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Build Native apps using NativeScript 2.0 & Angular JS

Native apps development has more demand even though HTML5 has allowed apps to work across platforms. Most of the people reach Native apps development company for their apps. Through crossplatform mobile app development we can reuse the existing code to build mobile apps in multiple mobile platforms but the difference between cross platform apps and native mobile apps is user experience will not be same. Now latest version of NativeScript 2.0 is released, an open source framework. It allows to use JavaScript framework to build native mobile apps running on the major mobile systems. They can re-utilize the code so that they can manage time and cost–effectiveness. Also Native apps using NativeScript 2.0 will have Native app experience in all platforms with same code


Todd Anglin, chief evangelist and VP technology at Progress said that “Angular integration first shipped with our popular Kendo UI library nearly two years ago, and we continue to see high demand for Angular from our community,”. “For the more than one million developers using the Angular framework to write interactive web applications, the NativeScript 2.0 framework represents a giant leap forward — they can finally create zero-compromise mobile apps with Angular featuring truly native UI and performance”.

NativeScript 2.0 is Open source framework, we can use this native UI to even older Android device to deliver high performance. It is very intuitive to share the code between web and other different platforms which helps developer to reuse their skills hassle-free. This Allows developers to save their time in learning curve and setup required to build native apps. We can use NativeScript 2.0 to develop cross platform apps without any messy bridging code. Also, the end client will be happy with the app performance and Native Look and feel. NativeScript is ready now and also you can register for launch webinar which is going to takes place on May 17 to find out more.