing members in the families who needs continuous monitoring, can be tracked by using wearable alarm button with other wireless sensors. These sensors can alert you on your smartphone if any serious disruptions occurs in their normal routine.
  • Heating/Cooling your Home Efficiently
Smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone can enable to control your house’s temperature and offers to save the money on your utility bills.
  • Tracking Down the Lost Keys
Using smartphone or other wireless technology devices, you can track down easily the lost keys, if they are equipped with sensors. Not only keys, other materials that are always at risk of getting misplaced can be tracked using this technology. This way, it will save our lot of precious time.
  • Maintaining consistent quality
Manufacturing processes in factories can be monitored using networked sensors, cameras and lasers. This way it can be determined whether the manufacturing process is smooth or not and whether the machines and its parts are in good condition or not.
  • Tracking your assets
Any solution combining real time sensor data from soil moisture level, pesticide usage, farm assets from farming sites to with the consolidated web dashboard can help in spotting crop issues and monitoring the farm assets and resource usage level. Krify’sIoT Solutions IoT is not just about connecting the world. It is also about digitising your business, leveraging investments, enabling innovation and driving efficiency levels. Adapting IoT approach will help in:
  • Cost effective processes
  • Improved end results
  • Improved usage of assets
  • Optimizing revenue generation
  • Optimizing analytical capabilities
We are dedicated to help your businesses with internet-enabled devices that would improve the business operations and will take the User Experience to the next level. We help people in understanding and adopting the power of IoT that would definitely help in achieving Return on Investment (ROI). Our IoT solutions has helped businesses in improving its fundamental value, innovation and growth. Some of the fields in which we have offered IoT solutions:
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Asset Management
For more details please visit our portfolio at: https://krify.co/our-portfolio/
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Ionic: Advanced Hybrid Mobile App Framework

The native apps have become very popular among all smartphone users. They are specifically designed for a certain mobile OS and hence they offer a better User experience over the mobile website. Along with all the advantages that any native app has, it also has some downsides to it. Native apps are platform specific and needs respective development tools. They are more expensive proposition for developers who wants their app to be compatible with various platforms.  Naturally developing native apps for different types of mobile platforms is time consuming as it needs different software tools for each platform. Hybrid Mobile Apps The solution over above listed problems is Hybrid Mobile Apps. The foremost advantage is that they are platform independent (can run across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc). Developmet of such apps requires less time as compared to time required for the development of native apps for different platforms. Basically, the hybrid app approach combines the native development with web technology. For hybrid apps, developers write maximum portion with cross-platform technologies and maintain the direct access to native APIs when it is required. The native portion of the app can be developed independently, and the web part of the app can be developed as a web page that can reside on a server. The web part of Hybrid apps are developed using technologies like HTML 5, CSS3 and JS. What is Ionic? Ionic framework is a front-end framework for hybrid mobile apps development. Ionic is a complete open-source SDK that can be used for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic was built on top of Apache Cordova (previously Phone Gap, a mobile app development framework) and Angular JS (Google’s web application framework). Ionic provides services and tools for hybrid mobile app development using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and Sass. Such hybrid apps built using these web technologies can be distributed through native app stores using Cordova. Ionic was created by Drifty Co. in 2013.  It offers all the functionalities that are found with the SDKs for native mobile app development. Thus enabling users to build their apps, which can be customized for Android/iOS and can be deployed using Cordova. Ionic provides various custom components and methodologies for interaction using Angular JS. The ionic is dedicated towards building products as per modern Web Standards for modern mobile devices. For Android, Ionic platform supports Android 4.1 and above. For iOS, ionic supports iOS 7 and above versions. Ionic framework also supports apps for Blackberry 10. So lets build apps for all big platforms using ionic SDK. Ionic provides everything for app development, from front-end to back-end. For more information on development using Ionic Framework, visit: http://ionicframework.com/  or http://ionic.io/ Hybrid mobile applications development is one of the key competencies of Krify. Our enthusiastic team of developers have hands on experience in cross-platform application development. Drop an enquiry to us or email us at info@krify.com Check out our hybrid mobile app development services at: https://krify.co/mobile-apps-development/
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Improved X-code, for better app building and much better UI & UX

X-code is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed and endorsed by Apple Inc. It contains a suite of software development tools for developing software for iOS,OS X, watchOS and tvOS. Xcode supports C, C++, Java, Python, AppleScript, Objective-C, Objective C++, Ruby, Rez and Swift source code. It supports these programming languages with a variety of programming models. It was first released as X-code version 1.0 in fall of 2003. Over the years the latest major update in X-code versions was announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June 2015 as version 7 of X-code. Xcode 7 and Swift 2.0 are big upgrades. X-code 7 was introduced with support of Swift 2 and Metal for OS X. It also adds support for deployment on iOS devices without an Apple Development license. X-code 7 came up with some features that enables developers to develop creative apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. Swift updates has made it faster that lets you to write and read code easily. The new User interface testing feature can also record the app in action and can generate tests for you. Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.42.26 PM Some of the interesting features of X Code 7 are as follows:
  • Improved Playgrounds for developing attractive documentation, interactive educational content and easy to follow experiments.
  • Better Testing with user interface testing and code coverage. The Test Navigator makes it simple to navigate, edit and run your tests. Testing assistants keep the tests and app code in line in paired editors that allows to work on them together.
  • Interface Builder empowers developers by giving control over latest features in OS X, iOS and watchOS. Stack views naturally group collections of views that results in their consistent behaviour together and then that reacts as group to the surrounding UI.  For creating complex, immersive interfaces, it also supports for storyboard references.
  • Code coverage displays icons beside the code to indicate which test is being tested and which code is not.
  • Powerful design tools for iOS and Mac game developers. New level editor for SceneKit allows rich scene editing with great control over an immersive 3D world.
  • And many more awesome features..
X-code 7.2 release and features The latest stable version of X-code is 7.2 (download here) that includes support for iOS 9.2, tvOS 9.1, OS X 10.11.2 and watchOS 2.1. It comes with some additional and amazing new features as follows:

Swift: The Swift compiler is now stricter on non-modular header files. The compiler will run into issues if the same header file is accessible both through Header Search Paths and Framework Search Paths, even if there are symbolic links involved. In these cases, you should prefer using Framework Search Paths alone.

Linker: The new Linker supports order file when bitcode is enabled. Also, it supports unexported symbols when bitcode is enabled. Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.43.07 PM Xcode 7.3 beta 2 version releases The latest update on Xcode version is release of Xcode 7.3 beta 2. It includes Xcode IDE, Instruments, Simulator, Swift 2 compiler and latest beta SDks for OS X, iOS, watch OS and tvOS. This Xcode beta allows better code completion and support for alternative Swift toolchains. Apple claims that it has been designed in a way such that code completion will be done in fewer keystrokes. The X-code beta includes SDKs for iOS 9.3, OS X version 10.11.4, watchOS 2.2 and tvOS 9.2.
Krify’s hold over iOS Domain iOS app development is one of the key expertise area of Krify. Our expert team of iOS developers are well equipped to create apps with customized functionalities with all iOS generations. Our iPhone and iPad app developers are well versed to develop apps with latest versions of Swift, X-code and other tools. Hire our iPhone and iPad developers to create standard and high quality iOS apps and products that complements your requirements.
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Google’s new Android Studio 2.0 with new powerful features like Instant Run and Enhanced Android Emulator

Android Studio was first introduced and launched at Google I/O conference in May 2013. It is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for developing for Android platform and is freely available under Apache License 2.0 In May 2013, Android Studio was in early access preview stage from version 0.1. Its first stable version was released as version 1.0 in December 2014. It was designed specifically for Android development based on Jet Brain’s IntelliJ IDEA. It is an intelligent Java IDE and excels in mobile, enterprise and web development with Java, Groovy, Scala and Kotlin; with all the modern and latest technologies and frameworks available. Apart from the capabilities that IntelliJ excels in, Android Studio also offers following powerful features:
  • Code templates that would help you in building common app features.
  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation
  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Rich layout editor and support for drag and drop theme editing.
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, that makes it easy to integrate Google Cloud messaging and App engine.
  • And many more…….
Google launched version 2.0 of its Android Studio in November 2015. The latest stable version 1.5.1 (Dec 2015) is available for download on Android developer site. As per recent updates from Android, Android Studio 2.0 Preview 6 is  available  at Canary channel. It contains bug fixes of Preview 5. Android Studio 2.0 preview is available on canary channel and stable build channel for download at: For beginners, you can update your current IDE to 2.0 preview (currently preview 5), but it is not recommended. Instead, you should keep two separate copies of IDEs. Android-Studio-2.0_Resize Let us check out new features of Android Studio 2.0 Instant Run: Speedy build and deploy Instant Run allows developers to build and deploy their apps both to emulator or to a physical device at once and then their code can be changed and can deploy it. It lets you to see quickly the changes running on the device or emulator. According to Google, builds are faster in the new version by atleast 2 -2.5 times. GPU Profiler Another promising feature is GPU profiler which allows optimisation of OpenGL ES (Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems) code. It is a powerful tool that not only shows details about the GL State and Commands but also can record entire sessions and walk through Textures and GL Framebuffer as your app is running OpenGL ES Code. Improved Android Emulator The new improved Android Emulator is having following top two benefits:
  • Speed and Performance: The new Android Emulator now supports Symmetric Multi-Processing while emulating the latest Android 6.0 release. This results in significant I/O improvements in both ADB and emulator. This indicates faster performance while testing your app.
  • Usability and User Interface: It also includes a brand new user interface that makes it easy to use. Now no need to depend on command-line parameters to use Android Emulator. Now only a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut is enough for common tasks and emulator features.
Some more upgraded features of Build system are as follows:
  • It supports a flexible Gradle-based build system, app-signing capabilities and Built-in support for Google Cloud platform. This brings lot of control and flexibility to developers.
  • With the introduction of new experimental shrinker, you can get the shrinking benefit right in debug mode.
  • There is a huge improvement in adb push and pull as new protocol for it has been introduced.
  • App indexing is another new feature in this IDE. It basically allows users to access content from apps directly from Google’s search engine.
Thus the Android Studio 2.0 has come up as an improved mobile-app ecosystem to keep up in the competition with the updates in Apple’s development platform Swift. So the development tools for such platforms are becoming more feature-rich and more efficient for beginners as well as power users. The Android development team of Krify is already working with the tools available with the latest versions and previews of Android Studio for efficient and competitive android app development. Hire our expert android app developers specialized in innovative and responsive android app development. Our portfolio speaks about the immense and successful android apps developed by us.
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Android Marshmallow – About More Power, More Security and Much More!

