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WhatsApp Launches New Feature To tackle Fake News

New WhatsApp feature to let users identify forwarded messages.

Update your WhatsApp for the new feature of labeling forward message to go live. Last week Indian Government sent a notice to take measures to prevent misuse of the platform. Therefore WhatsApp replied that they are working and testing on a new label which highlights when a message has been forwarded.

Last night, Whatsapp announced the launch of new feature globally, that will highlight the forwarded message. Users can differentiate whether the messages have been forwarded or composed by the sender. This feature would help in making one-on-one and group chats easier. This would make recipients to think twice or thrice before sending a message as it lets user to know if content they received has be texted by the person they are aware and known on their own or if it is just forwarded as a potential rumour by someone else.

User security is Whatsapps priority

Whatsapp cares deeply about the privacy and security of its users. That is why this feature is launched as it encourages the users to rethink before sharing the forwarded messages. It also states that user can report spam or block the contact in one tap if they identify and unnecessary junk and spam messages. The company is always in reach of the users for any help. Last month Whatsapp announced “unrestricted monetary awards” for research on the spread of misinformation to address the problem on its platform.

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