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Kotlin Vs Java which the best option for your next Android App.

Are you developing an Android App?

For developing an android app, most of the developers first choice is Java. There is no benchmark for technology. There is a new language called Kotlin, addressing and challenging some of the backdrops of Java. Some believe that this popping language is going to replace Java in near future in the era of mobile development.

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Let us observe the differences of Java and Kotlin.

Java is the goldmine language which released its first version 20 years ago. This can be called as a legacy language as each new version must be compatible with the old one. Kotlin has the added advantage which is able to leverage all the language design expertise which is gained in the past 20 years and it focuses on the state-of-the-art features which are proven to work well.

Kotlin is more concise 

Kotlin solves the problem with few lines of code than Java. This increases code readability and maintainability which would help engineers to read and write code more efficiently and effectively.

Kotlin code is safer 

Kotlin prevents common programming mistakes by design compared to Java. This results in lowering the system failures and application crashes. Kotlin helps developers to write more robust code.

Kotlin strongly supports functional programming

Functional programming is a boon for developers as it allows them to solve the tasks more easily and consistently. Performance is improved by inlining using Kotlin and which is not possible by Java.

Kotlin speeds up everyday development tasks

Kotlin provides features which facilitates daily development tasks that Java cannot. The myriad of handy features include object declarations, default parameter values, extension functions, etc. These features would help to speed up the development time keeping the code base more maintainable.

Kotlin helps reduce bugs and errors in the code 

Kotlin has a strong compiler compared to Java which fail-fast whenever possible. Having this compiler facilitates searching for errors and bugs and helps to prevent them in first place itself. The compiler performs many checks reducing the cost and cost and effort of error fixes

Developers will be more satisfied with their work  

 According to research developers are really excited to work with Kotlin as it is the potential programming language. Due to increasing demand and preference of Kotlin by the developers because of its easy usability, helps them to focus and more engaged in their job.

Engineers can take their skills to the next level

Developers expertise will improve learning the Kotlin. Java developers will learn and adopt Kotlin more quickly. They must familiarize themselves with the advances concepts of Kotlin and learn to write beautiful lines of code.


Introducing Kotlin at company level is not a easy task. It should be implemented step by step with proper planning. Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java whereas it offers many advantages that java doesn’t offer. Developers will feel excited with this natural language because the test cases are greatly simplified. Completely migrating the large projects which are in Java is not so easy, but for the beginners it is.


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