  Google’s list of big 2015 launches include Nexus 5X and Nexus 6X smartphones and a new build of Android. The final build of Android M was released as Android 6.0, Marshmallow during Google I/O 2015. Android marshmallow fixes many of the latent problems of Android. The most notable feature of this update is the power management and security. Checkout some more amazing features of this update, Android M. Web experience through Chrome browsing Android update always comes with at least some attention given to web experience. Google has added ‘custom tabs’ which allows developers to display web page content within the app, like help page. This makes Chrome to open up links inside an app as an overlay. Now it will not bounce the user out of the app entirely. This feature will help app developers to customize tabs to fit into the feel and look of their own app design language, but it will be directly linked to Chrome on that device and a logged-in user account, which will preserve things like login details and remembered passwords. This will give a seamless experience. App Permissions Marshmallow enables users to approve or reject permissions from every apps and every function within the app itself. Now a single or multiple functions of the app can be allowed or denied access. For e.g. you can disable the location function of the app permissions list if you don’t want the app to access your location. Power Consumption Optimisation Android M makes your device more power efficient. It has a feature of activating Doze mode that reduces background processes and thus minimises the battery consumption. This adds to more hours of device’s idle performance. The difference is noticeable even with the old handset of Nexus 5. Fingerprint Scanning Android marshmallow has come up with attention to fingerprint scanning and biometric security. With Android M you don’t have to type password for everything, unlike in Android Lollipop. In this you can use the device’s fingerprint scanner to authorise purchases. Because now you will be able to log in to platforms like Google Play Store using fingerprint access. But this feature is available for those devices that has fingerprint scanner in it. Auto Backup Now escape from worries of losing app data while switching phones. Marshmallow automatically saves all app user data and settings on Google Drive of size upto 25 MB per app. Mobile Payments, Android Pay Android Pay is evolved version of Google Wallet. To use Android Pay, it does not need fingerprint scanner. The payments can be authenticated using a PIN, password or pattern. Android-Marshmallow-Android-Lollipop-improvements Deleting App from home screen Android M has come up with new way of uninstalling app – that is, apps can now be unstalled directly from the home screen. This has made the deleting apps in Android M easy.  Options with volume control Android Marshmallow comes with a new volume setup. After pressing the volume button, a single volume slider is displayed that can be expanded to check and control three different types of volumes of phone: ring volume, media volume and alarm volume. It also has ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature with which you can set the mode as per your priority like total silence, alarms only or priority only. Direct Share With this new feature, has made sharing little more intuitive. So now when you hit share picker, you will see some contacts at top along with some apps. Thus it instantly allows you to share the content with that person. Better Copy and Paste This is a small but meaningful change in Marshmallow. Now it is not required to jump up to the top of the screen for cut, copy, paste buttons. Marshmallow will float the options directly above the text that has been selected. Android M Updates for devices These are some of the powerful features for Android M. Google has already started rolling out Android Marshmallow update for certain devices of Nexus in October. Other manufacturers are also following the suit. Various other devices have also started getting the latest update. Android M updates has also been rolled out in Brazil and India for Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition in U.S. Most Android device manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are still in late stages of development and testing of Android M. Our previous post Android Vision 2016 on Business & Users #Marshmallow explains more on #Android Marshmallow.
At Krify, our expert team of developers are constantly upgrading the knowledge and believe in using it and recent updates in best possible way. Developing innovative Android apps is one of our core competencies. Our technical team has expertise in Android Media APIs, Location-based service APIs, Software Development Kit (SDK), 3D Graphics, Android Security Architecture and other advanced technologies for responsive and powerful Android mobile apps development. Contact us for all your Android App Development queries or get a free quote customised as per your app requirements.  
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2015 Startup Business Statistics in Different Countries

Entrepreneurs that are running startups must understand the importance of each dollar from where they will be earning, before getting into business. The Startups are supported by many well developed States and Kingdoms around the world. Here we have listed few of the statistical measurements for choosing best location for startup career. Countries with Highest Number of Startups: Currently, the highest number of startups exits in few Country with Highest Number of Startups
  1. United states of America (USA) 4.8+ M startups
  2. India 2.0+ M Startups
  3. United Kingdom Have 850,000+ Startups
  4. Indonesia 771,000+ Startups
  5. Brazil have 585,000+ Startups
Still we can see huge growth rate every day in the world in number of startups in Nigeria and in Germany. Canada has 10% of the US startups in their region while Indonesia has twice as many startups as Italy. What are the most and Least Entrepreneurial Startup Countries in the world? Entrepreneurship in terms of risk-taking countries can be listed here based on the entrepreneurs with the percentage of matured population. Least number of Entrepreneurial startups can be found in Suriname and then followed by Puerto Rico, Italy, Japan and France. Whereas the top most number of Entrepreneurial startups are present in countries like Uganda and then followed by Thailand, Brazil, Cameroon, Vietnam and others Stunning Government supporting startups in their Countries: At present, the authorities worldwide are supporting the Startups by offering lot of services from Government’s side officially. On the basis of priority given by Countries to support startups, following are some of the top countries that supports startups:
  1. Singapore offering $48M in terms Pumped into six venture capital funds
  2. UK offering 50% Income tax relief on investments up to €100,00
  3. Chile offering $40,000 in terms Equality free grants and $145M Through grants and loans
  4. Israel offering $450M for seed funding and R&D Projects
Few Top Countries offering VISA’S for World’s Best Startups: Does your Business needs VISA to expand your business over the world? There are various visas from different countries that offer the best items for your business around the world. Entrepreneur Visa:
  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Singapore
  4. United Kingdom
Fast-Tracked Entrepreneur Visa:
  1. Ireland
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Netherlands
Startup Incubation Program Visa:
  1. Canada
  2. Chile
  3. Denmark
  4. France
Top Prime (10) Startup Hubs in world with Cost of living: The Best Startup Hubs in the world are:
  1. England, at London with $2.194 Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 2069.
  2. Germany, at Berlin with $1,726 Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 369.
  3. Singapore, with $2, 205 Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 781.
  4. INDIA, at Bengaluru with $454 Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 325.
  5. Israel, at Tel Aviv $2,304 with Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 167.
  6. Kenya, at Nairobi $905 with Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 41.
  7. Brazil, at Sao Paulo $1,044 with Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 168.
  8. US, at Silicon Valley $4,465 with Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 9,842.
  9. Canada, at Toronto $1,722 with Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 525.
  10. FranceParis $2,164 Cost of living monthly and investors on Angel List are 410.
Ten (10) prime most influential tech startups on Internet: [caption id="attachment_8992" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Ten (10) Best most influential tech startups on Internet Top most influential tech startups on Internet[/caption] The prime billion dollar startups: [caption id="attachment_8993" align="aligncenter" width="795"]The prime billion dollar startups The prime billion dollar startups[/caption] The Unicorns Upcoming: The Unicorns Upcoming
  1. Ecommerce website from Germany Hellofresh is having valuation of $2.98
  2. On-Demand website from USA France Bla Bla Car valuation is $1.6B
  3. Stemcentrx HealthCare website from USA Stemcentrx having valuation of $1.2B
  4. Okta Cyber Security website from USA valuation is $USA 1B
  5. Apttus Internet Software & Services website from USA valuation is $1B

 - Special thanks to source: "coupofy.com"

"World’s Best Startups Supported by Top Governments like Prime Startup hub's, Entrepreneurial Businesses over Countries Statistics 2015 :Future Startups Ideas"

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Enterprise Mobile Application – Transforming Enterprising

The growing demand for mobile apps in all areas has evolved the enterprise mobility market. Enterprise mobile application is that mobile application which is used by enterprises to solve the problems they face in the business world. The number of enterprises looking forward to deploy customized enterprise mobile apps is also increasing with the increased amount of smartphone usage. Enterprises are deploying the mobile apps into their businesses enthusiastically to improve employee efficiency and productivity. With the exploding figures of smartphone users across the world, there is a crucial need for smartphone technology solutions. Today employee needs access to business information across the geographies and across the time zones. Companies are now more dependent on mobile technology to stay connected with each other, to attend business meetings, conference calls and other activities even if one is on-the-go. In recent times, Blackberry in association with GfK launched a global report that states, “Most professionals now see productivity as a personal priority.” It further states that “67% of business smartphone users are looking to improve their productivity and 69% are constantly looking for new ways to get things done as efficiently as possible.” Thus enterprise mobile apps provide a secure and smart mobile solution for today’s workforce. In present scenario, the key to make business more productive is utilising mobile technology innovations. Challenges faced by Enterprises/Organisations: IT departments of all the enterprises are mostly embracing the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It allows employees to use personal/personalized mobile devices for accessing company data and corporate applications. This way it ensures the simplified access to same applications as everybody else in the organisation. This brings uniformity between the devices even if the employees are having personalized mobile experience. Use of personal devices brings convenience but at the same time it brings few challenges with it. It becomes difficult for enterprise’s IT department to manage and maintain the security and access related issues. For instance when personalised devices are brought to work, they bring their own network too. Through personal device and personal network, employees can put corporate data and information at risk. So it is difficult to monitor usage of corporate data on such ad hoc personal networks. To manage such security issues, stringent IT policies need to be framed for network access too. Enterprise’s policies should rotate around enabling, managing, controlling and securing the DAC (Devices, Application, Content). So the solution to this problem requires ability to manage devices, application and content within the enterprise. Such solutions are available under the banner of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Depending on the nature of enterprise, these solutions vary as per requirements. Advantages of using Enterprise Mobile Apps:
  • Portability: Using enterprise mobile apps on your personal device allows you connect with each other from anywhere. This leads to increased employee engagement and enablement.  
  • Availability: The ability to use the device and access the data anytime whether in transit or outside the office, let employee to choose when to access the data and the critical information and updates too get delivered to an employee in real time.
  • Sharing: Ability to share the relevant data easily with other colleagues enables employees to provide better customer service, knowledge transfer and learning.
  • Improved User Experience: Using simple and user friendly interface for basic processes like transactions, leave applications, leave approval, leads to better engagement.
  • Personal Ownership of device: Using BYOD concept is a cost-effective way to increase productivity without spending for device procurement.
  • Geolocation: Geolocation enables to log position of device and users through interactive maps which leads to process improvement and eventually leads to efficient productivity.
Let’s have a look on how enterprise mobile apps can simplify complex business processes for smooth operations of different functional aspects of any enterprise. Types and examples of enterprise mobile applications:
  • Content management
  • HR Related activities like Leave management
  • Payment processing
  • Employee safety management
  • Locating Employee or Device Location
  • Customer support
  • Collaborations and messaging systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business intelligence
Why Krify? Any Enterprise Development Company should understand using right technologies and skill sets to overcome the challenges faced by enterprises. Our exceptional team of developers and designers are always on their toe to integrate the latest technology into the app and web development work. We have expertise in providing enterprise application solutions optimised as per our client’s requirements. Hire our expert developers today for enterprise mobility solutions.  
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Geofencing: Increasing User Engagement & Enhancing User Experience

