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The fundamentals of Low Latency real time streaming

Anyone would like to watch any videos or live streaming without any kind of buffering or loading time. So lets have a look at as in why it takes time for loading and if not, Why does not it take time for loading. Have you ever heard of Latency and it should be low for video streaming?

So lets get started with what latency is ..

Latency is the time taken for the data to be transferred from one browser to another. Low latency clearly states that less time taken for the data transfer. The lesser time ideally should be few seconds or mille seconds. The data can be either videos or photos or it could be live streaming as well. Lesser the time, higher would be network speed and transformation of data and number of viewers for particular website or mobile application.

For example, if you are watching a football match on your television as well as on a second screen app, if would be easy to identify the latency taken for the app to play the live streaming when compared to television and if the time taken is high for the second screen app, you will be dissatisfied watching it because the live scores will be updated on your second screen app with a minimal gap of 1 minute. This is also called as real time latency. For television, there will be a maximum latency of 6 seconds and your second screen app should match that level of latency to deliver fantastic experience that’s in sync with the TV.


Real time streaming:  In the television interviews, where reporter is conversing from the  remote location to the reporter in head office, the latency here results in long pauses which will result in disappointing conversation and will reduce the number of viewers of that specific channel.  That’s because the latency goes both ways—maybe it takes a full second for the reporter’s question to make it to the interview, but then it takes another second for the interviewee’s reply to get back to the reporter. That conversation can quickly turn painful. In this scenario, low latency can make this conversation smoother.

Betting and bidding—Auctions and sports-track betting are usually exciting because of their fast pace. And that speed calls for real-time streaming. The low-latency streaming eliminates pall the problematic delays and increases no of viewers and there by promoting the mobile app or website. As we all know, online auctions are big business, and any delay can result in bad bidding. Fractions of a seconds may lead to major difference in betting and bidding.

Video gaming—Timing is very critical for gamers. If the latency is not low, it might results in uninstalling the gaming apps on mobiles.

These examples, clearly state the latency plays a major role and it should be low for data transfer related websites or mobile applications.

How Does Low-Latency Streaming Work?

Now that you know what low latency is and when it’s important, you’re probably wondering, how can you deliver low latency streaming?

For example, if you watch videos in youtube, the videos in the youtube will be played without buffering if the connectivity is good. The reason behind is the ultra low latency.

We at Krify work on the top servers which reduce the latency for all data transfer or video playing or for the live streaming. There are couple of apps designed by us for live streaming and they are running successfully with low latency.

Please visit our website and write back to us for more details and we are happy to share the knowledge and help you in designing low latency mobile applications for android and IOS.


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