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Are your Web Designs User-centric Designs?

Website’s effectiveness is primarily decided by the Web Design and its usability. Websites with user-centric designs have become a standard approach for developing a successful and profit-oriented web design. Let’s focus on important approaches for effective web design that can lead towards producing more sophisticated web designs.

Designing for Usability

If users or your targeted consumers does not find your product user-friendly, today or tomorrow, they will surely dump it. Because if there is not any usability in what you are producing, users will not feel like using it again. Web designing with usability is the foundation towards building a website, which is successful.

As Steve Jobs rightly said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Design is about fulfilling User’s needs

For the success of any website or digital product, designs play an important role. Perfect web designs are those that work, fast to load and surface the right content quickly. Web designs should be able to provide people what they need and people should depend on them for searching anything on the web.

Designs = Aesthetics + an intent

Designs should be presentable and should be able to give what user is looking for. The design could be lightweight, trend-conscious or heavily styled, but it should be clear on its intent of what it needs to convey. It should be in sync with context, relevant and the user should be able to make a decision where to go next with minimum effort.

Allowing users to get what they need

Design elements should not inhibit users from completing their actions. The web design should be able to deliver a delightful experience to the user that will compel them to visit back to your website. The interaction flow is critical that allows users to complete their tasks smoothly and successfully. To achieve this, web designs should have following attributes:

  • Simple navigation
  • Organizing the content into relevant groups
  • Ensure the readability by taking care of fonts, colours, etc.
  • Don’t test user’s patience, user should be allowed to get what they need quickly.
How perfect web designs helps cutting the competition

When any business is launched that have useful service and provides a great user experience, the innovation in service itself can act as foundation stone in building and establishing any brand. When your service or product is not new and already there are many competitors in the field, then designs can pay a crucial role in cutting down the competition. Even if the old service is offered in a completely new form, this question will not be asked “why you have to choose me”.

Designing a site

Before starting the designing of the website, one should always sketch the overall schematic on a white board. So how to start this process of sketching, as follows:

  • Start with the navigation point and organize all menu tabs in order of importance.
  • Before creating the content, decide what content you want to put on pages concisely. Keep only those relevant pages, which visitors will look for.
  • If you are going to design for the information-rich site, create multiple navigation menus that will serve the information quickly that visitor is looking for.
  • Also while designing the site, one should make sure that visitor should not get lost in the content. Make them navigate through the content and reach to the information they want, by putting links on home-page for important internal pages.
To conclude

User experience depends on many other parameters but the most important is the balanced combination of beautiful designs and its usability. It is not necessary that only overwhelming and unique designs are great. Yes, it draws attention but is not powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of users.

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