Geofencing: Increasing User Engagement & Enhancing User Experience

What is Geo-Fencing?Geo-fencing is simply a Geographical border or virtual border around a single point with predefined set of boundaries mapped virtually with Global Positioning System” : Geofencing Meaning Geo Fencing officially known as Geofence is a virtual barrier for a real world geographic area. A geo fence can be generated dynamically like at particular radius around the store or any location. A Geofence is a like that of school attendance zones. Geofencing is a feature of software program of GPS with a space-based navigation system. It works when an unobstructed line of sight is there towards four or more GPS satellites. GPS provides location and time in all weather conditions and anywhere on the earth. What is a Beacon? Beacon is a small electronic device, a simple transmitter, which generally offer rooted support of identification. Beacon acts as an identification point for another electronic device which is enabled with some code to share the information to another device when it is in its vicinity. Example: #Apple came up with a concept of iBeacons Device for its own stores. It works like, when #iPhone users pass nearby the stores with iBeacons, they are welcomed on their iPhone with the message that informs about available product info, existing upgrades and the capability to pay with-out standing in queue through i-Pay money transfer mobile applicationHow does Geo-Fencing differs from Beacons? Geo-fencing and Beacon commonly came up with same functionality i.e. identification of boundaries which identify a user’s remoteness to a particular area. However a beacon cannot identify user location through map. Beacons are best for monitoring and serving content to micro locations where Geo-fencing are much better suited for monitoring entry and exit to larger areas like evenhanded events. How Geo-Fencing Works? Geo-fencing program uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to define geographical boundaries. The boundary is defined by the admin and is sent with an SMS or Mail as an alert. Many geo-fencing apps mostly integrated Google Earth, agreeing admin to define boundary on topmost of a satellite view to spot exact geographical region.  Some other applications also express limits by longitude and latitude or over user developed and Web-based maps. [caption id="attachment_8906" align="aligncenter" width="1006"]Geofence Google Geofence[/caption] All this system of monitoring and tracking works on the combination of GPS, cellular data and also Wi-Fi data combined. Historically, it was more about the cellular data, which your operator will send out the messages when you have breached the particular location. Now we have moved from the cellular data level to application level geofencing. One type of geofencing is active geofencing, when the app is open in your device and you are engaged with that experience. But of course Users/customers are not going to walk around every time with their app open. So another type of geofencing is that which occurs in background state. So, now we have even moved towards passive or background geofencing that works in background, being always on, being low-power consuming and not using GPS [caption id="attachment_8898" align="aligncenter" width="577"]Geofencing working Geofencing Working Progress[/caption] Creating and Monitoring Geofences The geo-fencing system triggers the event when user enters a specific area. This monitoring works when in active state as well as in background state. Multiple active geofences can be created. For each geofence, location services can send notifications during entrance and exit events. Duration can also be specified within the geofence, to wait or dwell before triggering an event. Geofencing apps use location data through the classes of the Location framework. This framework allows to monitor the device’s current location. This offers a highly configurable way to get the current location and track changes. The core location framework allows to locate current position of device and also provides periodic updates as it receives new or improved data. Any app that needs high-precision location data or a very regular stream of updates, requires the precision in the standard location service. Benefits (Advantages) of geofencing 
  • Geo fencing can be used for child location services, that can notify parents if child leaves a predefined area around school or any other location.
  • In some organisations, Human Resource department can use geofencing for monitoring employees that works in special locations and mostly for those who do field works. An employee  can also log his attendance using geofencing tool in a GPS enabled device, when they are present in a designated perimeter.
  • Use of geofencing in security strategy model gives security to wireless local area networks.
  • With the popularity of smartphones and mobile advertising, geofencing is also being used for sending location specific notifications to customers on their mobile devices, when they enter in that pre-designated zone.
What is geofencing background updates If the app is not running, then also the system relaunches it in background so that it can process the event. In background services, all of the regions that you configured previously are made available in monitored regions property. Thus, the app is woken up/relaunched when system detects that the user entered/exited the desired region. Privacy during having geofencing apps Geofencing through apps is not the type of cell-tower geofencing that is done at an operator level. This type of geofencing through apps requires the customers/Users to download your app for location services, which means that you can track that Users were there. The way geofencing app works is the monitoring for a specific location, and it only lets your server or platform know, when they have breached that particular location.

Krify’s hold on geofencing apps

Krify has developed the custom geofencing apps as desired by our clients. We have developed some apps based on geo-fencing that can constantly monitor the location of User, Children, Employee or Students. Thus helps in tracking and monitoring the entry and exit of people and assets from the designated region. Some of our work are as follows: Toyota Landcruiser is the app we have developed for Toyota Australia. Its key features are: Reward points mechanism; Geofence technology Scoring system; 3G or Wifi technology auto-detection. [caption id="attachment_8900" align="aligncenter" width="865"]GeoFencing App Screens ! GeoFencing App Screens ![/caption]  

Our Geofencing apps also includes apps like Relish, Kuggle, Park Shark and other. View All in Apps Portfolio !

"Contact us with your requirements for development of geofencing apps."

Geofencing mobile device management: IOS Geofencing Apps are Developed using objective c, swift, in Advanced Apps Development of  iphone apps. And Android Geofencing apps Developed using GPS, GeoFencing and RFID Concepts SDK's. #GEOFENCING APPS DEVELOPERS

Expert GPS, GEOFENCING and RFID - Mobile Apps Development Company Krify !

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Linphone Customization – Advances in Computing, Communications and Networking

Linphone is an excellent multi-line and multi-platform for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux – open source VOIP SIP client. It is a SIP soft-phone that is not bound to any operator. It can work with any VoIP operator using SIP. In common language, it is an internet phone or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone. Linphone Development was basically started by France’s Belledone Communications for Linux platform. Now, since its birth, #Linphone is being supported by various other platforms like MS Windows, Mac OS X and mobile platforms like iOS, Android, etc. Being an open source Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), it is available as open source code to be used to build mobile apps by mobile app developers. With the help of these apps, User can make free international calls to all the phones, provided that the respective phones should have these Linphone apps into it. Linphone was first launched in 2001. Now over many years, the Linphone is more robust and now embeds various array of new capabilities and features. With updated plugins available, Linphone can easily be customized in order to develop it as your company’s softphone and optimize it on your dedicated hardware. All Linphone updates and guidelines are available on official #Linphone @website. Linphone has a separation among User interfaces and core engine. This allows to create different types of user interface on top of same functionalities. Liblinphone is a core engine which is the library that implements all functionalities of Linphone. It is a very powerful SIP, VOIP video SDK that can be used to add audio, video calling functionality to the apps. It offers high level API to initiate, receive and terminate audio and video calls. The basic features and advantages of Linphone customization is described in our previous post Linphone – Sip Voip customization. Linphone Desktop 3.9 It was released recently in last month i.e. in November. It has come up with an improved UI and many more application enhancements like:
  • Video recording of calls in MKV format.
  • Add buttons to change the record and playback volumes during a call.
  • Add button to start chatting without having to create a contact first.
  • Clickable URLs in chat view.
  • Supports any web cam.
Linphone desktop 3.9 can be downloaded at http://www.linphone.org/downloads-for-desktop.html Linphone Android 2.5.1 and Linphone iOS 2.4 To follow the mobile platform evolutions in a better way, new versions of Linphone Android and Linphone iOS was released in October 2015. In latest Linphone Android 2.2.1 version, you will get following enhanced features:
  • Advanced video size and frame-rate settings
  • Improved file transfer feature that will allow multiple downloads at a time.
In Linphone iOS 2.4 version, it will now support iOS9/XCode7. Various bugs have been fixed for it and it have following added enhancements:
  • In dialler screen, ascii capable entry text is added so that both ‘@’ and ‘:’ are easily available.
  • In chat screen, now can be clicked anywhere in chat bubble to resend text and delivery status image.
  • In wizard screen, the device model and version are added in the User-agent field for improved statistics and troubleshooting.
  • The translations have been updated, various memory leaks and crashes have been corrected and a bug on badge count display, while receiving remote push notifications, has also been fixed.
Krify’s work in Linphone Krify has gained expertise in developing customized Linphone based apps as per the needs of our clients. Our portfolio about work done in Linphone speaks about our competencies. Our Linphone app development team is well aware and is in sync with updates from Linphone. We have developed custom Linphone apps as per our customer’s requirements, which has following important and advanced functionalities along with the basic functionalities: Calling functionality:
  • Calling functionality between app to app with the help of sip server support
  • App to App calling (i.e. Peer to Peer )
  • App to Mobile number (i.e. Peer to PSTN)
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Conference
  • Pause and resume ongoing call
  • For Android- Echo cancellation
  • Bluetooth Headset support
  • Voice Mail
  • Call via local number
  • Media Encryption —> None, SRTP, ZRTP and DTLS.
Chat functionality:
  • Allows chatting between Peer to Peer ( If TLS/TCP mode enabled in server)
  • Allows chatting between cross platform i.e. from iOS to Android ( If TLS/TCP mode enabled in server )
Audio Codecs that can be enabled in Linphone with server support:
  • opus
  • SILK (8K, 12K, 16K, 24K)
  • speex (8K, 16K, 32K)
  • PCMU
  • PCMA
  • GSM
  • G722
  • iLBC
  • AAC-ELD (22K, 32K, 44K, 48K)
  • iSAC
  • L16
  • AMR
  • G729
Video Codecs that can be enabled in Linphone with server support:
  • For iOS: Mpeg4, h264 and VP8
  • For Android: VP8
We are the trusted choice for custom Linphone apps, navigate through our Linphone products: 1n1 Talk Linphone app, Sim2Dial, Gost App ,Magictell, UVcon, Ring to India, Crypto-10 etc.  Just contact us for all your Linphone related queries. We are happy to help you!   Thinking to develop Linphone Apps by experienced Developers? Let's get in touch with most experienced mobile app developers at our contact page: https://krify.co/contact/ For any Queries or to do Live chat, "Let’s chat."  
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Mobile Application Testing – Challenges and Solutions

Year 2014 was an important year for Cross Border Merger and Acquisitions. Businesses used the social media platform rapidly to boost their growth. Like last year 2015 can also be marked by the rapid growth of cloud and mobile technology. So far mobile devices are more fragmented than Web/Desktop platforms due to availability of various types of devices, OS versions and the environment on which it operates. Therefore, it is essential to test applications developed, on several devices that sufficiently covers the pool of end-users’ devices. The year 2015 has thrown immense challenges for software and application testing fraternity due to emergence of new and advanced technologies and the upcoming year 2016 will continue to do so. Mobile application testing basically aims towards testing performance, functionality and security. It is also followed by regression testing, compatibility testing and usability testing. Let’s have a look on some of the trending technologies in the domain of mobile application testing. Crowd Sourcing Companies are adopting this trend rapidly to identify the bugs or defects within the developed software product. Before final launch of product, various versions are given to large number of users and then these users report the problem to the company, if any. This approach is a cost effective method to improve the quality of the product. Big Data and Analytics This is another software testing domain that is trending hot within developers and testers. It involves testing of vast chunks of data as well as the accuracy of data. Big Data and Analytics testing are very complex and throws a big challenge to software testing. Cloud Migration Despite facing its odd, cloud migration has gained the momentum and demonstrated a positive trend throughout the year 2015. Companies are getting advantage by adopting cloud services and by building and maintaining cloud environments. SMAC technology The increasing usage of Social media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies is referred as SMAC technologies. Emergence of these technologies has improved the operational efficiencies of businesses drastically. It has helped enormously in strengthening customer and end-user relationships. The demand for responsive, universally accessible applications has been on rise that brings improvement in business, communications and entertainment. The increased usage of social media and immense competition on the digital platform has led to ‘Zero Tolerance’ environment amongst the end-users. Because any kind of failure will be exposed amongst the global audience through the social media platform. Market Research says that 52% of IT budget is spent on the QA and testing of the software. In this part of budget the major allotments are 27% for Cloud, 40% for Big Data and Analytics and 17% is for mobile. Off course the social media is going to play the major role in making your products and services global. So Quality and Reliability of the product needs more attention to reduce errors in the software application.
We at Krify, aim to bring the best of the software application by making it undergo stringent testing. Our priority is to ensure the quality standards that it is on par with Client’s requirements and International Quality Standards.  We provide Quality Testing Services that is performed by adopting multiple advanced techniques to identify errors and possible risks that may interfere during implementation of software application. Our Quality Assurance Services involves following proceedings:
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Documentation Review
  • Pre-roll-out Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Consulting
  • Establishing Automation Framework
  • Scripting
  • Test Execution/Regression Testing
  • Script Maintenance
  • Scripting
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Creating Responsive Websites using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter released an interesting and amazing project named, Twitter Bootstrap, in August 2011. It was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton as a framework to encourage uniformity across the internal tools. Basically it’s an open-source JavaScript framework, developed by the Twitter team. It is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. It is also known as Front-end framework that helps in building User interface components. So it’s a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications.  It has HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, navigation, buttons and interface components. It also has optional JavaScript extensions. Some basic but great advantages of using Bootstrap are:
  • It is easier to get started.
  • It has extensive series of components.
  • It has great grid system.
  • It has huge package of JavaScript plugins.
  • It has base styling for many of the HTML elements like typography, tables, code, forms, icons, buttons, images.
  Versions of Bootstrap Bootstrap is one of the most starred projects on GitHub. First version of Bootstrap was launched in August 2011. It was not even responsive then and had gradients for their gradients. Bootstrap 2.0 was announced in January 2012 and this time they went fully responsive. This version was released with additional twelve-column grid layout and components of responsive design. Bootstrap 3 was launched in August 2013, which was released with the mobile first approach and they went flat and removed gradients. A ton of new features and upgraded grid made it insanely powerful. Mobile-first approach of Bootstrap 3 The greatest advantage of mobile first approach in Bootstrap 3 is that it brings the extension to a completely different and new horizons, which enables you to create different designs for any of the supported devices. It comes with the fluid design by default and thus your design will flow and look awesome on each type of device. You can decide about which is the most important content for users to view while using the website on small size devices like phones. This means almost each and everything has been developed and designed in a way to start from a small size screen and scale up more. The all new Bootstrap 4 Recently the first alpha version of Bootstrap 4 was deployed in August 2015, which has additional Sass and Flexbox support. It completely drops Internet Explorer 8 support. It is no longer going to be held back by legacy browsers and they can use better CSS3 techniques. This alpha version of Bootstrap 4 obviously should not be used on production, but it certainly gives us an insight into all the new cool features that were added, as follows: New Reset Module called Reboot New Reboot module allows to move all generic element selectors and rest styles into a single accessible ‘scss’ file. Flexbox as optional feature. Bootstrap 4 won’t support Flexbox and will utilize more traditional float or display table methods. Absence of standard Flexbox integration will lead to IE9+ support. But if one wants to forego this support and want to bump it up to IE10+, then you will have an option to enable Flexbox across your project. Grouped Cards Along with standard grid with gutters, you will have an option to group cards together, to remove the spacing in-between and then you can set each column to a uniform height. Utility Classes It will allow users to quickly push and align content within uniform increments. It enable the user to quickly and uniformly style a component without creating a specific selector to do so. JavaScript Rewrite All JavaScript plugins have been rewritten in ES6 to get the benefit of latest specification. With all these new features, the development plan of Bootstrap 4 includes release of few more alpha releases, two beta releases and two release candidates (RCs) to make sure that the new Bootstrap 4 is all ready and polished for final release. For more information on Bootstrap, please visit: http://getbootstrap.com/ Certainly, all developers are awaiting the final release of Bootstrap 4, to use its powerful features for faster and easier website and web applications development. Krify has done immense work using Bootstrap. Our team is excited for the release of new Bootstrap 4. Hire our developers and designers to get your responsive webs and web apps developed using Bootstrap. For our web design and web development services, visit: https://krify.co/website-development/ Drop an enquiry or email us at info@krify.co for solutions to your web development affairs.
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Microsoft Signs Android Apps -‘App Comparison’

Microsoft Recently launched an Android App called ‘App Comparison’ and its complete persistence is to tie up apps installed on your android device to those which exist on the Windows 10 platform.

AppComparison App for Andorid Devices : sing's a Hybrid App soon by Microsoft's

App comparison may seem meaningless, but it has focused on the goal that signify that “App store on Windows 10 enabled phones is growing slowly, and it will definitely result in growing app base for Microsoft. It will not take too long time for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile to stand as a biggest Competitor for Android and IOS Mobiles. If it builds more and more Apps to build its own strong App base like Google play Store has, even more similar apps. i.e., Cross platform apps using XAMARIN Development [caption id="attachment_8524" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Appcomparison App Appcomparison App by Microsoft for Android Devices [/caption]   The only drawback of windows till now is that they didn’t have much Developers as there are for Android. Now as HYBRID APPS came into light, Windows platform is also available as Universal Language that single code can work on all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and others like Xamarin. Presently, developers are looking forward to develop more Hybrid apps rather than single platform apps. Microsoft’s are going high with this, day by day. To kick start the sales of Windows Mobiles again, Microsoft has launched App Comparison app. App Comparison allows user to select two things that you find most interesting like Entertainment, Education, Health, Games, Lifestyle, News & Weather, Photo, Videos, Productivity, Sports, Travel, Friends and Family…etc. from your android device to show either the same apps or related app which are available on windows store. They will help customers with the transition process, before they migrate from android device to Windows devices. Hybrid Apps like Xamarin Apps are being developed more out by Xamarin Developers for windows and cross platforms. Market report says that Smartphone users are increasing day by day and are considering strongly to switch for Windows 10 and Windows Operating systems. So the first step in making the changeover as simple as possible would be to install App Comparison & see which apps they are already using on Android and are available on Windows 10 as well. In addition to finding coordinated apps, it also recommends others that might also be something more useful. It’s a pretty straightforward and basic offering, signed by Microsoft’s Hybrid apps supportability in future.
  Do you know who are Professional Developers of Hybrid Apps ? Krify has consummated innumerable projects of development with Xamarin programming. They have competence in building IT products using Cross Platform. Xamarin  Apps arrival with new exciting features will bring storm in the domain of app and web development. Contact now Krify Team of Developers  
How to hire a Xamarin Developer / Hybrid Apps Development Company ? If you are in need of experienced Hybrid app developers, Krify has a team of Xamarin developers who have sound knowledge on Xamarin, Cross platform Apps Development and experience of working on multiple projects for our clients in Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development. We don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines framed.  Our team of developers are flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients.

Hire a Xamarin App Developer hear !

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All About Graphic Design

All About Best Graphic Design| Trends | Software 2016

What is Graphic Design? Graphic Design is a visual communication language which can be a combination of words or symbols or images representing ideas and messages visually. The subcategory of Graphic Design falls as visual communication and communication designs. Graphic Design Who will Design Graphics? Usually the people who are professional in designing and art, who have creativity, conceptual and designing mindset, can design graphics and are called as Graphic Designers. A graphic designer should possess the skills to gather images, typography and/or motion graphics to create a piece of design. Graphic Designers Where do we use Graphic Designs? The existence and journey of Graphic Designs started with road signs initially, then it slowly started growing in communications field through electric devices. The development in graphic design domain has enhanced the way of communication through effective designs that is now able to replace texts and give more engaging experience. The knowledge and visual messages are increasingly spread among masses through graphic designs that has enhanced the power of visual messages. The effective visual communication are being used for sharing product information, elements of company identity like logos, colors, packaging and text. Over a period of time, graphic designing has emerged as a branch for advertising. Graphic designers constitute a form of team that works on branding and identity projects. Other team members may include communications consultant, marketing professionals and commercial writers. Graphic Design What are the Top 5 software's for graphic designers? Adobe Photoshop: Recent Adobe Photoshop is having an exciting feature with New Inventive Cloud Libraries capabilities. It also comes with Design Space improvements about previews. The stunning latest user experience on screen allows you to use multi touch supported with device functionalities that is having an added creative options of SVG import boosted export experience. Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator comes with some very advanced and awesome features that user can use to create attractive vector arts with standard of trades using vector graphics like logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile icons shades and many other things. CorelDRAW: Recent Version of CorelDraw Graphics suite X7 with new workspace reflects our usual workflow that can be used to drag when you need it. This complete suite of graphic design software allows you to design in your own way. Whether you want to edit photos, design websites or creating graphics and layouts, CorelDRAW will help you in all ways. Adobe InDesign: InDesign CC is available with new features such as capability to entrench the links in a website, share it directly through Twitter and email and also getting analytic's about document views. It can also be used to edit documents and republish it to the same URL. Adobe Flash: Adobe flash is another great software that makes designer’s life easy and trendy with visual effects having close and attractive looks. One of the major amazing feature of flash is that it allows browsers to play the videos and install some plugins to strengthen animated and visual effects for desired look. Thus, using Adobe Flash lets you to deploy designs, web content, animations and application #user interfaces immediately across all browsers and platforms. This results in a rich #web experience that attracts and engages users. Best Graphic Design Softwares What are other Best software's available? Above mentioned software's are popular and very useful one for graphic designers. Apart from these software's, some other useful software's are Corel PaintShop, Photo Pro X3, Art Rage 3.5, Adobe Premiere, Wacom Tablets, Corel Paint, etc. Contribution thanks to designschool.canva and creativebloq Top Graphic Design Trends 2016: Let’s check out some Graphic Design trends to watch in 2016: Fresh “Old-fashioned Style” After using modern designs solely, closely generations are moving back and making designs inspired by the 1920’s style. The modern-retro combination is going great among all generations. So similar trends are becoming popular in graphic design   Old Style Graphic Design Material Design: Material Design is stated by Google Developers as “A new design language based on paper and ink”. #Material Designs is big chunks of colors, where every element can be assigned a single unique code for access. The awesome feature allowed in Material Design is that “we can access any color by referring a color code for our requirements”, which facilitates a developer to design more effectively and make a boost to application pleasures.

Check our article… Android App Development Using Material Design #Tech 2016

Material Design Bright & Bold Color designs: The new design trends go for bold color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography and intentional white space that gives a bold graphic look. The vibrant colors inspired by 1960's favors neons, pastels and richer saturated colors. Mobile Apps Design Geometric Shapes: Geometric patterns and shapes can be applied in many ways such as backgrounds, individual graphic elements or as an illustrative technique. The new emerging style is “Low Poly” that started as a 3D modelling technique for games. This style will continue to show up outside the gaming world in print and web projects. Geometric Shapes Segmental Layouts: Segmented or modular layouts are being adopted by many big brands for their mobile apps as well as for websites. For this the designs are organized according to grid. The self-contained cards or modules can be used as primary organizational principle that has created the new trend in designing. Segmental Layouts Spectacular Typography: The new trend in typography is that it is not only for reading but also for becoming the center of attraction that can attract readers through bold colors, big textures or arrangements. The loud and lively typography creates an eye-catching and engaging content. Improved Illustrations: The graphics are mostly being replaced by customized illustrations and imagery. Generic look is considered as outdated by designers as well as business owners. Brands and other businesses are emphasizing on design-centric approaches. This has led to more personalization of imageries and illustrations. Improved Illustrations Intellectual Styles: The styling trends are growing more towards minimalism and distorted or deconstructed recognizable forms. The styling may involve vibrant colors but the text is kept minimum and primary visuals are made by mixing vague organic shapes and abstract. Intellectual Styles

Krify designers:

At Krify our exclusive team of Graphic designers brings the idea to reality by shaping it with their designing skills. Designing an app or website needs some creative bent of mind. Our designers converts their creativity into reality by using latest tools and trends of graphic designing. Contact us to hire our designers to get your website or apps designed for engaging user experience.
We have a complete team of designers to developers that will bring your idea of app development or website development to life. Hire our mobile app developers and website developers to get the innovative, creative and responsive mobile apps developed today.

"We Specially thank to Boss of Graphic Design Family Adobe"

Adobe is the #world leader in the field of graphic designing. Adobe Systems empowers graphic designers by allowing to have every asset at fingertips. Great new features of graphic designing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and many other powerful creative cloud apps enables you to take graphic designing to another level. Blog Contribution by : Expert User Interface / User Experience Specialist cum Graphic Designer's "team krify" Hire our expert UX/UI developers and experienced graphic designers for your apps and website development at hire a developer page !
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Steps to follow to avoid mistakes during Mobile App Development Process

Today’s world is always on the move. So the usage of mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices has become more important to stay connected, to stay ahead. So mobile apps are much important in today’s market. Mobile apps allows your customers to have all your information on their fingertips. It is beneficial to have mobile app for multiple mobile application platforms, but in the beginning one should start with a single platform. Whatever may be your business, a mobile app can surely help you retain your customers. The very place where customers search for products and service is the internet. The online presence of your business and having a mobile app will create the best impression on customers. They will be able to utilize your services and do purchases easily. Other advantages are that having an mobile app increases your visibility, accessibility, exposure across mobile devices and connectivity with on-the-go consumers. Mobile apps or Successful mobile apps? The mobile app market is growing by leaps and bounds. Thus mobile marketing has become more competitive. Apps are becoming the most dominant form of digital interaction. Are you ready for the app dominated future? There is a vast difference between building a mobile application and building a successful mobile application. Number of mobile apps hits the app market everyday. But the ultimate question is how many of them are getting noticed and eventually making money or boosting sales. Only handful of apps are used by users on daily basis. So it is equally important to plan mobile app strategically. The success of mobile app also lies in the great execution. The idea, its execution and process of development determines the success of your app. Lets checkout these ingredients required for building successful app, one by one: Developing a mobile app does not mean only coding. First you have to identify what problem your app idea is going to solve and who could be the target audience for that. Your app need to be an accurate solution for the problem faced by consumers. FuGenX-App-Development-Process   The app development process can be divided into following phases:
  • Pre-Development Phase
  • Design and Development phase
  • Testing phase
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and Marketing
Pre- Development/Strategy planning In this initial phase first you need to define what success means for your app. What is the goal behind creating the mobile app? You need to plan a roadmap to achieve those goals. Next important step in strategy planning is choosing the right platform. What is the purpose of your app development will help in deciding the platform. Whether the app is required to build revenue through mobile sales, to drive traffic to your website or physical store by increasing brand awareness, to provide services for existing customers, etc. Answering these questions will lay the foundation for the platform(s) for which the app need to be developed. Designing the app Design of the app is another crucial factor in deciding the success of the app. More focus should be given on UI design. App with great user experience and free of bug and crashes always increases the chances of making your app successful. Development phase Development is nothing but making your app designs functional. But it is easier said than done. At this phase, either you can go for native app development or cross-platform app development. The two critical decisions to be made in development phase are: Are you developing for specific platform or for cross-platform? Which set of tools you want to use for mobile app development? Each of this choice will have its own advantages and challenges for the development team and product support team. Testing phase After the product is ready, testing is the important phase. After internal testing, beta testing is the important step to get the feedback from targeted customers. This reduces the product risk and also gives an initial push in the app store. Marketing To make your app stand out of millions of apps in the market you have to work on your marketing strategy beforehand. You can bring the app to people’s notice through email outreach, blog outreach, social networks, etc. Deployment Deploying an app requires plan, schedule and control of movement of releases to test and live environments. The most important part of deployment management is to ensure that the  integrity of the live environment is protected. It also includes monitoring whether the correct components are releasing or not. c7znYXZexme03d8uaxCCwTl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVvK0kTmF0xjctABnaLJIm9 Maintenance after the app goes live After the app goes live, one should capture the metrics on regular basis. After that it is important to upgrade your app with improvements and innovative features. Upgrading your app with innovative features enhances its visibility along with downloads of an app. These are the different phases of app development. Following standard protocol will result in formation of standard product. But all these processes needs a strict monitoring and timely standard execution of various processes. Self-Building an App or Hiring professional App development Company? Self-building an app is a good option if you are well aware of all the technical stuff. The process involves not only coding but various steps that need to be followed right from the time when the idea is conceived. Any leading and professional mobile app development company will make the app development process seamless for you. Krify is one such professional mobile app development company with 6+ years of experience in the domain. Our team consists of professional and technically sound designers, developers, project coordinators and product managers who makes sure the smooth execution of processes at all levels and timely delivery of the product/app.
Apart from the standard execution procedures as discussed above, our organisation believes in complete satisfaction of the client. For this, we offer one month free maintenance support to all our clients. We also work on the feedback and response from the customers and improvise the features for better performance. Krify’s marketing and promotions team works at its best to deliver the best services in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Contact us for all your mobile app development queries. You can also hire our developers who will work as per your requirements and time zone.
Krify has expert team of professional developers that has led us to grab our hold in providing best services in following domains: #Android App development #iOS App Development #Windows App development #Blackberry App Development #Cross-Platform App Development #Xamarin development  
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Mobile Apps Boost Startups’

Can Mobile Apps Help to Boost Startups’ Growth?

Mobile #Mobile, Smartphone #Smartphone, you may go anywhere but you shall be always connected or tied with mobile phones. A mobile app is a supercomputer software package intended to stay on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Some devices are itself pre-installed with apps like browser apps, mail apps, mail calendar, sinkable calendar apps, mapping apps, music apps and many more apps. Every startup can be distinguished and separated from other startups based on its domain and platform. For instance, a startup with functionality of Pizza Making can be categorized under domain of Food > Fast food > pizza, burgers, likewise. Why Mobile Apps for Startups? As we know… “WORLD WIDE WEB IS CENTRALIZED PRIMARY ACCESS FOR EVERYTHING IN PRESENT GENERATIONS" Everything starting from a child birth to human death is linked with online registrations in database for easy access. So to stay ahead everything is need to be connected with web! Startup is like a small child born in the big #new world. It has lot of challenges and struggle to face in this competitive world. The first step towards bringing the notice of world to your small venture is using #digital platform. One can start with website development and its continuous and proper maintenance. We all are aware that mobile technology is more popular among masses rather than #desktops and #PCs. The usage of mobile is much higher than that of computers. So people prefer using #internet on their smartphones. So this increasing usage of smartphones for internet has raised the demand of mobile apps. They are more convenient, fast and effective method of offering services and monitoring operations. How Mobile Apps Benefit Startups? Startups can derive several benefits from the mobile apps. Most prominent being that it can facilitate the User in a better way and help them connect well with the business. When any business goes for mobile app development, that mobile app becomes its own exclusive property. So startups can use it extensively to promote their offers, services and brand messages in many creative ways. Thus branding for your startup can be done through marketing on mobile application. Another huge advantage of using mobile app is its huge reach among masses. With passing days, mobile usage are increasing day-by-day across the globe. It implies that having strong presence through mobile platform will help your business reach more customers directly in creative manner. Krify suggests startups to kick-start their business by having a creative and responsive website and mobile app. The first step towards the successful start can be a responsive website and mobile app development to create strong presence in the digital world. How to choose between website and mobile app? Every startup will definitely get confused over choosing Mobile app or Website. Well, we can define the need of both. Website development is primary option for every company that is minimum requirement for reorganization its existence in digital world. The next choice can be made between Responsive website vs. Web app. Both will work on network connected devices but major difference is in look and style impact. If website is not responsive then on mobile, it will show improper arrangement of elements on screen. Mobile Apps are directly designed for mobile users irrespective of screen sizes as with auto extensions and gets adapted with the device. There are more than 1.9 Billion Apps available on play-store for Android users in first place and Apple occupies the second place with more than 1.8 Billion Apps on App-store for Apple Users. We have currently 230 billion app users in world and are expected to turn into 340 billion app downloads, till the end of 2016. [caption id="attachment_9018" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Mobile Apps Growth Rate2016 Mobile Apps Growth Rate[/caption] For more facts and figures, check out our previous post on ‘Need of Mobile App Development for Businesses #2016’. Reasons behind Top Startups’ Mobile Apps Failure:
  1. Low App Performance
  2. Inadequate App Version updates
  3. Less potential apps development
  4. Immature App UI/UX Designing
  5. Improper Marketing Strategies
  6. Familiar Apps Development
  7. Ineffective Idea‘s
  8. Picking a less suitable Platform
  9. Lagging behind every day Changing Technologies
  10. Not getting it developed from Expert professionals
Concluding Note: Using the digital world for business’ growth is the hot trend in present times. For Strong digital presence to be made, one needs to take the path of responsive website development and innovative mobile app development. Over the years of experience Krify has acquired the competency in understanding the marketing needs of your businesses. We have an #expert team of developers and designers that will work out for the #website and #mobile app development, which would be apt to boost the growth of your startup. Contact us to get the perfect mobile app and/or website designed and developed for your startup. Now @Contact Page ! You can also drop an enquiry or chat with our service team now... #Startups’ Growth Start with Mobile Apps Development, enhances success rate twice. Here are Few Tips and reason behind businesses' success/failures with/without website & apps.

#Read more related articles to startup/small businesses here !

Buzzwords 2016: All about Startup Operations and Business Tips

Startup Business Statistics in Different Countries#2015

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Buzzwords 2016: All about Startup Operations and Business Tips

Startup is the term banging around the world in business list. Whole world eyes on Startup businesses irrespective of failure to challenge the successful Big Business Organizations, with a concept of Low Investment High profit for useful services. Big Government bodies of top countries like US, UK, India, USA, Australia and many other countries are looking to establish new startup businesses in their own country by offering different things need to establish it. Even few of Kings ruling countries like UAE, Saudi… etc. are also looking for multi-talented people in their own places to give a kick of startup’s success to their investments. What does startup business means? Startup means “the first step towards transforming your business idea into success.” Startup can be simply defined as the venture that are operated to make some innovative ideas successful. Startup is built or developed as an institution that is designed to deliver an innovative service or product under extremely uncertain conditions. Startups can be based on small business schemes (officially Small Business venture) or innovative apps (Applications Designing venture) and turning them into successful venture is what takes it all. What kind of ideas work for startup? Startup it-self is always supported with Innovative thoughts and it needs all the hard work and dedication to bring a success to it. Here is a Simple workflow for startup, as following Example: “Team of our krify Venture designed, developed and are maintaining an App called CimplifyED.  It was developed by our experienced Android Apps Development team. The Real World theme (idea) behind it is simplifying the gap between a children’s education and parents by providing timely notifications and pop-ups regarding studies, on parent’s smartphone.” How a startup company can get started? Startup is generally started with simple motto along with a team of multi-talented people. Startups can be started by individuals or by a group of people. The #first requirement is an innovative idea. Another important step is knowing how much is the budget needed. It must be estimated first and getting feedback on the idea by doing research on it or by taking suggestions from existing technology/trends experts. Next step involved is finding or choosing a work place within budget with requirements needed around, things like Infrastructure, systems, man power and other things that will be needed to start the work. To explain the idea how startup works, I would like to mention the example of Krify group that created CimplifyED App. “The Initiator first started with an idea to develop and then discussed it with other team members and started getting feedback on Idea. Then all required things were arranged in the office environment where to want to create their workplace. For example, Computers, Infrastructure, development resources, etc. as already they has an investor for them who had an good idea about what’s happening inside and outside regarding the idea, which was considered for development into a product.” How a startup Works? Every Startup works with a planned module by synchronizing with team. Coordinating with one another, with each other’s experiences and thoughts is important to implement the idea by choosing right platform. Mostly startups have their own thoughts and ideas that they won’t reveal, about how they are going to shape the idea due to concern of their idea getting stolen. For an instance, our Krify’s startup team worked as follows: “Our CimplifyED Team lead choose 5-members of with brilliant technical knowledge and great working experience. Then this multi-talented team chose a right platform for their idea to bring it to success is. The platform chosen was Android due to its reach among massed and growth over Android Mobile App Users as compared with that of iPhone Mobile App Users. How Startups Execute/run their Work? Startups mostly execute their work through Open Source and Secured Platform. Many Small things and Customized things needed to plan all activities within the budget. What is Success/Failure Rate for Startups? Definitely the Success rate of Startups is extremely less compared with the failure rate. But the Positive thing is Every Day the growth rate is increasing as per the research history. So we can say the success rate for startup is 40% for sure and failure rate we can rate as 60%. Reasons for Startups Failure: Here few top most reasons for startups failure are listed below on the basis of strength of their effect.
  1. Greatest ideas are evil
Great ideas are really malicious. The ideology may not remain same, over the time, as human minds keeps on changing with time.
  1. Not Having Brief Idea
If project owner or project initiator is not having a complete idea on the project workflow and idea execution, then the project may turn into disaster. It needs a perfect approach and research analysis for choosing right platforms and right method to develop an innovative and right product.
  1. Fail to solve problem
Debugging a problem plays a major role for quality control and feature release. Most of startups fails at this point and is given as a break point.
  1. Experience
Every startup can’t invest for experienced team to make their idea successful. As a result, the team has to work efficiently with readily available resources.
  1. Improper Business Model
Having a clear Business/Revenue model is a must for starting any business venture. It is not as easy as it seems. After entering into business it’s a much big deal to organize a business model. You have to work on business model very much beforehand the business starts it operations.
  1. Legal Challenges
After keeping all the things ready and getting all good feedback from advisors, family, friends, team members, the next important bridge to cross is passing the regulatory and legal systems of the country where you want to establish your startup. But being on the right side of the legal systems, it gives you a huge strategic advantage over your competitors. That’s the reason why big industries like Reliance are spending almost Rupees 1200 Crores on legal expenses in one financial year. It does not mean that every startup needs to pay a huge amount on legal issues. But you should be careful towards regulatory compliance and should focus on getting all agreements signed well in advance from all your founders and co-founders. Startup Business Tips:

Responsive Website is the essential thing for your digital marketing strategy and is the heart of your online existence.”

[caption id="attachment_8989" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Startups to Small Businesses Startups to Small Businesses[/caption] Boost your Startup Business through Digital Trends: Businesses are getting boosts from digital trends like Mobile Apps Development, Website development, Online Marketing and many more. Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps give more benefits compared with single platform supporting apps, as from expected number of users. Even now we are in a 2016 Mobile Era people are more attached with mobile app, than directly through website for desktop. The huge impact over building a Responsive website and redesigning the existing websites reflects a vast impact on business success rate. Web Development:  The Website development is one of the major digital marketing tips for small businesses to reach people and investors interested in their Business. It also helps in getting new ideas supporting the current projects from people around the world with same mindset. Apps Development: Mobile And Web Apps Development Trend is supporting the small businesses hugely. It is taking a great pleasure to move the businesses forward in Technological world. We can see in numeric statistics of mobile Web users has increased vastly as compared with past numbers. (You can see in our previous article: Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses #2016) Optimization Strategy will work: The Second step to push business to next level is following strategy oriented approach from the competitor analysis and studying the way of operating of other businesses that has grown real fast. These things are possible through Digital Marketing Optimization strategies like Search Engine Optimizations, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimizations, Pay per Click and many other. Social Media: Everyone knows the fact that Social media post is more effective than a voice of human now a days. The Maintenance of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Google+ and many other will definitely help your small business grow. Internet of Things: The whole world moving with a band called Internet of things which includes wearable technology through wearable “smart” devices that are connected with mobile phones. Even working on things related to Internet of Things is great idea for Startups. World of Capturing Video Picture Capture: People are interested more in storing memories through capturing a picture and making a video and cherishing it again by watching the same things later. As a result, reading dairy, reading novels, books have become an old model concept and now latest concept is posting an Article or a post with status showing captured moments and other things through video and picture, are proving to be much more useful for Digital marketing Ads.

 - Team Innovative Startup Ideas for Mobile App Development

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Flashback of 2015: Best Mobile Technology Trends

In present scenario, most of the activities of routine life are now associated with our smartphones. How? Whether it be shopping, ordering food, paying your daily bills, hiring a cab, sending and receiving documents and many more. All such activities are done using our smartphones off course. With the mobile technology growing fast with the lightning speed, mobile apps have also become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. While approaching towards the end of the year 2015, let’s have a look back at the mobile app trends that were witnessed in 2015. The fastened mobile app development All esteemed Mobile App Development Companies are facing the tough time to reach the huge demands of mobile apps from across the globe. With the increasing culture of start-ups the competition among businesses is huge. Every organization wants to reach the audience/customers globally. What other better platform than digital platform. So to reduce the gap between the idea of product and launching the products eventually, everybody wants the App development process to be fast. This enthusiasm resulted in development of faster mobile app development tools and frameworks. So, the mobile or web app development process is  expected to give key results that leads to rapid launch of products and fast reach into the global market. Cloud based mobile app development Many are the mobile applications that have used the power of cloud technology, such as Gmail, Dropbox, etc. Mobile cloud computing has flourished to a greater level and is still expected to boom in coming years. Mobile app developers are still facing many challenges in cloud-based mobile apps development that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising with its functionality and features. Mobile Apps with responsive designs The transformations going on in the way smartphones are being used, the consumption of multimedia content, internet banking, online shopping and website browsing and other activities are also increasing. These multiple activities and increased apps usage has led to development of responsive websites in order to support multiple mobile devices. It requires developers to build responsive websites without compromising with its features and functionality. Importance of app security The mobile app security is as important as mobile app development. Mobile app developers have been seen to be paying more attention to mobile app security throughout the year 2015. It is necessary to safeguard every bit of information that is passed through mobile devices. Data flow, functional and abuse cases are some of the typical mobile threats. So preventing the hacking and testing the vulnerability of mobile apps have become a major work area in mobile app development. Growing popularity of cross-platform tools Cross-platform mobile app development tool has become very crucial in 2015. The notable thing is that the use of cross-platform tools has grown from 23% to 30% during past six months. So it is very much important to select the right tool. More and more ventures are demanding cross-platform expansion and number of tools are available for mobile app developers who wants to use cross-platforms. mobile trends 4 Increasing demand in Enterprise Mobile App Many companies have already opted for using their own enterprise mobile app and are experiencing the benefits of using it. Irrespective of the size or location of the organization, being able to stay connected with the rest of the organisation anytime, anywhere is the biggest advantage that enterprise mobile apps offer. It has made the tracking of critical metrics simpler around the world. Businesses are connecting more throughout the year and the need for enterprise mobile apps will continue to grow. Mobile App Development for Wearable Till the beginning of 2015, mobile app development for wearable was focusing more on health and fitness domain. But throughout 2015 we have seen the immense rise in development and usage of wearable. With the launch of Apple watch in April 2015, a huge push is being noticed in wearable scenario. A great potential has been discovered for IoT (Internet of Things) apps as well as for wearable apps. Thus mobile app developers are also focusing more towards app development for wearable platforms in 2015 and will continue to do so. mobile trends 5 Developing New Apps in New Year While moving closer to the celebration of New Year 2016, preparing for upcoming challenges is also crucial in the mobile app development space. Thinking ahead and thinking out of the box, is the main focus for 2016. At Krify, our core competence is building mobile apps and providing solutions to IT related problems. Our expert team of mobile app developers, designers, testers and marketers work together to provide our services at every layer from conceiving the IT product idea to its launch. We thrive to meet the goals of all our clients who comes to us with varied interests of developing apps for individual, entrepreneurs and enterprises. We are excited to take the ride of 2016 with focus on integration and ease of use. Hire our mobile app developers at Krify now, to develop competitive and responsive mobile apps in a cost effective way.  
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Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses #2016

Why should a Marketing Professional target on technology? Business or marketing professionals mostly target on technology as the businesses are booming with the technology for instance, E-Commerce business. Marketing professionals are switching more towards  Digital Marketing, than any other or offline mode of marketing. Technology is playing a major role in all over the world for all kinds of business organizations starting from start-up to the big and well established organizations. Businesses with technology on forefront are booming rapidly even in the race of stock markets. For all kinds of Business organizations, IT companies are proving to be creating best solutions for creating market value in the business world and do promotions to get more leads from it.

- Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

[caption id="attachment_8696" align="aligncenter" width="900"]World Wide Smartphone Sales Share now 10 times high in 2015 #END Its 10 times high in Q4 of 2015 #END World Wide Smartphone Sales Shares ( Not indicated in Graph)[/caption] Why Mobile App Development has become an integral part of marketing?

“Reason Behind emergence of Mobile Apps Development is due to rise of Smartphones usage in world from 2014”

Even though Web Technology is presently giving a tough competition to Mobile Technology, Mobile technology has brought a storm in the digital world, as now-a-days, almost every user has smart phones as everyone can carry the technology to any place, easily. Which is the best platform for Business Mobile Apps Development? There are plenty of Mobile Apps Development platforms starting from the Big Hills like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, BlackBerry OS, Bada OS and others to develop an app. Presently, Android and iPhone users are in abundant in the world. So obviously Businesses targets mostly on iPhone App Development And Android App Development for #increasing their sales and revenue. It is a good idea to get started with iPhone App Development / Android App Development. We also need to be aware of the booming fields in mobile apps development like hybrid apps. As for future emphasis, it is the best time to start with Xamarin apps platform and Cross platforms apps development through Hybrid App Development in India / Hybrid App Development in UK. Because it is the recent technology that everyone is looking up to, as using it, only a Single Hybrid App developed is enough to run on multiple platforms i.e. single app has a capability to run on iPhone, Android, Windows and other platforms. Looking for a Mobile app Development Company? Great! You are at right place. Krify Innovations (UK) Ltd. (Krify) is a multi-national technology Innovations Company specialized in crafting world class Mobile and Web Applications. We built many world class mobile applications particularly for iPhone, Android and Wearable forms. Krify has a team of enthusiastic Mobile app developers with experience of working on multiple projects for our clients across Europe and USA. They have hands on experience in website development and mobile apps development. They don’t compromise on quality and believe in delivering the projects within the timelines. Our team of developers is flexible to work in multiple time zones to suit the needs of our international clients. #Contact now Krify for Mobile Apps Development or Request a free Quote for your requirements...   [caption id="attachment_8697" align="aligncenter" width="911"]Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify Mobile Apps Design Development Company | Krify[/caption] Looking to Hire Mobile Developer? Krify has carved a niche for itself in the development especially in Mobile app Development in India | Mobile app Development in UK with efforts of experienced and friendly team who is willing to work more for clients and love to create apps with a passion of creativeness, with a lot of ideas which helps to improve clients’ business. Don’t wait, hire a developer now at Krify. #Contact now Krify to Hire Mobile App Developer or Request a free Quote for your requirements...  

--- Survey report on “Mobile Users” in present Generation @2015 December 1st week: TOI ---

Today’s world is deeply connected with technology in almost all aspects of life starting from child birth to big wars. Everything is directly or indirectly dependent on technology, as day by day technology is getting advanced step by step. As per recent survey on MOBILE USERS in present era, it gives a driven-out and mind blowing results as follows: [caption id="attachment_8698" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]The Mobile Era Modern Generations The Mobile Era Modern Generation #2015[/caption]  
           Age                                      Percentage of people Dependent on Mobiles Specific App trends
4-10 years 55%

Games: Play Mind games, Action games, and many other apps, Educational Games, fun Apps,

Toy Apps and many other apps

11-15 years 68% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Face book, twitter, emails and many other apps Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps, Knowledge Apps, and other apps. Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps apart from normal calls and Messages
16-30 years 95% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter,mails and many other apps Job Search Apps: LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, and many other apps Gaming Apps: Action Gaming Apps,Knowledge Apps, and other apps Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype and other apps Banking Apps: ICICI, Paytm Wallet, Google Wallet and other Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages
31-45 years 79% Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps Shopping Apps: Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and many other apps Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other, Videos Music Fun apps: YouTube, video share, hot star apps, live cricket stream app, music share apps and many other apps News Feed Apps: like RSS, news, feed. Apart from normal calls most of night calls and Messages
46-60 years 68% Travel Apps: Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and other. Social Apps: Different Social Media apps like Facebook, twitter, mails and many other apps Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls
60+ years 35% Banking Apps: ICICI, Pay tm Wallet, Google Wallet, and other Video calling apps: Like IMO, Google calls, Skype, and other apps News Feed Apps Apart from normal calls
  As Survey proved many aspects that mobile users are more than 70% and still increasing with increase in use of different mobile apps. Business people are more interested to market their products and services by offering a lot of deals to attract more and more customers. As a part of this, big organizations looks to Hire a developer who are mostly Experienced. If you are looking forward to Hire an Android App Developer or Hire an iPhone App Developer or Hire Windows App Developer, to bring your app development ideas to life, then get in touch with us here for Mobile App Development in India and UK.
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Martial Design

Android App Development Using Material Design #Tech 2016

Who Invented Material Design for Android Apps? Google publicized Material Design in June 2014, at I/O conference as the new design language. #Google Developers’ Work, from earlier before 2009 throughout for web and mobile environments for Material Design Inventions came up with huge success rate. Material Designs came into light from 2015 with an Android OS version 5.0, Lollipop. The next major version Marshmallow 6.0 for Android has been developed using Material Designs which comes with a great elegance of User Experience and User Interfaces. Mostly all of the Google Playstore's branded applications are built on Marshmallow 6.0 using Material Design alike Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, YouTube Google Maps, Inbox and to a slighter range the Chrome. So far, even desktop web interfaces are also incorporated with Material Design like in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Inbox from Microsoft. What exactly does Material Design do? Material Designs is an advanced concept in design field. It is a design language that has been developed by Google. It has colors support with lot of shades and colors for designers and developers. Material Design is stated by Google Developers as “A new design language based on paper and ink” Before getting into Material Design in details, let’s see what “polymer paper elements” is. The canonical implementation of Material Designs for Web application user interfaces is called polymer paper elements. It consists of a Polymer library, the so-called ‘paper elements collection’ and a shim that provides a web components API for browsers that do not implement the typical natively. Let’s Get Started with Material Designs! Material Designs is big chunks of colors, where every element can be assigned a single unique code for access. The awesome feature allowed in Material Design is “We can access any color by referring a color code for our requirements” which facilitate a developer to design more effectively and make a boost to application pleasures. Material Design Developers will mostly focus on three main goals to attract people are Hypnotize, Simplify and Amaze with User Experience. Futures of Material Design:
  • Material Design makes further liberal use of grid-based layouts
  • Responsive animations and transitions
  • Exact cell padding,
  • In-Depth possessions such as illumination and shades
  • Speedup applications color access
  • Add more Glory to apps
Material Design Principles for Developers to focus at Development: Android App developers using concept of Material Deign need to know few more things about some of the design development principles provided by Android’s Developer team.


Pleasure: The Applications should provide a feel of calm looks for folks with objective of honoring. Real objects: The most impressive thing about humans is that they feel better with real objects instead of using buttons and clicks. Defaults: User always like to set up manually for themes, walls, menus and all other things. Offer: Provide choices instead of suggestions in similar things.  


Brief: Avoid using long phrases as people love to read short messages. Pictured things: Make things happen with Pictures more, things with picture happen faster than words. Decide: Make users to decide over their choices rather than offering everything. If User chooses wrong, then give an option to roll back. Show when Need: Avoid disturbing users with lot of promotions on screen instead of things that are required at right time. Keep Backup: Keep backup options for everything through cloud technologies. Keep eyes on Looks: Provide same themes instead of appearing with different combinations. Notifications: Allow interrupts (Notifications) only if it's important.  


Tricks: Keep using visual patterns and muscle memory from other Android apps development for involving more actions (Clicks, Warnings, Notifications…) Faults: Remind users about things like memory usages, data services, restrictions and all, as not a system defaults fault and allow them to change Sprinkle: Give feedback on actions, even if it's just a subtle glow. Lifting: Provide shortcuts that combines multiple inputs to users Ex: Photo gallery of photographs Took Faster: Make apps with faster deciding choices for users using different colors.

Android Developers | Android Material Design App Development

Major areas of Material Designing involves:
  1. Material Design Colors
  2. Material Design Icons
  3. Flat UI colors
Material Design Colors: There are 16 million + colors available and is displayed in environment with Liquid crystal and IPS Displays that facilitates more efficiency for them to look. Human eye can able to look for 676 Mega Pixels. Even the human eye can distinguish about 10 million colors. As previously built Android Apps still need more improvements, the development of material designs is the major step towards developing the best apps for Android App users. [caption id="attachment_8596" align="aligncenter" width="1151"]Material Design Colors View of very few Material Design Colors[/caption] Material Design Icons: Icons plays the major role for finding the option among a lot of options. Even it describes a lot more than a textual information to humans, just like as shown below are few android team designed free Icons. [caption id="attachment_8599" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Material Design Icons Few Icons from Android Developers team[/caption]   Different Features of different offerings from Material Design:
  • 3D Rotations
  • Shadows
  • Shine
  • Sharpness
  • Animation
  • Blueness
  • Thickness
  • Aspect Ratios
  • Assessment
  • Alignments
  • Auto rotates
  • Navigations
  • Many more…
Flat UI colors: Flat UI Colors majorly include different color drop down shadows which separate the normal view from other flat views.  It will be marked as different accordingly to attract more users and make them identify those correctly. [caption id="attachment_8597" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Flat UI Colors Look of Flat UI Color Shades[/caption]   What is Material Design Palette? How Material Design Palette looks? This color palette includes primary and drawl colours which will be used for style or to develop your colours. They’ve been plotted to figure tunefully with one another. The color palette starts with primary colours and fills within the spectrum to make an entire and usable palette for android, Web, and iOS. Google suggests exploitation the five hundred colours because the primary colours in your app and also the alternative colours as accents colours. style_color_introduction   Look of Material Design Palette code works: Material Designs futures the special environment at the code look for the choose of colors with different shades as shown in picture below...   [caption id="attachment_8598" align="aligncenter" width="1241"]Material Design Palette code view Material Design Palette code editor view[/caption]   Youtube Android App look by developing with Material design concept: Here is a youtube app's screen short developed using Material design concept. [caption id="attachment_8600" align="aligncenter" width="2320"]Material design concept app view Material design concept app view[/caption]   Looking for an Android Apps Material design Developers? Team Krify has the competence to develop innovative Material Design Apps/Websites to provide a more enhanced user experience with a lot of innovative functionalities. We are dedicated to offer out of box solutions that would revolutionize the app/web User experience.

- Android Apps Material design Developers Team 

"Take a look on our work Gallery of Android apps portfolio designed by experienced android developers from India and UK"  
Contact Krify for Android App Development using Material Design...    
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New PHP 7.0 Storm Begins!

After eight Release Candidates, finally PHP 7.0, major version is out. The PHP development team announced the official release of new version of PHP on 3rd December 2015. This marks the beginning of new PHP 7.0 series. The all new PHP 7.0 and its features are so amazing and exciting that we decided to dedicate another complete post about it. The release of PHP 7.0 is a result of almost two years journey of development. It marks the rise of new generation of PHP that has an enormous potential. Following are the features to look upon that is going to boost the development process to the next level:
  • Improved performance, as it has twice the speed of PHP 5.6
  • Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Significantly reduced memory usage
  • Many of the fatal errors has been converted to Exceptions
  • Consistent support of 64-bit
  • Secure random number generator
  • Scalar Type Declarations
  • Anonymous classes
  • Eliminated unsupported SAPIs and extensions
  • Zero cost asserts
  • Improved exception hierarchy
For source downloads of PHP 7.0 please visit http://www.php.net/downloads.php For the detailed list of new features and backward incompatible changes consult the migration guide at http://php.net/manual/en/migration70.php Why Choose Krify for PHP Web Development Krify has expertise in development of web system and applications. We provide custom web solutions in PHP. We also offer responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website design and development. Our development team is all set to develop innovative IT solutions using the all new PHP 7.0.
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Apple’s Swift 2 – Makes Mobile App Development Real Fast

Swift 2 is a modern programming language, created by Apple Inc. that is fast, safe and interactive. It is an intuitive and powerful programming language for iOS, watch OS and OS X development. Writing Swift code is fun and interactive with concise yet expressive syntax. Apps built using Swift runs super-fast with the lightning speed. Swift can be readily used in your present project as the Swift code works alongside the Objective-C. Last year in WWDC 2014, Apple launched Swift as a safe and fast language and soon it became the most popular programming language. After its first release, an upgraded version Swift 1.2 was released later in 2014. The major up gradation in Swift was announced as launch of Swift 2 at WWDC 2015. Swift was initially a proprietary language, but with the announcement of Swift 2, Apple also announced that Swift 2 would be available as open source supporting OS X, iOS and Linux.  During WWDC 2015, Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi addressed, “We are stepping on the gas this year with Swift 2. We think Swift is the next big programming language, the one we will all do application and system programming on for 20 years to come. We think it should be everywhere and used by everyone.” This decision of Apple making Swift as open source will allow developers to contribute to the development of the language and write programs using Swift. Alongwith this exciting feature, new Swift have many more exciting things to offer. Error handling The new Swift comes with an advanced error handling feature that would offer a more clear and expressive syntax for catching and throwing errors. It has also made it easy to create your own type of custom errors, so that error cases can be described with clear names. Improvement in Syntax New Syntax of Swift allows you to write more expressive code and lets you improve the consistency across the language. SDKs with new Objective-C features makes Swift code even safer and cleaner. Xcode 7 is having a robust migrator that would convert your playground code and application to work with the latest developments in syntax of Swift 2.0 Availability check Swift 2.0 comes with another great feature that is built-in availability checking. It will definitely help in building the best possible apps for every targeted version of OS. With the arrival of Swift 2 on the platform, the language gets more powerful and being open source now, it is available for more developers on more number of platforms. For more information on Swift, please visit: https://developer.apple.com/swift/ Krify has a competent team of developers that are expert in developing innovative and interactive apps using Swift. Contact us for more information about hiring our developers for developing powerful apps using Swift 2.0. We will be available to build apps in Indian as well as UK time zones. Check our portfolio at: https://krify.co/our-portfolio/
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Laravel – PHP Framework: Great Aid for Web Artisans

Laravel is a free, open source software framework for the PHP programming language. PHP is known to have a less than desirable syntax, it is easy to use, easy to deploy and is actually powering many modern websites that we use day-to-day. Laravel provides beautiful shortcuts, components and tools that help in accomplishing all your wed based projects. Laravel aims to fix some of PHP’s flaws as well. The beauty in using Laravel is that it has a semantic and creative syntax, which makes it stand out among various frameworks available for the programming language. It is a great choice for amateur projects as well as enterprise solutions. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell with an attempt to provide advanced alternative to CodeIgniter framework. Laravel 1 was released in June 2011. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and is licensed under the terms of MIT license. Laravel’s major new version is Laravel 5, released in February 2015. New features included in Laravel 5 are support for scheduling periodically executed tasks through a098 n package called Scheduler, improved handling of package assets through Elixir, an abstraction layer called Flysystem that allows remote storage to be used in same way as local file systems and simplified externally handled authentication through the optional Socialite package. Laravel 5.1 was released in June 2015 to receive long-term support, with planned availability of bug fixes for 2 years and security patches for 3 years. laravel 2 Laravel 5.2 and Its New Features Laravel 5.2 is supposed to be released in December 2015. Few new additional features of this version has already been announced. Some of these new cool features are:
  • Implicit Model Binding: it allows automatic binding of model to a route. For seasoned Laravel developers, it is similar to present route model binding except that now the step of binding it manually can be removed.
  • Appending output from scheduled tasks: The new Laravel Schedular will now be able to append output from the task to a file.
  • Laravel 5.2 Form Array Validation: In Laravel 5.2, to add validation rules, it does not require looping through and adding the rules individually.
  • Collections Wildcards: If you want to pull out data while using a collection, then now you can pass a (*) as a wildcard
  • Database Session Driver: It now includes user_id and ip_address, so that all sessions for a given user can be cleaned easily.
  • My SQL JSON Column Types: Laravel 5.2 now adds support for this column type.
Keynote from Laracon 2015 Laracon is the annual Laravel conference that is held in the United States and in Amsterdam. In Taylor Otwell’s keynote at Laracon US 2015, he announced Laravel Spark – a framework on top of Laravel framework. It is a pre-built SaaS app with basic functionality to start coding the actual project and leaving the common functionalities like accounts, payments, subscriptions to Spark. Laravel helps your application to stay alive and relevant using established software development patterns. Using Laravel framework is definitely advantageous over using handmade codes or other frameworks.

Laravel Development Company

Krify’s expert Laravel developers has successfully developed software solutions using Laravel framework. Our efforts are always focused towards exploring all the new features of upgraded Laravel Development. Looking forward for the release of Laravel 5.2!
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